DoveVogue Drama?

by Alphaville Herald on 26/04/05 at 11:41 am

by Chipsen Queso

Those who follow the fashion scene in SecondLife undoubtably know about the DoveVogue Runway Studios owned and operated by Palomma Casanova in Davvi. Over the past year, they have become a strong and leading force in the arena of fashion shows and an icon of the fashion industry in their own respect. Palomma herself is a very polarizing figure – those who know her seem to either absolutely love her or absolutely hate her. In the same breath, though, there is a new thing that must be mentioned about DoveVogue: in order to consistantly work for them, you must work for them and only them, including freelance work.

The Herald has obtained a memo sent to most members of the DoveVogue Models group that we assume was supposed to remain secretive and only read by those who it was sent to, but of course, we are here to spill the beans for you ;-) . We are told that the original note itself was not able to be transferred – what a pity that in SL, we can copy text from no-transfer notecards and put it on a new notecard that is transferable. Anyway, what follows is the complete text of the notecard in its entirety:

We at DoveVogue Modeling take our committment to you very seriously. Part of our success comes from the strength of our name in the Fashion Market within Second Life… and that strength comes almost completely from you, our modeling talent.

There are a diverse set of opportunities in-world for you to build your reputation and we are dedicated to pursuing them fully on your behalf. In exchange for our committment to your success, we ask that you invest your confidence and efforts fully in DoveVogue.

For this reason, we will be approaching you individually to speak with you about the benefits of an exclusive contract with DoveVogue, and the ways exclusivity can help you reach your goals.

While we support all efforts to bring fashion to the spotlight in Second Life, we wish to ensure our efforts to promote your career with DoveVogue are directed to those of you who wish to maintain a dedicated presence with our agency.

The choice to freelance or contract on an exclusive basis is one that must be considered based upon your interests and desires for your future in modeling. Please take a moment to contemplate your interests and know that, regardless your preference, we at DoveVogue remain loyal to helping you achieve your goals…. for your goals are our goals, and through you, our success is built.

Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to speaking with you on this matter soon!

Palomma Casanova

Competitive Work/Moonlighting
Reasons why DoveVogue prefers exclusiveness:

1) DV dedicates time and dedication to each model even if the group has a good quantity of models. Models are chosen with care. Models hired are of high quality not just anybody that wants to be a model.

2) DV pays employers to train and style the model, therefore DV wants to see the model well trained and with great looks. All methods learned should be applied to use within DV and not with any other agency.

3) DV wants models to wear DV Agency Tags on outside beauty competitions, not deciding between other agencies which one to wear.

4) 4) Loyalty is important for DV, models should be thinking of upcoming shows from DV and not trying to work their times because they have other shows from other agencies

5) DV makes all efforts to create a real virtual modeling environment, while other agencies just have fun. There’s no reason why us at DoveVogue can’t be serious models and have fun, too!

6) You are guaranteed to grow and make yourself known as part of the #1 Top Modeling Agency

7) DoveVogue will make sure you achieve your goals as a model and be promoted for future opportunities within the company

8) DoveVogue will offer you their Headquarters as your home place to spend your leisure time

9) DoveVogue will offer their Headquarters as a place to call home where you can find a family

10) DoveVogue does keep up with the latest fashions and ideas. DoveVogue will always be on the “cutting” edge of fashion bringing the best designs for models so they can show the latest designs on the catwalk.

Exclusive Models advantages: (EM)

61 Responses to “DoveVogue Drama?”

  1. Szentasha

    May 5th, 2005

    Hi. I’m came across this article doing research on SL .. I don’t know anything about the specifics of this but I have been a guild leader for 3 years in my virtual world and would be appauled if a reporter copied my private communications with my organization to a public forum like this. SL seems like a well developed and diverse community. I find it hard to believe that a community mouthpiece (SLH) would reprint this communication word for word to fill out a news story. The details aren’t necessary .. printing a summary and gathering reactions from affected parties would have shown more class. I have thrown many events myself and two virtual fashion shows and understand the effort that goes into it. You all probably don’t appreciate my comments, but I found this article to be very disturbing…

  2. You need a corner

    May 5th, 2005

    Palomma, YOU are the one telling people Mari hates you and all, tho noone has heard that come from HER mouth. You say why does Mari go to your shows, you fail to remember, Mari has alot of friends at those shows, and she has every right to be there. Also, 2 times in your last post you tell Mari to read BETWEEN the words. ummm Palomma, you are to read what is written and not ADD your own words inbetween and maybe if you read WHAT WAS WRITTEN ONLY and not add what you WANT it to say alot of this crap would go away. Half of waht you say to people Palomma is what you have ADDED yourself.

  3. Mariposa

    May 5th, 2005

    Well Palomma have to give u credit ..u will finally let this ly… Hope it is not all talk in here though.. hope u don’t continue to talk bad about me to designers or anyone… for it always gets back to me anyway…I have never spoken bad about u .. although u may think I have or do. I just have defended myself also …So let’s put this to rest as there is no need for all this Drama.. we both have better things to do.. And have fun doing them…Just want to say I never tried to hurt you and perhaps u never meant to hurt me , but we both did get hurt… because deep down inside u know it and i know we both liked & cared for eachother very very much…this all just got blown out of proportion and perhaps down the line someday we can mend the great friendship we once had….

  4. Jenny

    May 5th, 2005


  5. Jessica

    May 7th, 2005

    yeah, i know! haha I was a jerk.. im sorry mari GL with your agency hope you do Great!!! And Always love with palomma!! LOVE**** Jessica

    P.S. Yes I do LOVE you avie mari but I was never jealious of it… I wished I could make an avie as well as yours was made is all. Much LOVE :)

  6. wuvme Karuna

    May 10th, 2005

    I was pal’s friend ever since she opened this model agency, our friendship ended, after she was been very rude to me, and forcing me to do something i did not want to do.

    IM me in world, i have notecards that prooves how she is another person, some ppl think she is that “honest host”, you have no idea.

  7. Looki

    May 10th, 2005

    I believe you wuvme. I have been finding out more things that this company has done. However, there are still people out there that trust her till she craps on them next. Meanwhile, that is a lot of Cow Crap going around SL it will stink very loud soon.


  8. Palomma

    May 10th, 2005

    wow now wuvme is attacking too… everyone is a saint but Palomma, but well wuv, I can’t expect everyone to like me, you can’t expect everyone to like you either wuv… you don’t really have to threaten me, but well, go ahead if is fun for you, I have chats too, but I won’t offer them like you do in public… anyway, good luck wuv…

    Since I am the bad now and so evil, and everyone is great, and I can’t defend myself because if I do, then I am so bad, so all go ahead and keep throwing dirt on me like you all have. I am tired, really, thank you all, good luck..

    I really can’t take this anymore, you all win, just talk all you want, thanks wuv, thanks looki, thanks Seri, thank Chipsen, Jenny and all of you for this… I am just an human being.. just remember that.

    Like many real friends adviced me, don’t read anymore what people are doing to you, and I will take the advice and I won’t. I am sure I will get more after this. Enjoy all your comments now to me. I am done here.

  9. Chloe Madagascar

    May 10th, 2005

    I don’t know Palomma or any of the people involved, but I do know you all need to get a life and let people live their SL however they see fit. If you don’t like Palomma, her business or her business practices, move on. Don’t make a flippin drama over it. Wuvme, I don’t know you nor do I care to, but you have no class. Whatever conversation you and Palomma had is between the two of you, why would you offer to give it out? That is just tasteless, but I suspect you already know that. This is like a car crash… move on, nothing to see here, get a life and enjoy your SL.

  10. wuvme Karuna

    May 11th, 2005

    Chloe Madagascar,

    you have no idea what pal did to me, so you will not know what is going on :) , like you said, its a car crash and you just put ur nose in other ppl’s drama..

    Have a good day :)

  11. Chloe Madagascar

    May 11th, 2005

    Nope, I have no idea and I really don’t care to know. You seem to have gotten over it nicely, you are a succesful designer, you own your own sim, you are very popular. So the point of distributing a private conversation you had with somebody else would be…? Exactly. There is no point other than to be vindictive and cause more drama. Why? Let it go. Do not stoop to unnecessary lows. And yes, I will have a good day :) I hope you do, too :)

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