DoveVogue Drama?

by Alphaville Herald on 26/04/05 at 11:41 am

by Chipsen Queso

Those who follow the fashion scene in SecondLife undoubtably know about the DoveVogue Runway Studios owned and operated by Palomma Casanova in Davvi. Over the past year, they have become a strong and leading force in the arena of fashion shows and an icon of the fashion industry in their own respect. Palomma herself is a very polarizing figure – those who know her seem to either absolutely love her or absolutely hate her. In the same breath, though, there is a new thing that must be mentioned about DoveVogue: in order to consistantly work for them, you must work for them and only them, including freelance work.

The Herald has obtained a memo sent to most members of the DoveVogue Models group that we assume was supposed to remain secretive and only read by those who it was sent to, but of course, we are here to spill the beans for you ;-) . We are told that the original note itself was not able to be transferred – what a pity that in SL, we can copy text from no-transfer notecards and put it on a new notecard that is transferable. Anyway, what follows is the complete text of the notecard in its entirety:

We at DoveVogue Modeling take our committment to you very seriously. Part of our success comes from the strength of our name in the Fashion Market within Second Life… and that strength comes almost completely from you, our modeling talent.

There are a diverse set of opportunities in-world for you to build your reputation and we are dedicated to pursuing them fully on your behalf. In exchange for our committment to your success, we ask that you invest your confidence and efforts fully in DoveVogue.

For this reason, we will be approaching you individually to speak with you about the benefits of an exclusive contract with DoveVogue, and the ways exclusivity can help you reach your goals.

While we support all efforts to bring fashion to the spotlight in Second Life, we wish to ensure our efforts to promote your career with DoveVogue are directed to those of you who wish to maintain a dedicated presence with our agency.

The choice to freelance or contract on an exclusive basis is one that must be considered based upon your interests and desires for your future in modeling. Please take a moment to contemplate your interests and know that, regardless your preference, we at DoveVogue remain loyal to helping you achieve your goals…. for your goals are our goals, and through you, our success is built.

Thank you for your attention, and I look forward to speaking with you on this matter soon!

Palomma Casanova

Competitive Work/Moonlighting
Reasons why DoveVogue prefers exclusiveness:

1) DV dedicates time and dedication to each model even if the group has a good quantity of models. Models are chosen with care. Models hired are of high quality not just anybody that wants to be a model.

2) DV pays employers to train and style the model, therefore DV wants to see the model well trained and with great looks. All methods learned should be applied to use within DV and not with any other agency.

3) DV wants models to wear DV Agency Tags on outside beauty competitions, not deciding between other agencies which one to wear.

4) 4) Loyalty is important for DV, models should be thinking of upcoming shows from DV and not trying to work their times because they have other shows from other agencies

5) DV makes all efforts to create a real virtual modeling environment, while other agencies just have fun. There’s no reason why us at DoveVogue can’t be serious models and have fun, too!

6) You are guaranteed to grow and make yourself known as part of the #1 Top Modeling Agency

7) DoveVogue will make sure you achieve your goals as a model and be promoted for future opportunities within the company

8) DoveVogue will offer you their Headquarters as your home place to spend your leisure time

9) DoveVogue will offer their Headquarters as a place to call home where you can find a family

10) DoveVogue does keep up with the latest fashions and ideas. DoveVogue will always be on the “cutting” edge of fashion bringing the best designs for models so they can show the latest designs on the catwalk.

Exclusive Models advantages: (EM)

61 Responses to “DoveVogue Drama?”

  1. Cassandra

    Apr 26th, 2005

    I have to note that all of this is factual! Despite DoveVogue’s “prestine” reputation, there is always absoulte chaos and drama backstage. Whether Palomma is bawling and claiming that she’s going to kill herself over a fashion show, or because a model doesn’t want to take off their oh-so-laggy Animation Overrider, it’s always quite far from professional.

    As far as the “studio” itself goes, the runway and neat offices in back are expected along with the chairs on one side of the runway. But at second glance, what the hell is with all the advertizing?! Even downstairs in the so-called models area, there’s billboard upon poster upon vender for anything you could think of! The area itself is a bomb contained within itself simply waiting to crash the sim.

    Take a few minutes out of your otherwise enjoyable experience on SL and take a nice visit to Davvi to see what I mean.

    Enjoy <3

  2. Cassandra

    Apr 26th, 2005

    PS -
    Cookie cutter models, anyone?

  3. Myst

    Apr 26th, 2005

    The lag at DV studios is ridiculous even if i have everything turned off, draw distance at 64 and particles at 0 the designs still don’t rez or they are blurry.

    The constant repetative poster boards addding extra prims and scripts (which help contribute to lag) are bad enough. Now combine this with the privately owned scripted items, the water with scripts, etc. DV studios is a lag bomb waiting to crash.

    I have stopped going there even though i have friends that are models and designers there i have stopped going it is not worth crashing the game or my computer for.

    And if those are the best models according to Palomma i would sure hate to see the worst.

  4. Looki

    Apr 26th, 2005

    This all concerns me in terms of this just being a Game. How can you tell people that paid their money to Second Life that if they want to model with Dove more offten ( like it’s all that ) they have to be exclusive. From what I’ve heard there were so many people in this group they didn’t get to model anyway, so whats the point. In addition, they didn’t get paid that much Lindens to become middle class citizens in SL. Lets face it .. this is a GAME ..if this is your way of making up for you pitiful Real Life… then I can understand you making contracts and making pretend you are the Ford Modeling Agency in NY .. NOT !! and ease up .. let people of SL go where they please and not have people like you place stips on them.. This is what I see as DRAMA in the making

    If you are or were that good in the Modeling field why are you in Second Life handing out un realistic contracts instead of giving those NY agencies a run for their US money and not Lindens.. Give it a break and try to have fun in this GAME and not be so serious with something that will not get you any real cash nor cash to the cyber models.. Peace


  5. Selena

    Apr 26th, 2005

    Well what has been said here is true in fact. This whole drama about exclusiveity was brought on because of a friend of mine. Once Top Model of DV was done wrong after being a faithful model. Over some horse crap show. So my sista broke out from DV and started her own agency, since she doesn’t do DRAMA. Smart Girl this one.
    So now seems Owner of DV is feeling a bit pinched with some competition so is doing this bogus contract she expects models to honor. being greedy and trying to corner the Fashion Industry in SL all for herself. Hey come on now, there’s plenty of people on SL than can do just as good if not better than any DV model can. Just have to be trained. Something that I know for a fact DV doesn’t do. Nor do these models ever see a consultant. Nor a single Linden.That is all BS!! What is true is you don’t see more than half of the outfits on these shows cause they all look gray from the lag. Models are going nuts cause they cannot rezz cause of the lag, but yet are told not to relog cause they can’t get back into the sim. What good is it to see a show such as this. Trust me you are all better off going to other shows at other locations cause that Davii location is a bomb waiting to explode us all. Ya’ll need to know that everyone in SL has a free choice to do as they please. We all do pay our almighty dollar to play this game. There’s no way you can hold a contract within a game. For that only holds up in the real world. Stop the Drama and get on with game play. And for goodness sakes if u wanna hold the top slot do something for the lag. I as well stopped going there quite awhile ago. New modeling agencies are popping up all over and let me tell ya they all do great, so tell me what makes Palomma think hers is so special. She better step back and re-evaluate her EM contract, cause many will be seeing themselves to the door. ~~~Sista~~~

  6. Urizenus

    Apr 26th, 2005

    Oh baby, Chipsen Queso is the new center of my cosmology!

  7. exDVer

    Apr 26th, 2005

    Speaking as a long time DV Model, I must say i was horrified to find out I was worth no more than to be in between someones drama and their relentles pursuit of image. I gave my all to DV and found out in the end, I was not worth anything,,,,,
    If most of us did not have to hustle to do shows for nothing more than clothes we do not get to pick, plus put up with lag, and comments like turn off your firewall so you will rezz, maybe there would be no other agencies. It became as everything else at sl, who you knew and who you were. Old time models were quickly told about the ever growing “50 people waiting in line to model ” list and made to feel they had to thank someone to model. Loyalty meant nothing when total newbies modeled next to established models, and what really pissed off the person who ran DV was her own anger at someone breaking away and starting an agency. Some of us just got caught in the flack. What really hurt me was I thought of DV and the models as people who cared about me only to find out in the end I was apparently not worth anything. Hurtful things were said, and as many have said,this is sl and not fl. Many of us sat at our pc for hours at a time all for a few outfits, and gave our all, only to have to thrown in our faces when it came down to the wire.

  8. Palomma

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Sorry guys…

    But. unbelievable… the more you help the more you get hit…

    I will be polite.. no need for me to defend myself.. because I have done well..

    The contract is because I am going on a great move to bring more to SL and I want to work harder for the models that are part of DV and not kill myself paying for models that join 20 other modeling agencies that well..

    You all are right… I didn’t pay unless a designer donated.. because I didn’t ask for a penny.. to bring recognization to designers… but you all should come to me and ask and don’t use a magazine behind my back to put dirt on me…

    I know I have done well and will continue…

    Cheer to all designers out there and to the great models of DV.. I wish you all luck to those that learned from DV *wink*

    To Ms Queso.. I think you should of come to me too if you are a good reporter….

  9. Palomma

    Apr 27th, 2005

    oh by the way!!

    when DV started.. there were great agencies… out there… where we ALL have our different ideas…

    BC Models, LeCadre, Top Models, Mistress Midnight, Titan and others.. we all rock…

    It was great.. but good luck to all that are starting..

  10. Jeri Zuma

    Apr 27th, 2005

    I work for Palomma Casanova at Dove Vogue. This article is very one-sided and bad journalism. Considering that the subject of the article is Palomma, you had an obligation to inerview her to get her reaction and her side of the story.

    That’s the biggest problem with it. Palomma has given countless of hours over the many months to help new models and new designers. She runs a fashion mall there, and so far has not charged rent for the vendors there. Her efforts put designers and models on the map, and have meant increased sales for designers.

    Having models work exclusively for DV is a choice for the models to make. And while there’s nothing wrong with competition, and there are other agencies, Palomma can run her studio the way she sees fit.

    The lag problem is an SL-wide problem. The Lindens repeatedly tell me, that whenever you get close to 40 ppl in one sim, the performance nose-dives. That happens everywhere in SL. We at DV are definitely aware of the problem, and will be making improvements at DV to reduce or eliminate active scripts at DV.

    If the Herald is to be a journalistic center for SL, the people writing for it should have journalistic standards, including a commitment to write a balanced article.

  11. Cienna

    Apr 27th, 2005

    It is disappointing that the SLH reporter responsible for this article, or his editor did not choose to pursue a more complete story by interviewing all involved parties.

    The intent of that notecard was to introduce modeling staff to the realities that competition is, in fact, a concern and that the agency in question was looking for ways to improve life and benefits to models…. however, in exchange for this, they were looking as well to their own livelihood and a commitment from those they intend to market that a decision to support them MORE would be repaid by loyalty.

    This is hardly some new or even dramatic act for a modeling agency to undertake. Anyone who has done any work in the fashion industry in the real world will readily agree to this truth.

    The pity lies in the fact that, apparently, there were people more willing to assume the worst and eager to share that assumption as fact than simply ask anyone associated with the effort to explain it, or to accord anything other than malicious or mercenary motives.

    I am more than slightly disappointed to see those I know at SLH publish such an unfinished and deliberately slanted article. I am still more disappointed to see so many individuals this eager to assume disregard of their interests.

    While one cannot do much against disgruntled people who feel a need to grind an axe, it is disheartening to see such unqualified assumptions and aspersions treated as fact.

    In case you are wondering, I can tell you with certainty the manner in which it is being portrayed is not only incorrect, but poorly researched and the card as well as the intent of the program it is part of has been severely misrepresented in this piece.

    How do I know this?

    I wrote the notecard and have been advising on the program it supports. A program intended to give more to those who have been devoted members of the DoveVogue team. A program intended to increase the benefits associated with bearing the DoveVogue name in exchange for an affirmation of commitment to that team.

    For shame, SLH staff. For shame.

  12. Victoria

    Apr 27th, 2005

    I think this article was done very biased and unprofessionally. Including the documents that were given to the reporter by someone other than Palomma or a Dove Vogue representative is tacky and also could very well be a forgery.

    Very Bad Taste! I have to say that this article is very unprofessionally done and very biased in the opinion of the reporter.

    I have to give this report two thumbs down!

  13. Mariposa Martinez

    Apr 27th, 2005

    To all out there I have never heard about the SL Hearld until this article about DV came to light.. Second Life is buzzing with gossip everywhere since the models of DV were apporched about an Exclusive Contract. I guess they see it as I do as a no fair contract as we all do pay our money to play this game. And we should have the freedom to do as we please. As Jeri put it well Palomma is te owner of DV and she does have the right to run it as she sees fit..But the fact remains she is not and never will be the owner of every individual model of DV. No one has that right to try to force what they want upon another person. Especially not within the game.. This Exclusive Contract was a ploy to force DV models that had joined my group to leave me. Pure Competition Stradegy. We all joined this game for fun and enjoyment and to have the oppurtunity to model in here is a perk.. but as all know there are many agencies out there now of which to choose from. I do want to say that it was a pleasure always to be a DV model in the past and work closely with Palomma. But due to the fact of one show, which mind u I was using ONLY DV models to do an off site show, and I happened to use the same notecard she provided to all DV models hundreds of times, I was told I had betrayed her, that I stole her format, I was told I was not qualified to be a Coordinator of shows because I had not had the training. Now please when I started DV I never got trained never was sent to a stylist for consult, and barely got paid up until December when she told us all pay would no longer be given. Yet no model was aware of the notecards I was able to obtain recently dating back to before Dec and till until recently that ask Designers to make a donation so that models pay of 100L could be doubled.. Well I never saw any of it. That 1 show broke a relationship between Palomma and I a woman who I admired for her accomplishment in SL, who I looked up to and who I genuinely cared for as a person behind the avatar. But when attacked and made to feel that I had wronged her so bad .. I felt the trust between us had been severed. I left DV after that confrontation about that show. Never to look back although I was asked back by her, the words that she said to me and the way she made me feel so small had hit me hard and as everyone else .. I do have my pride… So I moved on… After a few weeks and being approached by many Designer friends and with thier support I was erged to open up my own agency ( Saborlatino ) When I did that all hell broke out .. I started hearing that Palomma was badmouthing me to models and designers stating I was saying that My agency would be bigger and better than DV. Please take note .. I have never said this to anyone..If u have proof Palomma give us a name of who I said this too.I know I do have proof of the way I was treated and others have been by u..simply because they were my friends and joined my group.I have to keep my group hidden designers as well as models so that they do not get harrassed. This is not the way to have fun.. we all have a free choice.. Yes DV models do have the choice to stay or leave but when they leave they are harrassed so badly being told they are not loyal to DV. Only to be convinced things will be different if they come back.What does loyality have to do with performance. There will always be some form of competition within SL or any game but how far will u take it to maintain status. For me what truly matters is fun in game play.. My models have been trained well I am very proud of them. I will not shove them onto a runway with no training as I was without them feeling secure about themselves. I devoted countless hours to u Palomma and was always loyal and faithful. But was just my time to move on.. and I will say this again as I have said it to u an many.. ” I am not in this to Compete with u or anyone else” This is a game .. one for all to enjoy. I know u take DV serious as I take SaborLatino serious but to what extreme will u go.. this is what everyone now will be watching closely for.. New agencies are popping up all over.. I wish the best to all of them I will always be in the audience at other shows to cheer on models, designers and tell owners of those agency Good Job! I will always remain Mari the one everyone knows is sincere and my reputation was built on my personality not the DV tag or any other I held above my head..
    Good Luck to everyone remember there are plenty of avies out there that wish to have a piece of the modeling industry and they all deserve to have that chance, even if it is with other agencies other than DV.
    Forever & Always

  14. Respondent to Cienna

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Yes, in the Real World such contracts do exist. But the fact still remains this is a Virtual World. All of you that honor this contract as being remotely on the standards or level of a Real Life Contract need to look at your own lives as pehaps something is missing. Don’t live your Real Life Dreams and Asperations through and in a game. If u do your a sad case.

  15. Cienna

    Apr 27th, 2005

    To say the means and methods of competition are misplaced in Second Life is to fail to grasp that the nature and level of competition is much the same as it is in the real world.

    The entire process of using this story to voice your disgruntlement is, in my opinion, in very, very poor taste.

    “And that’s all I’m gonna say ’bout that.” — Forrest Gump

  16. Cinda Valentino

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Well I’m not going to write a novel in here, but I will say this:
    If you have the desire to go out on your own and a new great Mari. But you need not approach Dove Models and designers to do so. They’re are a limitless supply of models in SL and tons of new designers all the time. You made the business call to approach Palommas present clients and models. It was a very obvious move to somehow effect Dove Vogue when it wasnt necessary to do so, in order to have your own agency. So Dove Vogue has EVERY RIGHT to make changes to the offers to and requirements of their models. Using the Herald to promote your business was also another call you made. Let see if what we’re dealing with is someone simply going off on their own, or an attempt at a downright hostile takeover for no good business reason whatsoever……….The facts will show themselves I’m sure.

  17. Mariposa Martinez

    Apr 27th, 2005

    We shall see Cinda, I am who I am I do not change from day to far as DV clients who died and left DV totally cornering the market in designers.. and if u didn’t read my statement before correctly I was erged by Designers to go and open my own, same designers that hold the dv designer tag sweetie. I think designers have a choice to be with as many agencies as they deemed fit to choose.. Or is that going to be a stipulation in there contracts with DV. So ur saying if for example Vindi was on DV designer list which she is and she is a friend of mine also .. I should not ask her to join my group just because DV has her on their list .. Please give me a break … what is this a DV takeover .. anyway Cinda I had been with DV way before u came into the picture so just because ur security please do not feel the need to protect Pal from me … Help her to salvage what she has and stop worrying about me being disgruntle .. Cause if u really wanna hear disgruntle I can show u some really harsh words said to me and about some fellow designers from someone u seem to be protecting. As far as models go many of the ones that work for DV were sent there by me and hired by Pal.. So get ur facts straight before u speak.. there are always 2 side to a story but seems ur only hearing the one ur closest to. As far as promoting and want to take over hun .. If I wanted to do that I think I would have been having loads of show regardless of the models training status. But Have I? No!!! So in reality u have no clue what u are talking about .. Take it as u wish!

  18. Mariposa Martinez

    Apr 27th, 2005

    P.S And what makes u think I have her designers & models if no one can even see who I have ….. LOL That’s to show that they have no clue what they are talking about!! And just want to portray me as a model/ designer stealer.. Bad Call …Hunny
    Lot’s of people in SL know me for who I really am so nothing u say in here will change that. Sorry… And to Pal I have no harsh things to say about u. Just let it ly.

  19. boo parks

    Apr 27th, 2005

    blah blah blah

  20. Palomma

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Mariposita linda…

    Let me take a moment of my busy schedule because, I am working on many things as always, and you know that.. but let me take a break…

    First.. you taking a long time to write that book for this kind of newspaper, one year and first time I read it.. is all gossip I can see. BTW herald.. thanks for the great advertsiment.. DoveVogue Logo looks awsome!!

    I didn’t think you needed a stylist when I hired you. I checked your avie well, believe me, because I don’t hired just “anyone” to have a number in my group. Didn’t think was necessary for you to go thru all that.

    Another thing… you just don’t change, always complaining. Remember when you complaint because supposedly you go the “ugly clothes” from designers? You talked a lot about ugly designs. So watch out Designers that count on Sabor Latino.. For me all designers rock!!

    I don’t know who gets what with clothes… in the RL modeling world a model DOES NOT complaint and be proud of what she models…

    Second, you and nobody is my competition. Like the article says…”undoubtfully know the DoveVogue Studios”. I didn’t need you or nobody to bring to SL this great venue to promote designers. Actually, I am proud that you learned so much from me, to start your new agency. Too bad, you started but copying DV’s formats and asking trained DV professional models” Every model in DV came to me and I gave them an opportunity. I didn’t go thru agencies and asked ….”psst come model for my new agency”… Most models I hired are new SL newcomers looking for that modeling real dream…

    I don’t own any model, everyone away from DV at their free time from shows, can do anything they want… Be cats, be elves, robost, escorts… whatever they want…..but I do have to run a company with my standards.. Yes my standards..As owner/leader you should know. If not you will have an awful disorganized place.

    Well, funny thing is when someone ask you to be in your modeling agency, you say… “Yes, hun, drop me a note and tell me about yourself”…. meaning…. “tell me how gorgeous you are and you are in”

    I never had 69 models in a week. I had 69 models in more than 7 months… Why? I hired with care. Also you can’t make perfect avies btw… Many out there love professionalism.

    I stopped paying models and you know why? because I was paying you and all the other models with my stipends…. Because not many designers donated.. and for me is fine, my purpose of the agency was to help designers to make it up there or recognized those older designers that nobody said, “thank you” to them. Many models understood that.. I guess you didn’t.

    I do pay employees to train, only one person that I didn’t pay and was ms nemi, I offered her but she decline… (what a great gurl) not so great now thou… she gave me a negative because she didn’t like the exclusive contract … she can’t share with new models… *tsk* *tsk* I better be quiet or she will give me more negatives…. I like how she hides with different names on posts

    but anyway…Sorry, but anyone would be upset if someone copies what your company does you know? Then I realized… Even thou this bothered me what you did.. I still thought.. why all this? I wish we can be friends again? But what did you do? Formed an agency, to showed me that you can do the same I did… I don’t care which agency is around.. I just wish agency like yours and other around just create their own ideas…

    I even gave you the idea to do the audition … remember? I think you hired every single avie that went to it… sorry I didn’t adviced that you cannot hired all… because you already had 3/4 of the DV crew with you…

    Well good luck… No more of this.. Enjoy and good luck… Glad you learned so good…

    And btw.. your sista so cute.. cuidate mama!

    oh by the way.. we are both puertoricans….con sabor latino… good name for a model agency.. I think…

    Gosh.. I wasted my time… I better don’t follow what you did writing a book… let me stop…. I got better things to do… Like taking care of DoveVogue.. you know how much I work and how serious I manage DV…. *wink*

  21. HUH???

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Why can’t “DV Models” and “DV Designers” be approched by anyone? Cause they wear the tag?? Is that TRUELY how DV wants it..that if a “Model OR Designer” wears the tag they cannot show anywhere else???? Cause Palomma might want to let the designers know that it is not ok for them to use other agencies while they have the DV tag. This comment stems from Cinda’s comment “There are limitless supply of models in SL and tons of new designers”. What the “Old” designers cannot show there stuff unless it is with DV? SL is a BIG place and if I were a designer for one, I would look into ALL the agencies to get my products seen, And, as a model, you cannot be in EVERY show, no matter WHO you work for. And at DV..there are at the time of this post,65 models. Yes that is right 65! Now you do the math, how many show could you be in if you do not repeat any model? Tho we all know there are favorites that are in much more and models that do not even get asked. So those models just sit and wait. SO many people work for more than one, cause they love to model. There is nothing wrong with doing what you love! Palomma has every right to make her agency exclusive, but WE as models have the right to walk away without drama. Which DV has TONS of right now. Yes I do hope that settles soon. As I for one see BOTH sides of this battle. This is a GAME first and formost, NOT RL!! Palomma wants to run DV just like a RL agency, good for her. But she should not talk down the people who do not want to work like that. And yes that has happened. I was one that it happened to, and am not happy with how I was TOLD I HAD to choose. That does not work for me. It may for others. But not for me. GOOD LUCK TO ALL THE NEW AGENCIES! I wish you much luck!! And for DV I do wish you luck also. And for the comment about the new policy being a forgery, it is not! I got the EXACT thing in my inventory.

  22. Palomma

    Apr 27th, 2005

    Cinda was always an Officer in DV Mariposa…. She knew everything about DV…

    and hey.. I am a designer too.. you never asked me.. you have your clan… we are all designers and want all opportunities…

    You can ask any designers.. I don’t train them… As a designer point of view.. I would use any venue to promote my clothes…

    But anyway.. if and only if I ever participate as a designer having my own show I would go with LeCadre… they were always good to me.. and I had fun with Sensual and Asri… and not only that.. they had their own ideas…

  23. Mariposita as u like to call me =0)

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Awwww Palommita what happened hun, did u have nerve pinched or maybe ur wing is chipped, Please I was not the one that said in conversation when I left DV that u gave me the best clothes cause I was ur favorite…U said that.. humm u want me to send u the conversation on notecard… anyone care to see what a fake comment Pal just made.. Do not try to intimidate me Pal, u’ll never achieve it, with ur lies…Too strong willed here. I just know that when someone gets as bent outta shape over something small there is something wrong and it’s time to bail.I don’t do Drama although u have made me the center of ur attention as well as ur DRAMA.. por favor…give me a break sweetie.. re-evalute urself because something is defitely wrong.. Ahh I guess u do not remember alot of things u said to me that many would find
    interesting reading. Please do not make me knock off ur Halo in everyones eyes… as u try so hard to make me look bad I have plenty of ammunition written by u that can tarnish ur reputation.. So please do not make me talk more than I already have… U may regret it later…I have been nice up till now … Nice until it time not to be nice… BTW everyone see a change in her attitude people read both post in here…Meek one minute playing the wounded then coming out with fist glaring …BiPolar?
    P.S Didn’t know that 3/4 of ur models that I added to my group added up to just 5…5 FRIENDS MIND U …ONES U ASKED TO DUMP MY FRIENDSHIP SO THEY COULD BE LOYAL TO U…HAHAHA NEVER HAPPEN MAMACITA!!
    AND if I have 70 MODELS IN MY GROUP It’s because I am well like . popular and have loads of friends that like to be around me because I am nice and I treat everyone with respect… something u seem to have lost in all this DRAMA… Get with the program what is the difference between any runway walk .. Nothing u walk and Pose so what format.. Get it Patented Hun… but that won’t hold water in a game. And please what busy schedule hun u have just been keeping a low profile for 2 days now since the embarrasment u caused to urself and the DV Models… Why u having people beg the ones that left back for u .. Please!! They will leave again eventually anyway..

  24. Mariposa

    Apr 28th, 2005

    P.S Palommita u wrote a pretty long Novel urself for someone so busy….LMAO

  25. Palomma

    Apr 28th, 2005

    You make me laugh hehe


  26. Someone who watches

    Apr 28th, 2005

    You know what.. it so nice to see this happpen. Some people need to be shot down a few notches. yes Palomma. I am talking about you. You dont own the market. And from what I have heard for a long long time.. you dont pay your models.. ack.. tisk tisk.. yes come work here.. and deal with lag.. and unoranized events.. and the greatest of all. .you dont get paid.. but you have the privilage of being a DV model.. LMAO. looks like 70 percent of the people in SL are.. LOL yeah ok .. real special.. its called spamming :P

    Mairposa.. good luck with your new agency.. I am sure your sound business sense will bring added value to you and your team. I will be cheering from the side lines =)

  27. nemi McCoy

    Apr 28th, 2005

    The only thing I am going to say, in my own name is I wish you well Pal. You chose to name me, and only me by name so I will reply. I know full well how to share, and I gave my all to DV. You offerered me L to train othes, so I believe I am and I was one of DVs finest and yes I turned it down, because I believed in the dream of DV for a very long time. You were neg rated, the first and hopefully last one I ever give because you were way
    over the edge with your behavior.
    I am not going to lower myself to enter into this debate. I loved to model, I love to model now.
    I was proud to be a DV model but I am sad things came to this. My loyalty had and has nothing to do with any other agency I model for….and I am deeply saddened that you care more about a well deserved neg rate than you do the hurt you caused me by making me feel I had to do it your way or the highway.In the space of less than 3 days my almost year with you became nothing.
    I want to thank the secondlife herald for the story about the HoseQueen show and to see my picture restored my faith in myself as a model.

  28. boo parks

    Apr 28th, 2005

    la di dadi bluhhhh blahblah blah

  29. Cienna

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Thanks to Second Life Herald for working to uphold community.


  30. Xaira Lehane

    Apr 28th, 2005

    This just goes to show how catty Models are both in RL and in SL…..somethings never change no matter if flesh and bone, or just pixels.

    Some folks have no RL……so they must controll thier SL.

    Peace out.

  31. Looki

    Apr 28th, 2005

    “And that’s all I’m gonna say ’bout that”

    then do as you quoted Cienna! this paper has ever right to publish what it wants if you don’t like it, don’t read it and don’t comment . I swear you folks want to run everything your way. Start your own paper and run it your way
    The Second Life Herald is a freedom of speech newspaper, Live with it


  32. Cienna

    Apr 28th, 2005

    It has much less to do with ‘freedom of speech’ than journalistic responsibility.

    But no worries, I understand things much better now… they enjoy being the ‘National Inquirer’. My mistake… I labored under the misunderstanding that they actually wanted to be an objective resource for news, not an outlet for shit-stirring and malcontent.

    This bout had two results for me:

    1) In conjunction with my landing a new job, I will be stepping down from the magazine.

    2) I will no longer visit or support SLH.

    Not that such will matter to anyone but me, and perhaps that is as it should be… but the news outlet that gets my support will not be one that so eagerly seeks out gossip, or one that supports rumor-mongering and the ‘Jerry Springer’ mentality.

  33. Xaira Lehane

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Buh Bye now Cienna…dont let the lil red X at the top of the screen smack your tight ass on your way out.

    Peace out

  34. Urizenus

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Good luck Cienna! And I hope you find a blog where you can publish your fluffatory and self-fluffatory content-free pieces using the full arsenal of your inimitable “I teach English Composition 101 at a community college” prose stylings.

  35. wow

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Isn’t that Uri person one of the ones who runs the paper? With someone in charge willing to be as childish and immature as this, no wonder people refuse to read. Add me to the number. This was in poor taste and frmo the comments, very incmoplete.

    Wow. Looks like Cienna is right. This is a real rag. Bye from me too.

  36. Jenny

    Apr 28th, 2005

    I have been a model for DV, Pal helped me with my looks, i was very happy, I paid her for her service, she said i was in her agency. She never called me back, i was new, i did 2 shows. She was very rude because i could not get the steps right, the lag dragged me falling off the stage. I tried to complain to Palomma but she was having a bad day, she always blamed the lag on the lindens, but her place is full of textures, and objects and a mall. I told her about the mall that was laggy, She said it was her place not mine.
    I dont know if i said something bad, but she never spoke to me again. She kicked me out of the group, i wanted to model, but she never called me, she has her own “Favorite” models that she uses for every show, i was left out.

  37. Urizenus

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Dear Ms or Mr. Wow, as I sit here in the Gulf of Mexico, fishing for sharks off of the Herald yacht, I find myself aimlessly stirring the chum with an aluminum baseball bat and wondering to myself: why does this person think I care? If someone has been charging you to read the Herald get your money back, because it’s free! If you don’t *like* the Herald, then yes please do stop reading. My view is that people should read the things they *like* to read, not the things they *hate* to read. Ooops sharks are here. I gotta load my grenade launcher now…

  38. Palomma

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Break time for a nonsense moment….

    Jenny, why do you lie like that?.. how old are you? 15? don’t even go there…you don’t even know what you are talking about.. I know well every model. and you didn’t do anything maybe because you were not desired to model… DV is a place for everyone….

    Again… read this… I can’t do anything about lag.. you even carry lag… your words are laggy to me..

    Listen.. I wonder if you have the guts to come to me and tell me and don’t hide yourself.. you are lying, you paid me? sureeee.. probably you donated, didn’t I help you? two different things.. I don’t ask for money like that. I know who comes and go.. I keep a list.. because I care, if I had to eject you was because you dissappear of no desire to the group…and I gave your spot for someone else.. maybe Mari.. *smile*

    Mari… errr. you letting everyone know how you threat people… everyone watch out!!! watch every words when you chat with Mari, she keeps all the copies.. I am sure she changes the words… *nods* you gave yourself up.. and now everyone can see how you act…

    and nemi…well, hmm, what can I say.. yes.. you were a great and fine model…. that is why I will never neg you.. really… I will always remember ya! I will miss the hugs

    ok nonsense break over…

  39. Jenny

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Palomma, I wanted to be a model, i was always hanging there, until you never called me to model, i wanted to model for anyone.
    You had your favorite models, the ones who are talking here, nemi, and that jeri girl. Modeling should be fun, your taking this too seriously. I think you need to take your medicine, and stop with your stress. Before the models could be with any model agency, now that there is more opportunities for the models, your making them stay with you. Guess what, I dont need you i am very happy with top Model. I am treated like a model, i was just a number with DV.

    Have a good day.

  40. Seri

    Apr 28th, 2005

    Enough of this. You people are insane.

    The First Amendment, people, that’s all I have to say here.

  41. Killian

    Apr 29th, 2005

    All I have to say is Modeling has gotten way to dramatic. Lets talk about some real issues like me walking in on three modelings doing cocaine off each others back in a corner of a very high profile club in second life. What happened to the good old days when you models just did menthal cough drops to ease your throats while you coughed up your lunch AKA a Mentos and half a diet coke. What has second life come to people. LOL :P *thinks back to the this is your brain and this is your brain on drugs commerical*

  42. Wiccan

    Apr 30th, 2005

    This has all gotten out of hand. I am not sure how I feel about the whole issue but am used to how things are handled in the Herald and not surprised. I think the people who read the Herlad like it like this. So, I have no issues with it.

    I got the notecard from Pal. I have been thinking on it and not responded. I went into modeling to make money and didn’t so now I design as well. I have never modelled for anyone else but not sure how I feel about being told I can’t. Needs more thinking…and btw, all models in Sl at least, are not catty. That comment comes from someone who must not know a lot of models. I am not catty and I cannot think of a model who is. These girls are very dear to me, all of them. And I can think of a couple off the top of my head who are so sweet, they give toothaches :)

  43. Mariposa

    Apr 30th, 2005

    Just a quick note to Pal… thank u sooooo much for showing ur true colors in here and stating that what I had said was a lie…U have doubled my popularity… and now I have people who I never met but knew about Iming me… W00T .. The longer u linger on with this the deeper the hole u dig for urself and the better for me …Well Chicita… Buenas Noches… Have better things to do than deal with u :) Huggies

  44. Looki

    May 1st, 2005

    You’re so right Mari.. I’m really shocked at what I’m reading here and how people are being treated. If you can get this type of treatment in comments on a newpaper article. I don’t want to imagine how some of these people are avie to avie ( face to face) .. I hope I don’t ever come across them, I will be forced to use my *Pimp Slap* animation LOL J/K I had to add some humor to this because everyone is so worked up. Although I don’t blame them. People do forget there are real HUMANS behind the Keyboard and could care less how bad they hurt you.. but, please remember this. Anyone that lashes out to you in a negative matter are hurting inside themselves and not able to cope. We try and feel for these type of people and hope that some professional help is on the way. So next time, someone begins to yell and use CAPS ,, tell them you understand their having a bad day and hope that they will feel better and you walk away .. if this doesn’t calm them down a bit then you hope for that help..

    Sane thoughts

  45. jessica

    May 2nd, 2005

    Hey Mariposa, maybe palomma just thought of you as a friend? I mean, wow way to blame palomma for all your problems. You get free designers clothes, and you bitch to the woman who gave them to you saying she was too nice to you. Whatever, all im saying is palomma is a awsome person! and everyone who works with her is awsome. Im not about to let a snooty little girl who is imature make me think any different from palomma and her agency.. oh yeah whats the name of your agency? havent heard of it… and if you haven ebtter things to do than deal with palomma… how come you have over 5 posts on here that you could wright a best-selling novel…?

  46. Mariposa Martinez

    May 3rd, 2005

    Ummmm, Jessica let me address this to u chiquita.. If u like Palomma so much that is your choice hun .. no one has said to anyone in here any different. I have not spoken about any DV models sweetie as many are my friends.. so either get Hooked on Phonics and read things correctly before u make a statement. Or simply don’t make any.. and about the clothes given to me at shows, ummm they come free from the designers not Palomma and ask any model from DV or any agency we earn them sitting behind this screen for 3 hours for a dragged out show dragged out for dwell. So I am taking ur a newbie model with her nose so far up Palomma’s ass to see anything .. so I will excuse u for ur misinterpertation of the whole thing between Pal and me….

  47. jessica

    May 3rd, 2005

    Im sorry MariQuita but before you tell someone that they have their nose stuck up someones ass… take yours out first. And by the way i am not a Newbie, I just turned 2 years 4 days ago. And how dare you sit there and type these long letters about how you dislike Palomma. I knew you when you were a model and im sorry but the only way to describe you was/is a bitch… you always complained, whether it was because you didnt like the clothes or the whole Line of designs the designer made. The designer hired you for a reason, and you were loyal to DoveVogue… BAH!!! you ALWAYS talked about palomma behind her back, so wh cant she do it back? isn’t that just as bad? Whatever you have your own way of taking things and I just don’t understand it I guess… By the way, when you have your own agency or whatever… I wouldn’t talk about the designers clothing behind their back … it makes them alittle upset…

    Adios Maripostaco ;-)

  48. Palomma

    May 3rd, 2005

    Mari, why are you still arguing? I thought you dislike me so much according to your posts here, however your still come and enjoy DV’s shows… people ask me if you come to take notes.. I say.. I don’t have an idea, she doesn’t like me, however she is still welcome at DV anytime… you sound in that last post you were complaining about the free clothes you got.. I thought you loved being a model..and yes.. there is so much lag, a lot of dedication and patient…. just like at your show, nobody could move, 2-3 hrs too, you started 35-45 minutes late.. see? it is not easy..

    Anyway, Mari… take care.. you doing good with your agency, SL agency, and DV is doing better than ever, even if you haven’t seen shows now, there is a reason… remember you enjoyed A LOT the times as a model with DV… you may call it your model agency… Take care and good luck…

    you can do it, as you stated 100 times, but is not easy, maybe the first few days.. is very exciting at the beginning, then it is like a job, believe it or not because you want to please everyone, you will see, hope you last a long time if you have the dedication and if this is in your much as you want it to see as “just for fun” you looked kinda worried when you had technical problems when you wanted to start your show the other day, there is tons of stress as a leader, and you can’t denied that.. you cant….you can’t please everyone, right? bye

    (wonders what complaint you will put now here, you amaze me constantly)

  49. Mariposa Martinez

    May 4th, 2005

    So true Palomma it is not easy with lag,but hey i already knew that from working at DV… but my problems the other day had to do with my PC… was very happy I did not poof as u so often do… and yes I did start 30 minutes late… I had 3 designers give me thier clothes that same day and another change some last minute too.. But u know eventhough they did and I must say it was difficult doing changes I was proud of myself as well as my models.. We did that show in 1 hour 20 minutes once it got started.. and mind u with 14 brand new models that had never been on a runway it went great.. So hey I would say that is pretty darn good…

    And as far as saying I dislike u I have never said that.. what I do not have for u anymore is respect. There is a difference! And if u have the dedication to continue working DV as it has been is because of the many Staff members u now have.. Now come on Pal give those ladies some credit .. They work thier butts off for u .. Getting Daphne does… Host so many wonderful shows like Sophie, Syndy, Daphne do for u.. Others write articles for DV Magazine.. Shiryu taking all the pictures..Hell u even had someone else write the darn Excluslive contract as she states in a comment in here..Now not once have I heard u give credit where credit is due. All I keep hearing is MY DV.. My Models. what about My Hard Workers that bust thier butts doing shows for designers, or the ones u have out there getting designers to make ur designer # grow.. Please Pal u know that when u ran it alone u never had as many shows as u do now. Was impossiable for u to do.. So I must give those ladies credit they do a wonderful job.

    As far as me going to ur shows… ummm hunny urs is not the only one I go to…I go to all .. as I stated somewhere up further in a post in here.. I will always be in the audience cheering on the models and telling all the designers what wonderful designs they have and good job to the host that have done well. That is me.. someone has to do it .. I never have hear u say it to any of them.

    Oh BTW love ur stage by the pool.. looks so similar to mine.. oh darn wish I could put both pics in here for a comaparison. Ahh and i heard u almost did the 2-3 -2 pose routine like i do for that bikini show u had.. but changed it to 2-2-2 instead. U swear everyones so loyal to u .. hey but I still have many many friends that are still in DV ..W00T what a perk!

    And I do not call the models in my group.. My Models.. I call them my team, because the fact still remains that without them there would be no agency, same with DV or any other agency.. If u do not have a good team , and awesome models that work hard for u .. No agency would exist.. So show ur appreciation sweetie.. it’s always nice to hear when u are appreciated.

    And gee Jessica ur 2 years old.. WOO HOO. Congrats.. and I didn’t say u was newbie per say I said u were a Newbie Model.. ( Still advises to get Hooked on Phonics ). And I do not talk bad about Pal… I just simply clarify the lies she seems to feel the need to talk say about me. Like for instantance the lies about me complaining about designer clothing .. Pffft… Bunch of Caca I tell ya.. But it’s ok sweetie .. Had a few designers come to me telling me that they know u have alot of jealousy towards me .. and that is making u very bitter..Makes ur heart cold Palomma… I am not jealous of what u have. I have never said I want to see DV go down nor be like u or have an agency run like urs.. I just moved on as so many more after me did and seems u cannot take the fact that someone left u after u having them told that if they didn’t do what u wanted u would eject them.. that so many were waiting to take thier place..well hun I did leave and happy I did. And so are the others that did as well. :)

    DV I wish u continued success.. Like i keep saying I do this for fun … Pal make it a job .. so be it. As far as ur watchdogs bad mouthing me also… there are few and in reality doesn’t phase me what they say, nor what u do either. If that is the way that u all feel the need to make urself feel better about urself .. continue to say whatever u like about me .. for as long as I know who and what I am and conduct myself in the manner as i always have no lies u or ur fellow watchdogs can say or do can change the good things people say and think about me.. What does happen is they see what vindictive and malicious people u are. So continue to write what u wish in here in the long run everyone will see ur true colors. And as far as everyone has been noticing Pal I said way back in the beginning of this article I had no harsh words about u and told u to let it ly… I guess u can’t… what a shame an adult cannot act as one even within a game.. Shame on u…all of u…

    P.S Jessica what a foul mouth u have sweetie … humm where’s ur class hun? Seems ur the first in here to resort to vulgar name calling ..Oh and as far as ur nose .. wipe the brown off of it… ur a brown nose and everyone sees it…I for one will not stoop to ur level with mere words although when provoked I can be exactly what u called me….LOL

    ** W00T to the Lindens who have approached me about this Drama to get my point of view.. I hope they went to u also Pal…they will be printing thier own story on this Saga as soon a they do extensive research… :)

  50. Palomma

    May 4th, 2005

    Mari, I am not arguing, but well if you want to use this media to talk and tell me how you feel, then I respond. And I am responding calmly to your post. Not giving you drama, but need you to know..

    You just said YOUR MODELS Mari, read your post again…at the beginning….is just a saying for being proud of them, that is why I say, my models at times..just like you did… Read your descriptions in your shows… is between the words… Look how you ended your post.. You are so excited of getting popularity thru this… see?

    Yes you go to every show around…. but people ask me why to DV if you dislike me like this… People see it.. only a few don’t.

    The good amount of the models want the exclusive.. they ask me for it also!!! People, just jumped to remarks and make comments for nothing about being exclusive. I just want to work harder of what I did in the past, what is wrong with that?

    No, that pool is been there forever.. I think you never noticed it.. I just changed the texture of the outside….because I only did one event there months and months ago.. looks new now, huh!! Never knew you had a pool or did a swimsuit show…Nobody said anything so, nope, never knew you did a show.. *sighs* Remember I was also in Kojin for months and had a pool there that I brought here. If you had one later, then you were the one copying. I don’t do show according to other people, I don’t even see when others schedule shows, I have always work the say way. I don’t need to compete. Remember when I started bigger agencies were around, and I never work around them. I have ALWAYS done tons of shows, since Kojin, once you started in DV, that is when you noticed, maybe…Btw, I didn’t make the choreography this time for that show.. see? why are you inventing?

    I done so many shows in RL and here, I don’t need to copy anyone.. I have 12 yrs of modeling experience teaching and modeling locally, no I am not famous and stuff, don’t care and don’t want to, never wanted to pursue it that way, but could and had offers, but proud of helping others in RL to be models which are working very well now…I do a lot of choreographies in RL, I am proud of what I do is what I am bringing to SL…It is not that I am the best, but I am proud of my experience, you would of too in anything you do. What are you saying? You don’t know what you say anymore Mari.. really.. but why? you dont have to say you dislike me.. but actions speak more than words..

    I am always appreciative of the people that work at DV, they want to be there, I don’t obligate them to work for me, I pay them a bit of my stipends and because they have desire, they are awsome friends and have dedication, some don’t want me to pay them. That is all they want to do. No idea, why you brought this up, to stir things that are not even there. The contract well, I wrote the majority, as you know english is not my first language and she did a favor of rephrasing and rewrite it for me, we both worked on that hard, she did more than I did thou…I suck in grammar, and is ok you can tease me with that.. but I already won’t bother me a bit if you do or anyone else.

    Daphne? she is a doll, and work hard with me, same as Sophie, sweet lady, syndi, Dione, Shiryu, and many others, many many that are dedicated because they love it… they all work their butts like you say, because is passion of what they do and I encourage them to get involve in other things in the game.. design, photograph.. go ahead, ask them… They know very well what I feel for them.. awsome people that are not jealous…

    Still, Mari.. I have one color….not “my true colors”.. I have always been the same, I am human and get upset when someone wants to hurt me, I have to defend myself, wouldn’t you? I am trying to think what I can be jeolous of you hmmm…you have longer hair than me? maybe that? not sure.. I have as great personality as you do, actually we are similar.. puertorican, not bad looks, I feel you are very pretty in RL.. well, I haven’t seen your RL picture, but that is not important. I have things in SL, lands, creativity, ect.. friends.. you too.. I created DV long time ago, because I love modeling in RL.. so, what should I be jealous of you of? no idea, Mari…ohhh, I am not rich? I don’t want to!!

    THis is not drama Mari, is real what you are feeling and I am feeling. Lets stop this…and now, no matter what you say, I will not respond anymore, and this is for Real.. btw look at your profile, read between the words, says more than what you think..

    Really, Mari.. I am tired …. good luck with your shows, you saw how hard it is… I didn’t say you did bad, I just pointed at you is hard, good for you that you handled it well…*btw, I just don’t dissappear like you say.. I click the exit button to restart…. I just don’t poof, unless suddenly there is no internet connection there is nothing I can do about that…

    btw… I love butterflies.. they mean a lot to me in my life…more than what you think, I have butterflies all over in my house for a big reason, maybe some day I will share…. same as doves…

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