Op/Ed: The Linden Lab Mafia

by Alphaville Herald on 14/05/10 at 10:34 pm

by Intlibber Brautigan

In his cyberpunk novel "Snow Crash", which Phillip Rosedale has said a number of times that Second Life is based on, the federal and state governments have imploded from fiscal irresponsibility and a refusal to face reality.

In his prequel works, Stephenson’s heroes of the novel "Cryptonomicon" recover a massive cache of Yamashita’s gold in the Phillipines, and later in "The Great Simoleon Caper" founded a virtual nation called the First Distributed Republic and its gold-backed encrypted anonymous online currency, the Simoleon. Thus, by the time of "Snow Crash", anonymous online currencies made it impossible for governments to collect taxes, forcing them to sell off their assets, from national forests, parks, and beaches, to its aircraft carriers, the Library of Congress and the CIA, etc.

FedWorld is now just one more megacorporation among many "franchulates". Their primary competitor for marketshare/mindshare among the millions of burbclave inhabitants is Mafia, Inc., parent company of Cosa Nostra Pizza, Cosa Nostra Pizza University, and the Our Thing Foundation. Fedworld exercises no power upon anybody they can’t outgun or otherwise entrap in perpetual adhesion contracts of wage slave peony. FedWorld is allied with L. Bob Rife and his media empire (L Bob is a combination of L Ron Hubbard and Ted Turner) in working to re-enslave the general population in the memeplex of belief in big government and submission of the individual to "the common good".

This situation illustrates the common libertarian/ancap position that there is no real qualitative difference between a government and a mafia other than that the government calls itself legitimate and has the power to back up the claim. Given that it is clear that the election laws in the US and other nations are really rigged to keep those with power, in power and to disenfranchise anybody that doesn’t believe in the big government mindset, the idea that we live in a representative democracy today is believed only by deluded individuals like Prokofy Neva.

This parallels the current situation in Second Life today, where we see competing factions of individuals which originally were led to believe held a sovereign existence on the grid, and who have frequently received emails from Linden Lab referring to their users sovereignty. We also see some mafia role play groups like Nicholaz, Sephora, and even Demina (whose leader became D34dlyc0d3c once he was permbanned), who want to be able to operate their own narratives, play their own games, and to do so free of the active interference of the gestapo of the greatest grid mafia of them all, Linden Lab (playing the role of FedWorld).

We see kultur-jammers like w-hat and woodbury, and code-warriors like Nexii, Jkool, Ph0x, Thomas, Skillz, Hiro, among others. Some coders are white hats, some black.

In Snow Crash, FedWorld, L Bob, and their vigilante minions, work with black hats to put into code the Asherah Virus, aka Snow Crash, which lobotimizes anybody with intellect and makes average people into babbling morons who are easy to control and put to work for the "common good", and who spread a biological version of the virus from person to person unless they’ve been immunized by the antivirus code created by Enki.

Likewise, Jkool (Fractured Krystal), Ph0x, and friends at Modular Systems have gotten into bed with Linden Lab and its G-Team gestapo (once rendered meaningless by the Enki-like work of myself and Woodbury and folded into the residency team, the G-Team seems to have gained new life now that Harry has worked so hard to make the grid safe for vigilante vs griefer wars), with the media adoration of Prokofy, Metanomics, and other purveyors of all that is "safe".

It was bad enough when The Wrong Hands socially engineered their way into the Justice League in order to leak their secret spy wiki filled with faulty and falsehood filled dossiers on everyone and everything on the grid they didn’t like. Exposing the JLU’s cozy comfiness with certain G-Team members was embarassing enough for the Linden Mafia. Illustrating the lies told by the JLU about myself and others is one of the sources of whispered defamation on the grid was also damaging to the ereputation of those who claim to avow adherence to protecting their users information.

When code warrior Hazim Gazov, Voted5 alumnus and interwebz troller extraordinaire, thought he was doing the right thing by notifying the lab of the criminal activities of the Modular Systems bunch, it soon became clear that Marty Linden, who had previously schmoozed up to MS with Mark Kingdon, has had a lot more involvement with the goings on at Modular Systems than was thought.

Rather than responding to the information Hazim provided by banning MS and its members for their criminal behavior and disavowing association with the group, Marty, Cyn, M, and the rest of the made men of the Linden Mafia ordered that the messenger, Hazim, and his entire eFamily (Woodbury), his distant e-relatives be virtually killed, and their homes (the sims of Woodbury University’s campus) be burned to the ground with fire and deletion. Like any Mob Lawyer, Marty knew that you don’t whack your soldiers, you find out who the witnesses were and silence them before trial.

Unfortunately for Marty, Linden Mafia can’t buy every media outlet, and permbanning a Woodbury avatar only pisses them off or amuses them.

Before I helped to relegitimize /b/tards who often had done nothing but been a /b/tard on a sunny day in Sandbox Goguen, they had endured months of daily bans. The first person shooter game that the G-Team had created for the /b/tard community was a tough game, light fighting Agent Smith in the Matrix, you never knew when Harry, or Plexus, or Teagan or Socrates, or, OMG, Agent Linden, might pop up out of nowhere at the whim of a JLU fake-AR party. When your most likely fate is to last minutes or hours on the grid for being a channer, there is zero motivation to behave according to the community standards, or to invest any time in producing content of any lasting value. No, the game the JLU, Proactive Security, and the G-Team had created for 4channers was for them to get armed quickly, tp to as many sandboxes, furry sims, and other estates full of easily butthurt induhviduals, and bring the e-raep to all of them. There was no other option.

Even /b/tards who were not into the raiding ethic, when they visited SL, were quickly told by the spy alts of the JLU and Angel Fluffy that the Patriotic Nigras was the "official" /b/tard organization in SL (False of course) so as to drive as many recruits into the organization as possible. Such was the fate of Trebesan Cleary, who was the first /b/tard to come to me to seek my help to escape the PN and regain legitimacy on the grid. I helped him to do so with the help of Michael Linden. Then Tizzers was next, and Yaranaika (aka Windowlic Klaar) was a big win, who acted as a very helpful spy in the PN, and was even elected its leader after my Angel = Mudkips psyop campaign caused Mudkips Acronym to quit leadership of the PN and dox himself to "prove" he wasn’t Angel (fact: Angel was in fact Orly Lawl, which I had known since January 2007 and which Angel admitted to me in June of 2007).

It was just before Trebesan came to me that I brought the existence of the first Woodbury sim to Prokofy’s attention. At the time I bought into the "war on e-terror" mindset that Prok, Angel, and the JLU were mindlessly addicted to. I was a cofounder with Angel and Kalel of Proactive Security in January 2007. The organizational meeting occured in my offices at Ng Security in Lorrey region. It was only later that summer that I figured out that these people used their spy alts in the PN to organize and direct it in a disciplined manner to be an effective dialectical pressure group that would build public sympathy for the furry community as ‘victims of fursecution’.

TL;DR, We changed our approach, which alienated me from the JLU, from Angel and Kalel, and particularly from the new head of the G-team, Harry Linden, and his boss, Jack Linden. When Tizzers rejected Kalel’s blackmail attempts to try to force Tiz to spy for the JLU on the PN, Kalel and Harry got Woodbury’s sim taken down the first time. While Yaranaika’s leadership of the PN only lasted a day, it was long enough to get the IP logs for several IRC channels and forums run on their server. I was able to identify a number of spies in the group who were merely alts of prominent individuals on the grid who used the PN merely as a convenient enemy with which to build influence over the sheeple.

The response from the lab was increasing interference in my SL business. They intentionally leaked to the Sheep proprietary information about a pending business deal with the Colts to host a Superbowl football game in SL during the Superbowl that would have netted us seven figures. Lindens used their alts to spread lies to my staff about myself. They ordered one VP to trash several sims of mine because otherwise they stopped talking to him while he worked for me.

When Woodbury University’s Vice President, David Rosen, hired me to help them return to SL, in the region of Smuttynose, Plexus Linden led a raid on the sim, wiping it clean, and attempted to frame me with the false claim that I had copybotted a megaprim owned by Michael Linden (firstly, Michael doesn’t use megaprims to build with, and copybotting megaprims was impossible). He tried to permban me over it, but my attorney got Marty to investigate and Harry unbanned me "because I hadn’t done anything else bad in the previos 6 months" but claimed ludicrously that I was still guilty of copybotting Michael Linden’s megaprim. (the megaprim in question was in fact a Gene Replacement megaprim fashioned into a spotlight beam, which replaced the pathetic 2 prim 20 meter beam Michael had built into his full perms lighthouse that Michael had given to Tizzers willingly, so no copybotting at all occured).

It should be clear by now the degree of heavy handedness, shall we say even "thuggishness" mafia-esque behavior seen by the G-team to date.

In my whole time in SL, I have never condoned, allowed, or encouraged griefing. I do not consider attending public meetings as a concerned SL resident to be griefing. Nor do I consider renting an e-house to be griefing (though Prokofy thinks otherwise). These are the sort of acts with which I and the members of Woodbury are condemned as "megagreeffers" by idiots and vigilantes.

Yet in my time in SL, I have been the victim of: multiple sim build deletions/wreckings, multiple DOS attacks on my servers, my SL account was hacked and content stolen, individuals have defrauded me of hundreds of thousands of L$, proprietary information worth millions of USD has been leaked to competitors, and vigilante groups have directed greifers they organized with their own spy alts into attacking my sims in order to manipulate me into joining their vigilante organization. I have regularly been interfered with in the operation of my online business, I have been selectively refused to be able to exchange L$ for USD with which to pay tier, and my employees have been manipulated and coerced into acting against my business. And all of this is AOK in the eyes of Linden Lab. Virtually none of the persons behind any of these acts have ever received even a 1 hour ban for their actions. LL employees who have been exposed publicly to have acted against me illegally (Plexus’ framing, as well as permbanning my Tizzers BnT account without it ever having logged onto the grid) have never been punished.

When I have spoken out publicly, in helping to lead the SoS protests, I was threatened with a ban for doing nothing but exercising my right of free speech under Marsh vs Alabama. When I demanded the Lab punish the person who hacked my SL account and stole content in an attempt to hack my server and defraud me of millions of L$, the Lab instead threatened to ban me if I pursued it further. Ultimately they defamed and libelled me and my business, helped in a campaign of defamation and driving my residents from my sims, and refused to let me exchange my L$ for USD to pay tier, causing my accounts and sims to be seized and my business to implode.

When confronted with the clearly illegal activity of the Emerald developers, instead of shutting down the miscreants, the Lab’s response was instead to try to kill the messenger, everyone he could possibly have spoken to or shared evidence with, and destroy the sims of the only University on the grid that stands for transparency, individual rights, and shining the light of day on the criminal activities of those who try to claim the moral authority to govern the grid. Marty Linden’s behavior merely caps off a long reign of criminal terror by a corrupt racketeering organization against a popular internet culture, the most popular university sim group on the grid, and against the most outspoken free market advocate in SL.

The Linden Lab mafia is truly the FedWorld and L Bob Rife of this iteration of the Snow Crash narrative. Somehow I doubt that Phillip Linden ever intended the Second Life reimagining of Snow Crash to cast his own company as the villains. The only real question remaining is, is Hiro Protagonist the protagonist of this reboot, or the antagonist?

39 Responses to “Op/Ed: The Linden Lab Mafia”

  1. Jayd3n

    May 14th, 2010

    Thats not the only thing, Linden Lab has done something realyl embarassing to themselfs, which I have some Logs of, not chatlogs, but something much worse that everyone would love to have, and IF Linden Lab doesn’t Unlock my account within the next 48 hours, I will share the Logs with everyone, as proof, and mirror them all over the internet exposing how stupid Linden Lab can be exactly.

    Earlier I got suspended from SecondLife for 14 Days without any reason at all.The reason was because I argued a person in an IM Freedom OF Speech about CDS, and Emerald Team and their actions about IP logging and stuff. At no point was I actually told to Go away, to stop talking, or muted by the resident, therefore it was Clearly not a case of harassment, unless I was warned first by the resident, or muted, and used Multiple alternate accounts that Linden Lab could prove, or went there and constantly followed them around, then that would be harassment.

    But yeah this is insane. I dont feel that a group of protesters should get banned, If a person has their own estate for protesting, or is disrupting another residents simulator, or something then Yes it should be a suspendable offense. But not if being done privately and respectfully like we do it. There is not really a raeson why Linden Lab should take away freedom of sp33ch, and ruin us all. SL is going down hill I say.

  2. Jayd3n

    May 15th, 2010

    Oh yeah, and no one talk to Meltemi Case, she is the one who reported me, and my friends for debaiting her system, and she is the one who is said to have helped skills Hak with his copybotting back in the day before he actaully said, Hey You know what I will work for emerald team, and make myself look all innocent. Its bullcrap. This person is a total troll, and also discloses chatlogs without concent to other parties outside of SecondLife. Even though I dont really care, I just sugguest that no one talk to her, she is a total loose who deserves to go real life if you ask me.

  3. K.T.D.

    May 15th, 2010

    It’s not against the TOS if you post the log outside of SL. How’s about letting us read it?

    LL’s never done shit to me, and I’ve said more than a little negative comment here and there about the way they handle some things, about Emerald, and about Skills.

    Funny, though, they turned out to have exactly what I said they have. I need to buy Hazim a real beer someday to thank him for proving me right.

  4. Glenn Beck

    May 15th, 2010

    You know who else was a Linden?

    … Hitler.

  5. Dongs Lol

    May 15th, 2010

    Intlibber post. Closed.

  6. LOL

    May 15th, 2010

    @Glenn Beck…

    takes one to know one, Sig Heil Mo-Fo

  7. Alyx Stoklitsky

    May 15th, 2010

    >Snow Crash

    Stopped reading there

  8. Yours Truly

    May 15th, 2010

    “in the parking lot, the Kourier watches the chopper taking off. It’s really cool to watch, and it has a lot of bumpin guns on it.
    But those dudes inside the chopper were harshing that chick major.
    The Kourier pulls his personal phone out of its holster, jacks into RadiKS Central Command, and punches a big red button. He calls a Code.”

  9. Scylla Rhiadra

    May 15th, 2010

    What could be more entertaining that reading such a pretentious and self-serving diatribe by one of the most recognizably discredited figures in SL? How to respond?

    I could begin by pointing to your utterly facile and puerile analogy between a mid-level software company’s customer relations policies, and the mechanisms and ideologies of a political system that has been evolving for over two hundred years. Yes, that’s right: filing a ticket with LL is JUST like taking a case to the Supreme Court, or presenting a bill before Congress, isn’t it?

    Or I could suggest that anyone who bases their “political” and “ideological” analysis upon a second-rate work of science fiction is in serious need of a bit of perspective. And a bit of guidance when it comes to summer reading . . .

    Most interesting, however, is the sense I have that you have been delegated to respond as a proxy for Pixeleen and the Herald, who seem curiously gun-shy about the whole WU thing. Did you get the short straw, or are you just too unselfconscious to worry about appearing like an ass in public?

  10. chmarr

    May 15th, 2010

  11. Judge Joker

    May 15th, 2010

    Lonely avatar seeks an e-friend.

    This lonely avatar needs more e-freinds! can you give him a home on your profile?


    He adores the company of Lindens and shuns real peoples views, contrary to what he might say publicly. He is extremely e-affectionate to furries and also very pompously chatty bless him… He particularly loves the channers and anyone conforming to Internet standards – What a smashing boy please form a orderly queue.

    This message was brought to you by the JAA! Justice Adoption Agency.

    Adopt today and we’ll even throw in the cost of neutering, to keep your little bundle of Justice happy, healthy, and cured of that obsessive habit of humping furries for their simulator privileges.

    Why neuter?

    When an un-neutered male reaches maturity, he will begin to roam further afield in a quest for justice, exposing himself to residents privacy and fighting people with a possibility of gaining an e-injury in territory battles with other males.

  12. Gundel Gaukelei

    May 15th, 2010

    I can make a much shorter version of the whole article:

    “I’m a sore loser”

  13. IntLibber Brautigan

    May 15th, 2010

    LOL Scylla Rhiadra, self appointed guardian of the SL Left Feminist Network (read: commie traps united). Looking at her age she’s probably a new alt of one of the former SLLA useful idiots who got banninated for griefing SL free market institutions in the name of the international left.

    Of course she’s all butthurt about WU cause Tizzers and the crew make such a big joke of the soviet/communist design aesthetics that so inspired her and her comrades to the cause. The Bauhaus and constructionist schools adherents are pretty intolerant of mockery. Nor are those who look at the Soviet Woodbury memeplex and actually seriously think that it is a real leftist threat.

    Actually Pix and Uri both invited me to write this op-ed. And no, I doubt either is trying to shy away from Woodbury at all. They’re both pretty much of a “fight the power” mindset that indicates true revolutionary spirit than some faux intelligentsia dilletante. They know that the true fourth estate’s purpose is to challenge and investigate the powers that be, not kiss their asses and schmooze up to them seeking favors and FICishness.

  14. Senban Babii

    May 15th, 2010


    Excellent post, very detailed and a lot of uncomfortable truths for a lot of people.

    Your point about the old days of the /b/tards and so on brought back memories. Back in the days, in a previous life so to speak, I was a mule for a few of them. My inventory was a holding area so that they’d log in, tool up from my inventory, go have fun, get banned, come back, find me, repeat as required, if symptoms persist see your doctor etc. But I was never a simple mule, I always talked to them and tried to get them thinking about being more creative and productive. Maybe I never had much effect but hey, you never know, right? But these weren’t bad people, they were just given no other realistic choice, just like you’ve discussed here. Of course the fact that I just revealed this point means my page in the JLU’s fapbook just got added to and I’ve probably risked the Lab using the fact against me at some time in the future. *shrugs*

    My thinking is that Second Life is inherently flawed and that is because its residents have no way to protest against actions it feels are unjust. A brief quote from a recent blog of mine:-

    “In a normal society, art functions as an early warning system that something is going wrong with that society and if you look at Second Life society, the art is indeed showing a lot of dissatisfaction with the rulers of that world. But rather than recognise that fact, those rulers killed the artists. Can we think of any other regimes that have done this throughout history? You know, I bet we can.

    I was thinking earlier that in a normal society, we’d maybe see protests and forms of subversive art appearing but because of the structure of Second Life, it’s impossible for a Banksy to work through the night and leave a subversive statement plastered across the walls of an infohub or a Linden Home. That denial of expression in effect robs Second Life residents of a basic freedom to protest in many ways.”

    I remember as a student having to explain to my parents why my face was right there on the front page of a local newspaper after being involved in student protests. That’s not why we sent you to university etc etc. But actually, that *is* what university is for, to help you learn to think for yourself, to learn who you are as a person and to push your personal boundaries.

    As far as I’m concerned, Woodbury were consumate artists who held up a mirror to SL culture and society in order to encourage self-reflection, even if they said they did it for the lulz. The fact that Linden Lab silenced the artists speaks entire volumes about them.

  15. Scylla Rhiadra

    May 15th, 2010

    In the fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood,” first collected by Charles Perrault in seventeenth century, the heroine of the story, Little Red, asks the Big Bad Wolf why “he has such big eyes.” Her question illustrates the common libertarian/ancap critique directed against governments and any who foolishly believe that society should be tending to a more “just” and “equitable” balance of power and wealth. When the IRS comes knocking at our door, who has not made the same observation?: “Why, Mr. Government. What big eyes you have!” The truthful response, never articulated but understood, is, of course, “All the better to redistribute your wealth with.”

    It is well-known by anyone with enough sense to diligently search for commies, pinkos, and fellow-travellers under their bed before going to sleep that Perrault got the story wrong: the true hero of this tale is the “Big Bad” Wolf, that brave and freedom-loving individualist fighting an artful and effective guerrilla campaign against the real tyrants of the forest, the Grannies and Little Reds (note the significance of the latter’s name!) whose Bolshevik-inspired subornation of a free market system threatens to undermine the liberties and freedoms of wolves everywhere. Was Granny being asked to PAY for those cookies? No, and the resultant devaluation of the cookie currency everywhere in the forest was the inevitable and tragic result.

    No consultation of “My First Book of Fairy Tales” (well, not much of one anyway) is needed to see the striking parallels between this situation and that of SL today. A Linden Lab that was once a laudable example of a Big Bad Wolf has itself been reindoctrinated with the ideologies of the Left, and is busying itself “protecting” the Grannies and Little Reds of the grid from freedom-fighting wolves. Substitute LL axeman Marty Linden for the “Woodcutter” in this deeply trenchant tale, and you get the full picture: it is no longer safe to roam the grid spamming all and sundry with thought-provoking particles, or weed out the weak and the foolish by inviting them to invest in Ponzi schemes. The opportunities for free art and free enterprise in SL are being squeezed out of existence by a Nanny/Granny government that has launched a campaign of terror against forest predators everywhere.

    The only real question remaining is, should one pretend to have been an aggrieved and victimized cookie producer and hop onto the back of a lawsuit designed to end once and for all Little Red’s ideology-saturated assault upon the baked goods industry?

  16. Sylauxe

    May 15th, 2010

    As a Libertarian, I think,

    *literally spews poopy feces from mouth all over the place in wet, soupy splashes*

  17. Gaara Sandalwood

    May 15th, 2010

    Sylauxe, that was a very articulated response.

  18. Sylauxe

    May 15th, 2010

    I could spout off some argument about how Ron Paul Jr. here is probably some spoiled suburbanite who thinks he’s entitled to everything he’s got, or how Libertarians are retarded gold snortin’ survivalists with a nice big racist streak who hate the poor with a passion that only a true jackass can summon, but at this point Intlibber is more irrelevant in SL than W-Hat. Unfortunately, he is unable to embrace his irrelevance as they have.

  19. Gaara Sandalwood

    May 15th, 2010

    Gold star. That’s something I can agree with.

    Also, Little Red Riding Hood was eaten in one of the original variations, douche. Just a unimportant fact there.

  20. AdmiralAwsome

    May 15th, 2010

    I am about to try and talk to ll and threaten to sue for wrongful termination of my account that was spam reported by the JLU. My company and land were taken and why not jump on the bandwagon, I don’t want money just my account back.

  21. IntLibber Brautigan

    May 16th, 2010

    Irrelevance is a state only achieved when one ceases to influence or make a difference, or when one syncophantically goes with the flow and takes knee before those who claim authority. Every time I publicly speak truth to power, I am relevant. You, however, are not.

  22. Sylauxe

    May 16th, 2010

    Yeah, those terrible people in power, trying to give all your hard earned trust-fund money to a bunch of *shivers* coloreds. You keep on fighting the good fight from your living room.


  23. Kultur-Klub-Jammer-Kid

    May 16th, 2010

    I take it that the surname “Munchhausen” was not available when this pompous ass first rolled ashore upon the beaches of Second Life?

    You’ll never be an intellectual. You’re trying too hard, and that means you just don’t have it. Get a union job. If you can stand up for more than 15 minutes.

  24. vargas cleanslate

    May 16th, 2010

    i always felt the problem was that SL was a libertarian paradise – a land of unfettered capitalism, where social rules are dictated by their effect on the ability of stakeholders to profit. LL isn’t a government, LL is a landlord, and what true libertarian would limit how a landlord may use their property? no, the problem isn’t that LL isn’t playing the libertarian game, it’s that they are, and libertarians turn into hypocrites when the unrestricted liberty of others begins to impair their own lifestyle. a proper “libertarian” response to a “mafia” is to start a new mafia to compete with the former. of course, when you have to compete over real resources instead of a theoretically infinite collection of prims conjured from the electronic ether, you end up with a country looking like nigeria. but i should stop talking about the means of production before prok comes along and compares me to stalin…
    suffice to say i’m not a libertarian. also, suffice to say i don’t spend much time on SL anymore.

  25. At0m0 Beerbaum

    May 16th, 2010

    “by Intlibber Brautigan”

    stopped reading there

  26. Glenn Beck

    May 16th, 2010


    You know who else stopped reading there?


  27. Alyx Stoklitsky

    May 16th, 2010


    That’s the smartest thing I have ever seen you do.

  28. Darkfoxx

    May 17th, 2010

    TL;DR version:


    Of prok proportions.

    One of the most funny bits:
    ” When your most likely fate is to last minutes or hours on the grid for being a channer, there is zero motivation to behave according to the community ”

    People dont get banned for being a /b/tard, /r/etard.


    “used their spy alts in the PN to organize and direct it” made me laugh. The PN didnt need any directing. I was there for their first attack in Second Life, I talked on a few occaisions to Mootykips Acronym afterwards. They didnt need any direction from anyone to attack furry sims, that was their first ever target.

    Nice attempt to place the blame tho, but better luck next time.

  29. Anon

    May 17th, 2010

    Anybody notice that IntBlub positions himself as champion of Woodbury and the /b/tards, while at the same time having walked off with thousands of dollars of Woodbury money and stealing Tizzy’s computer?

  30. Emperor Norton hears a who?

    May 18th, 2010

    Ah my little Intlibber, you must grow up and face facts of the adult world. What is Phil Linden that you are not Intlibber? Rich. And what does Ayn Raynd teach us about this situation? Phil Linden is a noble PRODUCER making America great and you are a blood sucking leech of a LOOTER Intlibber.

    Lets sum this up
    Phil Linden = rich = always right
    Intlibber = poor = Commie who hates freedom

  31. Xarandele

    May 19th, 2010

    If for some reason you read past the first paragraph. (Like I’m stupid and did because of my completely “Fair Standpoint) You would have stopped reading this article at the relation to /b/tards, I have in my lifetime found great hilarity in the /b/tard way and even then try to keep some level of intellect about it. /b/tards SHOULD NEVER GET DRAWN INTO CRAP FROM A SELF PROCLAIMED OTHER /b/tard, Keeping that in mind, You all have probably just fallen for the stupidest trolling ever committed. AND YOU’RE GOING TO KEEP ARGUING WITH HIM BECAUSE YOU CAN’T HELP IT. You’d be better off just stopping now, dumbasses who think they are self important never learn their lesson, and most definitely just waste your time.

  32. Sam Henderson

    May 20th, 2010

    Was the pie shop closed today intlibber?

  33. It's Unfixable

    May 21st, 2010

    IntLibber believes his First Amendment rights were trampled when he was deleted, but the judge on the Sony case from 2009 sets precedent: online services are not violating your free speech rights when they ban you: http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20091008/0157466458.shtml

    This is because an online service in no way functions as a government. Any other legal arguments based on the assumption that it does are therefore void, so all his supposed law suits based on this are also void.

    Not that he actually has any. He’s been lying about this the entire time, of course.

  34. Kultur-Klub-Jammer-Kid

    May 21st, 2010

    @ Xarandele

    So what’s your excuse? You claim to be above it all out of one side of your mouth, yet you take your own pot-shots out the other.

    The internet isn’t the place to solve your esteem issues. I know that the anonymity factor makes it tempting… but… you could have learned this lesson by paying attention to Intlibber’s behaviorism, versus embodying it yourself.

  35. IntLibber Brautigan

    May 21st, 2010

    Evidently, you haven’t read either the Sony case or the Marsh case, or the AOL case. Linden Lab most closely meets the behavior of the company in Marsh because it, unlike Sony, imposes “community” standards and enforces them with a team specifically called “Governance Team”. By doing so, LL voluntarily chooses to act as a government.

    Sony doesn’t have a governance team, doesn’t impose their political beliefs on their users.

    Secondly, Phillip Linden is on record stating that, “this is not an internet service, we are building a country.”

    The only person lying about anything here is you.

  36. Ron Burns

    May 25th, 2010

    I wish I was smart enough to get this post?

    Maybe this bubble is moving on?

    New spaces?

    Ron Burns

  37. Patasha

    May 28th, 2010

    But did Jayd3n’s account get unlocked, or did the logs of doom get released? Shoot I hate missing the good drama when I’m traveling.

  38. Father Jones

    Jun 15th, 2010

    What is worse is Linden Lab supporting massive gambling in Second Life. They consciously protect it’s existance while knowing it is illegal. Why ? Because Linden Lab earns millions of dollars on it. Now who is the real maffia here ?


    Nov 10th, 2010

    STFU you lot and listen – SILENNNCE!!!!!
    thats better

    Intlibber Brautigan I can hear the worlds smallest violin – its tiny and its playing just for you!

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