PaleFire’s Open Letter to Kalel Venkman

by PaleFire on 21/08/11 at 8:18 pm

Have griefers turned the JLU into a paranoid collective?

When I approached Peter Ludlow at the Society of Cinema and Media Studies in May 2010, I never would have guessed that my research would cause so much concern among anti-griefing organizations, and by that, I mean specifically Kalel Venkman.  Here’s why I am writing this post now, even though I have been conducting my research on griefers since 2006. Apparently, warning notices were sent out to the "Proactive Security" group about me today:

A Reminder - do not interview with Defne Demar

She claims to have only weak ties to the Alphaville Herald, the griefer apologia tabloid run by Pixeleen Mistral, but the truth is that she's in so deep with them she's almost out the other side.  She's working on a book for Peter Ludlow, whose only aim is to glorify griefers.  Anything you give her will not be used for good.

Best advice is to refuse to talk to her, or mute her if you'd rather not be bothered by this person. You all know me well enough that I never say something like this lightly.


Let’s back up a bit. When I started my research on Second Life, I was a graduate student writing my dissertation on cross-media storytelling. I thought it would be neat to include the disruptive narratives that griefers in Second Life generate as an example of vernacular creativity. At the time, Voted5 had just got banned and all the usual suspects were hanging out at the #SL IRC. So I hung out at the IRC, but also went to SLCC 2006 to establish some contacts and meet the community at large. All were welcoming and friendly.  I am grateful to have them as my friends. I started hanging around in Baku and try to connect with the W-Hat - with mixed success. No surprise there.

Some acted like horses ass, pretended that they were giving me “false” information, while others (like Masakazu Kojima and Decomposing Monstre) were genuinely interested in giving me information about how they build/create/generate stories in this virtual environment such as Second Life. 

I went back to SLCC in 2007 and 2008 and gave papers on the griefing subculture. Right around the time when I was ending my field work, I was able to establish contact with the PN and talked to their leader, Frizzlefry, who again was (and still is) genuinely interested in answering my questions about their organization and their raids. He introduced me to a bunch of their members in their IRC so I can talk to all of them.

Around that time (June 10, 2008 to be exact), I e-mailed Kalel Venkman to ask for an interview and he told me to e-mail him my questions and he’d be happy to answer them. I sent him my human subjects consent form (as required by the IRB-the human subject’s bureau) and waited for him. He sent me the following e-mail the very next day explaining the goal of his organization and some comments about the PN, but failing to give me an interview. I am posting this very first e-mail with some of my comments:

You have a considerably long paper trail behind you, and that is something quite difficult to forge.  While I may not have any great trust of you at the moment, I do not have any great DIStrust of you either, and your approach to the subject matter appears quite scholarly. I do have over-arching concerns for the safety of the people with whom I relate on a daily basis, so you'll forgive my caution, I hope.

So, I thought, great! He acknowledges that I have a valid research agenda and that I am *not* pretending to be someone else that I am not, but he is a bit careful. That is to be expected. The e-mail continued:

I would be willing to share information so as to assist you in building a more balanced picture of events, but may have to omit details on occasion where safety or security would be compromised in the telling.  If we approach such information in our discussions, I will let you know rather than simply fabricate information.  In return, I hope that you will respect my need to keep some things in reserve.  The PN do not operate in the virtual world alone.”

I thought, perfect, as I do want to take a more balanced approach and I don’t need the security details anyway. I want to hear about how the PN is related to the Internet at large. Of course, he is going to withhold some sensitive information. The e-mail continued to explain his organization and how the griefer collective re-imagines/reinvents the history of Second Life:

“Also, I have been running a fairly successful organization within this virtual environment for over two years now, and have acquired what I believe may be some interesting insights into the social dynamic of the metaverse within which we function.  I believe that the principles involve essentially transcend the specific platform and may be applicable to other MMO environments as well.  You may find some of my observations useful in your dissertation.

One thing I have noticed in particular about griefer groups, and the PN in particular, is that they have a very patchy, distorted perception of their own history - often rewriting the parts they find distasteful or unpleasant to suit their egos, and sometimes confusing the disinformation they disseminate with the actual events.  They are frequently unable to communicate with one another except through the use of common memes, and this has a tendency to obfuscate communication to the point where critical information is either not conveyed, reimagined or forgotten.  In particular, they seem to be able to clearly remember events going back only about four to five months at most, living almost completely in the moment.
- Kalel”

But he never responded to any of my e-mails after that. Realizing that he wasn’t interested in an interview, I stopped trying to contact him.

I graduated from my program in 2009 and it is around that time that I met Peter Ludlow.

When I approached him at the aforementioned conference, we had the idea to write a book that covered the phenomenon of griefing across the Internet. Peter said that it would be best for me to also “work” for the Herald and post some blogs. That I did. I posted some news reports on hackers in general but mainly focused on the book.

My goal with the book, at least in the Second Life section, was to tell the “untold” history of Second Life before it was too late - before the key players disappeared into thin air - before the history was forgotten. By that, I don’t mean the PG13 history of Second Life, the one sanctioned by Linden Lab. I wanted this to be the community’s story. Here’s a brief description of the book’s scope:

“Griefer Wars will begin by examining the early instances of the disruptive activities that took place in online communities such as LambdaMOO and Sims Online and investigate how Internet message boards (Something Awful Forums and 4chan) helped organize these solitary incidents into various movements that extend beyond these boards. In particular, the book will be discussing the presence of such movements in virtual worlds such as EvE Online and Second Life.”

With this goal in mind, I dusted off my previous interview scripts and re-started my field work. I reached out for old contacts and established new ones. I met a bunch of people from the Woodbury crowd (whom I never met before), met more from V5 and PN. I was able to reach out to some of the previous leaders of these groups (Verbana and ^ban^, for instance) and their officers who used to be in the inner circle of these groups. For the PN, that meant the Ghost Shirt Society (GSS) who really knew the ins and outs of their organizations and the psyops that had been conducted in the past.

It is around that time, I figured, contacting Kalel may be a good idea because in the e-mail that he had sent me in 2008, he told me that “[he] would be willing to share information so as to assist [me] in building a more balanced picture of events…” Despite many people’s warnings, who told me that this was a bad idea, I took the man for his word. After all, I wanted to relate a “balanced account” of the events that had occurred. Little did I know that he was not all together there after the infamous Wiki leak.  Here’s my e-mail dated May 17, 2011:

“Greetings Kalel,
I had contacted you several years ago in the hopes that we could chat about JLU while I was writing my dissertation. Let me remind of you what I was doing at the time: I wrote on transmedia storytelling for my dissertation but looked at the development of spatial stories that emerged as a result of the activities of griefers. I graduated in 2009 but I am in the process of writing a book with Peter Ludlow on the phenomenon of griefers, but we are taking a broader approach to the topic. In other words, not only will we be looking at Second Life, but also other virtual worlds, various message boards, and other social networking sites. I am in the process of writing the Second Life section. I personally would like to take a well-rounded approach to the topic. So far I have spoken with some people from the PN,Woodbury, and I am in the process of scheduling interviews with some of the Linden Lab employees. In the hopes of hearing the JLU side of the story, I decided to send you another e-mail.
As I see it, this project is an ethnographic research on Second Life as we are documenting some of the happenings that will be lost forever once the platform dies or evolves into something else. So I deem this project to be very valuable. But I would rather not tell a sided story, hence my e-mail to you. I am not affiliated with anyone or anything other than my research and I think JLU may have been short-changed in the process. Will you help me write your story? Or know of someone else who would be willing to chat with me?
Let me know.”

Response was a series of frantic, threatening e-mails. I am not going to quote them word for word, but rather, give you the gist of the madness that was coming through his e-mails. He told me that any material from the BrainiacWiki is copyrighted and that if I included any of that information in the book he’d be filing a DMCA challenge - and that they will wait until the book is in print and released before doing so. He told me that we may not quote him, anything from the Krypton Radio web site, or any web site he personally owned or edited. 

He also spoke on behalf of other people: That he will also be notifying as many people as he could that Ludlow is doing this (For the record: I am not working for Ludlow; I am working with Ludlow), and that I would be receiving a number of other written notifications not to quote or include the writings of others in this work. Of course, none of these things happened. People were fairly open and understanding and I was respectful of my boundaries.

He also vengefully claimed that not only would he not be imparting any information to me, but that I was forbidden from using any information that he owned in my work. 

Here is when it really got interesting: He was telling me that I may not reprint articles from the Herald that contained his intellectual property.  

He also told me that I was dishonest with him in the first time when I e-mailed him in 2008 because I hadn’t told him that I was working with Ludlow. Then he proceeded to accuse Ludlow of being an IP thief because moved his servers to Canada after Kalel filed the DMCA. None of which, of course, was even remotely true. I didn’t start working with Ludlow before 2009; Ludlow didn’t mastermind the leaking operations, nor did he move his servers to Canada to avoid lawsuits, and he is not a thief of any sorts. I wish he was, really, for my sake, for the sake of the book, for the sake of my career. If we were to tell the story of the Philosophy professor going rogue, engaging in leaking operations, stealing intellectual property, putting babies on stakes, I would get my tenure - like now! But no, unfortunately, we have to deal with the boring story we have.

After the series of e-mails Kalel sent me (which were mostly gibberish and had no value to me whatsoever), I realized that he wasn’t going to assist me in writing a “balanced” story of the events after all. 

Baffled, I responded by telling him never to threaten me or any other researcher this way again and that “I was merely extending my courtesy to [him] to allow me to write a better account of what JLU was and what its mission [was].” He sent another gibberish e-mail talking about copyright/DMCA etc., at which point I was getting tired of his e-mails and openly asked him: 

 “Kalel, I am not sure who you think you are interacting with right now. Clearly you have made a lot of assumptions about me and you don't even know me yet. I am not the alt of anyone, nor am I the spokesperson of anyone. I am not doing anyone else's work either… My question to you is simple: Would you be interested in interviewing with me and give me information about your organization and its role in Second Life? This would be your chance to tell me your side of the story as well. This is important to me because I strongly believe that Second Life is about to die as a platform and someone needs to document its history.”

And I stopped contacting him afterwards. But I thought that there maybe, just maybe, are some rational people among the ranks of JLU. I wasn’t mistaken: Greenlantern was kind enough to talk to me but was too scared to tell me anything BUT the press release.  I kindly thanked him for his time and logged off. 

Just to set the record straight since Kalel has accused me of this in his note to the Proactive Security folks: I don’t harass people over e-mail, IM, or in-world. If the Proactive Security people think that I am logging onto Second Life and repeatedly soliciting interviews from a list of people and harassing them, they are sorely mistaken. And they will wait for a long time for this to happen. I don’t beg for a date, I get asked on a date.

I wasn’t initially going to post this. Kalel getting bend out of shape over me is no-news, really. He should have better things to do with his time, like fighting crime, right? But several days ago, Angel Fluffy responded to a message that I had sent him four months ago. It was apparent to me that he was no longer in Second Life nor was he on Skype. He probably logged onto Skype after many months and saw my message and replied to me in the affirmative, saying that he would talk to me. But then he suddenly backed out. I can only assume that, from the notices that went out to the Proactive Security, that he believed Kalel’s mad fabrications. Fair enough -- again, not an important incident in my life. 

I am almost done with the Second Life chapters. And I must confess, the section does not paint a very flattering picture of the anti-griefing organizations in Second Life. But, let this be noted: this is not because I didn’t try to include their side of the story, but rather, they refused to talk to me on account of their insecurities. 

Let’s be clear: I never misrepresented myself to anyone. I never “falsely” claimed to be a researcher. Peter Ludlow is not an IP thief. He wasn’t even around when the Wrong Hands leaked the Wiki, his paper was merely reporting on the news story. In fact, Brainiac, from what I gather, had been leaked many times by various other groups (not just the Wrong Hands) prior to the last incident. More important, Kalel should thank his stars that Pixeleen isn’t taking him to court for filing frivolous DMCA complaints. But this may, of course, change in the long run. Who knows? Time will tell.

But, I do believe that we have to look what’s really at issue here as we’re building this brave new world in cyberspace.

There is one rather minor conclusion and another, a larger one, that relates to digital culture in general. Both of these should be addressed here: 

The most immediate conclusion is regarding the griefer pathology. I’ve been doing research on griefing since 2006. But never, prior to my interaction with Kalel, did I understands the damaging effects that griefing could have on a person’s psyche. After the series of paranoid e-mails I received from him, it was clear to me that the Wrong Hand didn’t just breach the JLU’s security (which was a joke to begin with), but also, effectively turned the JLU into a paranoid collective. It used to be a group that fought for peace, order, and society, that’s for sure. But now, it cloaked itself in secrecy, painfully trying to hide its scars by flinging false accusations to where they don’t belong. Perhaps it was in this respect that the Wrong Hands was most successful. 

The other issue to be noted here is a larger one that pertains to society as a whole.

The frivolous use of DMCA/intellectual property claims to stifle creativity, but in this case, to avoid accountability, silence freedom of speech, and jam open discussion. The copyright war that is being waged today (not just in the case of Kalel, who lost his battle with the Alphaville Herald) is a war of prohibition. Characterizing the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) as “Orwellian,” Lawrence Lessig (2004), a law professor, openly claims that this law is frequently invoked to control the spread of information. “The DMCA was enacted as a response to copyright owners’ first fear about cyberspace. The fear that copyright effectively was dead” (Free Culture, 157). It is a way to stifle creativity, valid research, and dissenting opinions. And it criminalizes the society. I would argue that the issues that are taking place in Second Life are merely the mirror image of this problem. Make no mistake, popcorn farts or not: this is the Wikileaks generation. The US government couldn’t stop it; I doubt a group wearing spandex will.

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  1. Senban Babii

    Aug 23rd, 2011

    @hobo kelly
    “I guess one funny thing that is going to come out of all of this will be all of the JLU wiki junk and//snip//”

    Well here’s a point too. DC/Warner might allow for the fan community to take a few liberties with its trademarks such as using the JLU name and dressing up as Superman in an online game and they probably don’t care about the related drama in the grand scheme of things because it’s a very minor thing that doesn’t affect many people. But when it gets published in an actual book written by actual researchers that actual people will read, they may just take an entirely different point of view ;)

  2. Dontspill McGinnis

    Aug 23rd, 2011

    @ Senban

    That is an extremely valid point. I imagine they will watch PaleFire’s books sales with great interest.

    @ PaleFire

    Where can I pre order a copy?

  3. GG3

    Aug 23rd, 2011


    Oh goodie! Supah Man’s Super Dic, and the Green Fungus, sorry, Latern…

    Haith aids


    For old eyes only!

  4. Senban Babii

    Aug 23rd, 2011

    Oh and in case you miss the good bit.

    ‘He described imagining oneself as a fictional character as “just plain creepy,”’

  5. LOL

    Aug 23rd, 2011

    ‘He described imagining oneself as a fictional character as “just plain creepy,”’

    that sounds like 90% of SL

  6. lala

    Aug 23rd, 2011

    so Im guessing Kalel and friends send money to DC and Marvel monthly for the use of the TM names they use, right?

    JLU, what a bunch of loosers living in their moms basement

  7. GG3

    Aug 23rd, 2011


    Be nice to the closet dwellers, they haven’t been outside in a long time!

    Or washed, either.

  8. hobo kelly

    Aug 23rd, 2011

    Wow, somebody just dumped this list over on another blog or all the data miners:

    Founded by Kalel Venkman
    Group Key: cc7d8ee6-cc07-8f11-193b-8544514143f3

    Kalel Venkman
    Kara Timtam

    J.L.U. – Officers
    Hewee Zetkin
    Rodimal Axon
    Fenix Harbinger
    Maverick Grunfeld
    KaraZorL Resident
    Samantha Lowell
    Melanippe Karas
    GreenLantern Excelsior
    Kalel Venkman
    Kara Timtam

    J.L.U. – Recruit
    Fierce Galewind
    Sumalee capelo
    Baht McMahon
    Kaemilla Sutter
    Elaine Fairport
    Jetta Bentham
    Razor Indigo
    Dezdemona Xenno
    Tensai Hilra

    J.L.U. Full Members
    Gawyn Philbin
    Jaedeen Niles
    Phillip Beeswing
    Dawg Shatzkin
    Kara Timtam
    Hewee Zetkin
    Cdurd770 Halfpint
    Walden Mannonen
    Eugenia Burton
    MartianManhunter Resident
    Emiley Tomsen
    Rodimal Axon
    Vagabond Carter
    Sam Brautigan
    Bobkoe Nirvana
    Glitch Braess
    Elaine Fairport
    Fenix Harbinger
    Piper Craven
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    Siobhan McCallen
    Razor Indigo
    Ookamisuke Babenco
    Searra Weatherwax
    Dash Curry
    Kohaku Owatatsumi
    Ginrai Yamabushi
    Heidi Stiglitz
    Samantha Lowell
    Melanippe Karas
    Tsu Goodliffe
    Zania Turner
    Jewelsy Walsh
    Ta Moxie
    Kalel Venkman
    ZenMondo Wormser
    GreenLantern Excelsior
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    J.L.U. Mentor
    Emiley Tomsen
    Fenix Harbinger
    GreenLantern Excelsior

    J.L.U. Green Lantern
    Jeadeen Niles
    Phillip Beeswing
    KaraZorL Resident
    GreenLantern Excelsior

    J.L.U. Lantern
    Jeadeen Niles
    Emiley Tomsen
    Glitch Braess
    KaraZorL Resident
    Siobhan McCallen
    Melanippe Karas
    GreenLantern Excelsior

    J.L.U (Zarathustra)
    Hewee Zetkin
    Vagabond Carter
    Glitch Braess
    Carigorp Matzerath
    Kalel Venkman

  9. hobo kelly

    Aug 23rd, 2011

    Uh huh, Soft Linden is compromised just like I thought:

    18:14] GreenLantern Excelsior: We finally have a Linden talking to us again. If word gets out that it happened, they will shut up again.
    [18:14] GreenLantern Excelsior: We need to learn our lesson on this
    [18:14] Kohaku Owatatsumi: Hm?
    [18:14] Vagabond Carter: Soft isnt goernance though
    [18:14] Kohaku Owatatsumi: The Lindens that were on speaking terms with us before were all fired.
    [18:14] Kalel Venkman: He’s referring to Soft Linden. No, he’s not.
    [18:14] Vagabond Carter: all he does id bug work
    [18:14] GreenLantern Excelsior: He’s a Linden. That’s what counts
    [18:14] Vagabond Carter: is
    [18:15] Kalel Venkman: But he has governance’s ear, and he’ll act on our behalf on software related exploits.
    [18:15] Kohaku Owatatsumi: Ahh, a debugger *nods*
    [18:15] Kalel Venkman: So it’s not the same as a general field agent, but we’ll take what we can get.

    Yeah, I bet you take what you can get, right up your ass you bunch of degererate assholes. SOFT LINDEN RESIGN NOW because everything you say now will be lies.

  10. Nelson Jenkins

    Aug 23rd, 2011

    @ hobo kelly

    Surprise surprise.

  11. GG3

    Aug 23rd, 2011


    Reason why LL employees shouldn’t mingle with their customers like that

    Is this a re-hash of Plexus Linden?

  12. GG3

    Aug 23rd, 2011

    Honestly loosing your RL job over a game filled with bums isn’t worth it

  13. LOL

    Aug 23rd, 2011

    Soft Linden… I wonder why he choose that name?

    Soft below the belt?
    Soft between his ears?

  14. Yep

    Aug 24th, 2011

    Go getem Tiger :D

  15. nooneyouknow

    Aug 24th, 2011

    Waitwaitwait. Griefing was done to push back? You mean to say that PN has a timemachine? Only possible explanation for it since they were ‘pushing back’ before the people they pushed back against evenn appeared.

    A timemachine or simple factchanging and lies. Or of course hearing and spreading bs like this so much they started believing it themselves? Plausible. After all if you believe that failing at trolling means an “epic win” I can see such easily happening.

    Id be curious to see what kind of picture this book will paint of all involved and if this kind of ‘facts’ will be presented as truth. We’ll see.

  16. paul

    Aug 24th, 2011

    omg Palefire do you see how excited they are that you are writing a book that reifies their whole experience!?! Next: the AMC Reality Series: Griefers and Vigilantes.

  17. Potosi Abonwood

    Aug 25th, 2011

    I’m not going to be judgemental against Soft Linden for talking with them. After he does have a little bit of a rep that is along the lines of “Oh hi how you doing, yeah hold this will you. It’s a rope, take all you want… notice how it’s going around your neck?”

  18. Cai Pirinha

    Aug 25th, 2011

    The real shocking thing about this whole story is that we have created a society in which one can get a degree with a dissertation on cross-media storytelling while the Indians and Chinese are busy with boring stuff like math or engineering…

  19. Senban Babii

    Aug 25th, 2011

    The real great thing about this story is that we have created a society where it’s possible to have the freedom of speech to voice that opinion and not be firewalled from the rest of the universe and where it’s possible to have the time to study all the facets of human existence instead of having to work twenty nine hours a day in a call centre for a handful of millet.

  20. Pappy Enoch

    Aug 25th, 2011

    The really great thang about this hole story am we gits drunk so’s them Indian an’ Chinese rascals kin do all the work.

    When they runs the world, I reckon they will feel sorry for fat nekkid Amurkuns in Laz-Z-Boys a-usin’ the Internet Tubes to fap.

    Them-there engineers an doctors an astronuts will come over from China an’ India to see the fat, nekkid, fappin’ men an’ wimmin in the human-being person zoo they aims to build for the United States o’ Amurka. They will toss Twinkies at us or sum’fin.

    So your chirren won’t starve. Don’t you worry none.

    My liver will have up an’ fell out on the ground by then, so hell if I care. But we needs us a new Post Six Gal. It are lonesum in my Laz-Z-Boy, y’all!

  21. Senban Babii

    Aug 25th, 2011

    Oh and hey…

    @Cai Pirinha

    You might want to read this story from today’s newspapers about China’s maths “education”.

  22. paul

    Aug 25th, 2011

    lol @ Senban and Pappy! I am all for degrees in the Humanities and Social Sciences AND pictures of nekki girls!!

  23. LOL

    Aug 25th, 2011

    Taking it 1 step further, here is a List of all the JLU Faggots as well as thier UUID ##’s

    e0686d4f-caea-4e5b-9119-c6f1b55b6d75|Kalel Venkman
    270067ef-ccfc-43a6-a7c7-2ed4ffef3ca2|Kara Timtam
    292c12a3-7689-420c-ad29-f80f2972dead|Hewee Zetkin
    5bde5e9f-5629-4562-81eb-da1f0daa3a34|Rodimal Axon
    70bac4f3-3815-45ba-9c4a-50dc52b2a998|Fenix Harbinger
    734e6b43-8568-4eef-9321-c693e680e6ad|Maverick Grunfeld
    85da649a-7df3-4385-ba51-a78856f99ad4|KaraZorL Resident
    c9c0c351-4591-4c3d-aba3-c8e9bb4daa34|Samantha Lowell
    cb3f8e03-5f1d-4882-8d29-47ccf456d5f5|Melanippe Karas
    ea8771d0-09b3-43fd-8aaf-a23b3ca4063d|GreenLantern Excelsior
    03f559e1-0992-48d6-923b-c04eb2b3730d|Fierce Galewind
    07577879-d956-4dfd-b030-8d3e64714e8c|Sumalee capelo
    3ab292f1-67dd-405f-be02-209f27f5f20a|Baht McMahon
    61ce1f54-58bf-4d86-8252-c1e69f0683f8|Kaemilla Sutter
    6e0e7871-110c-4561-9852-010cf1a1059f|Elaine Fairport
    74af683f-5904-465e-9572-acf3caa5d22c|Jetta Bentham
    95529cb3-81df-4c62-8531-4ca82f7f1385|Razor Indigo
    b039c029-de3e-43e1-bd8d-fb9a33ccd9e9|Dezdemona Xenno
    b0ba7fcd-79a4-4ba7-a931-1a6b8a6dcb15|Tensai Hilra
    064fa7e5-4f0b-4a49-b371-e9b111c73303|Gawyn Philbin
    220aa9c5-9c13-4066-9adf-63b923f511a5|Phillip Beeswing
    258d0caa-980b-4425-b530-9d383d18b4d9|Dawg Shatzkin
    2b8356e4-5a63-4884-a5da-840344fa8dd0|Cdurd770 Halfpint
    40a9edca-ffe9-4bb8-8e27-b709834088e1|Walden Mannonen
    474a89da-2ac4-4314-8a89-30f997db2bf7|Eugenia Burton
    55e02116-1c4c-46d0-aa6d-71b6b27a8687|MartianManhunter Resident
    5b0b4bb5-bbbd-4e01-8d0b-5e74885c3954|Emiley Tomsen
    5cac89b2-f0f1-4e2f-acb6-32976f9b4d6a|Vagabond Carter
    5da22abd-1bb4-4d45-b032-997d91a89b6f|Sam Brautigan
    6696f872-58c9-4d3b-943c-8e60f7588148|Bobkoe Nirvana
    6c9021c0-b70c-401d-ac4a-4a60af8dd3fd|Glitch Braess
    72cbeabb-7cab-4cce-bc07-8f5847812eb4|Piper Craven
    8bd0e902-18d2-4585-8cc4-f448241ebacd|Siobhan McCallen
    9afbc038-f2c2-45c1-9957-afa3b139d136|Ookamisuke Babenco
    a9eb00d9-6835-4ced-87b0-6f5220d66c2f|Searra Weatherwax
    ab0f05cd-d117-4374-a33e-66393bf564c9|Dash Curry
    afb6629c-46f4-44c8-aa9e-d09b460d62db|Kohaku Owatatsumi
    b0271f95-b0c6-468e-8e66-4e3dbb574bdc|Ginrai Yamabushi
    c1f06e87-f17c-4ed9-b471-0e7e5ae4b992|Heidi Stiglitz
    d0cf1430-c9e3-4b5f-bba3-ba509e5ab5a2|Tsu Goodliffe
    d125688e-e3f0-4fab-9bd8-ae2076ed88f3|Zania Turner
    d4130e83-4952-4783-a8a2-223230b39072|Jewelsy Walsh
    d651dde1-72a6-4e2f-88a5-744c3e0a2741|Ta Moxie
    e48c9e28-20bf-4003-8c0c-b01fb78e2734|ZenMondo Wormser
    ec3ced8a-109a-4fe6-85cb-ba3fe646127c|Selene Hudson
    1b5b6b99-db97-4603-8a2d-5211eb56dd17|Jeadeen Niles
    ad5a3d70-5d52-4e8e-a26f-d019066ee06b|Carigorp Matzerath

  24. GG3

    Aug 25th, 2011

    Real Story:

    LL is crap. SL harbors lunatics, weirdo’s, and people who just want to cause damage and ruin people’s RL lives over a game, groups like the JLU are a prime example.

    What is going on here, is there under-hand scores or backties that LL has with certain customers or what? This is the type of service people give their money to be over-ran by online tycoon’s in their weird, society-breaking fantasies and trying to control as many people as possible while at it too. LL is stupid to allow this group to continue to target people like this, who haven’t done really “anything” on the level of real cyber criminals.

    Some guy gets mad cus a few people goofing off/taking SL as a game and he wants to go Witch-Hunting people in RL and trying to shush people up at the same time by making everyone look like some horrendous, under-ground cyber criminal group bent on financial schemes or something of that nature. When in reality, all their doing is using the in-game mechanics that LL provides to everyone!

    I am sick of these face-book “serious business” creeps running around on that platform like some 1st life replacement. SL doesn’t even TOUCH 1st life, let alone provide proper aspect to be an enjoyable game, it’s like people who use Second Life have some deformity or mental issue for an environment made out of pixels, avatar clothes, and sculpted boots, and take the game above and beyond.

    It’s OBVIOUS kalel and his group has issues that extend outside of SL, and their bringing it inside the game. This is an disgusting excuse of what a “virtual game” is suppose to be. LL needs to do it’s job as a business and stop giving slack and favors to these groups. Boot and Ban them. It’s another reason why i strongly believe SL should be shut-down, the company itself lacks poorly in the customer-service department and mechanics.

    It’s also partially the companies fault to continue to advertise SL as some sort of 1st life, RL business replacement when in all reality it’s nothing more than an over-priced giant sandbox that should shrivel up in the hole it came from.

  25. GG3

    Aug 25th, 2011

    Those JLUers are trying to cause harm to people over pixels and avatars!

    How nuts!

  26. The List SL

    Aug 25th, 2011

    Idiot JLU trying to cover their tracks, instead give out a link to their wiki and accuse wrong person of leaking info.

  27. Cai Pirinha

    Aug 27th, 2011

    @Senban Babii:

    Oh yes, let’s all look at these evil Chinese. Luckily we are not them, right? We are much better because we spend our time studying “disruptive narratives that griefers in Second Life generate as an example of vernacular creativity”.

    This not even junk science anymore, this is simply a pointless carricature of Social Sciences research.

    Btw, another ground breaking piece of high quality news about China from the same newspaper:

  28. muziekfreak1980 miles

    Dec 13th, 2012

    Funny as i am on there griever list still today.
    I never grieved no body outside a weapons testing box.
    It is all because of my creations (solitude hud) a simple toy that does no real harm lol.

    JLU is a joke, harmless, also mr Kalel Venkman is a old 50′er . Yes he is well over that actually, sitting behind his computer, thinking he is a patriot.

    You sir are a moron, with nothing to show for it..

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