Novus Ordo Imperialis Disbands

by Urizenus Sklar on 26/11/06 at 4:54 pm

Paramilitary organizations scramble to recruit displaced NOI soldiers.

Ordos1 A victim suffers the cruel wrath of the once proud Novus Ordo Imperialis. Photo via Second Life Times.

By Case Officer, Herald Soldier of Fortune Desk

15 months ago, SLH reporter Clarence Calliope reported on the sandbox patrols of the virtual paramilitary organization, the Alliance Navy. Five months ago, SLH reporter Fiend Ludwig reported on the AN’s move to a private sim, forced in part by frivolous griefing reports and Linden ineptitude. The sandboxes have since gone unpatrolled, and unchecked griefing has been the result. In the interim, a splinter group from the AN emerged. Called the Novus Ordo Imperialis (NOI), it has itself been accused of griefing (see Simon Lambeth’s report in the Second Life Times) and has certainly been a powerful adversary to the Alliance Navy. But now the NOI has disbanded and the various paramilitary groups of Second Life are scrambling to recruit the displace members. Will this lead to more instability in the grid? An overly powerful Aliance Navy? Will a new version of NOI emerge from the ashes? Only time will tell.

For more on the complex history of the NOI, and the resulting shakeout, see below the fold.

According to the highly classified NOI handbook, recently leaked to the Herald, The Novus Ordo Imperialis was spawned by a conflict inside the Alliance Navy. Led by Shadow Keegan, a splinter group of discontent Alliance Navy members formed the Alliance Navy II. While ANII’s original intent was to overthrow the AN, over time the splinter faction began to develop its own independent missions and identity. With the help of Dirk DaSilva, the ANII purchased a sim called Venuma North, placing it North of the orginal Venuma sim (originally called Malibu). Upon settling into Venuma North, the ANII continued to grow in size.

For reasons unknown, ANII fleet admiral Shadow Keegan
was forced to step down and was replaced by Aryte Vesperia. Under Admiral Vesperia, the ANII continued to grow, and also worked to establish non-aggression protocols with the Alliance Navy, eventually leading to a peace pact between the two forces. Realizing that the original mission of the Alliance Navy II had changed radically over time, Admiral Vesperia moved to establish a new name for the military, one that suited its new mission, ideals, and home base. Thus, the Venuma Coalition was born.

According to Herald sources, this is the point at which the peace pact began to unravel. Admiral Vesperia allegedly became romantically entangled with the Alliance Navy’s Air Division Commander. The Coalition’s Marine Commander, Fladara, was reportedly enraged by this.
Consequently, Fladara pursued a personal vendetta against the Alliance Navy, breaking away and creating the Advanced Military Logistics Movement (AMLM), based out of Venuma. The Coalition and AMLM battled for a short time, ending in the surrender of Fladara’s organization. But then a series of events unfolded that were simply Shakespearean in their scope, drama, and treachery

According to our sources, Fladara persuaded Dirk DaSilva, the simulator owner, into believing that the Coalition had been betrayed by the Alliance Navy and that the members no longer supported DaSilva. DaSilva subsequently banned the coalition from Venuma North.

Taking DaSliva’s act to be one of treason, Admiral Vesperia pulled the Coalition from Venuma North and created a new organization, with a new simulator owned by the organization. Followed by the majority of the Coalition, the Novus Ordo Imperialis was founded and its members with drew from Venuma North and rejected the authority Admiral DaSilva

According to a leaked copy of the NOI mission statement, the NOI existed “to serve and protect the lands of Macaroth, as well as to provide a friendly home to soldiers of every level of experience.” It also claimed a nearly Klingon ethic: “Ordo Imperialis soldiers hold loyalty, honor, discipline, and dedication in high regard, and serve with pride and distinction. Soldiers are held to a high standard, and acknowledge this by performing their duties to the best of their ability, both on and off the battlefield.”

Reached for comment, one former NOI officer said that “the Novus Ordo was the only group that could stand up to and go toe-to-toe with the Alliance Navy…I think it would greatly interest the people of SL to know about this and about what the future may bring as the result of the fall of a great empire, one that was actually more honest, honorable, and friendly than the AN ever was.”

Why did the NOI collapse? According to sources it was the usual case of a group leader burning out on SL: “Aryte (Vesperia) just got bored of SL, and decided to shut down the NOI. He was going to leave SL entirely, but somebody talked him out of it.”

This leads to the question of where the homeless soldiers will now go. According to one source, Trevor Russel, the leader of the United Phoenix Alliance, or UPA, has decided to combine the remainder of the NOI with the UPA, although he has yet to decide on a name for this new group.

According to our source, “This should turn out to be a very interesting group, as it will combine the forces of two of the greatest threats to the AN, who might not be very happy with this outcome of the fall of the NOI.” There are also reports that Dantee Elliot of the former NOI will be the new imperator of this group, aka the new supreme leader.

The Herald will continue to keep readers apprised of this rapidly developing paramilitary drama.

56 Responses to “Novus Ordo Imperialis Disbands”

  1. Martin Cord

    Jun 16th, 2007

    Well I find this all very interesting, please continue.

  2. where to start…
    I wonder…
    I must congratulate Mr Salome on his oscar performance, It has been truly classical.
    Now, I have a few questions for AN (seeing as I am banned from Dorien, Tethys, and emit time is somewhat indesposed….’
    Firstly: after AM took over Dorien for 4 hours, sucsessfully shooting all who entered without AM tag, AN seemed to think ‘We want our base back now, lets make up some excuses!’
    I find AN do this a lot.
    All AM members are immediatley banned from Dorien and accused of sim crashing and scuicide bombing.
    Okay, fair enough, here are my points:
    1) AM do not own sim crashers of any kind.
    2) Dorien did not crash at all whilst we were there or to my knowledge, afterwards.
    3) Cough cough! Scuicide bombing? whatever next… dear dear. AN can hardly talk…
    I’d also like to point out that AN is not banned from AM’s base in Guide Island. Far from it. therefore: how is it that AN may attack us, but we may not attack it?
    seems pointless.
    -Fox Mainline.

  3. Bruno Ziskey

    Jul 18th, 2007

    It is quite pointless Fox if your base is set to no script. Whats wrong, afraid people will attack you?

  4. The Historian

    Jan 23rd, 2009

    Will a new version of NOI emerge from the ashes? Only time will tell.


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