To the Editor: Top Simolean Dealer Delivers Low Blows

by Alphaville Herald on 30/08/04 at 7:32 pm

In reference to the story in the Second Life Herald about Mick?s Online Game Bucks site evaluating other simolean dealers.

Mick?s decision to judge his competition is a low thing to do. I could understamd if he was maybe just listing the competition, but rating them (claiming he used them under an anonymous name when I believe he really used them so he could cover a delivery) and making other nasty comments on them is pretty bad. But that?s not all. Originally, the only people he gave his highest rating too were affiliates of his. His idea was that if his potential customers wanted to buy from someone else, they would use someone from his highest rating list and he would get the cash.

That changed when I contacted him. He had originally made rude comments about my site and said he didn?t use me because my prices were high (and other sellers he said he’d used under the anonymous name had higher prices). So I asked him to remove me from his website. But then he started saying how he was entitled to freedom of speech and all this junk and decided to change my rating to the worst score he has as well as add comments that I am rude and unprofessional. He also implied I was a scammer (which I most definitely am not).

So the next day he contacted me and I asked him why all his top sites were affiliates. He updated his site within five minutes, taking all but one of the two star seller and brining them to three stars (the top level) just to piss me off. I then asked him again to remove my site, and he removed all the neutral comments about be and left a big negative paragraph about me (which can currently be seen on his site).

He also copied his design from lead architect. His front page is exactly like his with a slightly different set up and the majority of the links are to his ige affiliate account. On the topic of lead architect, he also rated him as one star, when he has 700+ 100% positive feedback on ebay. He bashed him for being a reseller too, when mick does the same thing himself ( take a look at what he’s bought)!

This just comes to show you how unfair this seller is. Shame!

Mr. Simolean

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  1. ian

    Sep 5th, 2004

    Bravo, TBT, Bravo.

  2. Mr. Simoleans

    Sep 6th, 2004

    You ask what my accomplishments are rb? I’m not going to lie and say I have a huge cmpany that makes millinos a year. I’ll stick with the truth that I’m making a few thousand a week, which is fine for me as a part time job. What exactly are your accomplishments rb, besides being an asshole that 99% of the tso population hates?

  3. RB

    Sep 6th, 2004

    You don’t even know 1% of the TSO population. 1% of the TSO population doesn’t even know YOU. lol.

    Tis a shame your *still* going with this after a week. are you still mad? i see it took you 4 days to reply, busy thinking it over eh?

    this issue is closed. :)

    - RB

  4. Mr. Simoleans

    Sep 6th, 2004

    Thinking a reply, um I have a social life and don’t sit infront of my computer all day like some people I know.

    But you avoided the question I asked you, what are your accomplishments? If your so good yourself why don’t you tell us. Because your a concieted guy with a huge ego. I’ll never understand why people act that way, maybe its because of jealousy…

    I should have said 99% of the people who know of you online. Of everyone I talk to I have never meet one who likes you, they all think your an ass. I gave you the benefit of the doubt that there may be one or two people soemwhere out there that like you…

  5. RB

    Sep 6th, 2004

    I don’t need to prove anything because im not the one that threw a fit and sent a letter to a very large blog editor and made myself look bad to heaps of people publically. :D

    “they all think your an ass”

    Welcome to the also opinion SLAVH readers and some sellers have of you. :)

    You a donkey in RL too? hope not.

    - RB

  6. Mr. Simoleans

    Sep 6th, 2004

    I’m only an ass to people who deserve you.

    And once again you avoid answering the question what are your accomplsihments. How come you keep avoiding it, becasue you have none? Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if you still lived with your mother.

    On another note, I was wondering where the R comes in RB, because who the hell respects you?

  7. Father Callahan

    Sep 6th, 2004

    I’ve heard of Mr Simoleans

  8. Deidre Sims

    Sep 6th, 2004

    I have heard of Mr Simoleans a very long time ago, but that was a dif seller. The dif in their ebay name is a -

  9. RB

    Sep 6th, 2004

    Your silly question was answered.

    And you still live at home with both your parents, so you can’t talk. :D

    F.C – of course you know him “father” your part of our community. ;)

    Grasping for straws here. Mr S. try harder. :P

    - RB

  10. Regina

    Sep 5th, 2007

    I don’t see why people even buy from places like this. The prices are outrageous! sells the cheapest simoleans. That’s where I buy from at least.

    This article is kind of silly.

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