Philip Linden: All Copyable Content Will Be Free

by Pixeleen Mistral on 13/11/10 at 8:35 pm

Second Life founder suggests selling live experiences

Second Life’s content creators may be in deep trouble if Philip Rosedale – the on-again, off-again CEO of Linden Lab – can forsee the future of online content. Mr. Rosedale is quoted in the Time magazine  Future of Content Time 100 Roundtable as saying, "anything that can be made and recorded becomes essentially free" – cold comfort to those selling virtual goods ranging from music to pixel clothes.

Could this attitude explain the strained relationship between Second Life’s merchant class and the game gods? Linden Lab has seen more than a few lawsuits from content creators who believe the Lab has been less than diligent in protecting content and copyright in the virtual world.

But all is not doom and gloom – there may still money to be made on teh interwebs in the interactive services industry.

Second Life cyberesx pricing circa 2004

After slagging off content sales, Rosedale pointed out that live experiences hold out hope for monetization because "[people will pay for] the live experience. That doesn’t yet technologically exist on the Internet. When it does, a lot of content will happen in that venue and people will figure out what they can charge for that. A live experience is not something you can make a copy of and put on BitTorrent."

Does an emphasis on selling live experiences suggest that online escort services are the key to cashing in on the metaverse once the technology improves? If so, some Second Life players are well positioned for the coming economic boom, having spent the last 6 years selling their live experience skills for L$2000/hour (about $7.50/hour USD).

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  1. Ann Onymous

    Nov 13th, 2010

    Selling easily-reproducible goods on SL is not a good business model. In fact, I wager 10-to-1 that everyone making clothes on SL started with the same set of clothing templates. Do Robin Wood and Chip Midnight get a cut?

    Deliver services and experiences; anyone can make clothes or hats or sculpty hair with 200 scripts in it.

  2. Kinoko

    Nov 13th, 2010

    Well I will answer this as best as I can as usual.

    1. Copybots are not against the LAW, they are against the TOS, although either way stealing is wrong, and I say this after over 2 years of using a copybot without getting a single ban. Yep thats right.

    2. If your asking if I steal Shit from creators post this content everywhere for free download, or vioalte intellectual property then that answer is no, and I have researched and studied game exploits, and cheats the best I can for 2 years now.

    3. The reason Copybotting is not against the LAW is because all data remains on SL Servers, which you are simply injecting asset keys into Clothing, Skins, or Shapes, Landmarks, or Notecards. Animations, and scripts were made not hackable back in thieves motherload. But all these remain open to steal and spoof creators including objects. The only time that it becomes illegal against the LAW is if the user downloads it to their pc, uploads it to a different sl server etc, but as long as that data remains on LL servers as they accepted a TOS giving LL Certain rights, then the most they can do is file a DMCA and request all content they created or certain content be removed of their own, and leave the service.

    4. The Copybots from my research, and based on my own game play are getting a lot worse too. I have seen many New people wearing Copybotted hairs by Dirty Dikes, and all Sassy Waffle, ETC. I have helped as many as I can obtain Legit hairs, and clothing including all my friends until sometimes I just dont have anymore money to help with.

    5. The CDS, and ZF REdzone issues are still open, as long as Black Hat hackers are allowed in game still, There are going to be a lot more people Copying shit. Really I dont give a crap about creators like CK Winx, or LooLoo Beck, or anyone else who violates our privacy they have it comming, I jsut remain neutral, and dont say shit when I see their content stolen, but for all the rest I have seen ripped again they dont deserve it, and any creator willing to break california Laws, and Violate Privacy is just as bad.

    6. What can be done?

    I dont know you tell me.

    First we need to get rid of the privacy violaters to stop the war Skills Hak, and Zfire XUE, and all BanLink systems from SL.

    Second The ability to Inject, spoof object creators, and illegally Modify skins needs to be changed just like Animations so they can’t be, the same with Shapes, NoteCard, LandMark, Clothing Etc. This prevents spoofing creators as content theft, and leaves one option to Import with your own name illegally and get banned fast.


    When, is Linden Lab going to do something about Content Theft. I myself Will not Tolerate Content Thieves in any of my own clans, or Illegal Content Distribution. IF they are caught doing so they will be abuse reported to Linden Lab if they are knowingly doing it and do not stop after they are warned. Also if Clan Members from any clan I catch doing this, I will make sure you go down personally any way I can Legal, or illegal. Simply me, and all the people I know who have been here since 2003/2004 do not permit theft, or illegal distribution of stolen goods. And personally I dont really care if a person has a copybot Viewer Either, or Knowledge of cheating or exploits all I ask is you dont abuse it, and help the community when and where you can because there is a big difference.

    While there are few Creators I just dont give a damn for, for violation of our privacy rights, Many Creators are on my friends list, and many I shop with all the time, and Take New Players to to obtain Legit Stuff. Simply Creators in general who are not doing anything wrong which I have a big List of those do not deserve to be stolen from, even if it is or is not against the LAW it is wrong.

    There is only one thign I do not agree with IN SL, and that is TOS in a box bullshit, or blue boxes unless its a signed contract. You have to remember that this is Second Life, and they have a permissions system for a reason.

    And Damn Right all the Copybotters & Their Supporters Hope Shim, Smiggles Decuir, Katwoman Yootz, Zammy Ziskey, Johanna LagerLof, Meistroli Easterwood are still in SL supporting this crap, and still leading all their copybot sisters throught GOR, and are the ones who hacked the Gorean Meter System to obtain items illegally, and gave them out to all their sisters. Crimson Urge a BloodLines clan has also Had a bunch of illegal content distributed in their group, but is being dealt with, all the rest were closed down by Linden Lab Finally the ones I knew of anyways I dont mean to sound racist, But a lot of the Copybotters I have seen have been from Foreign countries like Italy where 4 of the sisters group I was part of were all stealing crap, and tried to get me into doing it which is when I learn all I know now.

    I love SL because of what a Unique game it is, and what you can do in SL. What I really dont like is all the theft from our merchants that work really hard creating our content for all of us just to get abused the very day they release their hairs, and copybotted. Even creators have Copybotters in their groups waiting for news on new releases It makes me really sad. I hate seeing people who simply wear ripped content and say I dont give a creap if its stolen or not, but they know its wrong. I hate the privacy violating creators in SL, and what Linden Lab has allow this game to turn into, well really SL is a simulator but I consider it a game anyways. Also creators cant even use the SL Market Place and be safe because copybotters will buy, and share on Torrents and all that crap as well.

    Srsly Please Linden Lab do something Save Second Life!!!!

  3. Kinoko

    Nov 13th, 2010

    Oh yeah I forgot to say, Yes the Copybot on Torrent Thing is bad, But you just wait for Mesh Imports lol…

    TURBO SQUID!!!! = Bunch of RL Copyright Violation, Full Import Wow Models and more RL Violations lol.

  4. Yep

    Nov 14th, 2010

    has anyone tried this grid? It just made the news with people making a huge profit.

  5. Boyd Doghouse

    Nov 14th, 2010

    “I have researched and studied game exploits, and cheats the best I can for 2 years now.”

    Why? is the possibility of losing at a video game such a challenge to your frail ego you feel compelled to cheat?

    Have you talked yourself into believing you’ve accomplished something by beating a game even though you had to cheat to do it?

    Are the games just too difficult otherwise?

    Phillip is wrong about this.

    All it takes to defeat content theft is the will to do so and the technology will catch up.

    Unfortunately, we will probably have to hit bottom on this where the amount and quality of available content begins to diminish for people to wake up and decide to protect the rights of the creators.

  6. Crunk

    Nov 14th, 2010

    When are people going to realize that selling virtual goods will not become a long term career for themselves?

    I believe is this a good indication that people who run the show, are no longer concerned with what virtual penis sellers think in regards to their shitty business model.

    In other words: Get a real fucking job. Problem solved.

    Also to further my point. Take World of Warcraft Mod Developers. A lot of these folks made creating mods for this game a full time career.

    Questhelper was a very popular mod for this game for quite some time. The Developer made his living off donations from people for it.
    Then Blizzard said “Hey we should do that in our game!” took the general idea and design of the mod, and placed in their game. And thus marked the end for Questhelper.

    Point being: Virtual good is a short term thing. Don’t rely it on in the future.

  7. Kinoko

    Nov 14th, 2010

    Well actually all it takes to prevent sound Stealing, and Texture stealing is this. Fix security in the game so that Sound, ANd textures must be In object inventory for it to play the sound etc. Then fix it so that the SL Server checks the name applying the texture to the shirts, clothing,skin etc, and such before it is done. The only way to steal then would be to actually rip the skin and re upload it which means the account gets banned and actual lawsuit against the user could be filed. The reason LL wont do this though is because of the ammount of old items it would break because creators no longer exist in LL, and old LSL keys would no longer work. They should have done this all from the begining, and gave creators 100% Control over their content but they didn’t.

    Also I have tried Entropia Universe and I do perfer SL a hell of a lot more. Entropia Universe is a piece of shit in my opinion.

    Also the only game I have ever used a cheat in was called all points bulletin. The last few weeks before the game shut down, 90% of the game was cheating constantly aimbotting shooting me 100% Accuracy so before it closed down I gave everyone a taste of their own medicine lol.

    As for Content Creators, I think it is going to take a big Impact, and a hell of a lot of losses of content creators to make people wake up. No one I know except the CCA, GWEN, or a few anti theft groups seem to really give a damn about content theft. I would support the CCA, but their group is partenered up with Skills Hak, and they are going about it all the wrong way saying privacy violations are okay in the defense of copybot, in fact they are all wrong, and I do support the creators just not those violating our privacy in any way. This is where the Divide of the Game begins. Personally I wont allow anyone on any of my Lands in Second Life, which I own a a couple of regions one unknown fully locked down to the public, and manage 3 others, anyone I see with stolen content is asked to remove, and delete it, if they keep doing so or dont listen we ban them, and report to Linden Lab. We take content theft very seriously because over 90% of the rips I see are from creators like Truth, PKC, Redgrave, Mallory, Bellez, ETC. But the other 10% of the creators I see who get ripped in sandboxes who do violate our privacy I dont report it or anything until they stop violating our privacy its their mess to deal with, but again this all does effect everyone in different ways.

    I just think LL should give creators 100% DRM Rights to their content, remove the Banlink systems and ban the accounts who developed these because they are all evil blackhat hackers anyways, and Skills does have JCools new account info, and Phox and I am sure has been talking to them lol. So get rid of them all just like they did woodbury Pl0x.

    Also I Really do Miss Woodbury sometimes ); its sad that the Legit people had to get banned for others illegal and stupid actions.

  8. Bubblesort

    Nov 14th, 2010

    Kinoko: That wouldn’t be piracy if you bought something from turbo squid and sold it in SL. Those products are intended for industrial use, which is why the price tags there are so high. It might violate the TurboSquid TOS, so I suppose they could kick you off the service for doing it, but I don’t think this is a case of a clear TOS violation at all. If you import the asset to SL and sell it in SL then are you selling it as part of a game or are you re-selling the asset? As part of a game, that is covered as a right you get, but reselling assets outright, that is not covered. This seems like a hazy distinction, but if I had to make a call on it I would say they would not call it a violation of their TOS, because the asset is changing form before it is resold.

  9. Kinoko

    Nov 14th, 2010

    Yeah i dont know 100% everything about copyright, but I do know that the copybot accessing assets already stored on SL Servers, and basic SL prims is really hard to deal with when it comes to legal matters unless the person is caught with evidence of re uploading.

    The thing abotu Turbo Squid is the fact that if people actually buy mesh, and import it into Second Life, and then a Copybotter comes and Copybots that its going to cause problems for the Real Life creators who actually sell their stuff on Turbo Squid as well.

    As far as the Legal System, and using TurboSquid mesh, I honestly dont think people are really going to do anything unless the companies or creators actually SUE Linden Lab for removal of all content which was illegally uploaded or whatever is going to happen which mesh could maybe destroy Second Life.

    If a person is using mesh to develop the game I think that it is legal, because what other purpose would they sell on turbo squid for, however if people are purchasing, and importing cars, planes, avatars etc. from turbo squid, then reselling it for profit, or giving it a few edits and reselling, then I think it is wrong all the way around. I don’t fully know though if copyrights would protect the creators who sell this stuff on Turbo Squid though. Although lets assume they do, if I bought mesh from Turbo Squid, and import it into SL like right now, and then a Copybotter downloads the mesh if this is possible, and starts passing it around VIA torrents, even if LL removes the ripped content anyone else could re upload this who downloads the torrent or whatever, or RIP UUID keys to mesh and such? This would mean that there would be never any way to stop mesh theft as it is impossible to stop sculpty theft right know, even though LL may remove a illegal Skin that uses the same assets as the creators UUID upload, a copybotter can just get their UUID to their skin again, place it on 5 different skins with different uuid and send them around so it never stops.

    I just have thoughts on how this is going to cause problems for the creator community all around.

  10. Yep

    Nov 14th, 2010

    form the turbo squid FAQ

    I want to buy a product from TurboSquid and convert it into an object I resell in a virtual world, like Second Life. Is this allowed?

    The creators of a virtual world can include TurboSquid products as part of the virtual world or game, but users cannot purchase TurboSquid products to re-sell in those worlds.

  11. Yep

    Nov 14th, 2010

    another idea is what happens if more than one person uploads something from a site like turbo squid for their own use and someone else sees it and files a report. Does the LL idea of the first one to upload it makes them the owner fall into play?

  12. Little Lost Linden

    Nov 14th, 2010

    I think Escort prices are pretty reasonable these days:

  13. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Nov 14th, 2010

    everyone bitches about their copyright and shit, but I’d wager that most of the textures and sound effects and items in SL are copywritten by someone else other than the person selling them.

    There’s a LOT of valve/source engine stuff in SL. in fact most of the textures I saw in SL were from half-life 2

  14. Yep

    Nov 14th, 2010

    you saw that too? lol or taken from free texture websites and sold in SL. Being on another grid, I have been uploading textures from the free textures websites. these are free to use but not for resale. I laugh every time i come across a familar texture.
    People take pictures of RL iems and photoshop them too.
    They also upload engine sounds from you-tube. Plus i have found a lot of gesture sounds on this website.

    so yes a lot of stuff in SL is ripped from another source.
    This turbo squid looks good for uploading for your own personal use. At least you have a copy on your HDD. If it is lost or deleted because of some drama report, you can re upload it like nothing happened.

  15. Doctor Yootz

    Nov 14th, 2010

    dont forget the illegal downloaded copies of photoshop, 3dmax, maya or whatever those guys use to edit those textures and models.

    @Kinokoas long as you can see a texture or hear a sound, you can download it. Fact is when you see it, you allready have downloaded it. Thats how internet works.

  16. Kinoko

    Nov 15th, 2010


    Yep this is true, and also a little birdy just told me that NOR Region (EVIL) has a clan named LaceDemon, and their queen named Synphony Vayandar passing out Copybotted Skins, and Hairs, and causing a bunch of Drama for some of their own clan members. It’s really hard for me to comment on this one though, but I can say that there have been a lot of New accounts in NOR Lately, and this could be the start of creators in NOR with Vendors getting hacked & Botted soon… Nor has already gotten so small, and this is really sad.

    Second Life Just really makes me sad if you think about it all.

  17. Nelson Jenkins

    Nov 15th, 2010

    @ Kinoko

    I’ve told you before, I’ll tell you again, forcing sounds and textures to be in an object’s inventory would break hundreds of my scripts. Multiply that by hundreds (if not thousands) of commercial scripters and you have a serious risk that LL isn’t going to take to pretend forcing something like that would actually change anything.
    Here’s an idea. Double-click the sound in the inventory, play it whilst recording, re-upload, done. Sure, it’s now “illegal”, but content thieves don’t give a shit if what they’re doing is illegal or not. No internet “criminal” does because nobody is going to bother suing them. And so what if they get sued? Settle for $50 (lost profits) and keep on truckin’.

  18. Doctor Yootz

    Nov 15th, 2010

    just to make that clear, i dont give a shit about those greedy content creators that are only for the money in SL.
    And I have absolutley no problems with copyboting, as long as they dont try to sell the stuff.

  19. edna

    Nov 15th, 2010

    Copybotting is completely acceptable if you use the items you copy for your own use. For example, going into an SL clothing store and copying all of the new styles for your personal use is fine. It is only when you try to sell items you copy that you create an ethical problem.

  20. bxd

    Nov 15th, 2010

    I’m in two minds about copybotting.
    Although I don’t like the idea of pay-for stuff being passed around for free (or even worse sold) I think the fair-use policy should apply.

    In the real world you are allowed to make a backup of stuff you have paid for. What we have in SL is an attempt to enforce stricter conditions than in the real world and it’s just not enforceable or even IMO reasonable.

    From that perspective I don’t have an issue with someone using a copybot viewer to keep an offline backup of their own PAID FOR stuff regardless of whether the creator gives them the “permission” to do so or not.

    On the other hand, I’m not going to report anyone for copybotting either, but I would share my opinion with them.

  21. Nelson Jenkins

    Nov 15th, 2010

    @ bxd

    My policy is I don’t hand out duplicates to alts because it’s impossible to determine if they’re really an alt. I have no real problems with keeping backups or giving duplicates to friends’ alts who I know and trust, though. But this begs the question, what exactly do you need backups for? You can’t use it whilst offline, and transferring scripts to other grids is buggy and difficult. And of course, if you get banned for some reason or another, you’re either a griefer/troll who deserved it and thus deserves to lose everything you bought, or you were fucked by the system and pulled an Arabella (ragequit, demean LL, promote a clearly inferior knockoff) and won’t even need the stuff anyways. But the bottom line is people will use a tool like that for their own benefit (read: profit). That’s why lockpicks are illegal.

  22. Yep

    Nov 15th, 2010

    “From that perspective I don’t have an issue with someone using a copybot viewer to keep an offline backup of their own PAID FOR stuff regardless of whether the creator gives them the “permission” to do so or not.”

    I agree. if you paid real dollars for something, you should be allowed to make a back up and keep it. Even take it elsewhere.

    I do not agree with making a copy of something that you did not buy or passing it around as free stuff to everyone else.
    If you do not own it after you pay for it, then what is the whole point in paying money to begin with?

    With a copy on your HDD, at least it is safe from some four eyed geek on a power trip at Linden Labs deleting it.

    Or with LL history of losing inventory, there is nothing wrong with a backup copy.

    LL can take their no-copy rules and stick it in their ear. If I pay money for it, I own it.

  23. Doctor Yootz

    Nov 15th, 2010

    @Nelson Jenkins
    “But the bottom line is people will use a tool like that for their own benefit.”

    whats so bad about that?
    The most people that use copybot wouldnt ever spend a dollar in a store. Its still a game/3d-ChatWithLegos we are talking about, you dont lose anything.

  24. JoJo

    Nov 15th, 2010

    Screw these builders. If you do not want your shit copied then do not make it.

    Doctor Yootz said
    “whats so bad about that?
    The most people that use copybot wouldnt ever spend a dollar in a store. Its still a game/3d-ChatWithLegos we are talking about, you dont lose anything.”

    End quote

  25. Nelson Jenkins

    Nov 15th, 2010

    @ Doctor Yootz & JoJo

    Clearly you don’t sell anything, because if you had, you would most likely find a store somewhere with someone profiting off of your work. (I’ve seen stores that sell textures and objects I made years ago for twice the amount I originally sold them for, despite them being practically freebies now.) Not all copybotters are doing it just for the greater good. Some of them have some pretty deep pockets to fill.

  26. Adeon Writer

    Nov 16th, 2010

    The good man Philip knows what he’s on about.

    Think of the rest of the internet, that isn’t SL. Anyone can copy your forum avatar. Anyone can ctrl U your website and clone your CSS. Nothing about your web presence is safe from anyone who wants to copy it, except the services you provide.

    It might be gloom and doom for the way things are, but, I think the internet’s doing just fine.

  27. Zyngoz

    Nov 16th, 2010

    does this mean free money

  28. Zyngoz

    Nov 16th, 2010

    i try make stuff but it never really sell

  29. had enough

    Nov 16th, 2010

  30. Stroker Serpentine

    Nov 16th, 2010

    @ edna

    “Copybotting is completely acceptable if you use the items you copy for your own use. For example, going into an SL clothing store and copying all of the new styles for your personal use is fine. It is only when you try to sell items you copy that you create an ethical problem.”

    Are you serious? Or, just trollin?

    So, if I go to Best Buy and walk out with a BluRay w/o paying, it’s okay because it’s for my personal use?

    Another TorrenTard heard from *facepalm*

  31. Nelson Jenkins

    Nov 16th, 2010

    @ Stroker Serpentine

    Just ignore edna. He/she/it (judging by it’s picture) is just a pesky troll.

    Although the difference here is that a BluRay player is a physical, tangible object, and each unit costs money and resources to create.

  32. edna

    Nov 16th, 2010

    @nelson Tell mommy its time for your pill; you’re projecting again and save your homophobic hatred for your posts on the RNC forums.

    @Stroker. I was being sarcastic. Most here it seems believe it is perfectly acceptable to illegally download movies, music, and other items.

  33. II Singh

    Nov 16th, 2010

    >>Its still a game/3d-ChatWithLegos
    Interesting phrase. I began to view SL building as essentially a legos building project. The only problem with the analogy was that some people wanted to hoard all the neat blocks for themselves. I never sold anything online though I have been around in various iterations for about 5 years. My growing dissatisfaction with SL came through that stinginess with most other builders that I met. I have always been free with the sounds and textures that I have that are mine to give. I would say it is usually me giving out 95% and getting at best 5%. Eventually I wanted to build things and I started using copybot to take components of other builds I liked. Often I would totally re-purpose those builds or things such that they didn’t even resemble the original item. Again one should ask what is wrong with that? It was for my own entertainment and not for resale. Often many of these builds would only find their way onto my standalone (1 user) Opensim server. Again what was the terrible injury that I did? As the copybot tools improved I would backup whole regions to my hard disk. Many of these regions no longer exist. They were after a fashion preserved or archived. No financial gain on my part but an appreciation for the quality work of another.
    I showed my appreciation for others work and bought things as well but after a few inventory crashes and the loss of my prime avatar, I saw little sense in spending money only to lose it over a mob rule environment where at the drop of the hat you can lose everything without any appeal or arbitration. Crucify me if you want… your jeers and taunts are going to fall on deaf ears… I have chosen my path after quite a bit of personal deliberation.

    Part of the ugliness that infests SL is this money grubbing pettiness and paranoia. Meshes aren’t even available and people are already worrying about PD mesh imports…..

    Question is folks have you tried importing Turbosquid or sketchup warehouse items? The simple answer would seem to be no. I have and I have dinked around with my 3dsmax builds as well as others.
    The simple fact is that for these meshes to even begin to look good they need to be custom textured. The meshes also have to be tweaked and broken down to work as vehicles or armor or whatever.
    A LOT of work is needed to make these meshes work in SL. So all you whining little children… I see no issue with turbosquid or sketchup warehouse being harvested for meshes because the builder will earn his/her “money” by the degree of additional effort they will need to put into their builds in order to make it any good.
    Nuff said… now go back to behaving like paranoid lord of the flies kiddies.

  34. Nelson Jenkins

    Nov 16th, 2010

    @ edna

    Oh hai troll. I pity the homosexual who’s homophobic. Oh wait – you hit it right on the head. They’re called republicans!

  35. Dave Bell

    Nov 16th, 2010

    Stroker, your example misses the point badly.

    Copybotting makes a copy, without taking away the original from anybody. Which means that statute law generally doesn’t define it as theft, and why copyright law keeps being added to.

    It’s a problem that isn’t easy to solve: the digital age has created goods in forms which don’t match the old physical goods, which law and much economic theory are based on.

    Whether capitalism as we know it can cope with the difference, I don’t know. I’m not sure that trying to shoehorn digital goods into the older capitalist model, with laws and DRM technology, is ever going to be a long-term solution.

  36. Dave Bell

    Nov 16th, 2010

    Incidentally, some of the anti-copybot tech being peddled in SL shows some really fundamental misconceptions about the Internet. And if you believe the sales figures, some people have made huge amounts of real money out of selling protection.

    Weren’t some of the Emerald gang involved in both making copybots and selling protection?

  37. whatever

    Nov 16th, 2010

    To funny…

    How ppl condone copybotting. So if you are artist rl and i copy your work and i SELL my work better then yours.

    That would make you go like

    “Owell does not matter”

    Bullshit, like always most here are full of it. Conserning the mr above that coybotting is not forbidden?

    Ok explain the DMCA laws that are MORE THEN REAL as far as i know. Ppl can prosecute you, hell if you even make a dance similar to there the call you a copybotter. Of you SCULPT a part that is similar to someone else work the call you a copybot.

    Lighten up, its just a game that is dying atm. Been on the grid for 4 years times change. This second life, i see many take it way to serious.

    Her i read more and more ppl that attack the ppl that make cash. Like you dont get shafted in RL rolfmao!

    Eat healty take our salads…you buy a expensive salade of 3 bucks with a special light sauce that is based on GLUCOSE ROFL!!!

    Common proof me wrong now..

  38. Gundel Gaukelei

    Nov 16th, 2010

    @So, if I go to Best Buy and walk out with a BluRay w/o paying, it’s okay because it’s for my personal use?

    If you manage to make yourself a copy of that BlueRay player right in the shop and walk out with that copy …

  39. Darien Caldwell

    Nov 16th, 2010

    “I think the internet’s doing just fine.”

    Considering it’s 99% porn, lolcats, and drama, I kind of have to laugh. :)

  40. Mickey Blue Eyes

    Nov 16th, 2010

    I think the RIAA and MPAA would take issue with the declaration that “anything that can be made and recorded becomes essentially free”. Untold number of people have paid thousands of dollars for “essentially free” recorded material.

  41. General Drama

    Nov 19th, 2010

    It’s positively lulzy to see the number of ignorant retards who think getting valuable stuff for free is their right. Pretty soon now, ya’ll are gonna have your karts straightened big time. Though, if you weren’t intelligent enough to get a clue from the Napster case, I don’t know what you will pay attention to.

  42. Anon

    Nov 19th, 2010

    It can be hard for some people to see the worth of a fake virtual item

  43. Nidol

    Nov 19th, 2010

    “Well actually all it takes to prevent sound Stealing, and Texture stealing is this. Fix security in the game so that Sound, ANd textures must be In object inventory for it to play the sound etc. Then fix it so that the SL Server checks the name applying the texture to the shirts, clothing,skin etc, and such before it is done. The only way to steal then would be to actually rip the skin and re upload it which means the account gets banned and actual lawsuit against the user could be filed. The reason LL wont do this though is because of the ammount of old items it would break because creators no longer exist in LL, and old LSL keys would no longer work. They should have done this all from the begining, and gave creators 100% Control over their content but they didn’t.” – Kinoko

    Uh.. how would that work with scripts?

  44. Yep

    Nov 19th, 2010

    Here is a new artcule about Second Life.

  45. Nelson Jenkins

    Nov 19th, 2010

    @ Nidol

    It doesn’t.

    @ Yep

    “Unlike offline or single-player games, online and MMO titles have a built-in shelf life.”

    See the ad to the right offering a free 10-day trial of World of Warcraft as an example.

  46. Dr Fell

    Nov 20th, 2010

    what the hell does a picture of the price of SL cybersex has to do with making all user created content free?

  47. Kinoko

    Nov 20th, 2010

    Well Yep I am going to have to agree Linden Lab is not going in the right direction at all…

    In fact they have screwed up SL By allowing all new registered accounts to have only one last name resident, so BobTheAvatar would also have so many different spells, like BobTheAvatarX,XXhotGirlXX,etc.

    Also the Crimson Urge BloodBlines clan in Second Life is confirmed for distribution of stolen content in Second Life. The owner of the group has actually attempted to BlackMail a friend of mine, and falcify evidence against them with the rest if they tell anyone about their illegal content theft distribution, it is just a matter of time to see if Linden Lab takes action against them, or what the creators are going to do. Multiple Tickets on a few creators sites with information has been filed, and the stolen goods from this clan will be given to them for DMCA take downs.

  48. IntLibber

    Nov 20th, 2010


    Nov 19th, 2010

    “It can be hard for some people to see the worth of a fake virtual item”

    Fake as in, not real material? Well that describes all intellectual property: music, architectural and engineering designs, scientific research, photographs and graphical design, legal and other services. Such “fake virtual items” account for a majority of the value in the modern economy. Such property is what a developed country like the US is supposed to be developing as the sole jobs creator in the 21st century, so no, making it “free” isn’t an option if any of you stupid retards wish to have a job other than flipping burgers the rest of your life (and eventually, flipping them for chinese employers if you continue to be stupid).

  49. Nelson Jenkins

    Nov 20th, 2010

    @ IntLibber

    While I agree, Anon brings up a point, that it’s hard to appropriately value the worth of an item with no tangible production cost, especially when it is being purchased with fake (fiat) currency.

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