To the Editor: Top Simolean Dealer Delivers Low Blows

by Alphaville Herald on 30/08/04 at 7:32 pm

In reference to the story in the Second Life Herald about Mick?s Online Game Bucks site evaluating other simolean dealers.

Mick?s decision to judge his competition is a low thing to do. I could understamd if he was maybe just listing the competition, but rating them (claiming he used them under an anonymous name when I believe he really used them so he could cover a delivery) and making other nasty comments on them is pretty bad. But that?s not all. Originally, the only people he gave his highest rating too were affiliates of his. His idea was that if his potential customers wanted to buy from someone else, they would use someone from his highest rating list and he would get the cash.

That changed when I contacted him. He had originally made rude comments about my site and said he didn?t use me because my prices were high (and other sellers he said he’d used under the anonymous name had higher prices). So I asked him to remove me from his website. But then he started saying how he was entitled to freedom of speech and all this junk and decided to change my rating to the worst score he has as well as add comments that I am rude and unprofessional. He also implied I was a scammer (which I most definitely am not).

So the next day he contacted me and I asked him why all his top sites were affiliates. He updated his site within five minutes, taking all but one of the two star seller and brining them to three stars (the top level) just to piss me off. I then asked him again to remove my site, and he removed all the neutral comments about be and left a big negative paragraph about me (which can currently be seen on his site).

He also copied his design from lead architect. His front page is exactly like his with a slightly different set up and the majority of the links are to his ige affiliate account. On the topic of lead architect, he also rated him as one star, when he has 700+ 100% positive feedback on ebay. He bashed him for being a reseller too, when mick does the same thing himself ( take a look at what he’s bought)!

This just comes to show you how unfair this seller is. Shame!

Mr. Simolean

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  1. Mick Lite

    Aug 30th, 2004

    Well Im not going to list just anybody and have my customers get scammed. And if they do have an affiliate program and I trust them as sellers, I am going to put an affiliate link on there.

    Sounds like another seller upset that we sell simoleans so cheap, sorry I’m not going to rip off my customers and charge them 75 dollars a mil.

  2. Mick Lite

    Aug 30th, 2004

    And for your comment about me buying to cover my sales…Why would I pay 75 dollars for a million simoleans when I sell it for less than 50? How is that covering my sales? I would be losing money. I would say I was sold out of simoleans before I would lose money… But then again I havent been sold on simoleans in a very very very long time. :)

    Seems some sellers just like drama, good luck with that.

    Also funny that people like this never say anything to me, only talk behind back. Like a lonely old gossiping housewife.

  3. Mick Lite

    Aug 30th, 2004

    I never copied anything from Lead Architect. I have been working very closely with people from IGE and had permission to use icons.

  4. Not here

    Aug 30th, 2004

    “Seems some sellers just like drama, good luck with that.”

    Isn’t that kind of hypocritical?

    Mick I remember you from TSO, and boy have you changed.

  5. Mick Lite

    Aug 30th, 2004

    Well if you dont have the courage to even list who you are I could care less about your thoughts.

    And I was told Simolean Man posted this…

    Now I see Mr Simolean did, and now this whole thing is trash. Give it up Peter.

  6. Mr. Simoleans

    Aug 30th, 2004

    I should give it up, I think you should, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

  7. Mick Lite

    Aug 30th, 2004

    Why can’t we be friends Mr Simoleans? We could like hang out some time, go fishing down at Nig’s Pond sometime, I hear they just restocked it.

  8. Mr. Simoleans

    Aug 30th, 2004

    If you had left me alone I woul;d ahve never posted that, but you know what you did and for that reason people deserve to nkow the truth.

  9. Not here

    Aug 30th, 2004

    “Nig’s Pond”, what is Nig short for?

  10. Mick Lite

    Aug 30th, 2004

    You think this bothers me Peter? Thanks for the free publicity.

  11. Mr. Simoleans

    Aug 30th, 2004

    Free publicity, in this case this is publicity you don’t want. And do you think calling me by anme bothers me, not in the least. I would actually prefer if you would stop bothering me.

  12. Mick Lite

    Aug 30th, 2004

    No Peter you are wrong. Any publicity is good publicity.

    And I am not trying to bother you by calling you Peter. You keep calling me Mick like we are drinking buddies. So I am not going to call you Mr Simoleans. I am going to call you Peter. Is that ok?

    And how about that fishing trip?

  13. RB

    Aug 30th, 2004

    Thought something interesting to read was here looking at the headline. but it’s just Mr S’es letter. Hmmmm……

    btw Nig’s pond is a lake not far from where Mr S apparently lives in RL.

    - RB

  14. TBT

    Sep 1st, 2004

    Does any of it even matter “he said, she said”… Simple fact is that if users were going to micks site then they were probably previous buyers of his anyway, and the same for mr simoleans and any other seller so anything they read there both positive or negative is mute point because they were there to buy in the first place. Not to get an evaluation of simlean sellers to choose to buy from, they were there to buy..

    Why have fits over what other people say or post about you? most times we are doing the same thing in other places and are no better for it..

    In the grand scheme of it all who gives a rats arse just sell your simoleans make your money and be happy…

    You can’t run around your whole life worrying about what someone said or might say about you and if you do you may as well just live under a rock..

    Dragging it on for weeks isnt any use now is it? Instead of saying screw it and shrugging it off someone continues to post at sites like this and keeps the shit ongoing and stirred up instead of buried and forgotten about..

    A few words posted at any web site are not worth this much aggrevation any anybodies part so why keep dragging it out?

    Forget it already..

  15. Mick Lite

    Sep 1st, 2004

    I still want to go fishing at Nig’s pond.

  16. NooneInParticular

    Sep 1st, 2004

    Wow you are pointing out where he lives, anyone can do the same thing with a simple WHOIS search, but wasn’t Nig’s Pond, renamed to Walter’s Pond, a while back?

  17. Joshua Garcia

    Sep 1st, 2004

    Oh both of you shutup, you both are arguing like little kids good lord jesus this is just amazing how to grown men/women (I dunno which one you are) are arguing like little 5 year olds over the internet. Grow up.

  18. NooneInParticular

    Sep 1st, 2004

    Um Josh, go back to your “Junior News Reporter” at Sims Stratics.

    *runs off and laughs her ass off*

  19. Mr. Simoleans

    Sep 2nd, 2004

    I am not trying to argue, I just wanted to let the truth out. Its very angering when you such an immature person that doesn’t let thnigs go. Maybe I should let everyone hear whats on my message machine, or take pcitures of the packets I’ve gotten from the army as well as the calls they’ve been giving me. Someone has way too much time on their hands and doesn’t know when to stop…

  20. ian

    Sep 2nd, 2004

    wow what brilliant tax dollars, going to waste.

  21. Mick Lite

    Sep 2nd, 2004

    Wait….you are saying I’m not letting something go?? This issue was dead for a week then you posted this article and brought it back to life. And I’m not in the Army so I have no idea what you are talking about. They usually start calling you when you are 18-20. guess they are a little early for you?

  22. Mr. Simoleans

    Sep 2nd, 2004

    For the record I’m 19. And the army is not the only place that called, there was also the chamber of comemrece that specifically said Mr. Simoleans requested infromation. And this all happened the day after I asked you to remove me from your site. If you had left me alone and not left messages and had infromation packets and calls sent to me, I wouldn’t ahve had this posted. I had even asked uri to not post it, but I decided that you were going overboard when the calls and info kept coming, so now everyone can know the truth.

  23. Mick Lite

    Sep 2nd, 2004

    Ok so you are 19, like I said they usually call when you are 18-20, how does that have anything to do with me? You said you would get your “revenge” for what I posted about your site….which was nothing bad in the first place… This is your revenge? Free advertising for my site? All I can say is thanks… I have had 39 sales where the customer told me they saw this article and decided to check out my site and saw that we sold pretty cheap. So thank you for not liking my opinion, and thanks for getting your “revenge” by the free advertisement and increasing my TSO customer base. You should post on other sites too because I sell in a lot of other games too. :)

  24. Urizenus

    Sep 2nd, 2004

    I’m lost. what does all this have to do with the army?

  25. DingDonger

    Sep 2nd, 2004

    it sounds like that mick is signing up mr simoleans (his rl information) to the army, and they are calling him, and sending him information.

  26. Lead Sux

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    lol. yes it does sound like that. amusing.

    Mr Simoleans, Uncle Sam wants YOU! =D


  27. Mick Lite

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    Interesting… That’s a good idea. lol But see I don’t hate you Peter, I have nothing against you. You started all this because you didn’t like our opinion of you from our impression. Besides, I would at least get you in a better branch than the army, I don’t know anyone that likes life in the army.

  28. Mr. Simoleans

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    Say all you want, its funny that the calls started the day I asked you to remove me. I’m not gonig to even comment on your claims that you make about getting sales from this and all, its just as belivable as your 32 workers…And if you have nothing against me than leave me alone!

  29. Joshua Garcia

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    I will gladly go back to stratics, but please “NooneInParticular” if your going to say your little comments atleast be woman/man enough to show your name and don’t “*run off and laugh ass off*” or put that stupid “NooneInParticular” because apparently you really are “No One in Particular.” Also please don’t be jealous of my accomplishments and title as Junior Reporter. Just because you weren’t able to accomplish what you wanted to acomplish in Stractics or RL doesn’t mean you have to be jelous of me and *try* to make fun of me. “NooneInParticular ” I think you should grow up also.

  30. RB

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    Mr Lite does indeed have many workers, not sure of the exact number but they are there. You think 1 man runs the empire all by himself?

    *laughter under breath*

    Maybe 1 “man” does run it all. BUT with the help of ultra-smart helper robots that sell his currency 24/7 for him. :D how cool is that? :D

    - RB

  31. DingDonger

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    You made fun of my grammarical error, however, you managed to spell “jealous” wrong. now that is just funny as shit. what else is funny is your “accomplishments” at stratics, you mean the 100-200 active users who suscribe there (.2% of TSO population). And I doubt even 25-40 of them read your “stories”. Boy you are so accomplished. ego maniac…nee noo nee noo

  32. urizenus

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    Ahhhh drama. I love it so…

  33. Mr. Simoleans

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    LOL RB/Ghost/The Phantom, whatever the hell you want to be called. Thats pretty funny calling Online Game Bucks an Empire!

    I know I’d sure as hell listen to whatever you say becuase its all truth. Heck you’re worse than mick. You should invest in some friends and a life RB.

  34. ian

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    w00t, go mr. simoleans

  35. Joshua Garcia

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    DingDonger apprently you must read them if you know me, and like I said please don’t be jealous because you must be interested in my stories if you keep on comming back and replying to my post? So you can keep replying to this post, I won’t waste anymore of my time arguing with what could be a 10 year old boy, or girl over the internet. That is simply childish. Have a nice day everyone.

    “nee noo nee noo” Is such a immature thing to say- whoops I expect that immaturity from you, sorry about that.

  36. Joshua Garcia

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    DingDonger apprently you must read them if you know me, and like I said please don’t be jealous because you must be interested in my stories if you keep on comming back and replying to my post? So you can keep replying to this post, I won’t waste anymore of my time arguing with what could be a 10 year old boy, or girl over the internet. That is simply childish. Have a nice day everyone.

    “nee noo nee noo” Is such a immature thing to say- whoops I expect that immaturity from you, sorry about that.

  37. dingdonger

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    lol “jealous” only if you knew who i was and what i do.

  38. RB

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    *Chuckles casually at Mr S’es reply*

    Have a cry.

    Yes, it IS an empire. His personal empire. built from scratch with a single game into a huge success that covers like 10 different games now. average small player to BIG player.

    Where’s your achievements?

    *crickets chirp outside on a silent night*

    Right. NOTHING. Also who is Mr Simoleans?? yes, the question everyone would ask. Maybe with watever profits you’ve made you can buy a room full of people who care about your problems :D :D

    You’ve just made things worse for yourself by dragging this into a drama fest very publically. and keeping it going.

    Reply back when you feel your getting somewhere with your efforts :)


    - RB

    p.s im not 3 different people :P

  39. Mick Lite

    Sep 3rd, 2004

    In my worst nightmares, I run all this myself lol.

  40. Towelie

    Sep 4th, 2004

    Hey Uri,
    You can post an article on me if you want, to increase my sales :)

  41. RB

    Sep 4th, 2004

    You need to create some kind of drama first Towelie. Preferably a feud with another dealer, but all drama is accepted and looked at on a case by case basis. Just ask the good Prof. Uri :) :)


    - RB

  42. Mick Lite

    Sep 4th, 2004

    Towelie, RB is right you need some drama. A feud with another dealer would work, but it will only blow up if you are feuding with somebody like Peter or Ian. Their parents never hugged them enough.

  43. urizenus

    Sep 4th, 2004

    it *is* funny that the money trader topics in the Herald always generate the most drama (after the stories about escorts in There).

  44. RB

    Sep 4th, 2004

    I thought all the best *ahem* sex workers were in second life? *snicker*

    btw did’nt there close down and move onto commerical use?

    - RB

  45. urizenus

    Sep 4th, 2004

    No There is still in business. They have just stopped doing serious development work on the game — which is something that EA stopped doing on TSO when it was in beta. At least There *announced* the fact.

  46. ian

    Sep 4th, 2004

    My parents didn’t hug me enough? How and where do I come into this. Now we all can see that Mr. Mick likes to start drama, but rather can not finish it.

  47. Mick Lite

    Sep 4th, 2004

    /yawn Ian.

  48. Mick Lite

    Sep 4th, 2004

    I’m done checking out this thread, just a couple of crybabies. One mad because of my opinion of his website and the other is mad cause I won’t sell him our simolean bot. Have fun, and thanks again for the free advertisement.


  49. ian

    Sep 4th, 2004

    Mick, how am I mad? I asked you about your bot, and you said you had one, and I offered money, you said no, and I haven’t private messaged you since. Now you all can see who starts drama. And Continues to.

  50. TBT

    Sep 5th, 2004

    Way I see it both are continually dragging it out and aren’t as innocent as they preach as i’m sure alot more has taken place or was said/done that hasn’t even been discussed here nor needs to be..

    As to empire? RB you are easily impressed is all i have to say and 1 man/women could esily be an affiliate to a big game website and basically post affiliate links to sell the game sites game money for the games that the site sells in and it wouldn’t require having 30 some odd workers to do.. That there only cuts your profitability to 1/30th. Go by a number like 250,000 sounds impressive huh, but divide it by 30 and suddenly it is only $8,333.33 and is rather shitty to be honest. Even a million a year is only $33,333.33 per person. Course who knows how many the grand total gets divided by or how much each actually cointributed and thus is paid, but in my book you take 1 person and let them make that $250,000 all by their self now that IS an accomplishment..

    I could easily create a web site and post affiliate links to 100s of games or money selling web sites, but that hardly qualifies me as empire status.. LMAO

    Hell as good as simoleans sell in tso if 30 people worked together and didn’t earn at least a million bucks combined then I’d say they had no clue as to what they were doing. Each person could sleep 1/2 the year away or more and still make more then $35,000 selling simoleans..

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