Druuna Pessoa — Post 6 Grrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 27/07/10 at 11:28 am

[Timothy Morpork is on vacation this week, so this week's Post 6 is presented to you by Daeynaries Lane. "I've known Druuna for ages and quite frankly, she has one of the most alluring Av's I know.. Without being over the top. I hope you enjoy this hot, sexy, post 6 grrl" -Daeynaries Lane]

Druuna Pessoa

I spend too much time in front of the computer. All day at work and then again all night when I come home. It’s not just since I joined Second Life, I have been in front of the computer most of my life. Bit of a geek and a gamer I guess! I play all sorts of games, from first person shooters to strategy games. I especially like Quake, Battlefield 2, Civilization and Empire Total War.

Druuna Pessoa

I started in Second Life three years ago. Got involved with roleplaying in Midian City after just a few days, been at it ever since. Now I’m an admin there and spend a good amount of time organizing, building and scripting. Yes, I can script! Hehe

Druuna Pessoa

I do enjoy adult roleplay a lot, mostly for the flirting to be honest though. I’m bad for being such a tease I guess! *tries to look innocent*

22 Responses to “Druuna Pessoa — Post 6 Grrrrl”

  1. Scylla Rhiadra

    Jul 27th, 2010


    Daeynaries Lane takes over again, and guess what? Another Midian City role player! And one who is even more taciturn than usual.

    Can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to the parade of role players who will be parading across this page over the next little while.


  2. Skye D.

    Jul 27th, 2010

    Heh, I was just about to say the same thing. :P

  3. Yep

    Jul 27th, 2010

    More trash brought to you by the Midol city morons.

  4. meh

    Jul 27th, 2010

    not a regular reader here, but I liked the first pic, it was shot well, proportionally.

  5. Nelson Jenkins

    Jul 27th, 2010

    Holy shit, someone else still plays Battlefield 2?!?

  6. had enough

    Jul 27th, 2010

    She appears to be wearing the same old tired stolen Redgrave skin that all of the other girls are are passing around to the noobs in the RP sims . I am unimpressed.How about trying something unique next time.

  7. WTFdude

    Jul 27th, 2010

    WTF Dude? had enough? Yawn? Holy shit? and shot well?

    serious and permanent brain damage


  8. not again!

    Jul 27th, 2010


    Daeynaries Lane takes over again, and guess what? Another Midian City role player! And one who is even more taciturn than usual.

    Can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to the parade of role players who will be parading across this page over the next little while.


    what she said! how exciting!!!


  9. II Singh

    Jul 27th, 2010

    more tired geek pictures of badly drawn toons. Who really gives a shit about this bilge. Go to SL K-Mart and buy yo-self a skin and prance around nekkid. Wo nekkid toons… man am I working up a chubby.

  10. Sniperfire

    Jul 27th, 2010

    Wow………….You guys really showed on here what complete idiots you can be,not only are you all extremly rude,ill mannered and uncooth,but complete crybabies too.
    She roleplays in midian,so it would make sense for her to use what she sees in SL,if you all had your chance,you’d use whatever you saw in SL.
    Now I know you’ll all be GAGGING for a chance to put in your two cents,calm down now your time will come,but honestly,if you feel that strongly about this page,theres a little X in the top right of your corner,it’s an amazing little thing,click it,and everything will go away!
    I think it’s very hypocritical of all of you to whine about how bad this is,and STILL read,AND comment.
    That’s like saying “Wow this food tastes awful….” and clearing the plate.
    Also,I haven’t seen a group of people whine so much since high school.
    If you don’t like this aticle,don’t read it and shut up,you all sound like warcraft players.

  11. II Singh

    Jul 28th, 2010

    wow I guess she told me… huh… wow… impressive…

  12. Nelson Jenkins

    Jul 28th, 2010

    @ Sniperfire

    I don’t know what you’re jabbering on about, but this is the internet, so we can pretty much do whatever we please without your explicit permission.

    And no, your analogy completely failed. I personally don’t like the Post 6 junk, but I like to read it during my spare time for the fuck of it, and laugh at the idiots that actually get hard over seeing badly-rendered women. It would be more like going to McDonalds and just laughing at the fat people eating there. You aren’t eating the food, you’re just laughing at the people that get off on doing so.

  13. Kae

    Jul 28th, 2010

    First pic has the model, in darker tone, against a high-contrast, white-heavy background. Yeah that’s an intelligent choice to detract from the focus of the model.

    Second pic is an even worse offender, but hey, props to drawing our attention away from the model and toward the gigantic unnecessary shining of light.

    Third pic is just what, why? Why is there a naked girl with the face of a 40 year old standing nude in the middle of a ruined cityscape?

    These all scream “amateur student with photoshop.” Take model. Green-screen. Put against absolutely awful backgrounds in for it. Bend some tonal curves like it’s nobody’s fucking business, then add sepia or desaturate completely for an “artsy” look. It’s about as artful as the shitty airbrushed Scarface T-shirts you can get from Julio at the flea market.

    There’s nothing to comment on the model. Her Redgrave-clone circa 2008 look is about as boring and uninteresting as her vapid interview. Congrats Post 6!

  14. swedishfox Ghost

    Jul 28th, 2010

    yay another useless freaking post 6 girl. any news on the relay for life? any news on popular places? no? fuck :/

  15. II Singh

    Jul 28th, 2010

    so it would appear I am not alone thinking….

    1. Sniperfire is full of excrement
    2. cartoon porn is lame boring and a waste of bandwidth
    3. that sometimes the one that yells idiot the loudest is usually the most suspect or deserving of that title.
    4. the photos suck in general the avs are boring the copy is crap
    5. and the whole post six concept has long outlived its days as being an amusing novelty.

    Seems to work for me.
    Glad we had that dialogue.

  16. The final image is clearly from the Forbidden Zone. The woman is privvy to secrets not meant for any human! Gorillas, after her!

    (/me wonders why no one in the vast farce called Second Life has not come up with a Planet of the Apes RP. I await my call to lead simian-kind).

  17. aaen

    Jul 29th, 2010

    Internet haters. funny as fuck. You all gay. Shes cool.

  18. Kae

    Jul 29th, 2010


    Both you and Druuna belong to the private land group Project Eris. Did you come to white knight for your little girlfriend like a good little whipped bitch? :<

  19. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Jul 30th, 2010


  20. Yep

    Jul 31st, 2010

    “She roleplays in midian,so it would make sense for her to use what she sees in SL”

    Except these back grounds are not in SL.
    The kiddies must be desperate for smut if they have to get their jollies off of cartoon porn.

  21. Avatar Life

    Aug 15th, 2010

    Eh. I’ve seen logs of her having rp sex on Bakura in SWRP. Maybe there’s a good kind person under all of this, but it still makes me laugh when I see clones hit on her >_>

  22. Matt

    Nov 19th, 2010

    Lame, I have roleplayed with her. The roleplay is as stale as these pictures, you can tell from her interview actually. No one with brains over 12 would enjoy it.

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