Bradley’s hack cj johnson account

by Alphaville Herald on 11/05/04 at 9:15 pm


Well, it seems like just days ago that we were posting a series of stories on how cj johnson was running a series of clones – in particular a clone of Lead Architect (called Lead Archetict), and was using them to scam people out of a number of valuable rares. Now it appears the Ubiquitous Mr and Mrs President Bradley have hacked cj johnson’s account and seized his ill-gotten gains. (Is there honor among thieves? Guess we answered that question.) This completes a series of account hacks for which the Bradley’s have taken credit, including Evangeline, former AVG CIA director Fans, and Calvin Creek Government President Seth Galloway, among many others. Am I wrong in thinking that the situation in AV is completely out of control?

The following chat log was provided by Mr-President.

[03:42] cj johnson: Hello are you there ?
[03:42] Sim President: Yeah, what’s up?
[03:42] cj johnson: Mr.President s
[03:42] cj johnson: some thing very sad has happened to me
[03:42] cj johnson: my account was
[03:42] cj johnson: hacked
[03:42] cj johnson: and permently suspended
[03:43] Sim President: How do you know it was hacked?
[03:43] cj johnson: My whole computer was hacked sir
[03:43] cj johnson: i had to reformat it
[03:43] Sim President: How do you know for sure?
president_avg: [03:44] cj johnson: Well when some one is having a converstation with me in microsoft word …
[03:44] cj johnson: that had total controll
[03:44] cj johnson: the opend word and started to talk to me
[03:44] cj johnson: Mr.President
[03:44] cj johnson: im in dier need of help here
[03:44] cj johnson: i have things for sale on ebay
[03:44] cj johnson: I need my account back
[03:45] cj johnson: i have so much money and so many rares
[03:45] Sim President: Who hacked you?
[03:46] cj johnson: 2 st benards 2 tigers 2 simmys 1 afghan 1 robo cat 2 cheethas and over 50 mil
[03:46] cj johnson: I don’t no who hacked me
[03:46] Sim President: How’d you get all that??
[03:46] cj johnson: I have been working very very very hard
[03:47] cj johnson: i was trying to make a part time living off the game sir
[03:47] cj johnson: Is there any thing you can do to help me
[03:47] cj johnson: ?

64 Responses to “Bradley’s hack cj johnson account”

  1. Mimi E

    May 17th, 2004

    Hm… I think it’s “Nick- an* ugly dwarf”
    But Nick isn’t an ugly dwarf. Stop trying to insult Nick, you’re just jealous of him.

  2. Viva T

    May 17th, 2004

    Mimi, Haha stop acting like a teacher. I don’t like you, so don’t talk to me!

  3. leila

    May 17th, 2004

    Keep smiling it only gets better! Happy hacking!

  4. leila

    May 17th, 2004

    PS. I have a life dear, but I will be MIA for a long time sunning it up in the Sunshine state. First stop Canada, then Connecticut then Florida. Wish me a wonderful summer vacation!

  5. Nick

    May 17th, 2004 one likes you, please fuck a slut.

  6. leila

    May 17th, 2004

    Um Nick, I hope you are more intelligent than you appear to be…Why you care so much about me is beyond me, your wonderful use of vocabulary tells so much…all i can say is VACATION is finally here!!!Woohoo!

  7. Mrs President Bradley

    May 18th, 2004

    Viva trust me why would I write anything under your name. I prefer not looking like an idiot. Wow Leila what a moron. Now that I know who you are… Your all talk no action. Lets see you back some shit up.

  8. Viva T

    May 18th, 2004

    Celestie, I have to tell you about the Bradleys and what they want to do to you please get on yahoo instant messanger, NOW!

  9. Viva T

    May 18th, 2004

    Celestie, I have to tell you about the Bradleys and what they want to do to you please get on yahoo instant messanger, NOW!

  10. Mrs President Bradley

    May 18th, 2004

    Stop trying to start shit. Just b/c you dont have any friends doesn’t mean that you have to fuck with ours.

  11. leila

    May 18th, 2004

    V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!! WooHoo! I guess you wish I was all talk…Too bad I dont have enough time on my hands to do more, But we shall see very soon. Happy Hacking!

  12. leila

    May 18th, 2004

    PS…Anyone know anything about any good community colleges in Broward County, Florida? Or in that vicinity? Mrs. Bradley sure couuld use some school!

  13. Dante Dracos

    May 18th, 2004

    Leila you really need to get some psychiatric help for this obsessive compulsive disorder you obviously have! You have nothing on the Bradleys and you know it! If you really did you would stop being so cryptic and come out with it.

    How about bragging some more about how you allegedly “stole” Lucianna’s place from her so you could open up your first Anti-Bradley house?

    You need to get some kind of hobby other than being a “Scammer-Groupie”…you’re so obsessed with folks like Van, Lucianna, Celestie, Grandmother, the Bradleys, etc. Is it because you were never good enough to make a name for yourself like they did? Did you get so angry at your own failures that you just one day snapped and decided to turn on the hand that threw you a bone once in a while?

    I think I will go to that television taping in Boston…it should be interesting…I should be healthy enough by then…maybe we could meet-up there….dont forget to pack a lunch…

  14. Viva T

    May 19th, 2004

    “Celestie, I have to tell you about the Bradleys and what they want to do to you please get on yahoo instant messanger, NOW!

    Posted by: Viva T at May 18, 2004 06:05 PM”

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