Polie Bear: Alphaville’s Army of One

by Alphaville Herald on 18/02/04 at 10:36 am

Yesterday I received the following intriguing piece of spam from Nick, ex-roomie of Van’s Free Money for Newbies, where he was Julia, and ex of the Royalty Cash scam house, where he was Sanjiro, and sometime member of the Armone mafia:

xxx (4:07:18 AM): I need a new account, anybody wanna give/sell? (lost my best one thanks to the inevitable faggot bear again)

This could only mean one thing. Polie Bear had struck again! Yes, the very same Polie Bear who twice deleted Van’s Free Money property. Polie, the tireless warrior against griefers and scammers. The AVH hadn’t talked to Polie’s 14 year old typist in a while, so we figured it was high time we looked him up again.

Urizenus: First of all, congrats on getting your house on the Daily Show!
Polie Bear: Thanks!
Urizenus: It was so funny, Rob Corddry kept wanting to shoot you. “Shoot him shoot him!”
Polie Bear: LOL!
Urizenus: And he was saying “look at that bear staring at me!”
Polie Bear: Hehe…
Urizenus: Too bad they cut that stuff out of the show.
Polie Bear: Yeah, I know.
Urizenus: So anyway, you got Nick terminated?
Polie Bear: For the 5th time.
Urizenus: How did you do that?
Polie Bear: I reported him for making fun of my Sim.
Urizenus: that’s against the rules?
Polie Bear: Yes, it is, it is harassment.
Urizenus: what did he say about your sim?
Polie Bear: That at least he does not have an ugly polar bear head, and ugly fur.
Urizenus: and that got him banned?
Polie Bear: yeah
Urizenus: wow, so how many people do you think you have gotten banned in your days?
Polie Bear: if Nick counts as one person and not 5, I would say 3 or more
Urizenus: Do you remember who the others were?
Polie Bear: one of them was What The F**************ck
Polie Bear: others, I do not really know, but I am sure I banned more people than that
Urizenus: And let’s not forget that twice you got Van’s house deleted
Polie Bear: yeah, lol
Urizenus: So what is your secret? How do you get the attention of the game monitors?
Polie Bear: I don’t know if there really is a secret, but you just try to tell them as much as you can within a few minutes, be nice, and that usually does the trick…
Urizenus: Is there a GM that is particularly receptive to you? (I mean that listens to you well)
Polie Bear: Starbladeprtx usually actions against Nick
Urizenus: Did he know all these sims were run by Nick?
Polie Bear: maybe, they might be able to see his contact info
Urizenus: How does Nick keep getting new accounts?
Polie Bear: he seems to just buy game codes, trade accounts with friends, people give/lend/sell accounts to him, etc.
Urizenus: ic, so here’s another question…
Urizenus: I saw that some mafia guy tagged you and would only lift the tag for money. How much money did he want?
Polie Bear: nobody ever demanded money from me
Urizenus: oh I thought you said something like that on stratics
Polie Bear: oh, I was referring to a complaint I made to Maxis but they misread it
Urizenus: maxis misread it?
Polie Bear: yeah, they sometimes do misread my reports [here is their reply]

We received your complaint about another player making you an enemy on their friendship web and or demanding Simoleans in exchange for removing the enemy link. Unfortunately this does not constitute a Terms of Service or User Agreement violation unless the friendship web note is vulgar in nature. This is part of the game design. Players need to weigh carefully who they offer a friendship balloon to while playing the game. EA/Maxis can not remove players from friendship webs nor can we break friendship rings of enemies.

If you would prefer to avoid contact with this player while you are in the game, please make sure that the other player is added to your ignore list and that you have them banned from your lot if you are a property owner.


EA Player Relations

Urizenus: well, why do you think they would ban Nick for calling your fur ugly, but not ban a mafia guy for tagging you?
Polie Bear: because if you report a scammer, or someone trying to make you pay to remove a tag, you get the message saying “Thanks for your report but this is not a TOS violation…”
Polie Bear: … because [tagging] is a supported feature
Urizenus: but saying a sim has ugly fur is a violation?
Polie Bear: yeah, it is harassment, now if only I knew that when Van was around
Urizenus: well that was my question: Van was calling sims ugly every day from day one. sims with glasses, sims with bear heads, sims with hats, black sims, sims with colored hair…
Urizenus: It’s especially odd that he could say racist things to black sims but maxis wouldn’t do anything about it, but they will do something when Nick says your fur is ugly.
Polie Bear: either Maxis loves him, or nobody reported him for that, so that was why he was not banned sooner
Urizenus: Well, do you think there is reason to suppose that Maxis was protecting Van?
Polie Bear: maybe he has many accounts, and Maxis does not want to lose money maybe?
Urizenus: Well, what are you up to otherwise these days. Doing anything fun in alphaville?
Polie Bear: yeah, just hanging out with friends, but I am a little scared of the people in Alphaville now…
Urizenus: scared of what people in alphaville?
Polie Bear: Nick’s friends, after I terminated him, he started a “revolt” against me
Urizenus: So they are going to tag you?
Polie Bear: yeah, but it is funny when I play games with them, while they boost me up the lists
Urizenus: you or your house?
Polie Bear: my house
Urizenus: so you are getting a high visitor count thanks to all the taggers?
Polie Bear: yeah, thanks Nick for the hours!
Urizenus: So do you really not like Nick or are you sort of friends with Nick?
Polie Bear: it is funny, because one minute we’re best friends, the next, we’re the worst enemies
Urizenus: lol
Urizenus: so what do you want to say to Nick now?
Polie Bear: he says he “ownz” me, but I think he needs spelling classes, and I own him
Urizenus: Anything else you wanna say?
Polie Bear: Nick can try to make my friends enemies, but they are still friends. nice try.
Urizenus: k, thanks Polie!
Polie Bear: anytime

56 Responses to “Polie Bear: Alphaville’s Army of One”

  1. Nick

    Feb 28th, 2004

    “people nick poli why dun u guys grow up you guys are acting like ass-wipes right now waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa u guys sound like babies that need the bottle and diapers quit the shit hey assholes and if its affecting real life friends that is bullshit its a game people shut the fuck up and have fun thats what the game is supposed to be about fun not this quite the crap u fuckers”
    Degula I’m not gonna take away your right of free speech here, but really, you’re the one bitching like a baby. Butting into someone else’s fight and telling US to shut the fuck up? seriously, you don’t know shit about us or this fight we had going on. Butt the fuck out unless you have something worthwhile for us to listen to. P.S. learn to type in sentences, it will make you look half-way smart. You know using periods.. they look kinda like this: . :)

  2. Ingawasaki

    Mar 3rd, 2004

    I’m not even involved in this crap, and I can tell Polie is being a whiner.

    Dude, grow up. It’s a game. What’s being said here is worse than what was said in the game, and your bitching about what happened ingame.

    If you don’t like listening to him, ignore him. There’s no need to cause this shit.

  3. urizenus

    Mar 3rd, 2004

    It’s over. Nothing to see here. Move along.

  4. Nick

    Mar 5th, 2004

    :o Peeka boo?

  5. Polie Bear

    Mar 5th, 2004

    I see you!


  6. Lina Cipriano

    Mar 14th, 2004

    Oh…my….god…lol This is pathetic. Really it is. Polie, when I was your age, we had a name for people like you. Pencil-neck narcs. Really, you have no room playing a game, if you’re only in it to be a little whiny baby. Just my observation.

    Aurora. Take a pill and chill girlie. Sheesh.

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