Yiff This Second Life Machinima!

by Pixeleen Mistral on 07/08/10 at 10:30 pm

Touching tales of furry love

yiff this again

Second Life players’ creativity and core demographic are showcased at the not-safe-for-work www.yiffthis.com site, where romance among gay anthropomorphic woodland avatars is lovingly documented in surprisingly well produced films, complete with money shots featuring the finest in scripted prim dongs.

hot tub
frisky Husky in the hot tub

Enticing titles such as "Naughty Bunny Punishment", "Pleasures of the paw", "Wolf on Wolf", "Sultry Sergals" and the Herald office favorite "Therion x Crux", suggest there is sure to be something for nearly every fursona on the grid.

romantic glances

Will Second Life Community Convention attendees – inspired by YiffThis proprietor Cresil the Wolf’s artistic vision – flock to the SLCC conference hotel’s hot tub next weekend? We can only speculate, but the sort of virtual romance pictured here may give the few remaining Linden staff some ideas.

a kiss is only the beginning in "Husky Houseguest"

Perhaps Philip Linden can take some inspiration from the actors as he prepares a new look for his dated avatar.

tatooed husky
tatooed husky – a new look for Philip Linden?

But not every film takes place in the exclusive, luxurious settings of "Husky Houseguest". Some impoverished furs are forced to live in Ravenglass less than pleasant places.

The gritty side of the metaverse is explored in "Therion x Crux", when a degenerate crux is caught fapping in the basement by a therion wandering the mean streets of Second Life.

degenerate crux
degenerate crux caught watching fur porn machinima in the basement

New media critics are sure to enjoy the witty, subversive symbolism of the film as it implies a stereotypical basement-dwelling player is running a basement-dwelling avatar with nothing better to do than watch toon porn on a virtual laptop in Second Life.

This ironic/symbolic gesture is over all too soon, as the narrative quickly moves on to a wild inter-species yiffying session highlighting the sort of crowd pleasing content users love to generate. But with a wink and a nudge the director makes his point, before moving on to the serious therion x crux action. Second Life just doesn’t get any better than this.

shut up – I’m going to show you what you get for fapping with your door open like that

73 Responses to “Yiff This Second Life Machinima!”

  1. General Drama

    Aug 15th, 2010

    Trying to change the subject doesn’t help you. The Goreans are all sick perverts too, in a different way.

    I can count on less than one hand the number of furry’s I’ve known in all my years in SL who weren’t yiffing perverts, and those few were typically creative types who played being furry because it was expected of creative types to be furfags and the furry mafia was the inside line to LL.

    As anybody knows, the CSI:NY episodes on SL didn’t represent SL at all, but the CSI episode on furrys was spot-on.

    You mean Snowmew isn’t the most intelligent fur on the grid? He will certainly tell you so…

  2. SlShapeshifter

    Aug 15th, 2010

    @Drama: Here’s a surefire test to see which is more sex-crazed…
    You’ve ever seen a FURRY freenis? There isn’t any.

    Human freenisis abound.

    What does that tell ya?

  3. Slayer

    Aug 15th, 2010

    Have I seen a Furry Freenis? No but I have not been looking. I am sure that they have them. I have had to eject a few furries who were running around with a human one grossing out people in the club wanting to yiff.

    I wonder how this will work with minors being allowed to log onto the main grid now. Some child logging into SL for the first time with an over sexed furry yiffing his/her leg while they rezz .They remind me of some sex crazed Chihuahua yiffing everything in sight.

  4. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 15th, 2010

    @ General Drama

    I would find that a lot funnier if I wasn’t sick and tired of the retards asking me if I’m a stressed snowmew,

    I’m not the best scripter I know, but damnit, the people I get to deal with every day sure make it seem like I am.

    @ SlShapeshifter

    There is a furry freenis (I think it’s a canine one), not scripted nor attached and positioned correctly. More like a model. I use it often to gross out people having sex in sims I run (mainly because they’re not adult sims and we explicitly prohibit it) by rezzing them so they’re deep in the guy’s ass or something. I love ruining the moment before sending them flying back to a welcome hub with a boner.

  5. Axel Oakleaf

    Aug 15th, 2010

    Of course one thing i would like see come to Second Life would be a equal rights antidiscrimination policy,because at many places you aren’t allowed if you’re a Furry. IRL,if someone tried that to someone of a different race or skin color they would have their asses sued.

  6. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 15th, 2010

    @ Axel Oakleaf

    There is the Intolerance community standard (which, rather ironically, I’ve been suspended for several times for talking about – get this – period blood and PMSing) but it doesn’t cover that sort of thing unless they say “gtfo furfag go fuck a dog or something” while they’re kicking you out.

  7. Kiddoh

    Aug 15th, 2010

    @ Axel: Furries aren’t a race and they aren’t a real species. Generally the reason racism was a big issue was due to the fact you can’t change your race IRL and discrimination was brought upon people who could not change what they’re born with.

  8. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 15th, 2010

    @ Kiddoh

    The legal term for what discrimination covers is “protected class”, i.e. you can’t change your race, sex, gender, sexual orientation, etc. IRL but you can change your avatar, so there is no “protected class” in terms of Second Life avatars.

    That’s why there was that whole recent debate over the legality of feminist clubs and such restricting male avatars as opposed to male account holders.

    That means that, yes, racists can prohibit black avatars, feminists can prohibit male avatars, jesus freaks can prohibit gay avatars, and /b/tards can prohibit furry avatars. As long as they do it in a relatively respectful manner, of course.

  9. General Drama

    Aug 17th, 2010

    Michael Jackson became white,
    half the furry community are transsexuals in various stages of “transformation”
    and yeah, to the Governance Team, being a black avatar makes you guilty of griefing until proven otherwise. Esp to Harry and Plexus, black avie = PN.

  10. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 17th, 2010

    Michael Jackson was a freak,
    I only know 3 furs that are virtual transsexuals, 1 of which is actually a transsexual and 1 of which is considering becoming one,
    and yeah, the Governance Team does not exist anymore, even though everyone does agree that having a black avatar with an afro is guilty of griefing until proven otherwise. Again, nobody gives a shit about avatar discrimination unless it’s in a derogatory manner.

  11. General Drama

    Aug 17th, 2010

    Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, Nelson, do you think that LL would keep a complete asshat like Harry Linden employed, and even pay for him to move from Brighton, England to San Francisco, if there were not some sort of sekrit service skullduggery they needed doing? Jack likes him for his dirty work cause he is such a misanthrope that he is immune to all the social lovey dovey bullshit that goes on with the rest of the LL “family”.

  12. Sakura

    Aug 21st, 2010

    Trolls are just jealous of us, we have more creativity on SL, Furry avatars bring in more L. Also, just so you know, just because you saw the CSI episode, doesn’t mean you know anything about us. So have fun with your misery.

  13. Wolf-Girl

    Sep 11th, 2010

    No one must be separated
    Furry’s are just human only in a Animal suite, i think that even in SL its ridiculous that in so places Furry’s are Banned D:
    I rather say then Let everyone in or no one :S

  14. David

    Jan 3rd, 2011

    is there a link to this. i have tried finding a link but have not been successful

    i would like to get on this site

  15. Dburch

    Feb 26th, 2011

    sigh…why did cresil shutdown yiffthis, i mean god…..well, hopefully the domain will be bought and another site put in :(

  16. Axel Oakleaf

    Feb 26th, 2011


    This,i know too some forums on the internet will ban you if you bring it to their attention that you’re a furry. And some will start shit with you like calling you a freakazoid and saying stuff like “kill furries” yet it’s us who get in trouble,when it’s them who should get in trouble.

  17. Hg Beeks

    Feb 26th, 2011

    Shut up, I’m going to show you what you get for usin’ Comic Sans with your door open like that.

  18. Dburch

    Feb 27th, 2011

    hey guys, this will be good news for some furries, and another thing to troll about. im going to start a site simular to yiffthis.com!
    it should be up in a couple weeks.


    we’ll need volunteers ^_^

  19. Grim1

    Mar 4th, 2011

    i’m gonna join second life whenever i manage to get my own laptop lol. furry rocks. and I’ll join yiffthis.webs.com . i’ve got some experience with webs myself (I’m a Ps3 CoD clan leader and my site is through webs). so i’ll help however i can

  20. robert

    Apr 28th, 2011

    it totaly sucks that yiffthis has closed down, i have found a site with all the videos but they do not have the song names, if anyone has the song names featured in the videos please tell me.

  21. anon

    May 8th, 2012

    ..first.. let me be the first on behalf of everyone to apologize for some people trying to make yiff all about gey and the huge testicles and all that, tasteless and bland and gross. seriously. and an apology for tons and tons of gey yiff pics flooding the net, year after year after Year spreading the wrong message, giving the wrong impression and bringing on the cheerful name of ”furfags” onto everybody. gey yiff is gross. dick girls are gross. thats not yiff. thats not anime. thats not art. and its not apart of furry. the ”beloved” title is THEIRS and not the rest of us who never wanted anything to do with that other nauseating and shameful stuff that has given furry a bad name for much MUCH too long. you do know that poop comes from the behind dont you. you do know that cancer and other dangerous things are in there dont you. after years and years of huge disgusting weiners and non-furry abominations shaking their behinds letting everyone know that they want it so far up there that their eyes will light up like rockets on fire,despite the fact that the same gey furry subject is flat out boring besides.. apparently not.this has been a message from real yiffs to everyone who thinks we actually like that prison fug stuff.

  22. Mick

    Jun 9th, 2012

    I build, explore, compete, do battle, yiff, mod, and more in SL, and I have noticed over the years that many griefers have human avatars or cartoony aviz with oversized heads, flashing capes, and strange AO’s. The majority of the griefers I have encountered were humans and their accounts were less than four months old. Somewhere around the six month age range, the griefing becomes less appealing to some people, and they begin to progress with curiosity. As a furball in SL, I have been griefed many times by non-furball types, usually in sandboxes. This is why I try to stay in adult sims. They act as a “maturity filter” for the brains of their inhabitants, although I cannot say that adult sims are free from problems either. I have been kicked and banned from a certain club in SL for merely showing up there, even thought I was invited. No matter what platform or what form you take, people will still be people. I would suggest going for what you enjoy and not wasting your time with the rest. There is no limit of how you can mod a furry avatar. ^,..,^

  23. anon

    Jun 30th, 2012


    thats all fine and well and everything…

    however that huge testicle stuff has been so pushed and shoved into the furry realm that quite understandably-
    it gave furry a bad name. what it did was ruin our image. i know that its important to just let people be people. but the way this stuff is jammed in everyones face and warping things- is not, at all, cool!!

    yes! there are limits! thats the way things were made! you can fly into the sky with a airplane machine but you go any further and youl be in space! you can dive a pretty good distance with our creppy diving sub marine technology but youl be crushed much further than before skys the limit and god forbid you increase the tech higher and go deeper because sooner or later youl meet the kraken or some other monstrosity who thinks about lunch all the time.

    if you get glands grown that big your very sick! bubonic plague gives you oversized pituary glands. you think that looks or feels attractive?
    jesus man come on! it was wrong then to publicize stuff like that in relation to furry just as the anal stuff in porn and its wrong-and messed up now! its one of the biggest reasons furry has degraded-

    and YES. it has ,because lots of creators have just up and QUIT.
    wanna know why?<< think theyd tell you because they got bored??
    i dont waste my time with the rest. thats been one of my biggest failures. and its because i dont bother with the rest that i have to get some horrible gey furry..SHOVED, right in my face right??
    its because not enough people ''waste time'' with the rest that everythings been messed up the way it is, the giant testicle thing ON GIRLS for crists sake only a fraction of this ridiculous problem.

    someone needs to say something on this very silent playing field where the crowds are hushed up by that very same 'logic' you profess is what we need to keep doing. think.
    THINK, and then SPEAK right after. thats the only way things can be bettered.

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