Superman In Disgrace – JLU Mole Haruhi Thespian Tells All

by Pixeleen Mistral on 17/03/10 at 11:43 pm

In an exclusive interview, Haruhi Thespian describes the infiltration of Kalel Venkman’s Justice League Unlimited of Second Life – a daring mission that led to the exposure of the JLU’s formerly secret wiki. The publication of the wiki resulted in revelations of the virtual superhero’s coordinated program of secret surveillance and harassment of other community members and – if we can believe the wiki – what appears to be active encouragement and participation by at least one Linden Lab staff member: Plexus Linden.

Haruhi Thesbian in the JLU command center
Haruhi Thesbian in the JLU command center (click image to expand)

How is it that such sensitive documents were released to the Internet at large? Haruhi Thespian explains how she gained the confidence of the JLU, and provides several pictures taking during the JLU infiltration operation – including views inside the carefully guarded Justice Island headquarters and  access to the Brainiac wiki in-world by JLU members – a possible ToS violation.

Pixeleen Mistral: I looked at those pictures – the one of you with Kalel was classic
and one with the Brianiac running seems to show that Brianiac users can access ToS violating information in world
Haruhi Thespian: That was what i was trying to show :) I’m glad

Pixeleen Mistral: ok, so let’s take this from the beginning – how did you decide to do an infiltration of the JLU?
Haruhi Thespian: I didnt come up with the plan. It was Robble Rubble’s desire to see what else was in the wiki, he was talking to Old Rae about this while I was in the room. I was very curious about what was going on since it looked fun.
Old rae saw my rez date and immediately suggested I go in as the mole
As I had no affiliation to woodbury with Haruhi Thespian, that alt was chosen to be the character
I had no idea who the JLU were
and was just going along with Old and Robble

Pixeleen Mistral: was there a plan to try to appeal to the JLU somehow? like the choice of the avatar look?
Haruhi Thespian: Um, not really. We did chuckle at the idea that kalel might become gaga, but the only real advantage was that people don’t expect a female to be a spy. Its not a real active thought, its just kinda how it is.

Pixeleen Mistral: so – did Kalel become gaga?
Haruhi Thespian: Not smiten with romance per se, but I do believe he felt a father connection with me. As you know, I was brought to Justice Island on the say day I had expressed intrest in joining.
Oh btw, here is a list of the Wrong Hands and their role in the operation,
Robble Rubble: Tactician Head of the Operation
Information Core: Selector and Support
Haruhi Thespian: Intelligence Operative
Doctor Yootz: Financial Support
The Man With The Lion Face: Software and Support
Cam Mitchell: Software and Support
Hydrogen2 Oxygen: Scripting and Support
Tayste Waydelich: Holistic Detective
Mullet Handsohn: Support
Old rae is info core*

Pixeleen Mistral: so were your interactions with the JLU in text chat? voice?
Haruhi Thespian: Text chat
I had the persona of a female, and didn’t want to really ruin that.
chatlogs of every thing I said, as proof to lindens that I had done nothing wrong

Pixeleen Mistral: smart
did the JLU ever try to get you to do voice chat?
or are they a text only operation?
Haruhi Thespian: Not once actualy. People actualy dont voice that much to be honest. But some do people being the JLU
I did hear Kalel speak

Pixeleen Mistral: voice would mess up their roleplay
Haruhi Thespian: He was telling the other JLUers that Kara Timtam was feeling very depressed over a mistake she had made after JB hancroft left, she made justice island public
and so a couple of woodbury members made a visit
but were swiftly ared and kicked off the land.
even though they didnt do anything
but hey
what ever.
Um they actualy don’t roleplay too much
They felt the GLC roleplay too much and dont get work done.
and chose to go the other direction

Pixeleen Mistral: the JLU is serious business then
Haruhi Thespian: In their eyes

HUD used to access JLU database
HUD used to access JLU database (click image to expand)

Pixeleen Mistral: so how hard was it to win the JLU’s trust?
Haruhi Thespian: No, its was shockingly easy
Throughout the campaign I was in constant communication with the Wrong Hands through skype
they all felt suprised that I had managed to get so far
I think it might have somthing to do with being a Thespian in real life and also an award winning Improvist.

Pixeleen Mistral: did you have to ask The Wrong Hands for advice on how to handle situations? did you use Skype to coordinate your actions?
Haruhi Thespian: One of the most important time I used the chat was when Kalel was on to me
In a way
I was sweating stones and Tiz just told me to ask him for boy advice
this worked like a charm
and kalel forgot about the whole thing

Pixeleen Mistral: you put him in Daddy mode
Haruhi Thespian: I have no doubt in my mind that Kalel is a very loving man, The path to hell is paved with good intentions after all.
he is just a different person when online
and hold a deep grudge agaisnt the Woodbury Community
Pixeleen Mistral: so what got Kalel suspicious of you?
Haruhi Thespian: I was "Too Good"

Pixeleen Mistral: nods
Haruhi Thespian: I can post the chat log of it right now
[13:57] Kalel Venkman: I have to admit I’m having trouble figuring you out.
[13:57] Kalel Venkman: You just seem like the perfect applicant, and that’s just uncommon.
[13:58] Haruhi Thespian: hehe, is that a compliment?
[13:58] Kalel Venkman: Every now and then we get a really good one that hits all the marks.
[13:59] Kalel Venkman: Anyway, it’s just so rare, it takes me by surprise when it happens.
[13:59] Haruhi Thespian: I dont know what to say hehe
[13:59] Haruhi Thespian: >.<
[14:00] Haruhi Thespian: I’m so good its Criminal? (quote from the anime Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)
[14:01] Kalel Venkman: Sort of.
[14:01] Kalel Venkman: We’ve got a pile of people from Woodbury trying to sneak their way into the JLU, and on the whole they’re not very clever.
[14:01] Kalel Venkman: If somebody did get in, it would have to be somebody who looked like as good an applicant as you do.
[14:02] Haruhi Thespian: it seems I’ve applied at a bad time >.<
[14:02] Haruhi Thespian: thats unfortunate
[14:02] Kalel Venkman: And at the same time, we’ve just gone through an episode with JB Hancroft.
[14:03] Kalel Venkman: Now he was a problem, because nobody trusted him, and everybody was afraid to say so.
[14:03] Kalel Venkman: And I had nagging doubts too, but I suppressed them, thinking it was just me.
[14:03] Haruhi Thespian: Its understandable I guess
[14:03] Kalel Venkman: Always listen to your gut feelings, Haruhi. They’ll never steer you wrong.
[14:04] Haruhi Thespian: I’ll take that advice to heart
[14:04] Haruhi Thespian: So… this is kinda awkward? hehe, I’m sorry
[14:06] Haruhi Thespian: Hey Kalel, can I ask you for some advice?
[14:06] Haruhi Thespian: its about RL boy troubles
[14:07] Kalel Venkman: Sure.
[14:07] Kalel Venkman: Being an RL boy, I have some perspective.
[14:07] Kalel Venkman: I’m a little older, though.
[14:07] Kalel Venkman: Snow on the roof, so to speak.
[14:08] Kalel Venkman: What’ve you got?
[14:08] Haruhi Thespian: Well as you said about following your gut feelings, I get the gut feeling he isnt quite faithful with me.
[14:08] Haruhi Thespian: I dont really have any evidence on it
[14:08] Haruhi Thespian: and he seems really nice
[14:08] Haruhi Thespian: its just
[14:08] Haruhi Thespian: he is always to busy to see me
[14:09] Kalel Venkman: If he’s too busy to see you, then that should be your first clue that something’s wrong, and you’re right to worry about that.
[14:09] Kalel Venkman: If he’s too busy to see you now, it’s probably not going to get any better later.
[14:09] Kalel Venkman: Especially in the early parts of a relationship.
[14:10] Kalel Venkman: Believe me, if you really lit his afterburners, he’d MAKE the time.
[14:10] Haruhi Thespian: hehe
[14:11] Haruhi Thespian: thank, that was a much better response than from my other girl friends who just wait for me to say something and agree with me
[14:11] Haruhi Thespian: thanks*
[14:12] Kalel Venkman: Most women want emotional understanding and bonding in these situations, not instructions.
[14:12] Kalel Venkman: Guys tend to think in terms of solving problems, not being emotionally accessible.
[14:12] Kalel Venkman: Naturally, you need both.
[14:12] Haruhi Thespian: you are so right
[14:12] Haruhi Thespian: haha
[14:12] Kalel Venkman: But there’s a strong gender-based tendency toward one or the other response.
[14:13] Kalel Venkman: Men need to understand the difference between "I’m feeling bad and need a friend" and "Help me fix this."
[14:14] Kalel Venkman: Most don’t get it.

Pixeleen Mistral: oh wow – total misdirection
Haruhi Thespian: My favorite line is "If somebody did get in, it would have to be somebody who looked like as good an applicant as you do."
They didnt even look at my References. Did you know that?

Justice Island contains trophies from Woodbury University
Justice Island contains trophies from Woodbury University

Pixeleen Mistral: amazing
Haruhi Thespian: This could not have gone smoother

Pixeleen Mistral: so you won their trust – then what?
Haruhi Thespian: Then we had the Wiki, I had about 3 different website rippers fail to take the site before I got one that actualy did a decent job
once we had it we then had a chat about what we would do
We chose to tell the JLU, as I was getting really tired of being a spy. it was not enjoyable at certain moments and as Robble puts it I should mention "the sheer amount of whining I did over voice you gay babby" :D I did complain a lot and I wanted out. We were overjoyed to have the wiki so soon and chose to reveal the fact we had it on sunday the 10th of January, making it 01-10-10, a date to remember.
*about the sheer amount of whining you did over voice you gay baby

Pixeleen Mistral: copies of that wiki were seeded at quite a few file sharing sites the friday evening before you told Kalel about the leak, so by the time Kalel knew it was to late
Haruhi Thespian: Well fun fact! I have never hosted this wiki. I only put copies of it in a rar file in the wronghands skype chat
what ever happened to the wiki after that was out of my hands

Pixeleen Mistral: did you construct a backstory to use when talking with Kalel, or just make it up as you went along?
Haruhi Thespian: I made it up, but I have a great talent of being able to keep stories straight and become someone else when needed, I owe this to the stage.

Pixeleen Mistral: its a talent. not many can do it well. So after the wiki had been leaked, the JLU was not very happy
Haruhi Thespian: Haha no they were not. They had me suspended for an hour
I had sent a notecard to everyone in the group
and this was reported as Spamming

Pixeleen Mistral: LL suspended your account?
Haruhi Thespian: Yes.

JLU members meeting on Justice Island
JLU members meeting on Justice Island

Pixeleen Mistral: crazy
Haruhi Thespian: The contents of the card, I must say, was demeaning
If you would like it i can paste it here

Pixeleen Mistral: please
Haruhi Thespian: "Gods are selfish beings who fly around in little red capes and don’t share their power with mankind. No, I don’t want to be a god. I just want to bring fire to the people. And… I want my cut." Lex Luthor

Well boys and girls, its been real. I wanted to give you all a nice big thank you for the Wiki and all the information your loose lips have slipped. There are a few of you who I would like to thank by name, and they are:

Kalel Venkman, the first person I spoke to and third biggest help. You know, truth be told, Before I was asked to go on this mission I didnt even know who the JLU were. But after a small briefing I decieded to IM Kal about the JLU and how to apply. He was more than helpful and made the process simple, clean, and friendly. He once told me to allways listen to my gut as it will never lead me astray. Well it seems your gut has led you astray Kalel, but thank you for the wonderful Wiki.

Maverick Grunfeld, what can I say. He has been the second biggest help to me. He gave me some lindens for my beautiful avatar and took me on patrols and taught me what it ment to be JLU. That is, how to be a creepy stalker, how to bend the ToS to AR anyone who makes you mad, how to break the ToS and not let anyone know, how to lie, how to cheat, and how to be the biggest prick on earth. Thank you Maverick, and btw, when lnformation said he liked the old batman better, he ment JB.

But there is one more person who really made this work.

It was truely Kara Timtam, who made this whole thing happen so fast and easy. You and your constanct stream of slip up has weakened the JLU to a laughable state. If you were not so emo depressed over the -visit to Justice Island, you might have been more aware of the danger to invite someone no one in the JLU knew. I’m so glad to have had you on the team and you have no idea how much fun I’ve had. I hope you place a small place in your heart for me, as I have for you :3

Pixeleen Mistral: that would not make them happy
Haruhi Thespian: No it didnt, reports say Kara was cut deepest by then, admitting she was at fault and logging off.
I had been banned from Justice Island so I dont know how accurate this is though

Pixeleen Mistral: and then the wiki hits the news
Haruhi Thespian: yes

Pixeleen Mistral: and the DMCA takedowns start flying – did Kalel come after you?
Haruhi Thespian: I have reports that say he did. Including Maverick telling me that the FBI has been told and are investigating. It seems this was hot air. Kalel never contacted me though. Well, he did IM me to say (loose quotes) "You have some soul searching to do"

Pixeleen Mistral: would you do it again?
Haruhi Thespian: As long as the JLU continue to collect information on residents and share it will all their little JLU pals, then yes. I don’t personaly want JLU to fall or anything like that, I think they just took things too far. I won’t stand for that.

Pixeleen Mistral: what about Kalel saying that the wiki was stolen or accessed by deception?
Haruhi Thespian: Kalel claims that I had unauthorized access to the wiki. Which I guess makes sense in his head, but not in mine. He gave me an account and said welcome to the wiki feel free to browse
don’t know how much more authorization I could get
Another fun fact
Tiz was not told about this operation until after I was given access to Justice Island, at aprox 5:50PM on Dec. 28th (the day that I was brought into the operation.)

Pixeleen Mistral: did Kalel have good advice for the boy trouble?
Haruhi Thespian: It was good advice, but I had heard it before from my parents haha
Haruhi Thespian: Oh funny thing, this article will official reveal to the JLU that i’m actualy male haha
Oh also the JLU are convinced I am in fact Jordan Bellino.
So thats cool I guess

Pixeleen Mistral: they need to demonize Jordan to hold their group together
Haruhi Thespian: Very true
Pixeleen Mistral: one of the oldest tricks in the book

68 Responses to “Superman In Disgrace – JLU Mole Haruhi Thespian Tells All”

  1. Danziel Lane

    Mar 20th, 2010

    @ Gundel

    Thanks for commenting my text. Yes, guilt is individual and also what you focus is individual.

    I think it was Wayfinder, who came with the words “Griefers are criminals” and I had the impression that that was meant to make sure that the police groups to a real good job for the society or community of SL.

    However, for me griefers are attention seekers first of all.

    So, I will ask myself: why do they seek attention. There are a lot of different answers possible:

    - they want to spoil my fun
    - they want to see some comic avatars running up and give a show
    - they like when people scream and shout around them
    - they have a very poor first life
    - they are really good at something and want to show (like scripting for example)
    - they test something like caging with a friend, when others tp in
    - they have problems in SL
    - they have problems in RL (suicide people almost always try to get the attention of others for their problems, before they commit suicide)
    - they want to disctract me from something (like someone silently giving out spy objects to the newbies around)
    - they are NOT seeking attention but tried to learn scripting and the loop with llRezObject in it was buggy
    - they are NOT seeking attention, but got an object yesterday that promised something good, but now shows up as a rezzer or particle spammer
    - they are NOT seeking attention but are testing something to argue in the Jira, just when others arrive
    - it’s a misunderstanding, cause they don’t are native speakers of the language spoken in that sandbox
    - they are kids or adults with the brains of a kid
    - and many many more ….

    There are so many reasons, why someone could be identified or labelled as a griefer, and only a few of them apply for ARs being the best way to deal with it.

    That is, why I asked repeatedly if those police groups see any other strategies to deal with attention seeking people than reporting them to LL.

    Only GLE claims to talk to them, but even GLE said he would AR them anyway. And I did not hear of any willingness to think about using modern RL police skills like better investigation in the reasons, deescalation, mediation or a little psychology to find out, if they only cry for help.

    As I see it, they focus on griefers being criminals, setting up rezzing boxes or particles to a crime and they forget about that, how much their own actions move into the crime area (like collecting private data).

    And they will not be ready to focus that very many attention seekers would either need help and support, are misunderstood or might be real good scripters that you should become friends with.
    Also: they totally ignore those attention seekers that distract them from real crime like sharing malware among the newbies.

    So, as I see it, they totally focus on ARing griefers. If you are proud of 1000 ARs written in 3 years (1 AR per day) there can’t be much time left for the other great things in SL, for communication, for support or for thinking about that the own focussing on griefers might make them not see what else is going on.

  2. corona anatine

    Mar 20th, 2010

    Griefers are criminals

    probably more accurate as

    Griefers are wannabe criminals

    like with the PN who stated “it would be amusing [sic] to rape the 5 year old Madeline”

    but are unlikely to make it more than their fantasy

  3. Gundel Gaukelei

    Mar 20th, 2010

    @Danziel Lane

    Saying goes, there is crime but there is no such thing as a criminal.

    I think thats in short what you said. Just one thing to add: it applys to vigilantism the same way as it applys to griefing, crime, you name it.

  4. Sylauxe

    Mar 20th, 2010

    As an expert who took a whole class in psychology in college, let me tell you all about what makes griefers tick. You see,

  5. Danziel Lane

    Mar 20th, 2010

    Hi Sylauxe,

    looks like you hit the “Leave comment” button quite early.

    Try again and let me hear, if what you learn in your country comes together with what I teach in my country.

  6. We

    Mar 20th, 2010

    @Gundel Gaukelei
    “Also, if you want to convince the public, you better hide some of the more gory details. They are ruining their whole case because they can’t resist to show it off.”

    I appreciate the honesty with it actually, “hiding the more gory details” is partly how JLU got into the mess it’s in now.

    @Alyx Stoklitsky
    “It’s not the irony of these words that make them stand out to me – no matter how spectacularly he shot himself in the foot. What makes these words stand out is that in the 2 years I spent active in Woodbury’s Administration as one of Tizzers’ closest confidants, there was no talk of even a single plan to infiltrate the JLU – let alone a ‘pile’ of them”

    Well the impression I’ve gotten from them is that they seem to see Woodbury as the “overbrain” for all griefing in SL. I imagine that it fits their superhero roleplay mindset to think of the “Villains” are all apart of one huge evil organization. So they pretty much attribute all organized griefing to Woodbury, all unknown organized griefers as Tizzer’s alts, and use “Woodbury” as a synonym for all griefing groups. I believe the PN tried to infiltrate a few times, so they may have been referring to those attempts as well as any other griefing group (even ones completely unrelated to SA or /b/) as a whole in saying “Woodbury”.

  7. IntLibber Brautigan

    Mar 21st, 2010

    LOL Woodbury = “Overbrain”.. comedy gold.

    Woodbury students in SL are bright and creative, but 99%+ have various forms of learning and socialization disorders. Expecting them to organize their way ouf of a paper bag is absolutely ludicrous.

    Instead of “Real Genius” you need to be thinking along the lines of Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

    Of COURSE Woodbury HAS to be the “Overbrain” of griefing (That terms gotta become a new meme), after all, Kalel considers himself a freaking genius and Woodbury spins circles around him most of the time. We’ve made Plexus and Harry look like the horses asses that they are. And don’t forget Kara going back on her meds…

    …. gives me an idear….

  8. Judge Joker

    Mar 21st, 2010

    @IntLibber Brautigan

    “LOL Woodbury = “Overbrain”.. comedy gold.”

    “Kalel considers himself a freaking genius”

    His ego knew no bounds when he used “Brainiac” for his counter comic “Overbrain” to what he perceives Woodbury to be.

    I think we do have a new meme here as well as a Woodbury “Overbrain” meme.


    I heard you like Krang “a psychological “Overbrain” mindfuck”?
    but I’m sure you guys can come up with something more original.

  9. The Woodbury Overmind

    Mar 21st, 2010

    Awaken my child, and embrace the glory that is your birthright. Know that I am the Overmind; the eternal will of the Swarm, and that you have been created to serve me.

  10. Gundel Gaukelei

    Mar 21st, 2010

    Woodbury students in SL are bright and creative, but 99%+ have various forms of learning and socialization disorders. Expecting them to organize their way ouf of a paper bag is absolutely ludicrous.

    Sounds like the natural born openbsd hackers, lol (SCNR).

  11. Gaara Sandalwood

    Mar 22nd, 2010

    Okay, I wanna make a random statement. When Kalel was speculating on Tizzers being underage, his speculation was aided with one factor: He had no facial hair. I’ve had a stach since I was 16(though nobody really gives an arse).

    Surprised, been two days and no GLE responses. Well, a notice: My home net will be back on in a couple days. I wonder if Stray regularly reads this.

  12. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Mar 24th, 2010

    And thus concluding another episode of Don Quixote.

  13. [...] briefly, including such antics as leaking private wikis and message boards by the artifice of appearing to be a cute girl. You know, the sort of thing that happens in pretty much every online game since [...]

  14. [...] compromised again. Apparently the security-challenged JLU didn't learn anything after their last embarrassment and have continued to compile dossiers on Second Life players without their knowledge or [...]

  15. hobo kelly

    Sep 10th, 2011

    [21:17:49] Samantha Lowell I heard a rumor from a source that Nebula griefing had sinmply joinbed up with Woodbury under alt names.
    [21:17:49] Kalel Venkman So we know that the Woodbury people have deep connections with the PN, and that some of the PN are skilled at digging up people’s real life information.
    [21:17:49] Kara Timtam Important safety tip: don’t put your SL name in your LiveJournal.
    [21:17:49] Maverick Grunfeld And they’re making targets of the League’s servers plus conducted tree raids in the last week.
    [21:17:49] Kalel Venkman So I offer a reminder to everyone, if you have any web sites that refer to your Second Life accounts in any way, you may want to edit those.
    [21:17:49] Kalel Venkman Yes – so that’s why we had to move the BrainiacWiki to a new URL, and change the first layer login and password.
    [21:17:49] Ilsa Stine mine all say I’m Rodney Linden now.
    [21:17:49] Kara Timtam LOL.
    [21:17:49] Maverick Grunfeld Not to be direct, but I will be: WU aren’t a bunch of playful jokers. I know before there’s been some light hearted debates around the table at times.
    [21:17:49] Samantha Lowell Agreed.
    [21:17:49] Maverick Grunfeld 3 raids in the last week. Threats against League security. I say case close.
    [21:17:49] Ilsa Stine no, they are serious, but fortunately can be inept at times.
    [21:17:49] Kalel Venkman For everyone present, the new URL is, the first layer login is ‘daylight’, and the first layer password is ‘loyalty’.
    [21:17:49] Samantha Lowell People, as someone who suffered the financial consequences of ID theft, you CANNOT be too careful.
    [21:17:49] You decline @Virtually Speaking – Jan 10, Jan 14 from A group member named Widget Whiteberry.
    [21:17:49] Kara Timtam I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they tried the old URL and got a 404 Not Found.

    Sometime later . . .

    [21:17:51] Haruhi Thespian We at woodbury are all thankfull for the wiki :3.
    [21:17:51] Kara Timtam We?
    [21:17:51] You decline Haruhi’s Love Letter from A group member named Haruhi Thespian.
    [21:17:51] Melanippe Karas twitches.
    [21:17:51] Kohaku Owatatsumi Sounds like we found the leak.
    [21:17:51] Kara Timtam Ohhhh damn.
    [21:17:51] Maverick Grunfeld Uh?
    [21:17:51] Siobhan McCallen bwuh?
    [21:17:51] Maverick Grunfeld I just got an IM from H2O.
    [21:17:51] Phillip Beeswing Me too.
    [21:17:51] Maverick Grunfeld [9:48] Hydrogen2 Oxygen:
    [21:17:51] Samantha Lowell Okay, we found the leak then.
    [21:17:51] Samantha Lowell Abuse report applicable in this case?
    [21:17:51] Kara Timtam Kalel, I want a promise from you to not doubt my gut ever again.
    [21:17:51] Melanippe Karas looks for a knife.
    [21:17:51] Siobhan McCallen excuse me, what just happened?
    [21:17:51] Kara Timtam No, all she did was just lie. What would be the actual charge?
    [21:17:51] Kara Timtam She revealed herslef as a WU spy.
    [21:17:51] Shayna Korobase it’s a game to them.
    [21:17:51] Ilsa Stine I’m with Siobhan.. can someone connect these dots please.
    [21:17:51] Shayna Korobase so sad.
    [21:17:51] Walden Mannonen Um.
    [21:17:51] Kara Timtam I kicked her from the group, I hope Kalel is off changing the password agaion.
    [21:17:51] Samantha Lowell We can at least send this to Linden Labs. That should kill the WU plans for a resurgence.
    [21:17:51] Walden Mannonen Oh god yes you have to do that.
    [21:17:51] Walden Mannonen I just got the notice.
    [21:17:51] Shayna Korobase yes…… send it to LL.
    [21:17:51] Melanippe Karas Kal’s busy, I’m sure.
    [21:17:51] Samantha Lowell Now I am pissed.
    [21:17:51] Kara Timtam Oh my goes.
    [21:17:51] Kalel Venkman I’ve just taken the wiki offline.
    [21:17:51] Kohaku Owatatsumi And someone with the power – add Haruhi as G?
    [21:17:51] Kalel Venkman b add haruhi Thespian as g.
    [21:17:51] Brainiac intones Roles updated for resident Haruhi Thespian.
    [21:17:51] Remote Brainiac Access Roles updated for resident Haruhi Thespian.
    [21:17:51] Walden Mannonen Did the notice just come in?
    [21:17:51] Melanippe Karas Wow… and how exactly did we get gamed that badly?
    [21:17:51] Kara Timtam Yes.
    [21:17:51] Maverick Grunfeld We need to change the password again.
    [21:17:51] Walden Mannonen or was it earlier near the start of the meeting?
    [21:17:51] Maverick Grunfeld Seal it.
    [21:17:51] Jakis Westminster I dont think were in the clear yet.
    [21:17:51] Kalel Venkman b article Haruhi Thespian.
    [21:17:51] Brainiac intones That function cannot be used from this terminal.
    [21:17:51] Remote Brainiac Access Enter one line of text as your incident report on Haruhi Thespian, or say ‘cancel’ on a line by itself to cancel the report.
    [21:17:51] Kara Timtam I had a bad feeling about her but she was on SUCH good behavior for so long.
    [21:17:51] Siobhan McCallen banned from Harrington.
    [21:17:51] Kalel Venkman Admitted Woodbury spy.
    [21:17:51] Remote Brainiac Access Article #4399 created.
    [21:17:51] Samantha Lowell Is the password changed on the Wiki?
    [21:17:51] Maverick Grunfeld Lock the wiki.
    [21:17:51] Kara Timtam I told Kal, when she applied, that I thought she was Tizzers or a friend thereof.
    [21:17:51] Kalel Venkman The bwiki is now locked and offline.
    [21:17:51] Kara Timtam Maverick, done.
    [21:17:51] Samantha Lowell God knows what they have-thank Gods it was quick.
    [21:17:51] Kalel Venkman They may have had the access for some time.
    [21:17:51] Kara Timtam She had a week for downloading.
    [21:17:51] Melanippe Karas Kara, how’d you figure that?
    [21:17:51] Maverick Grunfeld Time for me to fire back.
    [21:17:51] Samantha Lowell Okay, I am pissed.
    [21:17:51] Maverick Grunfeld They’ve pissed me off on the wrong day.

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  17. GG3

    Oct 24th, 2011


    Rats exposed? Oh my!

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