Shock! Griefer/Egghead/Hollywood Conspiracy Exposed!!!

by Alphaville Herald on 06/08/12 at 10:14 pm

special to the Alphaville Herald - by Pat the Rat

Someone pass me the Pepto Bismol, please! That is all I can think of saying after surviving the social event of the decade in the new, post-Linden, metaverse.

Look what surfaced
 [photo by Paparazzo Joenz]

Attending this A-list event were Alphaville Herald staffers Urizenus Sklar, Pixeleen Mistral, and PaleFire, former PN boss Windowlic Klaar, Woodbury alums Tizzers, Atlas, and Huns, Woodbury Dean Edward Clift, Hollywood film-makers Brett Baum and Vivien Lesnik (she of the pro-Castro documentary, /busted!). Well it all just makes you think, doesn’t it?

What possible reason could there be for this confluence of ne’re-do-wells, griefers, pointy-headed intellectuals, and Hollywood moguls? I don’t know and I don’t care, because whatever nefarious plots and technocommunist revolutions they were planning, they partied like it was 1917!

tizzers and atlas

Atlas and Tizzers not drinking that Moet Crap.

Secret Agent

Agent from Chapman University joins the conspiracy.

tizzers huns atlas

Tizzers, Huns, and Atlas in the Queen Elizabeth Herald Suite.

But what are they up to? Is it a new transmedia ARG done under the auspices of Henry Jenkins – one of the technocommunists from whom they take their marching orders? Is it a plan to turn us into a nation of brony-loving, rainbow-pooping yiffers? Is it yet another tendril of the monster that has become the Occupy Movement? The Rabelaisian quality of the evening suggested that perhaps they were planning a 21st Century Carnival of the Grotesque. Only one thing is for sure: In the hall of mirrors that is the Interwebs, we may never know.


43 Responses to “Shock! Griefer/Egghead/Hollywood Conspiracy Exposed!!!”

  1. IntLibber

    Aug 6th, 2012

    Been a year of nothing and still no story on the ponypocalypse…. the metaverse truly is dead.

  2. hobo kelly

    Aug 7th, 2012

    In second life I put on this old woodbury uniform that I have and attached the bottle of woodbury vodka that plays glorious russian marching and drinking music while you take hit after hit off of the bottomless sl fake vodka bottle. It was great. Oh yeah and I want a ponypocalypse too. Whatever they are. Is there such a thing as a KittyPocalypse? Thats would be where there are so many cats in one place that they begin to produce their own gravity and eventually whole sims disappear into a singularity gone forever without a trace that they were ever there…

    Maybe some Indie film group is going to make a movie about Second Life avatars causing lulz. Maybe some crazy cat ladys too? Hmm, I dunno about this. I wonder if they will use the new Proky Method of filming Second Life where instead of using software to stream your second life funland screen directly onto disk, you just grab some handheld cam, put it on auto focus and auto head tracking and then just kinda sorta point it at your LCD screen with one hand while mousing around clicking on stuff with the other. Yeah we want to see more of that.

    Ok, ok, here is my best crazy cat lady impression… starting now…

    “Yeah I can see you up there you griefers, you bolchevicks, I can see you up there looking at me. You’re damned right I can see you up there looking at me. Well, you know what? I’m looking RIGHT BACK at you, you technocommunists, you know you will get push back from me. Yeah just keep standing there. Go ahead, take a picture, it lasts longer. Looking at me. Yeah well I’m looking right back at you. I know each and every one of you in that picture are here right now. Each and every one of you are here reading this right now. Go ahead, lean back on your little wall with your smug sun glasses on. You little bolchevicks wouldn’t know communism if it bit you on your little butts. I know communism. You want communism? Huh? Is that what you want? Well I can give it to you Tizzers… just try some more of your little stunts and you will see what I mean. I know you and your pals get together and plan your little plans on how you are going to do this or that or whatever… DAMN IT KITTY get down off of mommy’s lap with your claws… I told you not to… oh you brought mommy a little present did you? Mmm, nutty, crunchy, not too salty…Good kitty…”

    Its gonna be 106 degrees today. Thats hot baby. Sieg Heil !!

  3. Avenger Chip

    Aug 8th, 2012

    First of all, they are not commie, and know absolutely nothing about what that means. Tizzers and company (Woodwory, BAD LAB, PN, …) are only a bunch of wimps potato from an upper middle class who have had it all. They play a stupid game roll, in pretending to be Communists, based on a number of topics.

    Years ago, a game played roll, killed a fat man. Apparently his head was like a cage full of crickets and took the game too far. Now engaged in harassing harmless old ladies. What’s next?. They should be ashamed of how far human stupidity has come.

    What should really be the attitude of these punks?, They hate themselves and hate the rest of the world as much as they hate themselves. These people have never helped in any way for people with limited financial resources, have never done anything for anyone. And nature does not correspond in any way with those union members who defended the rights of the poor.

    Stupid spoiled brats too. They are fascists, laughing with his stupid terrorist trying to play the part of something they do not understand.

    His senseless terrorism does not represent anybody but themselves. That will achieve nothing. Except, the accumulation of enemies.

  4. lulzartizar

    Aug 9th, 2012

    all i see in these pictures is a bunch of fat ass retarded looking rich nerds drinking expensive alcohol and pretending to mean something to people.

  5. IntLibber

    Aug 9th, 2012

    Y U MAD?

  6. ReadAndLaugh

    Aug 9th, 2012

    Y U not there blubber?

  7. ReadAndLaugh

    Aug 9th, 2012

    Atlas does like a bit like Napolean Dynamite in that group shot….

  8. Biff Baker

    Aug 10th, 2012

    You can tell the booze is expensive because they are drinking it from plastic red cups! Just the good stuff for those lushy lulzy griefers!

  9. James Freud

    Aug 10th, 2012

    So that’s what people who work once a month (if that) on their website look like.

    Good on you, “Herald Staff”. Keep up the…….um……..whatever you………do.

  10. Biff Baker

    Aug 10th, 2012

    So… what exactly were those people up to? Presumably someone at the Herald knows?

  11. potosi abonwood

    Aug 10th, 2012

    Nice to see the JLU show up and start the name calling. Could at last use the names you go by though.

  12. Gundel Gaukelei

    Aug 11th, 2012

    Breaking news from griefers retirement home … let’s yawn it out.

  13. hobo kelly

    Aug 12th, 2012

    appendix a) A Definition of Terms:
    …..”More recently, Jenkins’ research has focused on how individuals in contemporary culture themselves tap into and combine numerous different media sources. He suggests that media convergence be understood as a cultural process, rather than a technological end-point.”
    …..”Specifically, this report outlines the emerging field of mobile and pervasive games along the dimensions of (1) civic learning, (2) performance/art, and (3) social change.”
    …..”An alternate reality game (ARG) is an interactive narrative that uses the real world as a platform and uses transmedia to deliver a story that may be altered by participants’ ideas or actions.”
    …..”Transmediation can refer to the process of “responding to cultural texts in a range of sign systems — art, movement, sculpture, dance, music, and so on — as well as in words.”
    …..”He has historically been regarded as a writer of fantasy, satire, the grotesque, bawdy jokes and songs. His best known work is Gargantua and Pantagruel.”
    …..”It is the story of two giants, a father (Gargantua) and his son (Pantagruel) and their adventures, written in an amusing, extravagant, satirical vein.”
    …..”The origin of language in the human species has been the topic of scholarly discussions for several centuries. In spite of this, there is no consensus on its ultimate origin or age.”
    …..”The term Theatre of the Grotesque refers to an anti-naturalistic school of Italian dramatists, writing in the 1910s and 1920s, who are often seen as precursors of the Theatre of the Absurd.”
    …..”Naturalistic works exposed the dark harshness of life, including poverty, racism, sex, prejudice, disease, prostitution, and filth.”
    …..”Their work expressed the belief that human existence has no meaning or purpose and therefore all communication breaks down. Logical construction and argument gives way to irrational and illogical speech and to its ultimate conclusion, silence”
    …..In the essay, Camus introduces his philosophy of the absurd: man’s futile search for meaning, unity, and clarity in the face of an unintelligible world devoid of God and eternal truths or values. Does the realization of the absurd require suicide? Camus answers: “No. It requires revolt.”
    …..”As a blogger on virtual worlds, she is strongly critical of the open source movement, which she describes as “technocommunism”. Fitzpatrick was also a strong critic of the Second Life presence of Woodbury University, a California university maintaining a virtual campus in Second Life, and whose students and professors she accused of being “griefers”.”


  14. hobo kelly

    Aug 13th, 2012

    Here is an FYI for lulz. Apparently Linden Labs with its latest server code rollout to support the new “Pathfinding” feature, HAS SCREWED UP SL to the point that SL is now transmitting as much as 20 TIMES THE DATA to your computer as it should. This is causing massive amounts of SL users TO LOSE THEIR INTERNET TOTALLY as their ISP SHUTS THEM DOWN for excessive data use as they hit their DATA CAP. Griefers couldn’t do anything this good. Users are sending out warnings to NOT LOG ONTO SL if you value your internet. Users who got their internet turned off are requesting vouchers from LL for causing this. Here is a JIRA link if you would like to read the lulz. It has to do with your avatar looking SOUTH and then WHAMMO, LL hits you with so much data you’re done for… like LL is D-DOSing you until your ISP dumps the problem loads. heh.

  15. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Aug 13th, 2012

    I wanna buy Tiz some good platform shoes. =^-^=

  16. Reader

    Aug 13th, 2012

    “I wanna buy Tiz some good platform shoes. =^-^=”

    So true,
    She is so much shorter than I had envisioned…

  17. Millennium Sands

    Aug 13th, 2012

    Well hobo, did those SL users also mention that they use bongo drums for data transfer?

    I had no problems so far. Saturday I watched a race, all cars worked fine, and the race gate had no malfunction. The only difference I observed during the last days was the common hysteria that always comes up whenever something new is introduced.

  18. hobo kelly

    Aug 14th, 2012

    Hi Millenium Sands. Didn’t I just read something about something… hmm… thinking… OH YEAH now I remember. You were spotted over in the Ross Infohub with your feet up comfortably on the PN’s desk doing an interview with some guy that was Rezzin’ Lulz Chickens all over her e-lawn or something. And the guy was going on about how they were special Magic Chickens that bring joy to the residents that live there and how chickens really just self create in out of the linden soil like some kind of spontaneous poltry combustion or something, and how people can will the chickens to go away if they dont like them. Or something.

    Could you publish that here? I know you got scooped on the story a little bit, but I bet you got more than whats her butt was telling. I laughed so hard. HA. I could just see her showing up with your feet up on her desk interviewing her Chicken Enemy. Is there something deeper there? I almost thought you were Nelson Jenkins. Nice job. Keep up the good work. And post that interview (pwetty pwease?)

  19. hobo kelly

    Aug 14th, 2012

    Maybe it was Ahern and not Ross. Anyway I see this comment has come up today on the JIRA:

    “I would just stay off SL until this is resolved, to be safe. It appears that the SW and SE sims adjacent to the one you’re in are the ones causing problems, but no guarantee can be made. Personally speaking, I’m nowhere near my cap but I’m not going anywhere in SL until this is fixed.”

    Weird weird weird things they have done

  20. Pappy Enoch

    Aug 14th, 2012

    My comrades in techno-commiedom done knowed better’n invite me when they am store-bought liquor in the room. Hoo whee it am fun drinkin’ stuff that don’t make you go blind and on a killin’ spree.

  21. EndOfStory

    Aug 20th, 2012

    Old photos don’t make a statement relevant.

    Looks to me this was the last hurah!

    When is the book coming out?

  22. miki gymnast

    Aug 21st, 2012


  23. invigilate

    Aug 23rd, 2012

    No wonder the people in those pictures are such a-holes, they’re spoiled twats who look like the backside of a bulls balls. I have to laugh at huns valen, who always acted like billy badass libertarian on various forums, being such a pudgy, pasty nerd in RL. Is he still denying being a griefer while magically showing up wherever they are? Thanks Herald, for confirming what most of us already knew— that the herald reporters and their griefy friends are really just over-privileged, fat, whiteboys, who are trying way too hard to be cool and relevant. Listening to them talk about expensive booze just makes them sound like teenage, hip-hopper wannabees.

  24. At0m0 Beerbaum

    Aug 24th, 2012

    I was there 8)

  25. EndOfStory

    Aug 24th, 2012

    “I was there”

    Lucky you.


  26. Melissa Yeuxdoux

    Aug 25th, 2012

    Good impression… but I have to think you should have worked in at least one “vicious little mangina” somewhere.

  27. Tux

    Aug 26th, 2012

    Oh dear, why do the poor and/or the mentally inferior always complain about the wealthy? Then go on about how they do nothing to help:
    Avenger Chip: … from an upper middle class who have had it all ….
    Avenger Chip: These people have never helped in any way for people with limited financial resources, have never done anything for anyone.
    Please Avenger, explain why anyone who has money (either by working hard or by family inheritance) should help others, when those others fail to help themselves? Especially the ones who play a virtual game like second life, those people who are lazy and do nothing for themselves. They don’t find work. The don’t even clean their little trailers. It certainly demonstrates where the term ‘trailer trash’ comes from.

    lulzartizar: all i see … rich nerds drinking expensive alcohol …
    And why not? You see, when civilised people come together, they relax and enjoy each others company.

    James Freud: So that’s what people who work once a month (if that) on their website look like.
    Does it matter what they do? If it provides them with enough to live comfortably then why not?

    invigilate: they’re spoiled twats
    Awesome deduction Holmes! I hope your parents are proud of you.

  28. No More Cat Farts

    Aug 27th, 2012

    There is a rumor that there is a ARMED Krazy Kat Lady Trike available FREE at SLURL: they say it has purring cat mines Bombs and Rockets for your Krazy Kat fun!

  29. Avenger Chip

    Aug 27th, 2012

    Tux. Because of the emphasis you put on the defense of Gang photo, I assume you are one of them. You wonder why while making use of logical fallacies. If you shout to the world that you are a communist at least have the decency to be in practice. And do not force us to others to be.

    We have suffered for years attacks in public sandboxes. Precisely those using sanboxes are those who may not have land that can not afford to pay the tier. That is pure terrorism against the humblest of secondlife.

    So, I think that that is no way to defend a position. Moreover, I think that even you have a political opinion. For you it is just a game of roll.

    You go to a sandbox, you release your shit and others suffer while you laugh. It is a typical game of idle big kids. Think others are inferior, (You said it, not me), if that would join the grieffer’s lack of empathy, what do we have?. Answer: We have a psychopath.

  30. hobo kelly

    Aug 27th, 2012

    ok, you’re so smart… explain what “pony ‘sploder” means…

  31. EndOfStory

    Aug 27th, 2012

    “So that’s what people who work once a month (if that) on their website look like.
    Does it matter what they do? If it provides them with enough to live comfortably then why not?”

    This was very revealing.
    Pix doesn’t live comfortably from any type of proceeds resulting from this site. This is her compensatory side show. Everyone knows that. Only grief-tards making “take” off of second life think in this fashion. Move on in life much Tux?

    You are not just a psychopath, you are a delusional as fuck psychopath…

  32. Tux

    Aug 27th, 2012

    Avenger Chip:
    … I assume you are one of them …

    … you are a communist …
    Again no, and I certainly don’t project any political views I have into a game.

    … those using sanboxes … can not afford to pay the tier …
    Then perhaps they should cut down their time playing games and get a job to pay for their habit?

    … you have a political opinion … For you it is just a game …
    That’s exactly it, it is just a game. Politics don’t come into it.

    … while you laugh …
    What can I say? I enjoy the game, therefore I laugh. If people aren’t enjoying the game, they should play something else.

    … a psychopath …
    Amazing deduction.

    “So that’s what people who work once a month (if that) on their website look like.”
    Does it matter what they do? If it provides them with enough to live comfortably then why not?

    … Pix doesn’t live comfortably from any type of proceeds resulting from this site …
    James Freud’s statement doesn’t apply to Pix. In case you didn’t know: Pix has a proper job.

    … You are not just a psychopath, you are a delusional as fuck psychopath …
    Wow really?

    Anyway, I would like to thank Pix for being considerate enough to cut the posts down to fit in with my work. Those of us who do work, as opposed to spending their life in a game they can’t afford, understand how constant replies throughout the day can be slightly irritating (my phone plays the same message for email as it does for sms).

    I look forward to the next one. Perhaps it could be about how the poor neglect their lives in favor of immersing themselves in a virtual reality, whilst complaining how people with money don’t help them, or how they become instant psychologists and think their opinions count.

  33. hobo kelly

    Aug 27th, 2012

    ok, ok, I got another one… this is a really good one… It should get Pete and Repeat going off really good… ok, here we go:

    Long Beach is Long………….

  34. Soggy

    Aug 27th, 2012

    I love my new Krazy Kat Lady Trike

  35. Biff Baker

    Aug 28th, 2012


    “twats who look like the backside of a bulls balls”

    I don’t know what’s wrong with the bulls you’ve been tea-bagging, but when you are done having your fun with them you should probably call a vet.

  36. Lulzer

    Aug 28th, 2012

    To put it straight I don’t see how WoodBury was such a bad group given the fact that Second Life has turned into an even bigger mess now. Lets look at it for example Griefer Wise.

    1. Nicholas Mafia, 2. Bad Lab, KingGoon, Wannabe Anon

    So WoodBury was removed twice from Second Life during my time of being on the grid, but yet These other groups remain in Second Life. Here we have people clearly supporting the CopyBot, aka Luxa Budan, who owns NoR and is a member of the Content Creators Assoication (CCA) she allows Synphony Vayandar, and her friends to give out stolen content in sandbox’s with Alts which was stolen from a creator named ( Cal Corleone ) and a few others I don’t got the entire list. Lets not forget the griefer attacks from their sims launched towards other players, and lets not forget the WARPS theft incident I think it was in 2009/2010 where the code was stolen from CCS at least what I was able to find on google search.

    Also they were and are still in clear violation of the SL Terms OF Service/Community Standards by posting disclaimers about IM’s in covenant disclosure of logs, threatening other people, Luxa Budan, and Bizarre Obscure both reported for threats, harassment, rumors, lies about others nothing done about them.

    Why??? Because they pay over $1000 a month and make over $500 a month in profit ripping people off for Sim costs.

    It is amazing to watch how many people actually break the TOS, or CS in SL, and yet WoodBury takes the fall for it, sure there might have been a few woodbury people who were part of the group who broke the TOS, but they never did anything that bad like KingG00n, or any of the others sharing and violating other peoples intellectual property rights.

    Lets not forget the incident in BloodLines with DarkMatter Steamer and his little theft mission with his buddies, or Smiggles Decuir for that matter in 2009 with her theft supporting ass and her sisters KatWoman Yootz, and Hope Shim still not banned from Second Life…

    But Ban WoodBury for what? Being griefers lol????


    Oh wait did I even mention JLU



    FUCK YOU AGAIN Linden Lab

  37. EndOfStory

    Aug 28th, 2012

    Tux, how do?

  38. T-Bone

    Aug 28th, 2012

    The parallel between SL’s nose dive and the Herald’s continues…..

    There is much in the jaded, shambling virtual world to investgate: the ‘invisible’ CEO, the ban on gambling machines….for, erm, some, pathfinder chaos, etc etc.

    Fold the goddam thing or get the thumb out the ass time.

  39. Edna

    Aug 29th, 2012

    Anyone else watching the convention notice that Romney seems to have the personality and energy of a mannequin?

  40. EndOfStory

    Aug 30th, 2012

    You aren’t considering voting are you?
    You seem like a Ron Paul type person…

  41. T-Bone

    Aug 31st, 2012


    Naturally. The zionist puppets get worse every year, and why not? The US population have been fooled for well over a century now, and so your zionist masters see no reason to get a seasoned actor in for the top jobs….

  42. LOL

    Sep 7th, 2012

    Nice picture, love the banner! However, communisim did not sink, it just moved tot he Good Old USA in the form of a 2 party Dictatorship

  43. Larre Leborski

    May 25th, 2015

    Indeed yep, and these guys still do not wonder what happened to the New World Enlightenment and TRP360 in both Glinda and Sialimonus in Second Life. Me has to wonder because I know what really happened. :-)

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