Nelson Jenkins: Why Would Anyone Trust These Emerald Guys?

by Alphaville Herald on 24/08/10 at 10:37 pm

[Nelson Jenkins has been awarded the “commie” or comment-of-the-week award for this detailed breakdown of the Modular Systems abuses. The award winning comment is reproduced below.]

@ Jocelyn Pawpad

I’m going to go ahead and cross-post this, just in case you didn’t get the memo.

Why anyone would continue to trust these folks will remain an unanswerable question.

– Fractured collected IP addresses linked to avatars in the Emerald Point sim and the RegAPI. This allowed Emerald devs (most of which used the system regularly) to geolocate specific SL users, among other things one can do with an IP address.

– Someone (let’s call them the third party) discovered this system. Phox and Fractured then hacked their voice account so they couldn’t use SL voice. They then stalked him from sim to sim (without map rights).

– Phox threatened to burglarize the third party’s house and steal his actual computer.

– Fractured illegally distributed chat logs of the third party, laughing at how he trolled him.

– Phox called a phone number that was listed in the third party’s Linden Lab user account. It turned out to be fake, and he only called the parent of a student. Unfortunately, harassment charges weren’t filed.

– The third party confronted Fractured and threatened to release the entire contents of the datamine to the public. They reached a compromise: Fractured would release the names of the accounts listed in the datamine and the people who had access to it, but no other information (such as IP addresses), in addition to removing it entirely from his servers. However, the contents were eventually released in full, and the names of those listed in the datamine were posted to the Herald a few months back:

– Phox and Fractured both conspire to get the third party’s ISP to cancel their service because of the leak, which they also did numerous times to the creator of the NeilLife viewer, but were ultimately unsuccessful. However, Phox still claims he was successful, and brags regularly about it.

– Fractured and several other Emerald devs (which are still on the team) begin work on the Onyx project, an entirely malicious viewer designed to find security holes in SL. It was also designed to harass and stalk users; however, this functionality was not discovered until its source code was leaked. The devs quickly claimed that it was an old copy and that the newer builds didn’t have those features, until the newest source code was revealed, causing the entire Onyx project to stop and the site to be taken offline. The Onyx viewer is still used, but only by spoofing the Emerald tag and channel name.

– Skills Hak begins selling the Gemini CDS Ban Relay, a system similar to BanLink, but instead it is fully automatic. It uses a QuickTime exploit to determine a user’s identifying information (which is technically illegal per SL policies) and hosts the data on the Gemini server, not unlike the incident with Fractured and Phox way back in the beginning. It’s still being sold, and false positives are being reported, despite Skills’s claims. The system has been cloned repeatedly, proving that it’s not a hard exploit, and that Skills is mostly just conning people by exploiting their fear of copybot.

– The emkdu.dll file, a driver that speeds up texture loading times similar to the llkdu.dll file, was discovered to leak information regarding any Emerald user’s window title and installation directory. (This was not original functionality in the licensed copy.) This allowed anyone that knew how to decrypt the simple encryption to view one’s installation directory, which (depending on the user’s Windows username) revealed one’s real life name. It also allowed users to determine which version of Emerald one was using, and, if it was another client based off of Emerald, what client it was (for example, Onyx).

– The Emerald devs claimed to have removed this functionality. However, they only strengthened the encryption, which was also eventually cracked to reveal that nothing had changed. The encryption was changed one more time, and has not yet been decrypted. With the dismissal of Fracture, Arabella claimed that the emkdu.dll file was replaced with the slower, open-source openjpeg library. It has not been determined whether the openjpeg library also includes similar functionality.

– Because of the entire emkdu.dll fiasco, LordGregGreg, a core Emerald dev, decided to voluntarily leave the project. He has since compiled his own viewer, Emergence, based off of the latest Emerald source code, evading any shady additions they may have put into the Emerald binaries as well. The Emerald team disparaged his position within the devs when he left and went on to defame his character, both officially and unofficially.

– Fractured decided to add 32 hidden iframes in a single pixel that loaded a little over 4.3 MB of data from that third party’s website that I mentioned before every time someone opened the Emerald viewer. In total, an estimate based on the number of hits the third party received placed the bandwidth stolen at 2.1 TB, not including the bandwidth stolen from the users (which would also total up to 2.1 TB). This code was inserted into the actual page on their website that all Emerald clients load on startup, so all stable and beta versions of Emerald were affected. This turned the entire Emerald userbase into an unknowing botnet to carry out a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack on said third party’s server. It ultimately failed, which prompted Arabella to claim it was not a DDoS (because apparently, an attempted DDoS is not a DDoS in her eyes) and she released news articles stating such. Due to the nature of the DDoS, the server could have sent malware to the Emerald viewer if the webmaster desired, which was very possible since the Emerald devs claimed the website hosted malicious software. The Emerald devs, particularly Arabella, denounced the third party as malicious and a criminal, and refused to issue an apology for their attack. They still haven’t.

– Philip and Soft Linden begin discussing banning Emerald entirely from accessing the grid. The downside would be approximately 20% of Second Life users would be unable to connect to the grid, which may cause problems.

– Two more core Emerald devs left the team. Arabella claims to leave the team as well, however, she never officially does.

– Arabella continues posting to the Modular Systems blog, claiming it was done only by Fractured, and he was disciplined. She also starts up the story that it was only done to boast about Emerald traffic to the third party. Some Emerald users begin circulating the rumor that it was actually done to increase the third party’s website’s traffic, which is an even worse explanation. She also continues deleting comments on the Modular Systems blog that she deems as “negative”, i.e. they tell the truth. This was recorded on a YouTube video.

– Another YouTube video recording reveals that the entire Emerald dev team knew Fractured had been planning on adding the DDoS code, but did nothing to stop him until it was discovered. Arabella herself didn’t want to “scare the users”, so she made up the story about traffic.

– Yet another YouTube video recording shows Arabella debating whether or not to delete Pathfinder Linden’s comment (who is no longer a Linden due to the cuts). The comment asked some critical questions and she deemed it “negative”, but she decided to release (post) the comment and respond to it, confirming the jacked-up story she posted originally.

– Emerald is removed from the Third Party Viewer Directory. The Directory is a voluntary list of third-party viewers that conform to the TPV Policy. Emerald users (or perhaps the Emerald devs) began circulating the rumor that it was only removed to faciliate the change in ownership to Arabella, even though it was removed before that occured.

– Arabella is given ownership of the Emerald Viewer project from Fractured, who resigned from the project with a long blog post explaining how he was sorry for what had happened. Arabella continues to censor comments on this blog post as well.

– Arabella and Jessica (the project leader and support director, respectively) appear on’s live streaming show, Tonight Live with Paisley Beebe. Nothing important is really discussed, except for how Emerald will now be in Arabella’s pseudo-control and that it is being totally restructured for transparency between devs (supposedly) and a more democratic system for code changes. The interviewer, Paisley, asks no critical questions, instead opting for “what is going on?” and “how do you feel about this?”. Jessica read from a script most of the time and started to cry near the end of the program, and Arabella seemed angry and vengeful. She continued to beg for mindless faith from her customers. The IRC server was attacked three times by an Emerald supporter, who disconnected everyone not using a standalone IRC client 3 times during the program.

So, you see, the Emerald team – not just Fractured – has quite a colorful history, and Arabella is definitely not as trustworthy as she wants you to think she is. So please, to those of you that don’t know exactly what is going on, READ THE ABOVE.

82 Responses to “Nelson Jenkins: Why Would Anyone Trust These Emerald Guys?”

  1. Judge Joker

    Aug 29th, 2010

    @Jocelyn Pawpad

    Sweetie your not matching wits with anyone, your acting like a fuckwit plain and simple.

    Here’s the definition in case you don’t know what one is

    Who the fuck are you? there are people on here with a myriad of experience that you can’t ever hope to comprehend, and they know a DDoS is a DDoS it’s basic Internet 101.

    Stop posting, you add nothing to the conversation but a books worth of bollocks.

    Frankly I don’t think this blog should even support such a narrowly defined view such as yours, and I’m really surprised you’ve not been banned for such a stupid point of view with over the top delivery, but keep pushing there’s only so much free speech to the end of a rope.

    Your comments have only but one hope to derail and drown out a conversation with absolute gibberish, this was and is a productive and informative post until you decided defend a bunch of criminal sociopaths, out of your own ignorance and selfishness just to keep a fucking viewer with a few extra options that most other viewers have anyway.

    From what I see so far you lack even the basic comprehension of morality and logic, and that’s the only reason why people can’t be arsed arguing with you, not because you’ve won any online e-penis debate.

  2. Judge Joker

    Aug 29th, 2010

    These blatant and disgusting criminal sociopaths you so readily give your heart too will exploit you in a heart beat, We are the ones who stand up for you, but we except you can’t comprehend the LAW and rules such developers much abide by.

    It’s pretty sad based on what you keep going on about it must be all you dream about at night, we are so truly sorry for you being sucked into an idealized illusion of an 18yo sociopaths dream.

    And Sweetie don’t ever fucking use the I have things to do I’m busy line with us, we’re not fucking stupid it’s obvious you have nothing to do, as you post a books worth of bollocks as each comment.

    On the other hand I do have much to do that would and will benefit many residents, my projects and on going work is on hold because your fucking lover boy sociopaths have wasted my time and everyone elses time with this stupid mentality, not only this but they have damaged Second Life reputation more than most other issues as well as peoples monetary income.

    As well as putting into doubt my development of a client, due to possible policy changes that I might not be able to match up to because some poxy little shit wants to play e-war.

    If you want to match wits with someone I’m open for debate but I’m not starting over reading all your bullshit from point one and neither is anyone else with a brain.

  3. We

    Aug 29th, 2010

    From the interview with Jessica Lyon answering questions about Emerald:

    Jessica Lyon: It took the DDOS to fix—how can I word it right? Emkdu—emkdu got removed when you, when you were gone from the team.
    LordGregGreg Back: [Interposing] Yeah, but that’s just like Fractured being removed. It wasn’t—
    Jessica Lyon: [Interposing] And when the DDOS happened, we got rid of Fractured, and—
    LordGregGreg Back: —the only issue.

    Even Jessica Lyon knows it’s a DDoS, Jocelyn is the only one fervently trying to deny it, why exactly is that?

  4. doc

    Aug 29th, 2010

    oh, did they record the “after show party”?
    the questions and answers there where much more interesting than the show itself.

    one nice SLuser recorded it, you can see the four videos here:
    (i would post the direct links, but the spamprotection seems to block it).

    i love it, how they explain that LGGs blogpost was such a bad thing for the project.
    Wasnt it the actual incident itself?
    That shows to me that they still dont even have the slightest idea what transparecy is.

  5. Gaara Sandalwood

    Aug 29th, 2010

    “Hopefully in before “don’t trust what wikipedia says”…

    In the world of IT security, CERT are pretty well trusted. Let’s see what they say about it:

    A “denial-of-service” attack is characterized by an explicit attempt by attackers to prevent legitimate users of a service from using that service. Examples include

    * attempts to “flood” a network, thereby preventing legitimate network traffic
    * attempts to disrupt connections between two machines, thereby preventing access to a service
    * attempts to prevent a particular individual from accessing a service
    * attempts to disrupt service to a specific system or person

    (From )

    You may notice the word “attempts” in there. Intent is important, results are not.”

    I will say this now, I’ve known Strayn in-world for about a year now, and he’s one of the most sensible people(and not to brag, but also one of the most intellectual people)I have ever seen. As if that’s not enough, complete strangers to me are making more sense than Jolyn…..I mean, we get it. You like Emerald. You fucking love it, for that matter. I don’t mind that. But I just think you’re plain annoying, ’cause it’s almost like you think you can change opinions of others by making a few dozen thousand worded post about your own opinions.

    And Jolyn, when I said he’s intellectual, in a nutshell I’m saying he knows way more about these technical things than you do most likely.

  6. Mary Montana

    Aug 29th, 2010

    A lot of “games” do not even give you the player the option of using other viewers.
    What if SL went that route. “Use our viewer or dont access SL”.
    Phil mentioned that in his speech at SLCC the other week.
    In light of all this I’m sort of wishing they would. Then all these people can put their efforts into making one very nice viewer, not 200 that each have good points.
    LL would also have an easier time updating.
    Another little known fact is “Because a viewer is not on the Third Party list does NOT mean it is illegal to use to access SL.”
    If LL determines a Viewer illegal to use thay will block access to SL with it.
    People thrive on drama.
    You use what viewer you want. I’ll use the viewer I want. The end.
    Can’t we all just get along?

  7. General Drama

    Aug 29th, 2010

    Mary Montana,
    Just because a third party viewer may still be allowed by LL to access SL does not make it “legal” in an actual, by the law, sense. In fact, it is a federal offense to use software that is specifically coded to do the sort of abuses that Emerald has done (DDOS, most specifically, as well as identity and IP theft).
    That doesn’t mean the FBI is gonna bring the party van by your house any time soon, they’re a bit busy these days focusing on people that are a bit more violently minded, although the proposal by one EmDev to cross into Canada to steal the PC of Hazim and perhaps put a beat down on him does reach a level that they might be interested in investigating. It is LL’s network so they are the primary “victim”, so if they aren’t complaining then nothings going to be done. That LL isn’t doing anything about malicious viewers just demonstrates how the company doesn’t give a rats ass about its customers or their property, which shouldn’t be news to anybody here by now.

  8. Rob "N3X15" Nelson

    Aug 29th, 2010

    The DDoS was directed at Hazim’s website, not LL’s. Hazim would be the one who would file a report.

  9. Friend of all

    Aug 30th, 2010

    Emerald has committed to several crimes.Ph0x calling peoples houses, running DDos Attacks, Abusing Privacy Rights.

    Hazim already admitted, he is not reporting to the authorities that he got DDOS by them. Infact , he doesn’t care about a stupid apology. Hazim was the one who hacked into their servers and proved to everyone that they are up to no good.

  10. Jocelyn Pawpad

    Sep 6th, 2010

    Nice to see the e-freenises stopped waving, even if it took the better part of a day to do. Lets see if we can get them frantically spurting again, shall we?

    @ Rob 1337spekemiddlename Nelson

    - “Doesn’t matter. A DDoS is a DDoS”

    Which this plainly wasn’t. I’ve been told it doesn’t need a result, now you’re telling me intent doesn’t matter either. Pretty soon I imagine I shall be told you don’t need the ability to do it either. Sit down, Einstein.

    @ We
    - “Even Jessica Lyon knows it’s a DDoS, Jocelyn is the only one fervently trying to deny it, why exactly is that?”

    You mean like you fervently tried to disprove it over how many posts was it again? Calling for people to “shut me up and make me run” after I said I was taking a break from it for a while? You must really have something invested in making this erroneous accusation stick and I would be lying if I said it wasnt obvious.

    I’ll remind you again, this only became an issue because YOU and YOURS wanted to debate it, I was just as happy to say my piece against General Drama and let it die a natural. I understand that you have this all consuming hatred of Emerald and all who made it happen, or at least until it suits your purposes otherwise. Your backflip in attitude towards Jessica Lyons is noted. I am sure if I could be bothered to dig I would find a similar backflip with LordGregGreg, both being past Emerald devs, the very same group you were so keen to tar with Fractured’s brush.

    Ironically you have proven my original comments to him true beyond a shadow of a doubt. Just like Woodbury U, Emerald had one or two pains in the ass, but for the most part a talented bunch of people. People who faced the slander and barbs of a bunch of emo ratbags intent on destroying the whole to get at a few. Mob mentality is a wonderous thing, though I find it telling you lack the courage of your convictions to go into bat for yourself. Begging Rob Nelson to shut me up after I’ve told you to “expect me when you see me”, boy that’s rich.

    @ Judge Joker

    - “Sweetie your not matching wits with anyone, your acting like a fuckwit plain and simple.”

    Ahhh, abuse is it. Well I’d agree, but only because it appears I am matching wits with unarmed opponents for the most part. You yourself are a shining example of this.

    - “Frankly I don’t think this blog should even support such a narrowly defined view such as yours”

    Yet you also say “we are the ones who stand up for you”. Maybe you would like to tell me who the “fuckwit” in this arrangement is again? (Hint: the enraged purple faced ranting person in your spittle-flecked mirror is a good start to start looking).

    I don’t remember asking you or anyone else here to stand up for me and I will thank you to refrain from doing so in the future. I simply don’t trust anyone to speak for me, least of all the pious and bigoted rabble that have swarmed about me like flies on a honeypot to ad their grossly overpriced two cents worth. I get it – you have closed minds and a big mouths, yet strangely enough no compelling arguments to back your claims, only the say-so of your cheerleaders and one or two out-dated and unsupported documentation. Bravo. I will not hear you further. Try not to have a heart attack, and have a nice life.

    @ Gaara

    - “You may notice the word “attempts” in there. Intent is important, results are not.”

    Hmmm. I’m sure I heard someone a few posts back claim that intent *wasn’t* important

    - “I will say this now, I’ve known Strayn in-world for about a year now, and he’s one of the most sensible people(and not to brag, but also one of the most intellectual people)I have ever seen. As if that’s not enough, complete strangers to me are making more sense than Jolyn…..I mean, we get it. You like Emerald. You fucking love it, for that matter. I don’t mind that. But I just think you’re plain annoying, ’cause it’s almost like you think you can change opinions of others by making a few dozen thousand worded post about your own opinions.”

    Heads up – you came to me and got in my face. If you find me annoying, you’ve only yourself to blame.

    As for my attitude towards Emerald, I liked it, though I would’t exactly say I *loved* it. It remains the sole client by which I could access SL. Thankfully it continues in a rebadged form, though it remains to be seen if the outright unreasonable hatred expressed by elements of the rank and file here will die a natural death along with the name. I have my doubts: I’ve dealt with angry mobs before.

    - “And Jolyn, when I said he’s intellectual, in a nutshell I’m saying he knows way more about these technical things than you do most likely.”

    But you’re not prepared to say for sure? Now that I have caught your “most likely” caveat, might it be reasonably to expect a kneejerk retraction from your quarter and an unqualified accusation that freind Strayn’s voluminous knowledge of thirteen year old superceded nomenclature trumps my first hand experience?

    You are a fool if you try. I put it to you that when complete strangers are making more sense than the person you are your point against, chances are its because the complete strangers grunts and gurgles or approvale are more in keeping with your level of intellect than the finely honed and comprehensive series of rebuttals I’ve offered in the hopes you or anyone else here with an axe to grind might state and satisfactorily substantiate your case. Not to your fanboys, but to Me. Or is it that you just felt like mouthing off when I made my comment to General Drama? I can understand that if its truly the case, though it does rather devalue the entire proposition the dozen or so of you thought to waste my time with over the few days I ran rings about you all.

    *Yawn*. I have a marriage to prepare for. Something in-world with people who are more invested with their roleplays than tearing down clients and businesses. See you after the honeymoon… maybe.

  11. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 6th, 2010

    @ Jocelyn Pawpad

    Oh, god, it lives!!

  12. Jocelyn Pawpad

    Sep 6th, 2010

    Later, hater.


  13. Lestat

    Sep 6th, 2010

    omg stop whining they rebadged “emerald” and are about to release it as ‘phoenix’ with the same lame emkdu which means nothing has really changed so get over it :P

  14. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 6th, 2010

    @ Lestat

    They already released it and it doesn’t use emkdu. The devs are actually reputable, too. I still don’t use it, though.

  15. Lestat

    Sep 6th, 2010

    lol seriously? i really suggest u look at the dev teams names cuz all the same bunch is in there with jessica heading it
    i suggest u scan down the list of authors @

  16. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 6th, 2010

    @ Lestat

    I only see one red flag (Phox imported LLsharedlibs or something), but maybe I just need my coffee or something. Again, this is why I still don’t use it, because they could pull another stunt.

  17. Jocelyn Pawpad

    Sep 6th, 2010

    Lestat, stop whining about whut people choose to talk about on here. If its that much of an issue for you, smash open your piggybank and go buy a mouse with scroll wheel you prissy little pompom waver!

  18. Bubblesort

    Sep 6th, 2010

    @ Nelson: Nothing in that dev team list looks reputable to me. They are all from Emerald.

  19. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 6th, 2010

    @ Bubblesort

    The entire Emerald team wasn’t malicious.

  20. Bubblesort

    Sep 7th, 2010

    @ Nelson:

    How am I supposed to know who was good and who was bad? I’m not really all that interested in sorting through that drama and taking sides when there are other viewers out there that are better. It makes my life more simple and secure if I just avoid all emerald devs.

  21. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 7th, 2010

    @ Bubblesort

    Up to you. All I know is that the drama-inducing Emerald devs are not part of the Phoenix dev team (besides, in part, Jessica, but she was more or less forced into it).

  22. General Drama

    Sep 7th, 2010

    Sure, Nelson, now lets see Phoenix’ devteam release their RL identities. I don’t give a shit if LL knows who they are, i’m not gonna spend the money to sue LL for their identities if it turns out these guys on Phoenix are liable for something, therefore I won’t use Phoenix due to its adverse risk posture. And nobody else should, either.

  23. Friend of all

    Sep 7th, 2010

    @Nelson Jenkins

    Jay is working on Phoenix but on an alt.

  24. Danziel Lane

    Sep 7th, 2010

    @GD: “Sure, Nelson, now lets see Phoenix’ devteam release their RL identities.”

    As a first example, Dimentox joined the Phoenix dev team and we know his RL identity. And this is a big difference to the Eme-Team, who were all hidden.
    Now, as there is one well known dev in the team, the others can’t act as the Eme team did.

  25. Melisse

    Sep 7th, 2010

    Good morning,

    maybe I just need my coffee, but I have heard from two sources that Phox aka Lonely Bluebird is also involved in the Phoenix-Project.
    Yesterday someone was praising about the new Viewer Phoenix and copied from some pages some information and sent it to me in SL. She also has sent me the staff-list, where I have seen also the name _Phox inside. This morning I was just thinking: I have to recheck this.. so I got on their Homepage, but there was no _Phox listed yet. (I will adress the person who has given me the list name this afternoon and ask for the source of her staff-list). But now Lestat has postet a link, in which various *.cmake – files are listed, which are used in Phoenix. One of these *.cmake-files is made by Phox. So now my big question here for the moment: Is Phox aka Lonely Bluebird involved there? Could it be that the staff is trying to keep some secrets?

    Plus (additional bonus): How can we be sure that e.g. Fractured Crystal isn’t also in the staff with just another staff name? In the internet you can change and ditch names so easily.

  26. Bubblesort

    Sep 7th, 2010

    Phox only submitted a cmake file because he knows LL won’t accept any viewer he’s touched the code on. He did it on purpose to fuck over Jessica’s fork.

    Either way, I don’t care if phox or jessica is the “victim” here. Just ignore it, and hope that LL will actually go through with their threat to ban emerald and the emerald dev team, because until LL does, modular systems has successfully called LL’s bluff. That means LL is no longer calling the shots, MS is.

    Why is this bad? Say what you want about LL, they are not malicious like MS is. LL is incompetent, sure, but MS is mean.

  27. Scree Raymaker

    Sep 7th, 2010

    Phox is listed because Phoenix is a fork of Emerald. The last addition to the code by Phox was 8 days ago, before the developer infighting started and before Phoenix was created.

    Also, LordGregGreg’s source code updates list his real name:

  28. Slayer

    Sep 7th, 2010

    @Jocelyn Pawpad Damn did someone wake up on the rag this morning?

    I am not the slightest bit surprised about phoenix being emerald with a new wrapper. These clowns lied once. So why should anyone believe anything that falls out of the side of their neck?

    I tell you what, after seeing the emerald people get away with what they have done and Linden Labs doing little or nothing about it. I should become a griefer, crash sims, copybot everything in sight. After all, Linden Labs will not do a damn thing about it.
    Wait until the kiddies join the grid at the end of the year and start griefing. I hope everyone has fun because you know damn well Linden Labs will do nothing about it.

    To quote Blondin Linden on how will the kiddies act ” like the movie Lord of the flies.” I still picture the mob of kids chasing another kid across a burning island.

    ” Lord of the flies.” that is a bright future for Second Life.

  29. Judge Joker

    Sep 7th, 2010


    Well if Second Life is going out in style, what better Client to bring that to the table than the one due after Phoenix called “Firestorm”, It makes you wonder if it’s all been planed out or just a case of stupid branding.

    Either way this will evidently give these kids a raging ‘H’on for bouncy boobs & other fetishes that fan girls like Jocelyn Pawpad & Noor Loam casually bring into the mainstream as a reason that Linden Labs should never enforce legal and moral laws, or it might just upset their next sexual fix.

    Also a reminder Noor, is your profile PG friendly? Lindens might take offense to such a profanity laden, sensationalistic bitchy profile that 16yos aren’t meant to encounter.

    Expect a lot more abuse reports heading your way Linden Labs, from shocked and horrified teenagers who are forced to use Firestorm due to Jocelyn Pawpad fan girls(!boys) & a lack of sl2 interest & support.

  30. Judge Joker

    Sep 7th, 2010

    @Jocelyn Pawpad

    Emerald to be Blocked, circumventing blocking to access Second Life with a banned Viewer is a violation of the Policy on Third Party Viewers and may result in the loss of one’s account.

    Guess you won’t be a problem for us anymore, if your not capable or able to get into a life raft.

  31. Strayn Janus

    Sep 12th, 2010


    I generally skip your tl;dr rants (and let’s face it, that’s what they seem to be largely), but I was searching through for another reference to myself and happened upon your questioning of my credentials, therefore I feel somewhat obliged to reply (and in less than 2000 words, aren’t you lucky!)

    I have been involved in the IT security field pretty much since there *was* an IT security field. I was involved in securing links to the internet back in the early 90s if that helps give you a timeframe.

    From my knowledge of Gaara, he chooses his words roughly as carefully as I do. His “most likely” simply meant to imply that that is the impression he has of me – and inSL ™ that’s really all we have.

    As regards “superceded” nomenclature, have the word “the”, “it” and “computer” been superceded”? They have not, mostly because they define accurately the item in question. And if you’d bothered to check the source properly, you’d have noticed that the page was last updated 9 years ago rather than 13, and they didn’t see fit to revise history at that point either


  32. Strayn Janus

    Sep 12th, 2010

    Further @ Jocelyn:

    > Now that I have caught your “most likely” caveat, might it be reasonably to expect a kneejerk retraction from your quarter and an unqualified accusation that freind Strayn’s voluminous knowledge of thirteen year old superceded nomenclature trumps my first hand experience?

    Would you care to elaborate on this “first hand experience” for us. I’d hope it would allow us a better insight into whether we should so readily dismiss your views (or possibly not, should it turn out to be mere posturing). I know I would like to know how much more experience you have than I do – you could, should the circumstances be right, prove to be an invaluable contact.

    However, returning to the issue in hand, should 2001 not be recent enough for you, the following law is referenced from wikipedia with particular reference to the territory in which I currently reside: Police and Justice Act 2006 ( which makes it a crime where I live to purposefully apply my computing resources “to impair the operation of any computer”. I’d say that what was done, regardless of semantics, falls under this heading. Let’s just hope he never tries to vacation over here, eh?

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