Drama Philter — Post 6 Grrrrrl

by Alphaville Herald on 05/04/11 at 12:43 pm

 [I met Drama Philter a couple of years ago and have been enchanted ever since. I was thrilled to bump into her again the other day, and even more thrilled when she finally agreed to pose for Post 6. She is one of the most genuinely funny people I have ever met, and certainly one of the smartest. It is my great pleasure and honor to introduce this week's Post 6 Grrrl, Drama Philter. ~Timothy Morpork]

Drama Philter Final 1

So I find myself nude on a strange and often hostile blog in the middle of the holiest of seasons. It is exactly the sort of mental quandary, the very quintessential fork in the spiritual divide, that other of Earth’s travelers have faced. I find solace in the words of those that have experienced the horns of similar dilemmas before me.

Kickin' in the front seat
Sittin' in the back seat
Gotta make my mind up
Which seat can I take?

And if you’ve seen the video, you know she picks the back seat.

Which leads me to my present.

Hi. I’m Drama. Nice to meet you. When Timothy asked me to pose here I said “No effing way” and then I said yes. It’s a nice place to visit, so I came for a cup of coffee, wore a couple of my favorite avatars, blew the photographer and left.

Drama Philter Final 2

Ok, I was kidding about that. I really like all my avatars- I have no favorites. The invisible girl avie is especially fun because it sooooo freaks out the newbies.

Second Life is a great easel on which to paint cool things. I hope that it lasts beyond the next several months many of your readership has been predicting for it, roughly the same couple of months you’ve been predicting for it since roughly 2007 when I started reading The Herald.

And speaking of The Herald, may I just stop here for a moment and say how glad I was to see my friend Jimbo Quality come back and write some more. Thank you Senban for digging him out of his hole.

As I was saying, Second Life is a nice place. I know it’s fun to bash it and make ourselves feel smart by dumping on someone else’s business plan, but it’s truly a remarkable world and I hope it lives long and prospers. I find all of the little tribes people have formed within it fascinating- fashionistas and furries and griefers and goons. It’s like a perfect ecosystem of geek and it’s not only fun to play in, it’s fun to observe from a distance. If you could float fruit in it, it would surpass Jell-o in my book.

Drama Philter Final 3

I promised I’d write something to go with my pictures and now I have so done. I would write more, but:

Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs
Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal
Seein' everything, the time is goin'
Tickin' on and on, everybody's rushin'
Gotta get down to the bus stop
Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends

15 Responses to “Drama Philter — Post 6 Grrrrrl”

  1. marilyn murphy

    Apr 5th, 2011


  2. carmen Kirax

    Apr 5th, 2011

    Brilliant pics and write up too, love the avatars

  3. Senban Babii

    Apr 5th, 2011

    Best Post 6 in a long time (and not just because I got a mention XD)

    Well written, creative avatars and credit to Timothy for the photos too.


  4. Yak Wise

    Apr 5th, 2011

    Very nice and well written… More like these please…

  5. Skye Donardson

    Apr 6th, 2011

    Excellent all around. :)

  6. Oh noes

    Apr 6th, 2011

    I was a little disappointed by the cover picture because I thought you were one of those non-human avatars but I’m glad to say I was pleasantly suprised.


  7. Oh noes

    Apr 6th, 2011

    Okay, I just read it and you’re reference to rebecca black pleases me.

  8. hobo kelly

    Apr 6th, 2011

    just a minute, i have to go drill a hole in my head so the brain cell that is rattling around in there can get out…

  9. Pappy Enoch

    Apr 6th, 2011

    Nuffin’ beats jello with fruit, ma’am, lessen it are jello made out o’ Shine with fruit.

    Will you marry me?

  10. Frank Hoof

    Apr 6th, 2011

    So obviously a RL bloke

  11. Senban Babii

    Apr 7th, 2011

    So the fact that George Eliot, the author of Silas Marner, was actually Mary Anne Evans, reduces the quality of the novel?

    Writing or indeed any other form of creative process under a pen name related to the opposite gender is actually a fine literary tradition. Why should SL be any different?

    If anything, the fact that men use female “characters” to produce content for SL is nothing more than a continuation of literary tradition.

    There’s a world of difference between someone using a female avatar for sexual kicks and someone using a female avatar as a literary tool.

  12. Oh noes

    Apr 7th, 2011

    Dan Brown actually has a vagina.

  13. Miglada Winkler

    Apr 7th, 2011

    I’m not so sure she’s a guy, Frank. She sounds pretty female when I talk to her on voice.

    Nice job Drams.

  14. Bela

    Apr 8th, 2011

    @Frank Hoot

    Er, so what?

  15. Magdalena Outlander

    May 10th, 2011

    @Frank – I find it interesting that when a guy makes Post 6 there are never any comments of “he’s so obviously a shiela in real life”. Why is it that men only worry about the (presumed) RL gender of female avatars, even robot and invisible ones?

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