Bowling and Griefing Going Strong in Second Life

by Alphaville Herald on 24/04/12 at 1:18 am

by Justine Babii

When I was last a Second Lifer I learned quickly that it's important not to get too excited about the "Events" listed in the SL search, as most will be a huge disappointment. Empty sims trying to sell or rent lots, struggling clubs, and sex bed sales made up the majority of results and sifting the "actual" things to do from the lame attempts at generating traffic was more trouble than finding one's own favorite things to do.


So the other day when some girlfriends and I were looking for something to do, I was trepidatious about trying the Search Events function, but what the heck, maybe it's better than 2007.

Turns out it's not (but, to be fair, the Lindens seem to be doing a good job of keeping the "Featured Events" in the "Destination Guide" up to date). Still, I discovered a "Bowling Event" that looked like fun, so we went.


As an event, it was a total fail because it was one of those "We're not really having an event, but we're here and we're open" type of events and predictably, the place was empty, but it was a complete win because we discovered Second Life Bowling.

The place we went to was called Bowl-a-Rama Bowling Center, here's a Slurl:

The bowling action is predictably cheesey, but it's not easy to get perfect scores, so it makes for some good fun if you're the competitive type and bring some friends over. If nothing else, both of my girlfriends loved it and have been back since, so you might meet some hot avatars.

bowl - and maybe meet hot avatars too!

I was curious if this bowling script/animation/scoring that we were experiencing at Bowl-a-Rama would be found at other places, so we jumped to a couple other bowling places. I liked (and my girlfriends agreed) the Bowl-a-Rama version best.

there is no place like an SL Welcome Area - and some things never change

After bowling, I futzed about a while, then wondered what my Home Location is after all this time away. I teleported home and learned it's the Plum Welcome Area. (I'm guessing my old home landmark no longer exists on the grid?) I didn't have much time to think about it, however, as I was almost immediately attacked by Zenfreckels's Prim and a gazillion gross pictures. I had to TP away and then relog to end the assault.


So, those of you who might have wandered away from the Grid and wondered how life in the metaverse is progressing - it feels a lot like 2007 still, but at least there's good bowling now.

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  1. Edna

    Apr 24th, 2012

    Bowling sounded like something worth checking out. Unfortunately that Slurl you gave takes you to a land rental kiosk. No bowling alley in sight.

  2. Aaron

    Apr 24th, 2012

    Yes I had that experience too and then searched for bowl a rama which i got from the picture above and went right to it

  3. PayDay

    Apr 24th, 2012

    It doesn’t amaze me to see this type of griefing in Second Life anymore in fact if you want to know a griefer I will be more than happy to give their name. Synphony Vayandar, she is a griefer who likes to get on peoples nerves and grief people she doesn’t like just google her name and look around you will find that she is a big drama causer.

    Synphony Vayandar is a member of KingGoon, and her griefing buddies like to do things like Spam sims with big cubes spam/flood peoples IM’s, and emails in game. She claims she is an innocent little angel, and RP’s in NoR/GoR like one however she attacks and griefs anyone she doesn’t like with different IP’s/Accounts. The most recent attacks she did was on NoR Claiming to be someone else.

    She also likes to CopyBot stores and BlackMail.

    Lets not forget Kitten Mode aka Fish Face who hangs out around Moose Beach, and Plum copybotting and even has an account with her same SL name registered on KingGoon.

    Hey Fish Face Come @ Me bro.

  4. PayDay

    Apr 24th, 2012

    Oops I forgot something that Bizarre Obscure, and DaSein Noyes love Synphony Vayandar so much they allow this griefer to play in NoR and CopyBot everyones goods so watch out if you see your goods stolen and she is around you know it is her.

    Keep in mind that Synphony Vayandar had alternate accounts handing out stolen content to Teens all over the SandBox, but tried to blame someone else and Linden Lab did nothing cuz she was EPIC Fail. But hey while Norians mite have believe her because she suckers up to everyone just because she hangs with Lacedaemon a lot, and while two developers might have sent out false notices about my clients and friends on Synphony Vayandars behalf it did nothing because she is the griefer griefing everyone she hates for the lulz with the rest of KingGoon.

    Just look at Logs posted on MMORPG about Synphony, and on Google they show her constant attacks on people, and even the Admin of NoR Says they don’t care about griefing in SL and SL can burn as long as NoR Doesn’t.

    Btw Don’t forget about WARPS and CCS which the Code was stolen and used by Norians for a long time in 2007-2008.

  5. PE1

    Apr 24th, 2012

    and payday sounds either butthurt that he didnt get some of sv’s pixel ass, or a member of kg desperately trying to promote the retard group.

  6. Writer

    Apr 24th, 2012


    Anyone butthurt about KingGoon like this is, ah,
    a freaking shut-in

    Shut up Mies!

  7. Emperor Norton

    Apr 24th, 2012

    So what fight did Payday lose with Synphony Vayandar?

  8. Dontspill McGinnis

    Apr 24th, 2012

    A smear campaign? Must be election time…
    Yeah, Payday is certainly an appropriate name for a politician.
    Well some of us are made with more moral fibre.
    You’re not getting my vote unless I get a season ticket to Bowl-a-rama.

  9. Mary

    Apr 25th, 2012

    Another person who likes to particle spam in welcome areas is Glurp Gurbux. He will normally find a way to get real life photographs of users, including brand new residents, and put them into a particle spammer. Normally his nasty old internet girlfriend Shazz Larnia is right there next to him talking sexually in private message with the victims to get the photographs. He even managed to find a picture of a resident’s daughter and uploaded it, proceeding to spam the child’s photo in the same manner.

  10. Pappy Enoch

    Apr 25th, 2012

    This-here post done called to mind them fine words by the Old-Timey Hillbilly Band, AC/DC:

    “Some balls are held for charity
    And some for fancy dress
    But when they’re held for pleasure
    They’re the balls that I like best!”

    Hoo Whee it are time to go bowlin’ y’all.

  11. Dammit Bobbeh

    Apr 26th, 2012

    The Geriatric Duo from Hanja are like an ass pimple: annoying and painful but not dangerous.

    Kitten Mode is a cranky old lady who copybots neko shit. Nuff said.

    King Goon is a bunch of posers. They’re not PN, they’re not even Goons. Most of them couldn’t even tell you what these things mean. They’re a handful of self-promoting try-hards, desperately trying to gather some virtual street cred–which they’re not getting.

  12. Gundel Gaukelei

    Apr 26th, 2012

    Bowling? Nah, I’ll rather go and have some fun burning jita …

  13. IntLibber Brautigan

    Apr 27th, 2012

    Of course griefing is going strong in SL. In the words of Phillip Rosedale: “They (the Lindens) have no idea where to take the platform.”

  14. Dontspill McGinnis

    Apr 27th, 2012

    I fail to understand how a partical spam attack is so debilitating anyway.
    Why not just turn off particals in the viewer and go about your business.
    No big deal, surely?

  15. Obvious Schism

    Apr 27th, 2012

    I like bowling. It is very satisfying when one gets a “strike”. It is also quite satisfying when one gets a “spare”, but not as much as a strike. Maybe griefers should take up bowling and try to get as many strikes as they can. It could prove to be a viable outlet for their energy and an alternative way of getting satisfaction from a video game.

  16. Dontspill McGinnis

    Apr 27th, 2012

    I don’t think that would work, Obvious. I tried the bowling yesterday.
    It is really difficult to get anything OTHER than a strike or a spare at Bowl-a-rama.

    I think the pins are just too timid, because when I took my axe out to put on the table so I could bowl, all the pins fell over.

    Lets just say that although quite entertaining for a brief while, it isn’t what you might call challenging.

  17. hobo_kelly

    Apr 28th, 2012

    “Hey, you got Bowling in my Griefing!”
    “No way, you got Griefing in my Bowling!”

    Bowling… Griefing… Bowling and Griefing together… Sounds like a natch. Is there a bowling alley on the Ravenglass sim somewhere by chance? Belarus Bowl? Leninist Lanes? Ruskie Roll? Crazy Cat Casino?

  18. Paul

    Apr 29th, 2012

    virtual street cred???

  19. Joe

    Apr 29th, 2012

    After years in SL, I never have played bowling and I never have met that Synphony, lol. Where have I stayed all these years in the grid? But I’ll write about my “favourite” griefer as well: Monkey Wonder. Other one in the sort of zFire Xue, spying people to sell security devices. This monkey tries to annihliate Green Zone, sent a threat notecard to every member, later he has published a blacklist containing every avatar name in GZ group, and uses a bot (Sonic Radikal) into GZ group to keep his list updated. Yes, griefing is growing.

  20. Writer

    Apr 30th, 2012

    hey hobo_mies, spillage and schism
    Lets meet up on Reddit and have some fun.

  21. Obvious Schism

    May 1st, 2012

    Hey Writer, that sounds like a fantastic idea. But why did you choose us three to share your fun? Why are we so special?

  22. EmeraldFox

    May 1st, 2012

    How do we know payday aint a member of the sl justice league? Sounds like he likes to cause as much drama about griefers and scare mongering as they do

  23. Dontspill McGinnis

    May 1st, 2012

    The third annual global Reddit meetup day is June 23rd.

    Why not aim for that?

    @ Obvious: I think Writer wants to hang out with cool people for a while in the hope that some of our coolness rubs off.

    Sow’s ears and silk purses come to mind, but I’m up for a bit of experimentation in social engineering!

    Should we all wear Yellow buttonholes, so we know one another?

  24. IntLibber Brautigan

    May 2nd, 2012

    Writer wants to speed date you three….

  25. Obvious Schism

    May 5th, 2012

    Dontspill – I’m afraid I can’t make that day, or any other for that matter.

    So consequently, Intlibber, Writer will just have to date me here in the comments section of the Herald. But I hope Dontspill and Hobo have a nice time with Writer wherever you all decide to meet. Oh and do let us know how it goes and if it is likely to lead to marriage etc etc

  26. Writer

    May 7th, 2012


    You are “obviously” scared

  27. Obvious Schism

    May 8th, 2012


  28. Dontspill McGinnis

    May 9th, 2012

    @ Writer

    “You are “obviously” scared”

    I see what you did there…
    My, you are a clever one!

  29. Writer

    May 16th, 2012

    Truth hurts.

  30. Emperor Norton

    Jun 22nd, 2012

    So Blake’s Sea they have major drama because of some fake Coast Guard group, The SL Fashion world is in a major catfight over something called “secrets” , which is apparently is /4chan for mean girls. and were is the Herald in all this childish?

    Pappy Enough should be made special reporter to the SL Fashion community NOW!

  31. hobo kelly

    Jun 25th, 2012

    Yeah there is major drama going on in the Blake sea around Hollywood airport. Some big fight going on between the boat people and the aircraft people. And between two different coast guard factions. Hollywood and China sims. Be there or be square Mischief Makers :)

  32. GG3

    Jun 27th, 2012

    Like a repressive diarrhea fart, the dreading of bowling and seeing a few ugly pictures in the mix.

    What’s worst, the sheer boredom of the dead bowling Sim or some ugly fly-by pics?

  33. Dontspill McGinnis

    Jun 28th, 2012

    So what is this new drama, Emperor? Why not fill us in here. It would be mildly amusing to hear about it, I’m not much of one for the fashionista set, as you know,
    Besides, I’m too busy on the set of “The Hobbit” with my mate Peter to actually log on and check it out.

  34. Emperor Norton

    Jun 28th, 2012

    While I am fascinated to learn they film during the winter in New Zeeland I am to busy selling my autograph to tourists down on Fisherman’s Wharf to report Dontspill. All part of my high profile Imperial lifestyle.

    As far s fashions go I personally am a big fan of uniforms.

  35. Archie

    Feb 18th, 2013

    Seems like they are still using their 2007 landmarks as well – the stories that old.

  36. VinnieXL

    Jan 17th, 2014

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