Shocking ‘Man-of-Steel’ Incident Mars SL SciFi Convention

by Pixeleen Mistral on 24/07/11 at 9:13 pm

Kalel "Steely Dan" Venkman griefed with his own path light prims

I'm not sure why anyone would think it was a good idea to invite the Justice League Unlimited to the Second Life Science Fiction Convention 4 held earlier this month - and further compound the problem by placing the JLU plot directly next to the Bronyville exhibit. 

JLU Bronyville
JLU members chatted up Bronyville fans 

The JLU are well-known for attracting trouble as their supposedly anti-griefer roleplay invites opposing factions to troll the virtual superheros for a super over-reaction. But someone with a wicked sense of the surreal did place the JLU and Twinkie Swizzle's Bronyviile plots side-by-side, causing predictable drama - or lulz - depending on your perspective.  

Kalel Venkman - a man of steel with super powers?

It seems an unfortunate incident involving Viagra-style path light enhancements to Kalel Venkman's superman avatar at the convention sim may account for recent uptick in paranoid gibberish at Kalel's Krypton Radio blog. Krypton Radio has emerged as exactly the sort of blog you would expect from victims of toxic immersion in comic-book culture - a site where a roiling electrical storm of conspiracy theories are treated as gospel and Kalel's sock puppets reign supreme.

If Michele Bachmann played Second Life she would feel right at home in the JLU - and express outrage that pictures of the man of steel with one of his own path light prims strategically placed have been circulating. But look on the bright side. Venkman's services should be in high demand in the Zindra regions of Second Life as word of his super powers spread. 

Is Kalel a Steely Dan fan - or is he just happy to see someone to Abuse Report?

Despite the enhanced reputation for crime fighting Venkman will enjoy from this incident, I'm still wondering about the logic behind placing the JLU and Bronyville exhibits side-by-side. Perhaps GreenLantern Excelsior is to blame?

Until it was deleted by Linden Lab last week [in-depth Herald coverage to follow], Bronyville was the nexus of for Second Life fans of My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic - and also attracted visits from members of The Wrong Hands faction and GreenLantern Excelsior.

GLE Pony
GreenLantern Excelsior liked to play on Bronyville - until Linden Lab deleted the sim

Of late, GreenLantern has seemed to be more willing to play along with other factions than the steely hardliner Venkman. Did GreenLantern's pony fetish indirectly lead to Kalel's involuntary avatar prim enhancement by placing two opposing factions in close proximity? In the hall of mirrors that is teh interwebs, we may never know the whole truth.

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  1. Ryokashi

    Jul 24th, 2011

    This was a wonderful day.

  2. Atlouis

    Jul 24th, 2011

    I can’t figure out which part of that avatar is the cock…

  3. Tux

    Jul 24th, 2011

    I was at this event, I thought it very good. I especially liked the Tardis hunt. It would seem Kalel saw something he liked too.

    Was it the ponies or perhaps Kara?

  4. Robble Rubble

    Jul 24th, 2011

    It’s the part with the cape Atlas.

  5. Nidol

    Jul 24th, 2011

    This is by far the best article to ever grace the Herald.

  6. Anonymous Fan

    Jul 24th, 2011

    Pixeleen, i beg you to run away with me to try a hostile takeover of NOTW. This is teh brill.

  7. Dread Judge

    Jul 24th, 2011


  8. hobo kelly

    Jul 24th, 2011

    you know, if I wasn’t hallucenating right now, I might think it weird that… My Little Pony started out as a cartoon for 8 year old girls, then something terrible happened and young boys that same age and even older started watching My Little Pony, even worse it then spread to 4CHAN where it swept the boards from /co/ to /b/ and became a powerful meme, so powerful that it was adopted by the Patriotic Nigras and also the Patriotic Nevas and even possibly Anon as their new avatar persona in Second Life and had totally infiltrated the My Little Pony world to where it became My Little NightMare (get it?), and then at that point, of course, you get the ambulance chasers, ie, GreenLantern Excelsire in his pwretty widdle poney suit trying to get the 411 on the Patriotic Ponys…

    Or he could have just been sore, speaking of which, it looks like something went wrong with Kalolcake’s circumscision or the sausage casing just couldn’t take it anymore… damn, does that guy go walking around like that a lot these days?

  9. Fagabond "tony" Carter

    Jul 25th, 2011

    This article is full of lies and slander I will be reporting you all to the police for defaming the name of the wonderful Kalel Venkman. All of you should be ashamed of yourselves! This article is clearly a griefer article intended to grief and troll members of the Justice League America. Pixeleen is a griefer all of you reading this are griefers, just by reading this blog you are labeled as griefers in our brainiac wiki. I am running the IM trace all of you will be banned. I am DMCAing all of you and reporting you to the Lindens. Gluk gluk gluk mmmmm gluk gluk *gag cough* Oh kalel your giant metal cock is so big *gag* *gag*

  10. General Drama

    Jul 25th, 2011

    If the Herald hates the JLU that much, the JLU have gotta be the good guys.

    Simple math.

  11. Vagabond 'Tony' Carter

    Jul 25th, 2011

    @ fake a bond…

    I laughed, there’s nothing illegal here.

    Pixe’s facts are askew but that’s to be expected. The article is obviously slanted and that too is to be expected.

    The placement of the Bronies parcel next to the JLU was at Twinkies request. The sim management confirms that much.

    The Bronies themselves are a generally peaceful lot, with a few noted exceptions, exceptions LL took care of on July 18th.

    General reaction to this article… Yawn.

  12. Laugh Out Loud

    Jul 25th, 2011

    Laugh Out Loud. Laugh Out Loud. Laugh Out Loud.

    Thats really all I have to say LOL.

    I don’t hate JLU, but I don’t love them.

    I don’t agree with griefers in SL ^_^.

    Bottom line is this You grief me I grief you, and I really dont give a fuck SL Police department or not LL Can slurpp my butt and keep banning my alts, and spoofed MAC’s I really don’t care.

    I Like peace in SL, but something LL Fails to do something about griefer groups in Second Life just because of account age or something, and All these so called Anti Griefer groups refuse to help residents who are getting griefed in SL, costing people real money, and for this reason sometimes Griefing has to be done to fight and win a war, sad but true, I have filed multiple abuse reports helping a friend against a griefer group who created a group in his name, and LL Doesn’t do anything which is fuc*ed up.

    But hey if these griefers want a war we can have a war Fuc* if I care because I will win anything any time any place, but so far they are just a bunch of little pansys hiding on a private estate behind ban walls, No scripts/No objects because they are pussy and suck at trolling/griefing.

    If I wanted to I could take offline every sandbox region in Seconds all at the exact same time get banned by LL come right back and do it again, for 8 hours straight I don’t care.

    So bottom line is Dont fuck with me and while I may like the SLPD, and some anti grief groups just keep SL Peaceful, and dont tread on me (;

  13. Anon

    Jul 25th, 2011

    Looks like Krypton Radio already beat you to the coverage on the Bronies incident. And the Red Square and Revolution incident.

    SHOCK! Herald covers up Wrong Hands losing everything!

    Well, I guess THAT’S not a shock.

  14. Laugh Out Loud

    Jul 25th, 2011

    ht tp:// LOL

  15. grinch

    Jul 25th, 2011

    We actually can’t get enough of JLU, i thought we gave you fools some time to actually stand a chance but alas the kryptonian kush give us super griefing powers so ur fucked JLU.

    For the lulz bitches!!!!

  16. Dave Bell

    Jul 25th, 2011

    I missed all this.

    Obviously, nobody knows what’s happening in SL unless they look in just the right place at just the right time. I have heard the Lindens are looking to recruit a PR professional.

    Maybe one of you guys could try for the job?

  17. Nelson Jenkins

    Jul 25th, 2011

    @ Laugh Out Loud

    SLPD? Serious? SLPD died around 2006, and for good reason. (I closed it.) “SLPD” groups today are nothing but immature tools that have the delusion of power. LL regularly ignores SLPD abuse reports, so much so that they simply ignore all of my ARs 5 years later.

    Oh, and please explain why you would want to waste your time crashing a shithole of a game for 8 hours straight. I can see the lulz in crashing something big like WoW or PSN, but Second Life public sandboxes? Get a life, honestly.

  18. Laugh Out Loud

    Jul 25th, 2011

    ht tp://

    Hey JLU want some GRIEFERS, Just go there!

  19. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Jul 25th, 2011

    how sad.

  20. DF

    Jul 25th, 2011

    Interresting news. Can someone point me to a factual coverage on the bronies and LLs actions regarding that?

    To hear that a.o. the PN have adopted MLP avs as their new ‘uniform’ is rather amusing. Thats about as furry as you can go without going full out furfag.
    I guess it once again proves something everyone already knew. PN are just closet furfags :3

    Dont judge us bronies too harshly tho. We’re not all griefers, or furries, or closet furries even.

    PS. Who knows why 12 year old girls would watch a show intended for men of 18 to 25 years. It’s one of the world’s great mysteries.

  21. hobo kelly

    Jul 25th, 2011

    [20:50] [X]: not the slightest, some coup between admins
    [20:50] [X]: I suspect we aren’t getting it back though
    [20:51] [X]: Curly got hacked, twinkie and rembrandt got banned for supposedly being the hackers
    [20:51] [Y]: Got hacked, again?
    [20:51] [X]: then the bronies group went apeshit, accusing Curly or getting them banned falsely so that he could control everything
    [20:51] [X]: no, not again, the last time he was hacked was what set off these events
    [20:51] [X]: so depending on who you believe
    [20:52] [X]: maybe the sim owner is powerhungry and got the other admin ponies banned
    [20:52] [X]: or maybe its a big misunderstanding
    [20:52] [Y]: Banned from the sim, or Second Life?
    [20:52] [X]: nobody knows what actually happened and is just speculating at this point
    [20:52] [X]: banned from Second Life, which is why the sims are gone
    [20:53] [X]: I barely know any of them so im not gonna make any judgements
    [20:53] [X]: but the place has been a giant dramafest from the start
    [20:54] [Y]: As are most things spawned by 4chan, though… /co/ board or not.
    [20:54] [X]: one conspiracy theory is that a chan hacker got into all the admin’s accounts
    [20:55] [X]: and maybe used the sim admin’s computer as a proxy to hack Curly
    [20:55] [X]: to get them all turning on each other and fifing off all these bans and stuff.

  22. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Jul 25th, 2011

    I like ice-cream. (^_^)

  23. Atlouis

    Jul 25th, 2011

    @ Vagabond
    I thought Kalel told you to stop posting on blogs you can’t moderate…derp

  24. James Freud

    Jul 25th, 2011


    This is by far the ONLY article to ever grace the Herald.

  25. Uccello

    Jul 25th, 2011

    Wait. There was a Science Fiction convention in SL? And it wasn’t the first one? Nicely advertised, it seems.

  26. hobo kelly

    Jul 25th, 2011

    uh huh, I knew there was a Trek connection in all of this. Besides the big Trek Shuttle Craft hovering in the air behind the My Little BoneyPony exibit, I notice that one of the boneyponys has a SFA tag on as does that Greenlantern shape shifter guy. (spandex man / poney / spandex man / pony / etc). Photo 1 up there shows Green Lantern giving marching instructions to his minions just moments before he transforms into a Brony and heads on in… but the Trek connection is so distasteful to me… this has to be put right. someone, or someTHING, in the form of a Shapeshifter has obviously infiltrated the Federation. See? This is the kind of crap that I’m talking about. You go into Second Life as a happy noob or something, or even as a seasoned SL survivor, and you want to join one of the Trek groups, its like putting a revolver to your head with one bullet in it, spinning the cylinder, and pulling the trigger whether or not you happen to run into some busy body meddler like the Shapeshifter. I have been tracking him. I have been tracking him for over 4 years now. I have watched secret meetings between the Shapeshifter and other members of his retinue in far flung regions of the galaxy. Places you might not expect. Places built by sword swallowers and owned by Intlibbers. They had a bad infection there and even though the infection was eradicated, the body didn’t survive in the end. This is a warning to any and all who are involved in the SL Trek community: Watch Out – There is evil lurking within your ranks at high levels. Refuse orders if you think your leaders are comprimised. Tell them that you are NOT THIER PRIVATE ARMY and they can go stuff it where the Quasars Dont Shine. Vigilance at all times. Copy? Roger Over? Ok, now, data readout, eyes only…

    SFA Security Group
    Members: 22
    Founder: Markus Strong
    Closed Enrollment
    A Second Life extention of The Federation, formerly the International Federation of Trekkers. This group is only open to security personel involved in the SL science-fiction community and associated groups. This group is required for the proper permissions on SFA Security Group properties. This group is managed by IFT GEO 99.
    For the official web site, go to:
    IFT is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation based out of Amherst, Ohio.

  27. GG3

    Jul 26th, 2011

    So, does the magical ban-train follow the JLU everytime they “go” somewhere?

    Hmmm, dat smells like some B.S.

    And that metal-dildo is hilarious, btw.

  28. paul

    Jul 26th, 2011

    wow you guys take this SL griefing stuff seriously, don’t you? I never would have imagined. Does it really give you a sense of satisfaction to be a player in this arena??? personally, I would think that peeling an apple and watching it turn brown would be more rewarding.

  29. General Drama

    Jul 26th, 2011

    Fake General Drama (aka Kalel Venkman),
    Gee Kalolz, cant seem to be happy with your own sock puppets, gotta try to coopt someone elses?
    Here’s the facts: JLU got their booth right next to Bronyville in order to troll the innocent bronies and spai on them, which is typical. The JLU don’t belong at a Scifi convention, because they arent a cosplay or fan group, they are a vigilante group that happens to wear superhero outfits in order to establish some sort of ‘legitimacy’, and who bring significant DIScredit to the idea of superheroes.
    Bronyville is/was a legitimate community of true fans of the fantasy cartoon show.
    Kalel Venkman and Soft Linden (aka Angel Fluffy, aka Soft Noel) convinced Curly Fride, who was pissed off that other Bronies were introducing their own pony avatars to market, to try to blame his account getting hacked on other group coowners as an excuse to get them demoted from group ownership, so Curly and the JLU could hijack the group and turn it into a Non-PG furfag infested group full of furry porn and yiffing ponies. The legitimate owners had steadfastly refused to allow yiffing or any sort of sexual content in the Bronyville sims, which, as anybody familliar with the furfag/BDSM mafia at LL should realize, pissed off a lot of perverts at the Lab, who think everything is better with moar cocks.
    When the unbanned legit owners convinced curly that he had to reinstate them as coowners, and he complied, if only to “prove” his innocence to the rest of the Bronies community, they quickly reported his conspiracy with Soft Linden to LL, which triggered more bans of those reporting this corruption.

  30. Reader

    Jul 26th, 2011

    General, how do you know so much?

  31. Reader

    Jul 26th, 2011

    Back to the story at hand…………Viaigra? Funny how that would come up. This is no joke, the newest Viaigra commercial to hit the networks shows these ponies pulling this guys stuck truck out from the mud. Oh the irony. Has Bronyville just save the Herald from what was otherwise a certain death? The coverage here had seemingly been drifting into oblivion until yesterday.

    The writer of this ‘man-of-steel’ story seems to be a bit confused. Could it be the Viaigra?

  32. Yep

    Jul 26th, 2011

    Go getem Tiger :P

  33. Pappy Enoch

    Jul 26th, 2011

    Bring on Lex Luthor! That rascal gots him a pocket full o’ Kryptonite.

  34. hobo kelly

    Jul 26th, 2011

    I like that term “innocent bronies” haha thanks GD, that made me lol. It figures that Linden Labs is in bed with Kalolcakes. This is exactly what I am refering to when I warn people not to hook up with strangers in SL because food for thought might go into one avatars ears and come out of another avatars ass… if you know what I mean. So does this Angel Fluffy live near Simi Valley too? Maybe Fluff and Venk get together for a quick afternoon away mission where they meetup in RL and polish the plasma corrosion off of certain ODN conduit piping. Really, the depravity you describe above between certain SL residents and Linden Lab employees really deserves to be contained within the Blake Sea area around the Hollywood sim where most of that kind of depravity currently takes place on a daily basis (avoid that area).

    Bottom Line: SHUT DOWN SECOND LIFE SOONER RATHER THAN LATER because the staff at Linden Labs are corrupt and disguise themselves while they squeeze their daily requirement of LULZ out of the SL residents. It is no wonder why Woodbury pushed back against these creeps.

  35. paul

    Jul 26th, 2011

    @ hobo

    Does it make sense to describe Linden Lab as “corrupt” when they are a private company running a business that you have the option to indulge in or not? If you believe they run their business badly, you might say they are ‘incompetent’, and if they cheat people you might say they are ‘criminal’, but “corrupt’ implies they break a public trust, which is, i think, more appropriate for government officials or maybe, say, school teachers taking money for grades.

    Seeing Linden Lab as an entity that could be “corrupt” (as opposed to merely incompetent or deceitful) gives them a lot of credit. Sorta like seeing SL griefers as anything more silly vandals who crave any kind of attention they can get.

  36. Atlouis

    Jul 27th, 2011

    Intlib, I honestly don’t know why you even bother posting under aliases on these comments…

  37. IntLibber

    Jul 27th, 2011

    Atlas, aliases?

  38. Atlouis

    Jul 27th, 2011

    *a wild intlibber appears*

  39. GG3

    Jul 27th, 2011


    Yes, Linden Labs indeed had a not “squeak clean” past as far as banning and suspensions went, something that you should look up in your spare time ;)

    Along with the hustlers looking to cash-out at every opportunity, you also have those with too much time on their hands those one who think by butt-kissing/aka doing the dirty deed for the company that they’ll get favors. To them, the four corners of Second-Life is their only life, a life where they can get away with much b.s. by sheer number and influence and the ignorance of those who take Second-Life as serious as their real, breathing, first life.

    Why not? Second-Life ,a were random people can have so much influence over a single companies software that they themselves think they are self-promoted along the ranks of CEO Linden Labs. Why do you think LL had JLU around for-ever since it’s beginning, even when Kalel has done garbage that is both unethical and obnoxious? Why do you think LL has changed their policy to make JLU AR spree more flexible for groups like these to abuse? Obvious favoritism is obvious.Not to mention the fact LL keeps everything about your account pretty-much in the dark.

    Do these people exist outside Second-Life with their back-talk and babble? Only to those that listen, other than that, no. JLU sits comfty in its little box because Second-Life is the only place they can really “get away” with their crap, which is why you only see and hear of them in Second-Life. Had Kalel parade with his mess in other games, he and his group would have been removed pretty quickly (and i’m not talking about the wannabe mini “Second life” grids sprouting up either).

    The JLU are fanatics, and it’s obvious at this point Mr. Kalel has a problem with being obsessive. It’s sad how blind those in his group are to his personal-agenda-ridden grudge against those who came from wood-burry, and he uses them like willing fools . And then the furries, with their agenda-ridden balony trying to get everyone and ever-body to accept, and even embrace their animal yiffing madness. The furs back in 1997/1998 were fun and cool, today’s furs are a disgrace and a far-cry from what use to be fun and playful.

    It’s because people keep treating Second-Life as a real, first life that there will also be a hindrance. It’s also the fault of Linden Labs, for advertising their software as a replacement for people’s lives, along with bloated e-ego’s on fake, pix-elated t-shirts and e-c0cks .It’s a constant dance between real-life and internet-related behavior which will always tip the balance and easily confuse those who can’t, or simply do not want to, establish the difference between those two relations.

  40. paul

    Jul 27th, 2011


    Thank you for your thoughtful and informative response. I have no doubt that the shenanigans you describe occur, but my point is still that SL is a privately owned business, so to expect or characterize this as ‘corruption’ or to hold LL and SL residents to the same standards as you would people in a real, civil society is silly…a point you make as well from another direction.

    One thing I find interesting, however, is that I have been in SL for several years, I own an entire sim, and run a sorta successful business (which means I make enough L$ to pay a good portion of my sim each month such that I dont feel like a complete loser). Inworld, I have never been griefed by any of the groups routinely discussed in these pages, and neither have I ever seen any of these JLU clowns. The only reason I know about any of this is from reading the Herald and other SL blogs. So, for me, your statement about ‘only seeing them in SL’ is not true in my case. It is my belief that by and large, people end up with the Second Life they deserve.

    fanatism is indeed unfortunate, and I also don’t understand the uproar over furries “with their agenda-ridden balony trying to get everyone and ever-body to accept, and even embrace their animal yiffing madness.” I have never experienced the “furry agenda” in SL either…the furries that I have run into (including some good friends) seem like any other SL resident except they wear animal avatars. /me shrugs. I am sure some furries can be A-holes, (just like anyone else), but sometimes the anti-furry business seems to me like the homophobia we experience here in the USA, where people demanding ‘equal’ rights are accused of demanding ‘special’ rights just because their lifestyle makes some people uncomfortable.

  41. General Drama

    Jul 28th, 2011

    Good guess, but is anybody you’re afraid of automatically Kalol Venkman? BWA-HA_HA!

  42. A Furry Hole

    Jul 28th, 2011


    “I am sure some furries can be A-holes, (just like anyone else)”

    /me puts a paw up

    Other than that I’m with Imnotgoing Sideways “I like ice-cream. (^_^)”

  43. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jul 30th, 2011

    Look at those pony avatars! How could you resist joining the group and getting one for free? They are so cute!

  44. Tux

    Jul 30th, 2011

    My Little Pony is cute . . . for little girls. Grown men, wishing to turn them into so sort of nuyiff is simply perverse. Curly Fride, the creator of the original avatar, also made sexual organs for it.

    Personally I find adult twists on children’s themes quite repulsive.

    That said, I attended the event as I am an avid Dr Who fan. I did notice the pixel police following and tracking me as I visited the sights. I didn’t see any griefing for the most part. I even offered Kalel some advice, although he failed to reply.

    When the griefing did happen it seemed to be centred on the JLU. Starting with a long cat being placed over their radio tower. Then allsorts of imagery, prims and particles was deployed. I was amazed all this happened under the noses of the pixel police.

    I was highly amused Kalel’s own metal penis was subtly deployed directly to his crotch. He was the creator and owner of this item, which makes me wonder if he did it himself. After all there was no griefing except when the JLU was there. If he did do this himself to claim the event was being subjected to griefing it probably would have been better if he didn’t only target his group.

    On another note, I suggest turning of remote media (for media on a prim) around both the JLU and the pixel police. I was watching my network and noticed a lot of calls to when Kalel tp’d in. This seems to indicate some sort of mobile redZone alt detection system. All in the name of justice of course.

  45. hobo kelly

    Jul 30th, 2011

    so the My Little Boner Ponies have sex organs so they can Mount each other and yiff away. disgusting.

    GreenLantern: “hi Friendly Furry, are you really friendly? snort, snort, wanna Yiff?”

    FriendlyFurry: “snort snort, screw off”

    GreenLantern: “snort, see my Cutie Mark? it tells everybody that I know how to get to the good stuff…”

    FoxOxbar: “snort, snort, Is that guy bothering you Friendly?”

    FriendlyFurry: “snort, snort, he keeps snorting about holes and yiffing…”

    GreenLantern: “its just that unless I hookup real quick, snort snort, that guy over there is gonna think…”


  46. Senban Babii

    Jul 30th, 2011

    @Hobo Kelly
    “so the My Little Boner Ponies have sex organs so they can Mount each other and yiff away.”

    My Little Bonies perhaps?

  47. Anon

    Jul 31st, 2011

    @Tux, yeah, the bronies thing is odd.

    The JLU spy thing, pretty sure that’s bullshit. Media on a Prim is too limited to provide the kind of tracking ability you’re claiming. You need parcel media to get enough code functionality to do that, MoaP controls are too limited to be useful that way.

  48. Laugh Out Loud

    Aug 1st, 2011

    Wanna know whats funny, Not eve JLU can protect you !

    The moment I find out that JLU ever accuse me of being a griefer for any reason or no reason at all.

    I will go blow up so many sims and keep coming right back until Linden Lab locks down registrations.

    That Is All !

  49. Laugh Out Loud

    Aug 1st, 2011

    Oh yeah and don’t even think about trying to spy on me with that Media on a prim bullshit, I have everything Locked down (;

  50. DF

    Aug 1st, 2011

    Such huge amounts of BS is being spread in these comments again.

    If furries are all and only interested in yiff then explain to me why oh why the new bronie sims, this time under ownership of a Furnation admin thus obviously a furry, is PG rated? If General Drama’s tale would hold any truth at all Bronytown would be adult rated.

    And if it was *only* furries who would ever think of sexualzing these characters, surely porn of humanoid versions of MLP would not exist. Furries would not draw them human. Yet, a look around ponychan (dot net, where the /b/ronies made a new home after no longer being welcome on 4chan) shows that this stuff does exist. Explanation plz?

    And while at it, explain the word ‘clop’ as a term for porn involving ponies. Furries would just call it yiff as always. Somone not furry coined ‘clop’ and all others use it since then.

    A few minutes looking around the net and SL shows all rumors that furries only care about yiff and that all non furry bronies are as innocent as Fluttershy for what they are. Bullshit rumors.

    I do wonder why people like General Drama are always the first to chime in with their theories and opinions about furries. Why so obsessed? You must have a major chip on your shoulder there. Did a furry rape your dog or something?

    (Ps of course there’s yiffy furfag bronies and innocent /b/ronies. Im not denying that. But with a group of over 1000 members, blanket statements like the comments above by the usual people are just retarded.)

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