From the Forums Banned

by Alphaville Herald on 16/06/05 at 8:40 am

Newsflash! Our sources tell us that the ever-controversial Prokofy Neva has received notification from Linden Lab that he and his alts will no longer be able to post to the Second Life forums. No 72-hour ban here, the Prok has been perma-gagged, at least as far as the forums are concerned.

The ban comes for having “repeatedly violated the Community Standards and the Forum Guidelines,” according to Linden Lab, the back-breaking straw having occurred on June 15. As is normal in the sometimes strange judicial system that prevails in Second Life, the identity of any accuser is not made known even to the one being charged, nor is the specific CS violation cited.

But Prok has no lack of enemies in the forums. His “whinescraper” forum posts have managed to engender broad hostility and even retaliatory attacks, while raising some of the most important issues on the Grid, issues that even Linden Lab concedes, both publicly and privately, are valid concerns. It was Prokofy, remember, who coined the term Feted Inner Core, a term that has spread widely over the Grid and has even appeared in the log-on message of LL’s client software.

But he seems unable to raise these concerns without at the same time attacking those he would protect the Grid from. And when the spark from their flinty retaliations hits the kindling strewn about the forums, a series of conflagratory flame wars has been the only result.

The behavior has been reprehensible on both sides of the argument. Prok’s posts are inflammatory and insulting. The community’s reaction to him has been no less than vile, at times. It was probably inevitable that a forum permaban would be handed down. But we’ll be sorry to see one of the most interesting characters in Second Life silenced in that realm.

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  1. Cocoanut

    Jun 17th, 2005

    Yeah, Uri, and you’re the one who organized this whole board ho party site. Wonder what that makes you?


  2. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 17th, 2005

    toy, I’m happy to have initiated attacks involved in raising the issue of BDSM lots, and the public flaunting of the BDSM lifestyle, in TSO, in a game where children as young as 9 were present and where teens were constantly exposed to these lifestyles. Anyone interested in that fruitful discussion can go read SLH archives. It’s not interesting to retrieve all that now regarding SL, however, as the lifestyles issue operates in a completely different context in SL.

    Repeat (because the FIC keeps confusing Lindens on this case and I keep hearing confused Lindens due to the FIC constantly propagandizing them): I DID NOT CONSENT TO THE OUTING OF MY RL AND DID NOT OUT MY RL IN THE HERALD FULL STOP. As Pathfinder established, only what is on your game profile in SL is valid for commentary on the forums — end of story. All efforts to dig up connections, links, googles, and fetch them up for forums harassment in SL or here cannot stand given Path’s pronouncement.

    It’s a really eerie thing to be reading forums that one can no longer participate in. I’m switching now to this tactic: I read forums, then I draft an inworld notecard to the person lyiing, misrepresenting, attacking etc to give them some sense of accountability for their words. It’s astounding to see everybody chasing their tails, sniping at each other, and obsessing about Prok.

    What you all need to focus on is that the concept of seditious libel has been introduced and ratified into SL, with horrible consequences to come. That means the state and its loyalists can decide what is “seditious” or “harmful” and declare it “libel” even if true merely because they are the state. Seth Kanahoe has taken a particularly odious turn on this issue by seeming to praise Prokofy Neva for introducing the concept of “the opposition” into SL — but then revealing, despite all his genuflections to Bakunin and Goldberg and the rest — that he is a loyalist and even Oprichina type at heart because what was “wrong” with Prokofy’s opposition is that “he went at it all in the wrong way” or “he presented it all wrong”. Ulrika Zugzwang has added “helpfully” that Prokofy is a “pseuodo-intellectual” etc. Pathfinder let everyone stamp on Prokofy’s drawn and quartered corpse for 48 hours before he came on and said “it’s not fair to attack someone who is not here to defend themselves”. Thanks, Path! Alexa Hope said it all in describing as “Ironic Beauty” the the thread begun by Jeska to discuss the new Forums Policy had to be forcibly closed by Jeska. ROFLMFAO.

    The notion that any of you now could face banning from the world of SL for your expression on the forums is really chilling, and it makes me wonder if I should be appealing this decision at all, since one false move on the forums, and I will find *my land seized*. I want you all to wrap your minds around the larger consequences of all this here. This is like Khodorkovsky and Russia. If you disagree with the state and publish your views, they will find some niggling offense to nail you on (swearing in PG) and then jail you, violating due process along the way.

    I have no doubt that if they can get away with this — banning me for oppositional expression and threatening everyone else now with banning even from the game if they step out of line — they will next turn to the third-party sites like this one. Remember Stratics — I was once temp-banned from Stratics for putting links to the SLH in a post, which in turn has another link to a link selling currency which Stratics declared — overreaching unto the third link — as “unlawful”. You thought your beloved LL could never do this? Guess again. I have no doubt that if I start a blog with headlines like “Andrew Linden: How I Tripple Negged That Cheeky Bastard” or “Pathfinder Linden: What *Really* Happened in the IRC Chat” or “Nolan Nash: Stalker Extraordinaire” or “Aimee Weber: Is She Really Actually Liked Even by Her Friends?” that LL will be all over me like a cheap suit in no time. (Of course, I *won’t* be doing that because I’ve read PF’s Maxim for Better Living 100 times, which is great minds talk about ideas, mediocre minds talk about events, and little minds talk about people.

    Because all those people will read my blog, which is out of reach supposedly (like Cristiano’s site which defamed and harassmed me, and this site) and they can’t do anything — but they’ll gang up on me anyway. Don’t forget the “any reason or no reason”. If the mainstream media starts to pick up your critique or my critique and it escalates, what will they do? I don’t doubt that at the end of this corridor is the name “Governor Linden” on my considerable land holdings, do you, if not “Room 101″?

  3. jauani

    Jun 17th, 2005

    it’s true prok made some great insights at times, but she could not do so without being offensive and insulting most of the time. i was friends with prok in world until disagreeing with her on the forum about the value of donating tier resulted in an endless stream of inworld insults, accusations on the board, cancelling of my card, disparaging my casual in world associations. that is prok’s M.O. she is not on the forum for discussion or debate. if you don’t agree with her, you are evil. she is the exact opposite of the capitalist democrat she proports to be.

    secondly, the FIC you talk about, the forum addicts, do you really think they have that much influence? the influential players in sl are in world scripting up the next crazy game and discussion infrastructural changes to sl for them to work, not playing drama ont he forum. who do you think is influential in this game? prok’s stalkers like nolan, cienna or panda, or the real work horses content/service providers like francis, anshe, or neph.

  4. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 17th, 2005

    Forseti, the shunning was conceived, planned, and executed both on the SL forums itself and in the IRC channel and was indeed a joint, collective effort.

    Your welcoming of these new Draconian rules makes me really wonder about your SL and RL commitment to a free and informed democratic society. The fact is, you don’t have “yourself” to blame so much as you have a concerted effort by forum jackals to lynch-mob the AR buttons. Had I been an earlier and more frequent user of the Little Red Button, had Coco and scores of others who abhor that KGB-style informant system used them on all the forum jackals, we’d not be here now. It’s the onesided misuse of the AR mechanism that created this situation. And I believe my posts to be civil, if sharp and critical, and the “interlocutors” I encountered to be heavily intemperate and hysterical in their response.

    Ingrid, it’s hard to understand why you stick with the smug status quo so tightly when your bags are selling well, your shoes are loved, your relationship with FICs like Maxx or Marcos is secure, and you can afford to loosen up a little and stop policing the expression of others. If ever there was a person with a Prokofy Post Wrist Scanner, it was you, sometimes posting within seconds of me pressing “send”. Who will you have to post on now, Ingrid? Who will you press the Little Red Button on NOW? And it wasn’t that I was “uncool” or “earned enemies” it’s that I spoke out against a system of rank and blatant privileging.

    I had one of those delightful SL “moments” this morning. Just as I was sitting in a meeting of the events planning group chaired by Robin Linden, Cubey Terra’s blimp came and landed a few feet away in the Waterhead WA, surrounded by newbs. “There, that’s what I mean! It’s Cubey’ blimp!” I cried. “But if I say more…I might be banned.” “That’s inappropriate, Prokofy,” admonished Ms. Linden. I Im’d her an explanation: there was proof positive of the FIC at work, putting a blimp advertisement right into the face of newbies emerging in the WA for kewl vehicles. “Anyone can ride a blimp,” says Robin doggedly, protecting her own. “Robin, it’s an unmanned, scripted vehicle serving as a notecard giver with Cubey’s ads in it, right smack in the WA surrounded by newbies. I’m all for that, but I want a raven flying around advertising my rentals, too. It’s not about being mean to Cubey, it’s about asking for a level playing field in this game,” I said. “Got it,” says Robin.

    “Then I trust I will get an impartial review of my perma-banning from the forums.”

    Don’t worry, Uri, I hope to get out of the irrelevant tiny print hell of a dog’s tail of forum post responses on your blog and go to my own blog soon.

  5. Aimee Weber

    Jun 17th, 2005

    It’s good you get a blog Prok. It’s important to stay busy.

  6. Nerferder

    Jun 17th, 2005

    “Nerferder, every single newspaper in the world edits its letters to the editor column.

    Is Nerferder a new surname in SL, btw?”

    Well, let me know when you are running an actual newspaper! :)

    This place is nothing short of a tabloid rag, with an extremem bias.

    Umm, Nerferder as a new surname? Naw.

    Does it matter? Are you playing the name game again? You know, the one Prokofy howls about all the while still posting here and writing articles here. I would think as a “editor” of a “newspaper” you would beyond trying to breach people’s privacy. Silly me.

    On Prok: The twit brought this on himself. This was the end result of months of attacking and belittling anyone who wasn’t a sycophant like Cocopants and Blaze. Most game companies would have shut Prok’s act down long ago.

    I look forward to Prok’s return to the forums under an alt. He can’t resist, surely more people than just myself realize this. It will be then that he will get himself banned from SL in game as well. *Rubs hands together in anticipation*

  7. Cocoanut

    Jun 17th, 2005

    Uri, I figured out what that makes you! I’m a board ho, the others are board ho’s, and you, who started this place where you could watch us all board-ho-ing, you’re a board ho groupie! :D lol

    Juani, I know Prok flies off the deep end when he gets filled with fervor about things. But I have disagreed with him plenty in the past, and he never did anything to me over it. If you don’t believe me, dig up those old posts on this SL site that deal with the BDSM thing in TSO. And that’s just one issue on which I never agreed with him. So I wouldn’t say that’s exactly his M.O.

    Ingrid, NO, I am not the kind of person who would worry about the guy beating the dog. I am not ANY of the explanations you keep trying to come up for me. I just say the way I see things, is all. And I have fairly good confidence in the way I see things, albeit knowing it comes always with some bias, in this case, being friends with Prok.

    That dog analogy, though, you couldn’t be more wrong. And it’s insulting, too. Maybe I say the things I do because I think they have merit. Maybe . . . even . . . some of them might possibly HAVE merit.

    Prok, that isn’t QUITE what you said at the meeting. You said something more like, “Oh, look! It’s Cubey Terra’s blimp!” I remember that, because I looked around all over, cause I’d never seen one. And THEN you said something to the effect that saying so might get you banned. So you weren’t quite as bad as you make it sound, lol.

    And Prok, no, do NOT try to get back on the forums! You will definitely lose your game then. You wouldn’t be able to talk on there without espousing your theories, and the regulars don’t want to hear your theories. They have defined them as “divisive” and “personal attacks.” You’d be banned right away from the game, too, and then they’ll just be ten times as happy.

    As for the forum addicts not having any influence, I think they do. Very definitely. We saw it in the “discussions” about banning Prok, in their need to “do something” about Prok, in their discussion with Pathfinder about “doing something” about Prok (to which I was not invited), in Enebran’s plea to the Hot Line to do something about (the unnamed but obvious) Prok. We see it in their confident dismissals of anything I ever suggest which doesn’t go along with “us” – “us” being the Lindens and their acolytes who apparently understand the Linden vision and doubtless see it in even more limited terms than the Lindens themselves. We see it when regular people hate bounce scripts; bounce scripts get de- de-whatever-it-was, and they manage to get that turned around.

    They wanted Prok gone, and he is gone. They clearly and consciously hectored him, discussed him, stalked him from thread to thread, waged campaigns against him, and, of one of them’s own admission, “grew closer to each other” as a result of their shared despisal of him.

    We see it whenever they turn to me and explain how I don’t understand, how I’m just lazy, and this and that and the other, as if I were some sub-literate child with nothing to add to the game – UNLESS of course, I just sat there and cheered whatever they are saying.

    Now LL forums has the new rule about people losing their game if they lose their rights to the forum, but this same group of people who think they are the high priests of Second Life-ism are supremely confident this won’t ever apply to them.

    And it probably won’t. Because too many of those they insult – and I swear, they don’t even realize they are doing it half the time, it’s not like these are mean, nasty people or anything, seriously – too many of those they insult will not push that AR button, no matter what. Will never feel the need to drive anyone off the forums.

    In truth, many people who might have dared to express a contrary opinion have long since been driven off at the start. I’ve been told that by too many people in game not to believe it, plus I had my own hellish initiation experience, and I don’t know many who would have perservered beyond that.

    Unlike in the game, you can ignore posters you don’t care for. Or you can fight with them. What’s un-kosher is not only fighting with them, but spending at least the entire three months I have been on the game in an escalating, driving, obsessive and hate-filled need to run that person off.

    Take a look at these forums, here on the SL Herald. Look back. Prok has been here. I have been here. Lots WORSE people have been here. But nobody I know of has ever been forced off. Derided, fought with, all that – but not forced off by a shunning campaign or an appeal to the powers that be.

    And lookie here. We’re all still here! This world did not come to an end because Prok is allowed to talk.

    There may be a lot of things wrong with this site – I could list six or ten things I dislike about it – but one thing it has going right for it and has ALWAYS had going right for it is free speech, and the willingness to let opinions be spoken, no matter how much anyone or any group of anyones dislikes those opinions.


  8. toy

    Jun 17th, 2005

    Dyer what you start will come back to bite you in the ass, I do believe I told you that a couple years ago but in your infinate wisdom :) you ignored it. Enjoy your self inflicted martydom because brought it on all by yourself, to me you will never be a martyr just a pthetic individual who doenst know how to cry out for help :)

  9. Urizenus

    Jun 17th, 2005

    Please Coco, I prefer to think of myself as a Board Ho Hostess.

    And no HoHo jokes!

  10. Cocoanut

    Jun 17th, 2005

    The hostess? You’re even odder than I realized . . .


  11. Cocoanut

    Jun 17th, 2005

    I am no sycophant.


  12. Nerferder

    Jun 17th, 2005

    “I am no sycophant.


    Your response indicates otherwise.

  13. Pirate Cotton

    Jun 17th, 2005

    “…a walking shadow, a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more. It is a tale, Told by an idiot, Full of sound and fury, Signifying northing.” – Macbeth.

  14. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 17th, 2005

    Jauani, your wimpy little fake assertions are so easily countered by just looking at the SL forums. Why did I respond so vigorously to you in the forums? Because not only were you wrong on the general facts, not only did you utterly misportray the numbers for “grid commune” and “island commune” in an utterly tendentious way, not only did you engage in crappy name-calling (I’m a dictator, Anshe is just a landlord, uh-huh) — you outrageously accused me of running a pyramid scheme (huh? where’s the pyramid?), running a business based on “tier skimming” (um, I have like a dozen tier donors out of hundreds of tenants) and basically exploiting other SL players by obtaining 10 percent tier bonus — all activities which you yourself engage in.

    Extraordinary! Honestly, only in that incredible hermetically-sealed vacuum of the FIC-dominated SL forums could somebody get away with these outrages, and not get countered. My even weak efforts to get the Lindens to see what was going on were unheeded. Robin accused me of calling you “biased” — and was completely blind to your calling me a criminal, a pyramid scheme. You were cleverly able to distract from your own misdeeds by claiming in the Hotline that my posts were “insightful” in the same breath as you called it a pyramid scheme (good thing Declax and others called that to the Lindens atttention by saying to Robin’s “Well said” essentially — “Oh, so you’re calling this a pyramid scheme then?”

    It’s the most hypocritical thing on two legs, and it’s helpful for those watching at home to remember how you started your jihad against me in not only 4-5 regular forum threads, but one of those fanboyz bulletproof Hotline posts where no one can correct you. You did that after you temporarily became an officer in my group, saw my land holdings and business, and decided I must be some kind of competition to you. That’s how this silly little baby game works, where the babies think there isn’t enough room in the sandbox for the new kids. Honestly, it makes me sick.

    It’s been amazing to watch you grovel and do 180-degree twirls and turns and apologies on all your forum manic intemperate statements about grid communes and all the rest, as you’ve come under steady and reasoned and unimpeachable forum response by decent respected people like eltee statotsky or Travis Lambert. See, all of a sudden, your wild campaign can’t ding Prok anymore, he’s not there, so you now see you’ve lashed out against people like eltee unwittingly when you went after me. You posted all this tripe, handily went off for 10 days to do RL stuff, left the forums in a rage and Lindens contacting me at 10 pm on a Sat. with *their* knickers in a bunch, and you just laughing like it’s all “fun”. You send me nasty IMs in the game with put-downs and vicious, envious digs that just tell me all I need to know about your own issues of insecurity — otherwise, I simply can’t explain it.

    Will you get the fuck off it Jauani? Tier donations help people, they help the economy, they help sims, as do the 10 percent bonus for groups. Islands already undermined the mainland and helped crash the land market — geez you want MORE for yourself in dealing islands? Can’t you just leave this the fuck alone? Geez, it even helps INGRID for chrissakes will you get the fuck OFF it??? As you’ve already noted, the Lindens aren’t likely to change this, but Robin is labouring under the misperception that “people don’t use this” and telling *you* “well said” about your slam on me — you really ought to make a full abject apology to me and the community for the really outrageous role you’ve played on stirring up this pot and helping to get me banned by adding Linden “talks” and “informal” warnings merely because *I struggled to defense myself from your fucking outrageous claims about me and my business.* Shame on you!

    You wanted to be part of what forced me off the forums because you know full well I made a lot of sense in my critique of these really nasty powers that be in the community there. Watching them now in my “Undead” capacity has be SO revealing. When I see Weedy Herbst go after Coco and tell her if she keeps complaining about my banning, or the insidious AR-button method of ruling the forums misused by the claque there, she is threatened with getting banned from the forums and the game herself! This is SO nasty. This is SO vicious. This is SO wrong. You cannot have a world like this. I wish I could see more people fighting it. I guess this is what they meant by the world going not with a bang but a whimper.

  15. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 17th, 2005

    Pirate Cotton, I’m not even going to dignify your response with another Shakespeare quote, or remind you of the famous novel “The Sound and the Fury” which if you read, might help you realize there’s a lot more to that Shakespeare quote that you might realize. I’m going to go to modern literature, and the quote that used to be on Pathfinder’s siggy, until he got the shit kicked out of him somewhere in the Linden’s back room I guess:

    “The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace things, but burn like fabulous roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue center light pop and everybody goes “AWWW!” –Jack Kerouac

  16. Nerferder

    Jun 17th, 2005

    “There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as “moral indignation,” which permits envy or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue”

    –Erich Fromm

  17. Cocoanut

    Jun 18th, 2005

    Uri, Nerferder is Lordfly Digeridoo. He called me “Cocopants” once before, on the SL forums. I like that nickname, by the way.

    I guess he is one of those who can’t grasp that independent minds can agree more with Prok and his right to exist than with those who think it should be obvious to everyone he is some sort of a menace.

    But then, I notice many of the people on the SL forums have an inability to recognize truly independent minds. I think it’s because they just can’t fathom why everyone doesn’t agree with them on something that seems so obvious to them. That’s an unfortunate intellectual handicap to suffer from; it puts one constantly at the disadvantage of always being several steps behind others.


  18. Cocoanut

    Jun 18th, 2005

    Damn straight, and boy does THAT apply, Nerfender.


  19. Nerferder

    Jun 18th, 2005

    Well, Cocopants, you’re wrong, but whatvever makes you feel smart. You think LF would be so stupid as to use that phrase and and alias in conjunction? I don’t.

    By the way, Coco, you don’t come off as smart as you like to think you do. You come across as the kid who got less chips from the bag of Doritos than the other kids, who now sulks in the corner over it, even refusing to eat dinner as some sort of petulant protest.

    As far as not being able to “recognize independent minds”, that my dear sassypants, is something your [censored by Uri] mentor has the market cornered on. Not to mention, there is nothing new or independent about those whose shit stirring is founded upon simple envy. There is nothing so sad as watching someone destroy themselves by trying to fight the linearity of time.

    Prok is a menace, the worst kind too. A griefer hiding behind “virtue”.

    Have a nice day Sycopants.

    “Our envy of others devours us most of all”

    –Alexander Solzhenitsyn

    P.S., Before you shout “I AM NOT ENVIOUS!”, Prok, realize that it’s highly obvious to others that you are. Convincing someone that they have this flaw is about as easy as convincing an alcoholic who says he doesn’t have a problem, that he does. Especially when they are as socially challenged as you, Tovarisch.

  20. Ardith Mifflin

    Jun 18th, 2005

    I am rather irritated that Prokofy continues to outright claim “the shunning was conceived, planned, and executed both on the SL forums itself and in the IRC channel and was indeed a joint, collective effort.” This is patently untrue. I conceived and executed the shunning (without planning) by myself. I’ve never entered the IRC channel, nor did I discuss the shunning with anyone outside the board. All discussions which I held about the shunning were held in public on the forum, in clear view of everyone.

    Once again, Prokofy Neva proves himself to be a liar.

  21. jauani

    Jun 18th, 2005

    i never made any attacks on the ethic of your business. please find one refenrece where i say “prok is a scam artist” to back up your foolish nonsense.

    in all the discussions i always compared tier leverage vs tier donation. i made the mistake of exclusively using islands as the example of tier leveraging in one thread and corrected that.

    i neve examined your business despite your constant requests for me to do so in the earlier discussion on the poly sci forum. why ? because i think in financial terms your business is an idiotic waste of money and time. as a hobby i’m sure you enjoy it and i’ve repeatedly said it is a great service to the community that you are throwing away your time to do it.

  22. jauani

    Jun 18th, 2005

    i’d like to add, i’m not in any forum war with eltee. you are uunique in that you percieve disagreements and discussion as some kind of battle between enemies. most of us can disagree and debate without feeling animosity.

    and lastly, it really is not important to my excercise that my friends benefit or not or whether they ask me to STFU or not. your insistence on a half baked idea sparked an intellectual excercise for me which i felt was wirth sharing with the forum. your trying to shut me up is a clear indication that you are a a hypocrite about your ideas on “democracy” and “transparency” because you would wish me to not share my thoughts for whatever reason.

    you can keep assigning ulterior financial motives to your hearts content. all you show by being unable to think out side of that box is what really drives you personally and what kind of person you are.

  23. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 18th, 2005

    Actually, stylistically, I’d say Nerferder sounds like Nolan, because he loves to pepper his statements with Russian stuff. Everything he’s saying about Coco is scurrilous, and it condemns itself, with its silly name-calling. As for “envious” — how does that work again? I’m envious that I’m not a prom-queen-in-reverse-geek clothes designer? But I don’t care about clothes, my avatars have been wearing the same t-shirt or suit for months lol. Envious of designing an aircraft? But why should I care about such things when I can just buy them and ride around them too if I have time (but i prefer just flying on my own). Envious of..what again? A group of tekkie sycophants that have the ear of a kinda “out-there” game company in California? But through no real plan or design, I’ve hilariously had my own “brand” of commentary about the FIC incorporated into their culture in ways they can’t even dream of — imagine their very log-in messages have used the term “FIC” and they even made an April Fool’s day prank with it. I just don’t get the part of what I’m supposed to be envious *of* because I wouldn’t want to be a geeky, pudgy little robot boy scripting all day on my private island LOL. It just doesn’t appeal. I like what I am and what I do in SL, which is different than all that. I’ve found plenty to admire in SL and plenty of people to befriend and I just work directly with them, they are suppliers or project partners or just buddies and I have plenty of fun in this game outside of the FIC and the forums. These same people either don’t read the forums, or read them and find what I say of value even if they disagree with some of my wilder-assed premises as they see them. The skewed, tendentious, cramped notion of me that a Nolan or a Stoneself or an Enabran has is just a reflection of their own tortured and insecure inner world, I guess, they assume everyone *else* lives looking over their shoulder and being envious and sad.

    Nobody gets that my critique of SL is an honest one, with the aim to make the game and the potential world better. My point is that both LL and the FIC need to get out of the groove, acquire a broader perspective, look at some new ideas, stretch to some other friends than just the same round of card friends. It can’t be always about Aimee and Cubey. That isn’t because Aimee and Cubey aren’t fabulous in their way, but because 3 of Aimee on the company’s website is about 2 two many Aimee’s, and a blind eye to Cubey’s marketing in the WA is not only a welcome mat to abuse of the WA by other marketers, but unfair to those that didn’t figure out how they, too, could cleverly script an unmanned vehicle to land with a notecard giver in newbies’ laps. It’s about making a level playing field and not going with the same old tried-and-true FIC every time.

    I’m actually impressed with how quietly, without fanfare, the making of Ambleside has worked to avoid the outright takeover by FICdom. At first I thought the place would be so filled with FIC ass-kissers that you wouldn’t be able to get into the sim. I see in fact it is very accessible to newbies or even me. Of course, when you get there the Linden might be “busy in IMs on a project I’m working on with X [name=a-FIC]” but still, you can collect their literature and maybe wait for their zombie IMs to be over in 15 minutes if you have the patience.

    If you look closely at the houses they’ve purchased or commissioned in Ambleside, they aren’t just FIC-approved builders but some other independents and newer players. Some of the features they’ve put into Ambleside and the Pathfinder’s Picks actually show signs of some careful balancing between the FIC and alternatives. It’s the sort of thing that the FIC probably is gnashing its teeth over but they can’t say anything or they’ll risk not looking like they aren’t in the usual crouch mode kissing Linden ass. It’s quite a sight, actually, and I urge everyone to check it out for its educational value for what a Linden like Pathfinder can do when he puts his mind to it (and other Lindens).

    Of course, not to be missed is the contribution Your Humble Servant has made by purchasing Eboni Khan’s land liquidated to Anshe in Derwent, right next to Adam Linden and the whole Ambleside Linden Village. When I first saw Eboni’s offer of $40,000 for the land and her gorgeous custom house right from the shores of New Joisy, I was almost tempted to pay, but I had only to sleep on it for a night to get a much better deal out of Anshe the next morning ($7.8/meter, which is high for this crashing land market but does a lobbying ba–oops I mean a land proximate to Linden Village not have some value, for the “Governor Linden Protected Land” type value of a Linden build?)

    After thinking about how a lot named FREE PROKOFY or LET BACK PROKOFY ON THE FORUMS might be um well not well-received, I opted to call it GILDED CAGE and hold my first event there on HISTORY LESSON: The role of figures like Roy Medvedev, Harry Briggs, and Willism S. Burroughs in history.

  24. Ulrika Zugzwang

    Jun 18th, 2005

    Burn in hell, Prokofy! Just for you, I’m going to start a new Socialist rant in the General forums.

    *lick lick* Your tears of sorrow taste so sweet.


  25. komuso tokugawa

    Jun 18th, 2005

    You might be more effective if you stopped writing a book every time you post.

    It’s a tough thing to compress things, but this medium is not suited for looooooooooooooooooooooooong postings all the time…imo.

  26. Nerferder

    Jun 18th, 2005

    Naw, wrong Prok. But that’s ok. You know why? Because it’s a rip roaring good time watching you hypocrites worry about who someone is when y’all cry like babies when it’s done to you or someone with one post who supports your whacked point of view, and have incredibly detailed “perceptions” about SL, after they have been in SL for a very short period of time.

    I love that you gave the example of your tearing down Aimee with the Prom Queen crap. It puts the final nail in your envy coffin.

    Uri, your bias ply underpants are showing again. What you edited from my post, which equates to “misanthrope” is not any worse than the insults you allow Prokofy to publish. But hey, that’s to be expected from a rag who publishes “interviews” crafted by the likes of Prok the Great to further an agenda based on first mover envy anyway.

    “Hatred is active, and envy passive dislike; there is but one step from envy to hate.”

    –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

  27. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 18th, 2005

    Jauani, nice work, now attacking my business by saying it’s an idiotic waste of time and money. See, even in trying to justify your blatant attacks on me, you just make more. Clever, clever lol. I see right through you. I pay my bills, I make money, I have a good time. I know that’s hard to accept from somone who got out of the land business because they were scared and because they were facing RL issues. Whatever. I don’t give a good goddamn what you or anyone thinks of my business, I am learning a lot, doing something that interests me, making money, and providing a service. Most important, I provide an alternative in SL to the FIC and its sycophants like you.

    In the forums, your conniving juxtaposition of my name, discussion of my business, and fake “generic” talk about “those who have pyramid schemes” is the thinnest of veils to hide behind. Everyone knows you slammed me and my business, and that was an atrocity on your part, especially since you were once a good friend, and once even an officer in my group. Shame on you. Now you try to evade responsibility by saying this was all just a “salon” discussion of hypotheticals — when it led to Robin saying “well said” and “we’re reviewing this”. Thanks a lot! eltee and others did so disagree strenuously with you, and you then cravenly apologized and backtracked with them because you need the FIC, whereas as soon as my head was chopped off, you could get away with this. Shame on you.

    You still don’t get it about the distinctions between tier leverage and the reasons for tier donation. You still don’t get broader purposes and long-term plans for a business like this. But why should you? You’re just a land-flipper, out for yourself. Most of all, you couldn’t stop yourself, you had to keep attacking me. You relentlessly used to tease and banter me in the game, constantly trying to belittle me in some kind of wierd “frienship mode”. I’ll never forget how you mercilessly harangued me with questioning about my RL, trying to scrape up details to prove that my business didn’t work, or was a waste of time, or was a failure, or was ruining my real life, or whatever the fuck you wanted to do. That you feel the need for that is pathetic. Go get a first life, a second life, a third life and leave me the fuck alone.

  28. nerferder

    Jun 18th, 2005

    “nice work, now attacking my business”

    Karma’s a bitch isn’t it?

    What I dont understand about the Prok apologists relates to this. They will take any reply to Prok’s cleary malicious posts and threads many of which targeted individuals AND their businesses, yet they conveniently blind themselves to the fact that Prok almost invariable instigates it and has attacked more people than anyone in the history of SL.

    Hank Ramos

    Cristiano Midnight

    Cubey Terra

    Schwanson Schlegel

    Aimee Weber

    Chip Midnight

    Weedy Herbst

    Ingrid Ingersoll

    April Firefly

    Eboni Khan

    Mrs. Jackal Suavage

    Ulrika Zugswang

    And many, many more.

    Of course, the apologists will just turn the tables and say “what you said in return was worse!”. That is, of course, open to interpretation AND does it really matter? The damage has already been done to those people named above and their businesses, and as per usual, the apologists say NOTHING to their beloved icon, their quasi-messiah. Fools.

  29. Cocoanut

    Jun 18th, 2005

    Well, I didn’t THINK Lordfly wasn’t thoughtful enough to not use the same phrase in an alias, but it was worth a bluff. Plus, you could still be him and you just forgot you’d used it twice. However, although I don’t know him very well, it would probably be a grave insult to him that I had even fancied for a moment that you and he were the same.

    And why, oh why, can’t you stick with Cocopants? I love that nickname!

    “You come across as the kid who got less chips from the bag of Doritos than the other kids, who now sulks in the corner over it, even refusing to eat dinner as some sort of petulant protest.”

    ??? That’s funny. Who the hell are you? As for how smart I am, the truth is, I’m smarter than I sound.

    I don’t need you to evaluate the level of my intelligence; it’s already been evaluated plenty.

    That you completely fail to grasp what I’m all about and why indicates you’re analytical ability (and probably life experience as well) is sadly limited.


  30. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 18th, 2005

    Re: “What I dont understand about the Prok apologists relates to this. They will take any reply to Prok’s cleary malicious posts and threads many of which targeted individuals AND their businesses, yet they conveniently blind themselves to the fact that Prok almost invariable instigates it and has attacked more people than anyone in the history of SL.”

    I’m *so* glad you provided this handy list of people whose businesses you think I “harmed”. It is SO convenient for you to tune into history NOW, and not look back at the six months that have passed as all these people have warred viciously against me. Let’s go down the list and see what each and ever one of them did FIRST. My, these drama-fests and he-saids, she-saids, can get boring, but any one with half an eye can just GO READ IT on the SL forums because most of these threads were not sequestered.

    Hank Ramos–First to imply that my tier-donation plan and plan to have newbs sell 512s or donate to the group was a scam or improper. Did this right in the classifieds section, where you are not supposed to put commentary.

    Cristiano Midnight–Permitted [first charge censored by Uri] and kept up a constant drumbeat of counterposts each time I made any generic criticism of his monopoly on the game. Whatever “nice things” he might have conceded about my rentals business were undone by his unswerving and relentless efforts to portray me as a kook.

    Cubey Terra — I had no quarrel with this “fine upstanding citizen” of SL until he joined the lynch mob and began to ask those cunning tricky forum-harpie type fake rhetorical questions like “Now what if I had a business that bought first land from newbies and took tier,” etc. He slammed my business first in this manner by chiming in with Traxx Hathor, who began this hate and slander campaign due to personal baggage, Hiro Pendragon, and then later Jauani Wu. They all saw that the “high road” to take with the gaping public on the forums would be to get them all asking “what about the children,” i.e. showing concern for poor noobs scammed by ebil Prok.

    Schwanson Schlegel–always read withy a faux phlegmatic “wise man” one-liner and derogatory picture meant to belittle and shame, no matter what the post, idea, topic.

    Aimee Weber–couldn’t bear that I criticized her cumbersome and pointless button concept for dealing with aggressive bouncer scripts and took umbrage first; also led the campaign to reform the forums around me.

    Chip Midnight–from day one, kept up a steady stream of instant responses and rebuttals to every single post, combining the “anti-business-except-my-business” school of oligarchy with

    Weedy Herbst–from day one, vituperative, nasty, lying posts, constantly claiming falsehoods like “I outed my RL details myself on my website” blah blah. No matter of proving to her evidence to the contrary would make the slightest difference. Vicious, relentless since the very first “Pahoa Jade” post where I coined the term FIC, even had her husband threaten me with an FBI and an IRS investigation from their “hate crimes” units because I went in the game and triple-negged her on all three attributes (!). Rabid, unbending, and never, ever challenged by Linden discipline. Ever since she first said she would “give me enough rope to hang me” (a common metaphor) she has been trying to loop that noose around my neck.

    Ingrid Ingersoll–Many people think I was “mean” to Ingrid by writing in the forums that her houses didn’t rent. But her houses *don’t* rent. That’s obvious. I tried my hardest. I spent thousand of dollars on her houses and STILL do. Maybe a few rented, not for long. I pride myself being part of what got Ingrid to tint. And more to the point, why did I turn both guns on her and tell her that her houses didn’t rent? Because in the posts BEFORE THAT, FIRST she airly and haughtily accused me of not “adapting” and wanting to have the Lindens make it easy for me to do business. She was merely taking up the chant started by Traxx Hathor, and continued here by others, the latest being Jauani Wu, that I am a “flounder” and “impotent” and “unable to adjust” and “having a hard time in SL”. I just roll my eyes with that and even had a profile paragraph on it to counter the idiocy of Traxx writing a profile comment on me about me negging him on all alts for his slander. There’s lots, lots more I could say about Ingrid, but I have Ingrid to thank for ruining my SL most of all — it was she who tattled RL details to Jauani and other blabbers merely to try to shame me because evidently she is intolerant. She can’t understand some things people do, so evidently she wants to kill them.

    April Firefly–April is a total piece of work. Again, many people, listening to April whine endlessly on the forums, would think that Prok was “mean” to April. They forget that unbid, she began a thread called “I Need Help with a Bad Build” where she mercilessly slammed my tenant’s build in a naked bid to get me to sell her land next to hers so she could fill her tier. Well, I’m not here to do that, I never sell land out from under tenants and if they keep to the spirit of my rules, I try not to evict them needlessly over April’s interpretation of the letter. She never took up her personal land/neighbour disputes in the community association, but took it to the forums. Another time, probably in that sleep-deprived hysterical state that people get in SL from using those persnickety frustrating building tools, she got upset with me about an accidental terraforming of her land next to mind, an honest mistake that was easily rectified. She played the victim, running to try to sic Anshe on me, ran to try to sic Jauani on me, and finally the forum harpies. I withstood all her efforts to manipulate and incite. She then began to chase me around in world trying to get me to sell her land, at one point trying to buddy up to me on my other project of trying to get people to share in the purchase of Sutherland.

    April is now lying on the forums that I warned her “not to come near my property or I will AR you” and that this is “impossible because Ravenglass Rentals is everywhere”. Hey, thanks for the endorsement April, even if backhanded! Of course I never said any such thing. People can fly on my property all they want, and even if the worst forums enemies and shunners want to rent land, they just right-click and pay the box, I don’t care. Some of them even do this already to harass me, and some even join the group as terrorists and flip “officer recall” to freeze the group. I’m going to maintain my determination to run an open group and urge the Lindens to close those gaps in the group tools. What I told April to do was to stop buzzing around me and harassing me and trying to get me to sell her land. She now owns at least 2 properties next to my properties and has never heard from me, so all her claims of victimhood really sound rather hollow. Some people seem to thrive on manufactured neighbourhood drama of this sort. “Victimhood” just isn’t persuasive in April’s case.

    Got any more? I could continue the list myself. The point is utter tripe. Each and every one of these individuals ATTACKED ME FIRST after I first made my generic critique of the FIC, they eacn got away sometimes with really vicious attacks on my person, and I fought back. That’s all.

    Eboni Khan

    Mrs. Jackal Suavage

    Ulrika Zugswang

    And many, many

  31. nerferder

    Jun 18th, 2005

    Coco – smart people don’t assume motives. Smart people don’t play the name game.

    As far as you not needing my evaluation on your intelligence, you’re right. The fact that you are so snow jobbed by Prok, and think him “brilliant”, says it all. I don’t need to say anything myself, your own conduct telegraphs the fact that you are at the very least, quite naieve.

    It doesn’t matter who I am, and all the red herrings and straw men in the world wont make me think that your goals are anything other than selfish.

    All I hear from your camp is “ME”.

  32. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 18th, 2005

    Oops, left some out.

    Eboni Khan. Again, people, could you please look at sequencing and dates? I first mentioned Eboni *not by name* when I mentioned a list I kept called Users and Losers of people who put extortionist prices on their land next to mine when they felt they could force a sale. Eboni had really high-priced land up on a riverbank near mind, following her earlier use of pressure tactics to try to get me to sell land I owned that she felt was “in the way” of her access to waterfront. Eboni is the kind of gal that feels that FIC, and Eboni Khan personally, get eminent domain. And is she far wrong? Feeling a guilty conscience, Eboni burst on to that thread to out herself as one of those ostensibly on the “Users and Losers” list and began this really drawn-out long-winded tirade about how it really wasn’t extortion. Um, ok. Well, Eboni has dined out already on my dime, but it’s never enough. She just goes on and on with this. I don’t even know what her business is in the game, and never commented on her business (clothing?). So that’s all tripe. I continue to counter each and every unjust attack Eboni makes on me. She loves to mention my having fun with her name in Russian, well whatever, sorry to have been crude Eboni, but in that forums climate, with its wankers and fuck-yous, it hardly seemed a crime to mention the word “fucked” in Russian was “Yoboni”. My apologies, hon.

    MrsJakal Suavage. It’s astounding how people want you to grovel for ever after when they “help” you as a newbie, and it’s never enough. MrsJ felt she was being ever-so-magnanimous in being “nice” to me when others began to shun me over the boards. But how quickly it dries up when their interests are suddenly at stake. No matter that I bought Mrs. J’s two big pieces of land and paid the price she had on the land on one deal, and paid what she asked on the other, helping her to sell it faster. Whatever! As soon as she felt I was blighting her view in Alston with what she deemed a “big-ass” boat, well, it was curtains for me. She flew at me like a bat out of hell and wouldn’t let go. I often wish I still had the notecard of that convo because it was a doozy, with me patiently explaining 100 times that I was going to be fixing the “big-ass boat” problem and was already on it, at a loss to myself — but some people never take “yes” for an answer. She ended up heinously insulting me by saying stuff like “I hope you never have children and if you do, that you won’t sent it to me,” when I said what do you want, my first-born? sort of thing.

    Honestly, go back to the beginning, see the first posts THEY began first, dragging their stupid inworld disputes on to the forums, then me fighting back against all their nasty, hectoring, belittling techniques, without a Linden in sight on the horizon moderating their vituperative and obscene spoutings, and then them starting up this drumbeat that I attack them — hiding their tracks.

    Anyone with half an eye and half a brain can go on the forums and see this in living colour in 3311 posts I’ve left there for your perusal.

  33. Eboni Khan

    Jun 18th, 2005


    I hope you enjoy that land. The part you bought is the buggiest of the lot. The prims in that area will double over night for no reason and you will be out of prims, but dont worry! The Sim disappears about 2 times a day so, after a crash the prims go back to normal until the it gets near crash time again. Also look out for random phantom prims. Also don’t trying create anything there is problem since anything created there will be bugged :)

    Happy Renting :)

  34. Eboni Khan

    Jun 18th, 2005


    Any respect I had for you is completely lost. Will you ever acknowlege how Prokofy has fucked over person after person after person? Even Prokofy cops to it but you never do. Why? Does that make your defense of him invalid even in your eyes so you can’t admit it?

  35. jauani

    Jun 19th, 2005

    i don’t forget that you initiated every single one of our conversations in SL. if you had such a problem with my friendship, why did you work so hard seek it out?

    you turned what was a friendly discussion into a heated exchange, because you were the one using the discussion as a vehicle to underhandedly advertise your enterprise.

    i am an “out for myself” land flipper. i have no qualms about admitting that to anyone. i love L$.

    don’t blame me or anyone else for your inability to keep your own rhetoric in check. the manner of your responses on the forum have always been your choice. i and others advised you endlessly to cool your inflamatory postings lest you get banned. that was not some insider wannabe advise. it was blatantly obvious to any human with reading comprehension that the lindens have been considering how to neutralize you for weeks. personally, i think you love this. i agree with ingrid, you seem to love the negative attention.

  36. nerferder

    Jun 19th, 2005

    I love it when a plan works, although that’s not too hard to achieve with one so vainglorious as the Mighty Prok.

    Thanks for taking the bait, (the list of people you have fucked over) you really make this too easy.

    I am reveling in the fact that Prok is likely beside himself, probably huddled in a corner like a smack addict gone cold turkey!

    Ding Dong, (No, that’s not the Avon lady or UPS, it’s the bells peeling in the land of Oz) – you know how the rest goes.

    “A sound heart is the life of the flesh: but envy the rottenness of the bones”
    –Proverbs 14:30

  37. Cocoanut

    Jun 19th, 2005

    Note how much Nerfender (who is now busy sounding like a combinatin of Nolan and StoneSelf) feels sorry for that list of people he thinks were criticized unfairly by Prok.

    Note how little Nerfender cares about me, when as a brand-new player, I was treated mercilessly by many of those on the forum who don’t like Prok, beginning with being dismissed as an alt for a month – and it’s still happening! happened last night – and continuing through other name-calling, insults, etc.

    Note how bent out of shape Nerfender gets about ONE PERSON who criticized MANY. Note how when MANY PEOPLE gang up on ONE PERSON he is not moved at all.

    Little wonder these people can’t understand the nature of mob behavior.


  38. Cocoanut

    Jun 19th, 2005

    P.S. That one person being me, by the way, for those of you who may be a tad thick.

  39. Cocoanut

    Jun 19th, 2005

    P.S. I can’t help but notice what a bloody coward Nerfender is. Apparently he doesn’t dare tarnish whatever he thinks of as his reputation in SL by being quite this nasty under his real name.

    Sassypants – I like that one, too!


  40. nerferder

    Jun 19th, 2005

    Why do I have to “Care” about you?

    You don’t care one “whit” (I see you love that term, so here’s mud in your eye) for those who were ruthlessly antagonized for month after month by Prok.

    You wholly ignore the fact that Prok routinely called people names, “asswipe”, “fucktard” and the like, while you incessantly spotlight the handful of times he riled people up enough to get a similar reply from them.

    Don’t talk to me about cowardice. At least I can think for myself. Address the ideas, not the person, remember?

    And no Sycopants, I am not Stoneself or Noaln. Please insert another coin and pull the lever.

    You can do it.

    “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…”

  41. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 19th, 2005

    Jauani, does it make you feel more powerful to tell the world that I initiated every conversation with you? I imagine it does. I remember Barnes and I used to play that little IM game in TSO, where we’d play hurt sims divas if either one of us didn’t IM the other first for a certain number of days. We’d pout, and strut around and whine to our TSO friends because clearly *certain balloons were wilting* because *cough* *certain people weren’t IMing first and not visiting lots first*. You never played TSO so you never got to see the wonderful diva drama possibilities of watching certain people’s balloons deflate from 1st level green links down through balloon-levels to reach final 10th page hell.

    You were on lower-level balloon page hell with me Jauani without realizing it because of your recurring nasty bantering offensive “chats’ in game, like “teaching me to fly” or TP’ing me into Dore just to wind up helping me get PNG’d for 3 days for swearing in PG because Kex Godel and Nicole Linden set me up for forums revenge. That any many other nasty behaviours — it’s almost like being a nasty drama diva in SL is part of the “fun game”.

    This was not some intellectual chat, and you know it. Read the links. You went on some JWuhad. I can’t call it anything else.
    And to call my polysi post about tier donation “an infomercial” is just plain silly. It’s ok to mention your business in a general way in a post — and I didn’t even do that.

    What, your big gal pal Ulrika get’s to have an infomercial for her socialist toy in Land and Economy and run for days with barely-disguised land sales pitches, and I’m a board ho for putting a little notice in the Lindenized ghetto of polysci? Feh.

    Uri, I appreciate your fine moderating, it is a model for SL. Regarding allegations of charges, I’d like to say just in a general sort of way that when people google your RL name, and they come up with someone with the same or very similar name who isn’t you, in another city, and that person is charged with a RL offense, namely plagiarism, and people in SL then begin to take up first blackmail efforst, then trumpeted of these false, wrong-RL charges on their third-party sites, why, I think all reasonable people East and West, North and South would agree this is LIBEL. Whatever.
    I realize you have little time for SL dramas but it does pay to keep up with forums dramas and understand the sequencing of the events because everything on this story hinges on this very notion: can you divulge RL info and libel people in SL with impunity? It seems you can. And people do. And it is the person who suffered the libel and the disclosure who is now banned — and banned for fighting this crap to the hilt. And it is the disclosers and the libelers who are doing the Victory dance now.

    And since you’re likely to tire of moderating such long posts, Uri, and keeping in mind that you might install something like Andrew Linden’s concept, just posted, of charging per word, I think I’ll repair soon to my blog, and hope to get paid by the article from SLH.

  42. Cocoanut

    Jun 19th, 2005

    I’m working on it, Nerfender. I’m noting your love of the little telling phrase, like that one of mine. That’s a clue.

    Anyway, why do you hide behind the pseudonym?


  43. nerferder

    Jun 19th, 2005

    “I’m working on it, Nerfender. I’m noting your love of the little telling phrase, like that one of mine. That’s a clue.”

    A clue? That I read the forums? How TELLING! You should work for the FBI! I hear the FIC is starting up an FBI agency, you should apply!

    “Anyway, why do you hide behind the pseudonym?”

    Why do you not address my statements and worry so much about who I am? If you know my SL name will it help you and your cronies to label me like you are so fond of doing with everyone who doesnt buy into your fake victim act?

  44. Cocoanut

    Jun 20th, 2005

    Well, I got a theory. Maybe you had a falling out with Uri and company at some time, and you wouldn’t dare post here under who you really are.


    P.S. And of course you’re not Nolan, or Lordfly. My apologies to them for the slur; I was just messing with you and not thinking enough about how they’d feel about it.

  45. Cocoanut

    Jun 20th, 2005

    Or Stoneself. Or whoever else’s little phrases you’ve hidden behind.


  46. Pirate Cotton

    Jun 20th, 2005

    Read the play and The Sound and the Fury so I’m aware of the context. However, taken out of context, the quote applies nicely to you :)

    Thanks for keeping your reply short. I hate sifting through the rubbish.

    Have fun in ban land.

  47. nerferder

    Jun 20th, 2005

    “confession is the crown of evidence,”

  48. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 20th, 2005

    Now why am I NOT surprised that Nerferder is quoting Stalin’s prosecutor Vyshinsky, who one imagines is a kind of spiritual grandfather when it comes to the art of the anonymous attack and the call for draconian punishments and censorship on Forums? To me, it’s not important who Nerferder is, because he’s doing a good job of being Everyman from the forums FIC clique.

    Actually, what Vyshinsky literally said is признание обвиняемого – царица доказательств” “The confession of the accused is the Tsarina of proofs” which is usually translated for an English audience as “crown of evidence”. What this underscores is the *personal* nature of such “confessions” and the people involved — torturer, informer, accused one — accusations, a person accused and a hideous mental image of the opposite of the beautiful woman of “blind justice” — a Tsarina or queen forced to give testimony against herself under torture. If you ever had the experience I had, of leafing through these Russian cases — giant tomes — of false testimony provided through torture, hearsay, scuttlebut, poor or tendentious police work — and then only the defendant’s badly handwritten “confession” on tear-stained pages, forming the text word for word of the indictment, well, you’d have some idea of the process involved in making a statement like that — no due process, no independent judicial system or impartial jury, no truth defense, no law of discovery and a hundred other features of the rule of law. While the forums in a computer game for spoiled rich kids might be a very far cry from the cellars of the Lyubanka, the spirit is the same.

    Whatever “bait” Nerferder thinks he “put out for me” on listing FIC names, my point stands that I can illutrate in each case how they attacked me first — I didn’t even know these people before I embarked on my own self-defense in the original Pahoa Jade/King Kong attack she started in the forums. You can call me a gadfly and a lightning rod and all the rest but the fact stands, this gang has ruled the forums with an iron fist and now have succeeded in persuading LL to use that iron fist themselves on those they dislike.

  49. Lecktor Hannibal

    Jun 20th, 2005

    Hey Prok,
    Good Fucking Riddance from a ‘Live Helper’ . I’ve been waiting for this to happen since you opened up that bullshit can of bile about live help blah blah blah. Have a nice life.

  50. Cocoanut

    Jun 20th, 2005

    Nerfender is a she. Currently banned from posting on the SL forums. And this ain’t no bluff.


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