Pushers Hit SL’s Streets as Diablo Cartel Declares Business First

by Alphaville Herald on 18/04/05 at 10:32 pm

by Gina Fatale

Castiglione Ramona and Bebop Voxx of the Diablo Cartel

Castiglione Ramona, Diablo Cartel big boss, had grown tired of seeing the proliferation of mom-and-pop mafias in SL, and requested a sit-down with the Herald to set the record straight on recent rumors of his griefing – and to boast about his brand new cartel. Read on, drama lovers. . . .

Gina Fatale: Hi Castiglione, thanks for taking a moment from your busy schedule to sit down with the Herald. Can you tell me what the Diablos Cartel is about and what their main purpose in SL?
Castiglione Ramona: The Diablos Cartel is an SL group for making money. Our purpose is to sell our “substance” and firearms to SL players out there and provide other side services as well.
Castiglione Ramona: Although the group is very new, we are growing quickly.

Gina Fatale: can you be specific as to what “substances” are? and what other services?
Castiglione Ramona: We call the substance Casti. This enhances your avatar in a way that would greatly assist SL players.

Gina Fatale: in other words a drug.
Castiglione Ramona: Yes, you can say that. We also do other jobs like spying or protection for a fee.

Gina Fatale: so besides dealing drugs you also deal in firearms, what kind of firearms have you made and can you tell us how one would purchase such items, do you have a store?
Castiglione Ramona: Well first of all, our pushers or “drug dealers” will be promoted to Arms Dealers after we notice that they are helping a lot.
Castiglione Ramona: Our firearms are more realistic than others in SL. Although they are still quite good. Some of them better than others. We deal in all sorts of weaponry (melee, machine guns, explosives, snipers).

Gina Fatale: How does one join your cartel? are there specific requirements?
Castiglione Ramona: If one was wanting to join, they would speak to one of the lieutenants and arrange a meeting. Then we would have them tested. They would then fill out an application and send it to me (the boss). If I accept, they will be tested once again.

Gina Fatale: do you have a store location (if so tell us where) or are these dealt on the down low
Castiglione Ramona: No we do not have a store. It is much easier to sell if customers could see a demo in person.

Gina Fatale: who usually buys your weapons? mafias? or just the average joe?
Castiglione Ramona: I’d have to say both. Some people just want a nice gun for protection and some mafias want them to go to war with.

Gina Fatale: speaking of mafias there is some talk going around that you have been giving grief to several known families, Bellini, DSM, Costello, The Black Hand. Whats the deal on this?
Castiglione Ramona: Well someone called a hit on me which was pitiful… (i happened to shoot the hitman instead)

Gina Fatale: do you know who called a hit on you and why?
Castiglione Ramona: I suspected it might have been DSM because I shot the Godmother’s son for personal reasons.
Castiglione Ramona: After that, the Godmother shot me in a club. Then they all surrounded me in the middle of nowhere and I orbit them all.

Gina Fatale: so is Diablos in a war with DSM?
Castiglione Ramona: Of course not. Just a little misunderstanding

Gina Fatale: what do the other families have to do with it since there is talk you griefed the others as well
Castiglione Ramona: Well now that DSM has a grudge on me, their allies do as well.

Gina Fatale: is Diablos like some of the other mafias we just mentioned? if not tell us why
Castiglione Ramona: We are like a REAL mafia but nothing like the SL mafias. We are all about business. Mafia first. None of this mom and dad stuff
Castiglione Ramona: other mafias are about family mostly, never business first for them

Gina Fatale: so it’s safe to assume that Diablos is all business and you won’t find the “family” thing in it? Can you tell us your opinion of how successful you see your cartel going in the future?
Castiglione Ramona: I can tell that we are going to be very successful… already on our second day have I made a few thousand by letting my men do the work.

Gina Fatale: would you be bold enough to say that you can possibly be one of the most successful cartels in SL? and one other thing to add to that are you the only cartel in SL?
Castiglione Ramona: Yes we are the first cartel I believe (that actual ACTS as one) and I think that we possibly COULD BE the most successful cartel.

Gina Fatale: Ok thank you again for your time

100 Responses to “Pushers Hit SL’s Streets as Diablo Cartel Declares Business First”

  1. boo parks

    May 2nd, 2005

    Eager for action and hot for the game
    The coming attraction, the drop of a name
    They knew all the right people, they took
    all the right pills
    They threw outrageous parties, they paid heavenly bills
    There were lines on the mirror, lines on her face
    She pretended not to notice, she was caught up
    in the race Out every evening, until it was light
    He was too tired to make it, she was too tired
    to fight about it Life in the fast lane
    Surely make you lose your mind
    Life in the fast lane, everything all the time
    Life in the fast lane, uh huh

  2. Stacy Maracas

    May 2nd, 2005

    LOl okay Sonny bring it on what you have about me SON, I am curious now. Something that EVERYONE else knows that you do not apparently I play my game with honesty, and respect. I CHOSE not to respect YOUR way, so I left.
    The way you treat my sister or former sister or wjhatever she calls me this week is FUCKED UP. For example just last week maybe two weeks ago, you wanting to kick her from your family for disobeying an order? HELLO ? NEWSFLASH! SHES YOUR GODMOTHER! Disobeying an order, please.
    Sonny truth of the matter is you hate women you have no respect for them, well you have no respect for anyone for that matter.
    Anything that happens to you is your own creation. Treat people with respect Sonny and you will receive it in return. You dont off EXPECTING respect form other when you yourself have never given it.
    Again, why I left your family.
    So bring on whatever you ahev to say about me, I open the floor, cuz if its negative, its again YOUR creation.
    As for Stormy, its amazing that she only direspects you, Ive known her a very long tie as well, and that girl has NEVER disrespected me to my face, and has alwasy been respectful. Again, treat others as you want to be treated.
    Money, who cares if you have it or not. But get your own Sonny. Every single person that was rever in your famiyl was approached by YOU to either borrow it, or MAKE them hand it over becasue they had businesses, and were ewxpected to give you the majority of its profits. You think we work our asses off in Sl to give it to you while u sit behind your desk and claim to be runnin things? Calim that people are reporting to you?
    BRING IT……..

  3. Stormy Biotch

    May 2nd, 2005

    Ok well I guess Ill be the “Immature” one for the day =) And since I’m representing My Fathers Family.. (The Genovese Family) Ill keep your “Big hardcore words that you always use” Out of my vocabulary =) such as “Bitch” “Cunt” “Whore” and a lot more.. But I wont stoop down to your level. Santino Molinari: but remeber.. if I hear my name out of your motuht one more time to anyone its on
    Santino Molinari: and you can put that in yur note card
    Santino Molinari: cunt bitch <

  4. boo parks

    May 2nd, 2005

    lmao lmao lmao lmao lmao

  5. Angie Poo

    May 2nd, 2005

    Hmm… Is inbred the best you could come up with Sant? How sad… I honestly thought you could do soo much better then “inbred” Is that suppose to hurt me in any way? Hmm… I hate to disappoint you Sant but, it didnt. Actually I had a really good laugh because that was all you could come up with when you sit there and pin point all the words such as “cunt” “bitch” “whore” and so on onto my mom Stormy. And honestly, You call yourself a man yet you have no balls… Yes you can call people names but what does that honestly do for you? Nothing… it actually makes you look like trash. Hmm… Lets look at a few things…. First off

    Man: A male human endowed with qualities, such as strength.

    Santino Molinari: shut up bitch come here and say that?
    Santino Molinari: bitch.. i ALWAYS rool by myself (rool?)
    Santino Molinari: you and her are fucking dead bitches ( my mom and me)

    Yes, that makes you look like a real man Sant =)

    Woman: Feminine quality or aspect; womanliness
    That seems to fit you a lot better then man does Sant. Oh by the way, I just want to make sure you know its not “rool” its “rule” =) And I know you dont “rule” yourself in anything because you cant run a family, BH is a joke and I bet you once you do leave, nobody will miss you. Oh yes, Im a bit hungry, Make me a chicken sandwhich with cheese and mayo, no lettuce. And next time dont complain about how you “have to go to work that doesnt pay enough to buy you land” nobody gives a crap about you not being able to afford land, stop trying to get people to feel sorry for you and pity you because nobody will. And I meant what I said, Mess with my mom you mess with me. Now lets see what you can come up with about my Poppa Jac and Gamma Ari =) Goodluck! ~Angie Poo (AKA Arwen)

  6. The Baybie =)

    May 3rd, 2005

    It’s can’t not cant if you want to get technical, hun. =)

  7. Stacy Maracas

    May 3rd, 2005

    i will finish here, our little chat in game Sonny. RL MAFIA is RL Mafia, this isnt. it KILLS me how u talk about RL gangs and shit, in a game.
    So uve been around it goodie for u, thast ur rl, remember we talked sonny, Ive been jumped in. i have been there. you know what TRULY amazes me? go to ANY kid in a gang, go to ANY mafia, what brings them there Sonny? if u ask them why are u in a gang WHAT is the answer they give? THATS MY FAMILY.
    Stop it with the rl/sl shit its tWO different places.
    You told me in game a little while ago, that had this been a rl mafia u would have shot and kille dme the night i walked away, I say to you LOL, because had this been a Rl mafia? STACy would have walked up to you LonG before she walked away and shoved her pistol down your throat, smiled, kissed you and pulled the trigger.
    Women arent good in mafias, yet you just admitted to me im a DAMn good GM, and holy shit i have tits!
    u are all over the place with what u say from what you do. Anyone who follows you, ends up pissed off, BROKE, and wanting to kill u, WHY is that?
    tino, your just liek the biog kid ont he playground wanting everyones milk money, youre only downfall was getting greedy, and wanting more. People woke up, and realized they arent your DOG. And THAT is the only reason why your pissed. Cuz u got busted out, and turned away from. People are loyal to those that respect them and act honorably, when the last time that happened for you?
    Whatever she decides to belive is her choice, whatever you decide to do is yours. You make threats to people, try to rule by fear, and people walk away from you, why?
    *hands Tino a mirror* look into it Tino, what do YOU see?
    A Godfather and a leader? Or a wannabee Thug?
    I know what I See.

  8. blaydon loveless

    May 3rd, 2005

    AMEN TO THAT…….!

  9. Aislyn

    May 3rd, 2005

    I just have a couple things to say.
    “Stacy Maracas: u know why she dont give a fuck anbout me tino;’
    Santino Molinari: why?
    Stacy Maracas: because im no good to her anymore, she cant take anyting from me
    Stacy Maracas: so shes done with me”

    You lying, pathetic, waste of breath. Name a time, toots. You wanna get out the fucking scorecard? I don’t like you cuz you’re a lying( you’ll scream no here, but how many of your ‘friends’ have had this convo with me?), backstabbing, two-faced…

    Did i play Jac? Fucking right i did. Anyone wanna tell me he didn’t have it coming? Cuz i don’t recall ANY of you caring when you were getting a cut of it. ROLEPLAY Mafia…. He trusted me, and he should have known better, period.

    ” The way you treat my sister. blah blah blah.. makes me sick blah blah”
    Sissypoo? When you can get your rl husband to to treat you other than as a shitbag, you may then have the slightest right to say anything about how my pixelated husband treats me…. got it? And for the record, my appology to you? My attempt to bury it? NOT my idea. That was evil Sonny, trying to get me to make up with you.

    It is sooo amazing that the women claiming to be all badass ” ill stick my gun inyour face and kiss you blah blah…i’m queen bitch… blah blah” The same fucking women that do nothing but cry and whine when anyone says boo to them. You’re not ‘tough’, so give it up already. As it’s been since tso… I mean c’mon Stacy. As all the others have said, Salvator was a dodge family. The one time you actually did do something to help out, who got their houses trashed? I believe it was only your family members… Maybe it was too much ‘all about family’ and not enough ‘mafia roleplay’. The screenshots on your website of you getting your revenge? Only there cuz WE allowed you to come in when we hit. So, you’re welcome *smirk*

    “She’s a little girl, you don’t talk to her like that”
    Little girl? She’s been 22 for the past 3 yrs that ive known. So you’re right, she probably is a little girl. I guess she shouldn’t be here then huh? Enough on that, though.

    As for Sonny ‘changing me into a shell’… LMFAO! I say PLENTY. Just because i’m not running around screaming about ” Don’t fuck with me, you have no idea who you’re messing with” ( Do i really even need to make a Stacy’s tough-talk-logs-collage? ) How many times in one post did you scream how respected you are? Who the fuck are you trying to convince?

    And Blaydon…. After Stacy replies, and you hop on her thigh and do your thing… ( yanno ” LMAO! GO HUN! AMEN! OMG I SO TOTALLY AGREE WITH ANYTHNG YOU SAY*slobbers ass all fakily*” that thing you do so well)… can you remember i’d like 22 exclamation points, not 17?

    Aislyn ~The Stepford GM~

  10. Stacy Maracas

    May 3rd, 2005

    Okay here we go, wow, SONNY let her speak :-O
    My RL husband u dont knwo shit about, u really think I told you all about my life? KNOWING how u are? hah okayyyyy.
    2nd, You ARE nothing but a muted shadow, you let yourself become that that your deal not mine.
    Your attempt to make up with me, umm did it work? I belive my response to you was , I dont have time for your spam, so keep this garbage out of my ims. That is me, not falling for it, dear sister at your convenience only.
    Its about time you admit to everyone how you used Jac, yes his faukt for doing so, but that sure as hell paints a perfect picture of how your dear husband Sonny is, your husband of business only.
    But if you want to belive he gives two shits about you or anyone here, u just go for that.
    NAME once, I have lied, NAME once, I backstabbed anyone. I can pull out a fucking list for you AISLYN. The only problem is that you have done that lying and backstabbing FOR your husband, as you are not allowed to make your own decisions anymore arent you?
    So what did you do to save yourself from being thrown form the family Aislyn when you disobeyed your husbands orders?
    On the Stormyt issue I say again, she has always been respectful to my face, i guess she only lashes out at the people who use her until they are done then kick her out then be sweet to her again when the need something else, kinda like what you attempted to do with me huh?
    As for TSO, LOL, You werent even my sister that long, so umm how could i help someone I didnt even know? I played that game for close to 3 years as a SALVATORE before I even knew you existed, trashing houses, I did plenty, I simply just never answered to YOU about them, as ummm I wasnt required to.
    You ALLOWED me to come in and hit, sort of like everyone else called everyone else to come in and hit right? Oh yea okay i got it.
    Same concept there.
    You say plenty about what and when Aislyn? When you get authorization? When the BOSS says so? Okay now hes even got you lying to yourself too, but thats cool, to each is own.
    Your name calling, lying pathetic waste of breath hehehhe that was cute, if it makes your sad lonely second life a better one to trash talk people, go for it TOOTS, Im not the one being controlled in everything i say or do or what time i can wipe my ass.
    LOL again at calling ME a liar, *can i get a mirror for Aislyn here?*
    Or will Sonny not allow that?
    Reads back to make sure I didnt lower myself in name calling Like you, its what your good at AIs, its the ONLY voice you have.
    How long did you have to wait to get the okay to post here? Did it have to be a written acceptance? Did you have to make an appointment to get permission?
    No need to answer Aislyn, he prolly Told you to come do it, so he has yet another attempt to save face at him being busted out on everything he does. Even being with someone you totally hate behind your back, and you allowing it. WHY do you allow it Aislyn? Because he says so.
    I dont have to scream about being respected, those that respect me do so cuz it was earned.
    Wheres yours?
    Okay time to go back to the house now Aislyn Im sure your outdoor time for the day is up now.
    This is what happens when u claimn to care about people but only use them for your advantage, well excuseme not YOUR adavantage your husbands advantage.
    Sigh, okay now my fingers hurt, so Im going now.
    It amazes me that at one time I actually cared about you, usually Im a pretty good judge of character, but you? WOW your classic, you are like a chameleaon, you change who you are by the person your with.
    TSO – Angela Capone, highly respected Godmother, kicks ass, dont take no shit, will tear you down in a heartbeat without even thinking, has the love of her family has the backing of her family.
    Second Life- Aislyn McTeague, wife of Santino Molinari, business marriage only, stays in the house where she belongs, quiet, speaking only when spoken too, job is to get money for husband, NO MATTER WHAT it takes. Family turns against her, when finally wakes up about being used.

    WOW, two DIFFERENT people there I would say.
    UGH, playtime is over, I know he yelling better go now, dont wanta y in troble, or kicked from your family for disobeying.

  11. Stormy BiOtCh

    May 3rd, 2005

    Repost since this shit is gay….

    Ok well I guess Ill be the “Immature” one for the day =) And since I’m representing My Fathers Family.. (The Genovese Family) Ill keep your “Big hardcore words that you always use” Out of my vocabulary =) such as “Bitch” “Cunt” “Whore” and a lot more.. But I wont stoop down to your level. Santino Molinari: but remeber.. if I hear my name out of your motuht one more time to anyone its on
    Santino Molinari: and you can put that in yur note card
    Santino Molinari: cunt bitch <

  12. Angie Poo

    May 3rd, 2005

    Well aren’t you the smart one Roxie… Last I checked you could understand what “cant” is… but “rool?” Sorry, I dont exactly get that one. But you wouldnt know now would you “hun” “wutt up” “ight” “lyke” I mean wtf is lyke? was it a typo for dyke? So before you go correcting me for a punctuation error, maybe you should go play with your Hooked on Phonics. ~Ang~

  13. Stormy BiOtCh

    May 3rd, 2005

    This is really pissing me off….

    Ok well I guess Ill be the “Immature” one for the day =) And since I’m representing My Fathers Family.. (The Genovese Family) Ill keep your “Big hardcore words that you always use” Out of my vocabulary =) such as “Bitch” “Cunt” “Whore” and a lot more.. But I wont stoop down to your level. Santino Molinari: but remeber.. if I hear my name out of your motuht one more time to anyone its on
    Santino Molinari: and you can put that in yur note card
    Santino Molinari: cunt bitch <

  14. The Baybie =)

    May 3rd, 2005

    aww “Angie poo” Maybe you should take a look at your trailer park infested mouth…”cunt,bitch,whore,coniving twat”…I’m sure “iight” “lyke” and “Wutt up” are alot better than some of the things you scream around like its nothing. oh, what happend to “Hi Auntie Roxie”.. Your mom is still talking to me…Did you finally get a mind of your own hun? IIGHT, Im sure ill be hearing from you again, until than ;) LATEZ “hun”!

  15. Aislyn

    May 3rd, 2005

    1 – I know plenty about your real life, bitch. It was a joy talking to you on the phoe on christmas eve… need a convo recap? I don’t think you do

    2 – When did i deny playing Jac? Anyone other than Jac that can say they honestly didn’t know? I had convos WITH you about it Stacy

    3 – You’ve told plenty of lies. I’m sure your friends of convinience will bitch about them on the next turn around. I’ll be sure to log this time. Funny, i’m your sister of convinience, lol…. only i see it as I’m the one that doesn’t play happy kissass family

    4- Maybe when you got “jumped in that rl gang” they kicked you in the face and you don’t read so well. I said WHEN we were allied. WHEN your houses got trashed because your waltons were stupid. WHEN we got the houses of the people that trashed you. I didn’t say for 3 yrs, now did i?

    5- Angela Capone wasn’t WITH anyone. Anyone who KNEW Angela, knows this is her…. ask Jac ;)

    6 – Speaking of changes, it’s about damn time you did. The ” your’re making me cry rl” Stacy was fucking pathetic

    7 – Please post back and put Sonnys name in it another 87 times

    8- You miss your quota on the word ‘respect’ last post. Please double up on the next one to make up for it.

    9- You just said it yourself, honey….. WE weren’t even sisters that long. So, why are you whining about sisters are supposed to be forever? I’m not obligated to lifelong bonds with every stray my mother scoops up

    ciao, Cupcake =p

  16. boo parks

    May 3rd, 2005


  17. Cowboy

    May 3rd, 2005

    LOL @ “go for it TOOTS” funny as hell Stacy

  18. hard on for you

    May 4th, 2005

    watch Boo pop a woody

  19. cat fight!

    May 4th, 2005

    *keeps scorecard so far Stacy winning by a landslide* weak comeback from aislyn

  20. Stacy Maracas

    May 4th, 2005

    heres my comeback. :-)

    I feel sorry for you.

    As far as my RL husband goes, here everyone, let me share, he cheated on me, HET gets treated like shit not the other way around, but Aislyn thinks she knows all, and thast okay :-) )

    Turn arounds I have done, I have learned about lies, and backstabbing from you Aislyn :-) your a GREAT teacher!
    The difference between us tho is i dont HAVE to be them things to get people to like me :-) )

    Still waiting for a “lie” I have told. Still waiting to hear your husband of business ONLY to start bitching wheres that mute wife of mine, son of a bitch shes talking again, someone get me a bodgyguard over here make her drop her tags!

    Aislyn, I stopped worrying about you and what you did long ago, your cold hearted, and lonely, and i am SO glad I dont know you anymore, my life is so much happier :-)

    The rest of your post to be honest is not worth a response, cuz its actually just LOL. I mean you may as well just write, I AM SO JEALOUS and get it over with, cuz thats all it says to me.

    Have a lovely LONELY day CUPCAKE :-)

  21. Crazy to post

    May 4th, 2005

    Ok this is becomming a joke, both of you need to take a step back and look at how you are making yourselves and your families look. Rl is Rl, leave it there. You two are starting to sound like Vixxen and Angel… and those of us who were involved in that fun war got tired of this kind of shit. Who really cares about all the petty bullshit you two are saying…..why not let each other run a family and play a game the way they want? Wow theres an idea. Ya im not gonna leave my name for the simple fact is im not gonna get sucked into this lil spat the two of you are having.

  22. Peggy Fitzsimmons

    May 4th, 2005

    It’s said that expressing one’s opinions and views is healthy..but sometimes that venting needs to take place in private not public.

  23. Noula

    May 4th, 2005

    Good God!!! Can I say this is all rediculous? Damn right!!! I’m usually not one, to bounce into a chat, or forum and talk shit.Yet it’s time.
    Santo: Lemmie dedicate this to you, which i would love to show how i feel about you. And why!!! When i started TBH all was great, i had my capo position, and i did my job to the best of my abilities. Not to mention, I dedicated a hell of alot of time into business in the family, and much more…
    When i finally departed my way, to do what i needed to do, to make money in the game, it was all great, till all of YOU in the family lacked to tell me when thier were meetings and such… Then i was labeled wrongly by you… You went to take my capo position away from me, the one thing i cherished most was my position in the family… Why because i wasnt dedicating time and money to it… When all i was trying to do, was make money make my clothes, and do for the so called family you put me in TBH…
    If you remember correctly when you were to take capo from me, I dropped ALL my tags. Then you told me i didnt have to once you heard money was involved. You wanted to take me from capo make me a soldier then drive me back to capo, CUZ money is the game isnt it???
    But once i knew what you were up to, I dropped all hopes, of trying to stay in your so “called” family. I never felt like family in TBH, the only people who ever really spoke to me was AISLYN, SKYLLAR and STACY, and THANK god stacy adopted me, cuz im happy.
    Santo deal with what you have laid out in your plate, dont be trying to put yourself in a postion where you cant wiggle out of.

    And for Aislyn: Girl I talked to you plenty of times on the phone, and i would be pissed if you ever brought my real life into someone elses life… Yet you sit there and trash talk my mother Stacy, and yet that’s not as bad as the shit you pulled by, bringing her real life into things. Hell your life isnt a bed of roses either, neither is mine, neither is stacy’s. Neither is anyone elses.
    But for god sakes, if people can sit there and say they have respect, and that they are true in every way. Then why the hell are you peeps bringing real life into it.

    Stacy is a great person, and you all LACK to see this, AND ALL is those who have an issue with her, the people too blind to see who she really is. And who she really is, is not anything of what you people say about her.
    Christ, you all make her out to be some bad guy, when all of you are the ones running at the mouth, and all of you sit there and take one word and switch it around like she said something bad. Hell Stacy is very respectable and she will treat you with respect as long as she is alive. But people like you aislyn Santo and who ever else who likes to make real life comments, Pushed her… Hense why she rips you all new assholes.
    I would too, and please be my guest if you have any dirt to say about me.. I aint scared with all this kid shit about real life i think i can embrace my self for it . Not like i trusted enough to give any one the dirt about me and my real life. Aislyn I used to have high respects for you, but i lost them all when you treated stacy with SUCH disrespect, hate me for being honest, but i hate you more for treating good people, with disrespect…

    And for all those other lil bastids who have more shit to say about my mother or my father, (Blaydon loveless, or Stacy Maracas) Please feel free to run your mouths, but believe me you. i aint angry right now. But once you piss me off, make sure you got a gun and a bullet proof vest, Cuz my trigger finga is twitchin, and it aint quite sure WHO to shoot first…

    huggies its a new day and nou nou is out PEACE

  24. Stacy Maracas

    May 4th, 2005

    Looks thru my posts to see where I brought real life into it, OHH!! OKAY!! That wasnt me…….
    Thanks! :-)

  25. Peggy Fitzsimmons

    May 4th, 2005

    That came out of nowhere for a lot of you..lol..and I just realized it. I roleplay the mother of several of the women posting here and the grandmother of a few more. It seemed to me that any mother/grandmother wouldn’t like the family conflicts to be read about by anyone interested. :D

  26. Santino Molinari

    May 4th, 2005

    are you guys STILL posting? say what you want… think what you want… you alllllllll deserve to be together… I’m sorry if i hurt people… I have definitely learned to Enjoy my friends and family a little more from all this… and that i thank you guys for… as for alllll of you drama lovers.. i’m done.. so say what ya want… my end of the convo is over… i’m gonna shut my fuckin mouth and just do my thing… the more i respond to this crap the longer the circle continues so… i’m just gonna kick back and prove all you guys points wrong…

    thanks for making me Famous/infamous everyone… any publicity is good publicity…

    take care all and ill see ya in the funny papers.

  27. Skyllar McTeague

    May 4th, 2005

    Good so your 10 minutes of fame is to an end? Lets pray for it. This was old yesterday.

  28. santino's biggest fan

    May 5th, 2005

    Just go away SAntino, you know your at your rope’s end, you’ll never be what you wanna be in second life. NEVER. no natter what you do or who you ask for help. your DONE IN. time for you to leave with alitte DIGNITY.

    Santino soon to leave the biulding!

  29. STFU

    May 5th, 2005

    Now that you got your few words in, you can go back to squating over a Scanner for your next cyber-love. Take care!

  30. Santino Molinari

    May 5th, 2005

    Skyllar you DONT EVEN want to open your mouth… don’t forget how you hoe’d your way out of the family… actually, no, go ahead say what you want because your probably LYING anyway… Go watch someone beat off on cam like yur good at and stay out of peoples business.

    it’s amazing how allllll of you people who are posting shit against me hae done something to dishonor yourselves while in TBH… it’s reall funny… Except for Stacy…

    Skyllar- you Cyber with anyone who will cyber you back, you watched while Breaden Kiesler jacked off in yahoo.. and then lied about it to all of us… and you wonder why I started treating you like shit? why i wouldnt make you Underboss again? I even made up with you and told you i still had love… and you have the nerve to post something toward me?

    all you guys try to make ME look like an asshole cuz i cussed out Stormy.. but how quikly you allforget your own transgressions..

    Blaydon- you opeed this can up… you got alot of fuckin nerve bro.. after you tried to get me caught up in shit with my wife cuz your inlove with Gina, you got the nerve to shit all over Skyllar when she hoe’d out on you and would forgive her.. and then have the nerve to have your own little scandle and love triangle going on with gina while you were married… remeber that? rember apologizing to me several times? rember seeing me on the Beverly Hills Sim early one morning? and saying you were sorry again? How quickly they forget…

    Blaydon you weren’t shit from the very begining, you wanna talk about money? you used to by lindens then mismanaged them and coulndt even get yor club running…

    you are a fucking joke of jokes Mr. emotional & confused…

    I want to be underboss.. i dont want to be UB.. i wanna quit, i wanna come back, i wanna step up.. i wanna step down, im with sky im not, i want to be mafia, i dont want to be mafia…

    you are a John Kerry Gangster… flip flopping…

    you got alot of nerve posting shit about me cuz we all know what kind of bitch you are Loren.

    alllllll you guys wanna post shit about me cuz i cussed out stormy…

    now im some kind of Disrespectful woman hating, wife controling monster… cuz i cussed out someone who shluod been cussed out days ago..

    now i dont know shit about respect.. and im the jerk off…

    you people in these video games are fuckin amazing… absolutley Amazing


    #1 jac did not quit TBH, he was fired.

    #2 jac cheated on ais in TSO and has been kissing her ass ever since.. the truth is he is and has been madly in love with her.. and GIVES her alll kinds of money…. she has been taking his money this whioe time and laughing at his sorry ass.. even while he is involved with other women he gives her all his money… so she has been taking jac for a ride for a while before she met me.. and after what he has done to her.. he deserves it…

    the mafia- Expolits, extorts, steals, cheats, it is a criminal orginization… and when it finds a pigeon it rolls with it…

    and your genovose beloved GF is sooooo smart that even through all this fighting HE IS STILL GIVING AISLYN MONEY.. (yesterday)

    so all this bullshit about me mooching off of jac and the bank is closed… kill that noise… Jac is a sucker and gives his money up… and not out of the niceness of his heart… he does it with an Agenda… so I’m like fine… you wanna give my old lady money while you talk shit behind my back about me and try to lure my wife back to you… then we’ll take yur money…


    so i just want to say thanks jac… for the Hummer, for the caddie, the choppers, for the jessie land, the fine tailored suits and all that that you helped fund for TBH in the name of your feelings for my wife… thanks buddy…

    oh yeah and jac… one more thing bro…

    *Hands you your keys * *pops your coller* you have now officialy been pimped

    alll you guys want to talk shit cuz i cussed out stormy…

    Blaydon Kerry, you got a problem homeboy, IMme we can meet in jessie and hanlde this…

    Amazing… I thought it was a new game…i thought this was SL.. but i looks like a big TSO fest to me…

    FYI AGAIN!!! WHAT?!?!?!

    I never have borrowed money form any of you punk muthafuckers none of you muthatfukers has ever done shit for me… even when you were in my family… and the 20k I did borrow from jac I paid back…


  31. Aislyn

    May 5th, 2005

    Let’s not forget when Blay first found out Jac was so free with his money with me, and i was splitting it with his then wife Skyllar (now and then his soon to be wife got her share also. If anyone can tell me how to find december/ january transaction history to print screen ;p) Blay decided to get in on it himself. Ever plan on paying those “loans” back? Cuz according to Jac, Sonny is the only one in this bunch that paid him back….gotta love hypocrites
    Go back to inbreeding and kissing each others asses…….

  32. Blaydon Loveless

    May 5th, 2005

    ” the more i respond to this crap the longer this circle continues….so I’m just gonna kick back and prove all you guys points wrong” Your words correct?

    Well well Santino, looks like you finally popped your lid and couldnt take it any longer, all that you just wrote did nothing but show you for the ass that you Truely are. Best for you to crawl back under the rock you came from.

    LOL have a nice day Mr. Santino dont let the door hit your ass on the way out of second life

  33. Reno Parks

    May 5th, 2005

    damn im in sl an missen out on all the fun here

    wheres the beer hey i want to be in slh to bet you i get alot of post to couse baby im a star lol hahahahah mush love

  34. Skyllar McTeague

    May 5th, 2005

    You know I could respond to all the garbage that you have written, Santio, Darren (while you want to use rl names). THIS is the first time I am posting something about YOU. I have learned to walk away and not look back. What you have to say about me…..its no secret. I honestly dont care what you say or what you think you have on me….thanks your your loving wife damn near everyone has had some kind of notecard / picture given to them. And to this day I still have not shed a single tear over it. I just feel sorry for her cause she has changed and lost soo much in the name of “love” for you. Maybe she sees something that the rest of us will NEVER see. But from what i see you are nothing than the thug you brag about being. Yes, I have done things that YOU may find wrong…and thats ok..MY game and I will play it how I choose. We all have done things in our game that can be looked at as less desirable. ALL OF US. And you know what? Dont point your finger at anyone unless your doorstep is clean. And I dont know a single person in this entire game…….that has a clean doorstep. So with that being said. Post what you feel you need to post about me….every knock is a boost. I want to thankyou though. I want thank both of you. I have learned who my friends are and arent. I have become a stronger person and a stronger player. I have learned alot about myself and I can honestly say I am happy. My closet is cleaned out and no more skeletons. So thankyou.

    As the comments about Jac. Who cares. You got money YAY. He gives money out like its water….you know why…..cause he wants to. YOU dont have to trick him or try to con him out of it you know how hard it is to get money from Jac? Its not. Jac is a very giving person, he is always one to help a person in need. So why would you brag about taking money from someone that has always helped you. WOW you are cool.

    So anyways, Im gonna go play my game my way. Have fun pining over everyone cause I doubt they are as worried about you as you are to them.

    Much love (NOT)


  35. Damain Saito aka Azrael

    May 5th, 2005

    Aight yall, i don’t get into this herald shit to much cuz i think if you got a prob dont say this shit in no damn post area bring this shit to game and say it to there face right then and there then well handle it in game, so all All you i aight taken no sides cuz i think this is all childish, i’m stayin true to fam and shit but god damn this shit is retarded, BRING IT TO COURT AND BUST SOME HEAD THERE DAMNIT, ya’ll say u all Gangsta’ right? you all Mafia italian people, righ? or some fucking gangsters from a broken fam down in the projects, fucking prov it… wait you cant… ITS A FUCKING GAME ASSHOLES, thats my word… aighnt none of you gangsta, fuck you all *peace*(love you ma pa sis) AZ keepin it real… one bitches

  36. Damain Saito aka Azrael

    May 5th, 2005

    oh and i failed to say this all started because Gina And vinie just wanted to make themselves known in the herald to the public od sl… WHO GIVES A SHIT, letem do what they want is it hurting you Santino? i mean realy common guys quit the shit, and get out your all making youself look bad, so cut the crap and quit being hard headed.

  37. Stacy Maracas

    May 5th, 2005

    Tino and Aislyn,
    *sigh* It truly has amazed me the asses you both have made of yourselves in these postings, but what was set out to be done has been done, and I myself and so truly proud of it.

    I will tell you some things I also am truly proud of.

    I am proud of Stormy, Stormy took the high road with you two, she has finally come full circle, just as her and I always discussed, right Stormz? She is someone to be proud of for herself, and I now know that she will never fall for your scheming manipulative ways ever again. Aislyn cant “claim” love for her any longer in the name of sneakiness and underhandedness. Stormy Tia loves you and your the strong one, and you make me proud :-)

    I am proud of my soon to be husband Blaydon, for not letting jackasses get the best of him when they are stuck in a hole and screaming whatever they can to get out of it. I totally love you, and I cant wait to be your wife.

    I am proud of anyone who has ever walked away, been fired, or no longer is involved in the skanky scheming, antics, and pure laziness of what the TBH represents. I am also proud of all of you who have done for yourselves in this game and NOT been a mooch off anyone. Speaking of mooching, you gave that money freely Aislyn, the loving sister that you are :-) I dont recall ever asking for a loan that wasnt payed back. Which I WAS able to pay back, as I didnt have to sucker it off someone while I chilled in my house that other people payed for. You see SOME people get a satisfaction of knowing they did it for themselves, when u shut down ur comp at night and say shit I did that myself, you actually sleep better. m afraid to know what is in your dreams?

    The one person I am MOST proud of mroe than anyone is my sister Skyllar whom in all of this has alwasy remained my sister and has alwasy been a good heart. Your right Sky, no more skeletons, you overcame them, you didnt let shit get you down and YOU are the better person. Once again proving, people are a product of their environment, you got away fromt he skankyness, and you are so far way above that now, you have multiple lines in your business and you rock the house!

    Tino and Aislyn amaze me, you claim that we are ALL from your family, but we didnt start there, and 99 percent of us have come away from your so called family now knowing how NOT to be in game play. So there you two sit, in your overpriced house, with nobody to fill it. OH YEA except that baby thats on the way huh? WOW, how did that happen? IMMACULATE CONCEPTION?

    Trash all you want, but the only thing coming out of your mouth is the trash thats inside of you. To be honest, I would ask that nobody post back here, of course to each is own, but I think all that needed to be said has been. Tino and Ais, enjoy your second life, it seems all you have is each other now, and Im glad. You need each other, and you deserve each other.

    To those of you that have stayed with them, that are my family still, and you know who you are :-) , i do love you, I would never judge you for loving who you do, its not right to do so, so dont ever worry about that, or question it like you have, there should be no doubt in your mind.

    With that, I bow out gracefully out of respect for my mother who has asked me too.

    -Godmother Bellini

  38. boo parks

    May 5th, 2005

    hey yall it is getin old now so shake shake

  39. If you know me at all, you will know who I am.

    May 5th, 2005

    Ok…I would like to share my thought and feelings with you all, I did not plan on it but since this just keeps on going..I feel I should. If you dont care what I have to say you can stop reading now, your not hurting anyone.

    Keep In Mind I Am Someone You All Claim to Love. With the exception of few. I AM Speaking from My Heart and What I TRULEY feel.

    I Read the comments…not all but enough. I look at these comments and I am wondering WHO THE FUCK YOU PEOPLE ARE… I know most of you well, and NONE of you are acting like you should or how I know you to be. You claim to not do this and not do that..and so and so doesn’t do this and blah blah blah…Who the hell are you to point fingers when you wont even take a look at yourself. No I am not talking to specific people I am talking to the most of you. You critisize and Bash people without realizing your own flaws and lets face it, We all have them.

    People I knew once to be so close are writting on here JUST to hurt someoen. To make another human being feel like shit in Real Life or Second Life. I believe Some of the things you all are saying are true. Other things I believe YOU think they are true, reguardless if they are or not. Some things I believe to be complete BullShit. You all claim you don’t lie but it is proven, we are human we lie, we cheat and we make mistakes but who the hell doesnt? huh?

    Oh, but, I forgot…It’s Just a Game Right? Yeah The mafia may be a game. Your Family may be a game to you. The people behind the Avatars who you got to know and got to know you back, that is who you are hurting.

    Also how can you say someone is controlling someone else when you do not witness it…When that person is right here in your face without the other person knowing.

    Bringing RL in this was fucked up…and I dont care who did it, and who is saying “THAT ONE DID IT THAT PERSON OVER THERE”…When you fucking sit there and have the nerve to play along with it, and stoop that fuckin low its your problem. If this is so fucking childish and so fucking this and oh its so bad…Why The Fuck did you sit here and talk for hours on it for?

    I have said what I thought and all I can say is I am not proud of any of you…It may not matter to you but it matters to me.

    I Love you both Aislyn and Stacy. You both have helped me in the past when I was having a hard time. Yes I said your name sin the same sentence..dont shoot!!!

    OH I would like to give a BIG thanks to GINA !!!! ( NOT ) Gina I don’t know you personally but all I have heard is shit shit and more shit. You are not a very nice person fom what I hear…You may not care but maybe you should think about it. For Once.

    Well Im out

    (If you didn’t like my comment leave it be…You might not like what I had to say. Oh well.)

  40. Gina Fatale

    May 6th, 2005

    Your welcome and as you said yourself, you don’t know me personally.

  41. Stacy Maracas

    May 11th, 2005

    Santino’s “NEW” thing is now to continously bomb and grief people until they PAY him to stop.
    SO much for lessons learned…..

  42. Santino Molinari

    May 11th, 2005

    *Scooby Doo Voice* HUR?

    wtf are you talking about hun?

  43. stacy maracas

    May 12th, 2005

    *sigh* :-)

  44. GodMother Saddie D'Marco

    May 20th, 2005


  45. Stacy Maracas

    May 20th, 2005

    Hi Saddie, Miss ya sis, HUGS & KISSES!

  46. Aislyn McTeague

    May 21st, 2005

    Damn you Saddie….. You suck everything out of fighting. But your right, these are sisters, and we will fight. I’m pretty sure most of us feel the same. The non related better stay the fuck out of it. And that ride i take isn’t free *blows Jac a kiss* cuz that ticket is bought and paid for.
    Anyway….. There were men in TSO Mafia? *blank stare*

    Blame Jazzy…. she made me read this

  47. GodMother Saddie D'Marco

    May 21st, 2005

    I wanted to thank mah sisters for the wonderful day today…kissing and making up is so much fun…everyone looks on and scratchs their heads..thinking WTF…OK u want definition of FAMILY..here it goes….FIRST our Mama….SECOND all of us sisters…NO matter what outter family we are in WE ARE THE FAMILY…AND….when u start forgetting that…Jazzy and I will always be there to remind u HAHAHAHHAH cant get rid of us that easy…remember I love u all …smacks aiz with my shovel and throws sand in her eyes…pours bucket of water over stacys head…pushes her in the sand….NO I DID NOT do that mama they telling lies….

  48. Stacy Maracas

    May 24th, 2005

    Yanno Im about SICK of yall picking on me and bringing my name into shit, I didnt do ANYTHING to desrve the wata on my head and YES mama KNOWS u did SADDIE! :-l Cuz ur ALWAYS the instigator!

    OMG to the person who said this turning into angel and vix, umm HELLO that was over some guys DICK, so, uh NOT.

    Anyway, this shit is over on here, whether its settled or not, whether we like each or not, it aint coming here no more, if we got issues IM me in game about the crap and ill get boxing gloves on, good LAWD!

    *walks away picking sand out of mah butt* G*d DAMN SADDIE :-l

  49. Vincent / Castiglione

    May 31st, 2005

    Wow, ever since I left all of you losers my GPA went sky high. ;)

    I’ll be back soon.

  50. Stacy Maracas

    May 31st, 2005

    *Reminds Vincent that he didnt leave he got his ass thrown out.*

    And yes, PLEASE come back soon Vince we all miss you so dearly.
    So how does it feel to be grounded in RL AND SL? Damn that must SUCK lil Chief!

    Your GPA raised? You mean you didnt flunk out of 9th grade AGAIN this year?
    Wow, dispells that rumor…….. :)

    *pats Vinces head* See ya soon lil Skipper! :)

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