Philip Linden’s Shocking New Avatar

by Pixeleen Mistral on 16/10/10 at 10:01 pm

A character from the Blue Oyster bar more interested in playtime than business?

Shocked players across the grid struggled to come to terms with game god Philip Linden’s new look reacting with disbelief, facepalms, and sqeee shrieks. Informed of Philip’s new style, performance artist Vaneeesa Blaylock said, "wow – out of all his SLCC promises… one actually came true! :P "

Philip poses
Philip poses before heading to the biker bar

A sample of the Second Life resident reactions:

  • saucy!
  • Damn, he’s married
  • Honestly? Looks like a character from the Blue Oyster bar of Police Academy fame.
  • I thought the skull and the doo were much improved
  • he’s too fat
  • I think he’s too slim not too fat. That’s not a male waistline.
  • I’m impressed that the artist managed to retain the original feel, in a more real look. That was well done
  • doesnt look SL-like, needs to have a skinner waist and bigger chest and biceps
  • yeah really well done
  • perhaps replace the psycadelic shorts, they might be sending the right impression
  • It’s ok. I like his old look better though.
  • the new avatar for philip looks like he will rape you tenderly
  • looks like a pimp. His former avatar looked more harmless actually.
  • is this SL or is it Queer Eye? Someone needs to give this to Fred Phelps. he looks like someone you’d meet at a gay biker bar … not that I would know … first hand    >.>
  • I’m surprised. Phillip doesn’t look like shit now. He just has a corrupt crotch texture
Philip before and after
acting game god’s before and after mug shots

I contacted Tenshi Vielle for a fashionista’s take on the look – and what message it sends.

Tenshi Vielle: my first question was whether or not he’d actually employ the new look (it’s taken this long?)
Tenshi Vielle: my second question is, if LL wanted a completely unique look from a creator, they should have said so… Abyss makes hair, skins, the works.
Tenshi Vielle: And my last comment is, at least it’s someone I recognize vaguely winning this time. Sometimes I wonder if the contest winners are Linden alts.

Pixeleen Mistral: what sort of message or style is the new avatar conveying?
Tenshi Vielle: Well, for one, Philip is more interested in playtime than business.
Tenshi Vielle: Two, they’re obviously looking to show off what the residents have done on their platform, how we’ve made it look
Tenshi Vielle: Which really amuses me… creators, while they make a bit of cash, are really just working for free for LL… advertising wise.
Tenshi Vielle: I mean, when did LL ever really give content creators the backing they need versus content theft or things of that nature?
Tenshi Vielle: They tried the brown bag meetings, and I have yet to see anything that really helps protect creators come out of those
Tenshi Vielle: Creators are still being ignored when they have a theft issue
Tenshi Vielle shrugs

Pixeleen Mistral: LL is not staffed to deal with the content theft issue
Tenshi Vielle: No, but they could do a little better.

There is a flickr photo collection here for those who want to see what might have been.

72 Responses to “Philip Linden’s Shocking New Avatar”

  1. Alvi

    Oct 16th, 2010

    I find it a bit scary, not so sure yet about it, now he’s not special anymore :(

  2. L.Knoller

    Oct 16th, 2010

    It is a sad commentary on just how fast, easy and fun SL is when Philip Linden can’t even be bothered to go and try to shop for his own “new look”. God forbid he’d have to suffer like the rest of us shrubs have for years.

  3. Senban Babii

    Oct 16th, 2010

    Who’s Philip Linden? Is he new? Does he have a bear yet? I shall send him a PM daily until he sends me a bear!

  4. Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Oct 16th, 2010

    He definitely looks fast easy and fun, in a gay biker kind of way, LOL

    It could be worse, though. At least he’s not a furry.

  5. Professional

    Oct 16th, 2010

    If I was his RL wife, I’d be worry as the wether the guy may be gay….

    Seriously Philip? Do you want to look like a professional CEO or a village people queer.

    The avatar is great, but please at least get a decent outfit.

    What a poor professional image of SL to keep the pants as such.

  6. sirhc desantis

    Oct 16th, 2010

    Hahaha only 4 comments in and that old scallywag Bubblesort has to throw in a mouth breather furry line. What scathing wit

  7. edna

    Oct 16th, 2010

    I honestly never knew that he was gay. Good for him.

  8. Ann Onymous

    Oct 16th, 2010

    The creator’s xstreet store has fetish items aplenty.

    And I wonder if those lips are licensed…. Someone please order a DMCA takedown.

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  10. Bock McMillan

    Oct 17th, 2010

    I think Mars Absent did a stunning job given the limitations Philip set up for the contest.

    It is a sexier and updated version of his earlier avatar, so I can fully understand why Philip chose it.

  11. marilyn murphy

    Oct 17th, 2010

    there you are, phillip!! so, been hiding out and thought changing your looks would make you harder to find eh? well you just hang around, dont go anywhere, my lawyers will contact your people, i want my darn money.

    marilyn murphy
    mother to your love child.

  12. Aeschylus Shepherd

    Oct 17th, 2010

    It doesn’t really matter what any of us think. He is the one who needs to be happy and clearly he is really happy with this new look. How about being happy that he found something HE liked.

    Can’t wait to see him interviewed with his new look!

  13. hoisve

    Oct 17th, 2010

    A long overdue update to his look. It’s well done.

  14. Glenn Beck

    Oct 17th, 2010

    You know who he looks like?


  15. Kinoko

    Oct 17th, 2010

    @Tenshi Vielle

    I know how these guys deal with content theft, I have dealt with her, stroker serpentine, and RH Engel/Rebel Hope. During thieves motherload they all covered up a bunch of evidence allowing illegal thefted content to be displayed on closed sims. When I asked to view this content myself due to knowledge of knowing how to tell such copybotters they denied it and reported the root prims to Linden Lab which Hundreds of stolen items were not black listed for over a year. IT is now 2010, almost 2011, and they are just black listing some of the content, and by now many of the assets have been backed up, exported, re copied by copybotters because even I have all the stolen content still that was given to me from thieves motherload in a box. I know a few people who were involved with thieves motherload, the ones who took the animations from vista barns and stuff, but Am unable to do anything because at the time of the incident I was declined access to see the ripped content, and so were 3 other friends who offered to give info directly to Linden Lab, and help creators get their content removed faster.

    These guys asking about content theft and stopping it I laugh at you if you think you can stop it go to, he offers hundreds of stolen content on his site, and 3 other priate websites all sharing SL Ripped content, and viewers.

    IF you want to stop stolen content, then get LL to not allow anyone to access UUID anymore unless it is in object inventyory so people cant jsut pull up keys, save file as, or decrypt/record sound, picture, texture etc.

    (Also Get Skills Hak Banned, & OR Get him to remove his privacy violating system from our Grid) He has created a war, and divided our grid as a community. As a result I am no longer helping any creators involved with Skills Hak in any way, or supporting his illegal privacy violating system which has violated my privacy and been abused on me and friends countless times, and supported by dumb creators and the CCA. IF you ask me I don’t care about content theft to those using his system nor will i prevent it. All content I find stolen is reported to LL by me, and to the creator, but I check their regions to see if they are running such systems before doing such, and if they are i simply erase the ripped content, and don’t say or do anything about it. They have started a war, and if LL is going to permit this on our grid it is destroying SL. Also there is a list of all creators using this system, and many discussions on private blogs about creators using systems and who to attack & Such.

    I am personally sick and tired of such people having such control over SL Users. I knew forever that Emerald & Skills Hak were all up to no good for over a year which is why I quit using their viewer and went to the next best friends viewer which was malcious but legal at the time, before ph0x added over 5 friends, and myself to their ban list, and illegally tracked our alt accounts without our consent before we knew how to block their cds system. IF LL is going to allow this, and some creators are going to use such a system, then they can prepare for a SL/GRID war, because it is comming. I only feel bad for those who do not deserve this who get their content ripped in the process which is like 90% of our grid from what I have seen I have seen very few CDS users which I am proud to see but these users are causing a big war for us all.

    Make an actual Anti Theft System like BanLinks. Give all reputable creators control over the system, for example FULL sim owners only with Shops/Business. Give all users who enter the sim their first time a notecard, with account info, password/green message created for them on a webserver with a ticket system, and Info that they have to consent by having media enabled for scanning. If they dont they simply get kicked off the region instantly. Something that does not violate our privacy, and has balance of power, where appeals actually get listend to not like Skills Hak, Ph0x & All his illegal cyberpunk buddies do. Personally I don’t care about anyone in insilico who gets copybotted you deserve it for supporting his illegal actions, and standing behind him. Maybe I am wrong about this, but until Skills Hak removesf all info of mine stored in his database without my consent, and all his false accusations my issues with him, and anyone supporting him stand. He has abused his rights to be on this grid, however if someone can create a better system/webportal like MCM Systems, or Any game company with balance of power not Heil Hittler Dicatorship, and not in violation of our privacy then I will support it.

    One of the most recent Posts I found.

    Let me just post this again incase you did not know.

    Accessing other peoples content and coypbotting is not breaking the law. IT is breaking the SL TOS, and you can be banned, that is all. Any Lawsuit would have to be directed to Linden Lab.

    However Downloading content on your PC, and using it for purposes, re uploading is against the law.

    I know that both of these are wrong, and Will never do either of them, but I am simply saying unless LL does something there is nothing you can do legally.

  16. Kinoko

    Oct 17th, 2010

    Also I forgot to say this, and yes I have type a lot of things wrong above because its 5AM I am tired and late nite blogging.

    Anyways Skills does have a privacy policy, and LL Privacy Policy can’t protect him because I never used a product, or service of his, and I never agreed to his privacy policy, or used a product by him, so he is still in violation of this. The only reason LL keeps him around though is because he is paying for 6 private regions.

    He tries to tell people that by being on that Land you AGREE TO THESE RULES. I never agreed to any rules, or any data of mine to be stores on any database without my consent. The most they can do is ban me from their land only land parcels by hand, or non networked tool without storing data legally within SL TOS, but they have went way beyond that and violated everyones privacy Thousands of residents have been violated by him. Also you are not given any chance to read a covenant, or given any rules of anything so you did not concent either…

    LL needs to do something about all of this really fast before its too late LL has already gotten rid of a lot of employee, they have also got rid of the Teen Grid at the end of this year which means more copybotters are comming our way not because of education, but to cut costs. Isn’t it clear everyone by now that LL is in loss of profit right now, and cant keep their service running good?

    Again I don’t expect everyone to agree with everything I say, but the facts are here those that do, and don’t its up to them I just hope that all the google search users see this stuff and dont use this service until LL does something.

  17. Dave Bell

    Oct 17th, 2010

    The close-up looks like an update of the original. It’s the same guy. That’s good.

    The body-shape fits with what guys do in SL, without being too extreme.

    I suppose the clothing is a Philip Linden brand. I’d like to see an alternative that one might see in an office, but I doubt that SL faces are enough to maintain an identity.

    In the end, decent work, but vaguely disappointing.

  18. Rawst Berry

    Oct 17th, 2010

    Jesus Christ, there’s so much bawwing and bitching about Philip’s new look. He should do his own shopping, the contest was unfair, he shouldn’t change his iconic look, his look is too racy/embarrassing, etc. If I were LL I would stop giving a shit about the users opinions, they whine about everything whether it’s important or not.

  19. meh

    Oct 17th, 2010

    I really liked it. I laughed really hard when I first saw it. Its funny as hell but great job done by Abyss creators. I hear its like a custom skin. The clothes are funny as hell.

  20. meh

    Oct 17th, 2010

    i am so glad they went for a unique look, than all the Belleza/Laq clones you find in SL

  21. AM Oderngrl

    Oct 17th, 2010

    Real Philip is so much more fast easy and fun looking, not to mention attractive, than either his new or old avatar. That puts him in the minority in SL. So I’m glad they went with a new avi that doesn’t really try to look like Real Philip or a SLipster.

  22. Jumpman Lane

    Oct 17th, 2010

    can we still call him Ol’ Dirt Face Phil? hehehehehehehe
    i got people who coulda made this fool look cool lol

  23. Ravin Draconia

    Oct 17th, 2010

    Isn’t that T-shirt copyrighted?

  24. Yep

    Oct 17th, 2010

    Pfft, after having some items that I bought from well known stores deleted by LL because someone filed a theft report, I am all for copybotting since I was made the victim by LL. Since LL acts first without any merit to the theft claims, who knows if the items I bought were stolen or if they were the victims of a false filing. I would like to know who filed these reports, but LL will not release that information. I would then have their whole store copybotted to give them something to complain about next time.

  25. naem

    Oct 17th, 2010

    @Bubblesort Triskaidekaphobia

    Well he’s not a furry now,but it seems he had a furry avatar back in the oldin days.Tho I aint sure if this is real or not.

  26. Pappy Enoch

    Oct 17th, 2010

    Watch out, Jumpy. Big Ol’ Gay Phil am a-gonna want tu play Tog Dawg wif you.

    Now I ain’t the only one who am about to git yo’ hind-parts.

  27. archie

    Oct 17th, 2010

    at least hes human now

    (I saw him the night before he ‘retired’ at Svarga, slumped in the centre temple – suit, balding head and shiny shoes.)

    I suspect thats the real person.

  28. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Oct 18th, 2010

    I think Mars Absent did a great job trolling phil.

    It’s like a case of “the emperor’s new clothes”

    the shirt screams “HUGE FAGGOT” and the pants scream “COCK GOES BACK HERE”


  29. Rawst Berry

    Oct 18th, 2010

    @ Yep
    If your items are blacklisted due to a DMCA notice, all you have to do is file a counter-notice to get the items unblacklisted. LL has to take your word for it. If the person who sold the stuff to you didn’t appeal the DMCA it’s probably because they were guilty and didn’t want to bother getting involved legally.

    They don’t tell who files the reports so that morons like you can’t be “vigilantes” when you have no idea what the full story was.

  30. Kinoko

    Oct 18th, 2010

    Well if a person files a counter DMCA with full legal info, even if they have not provided info, and information to what was blacklisted they have to by LAW un blacklist it. Then they will simply tell both parties to get a lawyer, and once they have a lawyer who sends LL a court document by FAX or mail with issues saying to release the persons name and info then they will do so to the court, and they can SUE the person for damages, and a judge can make a ruling which LL will follow then. This is the only legal way to do things.

    Also Skills himself was filing false dmca claims on my youtube videos because I say his system can’t stop content theft anymore and simply because it contained a snapshot of his stupid system for 1 second but filed it saying he owned full rights, while LL under TOS gives rights to media, and LL owns all data in SL, i counter filed for fair use and won with all legit info, although I removed his stupid picture and posted all the info on multiple blogs. What he did to even others who did not use his content was against the LAW real life, and so are some of the copybotters I see filing false counter DMCA but no lawsuit = no action.

    The Virtual World is not a good business to invest in anymore, if you can make some money out of it good, do it, but don’t use it as a primary job, don’t become a land renter for money anymore its not worthit. If people want their own regions they can buy their own, if you want to own 1 sim with a few friends for land, then do it, and rent the rest, but don’t invest in a bunch I say personally, because sooner or later LL is going to go down, and all ur Jobs will be lost. Get a REAL Life JOB, use SL as a secondardy income of any money, or a HOBBY.

    I also can’t believe people trusted Emerald, or would put so much trust into Skills, I have been around longer than Skills has been on this grid, and he claims to know all about content theft and stopping such, as I have said they can’t show a real life Degree in proof that they have C++ Knowledge, and can actually run such a business, they are doing things illegally in many ways, and ruining our grid. Those who support him will pay with having their content ripped becuase me personally, and all my friends will not report, or bother with any ripped content on reporting for those using his system, and those assoicated in any way with Skills, or any of those misift guys who are trying to control our grid but failed. Also I would not fully trust phoenix yet either, or any other viewer 100% They could have some of the same developers as Emerald with new identities and such as delovers are not required to submit RL info to LL upon working open source and such.

  31. hobo kelly

    Oct 18th, 2010

    Yeah well, nice Rocky Horror tee shirt thar Pillup. Lets do the time warp again…

  32. lol

    Oct 18th, 2010

    a Rocky Horror Picture show T-shirt… yeah thats copywrited, but reading a little deper into this, perhaps he has Lingerie on Underneath….

  33. Darien Caldwell

    Oct 18th, 2010

    I thought this was a parody at first, until I followed the blog link.

    Looking very Metrosexual there…

  34. General Drama

    Oct 18th, 2010

    Looks like George Michael in his Sunday-go-to-blowjob-in-the-public-urinals-best.

  35. Jessica

    Oct 19th, 2010

    easy on him. he’s a ginger. gingers have feelings, too.

  36. Strayn Janus

    Oct 19th, 2010


    “If I were LL I would stop giving a shit about the users opinions”

    Did I miss they day they started?

  37. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Oct 19th, 2010

    copybot phil’s new look

    put it in freebie boxes around gay e-biker bars



  38. Pappy Enoch

    Oct 19th, 2010

    @At0om0, count me in on that one. When them-thar flyin’ monkeys turns on them display names, we can ALL be King Philip 2.0.

    An’ go to office hours and beat the snot out’n his employees an git banned.

  39. Miss J

    Oct 19th, 2010

    I say that linden is sure getting my panties wet

  40. had enough

    Oct 19th, 2010


    Hey if Linden Labs ripped you off go here and grab one of these viewers and go for a shopping spree.
    That’s fucked up having your shit deleted.

  41. Pappy Enoch

    Oct 19th, 2010

    Ol’ King Philip mite just have left the throne, ya’ll:

    I reckon he were gittin’ too many biker-fellers (an Miss J) wantin’ some action an’ up and quit!

    I are open to bein’ CEO for the Lab if’n they gots any sense and wants a natural-born man to run it rite.

    @Miss J: I are already a lovin’ man, if’n you am itchin’ like a bear on a fuzzy tree.

  42. c3

    Oct 19th, 2010

    Id leave too — i wouldnt want to have to look like eric stolz “caprica greyson” meets a ” 70s glam band ” member stuck in the uncanny valley of a new owner.

  43. Kinoko

    Oct 20th, 2010

    Yep there goes philip again…

    Doesn’t look like SL is doing anything good just wait till I get my new Vendetta Mask in the mail.

    Wut are we going to do muy friends says the kitty =^,,=

  44. Kinoko

    Oct 20th, 2010

    Oh yeah I forgot to say…

    Most those content theft Regions like New Jack City where everyone was sharing stolen content are gone from SL, the owner seemed to have gotten banned from SL too… Don’t say I didn’t tell you so. The only content theft regions left in SL that I know of now are. Port COS, and Talobot Isle. Smiggles Decuirs groups, and Zammy Ziskeys groups both long time players in SL, but run many groups and allies/friends who copybot stuff and share it along their tribes, but deny it. Their sim called Jungles OF Schendi they were at Also went bye bye, and one of the owners got banned from SL as well.

    Question is when people are going to learn that these people are bad news, get rid of them, and Skills Hak, and the whole SL would be a better place. Personally I scan any, and every person related to any known content theft groups, Profile pictures who uploaded it, IP Checking, Profile checks, Group checks, anyone related to any copybotters, or groups in any way are asked to leave groups, and no longer have anything to do with such people, or groups, as their owners & Sim owners allow this in SL, it has been going on since 2009, hello why do creators think thieves motherload happend lulz.. Ultimately it is the persons choice, but if they are going to be part of any copybot assoiciations, I do not tolerate them on my lands, or in my shops, and neither do any of my friends, and again those using illegal anti theft systems will have many problems in SL because copyobtters are targeting them… Take this for an example..

    CK Winx one of the worst and most hated.

    She uses spyware system datamines people, and I have reported her website to microsoft, and admins for using spyware on people/providing links to spyware without consent, or privacy policy.

    I really do hate this *** I wish they were *** real life nothing more than a trouble maker, and personally I could care less who rips them off, I simply feel bad for the other creators who had their stuff ripped with this person whoever they copy because of CK Winx.

  45. c3

    Oct 20th, 2010

    reality as silly as fantasy.. tonight TWO REDHEADED AVATARS CEOs of VIRTUAL REALITY companies got board sacked…

    eric stolz playing them both….lol

  46. James Larken Smith

    Oct 20th, 2010

    The reality of face-lifts, they don’t do you any good with management boards.

  47. Gundel Gaukelei

    Oct 20th, 2010

    Vacancy notice: Sinking ship is hiring new rats.

  48. [...] Philip’s new avatar to blame for his departure? Herald researchers point out that the game god has not been detected [...]

  49. Sophia

    Oct 20th, 2010

    All I know is @ the last Expo in Boston this past August he gave the people a challenge & that was to come up with an avatar for him. Simple enough there it is.

    Someone created it for him he accepted & it was rezed. Read anymore into it then your wasting time. No big deal.

    As far as the status of the company. Only those in real control will know what will go down. I just know Ive spent a lot of time & money playing around with Second life.

    Ive enjoyed it & had my fun. I will still come away with something tangible. Images & films of the time Ive spent there. Some lessons learned in friendships and I have met some really interesting people. Good & Bad.

    Learned to manage my time and not take to much personally. All in all It has been a good experience. I could walk away today or tomorrow who knows. I’ve had to make changes in my life @ different stages in my life so this may be one of the little ones.

    I have a real life like Philip does and maybe he needed to get up off his arse as well to live it. I know a lot of people depend on SL for their social networking because it may be the only thing they can do.

    For others who are fully capable of participating in real life physically they should get back out there and combine the two. Sitting to long can pose health threats and I feel much better about walking away from SL now & then.

    don’t let real life pass you by. When they say people can can sell you anything their actually wrong. They can’t by back time or your health.

    So thanks SL / LL for the life lesson the good & the bad. You really had my blood boiling many times but also I had a lot of fun but the fun part was due to my friends & myself.

    God how much did I spend on my inventory? How much on Leasing land? I don’t want to even know. I can take a guess but who cares now.

    I would like at least my inventory please? And not have to pay another fee for it. I already paid.

    I don’t want to

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