Dolcett Play: Broadly offensive? Naw, it’s what’s for dinner.

by Alphaville Herald on 10/06/07 at 9:57 pm


Can’t Find a Casino? Let’s Barbeque Some Long Pig Instead

There is no better way to illustrate the supreme idiocy of the new Linden content policing policy than the fact that while the word ‘casino’ is now banned from property descriptions (reportedly you can’t even say you are NOT a casino), Dolcett play – i.e. gynophagia roleplay — continues to be advertised and practiced, and you can still be spitted and roasted anytime you want. What this shows is that Linden Lab simply cannot police the grid, and by attempting to edit their content (and enlist) SL residents as abuse-reporting soviet-style police, they have merely made themselves MORE vulnerable to criminal prosecution, as Benjamin Duranske recently argued.

What is Dolcett play you ask? Well Dolcett is a cartoonist specializing in the graphic depiction of the hanging, decapitation, butchering, live skewing, roasting, and eating of women. It is nearly axiomatic that any fetish, no matter how off the hook, will be represented in Second Life, and sure enough all you have to do is search places for Dolcett. Voila’, you have discovered the world of virtual gynophagia.

Content below the fold is NOT safe for work. If you are offended by anything at all you should probably not continue. –Uri





55 Responses to “Dolcett Play: Broadly offensive? Naw, it’s what’s for dinner.”

  1. amigo

    Jul 19th, 2010

    who care,s its not real
    why do people who don,t like stuff feel the need to attack it?
    most violent crimes are created when people are repressed and over controlled. Because they have been born with a skrew loose they lash out.
    sites like this do nothing to encourage real life murder, and every thing to less alienate societys most complex lonely people.
    with genuine dangerous people perhaps it even draws attention to them and there illness
    I would ask these communitys to keep an eye out for genuine dangerous or unbalanced people, and for there to be professional helpline avalible from the website,
    a person showing signs of real life wanton desires or making creepy claims can be caught this way, perhaps before the real damage is done and treated , so no one is hurt out side the computer game.

  2. jhalfway

    Aug 18th, 2010

    i like to see if you have on butcher. the girl willing to be cook with oil

  3. Heidi

    Feb 14th, 2011

    I love the Dolcett Idea, Spitting and Roasting

  4. HarleyHoney

    Jul 30th, 2012

    It s my opinion that with all the outlets secondlife has, there is a decrease in crime as those who think about it can follow through in SL and get it out of there system, and the fact that they are interacting with live people,, those that see this can help them seek help or worn the rl people of the offenders.

  5. KaGe

    Dec 2nd, 2013

    I have just discovered this material and am still in shock, guilty shock. It has really f’d up my head. Yeah, the jessica 3000 turned me on. (FAP!) but afterwards I was like, OMG!!! What have I become!!?
    A cop was recently convicted for planning to do this shit for real after following this material. God! I need to see my therapist!!


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