Cheergirl Allen Smacks Justice League Unlimited

by Pixeleen Mistral on 11/09/11 at 10:27 pm

Anti-vigilante war in Second Life escalates

I've known Cheergirl Allen for years, but never thought of her as particularly active in the Second Life political scene. However, that changed recently - a development that cannot be good news for Kalel Venkman and his Justice League Unlimited faction. Cheergirl's organizational skills and connections have never been in question. She leads the Bimbo Cheerleaders, a very successful 2000 member community, sells an extensive line of cheerleader uniforms, and is representative of the SL-is-for-fun contingent of Second Life players. 


Kalel Venkman, on the other hand, leads the Justice League Unlimited, a 40-odd member group that since 2006 has been dedicated to compiling a secret database of dossiers on Second Life players his group believes are troublemakers and subjecting these players to various forms of harassment. Unfortunately, the JLU is congenitally unable to secure their wiki, and yet another security breach led to more damaging revelations of the JLU group's actions over the last few weeks.

Several players have been redacting personal information from the leaked wiki and publishing excerpts at and It is not pretty reading.

It seems the JLU delights in thwarting their enemies with group abuse report parties, black ops, faked chat logs, wildly inaccurate characterizations of players, and other questionable behavior such as the ghoulish stalking of a dieing AIDS patient, gloating over an ex-JLU member's suicide, and hiding behind a pseudonym while contacting real life schools/workplaces in attempts to stir up trouble for JLU enemies.

If you were designing a game called Dystopian Surveillance Life, including the JLU would be at the top of the list of game features.

TJ Linden, Cheergirl Allen, and other players inspect JLU leader Venkman's hidden spy prims

Understandably, as word of the JLU's actions spread it seems most SL players would prefer to see the JLU gone and wonder why Linden Lab continues to tolerate them. This is the genesis of an unlikely coalition formed to expose and remove the JLU from Second Life. The anti-JLU coalition includes self-confessed griefers, respected long time players such as Artemis Fate, and now Cheergirl Allen. 

Those following the conflict agree the JLU has suffered several damaging blows from the pink-clad pom-pom pep squad leader - and the JLU has characteristically responded in kind.

The first blow came when Cheergirl discovered a well-hidden unauthorized spy-prim owned by Kalel Venkman on her land, filed an abuse report against Kalel Venkman, and then watched as TJ Linden investigated and removed Venkman's surveillance device.

News of the spy prim incident sent the incredible virtual man - Prokofy Neva - into overdrive on the SLUniverse forums as Neva's self-replicating impenetrable walls of text formed a sort of profane gray goo leading forum participants to complain that Prokofy was "shitting up the thread".

almost undetectable spy probes owned by Kalel Venkman

Many believed that Neva was acting on behalf of the JLU faction and working to derail any sort of rational discussion after JLU member GreenLantern Excelsior had been suspended from the forums. Ultimately the SLUniverse forum moderator kicked Neva from the forum as well, and the discussion moved forward in a new thread.

We can assume that Prokofy will add this to his list of accomplishments. Like most griefers, Neva is known for bragging about the number of bans he has pulled down.

But the drama was far from over. As Artemis Fate has observed, the JLU love to create enemies so that they have something to do. 

"...both groups (JLU/Various griefers) feed off each other. The griefers find the JLU a far too amusing target to grief, and the JLU need griefers to validate their need for power. You can tell that people like GLE, if they didn't have this, they'd have nothing, he's in like 3 different anti-griefing groups and is a volunteer cop, that is his life, and therefore he's invested in keeping griefing happening. Probably why their definition of "griefer" is so loose to include anyone who criticizes their group, so that they never run out of targets..."

- Artemis Fate in the SLUniverse forums

Criticizing the thin-skinned superhero group is enough to be named a griefer, which I discovered when I looked up Herald founder Urizenus Sklar's JLU profile page. Those interested in seeing JLU incident profile pages can look them up at 

By not only criticizing the JLU, but also abuse reporting Kalel Venkman for his spy prims, Cheergirl was the obvious next target for the JLU.


JLU claims Cheergirl is responsible for security breach

The JLU response to Cheergirl came in the form of an update to their KryptonRadio blog that claimed Cheergirl was responsible for the latest leak of their secret wiki. 

Was the information actually leaked by a disgruntled JLU member as they claim?

We had originally thought that the information was stolen from our systems by a hacker, who managed to compromise the account of a (now former) JLU member , which was then used to steal the connection credentials necessary to breach our database. Linden Lab notified us that a member account was breached, and that they had detected spyware placed by that account in our in-world headquarters. The chat spy devices (there were two) were active between August 3, 2011, when they was placed, and August 18, when they were removed (about fifteen days).

We now know that an alt of Cheergirl Allen, a Wrong Hands sympathizer, had managed to sneak a mole account into the League and had ready access to the BrainiacWiki over the span of about three month’s time. Our records indicate that this account was shared with others who had no legitimate right of access – once again, the content was not “liberated”, or “reported”, but simply stolen. Much of the information being “leaked” has been heavily modified from the original, and much has been simply fabricated from whole cloth. Enough of it matches what we have, though, to show us that a major break-in and theft has occurred.

Linden Lab did not violate anyone’s privacy in notifying us of this. The spyware detected was transmitting chat and other information to a server that LL has been monitoring relative to activity by previously banned griefers who were using alts to bypass their bans.

As is traditional with the JLU, evidence-based assertions are hard to come by, and Cheergirl filed a support ticket with Linden Lab:

__________________________________________________ ___________________
Date Created 2011-09-09 16:19:47
Case Type Other Inworld Issues
Case Status Closed
Dear Linden,

It was brought to my attention today that an Avatar named Kalel Venkman has publicly stated on his website Krypton Radio that Linden Lab had informed him my SL account (CheerGirl Allen) was compromised by some other person in his group and used for mallicious Hacking Activities. As you can see for yourself here:
Truth and Lies – the League Response | KRYPTON RADIO
Also please see attached Photos and URL's supplied by various SL residents.

I would like to know if there is any truth to his claims that someone at Linden Lab told him my account had been used by someone else for hacking the website mentioned above. If so can you please tell me who it was that told Kalel Venkman this, as well who is the avatar that Hijacked my accout.

It goes with out saying I have no part in Internet hacking into websites and rumors that Linden Lab is passing this person personal and private information about my account is very troubbling to me, my SL friends, groups and Business.
TYVM for your time


The Lindens eventually responded, saying there was no sign of trouble on Cheergirl's account, that the Lab does not  disclose account status to other players, and suggested contacting the KryptonRadio site's hosting company might be in order. 

2011-09-11 03:26:02

***** Linden
Hello CheerGirl Allen,
I don't see any signs of any governance activity on your account this year at all, and we never provide any personal information to other users, even the status of governance actions (in other words, even if someone puts in an abuse report on you, we will not comment on the status of the report). Since we cannot affect any websites not under our control, you may want to contact the hosting company for this site to ask them to take action on it.
***** Linden, Concierge Support

Meanwhile, further leaks show that the JLU was apparently planning an abuse report party in advance of an in-world player meeting last week. Apparently freedom of assembly is not something that the JLU believes in - but guilt by association is a concept the JLU is fine with.

No wonder Second Life concurrency keeps dropping.

AR party in advance
JLU preparing in advance for an AR party?

What about Linden Lab?

The JLU's claims on the KryptonRadio site that Cheergirl is behind the compromise of their less-than secure wiki might be fabrications on the part of the JLU - if we can believe Linden Concierge support's response to Cheergirl.

Another possibility is that one or more Linden Lab staff are passing information on the the JLU - perhaps without the knowledge of Concierge support. This sort of situation - Lab staff getting very cozy with the JLU - is believed to have occurred in the past based on a previous set of JLU wiki leaks.

The most recent leaks include claims that Kalel Venkman has insider connections - a family friend who is a Linden staff member. Would this account for the Lab's inaction on the JLU issue - or is Kalel spinning fictions to enhance his position within the group?

It is hard to see how anything good for Linden Lab can come from this situation.

The anti-JLU faction is unlikely to go away anytime soon, and the image of the JLU as a creepy cult-like group that escalates harassment of Second Life players far beyond the game will be impossible to overcome. The JLU's PR nightmare has already cost the JLU several members who quit once the wiki leaks became public. How long until Linden inaction turns this into a Linden Lab PR nightmare?

100 Responses to “Cheergirl Allen Smacks Justice League Unlimited”

  1. Tux

    Sep 11th, 2011

    Pompom to the face for Kalel and his motley crew!

  2. Bunjie

    Sep 11th, 2011

    Go get em cheerio! *nom nomnomnom nom*

  3. Observer

    Sep 11th, 2011

    The JLU drove a transgendered person to suicide. Then celebrated the death. Isn’t stalking, harrassing, and driving a person to suicide manslaughter or some other capital crime?

  4. CheerGirl Allen

    Sep 11th, 2011

    1 correction, sorry pix buy I do not claim to have Linden Friends unlike some spandex geeks.

    The Linden only came 5-10min after I sent off 1 single Abuse Report. I did not contact him directly.

    oh and here is a pre-emptive STFU for GLE

  5. GG3

    Sep 11th, 2011


  6. Atlouis

    Sep 11th, 2011

    At this point, no one is shocked the JLU tried to preemptively abuse report something that had not even taken place yet. Yet another leak showing the arrogance and self entitlement of that organization.

    In addition to the brainiac wiki leak there is also the very noticeable leak of GLE and Zenmondo shitting out of their mouths every single time they speak. Kalel must be so proud.

    Both of you should eat a dick, at least that way you wouldn’t be making things worse for your organization in a situation that didn’t seem like it could get any worse.

    And finally, nice picture Cheergirl \o/

  7. Bunjie

    Sep 11th, 2011

    @Kiddo hook me up sometime if you do commissions, I like your expressive style…

  8. pixeleen mistral

    Sep 11th, 2011

    @CheerGirl: fixed!

    - pix

  9. Glenn Beck

    Sep 11th, 2011

    You know who else hated free speech?


  10. CheerGirl Allen

    Sep 11th, 2011

    Glen Beck in da house

  11. potosi abonwood

    Sep 11th, 2011

    Really happy to see you point out the ‘strange bedfellows’ mix of the people going against the JLU. Many regular users of SL are starting to take a lot of notice and talking about what’s going on. This has also shown many of us that the JLU seems to have made some enemies in a lot of places around the grid over the last few years.

    Hopefully LL will stand up and do something about this. They have obviously ignored anything that LL may have told them up to this point or are tip toeing around it zFire style.

  12. hobo kelly

    Sep 11th, 2011

    So Venkman is starting to force-feed his raw bullcrap right into his own inner-sanctum now. So how does it feel you JLU deputies? om nom nom? You chumps probably believed every word of it too I bet. Om nom nom, can we has moar Kalel Cheeseburgers floating in a light warm cream sauce? Om nom nom.

  13. Latif Khalifa

    Sep 12th, 2011

    I find the practice of AR parties most appalling and something that Linden Lab really needs to start discouraging by suspending accounts that participate in the practice. That is something they can take action on.

  14. Jewel

    Sep 12th, 2011

    Dats it, CheerGirl, hit em in the head!

  15. Kiddoh

    Sep 12th, 2011

    @Bunjie send me a PM on the SLU forums. :O

  16. CheerGirl Allen

    Sep 12th, 2011


  17. Zip Paz

    Sep 12th, 2011

    Also worth noting my event was a community forum event for anyone to speak (including the JLU). It was listed as
    Open forum discussion about the JLU and whether their current applications still apply to today’s modern metaverse.

    There’s no defaming in the listing of that event. Thanks for the AR party guys. I had fun. Next time bring party hats and cake.

  18. Obvious Schism

    Sep 12th, 2011

    Open up the barn door, kick out the hay,
    We are the girls form the USA!
    Turn on the radio, and what do ya hear?
    Elvis Presley doin a cheer,
    Fire cracker, Fire cracker, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!
    Fire cracker, Fire cracker, BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!
    Boys have got the muscles, coaches got the brains,
    Cheerleaders have the sexy legs and we win the game!

  19. Gundel Gaukelei

    Sep 12th, 2011

    I was looking up all the info about this Shirakawa guy (name rang a bell) and I got to say thats a great example of why datamining done by volunteers is even worse. I mean, RIP and all aside, that was exactly the sort of sick motherfucker you definitely don’t want to be in the know of information like the place where your children use to play, right? These dumbasses pile up information and hand it out to random people in a computer game not even fully transparent to _them_. Until now its just some poor loser and the wrong hands mole. What’s next? Robbers, thieves, child molesters – valuable information is just signature away – JLU is hiring. And just in case you don’t like the hiring interview: just hack your way into the wiki. It got more holes than swiss cheese.

    Wow. JLU really made the world a much more secure place for everyone. Thanks very much.

  20. Miss J

    Sep 12th, 2011

    The only one who abusivley claims linden friends is chumpman lame

  21. Colleen Brennan

    Sep 12th, 2011

    Anyone who has spoken to Cheergirl Allen for even a minute will know right away that she is not your average bimbo. That is why she is head cheerleader! She built a huge fun group in no small part because of her brains and integrity. She does not mess with anyone else but will never end up losing if others mess with her. Go Cheergirl! The Lindens should raise some capital so they could afford to hire Cheergirl….. many problems would be solved.

  22. Poly

    Sep 12th, 2011

    I just had a chat with Melanippe Karas of the JLU the confirms to me that image of the group notice is true and not photoshopped in any way.

    HER : I don’t AR people without seeing the event either. Why do you think this is a standard practice?
    ME : because I’ve seen it, it was done to me
    ME : in the group justice league unlimited, in the notices, I may be wrong but you said your group does not do AR parties just to remove poeple, or at least implied that, I woudl like you to look in the notices of your group at the notice dated 2011-09-04 titled “AR’s requested”
    HER : I can do that.
    ME : resident zip paz has scheduled an event…. etc..
    HER : Mmmhm. AR’ing the event. I believe if it’s not against the ToS, it’s close enough to merit examination.
    HER : May I ask how you saw that notice?
    HER : And apparently total slander.
    ME : ok ty for confirming that was true, I was curious if the person posting those images was photoshopping or not
    HER : May I ask again how you saw that notice?
    HER : I just found out it myself; I cap often.
    HER : I’ve answered your questions.
    ME : I told you, it was an image on the internet, a screen cap

  23. Miss J

    Sep 12th, 2011

    As usual prok is right

  24. GG3

    Sep 12th, 2011


    You hit the hammer on the nail

  25. Orca Flotta

    Sep 12th, 2011

    the JLU love to create enemies so that they have something to do.

    … hm, hm … reminds me of a certain country on the north american continent. And, no, not talking about Canada here ;)

  26. Miss J

    Sep 12th, 2011

    Orca you’re a fail troll.

  27. Vicky Perreault

    Sep 12th, 2011

    Ouch! Who knew those pink pom poms could hurt so bad.

  28. Jennifer S

    Sep 12th, 2011

    Way to show em Cheer! Maybe we don’t need to Save a Cheerleader, she can take care of herself ;)

  29. Kiddoh

    Sep 12th, 2011

    @Orca: Mexico doesn’t seem that bad.

  30. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 12th, 2011

    hehehe ya’ll think i be makin all this stuff up lmao! well ponder this saps!

    1. everybody knows IM IN DEEP with those pesky Lindens. Kalel Venkman and the JLU were hand in glove with many Lindens in the past. CheerGirl Allen was a known associate, kand manager flunky OF THE GUY WHO SUED LINDEN RESEARCH INC lmao. WHy would a Linden Concierge flunky tell her anything real about anything LMAO? Is a concierge flunky Linden a REAL Linden anyways hehehe (to coin a PROKISM)

    2. The JLU are snitches. I’ve never supported them. The Nationalistic Pygmies, Woodbury sap clowns were sim crashers and I never supported them (Though I was pals with Tizzeh!) I respect their war. I respect their drama. But I have a war of my own (with Stroker & CheerTurd) and if that means sidin with the JLU! I will!

    3. From what i can tell about cheergirl she’s a chicken at heart and an actual coward. when she went to war against chelsea malibu she was too scared to play her ace in the hole, the redgrave skin she taught chelsa how to steal. i know this first hand. so i conclude that her war with the jlu is personal. caws she would never enter it lightly, or just for the common good caws cheergirl is a chicken at heart lmao. She’d be to scared to enter drama just caws! lmao

    4. LL let me cross a line or to in their service once before. I didnt get smacked down. The Lab no doubt gave (is giving ) the JLU a pass now. Who ya think gonna suffer messin with the lab? The JLU or a known associate of one Mr. Serpentine. hehehehe let’s see!

  31. Zip Paz

    Sep 12th, 2011

    I need a roadmap to understand what Jumpman just posted.

  32. Stroker Serpentine

    Sep 12th, 2011

    I owe Cheer a sincere apology and I’m going to post it here begging the indulgance of the . I have made my amends with her inworld and I believe we’re stronger friends for it.

    CG, I’m sorry I didn’t support you with this at first. To be honest, as I told you, I thought you were drunk. You do like your Single Malt. I was afraid that you would be ripped in the forums and you know why. I never doubted your sincerity nor honesty. In the many years we have been friends, you have never given me any reason to. We’ve been through a lot together in SL and RL. You have always been there for me, just as you were there for Jacon in this shitstorm. I’m sorry I was skeptical of your motivations.

    Two weeks ago you came to your friends asking for someone to take over the group that you poured so much time and love into for the past 3 years. I don’t think any of us took you seriously. You’ve wanted to quit so many times before, I thought you were crying wolf until you stopped logging in for several days..then a week..then BOOM this whole JLU expose happened and you were at the heart of it. My immediate response was, as you may recall was something akin to: “What the fuck did you get yourself into?” Emotions were high and my anger was misdirected at you. I’m sorry for that episode and I’m glad we’re past it.

    Cheer, I know you’ll read this, and I know we’ll talk again inworld. I want to point out to you that are only two people in all of Second Life publically doubting your sincerity. We both know the truth and that’s all that matters. How many times have you told “ME” that? I’ll try to be a better listener. It’s not easy, you never shut up.

    But, if anything good does comes out of this, for me, I hope it will be that you come to your goddamn senses and realize that you and TBC have a place in Second Life. And, that your group, your many friends and I, want YOU there, not your memory.

    Fuck JLU, Fuck Prok, Fuck Jumpman, Fuck LL, Fuck the Haters, they can all burn in hell! They never saw you coming. They never will. They don’t understand people like us so they ridicule us. They don’t have anyone standing loyaly at their side as a friend in deed. They may never comprehend that being a true friend means sometimes you have to say you’re sorry. I know I am for doubting you. Please forgive me. I know we’re still friends, I just want to thank you for reminding me how to be one.

    Now, I’m going to go set the record straight with Prok over at SC because it’s the perfect venue for a long overdue bitch-slapping.

  33. Stroker Serpentine

    Sep 12th, 2011

    Run along home Jumpy, Mr. Dawson is calling. Your tripe won’t make sausage anymore.

  34. CheerGirl Allen

    Sep 12th, 2011

    @Chumpman Lame

    PLESE DO!! take the Side of the J-LULZ on this, your lies and fabrications have proved to be the most damaging thing to them of all! I love how they have re-posted your drunken meth addict ramblings, only to be proved wrong on every level! You, Proky, and Kalulz YanksMen are truly the perfect 3-way soggy shit sandwich I have ever seen. My only question to you is, are you the bread or the meat in the bedroom olympics at justurd island?

  35. Reader

    Sep 12th, 2011

    Stupid. All of this turned into plain & simple stupid.

    Was good to see Prok kick some serious ass over there on SLU before you had her banned. Cris is awesome like that.

  36. Bunjie

    Sep 12th, 2011

    @Kiddoh done.


    “Was good to see Prok kick some serious ass over there on SLU before you had her banned. Cris is awesome like that.”

    Yea sure If your idea of kicking ass is squatting over someones head and then spewing diarrhea all over their face and anyone near by, or shoving it down their throat until they choke and are unable to express an opinion.

    When you’ve been asked to be civil and be honorable enough to just use fists and do that, you’re on a fast train out of here perhaps you like her should take that train back in time to the soviet union or to Iran where mullahs rule with an iron fist much like Corsi uses to shove his verbal resolutions up furries asses.

    Either way it makes you nothing more than a ham-fisted cretin! revel yourself and stop hiding like a naive child.

    @Zip Paz

    “I need a roadmap to understand what Jumpman just posted.”

    Well with an opinion like that you can zip him up hes done, one more body bag in a cause that’s killing second life.

  37. Reader

    Sep 12th, 2011

    Someone actually spent time creating that first composition of artwork? Over this stupidity?

    (i have to admit though, that is really nice work…)

  38. Reader

    Sep 12th, 2011

    “…one more body bag in a cause that’s killing second life.”

    if you had a f’ing real life it wouldn’t quite matter there Bunjie jumper, unless you have a good reason to be perpetually trapped in that refractory period called second life with your sweaty and shakey palms clenching your flaccid meat puppet while you desperately wait for your furry e-sex partner to log on. No?

    Killing second life. Ha! Probably the best thing that could ever happen to you.

  39. Miss J

    Sep 12th, 2011

    @ Reader- you probably would be bitching if this would be happening if involved you and the precious internets in general or a game you play to kill some free tme. The fact that you are commenting on this story just shows tha you are not any better than anyone else here. Just sayin’

  40. Jumpman Lane

    Sep 13th, 2011

    F*ck you too, Stoker! hehehehehe Biiiiiiiiiiiitch! I aint gonna rest till all you saps quit! One at a time or all together!
    And I TOLD y’all Cheergirl was a chicken! I unno why y’all think I make this stuff up
    I riducule you Stroker caws ur a sap, a hypocrite ( The biggest content thief there ever was yet u pose as a champ of ip rights. Your two land manager flunkies STOLE and passed around Emilia Redgrave’s skins! yet ur a champ of ip rights.)
    I see trough ya and im gonna bury you all in the name of Veronica2vixen Devoix! Free V2V! and if any of ya got any linden pals or connects u better use em to get her back onna grid! THEN I might consider givin you saps a pass. BUT I DOUBT IT!
    Keep thinking I’m playing lol! Y’all aint gonna like any of the games I know!
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    plus i saw her coming hehehehe sap!
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    see here Serpentine you dont run NOTHIN round hur! hehehehe. Be sure to drop me a line when YOU decide to quit second life…and that day is surely acomin’!
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    stroker if all it takes is a sorry for trademarking someones p[roperty behind their back (i bet u had to pay cheergirl for her crappy marks along with an apology) apologize to briggi and corsi lmao.
    cheergirl come clean did stroker tradmark ur bimbo trash too? if so why be loyal to that mulleted turd lmao\
    jumpy knows!
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Jumpman Lane
    Jul 14th, 2010
    F*ck stroker serpentine
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  41. hobo kelly

    Sep 13th, 2011


  42. pixeleen mistral

    Sep 13th, 2011

    earlier this evening I requested that Jumpman Lane make a heroic attempt to consolidate his arguments so that the Herald readers might better consider them on their merits. I would like to thank Jumpman for taking the time to produce what may be one the the finest examples of rhetoric ever to grace the comment section of the Herald

    - pix

  43. Stroker Serpentine

    Sep 13th, 2011

    I would respond Jumpman, but I don’t speak meth. Sorry :(

  44. Miss J

    Sep 13th, 2011

    Veronica was permabanned for revealing personal real life information about Cheergirl. Veronica was rightfully banned. The very fact that chumpman is going off on cheergirl (on the very same article that involves personal information being stored/spied upon) makes him look like a total hyprocrite.

  45. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 13th, 2011

    @ Jumpman Lane

    I feel like I have to take a shit after reading that.

  46. Nelson Jenkins

    Sep 13th, 2011

    Wow, we can’t say “sh­it” anymore in the comments without them being flagged for moderation?

  47. CheerGirl Allen

    Sep 13th, 2011

    @Miss J

    I was not even online when Veronica2vixen Devoix (V2V) was banned from Second Life. All I can tell the herald readers is, I remember getting home from work to a slew of Emails and a bunch of Chat Logs from a group IM that V2V had started followed by the usual totally inchoerant ramblings from ChumpMan Lame. By the time I tried to contact V2V in the game, she had already been removed from SL search. As for why V2V got banned, I can only assume after reading the group chat logs, she really did harass alot of people and most likely they all filed abuse reports for it.

    Infact I still have the chatlog saved from that day becuase I knew Chumpy would try to make some false shit up about me and getting her banned. Guess I SAW YOU COMMING CHUMPY!

    The only reason I can see Chumpman wanting V2V back so badly is becuse she was ovbiously the driving force, writing tallent, & creative mind behind the now defunct “Turdman Lame’s SLut Magazine”. Ironic how when she got the linden boot to her pixel ass SLut Mag pretty much ceast to exist.

    @ Pix, if you want the chat log from the group so you can post it here. I will gladly give it to you so long as avatar names who are still Active members on SL are redacted. I would not want to break the TOS on yet another lie that Humpboy Lame has created. It does make for a good read on how NOT to act when talking in a group chat of 2000+ avatars.

  48. Yep

    Sep 13th, 2011

    Go getem Tiger :P

  49. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Sep 13th, 2011

    all I know is someone owes me a complimentary back scratcher.

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