Jacon Cortes Slams Justice League Unlimited!!!

by Pixeleen Mistral on 31/08/11 at 2:16 am

Prime Minister of Antiquity: "It is the responsibility of Linden Labs to take action immediately"

Former allies of the Justice League Unlimited are taking pains to distance themselves from Kalel Venkman's vigilante gang as revelations of an apparent on-going program of Second Life player stalking and black ops continues to unfold.  Over the weekend I was lucky enough to interview Jacon Cortes, the Prime Minister of Antiquity - a well-known and respected 17 sim estate. I learned that Antiquity leadership, after being frustration by the lack of Linden response to abuse reports had turned to the JLU for help -- a move that they now regret.  

Jacon Cortes Prime Minister of Antiquity
Jacon Cortes, Prime Minister of Antiquity

In the interview Prime Minister Cortes called for a Linden Lab investigation of the JLU gang. Cortes slammed the JLU's actions and denounced "the collecting of any type of personal data, IP harvesting, or maintaining any personal files on avatars, period. There is no gray area here. It is against the Linden Labs TOS and its manner of secret collection is very troubling. If Antiquity had been aware of the harvesting of information, we would never have allowed the phantom zone to even be tested on the limited bases that is was within Antiquity".

The full text of the interview:

pixeleen mistral: I understand you are the Prime Minister of Antiquity, a large estate which was listed here http://thelistsl.blogspot.com/2011/08/jlu-patrol-routes.html as one of the JLU patrol routes in a recent leaks from the JLU wiki. Do you support the actions of the JLU?

Jacon Cortes: Yes, I am the elected Prime Minister of Antiquity, a 17 sim estate of pirates, courts and Victorian themed areas. I was as surprised as anyone about the extend of information that seems to have been collected by the JLU. Initially, we did support the JLU. It was the understanding of the Government of Antiquity, that their core mission was to protect our sims from griefer attacks, which we had seen an increase of on our estate and provide basic tactics to protect ourselves from more attacks. No one in Antiquity, including myself, knew or would have allowed any of these sort of actions to take place with in our lands.

pixeleen mistral: Why are the Antiquity sims listed as JLU patrol routes? Were they invited to patrol the Antiquity estate?

Jacon Cortes: Antiquity, in late 2009 I believe, was referred to the JLU to assist in training our Sim Administrators on basic tactics for protecting us from griefer attacks. The Parliament of Antiquity passed a motion to allow training of the Administrators and Estate Managers and a limited deployment of their system as a test. The training was held in the Parliament Chambers for the Administrators and sim owners.

After the training, I volunteered Antiquity Texas and Antiquity Keys, to test the phantomzone system on before deployment to the rest of the Sims. Antiquity Texas only had the phantomzone active for a few days, Antiquity Keys...was deployed for longer, maybe 3-5 months. After that period, the system was removed and not used again.

The JLU did not patrol within Antiquity. The Government of Antiquity and the Sim Administrators did not want outside groups to have Administrators rights in the Estate so the involvement of JLU in Antiquity was limited by the motion approved by the Parliament. At the time, as Prime Minister, we were grateful for the training and support given to us by the JLU. As a way of thanks, I offered the JLU an office in our Capitol, to place their group information and a display. At about the same time, Redzone had also made an appearance in Antiquity. The regions where it was deployed, were contacted by residents, and informed them of the problems surrounding Redzone, its tactics and implications it had on the Linden Labs TOS. The Redzone was removed by the sim owners as soon as the problem was brought to our attention.

pixeleen mistral: What is the position of the Antiquity government on the harvesting IP addresses, maintaining databases linking player alt accounts, and maintaining dossiers on players' real life information as many believe the JLU has done?

Jacon Cortes: If it is indeed what has happened, I can speak on behalf of the entire Antiquity Community, its Government and its Administrators. We fully denounce the collecting of any type of personal data, IP harvesting, or maintaining any personal files on avatars, period. There is no gray area here. It is against the Linden Labs TOS and its manner of secret collection is very troubling. If Antiquity had been aware of the harvesting of information, we would never have allowed the phantom zone to even be tested on the limited bases that is was within Antiquity. Our community is very diverse and inclusive. We respect the privacy of all residents and visitors in Antiquity. I would like to assure all residents of Second Life, that Antiquity does not support, condone, utilize or allow these types of privacy intrusions. It will not be tolerated in Antiquity in any manner.

pixeleen mistral: Is there a role for vigilante or "police" groups in Second Life such as the Justice League Unlimited and **Police Department**?

Jacon Cortes: Vigilante justice is never a justified course. It is the rule of law, fair and equal justice for all, that make a civil society strong and flourish. Freedom of expression and the ability to live your life, with dignity, respect and privacy. These are the foundations for creating a place that allows the opportunity for everyone to achieve what they dream.

That being said, it was by necessity that we had to look for outside help. Antiquity had been plagued by griefing attacks. Incidents were documented, photos taken and abuse reports were filed with Linden Labs. No visible action was ever taken that we were aware of. The lack of any type of action by Linden Lab is what forced us to look for alternative ways at security. The JLU, we believed, provided useful information on basic steps that could be taken to help control the problem. This service, I could see playing a useful function by groups such as JLU and the Police Department.

The problem I see is that there is no real time in-world Linden Labs response. There is no Linden Labs training on how to protect a sim from attacks. An abuse report may be submitted, but its hours or days to get a response if any at all. It is almost disheartening to be submitting a report to Linden Labs as your sims are disrupted and griefed, knowing, that action, if any at all, will be hours are days from the actual attack.

pixeleen mistral: Do you think Linden Lab will take action over this matter? Should they?

Jacon Cortes: I believe it is in the corporate interests of Linden Labs to investigate this matter to the fullest. All residents of Second Life have to be assured that their privacy is protected at all times. Any doubt in the ferocity of the enforcement of the privacy terms as set forth TOS, could cause doubt and apprehension, and in turn possibly spook potential new residents from coming in. If it is confirmed that the harvesting of private data did take place, it is the responsibility of Linden Labs to take action immediately as we have done in Antiquity.

pixeleen mistral: Is there anything else you would like to tell say to the Herald readers? What have I overlooked?

Jacon Cortes: Since its foundation in 2007, Antiquity has been an active and welcoming community in Second Life for all. The community, Government and Administrators were not in any way aware of the collection and harvesting of personal data on our sims. We would never have allowed it in any shape or form. We pride ourselves in making a community where your free to live your life as you wish, with out the fear of your personal information being revealed. The reason many of us are here is to live our SL in the manner we choose, secure in knowing, our privacy is protected. This in turn allows us, to explore and express ourselves to others, sometimes in a way, not possible in our real life.

I would like to take one final moment to invite all the Herald readers to visit Antiquity and be assured that your privacy is protected. We are a community of hard working, honest and immensely creative residents. We do live our lives in a period of time, that allows for the citizens of antiquity and its visitors, to enjoy the best of times passed. The core function of the Antiquity Parliament, is to ensure that all our citizens and visitors rights are protected and defended.

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  1. Tux

    Sep 1st, 2011

    You are either with them or against them. Jaocn and friends just made the griefer list!

  2. Innula Zenovka

    Sep 1st, 2011

    @GLE.. maybe Jacon means he’s discovered the sort of information you keep about people.

    I was aware you kept data on people, from the leaks a year ago, but wasn’t really that aware of what it was, and wasn’t really that bothered.

    However, over the last couple of weeks, now that I’ve seen the sort of data you’re keeping on people, speculating about their RL names and locations and jobs and number of children and so on, and read some of your organisation’s leaked discussions, including discussions that you yourself have participated in, I’d no sooner ask you guys to look after my security for me than I would ask JCool, Phox or zFire.

    There’s no way now I’d want to give you guys the opportunity to snoop around my tenants, customers and visitors. I’m sorry, but I now just don’t trust you lot and wouldn’t want to take the risk. I imagine Jacon and his colleagues probably feel the same way.

  3. We

    Sep 1st, 2011

    “I would have expected someone to contact JLU prior to making a public announcement like this. We could have showed them that the list of names and IP addresses was a hoax.”

    It’s their sim, they don’t need to contact you to kick you out of it. I’m not sure why you keep bringing up the IP addresses, its’ what started it, but the real flareback, as it’s been every single time the wiki has leaked (the JLU has learned absolutely nothing apparently) is that the wiki is full of way way too much personal info on people.

    It’s been explained to you so many different ways, I don’t know if you’re willfully ignorant or just that stupid:


    You’ve claimed that any information that can be found online is considered public information and can be stored or posted, does that mean you wouldn’t mind if your information was posted? I seem to remember Kalel getting very upset about his info being posted on Encyclopedia dramatica.

  4. LOL

    Sep 2nd, 2011


    I just looked up Kalel on Encyclopedia dramatica, THAT IS SOME SERIOUSLY FUNNY SHIT! His photos look like he has some kryptonite up his ass and is like totally enjoying it.


  5. GG3

    Sep 2nd, 2011


    Eww, all sweaty and nasty lookin

  6. LOL

    Sep 2nd, 2011


  7. GG3

    Sep 2nd, 2011

    I saw superman get a metal hard-on once.

    No wonder why he’s a sweaty sock muncher, those AR’s are just too irresistible!

  8. LOL

    Sep 2nd, 2011

    Kalel should change his hero tag from “Man of Steel” to “Man of Steal”

  9. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 2nd, 2011

    @ LOL

    Is it just me, or did the pictures on that page get deleted?

    And the YouTube link is dead because the account was terminated?

    Methinks JLU is behind this.

  10. GG3

    Sep 2nd, 2011


    No, it’s still there, cept youtube

    ED probably like “we don’t give a fawk” anyway. And he’s old as a mountain!

  11. GG3

    Sep 2nd, 2011

    Combine Oldness+Superman Fasinaction+Creepy Info Gather= Supah e-weirdo stalkin on the internetz

  12. [...] The Alphaville Herald have an interview with the Prime Minister of Antiquity who explains why he regrets asking the JLU for help, which can be read here. [...]

  13. LOL

    Sep 3rd, 2011

    Of corse the JLU is behind it!

    Good thing we can just hit the history tab at the top of the page to see all the past changes and Cached images. My guess is too many fake pizza & Chineese food deliveries forced that dumb fuck kalel to finally cry to some interweb admins

  14. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 3rd, 2011

    @ LOL

    Sadly you can’t view the history of a deleted image, and there’s only one version to the page itself.

  15. CheerGirl Allen

    Sep 3rd, 2011

    To GLE,

    You have been ducking me on every forum that has posted info about the JLU stealing RL information. You have sent message to people who have nothing to do with the discovery of the JLU OBJECT, PROBE and SENSORS. You have desprately tried to cover up for them. so I am just going to start reposting this on every forum I see making up more lies and excuses for kalel on.

    Why was Kalel’s Prims NOT REZZED on one of the 2 sims he was given permission to run a LIMITED 3 day test on? (rezzed on a sim he DID NOT have permission to use)

    Why was Kalel’s Prims left on the sim for MORE THEN 3 days? (hidden for over 1 year)

    Why was Kalel’s Prims HIDDEN 1.5M under the Ground so as that we had to Teraform to find it?

    Why are you trying to back up Kalel’s Lies with more of your own? (this I really want to know)

    When will you just grow the fuck up and let everyone live thier OWN SECOND LIVES? (privatly the way we choose)

    Take off your Green Lantern ring and act your age!

    I found your little Chat probes and sensors, I posted the Pics, I wrote the abuse report… you want to rebbutle any of this?

    or better yet, have Kalel come out of his fortress of solitude and Speak for him self… or are you his


  16. Denovo Broome

    Sep 3rd, 2011

    GLE: Failing to cover up in a sandbox:

    Via Tux Via http://www.sluniverse.com/php/vb/general-sl-discussion/63339-jlu-harvesting-ip-addresses-335.html#post1368524

    So this chat is from a sandbox:

    [2011/09/02 21:59] Promethium: Why are you still wearing the PD’s shit?
    [2011/09/02 22:00] Hal Jordan [GreenLantern Excelsior]: What PD’s shit is that?
    [2011/09/02 22:00] Promethium: Ban ID?
    [2011/09/02 22:01] Hal Jordan [GreenLantern Excelsior]: Where are you seeing that?
    [2011/09/02 22:01] Promethium: On your hud
    [2011/09/02 22:02] Hal Jordan [GreenLantern Excelsior]: I didn’t know that people’s HUDs were viewable externally
    [2011/09/02 22:02] Promethium: lol
    [2011/09/02 22:02] Ryokashi Revestel: Knowledge is power!
    [2011/09/02 22:02] Hal Jordan [GreenLantern Excelsior]: I guess so, and ignorance is bliss
    [2011/09/02 22:02] Promethium: I always said you could all do with some training
    [2011/09/02 22:03] Promethium: I thought they wasn’t used anymore?
    [2011/09/02 22:03] Crafty Deluxe has left the sim.
    [2011/09/02 22:03] Hal Jordan [GreenLantern Excelsior]: There was an upgrade
    [2011/09/02 22:03] Crafty Deluxe has entered the sim.
    [2011/09/02 22:03] Ryokashi Revestel: And what was in that upgrade?
    [2011/09/02 22:03] Promethium: right, lol
    [2011/09/02 22:03] Promethium: is it more efficient?
    [2011/09/02 22:04] Ryokashi Revestel: We know they switched domains for the third time in the past week
    [2011/09/02 22:04] Hal Jordan [GreenLantern Excelsior]: It’s a little more private than it was before
    [2011/09/02 22:04] Crafty Deluxe has left the sim.
    [2011/09/02 22:04] Promethium: But no brainiac?
    [2011/09/02 22:04] Hal Jordan [GreenLantern Excelsior]: That is so private that you can’t see it.
    [2011/09/02 22:05] Crafty Deluxe has entered the sim.
    [2011/09/02 22:05] Promethium: Why is that not present?
    [2011/09/02 22:05] Jim Korpov [Economic Engineer]: it’s so private nobody can see it
    [2011/09/02 22:05] Hal Jordan [GreenLantern Excelsior]: .
    [2011/09/02 22:05] Ryokashi Revestel has left the sim.
    [2011/09/02 22:05] Ryokashi Revestel has entered the sim.
    [2011/09/02 22:05] Crafty Deluxe: my ramdisk filled up :<
    [2011/09/02 22:06] kharv830 Resident has entered the sim.
    [2011/09/02 22:06] Promethium: I am surprised the JLU still use the PD stuff after everything that has happened
    [2011/09/02 22:06] Ryokashi Revestel: Yeah getting proof that they were still using IP detection was pretty bad
    [2011/09/02 22:06] Cherrangell Evensong has entered the sim.
    [2011/09/02 22:06] Hal Jordan [GreenLantern Excelsior]: Except they're not, but no one will believe that either
    [2011/09/02 22:06] Ryokashi Revestel: Yes, they were.
    [2011/09/02 22:07] Hal Jordan [GreenLantern Excelsior]: Were
    [2011/09/02 22:07] Ryokashi Revestel: As in a week ago.
    [2011/09/02 22:07] Jim Korpov [Economic Engineer]: a whole week ago
    [2011/09/02 22:07] Ryokashi Revestel: And the only reason they stopped is because they got caught.
    [2011/09/02 22:07] Promethium: Their db still exists. Even if they are not grabbing new ones, they still call access to the existing records.


    So the JLU are still using the PD's alt detection system despite saying otherwise. And yet no brainiac? I wonder why that is!

  17. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Sep 3rd, 2011

    LOL! The PD isn’t even using the PD’s alt detection system. It was shut down long ago.

  18. Tracer Graves

    Sep 3rd, 2011

  19. Potosi Abonwood

    Sep 3rd, 2011

    @GLE – If they don’t use it then why were they still collecting IPs and usernames ON THEIR MAIN SIM up until almost a week ago. The whole excuse of having a few loose orbs running around is pretty weak, a security company who can’t even account for its own system?

  20. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 4th, 2011

    @ GreenLantern Excelsior

    Ha ha, that’s rich!

  21. Yep

    Sep 4th, 2011

    Go getem Tiger :D

  22. hobo kelly

    Sep 4th, 2011

    From New York to Pennsylvania to California to… Glendale Arizona?

    (watching this video is like watching paint dry)

  23. hobo kelly

    Sep 4th, 2011

    and then by contrast, THIS IS SO DAMNED FUNNY I was rolling on the floor and laughing and peeing and… well you watch it… god you guys are so DAMNED lulzy… watch and laugh and gaze at brilliance…


  24. lol

    Sep 4th, 2011

    @Hobo Kelly

    That slcc 2010 video you posted is Down right helarious! Simply because it shows real world business that what happens if you decide to flush your real world time and money into a virtual toilet!

    I do not consider that griefing at all, I think that is an accurate depiction of an adverage day logging into Second Life.

  25. paul

    Sep 4th, 2011

    I watched the video too… so that is what ‘griefing’ is? Really? Do you really mean to tell me that there are people who think doing that is time well spent an a job well done? You do understand that that is 100% pathetic, right?

    Also, “lol”, that is not my typical SL experience at all. You guys keep talking like this stuff actually matters, but it doesn’t at all to the majority of SL residents. I have been a business and sim owner in SL for three years and have never seen anything like that. The only times I have ever heard of clowns like the TWH and the JLU is in this site.

    I keep asking myself what kind person finds doing something like what is shown in this video funny. They must have zero life whatsoever, no social skills, and have a complete lack of ability to have an actual affect on anything that actually matters. complete and utter impotence. sheesh.

  26. lol

    Sep 4th, 2011

    Does this mean I can call anyone I see using enoying gestures when they communicate on SL a Griefer? Visit any SL Welcome area and see for your self how many “Gesture Taker Griefers” you can report.

    SL is a videogame, NOT a business communication too!

    Real World business uses things like Blackberry’s, Email, LIVE Video confrences, and Boardroom meetings to conduct thier meetings. The only business I have see that can turn a profit on a videogame such as SecondLife is the Online adult industry!

  27. lol

    Sep 4th, 2011

    to add to my last comment,

    I would be very intrested to see the employe productivity statistics of ANY REAL WORLD business that has attempted to use second life.

    Perhaps there is a reasons more and more I.T. departments block access to webisites like facebook, myspace, twitter @ Second Life during business hours.

  28. lol

    Sep 4th, 2011

    even more to add..

    How does it look when Linden Lab can not even control thier own platform during thier OWN Sales pitch!

    It took more then 5 min for the hosts of that confrence to even get shit under controll and that lady at the podium was laughing the entire time!


  29. rofl

    Sep 4th, 2011

    rofl, comment pundits.

  30. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 5th, 2011

    who the fuck is cheergirl allen hehehehehe! JUMPY KNOWS!

    those quite oblivious to the sudden rise of the so-called, virtually famous, Cheergirl
    Allen was head-tard-in-charge of a mangy set of pink-clad Second Life
    Cheerleaders, (The Bimbo Cheerleaders, quite exactly). These cheer-whores sole
    and signal claim to fame was the amassing of a 14,000 strong following on
    Myspace. The Bimbo appeal was very real. Cheerleaders of every real-life stripe
    flocked to the sexualized empowerment of the pejorative “bimbo” much in the
    manner girls like to be called “bitches” or to be referred to as “sluts.” Aspiring
    tweens; high school goddesses; college/sorority pop-pom vixens; The Tanned, The
    Toned, The Flexible, The Preening Sideline Elite of millionaires’ contests of sport;
    all, joined this obscure little group with its over-flashed profile page, started by an
    utter unknown, who tapped succinctly into their inner sexiness and love of
    cartwheeling. On Myspace this meant a lot of comments, in Second Life it meant a
    lot of monies. Enter Stroker Serpentine.

    One must remain mindful of Cheergirl Allen’s very real achievement. Many
    dream of wringing money out of Second Life. Entire books are written on this
    ephemeral subject. Very few, if any gain any profit from the time, effort, energies
    and sums they sink into this virtual world. Stroker Serpentine did it by marketing
    cyber sex toys, primarily cyber sex beds. These beds animated avatars, whose users
    animatedly typed (often one-handed) erotically stimulating chat-fests, leading to a
    climax. People paid cold cash for the privilege of the experience: Stroker Serpentine became

    Cheergirl earned her payday when Stroker bought her trademarks associated
    with The Bimbo Cheerleader name and slapped the mark on some of his wares,
    creating a Bimbo Cheerleader line of products which he hoped would prove
    popular due to The Bimbo’s Myspace success. If only Second Life were so
    simple. Now, Cheergirl had a problem, and Stroker had a problem, and Jumpman
    Lane’s was the shoulder upon which Cheergirl chose to cry.

    Cheergirl had a rival for Stroker Serpentine’s affections, which was
    simple enough to understand as Stroker only feels affection for those who make
    him money and only as long as money is being made. That rival was Chelsea
    Malibu. Malibu had the genius level idea of luring the real-life pornstar Jenna
    Jameson into Second Life in late 2007. How Malibu managaged that remains
    unknown. This was at a time when many real world companies fell prey to the
    hypings of a pack of San Francisco server farmers peddling access to their hastily
    coded, subsequently buggy, virtual society, set ever so precariously on a hundred
    thousand little boxes in air-conditioned rooms around the world, give or take a box
    or two.”-EXCERPTED FROM
    Douchery thy Name is
    The Rise and Fall of Kevin Alderman
    AKA Stroker Serpentine in Second Life
    By Jumpman Lane

  31. dickie beck

    Sep 5th, 2011


  32. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 5th, 2011

    @ Jumpman Lane

    Nice formatting.

  33. lol

    Sep 5th, 2011

    @dickie beck

    I thought he was already prime minister :-P

    also are you related to Glenn Beck?

  34. fararden

    Sep 5th, 2011

    @Jumpman Lane

    So what if Cheerleader used to be a favorite of Stroker Serpentine, the discussion is about JLU not Stroker Serpentine. Stroker Serpetine already made a fool of himself by going on an espisode of Taboo and saying he has orgies with his virtual daughters. Whatever.

  35. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 5th, 2011

    @nelson i prefer using pages i.e. apple puters when i type stuff but windows based pcs when i play sl so sometimes i have to shift between the two os and formsatting gets lost sometimes in the mix

    @faraden its helpful to keep alla these saps straight i think. cheerwhore is best defined as a stroker serpentine alt. best kept in mind whilost wondering why in hell that sap is runnin round all over the grid stirng up a shitstorm inna toilet bowl hehehehehe

    the jlu is tardy! gle is a perfect example of a sap. i lke that jacon’s riffly shirt hehehehe

  36. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 5th, 2011

    crap i meant to type stroker minion not alt hehehehe i had alt onna brain caws i was usin one last week while lurkin over at the bimbo dump and kept adjusting the poseballs ona bimbo cheertrash sex bed that a guy with the same clipped mullet and (2006 craptacular avi) as stroker was trying to cyber some anonymous bimbo cheerleader! well i HOPED i was interreputin the great serpentine and his most fave cheerwhore caws HE logged then my alt hopped on the pose balls then SHE logged. it was an alt filled day.

    cheergirl allen is best discribed as a stroker minionnot a stroker alt lol

    oh and kick thos datamining jlu cyber spys offa the grib and take back gle’s green lantun suit! its gotta be some kinda infringement

  37. hobo kelly

    Sep 5th, 2011

    Ok, so everybody liked the video with TWH reminding people of what a shit sandwich second life is by taking over the srs bsns meeting with noises. :)

    The video of GreenLantern Excelsior’s front porch in a rainstorm wasn’t very popular it seemed. :(

    So… how about… how about we watch the Super Sekret Woodbury Room Party from SLCC 2011 this morning? really? you want to? ok lets watch:

  38. Miss J

    Sep 5th, 2011

    jumpman lame is only mentioning stroker because he still has his panties in a bunch about cheergirl getting one of his slutty friends permabanned.

    stay on topic retard

  39. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 5th, 2011

    @ Miss J you most certainly ARE right i am pissed that Cheerturd Allen got my pal Veronica2vixen Devoix , former Avastar reporter permanetly banned from Second Life! I wouldnt use the phrase “panties in a bunch” caws Jumpy dont wear drawls! hehehe but i am most certainly mad! and from hell’s heart i will stab at them! for hate’s sake i will spit my last breath at them, though tied to them, those accurded turds. sink all coffins to one common pool! thus i give up the spear! (to misquote melville not that turd on star trek the wrath of khan! lol)

  40. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 5th, 2011

    and free V2V whi’ u at it godDAMN IT!

  41. Yep

    Sep 5th, 2011

    Go get em Tiger :P

  42. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 5th, 2011

    @ Jumpman Lane


  43. Avatars United

    Sep 5th, 2011


    How do you expect us to believe your wrting an entire book when it is obvious to all the readers here you can not even write a complete sentence? Also I must admit I am intrested to possibly download a pirated copy will your so called book when it is complete. Will it be in the Fiction or Self Help section at amazon.com?

  44. Miss J

    Sep 5th, 2011

    Prok has it right, the griefers are using SLUser’s as fiddles to get JLU disbanded and/or off the grid.

    Did the JLU step over a very thin line that should not have been crossed? Sure. Does JLU need to be punished for harvesting IP addresses and harvesting RL info? Of course.

    I have yet to run across any active member of the JLU and if I ever will they will be muted and ignored on the spot. I don’t support them.

    SLU is full of tinfoil hat users.

  45. GG3

    Sep 5th, 2011

    No. Prok does not have it “right”, regular users are against this just as anyone with common sense. They are not being “used”.

    The JLU deserved to be banned, just like red-zone has. They have far, far over-step their boundaries and it needs to be addressed accordingly.

    An entire group of customer’s shouldn’t have their privacy at risk for nut-jobs in costumes on the internet.

  46. hobo kelly

    Sep 6th, 2011

    Prokofy Neva is as full of shit as a Christmas Goose. She has been in tight with the JLU for a long time. She, like Venkman have an ageist problem where they simply cannot tolerate the idea of the younger generation overtaking them and telling them what to do, among other things. You want to know what would be even more incriminating than the JLU wiki?? the Prokofy Neva wiki… get that wiki liberated and watch the fun. The JLU are a gang of pedophiles who are so addicted to their perversion of stalking juveniles on the grid that they resemble some kind of religious zelots. JLU = Juvenile Lovers United

  47. LOL

    Sep 6th, 2011

    Prok is Jumpman’s Mother

  48. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 6th, 2011

    @ avatars united Well grammar is overrated. So are spellcheckers! Yup I most certainly am writing a full length book on Stroker & his passle of turdbucket minions! “Douchery thy name is Serpentine: The Rise and Fall of Kevin Alderman AKA Stroker Serpentine in Second Life” I’m sure certain people can’t wait! Lol

    @ LOL contrary to popular belief Prokofy Neva us not my mother (OR my father whi’ ya bullshittin hehehehe

    Being banned on slu & second citizen mark deuce and got virtual I don’t unnastan cheergirl’s hard on for the jlu, BUT I know who she is and her turdy associates so I’m interested in finding out lol

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