Casino Allegedly Pays Jack Squat on $16000 US Jackpot

by Alphaville Herald on 20/06/07 at 6:15 pm

by Flimflam Edelman, Bureau of Casinos, Scams, and Dodgy Dealings


Second Life resident Rhonda Bosen is charging that a casino owned by Hunter Noland failed to pay out on her big win of over 400,000 Linden Dollars — roughly $16,000 $1600 US Dollars. Ms. Bosen has produced chat logs and screen shots in support of her claim against Mr. Noland who is associated with SL corporation Sc Design, and claims to own the following casinos.

Sc Design City Mall & Poker & Casino
Sc Design Mall & Casino at Freihafen
The Caribbean Pearl Mall & Casino
Ocean Casino & Mall (we are informed that he is only manager of this one)

According to Ms. Bosen, Mr. Nolandhas not replied to her inquires nor to those of several witnesses to the win, and has even declined her notecard outlining the lack of payout.


According to a notecard provided to the Herald by Ms. Bosen, she “contacted Hunter about it thinking that maybe he didnt have enough in his account when this happened and all he would do was pay the money back she spent on the machine to start with, even though there were witnesses to the win, witnesses to the shouted notification of the win and a picture taken of the win.” Thus far, however he has been unresponsive. The notecard also offered the following chatlog, and Ms. Bosen claims that she has other witnesses to the event.

[22:53] Fortune Cookie 3.10: Rhonda Bosen Won 2000L$ on Fortune Cookie
[22:54] Fortune Cookie 3.10 whispers: Normal Bet
[22:55] Fortune Cookie 3.10 shouts: Rhonda Bosen Won 400000L$ on Fortune Cookie
[22:56] Fortune Cookie 3.10 whispers: Rhonda Bosen Thank you for playing Fortune Cookie.. Like to play again?

Commenting further, Mr. Bosen had this to say:

I tried to contact him by notecard because we are all busy with our businesses, but he declined the notecard, Other witnesses have even tried to contact him and get him to pay the win that obviously occured but he has still rejected it. This in my opinion is very bad business, especially from someobody that has Malls all over SL and casinos as well.”

The Herald attempted to contact Mr. Noland, but so far has not heard back from him. We invite Mr. Noland to reply directly in these pages if he so chooses. In the meantime we urge all readers not to rush to judgment in this case, but in general to be wary that scams like the one alleged here are entirely possible if not likely in Second Life, and there is little recourse to victims once scammed.

92 Responses to “Casino Allegedly Pays Jack Squat on $16000 US Jackpot”

  1. tp

    Jun 20th, 2007

    Duh, would you pay out $16,000 dollars due to a fluke in a fake money generating casino?
    There is zero legal binding of any kind, no insurance no nothing in a fake SL casino.
    Smart people will only play high stakes poker where the table is in control of the payouts during a tournament but slot whores can’t play poker so fuck em.
    The smear campaign is pretty funny though and I wouldn’t want to deal with a casino even if it is a slot whore junction.

  2. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 20th, 2007

    400,000 Lindens is only about $1,500 US dollars. The rate is about $3.60 or $3.70 per 1000 Lindens. Still bad enough.

  3. Hiro Pendragon

    Jun 20th, 2007

    Move your decimal point one to the left. At 270L/$1USD that’s $1480.

    Not to say this isn’t evidence why gambling in SL is a total scam. (and illegal)

  4. Petey

    Jun 20th, 2007

    Scams in Second Life?

    What a tremendous surprise!

    And have we decided if this is illegal yet?

  5. Artemis Fate

    Jun 20th, 2007

    400,000L$ isn’t 16,000 USD, it’s closer to 1,500 USD.

    A casino owner not wanting to pay out? What a surprise.

  6. Apollo Case

    Jun 20th, 2007

    I think the payout would be closer to 1,600 USD. Anyway, it’s still a lot of money and worthwhile to bring this to public attention. You’re also right about adopting a wait and see attitude on this too, but not too long.

  7. TT

    Jun 20th, 2007

    400k L$ is only $1,600 US.

  8. Alexander Burgess

    Jun 20th, 2007

    Unregulated casino. Why am I not surprised? Who inspects the script? Who checks the books? Who monitors the odds or sets the gaming parameters? There is no monitoring agency, no laws, no bureau of weights and measures even. And in Topgol, the owner of the casino there wants to set up the “gaming commission.” Why does the concept of “conflict of interest” seem to be lost on so many people?

    Thanks for taking him to task, Flimflam & the Herald. But I hope Rhonda’s not holding her breath.

  9. Nimrod yaffle

    Jun 20th, 2007

    Someone isn’t good with math… It’s about 1,600 not 16,000. :D

  10. Tenshi Vielle

    Jun 20th, 2007

    hah… not gonna happen. I’m sure that guy likes taking money, not playing fair.

  11. Wrestling Hulka

    Jun 20th, 2007

    400K is not 16,000USD … at least not at the current rates on Lindex.

  12. annonymous

    Jun 20th, 2007

    Not good at all. The company should pay the payout. Sounds like Cerze Ophelia’s scams.

  13. Merlyn Bailly

    Jun 20th, 2007

    Didn’t you know that casinos HATE big payouts? The RL ones routinely investigate their big jackpot winners, and have been known to bar people who are “unnaturally” lucky, even though they cannot prove there is any cheating going on. That’s why there’s a gaming commission in Nevada which decides who gets a gaming license and who doesn’t – it’s too easy to set up a scam outfit.

    You think the sleazebags who are raking in the cash in SL casinos are going to be any more honest? Time for a reality check, people.

  14. csven

    Jun 20th, 2007

    I always figured a machine would simply de-rez when it did something crazy like let a customer win big. Or initiate some process that would crash the sim. Thus, I have my doubts. But this will be fun to follow.

  15. Ronin Kurosawa

    Jun 20th, 2007

    Try doing that math again. If the jackpot was 403,000L, then US value is closer to $1,500.

  16. Osprey

    Jun 20th, 2007

    Your math is incorrect.

  17. Actually

    Jun 20th, 2007

    400,000L is only about $US 1500

  18. Kahni Poitier

    Jun 20th, 2007

    Thanks for the warning!

    I’ll avoid those places.

  19. urizenus

    Jun 20th, 2007

    Yes, Audrey in typesetting strikes again. I raised this case in her performance review today and she said…get this.. “I was only off by an order of magnitude, which is good by Herald standards”. So I gave her a raise.

  20. Arha

    Jun 20th, 2007

    I was there when the announcement was made that Rhonda had won the L$400k. While I think there’s little chance of her ever getting paid that kind of money, at least others can consider themselves warned about his places.

  21. janeforyou Barbara

    Jun 20th, 2007

    You dont win at a Casino,,you loose, maybe its funny to here there pling pling plong sound and se some orange or lemons jumping (laughts) bit thats all there are to it…i never played that tho. But casinoes are not the only that scamming ppl in SL…i seen ppl put up a ” mall” inviting a lot of shopowner to pay 4 weeks rent at 400 L a week and run off after one week….i seen builders demanding 50% up front up to 50.000 L and run off, word of advice ” DONT TRUST ANYONE WITH YOUR L$ “

  22. Cash

    Jun 21st, 2007

    Not all Casinos are scammers or sleazy, here is proof, visit – Casinos must trade within their limits, like any RL or SL business.

  23. Magnum Serpentine

    Jun 21st, 2007

    Thanks for printing this article, I will not go to any of his Businesses and will ban him from all the lands I have access to.

  24. Coincidental Avatar

    Jun 21st, 2007

    >i seen ppl put up a ” mall” inviting a lot of shopowner to pay 4 weeks rent at 400 L a week and run off after one week….

    And I wonder why some renters of private SIMS want total control :-) Rent and ban sounds like a valid SL business plan. Unfortunately it is so tedious nowadays to fill shopping centers.

    But you haven’t seen a bank or a listed company to disappear? They take with them $100,000

    “There is zero legal binding of any kind, no insurance no nothing in a fake SL casino.”

    What does the Californian legislation says?

    The crooks of SL have taught me that FBI doesn’t investigate crimes which are smaller than $4,000 They plan their actions so that only few individuals pay more than $4,000 to them.

    “i seen builders demanding 50% up front up to 50.000 L”

    I’m confused. What were they building with 100kL? A mobile home?

  25. Aski Kaurismaski

    Jun 21st, 2007

    I remember the old Sc Design Plaza was the first place where I opened my new shop. I was very positively surprised by the management of Hunter Noland. He was always very organised, efficient and fast with any of my requests. That is why I am now taken aback by his actions and his refusal to answer to questions and settle the case.

    The only thing I can give him is that English is not his first language and/or he doesn’t read SLH. But if he deliberately avoids the subject then I have to remind him that bad reputation travels very fast across the grid, he maybe now has 100 different merchants in his malls but this could change very fast. I don’t know of many respectable merchants who want to be connected in any way with scam malls and dodgy mall owners.

  26. Jason Trebuchet

    Jun 21st, 2007

    Since Hunter Noland is german, I decided to post the allegations in a German SL-Forum. Mr. Noland in turn alleged there that Rhonda Bosen never won anything at his Casino, and was actually trying to extort him for 200.000 L$, or she would place the story about her alleged win in here. Mr. Noland further statet that none of the witnesses brought forth by Rhonda Bosen ever even entered his Casino.

    If you can read german, it’s here:

  27. anonymous

    Jun 21st, 2007

    can’t the “winner” file in small claims court for her money?

  28. Achourus Klees

    Jun 21st, 2007

    Well I have to say I’m very very very disappointed with Hunter Noland I have only been playing for the last 20 days and am still very much in the explore mode when it comes to Second Life.

    Quote-> ‘Since Hunter Noland is german, I decided to post the allegations in a German SL-Forum. Mr. Noland in turn alleged there that Rhonda Bosen never won anything at his Casino, and was actually trying to extort him for 200.000 L$’

    Hunter obviously has a short term memory problem. I was also a witness to Rhonda Bosen winning the 400k prize and also the actions of what followed by Hunter Himself. when Rhonda won the 400k me, my wife and one of my US friends that has also joined me in second Life were all there at the time that Rhonda won and to say the least were all cheering for her luck on ventrilo, however our cheering was short lived as Rhonda announced in open chat that the machine had not paid her and that hunter was ignoring her tells. I then sent several tells to Hunter who initially responded to me, He claimed that there was no proof that rhonda had won……. I told him that I had taken a screenshot of her win and also copy pasted it to him the chat/history log. I also explained that all he had to do was teleport into his own casino and the machine itself still had the win info on it so he could physically see for himself the win was there. I then offered to teleport him (just incase he’d forgotten where his casino was) he of course declined my kind offer (*scratch head* (can’t possibly think why). heres what he then did He banned Rhonda Bosen…. then he teleported in and changed the machine that Rhonda had won on to A Jurasic Jackpot…. he has since completely changed the position/layout of that bank of 8 machines probably to deceive people into thinking that any screenshots rhonda took before she was banned were doctored/not taken in his establishment. anyhoo Top and Bottom of it Hunter is a liar plain and simple he was contacted within minutes of the win and refused to payout a very legimate win. oh and here’s some screenies to support what I’m saying I’m quite sure that Hunter will have supporting evidence to the extortion claims he’s making against Rhonda.

    and anyone who can translate the above to german please feel free to do so in response Hunter Nolands response on the website

    and i suspect that as soon as mr hunter reads this post he will be banning me/my wife and my friend from his casino’s land (which i’ll post the screenies of too when/if he does)

  29. annonymous

    Jun 21st, 2007

    What is amazing to me is that Linden will do nothing. Just as they did in my case when a mega sim owner decided to throw everyone that “purchased” land off a sim. Linden does nothing, won’t do anything, and continues to allow sim owners to do what they want.

    If I go to a website and get defrauded, I can contact a few people. The site, the hosting company, etc…

    Linden claims that this is not their issue and that it is a private matter.

    I believe when someone is ripped off in SL, that it’s Linden’s job to get the scammers off their computer systems and quit allowing it.

    They continue to allow it.

  30. Vint

    Jun 21st, 2007

    Most people on the German forum tend to believe Hunter Noland’s story?

    Anyway, about the PS part:

    * The numbers on the machine itself are easy. Just some perspective, blur, … (or just change L$00040 to L$040000 without to much problem copy pasting number and some blending.) So yes, this could very easily be faked.
    * As for the two snapshots anonymous provides, that is way more harder to do. Recreating those would mean taking the original screenshot, creating the dialogs (another snapshot), putting them on transpartant display but making sure the text is not, … So, I’d go with ‘real screenshot’.

    It can still be recreated / reenacted in-world, in Noland’s casino or another one (with the latter option PS’ing the location in the title bar) but that would demand for the conversations to be precisely done and for fake talking objects – for instance on click – to be created. But the title bar states ‘non rezz area’. (Although of course, that can be altered in Photoshop).

    So yes, it can be faked – but either the photoshop or non photoshop work would require a lot of work. So I tend to go with the ‘this is true’ idea.

  31. annonymous

    Jun 21st, 2007

    Above wrote:

    “Duh, would you pay out $16,000 dollars due to a fluke in a fake money generating casino?”


    Look, if casino’s are indeed thieves and robbers, and only there to “take” money and not pay out, it’s a virtual crime. Period. Linden is allowing it.

    The real black eye on all of the scamming going on in SL is Linden. If it’s reported that issues are ocurring, and Linden does nothing to correct the scamming in SL, then they are as much liable. This attitude and documented writing from them: “That is a private Island and we have no jurisdiction.” is hogwash.

    Theft is a crime in most countries. When “L” dollars can be traced to real currency being paid for such via credit cards, then there is an obligation by the service provider to make sure that fraud isn’t being committed. So far, and even in my own experiences, this is not only not happening, but Linden refuses to do anything at all about it.

    There is far more scamming and lost money in SL than most know about. Bankers, Land Barons, Casino Operators, and your average con.

    It’s happened to myself, it’s happened to several others that I know in world. Linden allows it. That is the bottom line. Scamming is allowed.

  32. darkfoxx

    Jun 21st, 2007

    The notecard sent to the casino owner got rejected… Doesn’t mean he rejected it personally and on purpose, if one is set buisy this automatically happens. So for that, I’d say give him the benefit of the doubt.

    If however he still doesn’t respond after an IM a day for a week for instance, then yes it’s a fraud for certain.

    However, I’ve always had the opinion that gambling is the most foolish and selfish way to lose money. You’d be better off just giving it to someone who actually needs it. Well at least, it’d be better for your karma.

  33. Azno Simons

    Jun 21st, 2007

    As an officer of a corporation that operates both a real life casino as well as Second Life casino (PalmVegas Island), I would suggest that this matter be referred to German authorities. There may be something they can do from their end which would then force Linden Labs to reveal the identify of the avatar to the authorities.

    He has given a very bad name to the industry and I would suggest that perhaps other casino operators should contact me in world to discuss this. I am tempted to suggest that we all pool together and pay out the winning claim, but I would want to ensure that casino operator is permanently banned from Second Life. I am willing to put some money up if it means that this cleans this mess up.


  34. Jason Trebuchet

    Jun 21st, 2007

    One thing that doesn’t make sense here:

    Rhonda was using “normal bet”, that means you bet 5 L$, and she got three fortune cookies, which means 800 x 5 L$ = 4.000 L$

    NOT 400.000L$! Such a win is impossible with the fortune cookie slot machine, I just checked it out.

  35. Jason Trebuchet

    Jun 21st, 2007

    And one other thing, that puts a strange light on the witnesses and Rhonda herself:

    Check out their profiles in SL. They all work for the same competing Casino, the “RB Casino”.

    Might it just be that someone is trying to take their competition out of business with these allegations….?

  36. tp

    Jun 21st, 2007

    the screenshots of the the machine shouts she won 400,000 but the numbers in the story screenshot show it winning 403,500. It’s also somewhat fishy that the 2 accounts taking those screenshots appear to be flat broke throw away avatars. Also the main story screen shot is is cropped and doesn’t show anything but a avatar a generic slot machine anyone can buy and some generic tiled walls. I still don’t believe a casino owner would ever set out a machine that would pay out in that high a number if they couldn’t cover it or there was a mistake in that machines script. Way to many variables in this situation to tar and feather this casino owner before solid evidence from a Linden who went over the logs of that transaction is posted.

  37. Inspector General

    Jun 21st, 2007

    I was about to post in your defense. The screenshots are VERY convincing, indeed.

    But on an 800x payoff, you would have to have been pumping L$500 bets into a slot machine.


    I find it quite hard to believe that anybody gambling in a second-rate newbie baiting camper casino is popping L$500 bets into cheap-ass slot machines.

    Nice Photoshop work though, “Rhonda” you dirty little scammer.

    BTW, is “Rhonda” really a dude, or was that a typo? Not that it matters, except I always take the position that if a person lies about one thing, no matter how small, anything they say afterwards should be prudently considered a possible fabrication also.

    Please, no reward is necessary – just doing my job. Hey, do I smell DOUGHNUTS???

  38. urizenus

    Jun 21st, 2007

    Keep digging inspector. Here’s a Cruller.

  39. Anonymous

    Jun 21st, 2007

    I was betting on a 500L machine I only uploaded screenshot did not save it to my hdd and others have screen shots also they took themself so how on earth could I be the scammer DID I MAKE the machine shout out I won also??
    Come on I won fair and square no scamming involved from me ..
    I played 80k Lindens to win a 400K Jackpot just to be refused pay?
    then after I won I was banned then the machine was deleted and replaced I am glad I took screenshopts of the win .

  40. Rhonda

    Jun 21st, 2007

    Here I copy and paste from transaction History SOME of my payments into the fortune cookie and if you think they are fake maybe we can call in Lindens if they ever bother to respond

    138 361225737 Date: 2007-06-13 03:33:28
    Type: Payment
    Desc: Goblins Gold 3.10
    Region: Sc Design
    Destination: hunter Noland
    L$5,000 L$22,610
    139 361225492 Date: 2007-06-13 03:33:11
    Type: Object Pays
    Region: Sc Design
    Source: hunter Noland
    L$3,000 L$27,610
    140 361225000 Date: 2007-06-13 03:32:37
    Type: Payment
    Desc: Fortune Cookie 3.10
    Region: Sc Design
    Destination: hunter Noland
    L$5,000 L$24,610
    141 361223781 Date: 2007-06-13 03:31:13
    Type: Payment
    Desc: Fortune Cookie 3.10
    Region: Sc Design
    Destination: hunter Noland
    L$5,000 L$29,610
    142 361222078 Date: 2007-06-13 03:29:12
    Type: Payment
    Desc: Fortune Cookie 3.10
    Region: Sc Design
    Destination: hunter Noland
    L$5,000 L$34,610

  41. Achourus Klees

    Jun 21st, 2007

    Inspector the screenshots are very convincing because they are REAL lets get Lindens involved here, they should have some form of logging available to themselves for when they do roll backs etc……. how about transaction logs for the days involved between the 2 parties.. oh and for your information i’m based in UK .. rhonda i beleive is in austraila and my friend is based in california as soon as i get her screenshots i’ll post them up too. again undoctored.

  42. Leon Castro

    Jun 21st, 2007

    I am Rhonda’s online partner and the only reason that some of our support is comming from RB casino managment is that RB Casino was created in protest to Nolands dishonesty (check the creation date). Rhonda didn’t want anyone else there to be scammed. One more little casino is not going to take away business from anyone.

    Rhonda’s Account is not a throw away AV and not broke she owns a few islands, malls and legitimate businesses. Gambling is ment to be a relaxing break from her hectic on-line island and business managment, it is not ment to turn into a stressful name calling and questioning her integrity. There is enough proof that she won and didnt get payed.
    Rhonda was making $500 dolar bets that is why the win was so big, big bet is the only way you can win big (anzo and tp).
    Rhonda has not lied about anything I dont know what TP is talking about(I don’t think you can smell donuts, that is just the chip on your shoulder).

    Lindens can easily put this to rest, they can tell if she went to the casino, look at the account info, if she played the money, if Noland didnt have enough L$ in his account to make the payout, they could probably verify that our support in this matter is comming from previuosly un assosiated AV’s, that Noland is changing things like his add and his casino layout.

    Thankyou for all the support on this forum and thankyou for all the in-world support there are good casino operaters out there, I am glad that Rhonda weeded out this bad one.

  43. Coincidental Avatar

    Jun 21st, 2007

    “Just as they did in my case when a mega sim owner decided to throw everyone that “purchased” land off a sim. Linden does nothing, won’t do anything, and continues to allow sim owners to do what they want.”

    Well, they deleted a SIM.

    It is a little bit difficult to make profit and manage SL crime.

    hunter Noland:

    “Mir wurde vor einiger Zeit eine Notecard gegeben und angeboten das gegen zahlung von 200kL$ diese Note NICHT veröffentlicht wird.
    In der Note stand in ungefähr das, was auch im Artikel zu lesen ist.
    Ich habe nicht drauf reagiert.
    Der angegebene gewinn ist bei diesen Maschinen nach den beteinstellungen nicht möglich.
    Es wurden Zeugen angeführt die das Casino nachweislich nicht betreten haben.
    Es wurden ausserdem noch zeugen angeführt die manager im Casino der “Gewinnerin” sind. nachdem ich die nicht akzeptiert habe waren dann angeblich die anderen da.
    ich habe einen Abuse report an LL geschickt, aber ich denke daraus wird nicht viel resultieren.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet von hunter Noland am 21.06.2007 18:16, insgesamt einmal bearbeitet”

    Hunter says that he has been blackmailed by somebody (who?) and he has filed an abuse report (about whom and why?). Somehow Hunter is vague here. Has Rhonda Bosen filed an abuse report? If not, why not?

    LL can see the bet amount from the account of the owner of the machine (Hunter Noland?) and from the account of Rhonda Bosen. Additionally both parties should collect the evidence before it disappears and get witnesses in RL on what their computers screen shows from LL account.

    By the way, the article of SLH doesn’t tell the date, when the incident happened.

    Hunter speaks German but is he German/Swiss/Austrian/.. is another thing. His website is registered in Köln. I’m very surprised if he doesn’t speak sufficiently English too. At least his web site speaks English.

    The claimant should immediately notify that the collection of the debt will occur at the cost of debtor and due interest will be claimed on both.

    And if nothing ever happened, in which jurisdiction Rhonda Bosen and others reside? Were this nothing-ever-happened case a conspiracy?

    (Once upon a time there was an avatar called PN who praised the virtues of American Anarchism in the message boards of LL, and got banned. After banning PN, LL immediately implemented the ideology of PN. Well, it has not been boring but I doubt if it has been wise either. I’ve learnt much how not to do economy. Gather-hunters were the last survived libertarians.)

  44. Inyur

    Jun 21st, 2007

    Lets stop resorting to the Ad hominem here, The Hidden Place as it is called,the owner had laid out various machines that had up to $500 per play. She played a single bet. It’s not a doctored up photo. It is factual. She won, she IMed me she won, the IMed me that she did not get paid, when she cashed out.

    Question is What would YOU Do if you was the one who won, and was unable to collect your winnings?

    The sceptic willies here bad mouthing scamming csino’s in general, are totally off base. There are many good places for adult gaming in SL. Where jackpots are paid, when you win. NO scam about that is there? No!

    We are talking about a casino owner who is unwilling to talk about paying out a jackpot, blocking IM’s refusing to reason or work out the problem. By banning Rhonda does not solve the issue. And if this fellow can’t pay up the amount she won, perhaps he should hand over to her his estate, which is valued about what she won. Is it her fault she won? She went there happy and put in 80,000$L 100′ times more than most of you readers would put in a machine in SL in 10 years. She won, she should get paid, or compensated some way..even if it means giving up the owners property.

  45. Rhonda

    Jun 21st, 2007

    Yes I did file an abuse report when Hunter failed to pay the win. as yet I have not heard back from them and Yes I believe that Linden Labs will have documentation to back me up I know they keep history and transaction logs I know they even keep a log of pays not able to be made due to insufficient funds.. i do so want the lindens to get involved and solve this for me, I have not lied I played I put in lot of Lindens into Hunter Nolands machine I had no idea that i was going to be let down I even asked him if he could afford to pay half of the winnings? but no so i want him to pay up the 400k Lindens I won from his casino, Slot machines are NOT donation boxes Hunter, why on earth did he put out a 500L slot if he didnt have the funds to cover it if it hit a jackpot as it did? and I thank everyone for their support all we need is for Linden Labs to take a look a the history then hopefully Hunter will have to pay up , but all I can see now is I think Hunter is a fraud and is taking money he doesnt deserve

  46. Jessica Holyoke

    Jun 22nd, 2007

    Beyond the laissez faire nature of the lindens, which I hope I spelled right, I bet the Lindens would not get involved with this because it is internet gambling. Rhonda may be austrailian and Hunter may be German, but if the Lindens interfere, they could be seen as facilitating internet gambling.

    I always get pissed off when RL casinos refuse to pay out a jackpot and I feel badly that it happened to you in SL.

  47. Aski Kaurismaski

    Jun 22nd, 2007

    Inspector General:
    “Nice Photoshop work though, “Rhonda” you dirty little scammer.”

    Inspector General, you are not the Inspector Gadget in RL, are you?

    Yesterday, I had some doubts with the snapshot on the main story. Yes, it is a low resolution screenshot, uploaded in world and not saved in the hdd according to Rhonda. THIS snapshot can be edited in Photoshop rather easily.

    However, the other two *.bmp snapshots are far too clear and contain very complex elements, to be produced in Photoshop. It would take a very experienced designer and a long time to be produced in Photoshop as is. If you think it is easily done, call your friends at SCI:SL and ask them to recreate the screenshot.

    Today, after I saw the new snapshots and the comments of the people who were there I am almost certain that they are telling the truth. Even more, because after a full day that the story was posted we haven’t heard anything from Hunter Noland, except of a brief and very vague post on the German forums. And as I said, I was his tenant on his old mall, the guy is German but he speaks perfectly understandable English.

  48. Khady Freund

    Jun 22nd, 2007

    Believe me one thing: The german community is paying lots of attention to this case, due to the fact that Hunter is a member there. That community will never tolerate any fraud and things like that. Problem is: It´s always easy to judge someone for things that aren´t proven. We don´t know if this fraud really happened, we are not calling anyone a liar or pretender or whatever.

    So please keep us informed, especially as you have Linden involved to solve that case (i hope they do so).

    If this fraud turns out to be true, be sure that the person´s name will easily turn into a persona-non-grata state. But as i said above….we can´t say “Yes, he pretended”, and we also can´t say “Rhonda has lied” – please keep us informed.

  49. Achourus Klees

    Jun 22nd, 2007

    I’m more than happy for LL to check any data to verify any information from my account which will show i was there at the time that Rhonda won same goes for my wife, my transaction logs and chat logs will show that were were there playing the machines and chatting amongst ourselves etc prior to and during and after rhonda made the win. as to the claims that the win size is not possible on that particular machine well sorry folks it is attainable.. hunter had set the machine to 500 l$ per play rhonda was playing paying and playing a 500 l$ stake she won and hunter has refused plain and simple to honour that win. he was ONLINE at the time of the win and could have easily clarified there and then that she had won… ALL the evidence required was there on HIS machine in HIS casino all he had to do was teleport in and look at the machine then a quick check of HIS OWN transaction log would have shown that the 400k had not been paid from his account and then all he had to do was honour his payout… If Hunter didn’t have the 400k then Rhonda even offered him the chance to pay her just half what she won just 200k!! Hunters response was to ban her and then delete the machine….
    Inspector general due to your unfair comments and with the kind assistance of Jason Trebuchet we dig a little further digging (without any name calling) and this morning spoke to the owner/designers of the machine in question who were kind enough to give us a demo of the machine in question….. please find below links to all the undoctored screenies we took this morning .

    they also added that I post the following statement on there behalf

    [0:23] Tecster Loll: well you can wright a statement in your article
    [0:23] Rhonda Bosen is Online
    [0:24] Tecster Loll: ” We from AOS will ban Mr. Hunter Noland from all our vendors until this case with Rhonda Boses has sorted out!, We cant take away the slots Mr. Hunter already bought, but we make sure he cant buy any other slots from AOS Gaming until that time.”
    [0:24] Tecster Loll: Bosen
    [0:27] You: rhonda is just logged in

    I would like to thank everyone for there support that has been offered to Rhonda. And I just wish Hunter would stop making all these false allegations and do the honourable thing and pay up.. he he hasn’t got the cash i’m sure that rhonda would come to some agreement with him that could sort this out.

  50. Inyur

    Jun 22nd, 2007

    School is in, subject Math…

    well it was a L$ 500 machine the win was 800x so 400,000 L$.

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