Boinks Nitely — Post 6 Grrrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 14/01/11 at 10:11 pm

[ From Timothy- I'm taking the month of January away from Post 6, as I did last year, to recharge the batteries a bit. In my place my friend Shyayn Lusch has agreed to take the Post 6 helm for the month, and as you'll see, her work is such that I'm quite afraid you'll want to keep her and I'll be out of a job come February. I should add, and she'd kill me if she knew I were going to plug her store, that Shyayn is an incredible builder and makes some of the best furniture in Second Life. Check out her store, SHAG, here: ]

[ I ran across Boinks Nitely along one of the lesser beaten paths at a popular Second Life meat market. I liked her from the moment I heard her silky voice pour smart-ass comments over the crowd as she confidently took the mic. You'll have to take her as she is, because I know she wouldn't have it any other way. And you'll be glad you did as you admire this hooker-with-a-heart-of-gold seamlessly navigate the terrain of being a woman who is, all at once, sassy and sincere, bitchy and becoming, lusty and loving, honest and humane. ~ Shyayn Lusch ]

Boinks Nitely

How Second Life Changed My Life…

I found out about Second Life from an article on in November of 2006. I’d been playing the Sims games for years and the idea of combining my love for that game with conversation with ACTUAL PEOPLE was intriguing! I logged into SL and quickly became completely hooked. Fortunately for me, I met some very cool and helpful people right away, and they helped me learn my way around.

Like many, my first few months in SL was full of drama, and a LOT of learning! I learned how to build – I bought my first sim – I got married and divorced – all within the first few months. My avatar changed dramatically over those months, and I made many friends that I’m still close to today and have met many of them in RL.

Boinks Nitely

I met one very special person a few months into my exploration here – actually, I met him exactly four years ago today. He had come into SL to play with scripting and participate in some forums about the same time I came in – and he was about to leave because he was bored. He thought people who had relationships up in here were nuts. I convinced him to help me make over his still-noobed avatar – and within a week he was off on his first ‘date’ – HA! Sadly, she left him a few weeks later for a gargoyle.

He and I got to be better and better friends. Soon we were talking on Skype a few hours a night and spending even more time together. He was funny and smart – two things I can’t resist in a man! After a few more months, we were chatting via Skype and phone six or more hours a day. We started having long-distance dates – we would both shop at our respective Trader Joe’s and talk on the phone, choosing the same dinner, then prepare it in our kitchens while chatting, then eat dinner together over Skype – and sometimes (since we were in the same time zone) watch a movie together.

Boinks Nitely

We agreed to meet in person in August of 2007 – and it was the same week that my sim ‘Jalisco’ was written up in the New York Times Home & Garden Section. Seriously! My original avatar is Rooby Begonia (shhhh!) and here’s a link to the article -

Seth Schlegal – or, rather, the person behind that avie – and I have been married for a year and a half. We ended up each moving from the state we lived in to be together, and have made a wonderful life together. We honeymooned in England with friends we’d met through Second Life. Yes, we’re a bit of an oddity – but we’ll take it. In Second Life years, we’ve been together an eternity.

14 Responses to “Boinks Nitely — Post 6 Grrrrrl”

  1. Inniatzo

    Jan 15th, 2011

    I like the pics! Nice shots!

  2. James Freud

    Jan 15th, 2011

    Hooker? How much for a handjob?

  3. Carmen

    Jan 15th, 2011

    Great write up and beautiful pictures of a pretty av too

  4. Marianne

    Jan 15th, 2011

    That’s what I call a well written bio. Thank you for the link, it was interesting reading. Boinks poses well too, and you got to love a girl with seashells in her hair. (third pic)
    I am sure she has tested out poses and accessories first, to pick ones that look good.
    I like the photographer too, the use of SL backgrounds work so well and the treatment is soft, yet vibrant.

  5. Just Me

    Jan 15th, 2011

    Despite all the ‘naysayers’ and gloom merchants here, this post shows that people do meet, fall in love and live their lives without drama or griefing or fake superheros, etc.

    I personally know of four couples who met in SL and are now together and happily married in RL .. and I’m sure there are many many more. They are part of the SL folks who live their lives, enjoy themselves, and don’t raise hell or cause drama…. the silent majority. I wish we’d hear more from them rather than from the drama queens and grief merchants who normally hang out here.

  6. marilyn murphy

    Jan 15th, 2011

    wonderful post sixx. maybe tim needs to be afraid.

  7. Nelson Jenkins

    Jan 15th, 2011

    I am impressed. The bloom (glow effect) is a bit much but the write-up makes up for that. And the avatar isn’t bad either.

  8. Tourmaline

    Jan 16th, 2011

    Wonderful article!! I have had the wonderful opportunity to have met Boinks and Seth within my first month in SL. I can honestly say I have never met two more wonderful people. I love them both dearly!

  9. Miss J

    Jan 18th, 2011

    I like the pictures…to a extent. Your blur and glow were overly used, lighten up on it and your pictures will be a success

  10. Jill

    Jan 21st, 2011

    Nice Avie but the avie’s name screams “I am a man!”

  11. Tourmaline

    Jan 21st, 2011

    haha..shows how little you know !! More woman than you can handle is more the point !

  12. Pappy Enoch

    Jan 21st, 2011

    “More woman than you can handle is more the point !”

    I are up to the task, if’n Miss Boinks don’t mind a-shaggin’ wif a fake hillbilly who am a supermodel IRL, livin’ on Omar Sharif’s yacht in Monaco.

  13. AM Oderngrl

    Jan 21st, 2011

    Wait! What? I thought it was the Herald’s yacht? And if it is….so….Uri is…..Omar Sharif?

  14. Obvious Schism

    Jan 22nd, 2011

    I once played a few games of bridge with Omar Sharif. The only Uri he mentioned was Uri Geller, the self- proclaimed mystifier and spoon-bender.

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