Philip Linden’s Shocking New Avatar

by Pixeleen Mistral on 16/10/10 at 10:01 pm

A character from the Blue Oyster bar more interested in playtime than business?

Shocked players across the grid struggled to come to terms with game god Philip Linden’s new look reacting with disbelief, facepalms, and sqeee shrieks. Informed of Philip’s new style, performance artist Vaneeesa Blaylock said, "wow – out of all his SLCC promises… one actually came true! :P "

Philip poses
Philip poses before heading to the biker bar

A sample of the Second Life resident reactions:

  • saucy!
  • Damn, he’s married
  • Honestly? Looks like a character from the Blue Oyster bar of Police Academy fame.
  • I thought the skull and the doo were much improved
  • he’s too fat
  • I think he’s too slim not too fat. That’s not a male waistline.
  • I’m impressed that the artist managed to retain the original feel, in a more real look. That was well done
  • doesnt look SL-like, needs to have a skinner waist and bigger chest and biceps
  • yeah really well done
  • perhaps replace the psycadelic shorts, they might be sending the right impression
  • It’s ok. I like his old look better though.
  • the new avatar for philip looks like he will rape you tenderly
  • looks like a pimp. His former avatar looked more harmless actually.
  • is this SL or is it Queer Eye? Someone needs to give this to Fred Phelps. he looks like someone you’d meet at a gay biker bar … not that I would know … first hand    >.>
  • I’m surprised. Phillip doesn’t look like shit now. He just has a corrupt crotch texture
Philip before and after
acting game god’s before and after mug shots

I contacted Tenshi Vielle for a fashionista’s take on the look – and what message it sends.

Tenshi Vielle: my first question was whether or not he’d actually employ the new look (it’s taken this long?)
Tenshi Vielle: my second question is, if LL wanted a completely unique look from a creator, they should have said so… Abyss makes hair, skins, the works.
Tenshi Vielle: And my last comment is, at least it’s someone I recognize vaguely winning this time. Sometimes I wonder if the contest winners are Linden alts.

Pixeleen Mistral: what sort of message or style is the new avatar conveying?
Tenshi Vielle: Well, for one, Philip is more interested in playtime than business.
Tenshi Vielle: Two, they’re obviously looking to show off what the residents have done on their platform, how we’ve made it look
Tenshi Vielle: Which really amuses me… creators, while they make a bit of cash, are really just working for free for LL… advertising wise.
Tenshi Vielle: I mean, when did LL ever really give content creators the backing they need versus content theft or things of that nature?
Tenshi Vielle: They tried the brown bag meetings, and I have yet to see anything that really helps protect creators come out of those
Tenshi Vielle: Creators are still being ignored when they have a theft issue
Tenshi Vielle shrugs

Pixeleen Mistral: LL is not staffed to deal with the content theft issue
Tenshi Vielle: No, but they could do a little better.

There is a flickr photo collection here for those who want to see what might have been.

72 Responses to “Philip Linden’s Shocking New Avatar”

  1. Sophia

    Oct 20th, 2010

    Sorry about the abrupt ending on my last comment my kitten stepped on my keyboard.

    Anyway there’s more to life than Second life but while it’s still here I’ll hang in there I guess.

    Um and for Philips Avatar It’s a good laugh. Their all funny. Just enjoy your experience.

  2. Pappy Enoch

    Oct 20th, 2010

    @Sophia, I are rite sorry you done spent all your poor money in a fake world. Shoulda spent it on that-there cat. Cat would be happier, too.

    I ain’t spent a dang thing in SL beyond 250L for a good fake shotgun and 100L for a “it do run, looks ruff” pickemup truck. I done borrowed all that other cash I burned thru tipping strippers an’ other fake gals.

    Now I ain’t got to pay that back cause the fake world am gonna end rite soon.

    Hell, I done had more fun as a ol’ Hillbilly fat man than any o’ them 10,000 fashionistas, Gor-Boy Masters, and Fuzzy-Wuzz Furries.

    Moral o’ this story: Be a fake hillbilly an’ keep yo’ money!

  3. W

    Oct 21st, 2010

    Wow, since when are we even supposed to care about the linden’s appearance? Good at least he doesn’t look like a noob anymore like most lindens do so who cares.

  4. Yep

    Oct 23rd, 2010

    “I would like at least my inventory please? And not have to pay another fee for it. I already paid.”

    After having things that I bought deleted, I decided to try one of the funny viewers and made tga and xml back ups on my HD and on a flash stick of the things that I bought and would like to keep.

    I bought it so it is mine. Besides most of it is pre april TOS update inventory. You don’t sell me something then change the rules after the fact.
    No wonder Phillip Linden went home, look at what SL has become.

  5. Eurydice

    Oct 23rd, 2010

    Isn’t the Rocky Horror mouth motif – assuming that’s what it is – subject to copyright?


    He looks like a sweet transvestite run amok with a bedazzler…

  6. Marx Dudek

    Oct 23rd, 2010

    Too bad we’ll never actually see it in world.


  7. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 24th, 2010

    @ Yep

    In a purely technical sense, you are purchasing a license to use the content in question. You don’t “own” anything. In fact, the Lab “owns” everything you and everyone else creates, as the data is physically their property, but they allow you to have full licensing rights. By bypassing permissions to download files to your computer, you are stealing the data because you were not given the license to do so. But I guess I’m speaking to a wall here.

  8. Kinoko

    Oct 25th, 2010

    Yes I understand this, and what this means is since your uploading all Data on linden Lab servers, if I copybot the entire grid, rip of 100 thousand creators they can’t sue me, because I am not illegally copying anything im using what they stored on Linden Lab servers. In a court or Law it would not technically be illegal unless I saved it to my computer and transfered it across servers which I would then be violating copyrights, but using asset keys to access info on LL servers is not proof enough for a court, and the most that can happen to any person is a ban from Second Life which they can come right back again anyways.

    This means that any legal actions would have to be done by Linden Lab.

    Either way I find it really sad that people have to ruin SL with these ways. I mean I have spent thousands in Tier, and over $2000 USD in purchases mostly clothing a few huds, weapons, Roleplay Systems, and if LL shuts down I loose it all );.

  9. Kinoko

    Oct 25th, 2010

    Also I forgot to post one problem to this.

    When I pay a creator $20 for a Skin for example. I am paying for rights for that license to use it in Second Life owned by Linden Lab.

    However what happens if SL closes down, won’t I loose my License I paid for legally? I think this is another thing people are really concerned about.

  10. had enough

    Oct 25th, 2010

    @Kinoko and Nelson

    Fuck that!! if you pay RL dollars for something, you had better be able to keep it. ( Pardon the french) This whole license B.S. is nothing but shit. If you pay RL dollars (or what ever it is called in your country), it is yours and some chump change ass bite who decides to change the rules along the way can go take a flying leap off that short dock.
    ” you are stealing the data because you were not given the license to do so.” and if your little butthead role model at linden labs decides to delete it or go tit’s up, what are you left with when your hard earned money is deleted?
    *smacks nelson on the forehead with his knuckles as if she were knocking on the door*

    ” You are left with nothing you dumbass!”

  11. Yep

    Oct 25th, 2010


    “*smacks nelson on the forehead with his knuckles as if she were knocking on the door* ”

    LOL as in ” Hello Mcfly?”

    I know this is real life money that we are talking about, not golden tokens that we fought a dragon for.

    If you paid for it with real life money, that copy is yours, regardless of whatever some change every other day TOS says.

  12. anonymoose

    Oct 25th, 2010

    @ had enough & yep
    That is why you DO NOT I repeat, *DO NOT* pay any real money for shit ingame stuff you do not own. It’s not rocket science.

    It’s like that retarded furry game, where you have to pay 30 bucks or something (us dollars) just so your crappy 2d avatar can look like a crappy dragon sprite. And people actually pay for that shit, I kid you not. retarded? yes. So is putting any real money in SL.

  13. Pappy Enoch

    Oct 25th, 2010

    “I mean I have spent thousands in Tier, and over $2000 USD in purchases . . . .if LL shuts down I loose it all”

    I done spent me better’n $6US in SL. Where are my investment now if’n them damn monkeys flies off? Oh boo hoo there goes a whole pint o’ store liquor.

  14. IntLibber Brautigan

    Oct 26th, 2010

    Kinoko & Had Enough,
    I direct you to

    If you have lost property of any kind to the actions of Linden Lab, their employees, or even their inactions (failure to enforce your rights under their original TOS), you are a potential claimant in this class action. The case is proceeding as expected. LL’s weak attempts to have the case dismissed or moved to California and out of Judge Robreno’s jurisdiction likely will fail (hence why Marty Linden has been fired from LL, his win/loss record for the company was abysmal).

    Judge Robreno of course was the judge who ruled in favor of Marc Bragg’ in stating that LL’s TOS was “legally reprehensible”. I am fully expecting Judge Robreno to rule in favor of the idea that SL is a company owned community and under Marsh vs Alabama, our Constitutional rights to property, to free expression, to protection against search and siezure without due process, etc etc remain sacrosanct. Whether he goes further and rules that our avatars are artificial persons akin to the Citizens United ruling that corporations are artificial persons with constitutional rights to free speech, remains to be seen.

    However, I encourage anyone who has been wronged by Linden Lab to fill out the questionnaire at the website I gave above to establish your standing. Filling out the questionnaire does not obligate you to accept any award or ruling in this case as applying to you unless you agree to that later.

  15. Little Lost Linden

    Oct 26th, 2010

    I haven’t purchased much of anything in SL, however, I was seriously considering the purchase of a yak:

    I just hope it is a good deal. I’m still on the fence as to whether I should purchase it or not.

    If anyone else has any yak experience, please post your findings. thank you

  16. Samantha

    Oct 26th, 2010

    That’s a good one, IntLibber. In particular, download the motion to dismiss by Linden Lab and start reading at page 12. It should put Intlibber and everything he stands for into sharp focus.

  17. had enough

    Oct 26th, 2010

    LMAO at the dirt the Linden lawyers added to that about the griefing, things said and so forth. It is a good thing he wasn’t one of those bondage rapist child molester fruit cakes from the RP sims. One of those nut cases RP posts being read by the judge would have the case thrown out the the court and the fruitloop sent off to see a head shrink.

  18. Samantha

    Oct 26th, 2010

    Oh, I think it’s easily already there, “Had Enough”. On the basis of that, the suit is ludicrous. “Griefer sues service” has already been done, and the court found for the service. Look up Estavillo v Sony – the final decision was that since the service does not function as a government but as a company selling a product, that any complaints such as the ones made in the were void.

    Add to that that the court can’t use Bragg v Linden Lab as guidance because it never produced a ruling (Bragg settled), and the case is a lost cause. If they’re fighting a change of venue because they’re so broke they can’t afford it moving from Pennsylvania to California, they’re already out of options moving forwards and the case is dead.

    In fact, I’d be surprised if Linden Lab doesn’t counter-sue for abusing the legal system on such a preposterous claim as this one. I work as a legal aid, and though I’m not a lawyer myself I can see the flaws in this clearly.

  19. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 27th, 2010

    You agreed to the TOS. It is a legal contract. It says you’re buying a license. If you can’t live with that, then don’t waste your money on SL in the first place. I’ve never paid a dime to SL (except having to pay $25 to get my Lindex limits raised, which I just withdrew back out later). If you’re paying them money to play SL, then you need your brain inspected.

  20. Dr Fell

    Oct 31st, 2010

    seriously? whats the big deal. now he doesnt look like a total newb. you think the founder of linden labs would look good and not like a total noob. personally i think the look still needs work. but why all the hate? get a life people. you all should be worried about how he is running second life (i.e. not running) not about his looks.

    i hope microsoft buys out linden labs and fires everyone on staff.

  21. Shelby

    Nov 5th, 2010

    /me snickers… phillip looks like hyde from that 70′s show!

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