Second Life Halloween Roundup

by Alphaville Herald on 29/10/10 at 11:49 am

by Zombified Herold



Creators from around the grid have gathered together to bring you Horrorfest, one of the best collaborations of Halloween-themed items on the grid! Come take a look and find your perfect in-world look for Halloween!


Murder at Skull Creek – Exodi and WoE, Murder Mystery:

Solve the murder of Dick Weisel, owner of WoE. Walk around the sim for clues, and record them in your notebook HUD. Officially opens October 18th. Prizes are available at the end of the mystery, from such creators as Exodi, WoE, LuNi, !Bang, Dreams, Smudge, Sysy’s, Hopscotch, and Baustein.


Village of Nyght Zombie Hunting :

Enter one of SL’s most zombie-filled sims equipped with any physical shotgun for zombie-killing fun!

6 Responses to “Second Life Halloween Roundup”

  1. HalloweenHuntress

    Oct 29th, 2010

    Two more worth exploring:

    Iarus Studios has put together a Fun Halloween Lucky 13 Hunt at St. IcaruS! (not too scary) , and ith a clever dropbox for your pictures of the hunt to go up on Flickr.
    13 free gifts to find, hints with each gift

    More info here: with a link to a hunt hints page too!

    Want something a little scarier?
    Notha Penitentiary invties you to
    Claim fame and glory by defeating the terrible beasts lurking deep in the corridors of Second Life’s most terrifying prison.
    Find keys to unlock doors. Find bullets for your free rifle. Find syringes to add health. Start at the gunshop where you get a free gun and brain. Wear both and have a great scary time!!

  2. Sinead McMillan

    Oct 29th, 2010

    halloween is irish, isn’t it?

  3. Nelson Jenkins

    Oct 30th, 2010

    @ Sinead McMillan

    According to most Christians it’s Satanic.

  4. Tux

    Oct 30th, 2010

    @ Sinead

    Yes and no.

    Forgive my ageing memory.

    We was taught that at this time of year our physical world came closest to the spirit world. Because of this we would dress up and throw parties. Hoping to welcome blessed or good spirits into our home and repelling the evil ones.

    Now this was the celebration of the switch between light nights to dark nights. And was never called halloween, it was called Samuin (this is written in a variety of spellings, as is all irish words) meaning summers end (I think).

    There is no doubt this was applied to the halloween of today. But I think the actual name comes from Scotland.

  5. Tracey Humphreys

    Oct 31st, 2010

    Halloween is Muslim and Satanic.

    President Obama is a Muslim sent by Satan to encourage Halloween and masturbation.

  6. hobo kelly

    Oct 31st, 2010

    through the darkness
    of Futures past
    the magician longs to see
    one chance out
    between two worlds
    fire walk with me…

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