Editorial: It?s Time for Mr-President to Resign

by Alphaville Herald on 31/07/04 at 12:39 pm


With recent revelations that AVG officer Chad Thomas voted up to 200 times in the AVG Presidential elections, David Pierce has filed a class action lawsuit vs. Mr. Thomas. We believe that this is a classical case of an underling taking a hit for the party that is ultimately responsible. In part one of this two-part editorial we make the case that the locus of responsibility must lie with Mr-President himself, that he failed to nurture the proper democratic values within his administration, and hence that he must resign. In part two, we look at the meta-game and suggest that from this vantage point as well, it is high time for Mr-President to move on.

Part I. It is time for Mr-President to resign.

1) The Chad Thomas revelations and democratic values. The admissions of Chad Thomas that he used proxy servers to vote multiple times for Mr-President are troubling on a number of levels. In the first place, it raises the natural question as to whether Mr-President was the legitimate winner of the election. Beyond that, however, it raises serious questions about the values that were inculcated within the AVG. Why was it not made clear to the officers of the AVG that democratic values were more important than just hanging onto power? Mr. Thomas tells us that he was pressured to ?do something? to help Mr-President by Jason Sim of the AVG. This suggests that it was not Mr. Thomas acting alone but a pervasive attitude within Mr-President?s administration ? an attitude that it was more important to stay in power and retain the status quo than to protect democratic values.

2) The unanswered questions about the JC Soprano involvement in the election. The Chad Thomas incident does not resolve the question of the troubling chat logs involving Mr-President and Mafioso JC Soprano, but only makes them appear more suspicious. The defense of Mr-President and Mr. Soprano was that they were only engaged in a verbal pretense that they were engaged in an election rigging scheme ? in effect a pretense within the pretense of a role playing game. This is obviously an unstable position in the best of times, but what is particularly troubling is comments from Mr. Soprano to the effect of ?we didn?t have to do that? ? in effect, they did not have to interfere with the election process because Mr-President won. But this suggests a conspiracy to the effect that if Mr. Thomas had not voted multiple time other mechanisms would have kicked in to ensure that Mr-President won the election. Even if this was pretense all the way through, the conversations are damning. No real world politician could survive the revelation of a chat log like that, joke or no joke. One does not engage in chit chat with Mafiosi about fixing elections.

3) The CIA director Alex Sanchez. For months after the revelation in the Alphaville Herald that the AVG CIA director was in fact mafia Kingpin JC Soprano, Mr. Soprano and Mr-President denied this fact. It is now clear that Mr-President knew for several months that Mr. Sanchez ? his CIA directory ? was in fact a Mafioso, did not admit this fact (thus misleading the citisims) and did nothing to remove Mr. Sanchez from this sensitive position. This is inexcusable.

4) Even in recent days there has been a pattern of questionable judgement within the AVG. In his exit letter, noted scammer Mr. President Bradley has claimed that he gave some six million simoleans to Mr-President. Members of the AVG have said they would resign if this were true. Meanwhile, the silence from Mr-President has been deafening.

5) Ultimately the most serious problems with the AVG have not been the direct actions of Mr-President, but rather the actions and words of his underlings. In the aftermath of the AVG elections his minions undertook a smear campaign against Ashley Richardson that was sexist at best, and well beyond ugly on many occasions. At times these smears emanated from the official press office of the AVG. This again demonstrates the failure to inculcate the proper democratic values in his staff, and more, the failure in inculcate the values of respect for other citisims ? including the opposition.

For these and other reasons, The Herald believes it is time for Mr-President to step down.

Part II. Meta-commentary

On the meta-level of course this is a game, and it is a game of Mr-President?s invention, but we think that the rules of his game dictate that he resign. The AVG game included many of the trappings of political life, including campaigns, elections, press conferences, and rapid response teams to handle breaking scandals. The logic of this game suggests that when a virtual scandal becomes big enough it is time to step aside. Well, a series of virtual scandals has now achieved such a level of magnitude that the rules of Mr-President?s own game dictate that he step down. It?s his game, of course, and no one can make him do it, but if he is to be honest to the game, that is the move.

More importantly maybe, we think that Mr-President did a fantastic job in setting up the AVG and playing along, and we have enjoyed playing along with him, breaking stories that are sometimes serious and sometimes downright silly (remember scorned Relina?). All along the way, Mr-President played along with great panache and made the whole game lots of fun. But we now believe it is time for Mr-President to move the game elsewhere ? or start over in a new MMORPG. He has outgrown Alphaville and TSO, and the resources of TSO severely limit the kinds of things that Mr-President can accomplish. Put another way, we think he is far too creative to be stuck in TSO.

Accordingly, we are not just encouraging Mr-President to resign his post in the AVG in Alphaville, but we are encouraging him to set up shop elsewhere. In particular, we would *love* to see him set up a new Government in Second Life. OK Pez? Think about it. And may the new games begin!

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  1. Vash

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    OMG guys go here

  2. Vash

    Aug 3rd, 2004

  3. ShawnRyanII

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    LMAO, look what came courtesy from Vash! And incase you don’t understand, here’s where he got it from, as earlier he wrote:

    Did you and your dad like practice golfing togther with you as the target or what. Plz comment back, I really wanna know.

    Posted by: Vash at August 3, 2004 11:43 AM

    And now check out this site, for the funniest picture ever! LMAO! Later!


  4. Urizenus

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    Never have so many little boys been so smitten with one girl.

    When I was your age we thought about Farah Fawcette. Or was it Raquel Welch. Anyway, wtf are you guys obsessing over alshley for? crimey, its embarrassing. Get over it, some girl shows that she can power game with you guys and all you can think to do is have a circle jerk in which lame insults are your substitute for ::cough:: bigger weapons ::cough::. Please, get your pimply little faces to the Circle K and buy a Brittney Spears fanzine or something.

  5. Vash

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    *sigh* As i said earlier, Kiss my ass, Kiss my white ass. (o_O)

  6. ShawnRyanII

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    *sigh* As he said earlier, I strongly second that. (o_O)

  7. Vash

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    *sigh* Also Brittany Spears is a dirty slut, and there are girls just as hot in playby or Maxim

  8. Loxee

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    Shawn you sound like you 10 when you talk !! And Alot of people would kno if they were at the Waiting for godot play…So please..

    Nat. I just have better things to do then the rest of you people :-D its called ..let me think a LIFE!! maybe you all should look into it ;)

  9. Vermont

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    Urienzus…please don’t make false accusations…I don’t think anyone is smitten over the excorcist look alike…but hey..i can’t speak for you. And she is in no way powering me. I find her opinions very humerous and I like to make fun of her. When someone looks like the excorcist..it has to be pointed out. You just can’t ignore it. I may be acting immature..but I don’t give a flying rats ass. Everything I say is factual and I mean it. And I will always continue to say what I feel. No sugar coating, no hidden motives..just the plain hardcore truth. And If you mistake that for my liking someone..then you are wrong and ridiculous. Now..leave me be while I seek therapy for the nightmare I had. Im still shaken.

  10. Ian

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    Uri you know what I want to say, but I won’t say it, because it is a RL crime, but everyone just think about it. Uri, you can not hide your precious Ashley behind the curtains all the time, she will have to realize what the RL world is like, and you are not helping it by defending her.

  11. Robert The Man

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    UH OH THERE FIRING BACK THE WAR NOT OVER!!!!.Btw real funny pic lol.

  12. Nataleigh

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    I thought you werent going to say anything else. If you have such a life, why are you still replying? Excuse me, but I have a life (remember I am the one with the boyfriend).

  13. urizenus

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    Ian Ian Ian, I’m not trying to protect Ashley from you and your pimply friends, I’m trying to protect you guys from your total obsession with her. By all means get a copy of Maxim or something, some Hello Kitty pics if that’s what it takes. Just find someone/something else and move on.

  14. Vash

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    Everyone, see the pic I made at


  15. Ian

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    Urizenus I am not obsessing over her, if anything she is with me, I was just trying to expain how wrong she is, with her ignorance on political debates. Please refer to the Stratics Off Topic Forums. If this in your opinion constitutes as “obsession”, then by golly, you are Michael Jackson, my friend.

  16. Vermont

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    She kind of looks like Michael Jackson in that pic Vash.

  17. RB

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    The page is down. too much traffic maybe? lol.

    Thread is still highly amusing.

    - RB

  18. Mafioso

    Aug 3rd, 2004


    No let me emphasize that.


    Ashley is still clueless. We know she is still reading this post and is at a loss for words. And Uri, if all the boys are crushing on Ashley, what does it matter? She is already taken by Loxee.


    Nat, you have more patience than I do to keep fightin with the kids, but thanks for makin me laugh. Now I want to be more like you and get a boyfriend. LOL. And I want him to be Vermont because hes so damn funny, who needs sex when he could tell me about his lovely dreams all night.

    In the words of Ashley,

  19. Vash

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    Here try it now


    I tried it and it worked

  20. ShawnRyanII

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    Um Uri… Do you have some kind of pimple problem at whatever age you are? Cuz it seems to me that you like using the word ”pimply”….Hmmm, Could it be a force of habit from saying it all the time in the morning when you wake up and look in the mirror and must tell yourself: Ahh I hate this pimply face!!

    And another thing, you say about Maxim and shit….whats this obcession you have with porno mags? And you DID say earlier and E-Zine, umm, last time i checked… that was ANIME porno….Kinda like all these SL ANIME VIRTUAL Porno Mags that you keep getting your rocks off on!

    Dude…. i think the only one with the problem here is you! Later!

  21. Vash

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    oooooo lmao I thought she said pimply like were pimps and players and shit. 5 didn’t know she was insulting us :(
    O well she can kiss my white ass also

    o ya, and learn to spell dumbshit


  22. Dante Dracos

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    My cat’s breath smells like cat food….

  23. ShawnRyanII

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    Whoa, so does Ashley’s breath!:\

  24. Vash

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    *sigh* I guess the “ASH BASH” Is over huh

  25. ShawnRyanII

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    LOL Guess so:(

  26. ShawnRyanII

    Aug 3rd, 2004


  27. Veronika Gishenko

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    Laura you only agree because your a spoiled 14 yr old brat who lost the election and started to complain and make accussations. You need to hit puberty soon hun because whining won’t get you anywhere.

  28. Vash

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    I second that

  29. ShawnRyanII

    Aug 3rd, 2004

    Saaaame here!

  30. Vermont

    Aug 4th, 2004

    All Depart…..its been times….and lol@mafioso…..

  31. Vermont

    Aug 4th, 2004

    All Depart…..its been good times….and lol@mafioso…..

  32. Vash

    Aug 4th, 2004

    Well Everybody, This Concludes The “ASH BASH”

    Been Fun, But It’s Over Now.

  33. Viva T

    Aug 4th, 2004

    Immature teens… please shut th ehell up!

  34. Mafioso

    Aug 4th, 2004

    Why, I was serious Vermont. ;)

  35. urizenus

    Aug 4th, 2004

    Clearly the choice between Bush and Kerry is not going to matter when it comes to saving this country from its death spiral. I think the only solution is to take the contributors to this thread and put them in boot camp until they turn like 30.

  36. Realist

    Aug 4th, 2004

    Wow.. A “Death spiral”? I wasnt aware that we were in a “Death spiral”. Well go figure. Maybe you should start praying to someone besides MIchael Moore. ;)

  37. Ian

    Aug 4th, 2004

    Haha; WHEN Michael Moore is god, then yes we are in a death spiral. And you say the education system has failed me.. *walks away laughing*

  38. ShawnRyanII

    Aug 4th, 2004

    Uri, the only one that belongs in a boot camp and a ”death spiral” here, is you! And about this whole immaturity thing that you seem to keep on preaching, dude, read all of your posts on this thread:S…..your no better man!

  39. Vash

    Aug 4th, 2004

    I think we need to take Ashley and put her in tolerance camp to learna obut other parties, and that her accusations arnt always correct.


  40. Chad Thomas

    Aug 7th, 2004

    i just threw this together when i saw ashley OMFG i thought that was an exorcist fan site


  41. Loxee

    Aug 10th, 2004

    Nat just thought i would let you kno I have a boy friend in tso and in rl :)

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