Post 6 Archives — Jenna Thurston, Makes Magic, Ost Clawtooth

by Alphaville Herald on 20/07/10 at 10:58 am

by Timothy Morpork

It doesn’t seem possible that over a year has passed since I took over the best job on this virtual world- Post 6 Photographer. I thought I should do something to mark the anniversary, but that date came and went a couple of months ago. Organization and planning are not top priorities at Post 6.

Then, a few weeks ago, as I was scanning the television for something to watch, it occurred to me that we should do a week of "re-runs." Then, in the spirit of celebrating the past year, it hit me that instead of just repeating old episodes, I should show you some of my favorite pictures that didn’t make the cut.

Summer Reruns 2

As Post 6 only features three pictures each week, I am always left with several pictures that are good enough to feature, but for whatever reason got left behind. This week I thought I would show you three such pictures, one from Jenna Thurston in her incredible demon avatar, one from the incredibly hunky Makes Magic, and one from Ost Clawtooth’s shoot at The Wastelands sim.

Summer Rerun 3

I chose these three models for an encore because I wanted one from my first weeks, one from the middle of the year, and a rather recent model. I hope that all of the other models who have posed for me understand that beyond that, it was purely random, as I truly believe that everyone I have featured here this year is beautiful and deserving of an encore on this fine blog.

Post 6 Reruns 1

I actually hope that this re-run feature proves popular enough to bring back occasionally, as I have a lot of great pictures like these I would like to show. I intentionally held back on nudes this this time around, but if the models agree, future Re-run editions could well follow the Post 6 formula of "one clothed, one nude, one somewhere in between."

So there it is, special bonus unreleased pics special from the Post 6 Archives to you. I hope you enjoy!

10 Responses to “Post 6 Archives — Jenna Thurston, Makes Magic, Ost Clawtooth”

  1. Re-peats

    Jul 20th, 2010

    This just in.

    Post 6 Photographer fresh out of ideas.

    Rehashes old work as filler (not for the first time either.)

    Plans to continue rehashing old work “if it proves popular” (read: “If he can get away with it.”)

    In other news, Herald dying.

  2. Nelson Jenkins

    Jul 20th, 2010

    A shirtless guy with stereotypical chiseled abs and a tan, a girl with claw-marks on her tits for no reason (and loads of makeup and eyeshadow), and a demon-girl with an impossibly small waist, a giant butt, and a huge bust with wings bigger than her.

    All we need is a furry of some description and we’ve got most of SL covered. Good work Timothy.

  3. Sententia

    Jul 20th, 2010

    A hunky guy!, a gorgeous girl! a wonderful demonic creature!

    awesome pics!

    @Nelson, yes we could use a furry or two!

    Yay!!! Second Life :)

  4. Skye D.

    Jul 20th, 2010

    @Re-peats – Aww c’mon. It’s summer. Everyone deserves a break. Sheesh!

    And mainly because a repeat of Makes isn’t necessarily a bad thing. :)

  5. Richard McMinnar

    Jul 21st, 2010

    Personally, I think all three are a better representation of their types than perhaps 90% of the Avatars you’ll meet in SL. Some smexy Furries n’ Nekoes woulda been nice too.

  6. Marianne

    Jul 21st, 2010

    3 really good pictures!

    Nelson, if you can’t see the difference in that “shirtless guy” and those size 30 head and size 100 shoulders 9 of 10 males have in SL, then you are blind.

    The torn shirt fits well in with the post-apocalyptic roleplay in The Wastelands. She has a very attractive avatar ans the pose works well. A bit hair in the shoulder, but that’s just SL.

    I hope you have a picture of a /real life demon/ to show, since you are such an expert on them… lol. Fantasy avatars are just…. fantasy.

  7. Nelson Jenkins

    Jul 21st, 2010


    I’m fortunate enough to hang out in places not populated by idiots. Hence, most of the guys look just like that.

    And I wasn’t pointing out that the demon-girl looked unrealistic.

  8. Sourballs McGinty

    Jul 21st, 2010

    I like it. There were a bunch of Post 6 Grrrrls in the past year I’d gladly see more of. Keep up the good work.

  9. Kae

    Jul 22nd, 2010

    The guy doesn’t have a stereotypical meathead body, as in no max shoulders, max muscles, NINJA AO, or any of that garbage, so that’s definitely a plus. The skin isnt half as chiseled and grotesque as many male skins too. Sure it has definition, but it’s not terribly overdone with rippling 14-pack abs, muscles where there should be none, retardedly huge cheekbones, etc. The photo itself is a bit bland though. Looks like it was taken with default sunset lighting with some questionable framing choices. The pose between the peaks is a nice touch, but the negative space is very busy.

    The girl has a nice shape, pretty face, clean lines, and while her outfit is a bit questionable, at least she’s in a setting where it looks feasible. The photo itself has a nice atmosphere with complementary lighting, and the negative space isn’t distracting from the model. Nice posing for the hair, too. Maybe the best photo I’ve seen in Post 6.

    The demon though? Wow, what a complete trainwreck. On top of the fact the photo is bad (A model with more than a tiny amount of black coloring posed against a black background, seriously?), the model is, too. Proportions are so completely off it’s silly. Megatits and a wasp waist aren’t complemented well by the cheesy tattoo either. It was also 2009 when the photo was taken; there’s no need for primmy, shiny-laden wings– it’s like a time machine to 2006.

  10. Nelson Jenkins

    Jul 22nd, 2010

    @Kae Finally someone agrees that the demon-girl is a joke.

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