Planet Thyferra – May the Force Not Shove You Off a Bridge!

by Alphaville Herald on 04/03/10 at 7:23 am

by Meleth Oakleaf


I teleported into the sim and was greeted by the now familiar note card of information and vendor market. Though this time with two distinctions, I was standing in front of a shuttle and the note card included a quick overview of the overall thrust of the role-playing story on Planet Thyferra. In a nutshell, Bacta; Thyferra has it thus the Sith have claimed the planet as their own Bacta ranch. The information was concise and well organized enough to make me overlook the spelling errors that the writer in me normally cannot overcome.

I chose to start my exploration in Thyferra Valley, which lacked the beauty of glowing Pandora, but was refreshingly free of lag. In my wandering through the valley I found only one other person. I would have attempted to make conversation but this person was unconscious and had a menacing red bot standing over them. I also found a cute little android who shot at me. I'm sure it would have hurt if I wasn't just a visitor, but I couldn't help but be impressed and think the little guy was kinda cute. After a quick run around the mostly empty valley I wandered back to the ship to travel to a hopefully more populated area.


I then traveled to Xucphra City where I did see eight people lined up in uniform, but their lack of conversation and silence in my arrival gave me the impression that these characters were not currently being attended. I wandered forward toward an impressive doorway lined with red glowing light and was shot at. At first I found this as adorable as the the valley, but then a force weapon shoved me over the edge of the walkway into an unplanned skydive. After falling many feet downward and landing on the roof of an impenetrable structure, I decided to take a break and come back later when there might be more people and less inanimate objects pushing for my demise. 


When I returned recharged by several days of not being thrown off platforms, I decided to start my visit with the PDS temple. I straightened my shoulders and exited the transport shuttle, hoping to be treated with more dignity this visit. My majestic cloak billowed behind me as I stepped onto a Gothic bridge approaching a doorway lined with glowing red vertical stripes.


An uneasy sense of dread filled me as I neared the doorway, though a glance in either direction assured me I didn't have far to fall should the force be against me. As I entered the building safely and my radar was flooded by numerous avatars entering the sim, causing my hopes for the days visit to soar. The lava pit in the middle of the room combined with the red and black banners on the wall left me with no doubt that this temple was of Sith design. I explored every room of this empty temple, thoroughly fascinated by the fact that each teleport consumed my avatar in flame and smoke.  


I quickly teleported through several other options looking for the numerous other people on my radar

I found two caged prisoners, who again had no profiles and were not responsive to my presence. I returned to Xucphra City and carefully avoided the door of force-y death, instead opted to explore the less intimidating parts of the city. I found an empty restaurant and then a cargo bay door. I clicked on the cargo bay door and found myself stuck in a vast open white space unable to stand an unable to teleport to another location within the sim. I took a deep angry breath and teleported home. 

Undaunted I returned to Planet Thyferra and scowled angrily at the traps. I warily clicked on a door labeled “med” and found myself in a lovely but empty medical bay. At this point I raised my fist to the sky and screamed “Richards” I felt better and decided to go through the list of twenty six avatars in the sim, in search of someone to interview. I discovered the creator Silver Bonetto was online. He gracefully agreed to sate my curiosity and help me make sense of this richly detailed but curiously empty sim


What inspired you to build Planet Thyferra?
Planet Thyferra is the Bacta Producing Planet of  Starwars Galaxy.  We wanted to make it a Pawn for control of the Bacta in SWRP.

Who is this “we”?
We is a complicated answer, I own a Sith Clan named Obsidian Dominion which is about 2.5 years old but this group and myself are part of a grander scale RP based on an Empire RP which I play the part of DLOTS. Many other Sith clan groups, such as “COR” Cult of Ragnos, are allies with the Empire. The Empire obviously wants control of key elements of the galaxy.

Mel: Ah, so do you alone decide the iterations that the sim takes or are the decisions made by the empire?
What happens in Thyferra is under the control of Evalla Taurog and myself. What happens in the Empire is more democratic control. Well, an OOC democracy otherwise it's an oxymoron.

So Planet Thyferra is a part of a string of sims in SWRP?
Yes and no, unfortunately SWRP in SL isn't 100% unified, Its getting better thanks to people like Chrome Heron which have devised systems that all the planets share and are common interest to everyone. His System is called RPI. It allows you to mine for ore and build weapons and sabers from the ore you collect. Each planet has their specific ores.

Ah that's edifying! So how long has Planet Thyferra been in existence and who is the "we" you referenced?
The sim has been around for almost three years, always owned by me,  has gone through many names. Its current RP name  obviously is Planet Thyferra, and we are about to make its new grand opening.


What prompted you to select the FCRS combat system for this sim?
We have been long time supporters of FCRS and its a great Combat system but due to its creator having to be out of SL for extended amounts of time the system is starting to lack support. So as of yesterday we made the sim RCS default and FCRS backup.

What advice do you have for new people interested in role-playing on Planet Thyferra?
Depends what kind of new we are referring to,  If they are new to SL they should ask anyone in the sim for help. If they are seasoned role-players then they can come in and assume a relevant role to SWRP and enjoy the different things to do.

How would they go about establishing a relevant role to SWRP?
Well, if they are completely new, The first thing to do is align yourself with an order be it Sith, Jedi, Bounty Hunters, Mando etc.  The Order will help them get clothes correctly and teach them how to defend themselves. And RP etiquette.

I've wandered this vast sim and I noticed three things I wondered if I could get your comments on them

Number the first – inanimate objects sometimes shoot me, one time off the edge of your bridge. Is there a way to ingrate myself to these wielders of lasers?
Yes and no, you must remember this place isn't 100% friendly like a Jedi sim. I do this because I want people to have fun most things that shoot at you can be shot back to and destroyed.  Also, if you are an Obsidian Dominion Clan Member then you are not shot.

Check. Number the second – I haven't actually come across anyone else in my wanderings. Where do people congregate or are there events where I could find more people?
Since the sim hasn't had its grand opening, its mostly OOC. Once it opens it will be strictly IC and you will see more people.  Plus since we are Sith we tend to just be in the Sith strong hold , you wouldn't catch a Sith picking flowers in the valley really. That being said, we have an event on the weekends called the "GST" Which is a 3 year running Tournament of Saber dueling which Evalla Taurog runs on Sundays at 1pm SLT. The event alternates between the FCRS and RCS systems and there is a 1000 Linden prize to the winner.


Nifty! When is the grand opening planned for?
Within the next few weeks, if nothing gets complicated.

This article will be published before then, is there anything my readers can look for to know that the grand opening has occurred if they chose to visit?
I will make a poster or banner for the sim entry

  Number the last – when I finally got frustrated looking for people in the sim, I ran a check of the profiles of every avatar in the sim looking for a human to speak with. I noticed that twenty one of the  twenty six people in the sim didn't have profiles at the time I read through them, are you using placeholders in the sim?
Yes, These accounts are part of a larger project which I have taken to a local college.  The college students are in and out of them but are left in the sim because of an interactive system that  Chrome Heron will be installing to make the avatars respond to a quest that the sim visitor can choose to play. So these accounts serve various roles.

Ah that makes a lot more sense. I was sitting here thinking "Is this guy playing in a sim of one?" How can my readers tell the difference between these quest NPCs and other role-players, other than the lack of profiles?
That's the magic of it, these avatars sometimes will be autonomous and other times be in other sims acting out their normal roles. So the actual idea is for not to be able to distinguish the difference.  It brings up the level of realism that you aren't just dealing with an NPC.

That sounds intriguing, when do you expect to see this process implemented?

Well, Chrome is extremely busy with the RPI system right now so it would be unfair of me to try and get this out of him right now. So I estimate within the next month or two.


After the interview Silver was kind enough to take me on a tour of the planet, including the area behind the doorway that had previously eluded me. He continued to answer questions and was a gracious host. Unfortunately, I'm afraid if this article grows any longer, Pixeleen will shake her editing fist at me.

Until next time, this is Mel signing out.

30 Responses to “Planet Thyferra – May the Force Not Shove You Off a Bridge!”

  1. Senban Babii

    Mar 4th, 2010

    Being a kitteh, I’m lazy. Is there any chance you can include SLurls to make it easier to visit? I always end up having to use search to visit the places you write about and usually end up napping with one paw on the keyboard 8P

    As a Star Wars fan, I wouldn’t mind visiting this place out of interest, just to see whether they’ve done a nice job of recreating the atmosphere. My only worry is that it will be yet another place where everyone is a Jedi/Sith or a Boba Fett/Mandalorian clone. There’s far more to the Star Wars universe than these limited stereotypes. Can I be a Sith Ewok? Hehe j/k ;) Seriously though, they always seem to focus on quite limited stereotypes. I’d rather see a more characterful roleplay setting that didn’t have every player as an uber-powerful character, that’s just dull, right? Such characters should be rare. I’ll definitely visit though as I say.

    Hey, I actually have a gonk droid avatar that I can wear if I visit, just to stay in character 8D

    I’m also curious, what time period is this set in?

  2. Jovian

    Mar 4th, 2010

    Seems a lot of RP sims are using bots to game the traffic these days. Its not just a thing of businesses anymore.

  3. MattyK Snowpaw

    Mar 4th, 2010

    Finally, an actual worthy RP Blog Post that isn’t Rape-biased! Woo SWRP.
    I just wish the Writer would visit LME, and not just look around, but underline the main fractures and splitting points in these sims and their owners.(Like LME, while it is a total Nub Hotspot full of roleplayers, but with a large Money-biased faction that gets the right to push everybody around just because they rent half the sim’s buildings)

  4. Scylla Rhiadra

    Mar 4th, 2010

    Thanks, Meleth, for this richly detailed description of what will, I’m sure, become a popular sim.

  5. Bruce

    Mar 4th, 2010

    I have visited a few RP sims that had high traffic numbers,only to find a box of traffic bots high in the sky with a few non-responsive npc’s on the ground level. LL should just do away with the traffic count period.

  6. Inniatzo

    Mar 4th, 2010

    i’ve never gone into a star wars sims, but this idea for NPCs sounds like a good idea. i saw something like this yesterday in new babbage, a steampunk fortune teller which was a real account with a real person but not actively monitored all the time. there are are a lot of roles in any rp sim which can be covered by something like this.

  7. Edna

    Mar 4th, 2010

    Nice write up Meatloaf. I notice that you never give a slurl to the places you review. This would be helpful for readers to find the sims you review.


  8. Mary Elizabeth

    Mar 4th, 2010

    Congratulations on reviewing a RP sim that doesn’t seem to include slavery and naked women.

  9. rael

    Mar 4th, 2010

    The builds in that sim look terrific.

  10. Bebop

    Mar 4th, 2010

    A very impressive looking sim for decent people to roleplay in as compared to others filled with sexual deviants.
    It is refreshing to see something good in the Alphaville for a change.

  11. Senban Babii

    Mar 7th, 2010

    I went along for a look and in all fairness, it’s a nice place to roam around, they’ve done a good job, although most of the sim seemed to be closed off when I visited. I even bought the combat system thingy and a Darth Talon costume and wandered round taking some pictures ( But the only person I came across was some guy who tried to get me to join a Power Rangers roleplaying sim and he shouted at me for riding round the spaceport on an R2 unit XD

  12. Evalla Taurog

    Mar 13th, 2010

    Greetings All. Thank you for all the wonderful words about Planet Thyferra. We worked hard getting the sim to the level you see it and accessible to RP. Sliver Bonetto has done an amazing job on planning and building this sim. All of what you see there is his creation.

    We have tried to add charactor to sim and rp experience, so you just dont see sith/jedi running around. In the cantina, accessible from the city, you will find a hutt and a few twi’leks dancing and even 3-CPO is there. The ones in the cage are the “orignal planet inhabitants” the Sith have taken control over.

    None of the sim is closed off. Just some area’s are there for you to “figure out” how to get in. For example, avoid getting shot to get through the door of the sith temple, or figuring out the trick to opening a door. Otherwise, all places are accessible by floor tp or a door tp.

    For those of you that have never really seen an SWRP sim or the roleplayers, coming to the saber tournament is a great place to start. You will get to see all kinds of the Star Wars world there showing off their saber skills. I hold the tournaments every Sunday at 11am slt. Just tp to the GST Arena for great fun. Feel free to IM me inworld for any questions. Here is the URL for the sim for those of you wanting to visit.

  13. Senban Babii

    Mar 13th, 2010

    @Evalla Taurog

    “None of the sim is closed off”

    When I wrote this I should have been clearer. The teleport pad in the shuttle (and elsewhere) had a list of options and almost all of them on the occasions I visited looped straight back to the shuttle. That’s why I assumed that certain parts of the sim were closed off, perhaps while work was being carried out.

  14. Cayce Urriah

    Mar 18th, 2010

    See this thread –

    This sim is one of the worst star wars / roleplay sims all over. There’s an entire community of people disgusted with them.
    The group there cheats in combat, and will decend on other sims en masse, attacking without warning, request for consent, or even bothering to read the rules.

    If you want to see an amazing Star Wars sim check out Blood Moon, Dromund Kaas, or Rhelg.

    Blood Moon: Sim name: Mid Rim
    Dromund Kaas: Sim name: Dromund Kaas
    Rhelg: Sim name: Galactic Nexus

    I reccomend the second two, because they’ve got some fun puzzles in order to make your way through the sim.

  15. Darth Validus

    Mar 18th, 2010

    *nods at Cayce* Wise words. Thank you for alerting me to this blog. Silver is silver tongued indeed, though Thyferra is a tiny part of SWRP and the rest of the SWRP community ignores them for the above reasons; ie cheating in combat, attacking without warning, ignoring the rules. We’ve had to ban almost all their members from our sims. Sad, really.

    In addition to the excellent sims Cayce has mentioned, please feel free to visit Byss. This is the capital of the officially recognised SWRP Sith Empire which holds sway over its sister sims Blood Moon, Dromund Kaas, and Rhelg. Although Blood Moon is due to be closed and reorganised into Korriban in the near future, which the Sith Empire will have a hand in controlling.

    You will find the official Sith-Imperial troopers on Byss to be far more interactive, as they are real people. Don’t feed the General though, he tends to bite.

    If you notice similar textures between my sims and Thyferra, that’s because I created them. You’ll see them all over SWRP.

    Looking forward to seeing you around.

    - Emperor Validus -
    - SWRP Sith Emperor -

  16. Sliver Bonetto

    Mar 29th, 2010

    I applaud both Mr.Cayce and Mortious for their fresh comments, I had agreed with the sim owner of Byss to ignore both the group and planet. But how can I forget you guys when I keep seeing such hostile words against both my Sim, Group and so on. I guess ignoring you isn’t going to be an option. I would love for the self proclaimed Emperor to duel with little old me one on one, without any fancy AO’s or fancy gadgets just pure RCS.

    If I loose I dissolve Obsidian Dominion and Close Thyferra. If you loose then you dissolve DLOTS and Byss. How is that. Put your money where your mouth is.

    If I don’t hear from you I wont be surprised, you have not shown me at any time that you are strong enough to be in the self proclaimed position you are in.

    I will be waiting for your response.

    P.S Any further bad mouthing is of no use, unless Mortious Steps up and takes my challenge.

  17. Ashlley Starsider

    Mar 29th, 2010

    i was DLOTS before with my main av, i left that group because we never did a good rp, nobody wants go there ,and we only attacked NOJ ,but the important reason was the racist in that group, and how they claim be the best ,for be fair the emperor is a bot and all the Sith Lord can use this av…is better shut up their mouths, jaratengue,thyferra,yavin,dantooine,chandrilla,oxus,ondeon,coruscant, they are a comunity in swrp with great rps, i must tell my dear Validus, my dear “Bot” stop , dont throws shit when the people is better than all you

  18. lolwut

    Mar 29th, 2010

    I wish I had group notice rights so I could bitch in SWRP and make call outs about people who don’t agree with my opinion of a sim.

  19. Ahri Juliesse

    Mar 29th, 2010

    @ Darth Validus

    where can i get these textures? are they for sale? I am starting to do some building and I need SWRP style textures.

  20. Cuboos

    Mar 29th, 2010

    ITS ALL BOTS! I’VE BEEN TO THIS SIM SEVERAL TIMES AND ITS NOTHING BUT BOTS! NO RP EVER HAPPENS THERE! And Byss may have a few down sides to them, but at least if some one’s there they role play! and have the decency to put some fairness into their combat.

    and Seriously Sliver… you take criticize WAY to harshly… and without criticize you’ll never have anything respectable.

  21. Darth Validus

    Mar 29th, 2010

    If you consistently type like that, Ashlley Starsider, it’s no wonder you left. I could barely understand your post. Dear lord. We’re a cerebral order and I doubt you got anywhere past Initiate. “when the people is better than all you” indeed.

    If you must know, Sliver, I am not self proclaimed. I was made the first Sith Emperor in SWRP after I created the first community guidelines which virtually all sims (including your own) now follow, as well as creating the very first Sith-Imperial sim back in 2000. I decided to return and reclaim the title that was given to me. We’ll pass over the fact your sim wouldn’t exist in its current form without my textures either, shall we.

    I’m not a 16 year old jock, so I’m afraid brash displays of meat-headed fighting will do little to impress me. Power is not being able to win petty small-minded fights. Power is the ability to sway others to fight and die in your name. Something which I see you don’t have.. considering yours is an empire of ghosts.

    If you wish to further this conversation in a mature manner rather than post here and continue everyone elses opinion that you’re the village idiot of the Sith, you do know where to find me.

    Hugs and kisses.

    Emperor Validus.

  22. Isabella

    Mar 29th, 2010

    Personally I prefer to RP on sims that aren’t owned by childish dipshits who can’t even distinguish IC from OOC myself. So yeah, steer clear of Thyferra. They actually banned our GM’s from their sim because we ejected some of their members who called GM’s cunts etc. In fact if this nonsense doesn’t quit I may post a nice long chat Sliver and I had, as speaking to me in game constitutes consent to all conversations being recorded and used as I see fit. I am certain her would really not be happy about it as it would show the rest of SWRP what a self-contridicting prick he really is. Enjoy being ignored by the rest of us who know better…

    Darth Rowe

  23. maihem

    Mar 29th, 2010

    Darth Validus 1
    Fail-sith 0

  24. Aliton Firehawk

    Mar 30th, 2010

    Seriously guys? I honestly think this thread is turning into a ‘I hate Thyferra’ thread. If you don’t like it then do not go there, stop trying to start a fight. You say you are acting mature and civilized, but it takes a lot more than typing in proper English to do that. You are harassing the owners of the Sim and bringing more drama into the subject than there should be. That does not show maturity. Also, do not pull the ‘I am giving the public my own opinion’ act. Let the common public choose for themselves. They came to this thread to read Meleth Oakleaf’s review. Not yours. So please, stop this useless quarrel here and move it to Second Life. A lot of people do not want to read these posts.

    Thank you.

  25. Sliver Bonetto

    Mar 30th, 2010

    Maybe Mortious I should contact Lucas Arts and let them know that the Textures you uploaded and claim to be produced by you are running around Second Life without recieving royalties. And since most of SWRP is using them you would have a nice class action suit in your hands.

    Hugs and Kisses Back Sweety Pie.

  26. Darth Gevecht

    Mar 30th, 2010

    Ever considered that perhaps he’s already spoken to the texture creators?


    Didn’t think so.

  27. Lady Eva

    Mar 30th, 2010

    I really laughs about them.. Just stop your stupid blabla ..
    I have been accused by them of cheating and hacking some huds..
    I don’t even know how do a script.. they are just too stupid and weak for
    fight so they prefer ban and accuse without proof, right , Validus ?
    So, you stop said cheat about us.. and you come at Thyferra. Accept the challange from Sliver, We all want see your ” skills ” in fight.

    * Kiss from Lady Eva *

  28. Lady Eva

    Mar 31st, 2010

    I’m going to answer to some posts, so that everything can be put in clear.

    Darth Gevech : if Validus had the Lucas Art copyright , that would keep all right reserved and he would pay rights for that… but it’s something he doesn’t do. Let’s assume that the creator isn’t who that uploads the texture here.

    Cayce: I know that I lose my time talking with someone like you, however I choose to do that just to make things clear. How can someone like you dare to call others “cheaters” while everyone of us, who were on Dantooine the last time before you got banned, saw how you used the “regen” while you were aware that itsn’t allowed!! And in a previous battle when you used guns that toke more than 20% health and stamina as well. If you need a proof I can post the chat log, but you know that it’s the truth and whoever can go to ask to any DJE. I guess that the following thing you will do it would be to insult, the only thing that you know how to do, and it’s really disgusting to see a “woman” that talks worse than a drunk truck driver and who doesn’t even own a crumb of brain. If you are going to insult me, don’t lose your time, since I’ve just muted you and your alts, yes I know who are them. And that would be a reason to report you to linden lab for having broken the TOS of sl.
    Validus: You don’t even deserve that i call you “darth”, you have just proclaimed yourself “emperor”, yes just self-proclaimed since you are known in that way only on Byss. It’s clear that there isn’t just one person who use that avatar. You don’t accept a duel because you all are deciding who will go to use that avatar to fight? Even though you might choose the best one of your order, you wouldn’t ever win, and that’s the reason why you would rather prefer to insult in forum. You should feel ashamed since you have been a lot of time in swrp and however you aren’t able to defeat anyone of the best fighters, because nobody knows you. And if for you Thyferra doesn’t exist, why are you talking about that on the forum? We don’t lose our time in posting about a dead sim like yours, whose siths are a joke, nobody fights with saber, only fighting a big distance or over ships, and if sometimes I saw anyone using a saber I could check noticing that they were made with throw bullets! Please that isn’t a Sith Empire, it’s just a parody that only makes us laugh! If you proclaim yourself “emperor” just accept the duel as one Sith is supposed to do and don’t hide yourself behind insults. Have you maybe lost your balls as you read the notice? And about your calling Thyferra a “small part of the empire” : we are used to create roleplay with different orders, while you do that only with NOJ, you all use one CS! Instead we are able to fight in RCS,FCRS,SCS,DCS,ZCS, RHCS y UCS……
    Then, the small part of star wars is Byss and it’s so tiny like the thing you keep into your underpants….

  29. Cayce Urriah

    Apr 3rd, 2010

    Love you too, Eva.
    Validus is one man. I’ve known him for years.

  30. Cuboos

    Apr 13th, 2010

    WOO HOO!! PENIS JOKES! b3c4us p3n|s j0k35 m34n5 ur 5m4rt3r 4nd b3tt3r 4nd h4v3 a b|gg3r P3n|5 :D

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