Dolcett Play: Broadly offensive? Naw, it’s what’s for dinner.

by Alphaville Herald on 10/06/07 at 9:57 pm


Can’t Find a Casino? Let’s Barbeque Some Long Pig Instead

There is no better way to illustrate the supreme idiocy of the new Linden content policing policy than the fact that while the word ‘casino’ is now banned from property descriptions (reportedly you can’t even say you are NOT a casino), Dolcett play – i.e. gynophagia roleplay — continues to be advertised and practiced, and you can still be spitted and roasted anytime you want. What this shows is that Linden Lab simply cannot police the grid, and by attempting to edit their content (and enlist) SL residents as abuse-reporting soviet-style police, they have merely made themselves MORE vulnerable to criminal prosecution, as Benjamin Duranske recently argued.

What is Dolcett play you ask? Well Dolcett is a cartoonist specializing in the graphic depiction of the hanging, decapitation, butchering, live skewing, roasting, and eating of women. It is nearly axiomatic that any fetish, no matter how off the hook, will be represented in Second Life, and sure enough all you have to do is search places for Dolcett. Voila’, you have discovered the world of virtual gynophagia.

Content below the fold is NOT safe for work. If you are offended by anything at all you should probably not continue. –Uri





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  1. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 10th, 2007

    My God, live and learn, didn’t realize there was stuck like that in SL. I thought the Asian bamboo torture chamber was as bad as it got, and the guillotine. Leave it to Uri to find stuff like that.

    I’m sure if you abuse-report that, it will be removed in a New York minute.

    Again, I don’t see how you can posit this statement: “by attempting to edit their content (and enlist) SL residents as abuse-reporting soviet-style police, they have merely made themselves MORE vulnerable to criminal prosecution, as Benjamin Duranske recently argued.”

    That is, I fully agree we are being made into police informers like the KGB-style networks. But precisely by making US the judge and jury, they’ve put it into our hands. If we do NOT abuse report, they have no case. That’s why I say — don’t abuse report. That’s how to break up the informants’ system.

    Now, do you think the Lindens will fly around 8,000 sims and unilaterally police? No. Not until they get an abuse report — or a media report, more likely.

  2. ffffff ffffffffff

    Jun 10th, 2007



    Jun 10th, 2007


  4. Propane Tenk

    Jun 10th, 2007

    We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no thought control

  5. Brent Recreant

    Jun 11th, 2007

    Says the person who couldn’t get over BDSM in the Sims Online. Funny thing about that is EA never banned anybody in the Sims Online for sexual roleplay of any type, and that game was rated T! Anybody as old as 13 could legally engage themselves in a BDSM relationship. Thats what makes this funny.

  6. Free Hat

    Jun 11th, 2007

    I saw a crazy person dress his dog up like a sailor once.

  7. Petey

    Jun 11th, 2007

    Yo Pete, you’re stepping on my toes here. I mock the sociosexual deviants, and you give them a platform, remember?

    Watch out, or I’ll start snooping for the next child prostitute in SL to steal your thunder…

  8. Benjamin Duranske

    Jun 11th, 2007

    Re: the Lindens making themselves more vulnerable to prosecution by soliciting abuse reports and editing profiles and ads that include descriptions of stuff like this, it might seem counterintuitive, but that’s exactly what current caselaw says: if a provider polices content, it can be held liable for content on its system under the CDA. If it doesn’t exercise any editorial control, it is shielded by Section 230(c). That’s how it is — I’m not stating an opinion here.

    As to this particular set of images. Wow. I mean…. just, wow. I actually thought I’d seen everything.

    They’re so over the top, so absurdly grotesque — particularly that last one, which is oddly reminiscent of the penultimate scene in Fargo — that actually I thought someone created them just to test the “broadly offensive” prohibition, except I ran “Dolcett” through Wikipedia and sure enough… this isn’t a test.

    I’m going to go to scrub my eyeballs with something.

  9. Artemis Fate

    Jun 11th, 2007

    Dolcett is probably still the most creepy and disgusting fetish i’ve come across (which is saying a lot). But, compared to the reasons of banning ageplay, I could see it justified as to not being banned, Ageplay was taken out of advertisements because they wanted to hide it from public view. They don’t need to do that with Dolcett, because no one knows what the hell Dolcett is.

  10. Hannibal Lector

    Jun 11th, 2007

    A census taker once tried to test me. I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

  11. ninjafoo Ng

    Jun 11th, 2007

    Your point?

  12. Lewis Nerd

    Jun 11th, 2007

    I don’t participate in the ‘adult’ side of SL in the slightest, but I knew what Dolcett was/is… so quite how you haven’t I don’t know.

    Question of the day… would Prok self-baste if she was put on a Dolcett spitroast?


  13. bubbles

    Jun 11th, 2007

    There’s no such thing as thought crimes but these people need psychiatric help to associate sex with sex and not murder and cannibalism. They are mentally ill by our cultural standards. Should we really provide them with a safe environment to further develop these fantasies?

  14. Hel Pierterson

    Jun 11th, 2007

    And so the witch hunts begin..

  15. dildo baggins

    Jun 11th, 2007

    >>Question of the day… would Prok self-baste if she was put on a Dolcett spitroast?

    mmm…methinketh not.
    I suspect the spittle and drool would douse said fire even if the fat was running like the words in anti-fic post.

  16. Coincidental Avatar

    Jun 11th, 2007

    I’m vegetarian now.

    Well, LL takes their percentage of that role play too.

  17. bubbles

    Jun 11th, 2007

    “And so the witch hunts begin..

    Posted by: Hel Pierterson | June 11, 2007 at 09:12 AM”

    ROFL seeing that the story is about roasting women alive.


    Jun 11th, 2007

    say, before cooking, do the ehm… victims? no, ehm… Dinner, ya that’s a good one.

    Before cooking, does the dinner undergo preperation? Ya know, skinning, removal of intestines, making into nice thin filets, seasoning and such…?
    If so, and the skin is not used in the actual food preperation, let me know. I am starting up a nice clothesline of human skin coats, shoes and handbags, and I’m in need of raw materials.

    And how would one serve a white girl? With a nice pepper sauce, on a bed of fresh lettuce? Or with a spicey peanut sauce?
    I’ve been looking for a cookbook in the local library “To Serve Man” but they don’t have it -.-
    Anyone know if carries it?

  19. Mawkish Maven

    Jun 11th, 2007

    More desperate diseased attempts to advocate ‘freedom of expression’ while trying to sell Google ads.

    Go hide under a rock.

  20. Artemis Fate

    Jun 11th, 2007

    “More desperate diseased attempts to advocate ‘freedom of expression’ while trying to sell Google ads.”

    You know, i’ve conditioned myself so much to not see Ads, I barely even noticed how many ads SL Herald has all the sudden. Well that explains why seemingly the herald has turned over to more attention grabbing (but not necessarily quality) stories and writers like Prokofy, the furry sex lady, and this war bs.

  21. Toby McAllister

    Jun 11th, 2007

    Those pics are actually nauseating.

    There are some sick puppies out there, and it’s time Second Life stopped acting as a safe harbor for them.

  22. jethro

    Jun 11th, 2007

    Eating and being eaten is a perfectly normal and natural part of life! Why would you even suggest that something like this is perverse?

  23. Prokofy Neva

    Jun 12th, 2007

    >Question of the day… would Prok self-baste if she was put on a Dolcett spitroast?


    Chefs disagree whether the Nerd is best served with his balls severed and stuffed in his mouth or his ass, but true connoisseur say it’s irrelevant, as they are so tiny as to be insignificant to the dish.

  24. Anonymous

    Jun 12th, 2007

    Ummm bubbles that’s roasting virtual women alive.

    I love it. Now I can reenact my favorite scenes from the 70′s cult classic, “Cannibal Holocaust!” WOOOOT!!!

  25. mootykips

    Jun 12th, 2007

    This just gave me a wonderful idea. The furries, Goreans/BDSM folks, and these guys should all cooperate and make an e-slaughterhouse/meat packing plant. The BDSM guys could kill the furries, put ‘em in the grinder. Then they could open up a KFC and serve delicious chikkunz (who ever thought it was chicken meat anyway?) to all. If the guys in the fursuits are really pale, it could pass for 100% white meat. We’d just have to hope furry-ism isn’t a brain-wasting prion disease ala mad cow – it very well could be.

  26. Cherry

    Jun 14th, 2007

    Its only art until someone gets hurt.

  27. bubbles

    Jun 14th, 2007

    Ummm bubbles that’s roasting virtual women alive.

    I love it. Now I can reenact my favorite scenes from the 70′s cult classic, “Cannibal Holocaust!” WOOOOT!!!

    Posted by: | June 12, 2007 at 12:16 PM

    …and witch hunts are not really about burning witches either, ummm nevermind!

  28. DF

    Jun 15th, 2007

    Hey, mootykips…

    Wanna eat me? ^.^

  29. ffffffffffffff

    Jun 24th, 2007

    hahahahaha holy christ that’s horrible

    just shows how utterly retarded Linden Labs has become. “hey guys let’s let the bugs in our game take a back seat to our PERSONAL OPINIONS”

  30. eater

    Jul 13th, 2007

    I practce dorcet role play on-line and in real life, it is a safe and harmles bit of fun.

    “Casino” is a band word becaus the stupid type it in and lose all there money. Anyone who has a problem with sexural fredom can sit at home with the bible or be bord at night and pepol who think sick dont have to get involved in any way.

    Out side of fantasy no one is killed, eaten or hurt more then thay want to be. It is consentual and in the comunety pepol who say thay want to do it for real are largly ignored and basikly ful of crap. I have never killed anyone duren sex and were as the thort of me eating my partner may turn us both on, in reality i love the girl and knowing i would end up in prision put me right off the idea of doing it for real befor it even formed.

  31. Maria Leveaux

    Aug 26th, 2007

    “Posted by: bubbles | June 11, 2007 at 11:12 AM

    say, before cooking, do the ehm… victims? no, ehm… Dinner, ya that’s a good one.

    Before cooking, does the dinner undergo preperation? Ya know, skinning, removal of intestines, making into nice thin filets, seasoning and such…?
    If so, and the skin is not used in the actual food preperation,”

    I am a fan of Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantast movies, TV, and Literature, I became aware of Dolcett’s works while researching a Book i am Currently writing, and i will be Including a small segment on his works in my Book. For me, His works are Works of Pure Horror, I get no sexual vibe from it at all. My Own Sexual tastes notwithstanding, I find his material Extremely Disturbing, But i’ve never been one to turn away from things that bother me. In order to understand the world and those who occupy it, I read on. I have a near complete collection of his works in my research files along side many historical, and Literary Horrors.

    The following is presented for Informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as my personal Endorsement of the Dolcett lifestyle.
    This description is Summerized from one of Dolcett’s own Web comics “Merideth’s Last Interview “, It is one of Several variations on a similar Theme, and seems to be his most “refined” one.
    >>>Be warned it is EXTREMELY NASTY, and if you are of a Sensative nature DO NOT READ PAST THIS POINT, For peace of Mind just skip down to the next set of Arrows

    Ok, TMI Time:
    The Intended Meal is Placed upon a machine called the Jenny 2000, Named for the Inventors Wife who was also the First Woman to take a ride on it. She is Locked in Place in Dog style pose with Hard Bindings that keep her neck, and back Streight. Suction cup-like devices are Mounted to her Breasts, the Purpose of which i will Mention later. The Spit is Introduced into Her vaginal Opening. A Second probe is Inserted into her Anal cavity. As the Spit advances through the Body (A process that takes some Minutes) Automated Knives will Open the Abdominal cavity, and High pressure water is shot through the Anal probe to Foce Internal organs to exit the Body. Once the cavity is Cleaned it is stapled shut, and through a secondary tube in the Anal probe a Stuffing mix is introduced to Fill the body (Constituents and Seasonings Not Specified). The Cups mounted to the Breasts will, at this point Force needles into the Nipples and Pump large volumes of melted butter into the breasts (To prevent shriveling and burining during the roast). At the point when the Spit is exiting the Victims mouth, another Automated knife Opens the Jugular vein, and carotid Artery in the neck and the Victim is Exanguinated (Death usually, but not always occurring at this point). The victim Is Given the option of being drugged during the process, but this is usually declined (For reasons known only to the author). After the process is completed The Anal probe is removed, and a Long metal Stablising probe is Introduced into the Anal Pore, and Mounted securely to the Spit to prevent the Victims Body from spinning on the spit as she is Roasted. The Victims Body is Coated with oil, or melted Butter, and her arms, and Legs are trussed to prevent Flailing and ensure an even Roast. The spit is placed over a bed of Coals, and the body is slowly turned, and basting is done frequently. half way through the Process, the Breasts are Stabbed with a Fork to allow escape of fluids, and prevent splitting. Roasting time is not Specified.

    >>>Ok There is the answer to Bubbles Question.
    Dolcett Play in RL is NOT Illegal. it’s a Simulation of the Above events (And it’s variations) Having said that, despite my views on sexual freedoms, and freedom of Speech, Dolcett play DOES seem to fall well within the parameters of what would be considered (By Most SL residents at least) Broadly Offensive. So Far, LL has confined prohibiting Activities of this nature In World to those activities that have RL Laws against them in Federal Jurisdictions, and it would seem to me that IF the Dolcett Players Avoided an open barbeque in Public parks, and confined their activities to their own lands and homes on mature themed Sims, they are unlikely to face ban.

    My Own personal opinions? I find the Practice Disturbing, and Distasteful. it is not something i would ever consider Taking Part in, or reccomending to others.
    That having been said it IS Just my personal opinion, and by NO means to i Endorse my personal opinion as cause to restrict anothers Rights, or Freedoms. I’m Not a perfect person myself, and i would never presume to Enforce my Lifestyle or Moral outlook on others. Do what you Like in your own bedrooms, it’s none of my Business as Long as you are not harming those Unwilling, or Unable to Consent.


  32. Verena Vuckovic

    Sep 5th, 2007

    What the author of this blog does not tell you is that there is an SL Dolcett Girls group with over 440 people in it…..most of them women !

    This stuff isn’t just people picking women randomly off the street and dragging them off to be barbequed. As shocking as it may sound, it is not just men but also women who fantasise Dolcett ( most often as a ‘willing’ victim ).

    It’s pointless trying to explain to the ‘ I am shocked !’ brigade how the most extreme fetishes are often the most erotic. As with all forms of BDSM, people who take part do so because they actually ENJOY it. Of course there are those who will be shocked by such a notion, but the fact that you don’t understand how anyone could possibly enjoy extreme roleplay is no grounds for arguing that they shouldn’t.

    As someone commented above, most of those who roleplay Dolcett on SL steer well clear of anyone who even remotely starts talking about doing stuff in RL. This is pure FANTASY….no different to watching an X rated movie….nobody gets hurt, and most of those who partake are wary of doing stuff with anyone who does not fully understand what Dolcett is.

    Yes its extreme, but SL should be big enough to cater for those who like it that way. And for those who don’t like such stuff…..well, nobody is forcing them to either partake or watch….so, bye and find something you DO like. To my mind, the most offensive thing on SL is those who simply cannot mind their own business.

  33. Irene Gwynneville

    Nov 18th, 2007

    Ahhh Dolcett, such a lovely fetish. Me? I’m into Soft Vore myself.. see you on SL Loves


  34. Dunnae' Mate

    Nov 25th, 2007

    While this isn’t my particular cup of tea, nor do I play any online games (I stumbled upon this by mispelling ‘dole’ as ‘dol’ go figure? Alas, curiosity always gets the better of me). I feel that it is my obligation to ward against narrow mindedness.

    Many people find death erotic, most especially dying for a cause (see Hemingway), and this is no different. If you don’t like it, then don’t participate in it; as long as no one is being harmed, nor freedoms restricted, just don’t get involved.

    Now I don’t presume to know how your game works, but what I’ve gathered from previous posts is that many types of sexual activity are already permitted within it’s realms. All of which could potentially be offending to someone (there are religious groups that abhor sex). So before you jump on the bandwagon flailing your banner of refute against those with a different opinion, remember that your opinion may be just as disliked by someone else, and they aren’t trying to lock you away for it.

    Right then, enough of my pitter patter. Go on with your days and try to take heed what I’ve said.

  35. Verena Vuckovic

    Dec 21st, 2007

    I must have missed something… I don’t understand how those easily ‘offended’ people suddenly find themselves transported into a Dolcett kitchen to be confronted by the unspeakable horrors therein.

    I am familiar with the sim from which the pictures at the head of this page were taken. You simply CANNOT arrive at that Dolcett area ‘by accident’….it requires 2 teleports…further into what is clearly a BDSM site….plus a long walk down a corridor with a number of BDSM pics on the walls….before you get there. It’s patently obvious LONG before you reach the ‘kitchen’ that you are in an ‘extreme’ area !

    So….lol !!…..why would any potential ‘Mr Offended’ venture that far ? Oh…of course…..Mr Offended WANTS to be offended. He simply cannot resist poking his nose in to see what all these naughty people are up to. The horror !

    As I said earlier….THE most offensive thing on SL is actually those who go out of their way to be ‘offended’. It is a category of people I rank alongside griefers. Those who cannot bear the thought that someone, somewhere….on a site they aren’t even on…..may perhaps be doing something a bit naughty.

    The obvious retort of ‘ If you don’t like something – don’t go there ‘ is totally lost on such people. They simply have to have their daily dose of outraged morally indignant offendedness.

    Eh ? Am I not correct ?

  36. Master Dave

    Jan 30th, 2008

    I recently joined an online BDSM group, and checked the photo album area. One album had drawings, many of which were, ahem, disturbing. Many had “Dolcett” written on them, the others had nothing on them.

    The one image (of three) which bothered Me the most was of an outside area. There was a large log in the foreground, another in the background.

    Each log had a woman very securely tied down to it. In the FG was a man with a large icicle getting ready to stab her with it. In the BG were two men doing the same to the woman on their log.

    Many of the images bothered Me to the point of My having to look from the screen while pressing the ‘back’ button. But I was not offended. It has been said of Me, “He is hard to offend.” This is true.

    People who become offended at almost anything are professionals. I believe they take offense because they haven’t got a life, and they also haven’t got a clue as to how to get a life! Or maybe the Universe is all wrong, so they need to correct it!!

    But, I had already been dealing with My intense dislike of those photos of women in bondage so tight and intricate that I refer to it as “women tied in knots”. The large number of these sites, containing what appear to be thousands if not myriads of these images, (Check out “”. These are for real!) had led Me to believe many people enjoy this form of bondage, as extreme as it might seem to Me.

    Certainly what I do is extreme, too. So I had decided to stop being pissy about the women-in-knots photographs. Then the “Dolcett” drawings came up.

    In My appointment the following morning, I talked with My therapist about the “Dolcett” images. I was having trouble discussing the images.

    She asked Me would I “have been affected the same way had the victims been men?”, I said, “Yes.” But I would have been less bothered in that case.

    As an Owner, it is My obligation to keep My property in top condition. I am also Responsible for the well-being of My property. Killing them is antithetical to My values. This is the source of My difficulty.

    I also detest politics, greed, TV sports, TV wrestling, organized religion, and other such–some people love these things. A character in a play said, “There are people who will go to Wall Street every day. You can’t stop them–they LIKE it!” (Something like that, anyway.)

    Well, some folks (i.e. Myself) like whipping, some like bondage, and some like “Dolcett”. Some even like porn. That is just the way it is.


  37. Van

    Apr 26th, 2008

    The outrage that people have is obvious, and in a sense, it’s a comfort that people find erotic murder offensive. However, most people don’t realize that the person initiating and participating in this fantasy, is oftentime doing so to assume the role of the woman roasting on the spit. The fantasy, in most of it’s forms is very seperate from death and even murder. It’s often manifested in a distortion of reality in which the person survives the experience of spitting and cooking. The idea isn’t to fetishize murder, but to fetishize being cooked and consumed. In most cases. Now I know that probably doesn’t diminish the outrage, but it’s probably not the fetish of would be serial killers.

  38. Allie

    Jul 30th, 2008

    This is just one facet of sexual activity within SL. To ban this facet you have to ban all facets.

  39. j

    Aug 19th, 2008

    oh please, i know PLENTY of people who have engaged in dolcett play and are still quite alive. its pretend, the scene is enacted in a way that does not endanger either party. in RL dolcett fantasy the actual process is mocked up,played out together, adn obviously in second life, which is just a game, no one is hurt. BDSM is often split into SSC (safe sane and consensual) and RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink). i personally find SSC a little laughable. the idea of complete safety takes away alot of the fun, but what we can be sure of is that in RACK play such as dolcett, both parties are 100% aware of any risks, and each does there best to minimize them.

  40. Andreas Holrych

    Aug 23rd, 2008

    i see absolutely nothing wrong with any sexual fantasy play two adults consent to. The reason casinos are not allowed in SL is cause of california’s laws. there is no law against fantasy sexual play. what is next if they take away dolcett? rape play? incest? pretty soon teh only pose balls that wont be against the ToS is the missionary position with your wiener sticking out through the hole in your pajamas but only for procreation purposes only.

  41. kani

    Aug 29th, 2008

    Omg you are al sick freaks. get a life

  42. Alive

    Aug 29th, 2008

    Define ‘life’.

    You could have a different definition of the word, but I have a very nice one, myself.

  43. Verena Vuckovic

    Nov 4th, 2008

    “It’s often manifested in a distortion of reality in which the person survives the experience of spitting and cooking”

    The original Dolcett cartoons are all very much ‘tongue in cheek’. It is FANTASY…..something that the professional ‘offended’ people simply cannot comprehend.

    Sort of ironic….that many of those ‘offended’ on religious grounds don’t have any problem with worshipping the real life nailing of someone to a cross. I’m puzzled how those who worship history’s ultimate act of self-inflicted BDSM have the gall to castigate anyone else for mere fantasies !

  44. bbqChef

    Nov 23rd, 2008

    “Sort of ironic….that many of those ‘offended’ on religious grounds don’t have any problem with worshipping the real life nailing of someone to a cross. I’m puzzled how those who worship history’s ultimate act of self-inflicted BDSM have the gall to castigate anyone else for mere fantasies !”

    It’s even better than that: every Sunday Christians eat the body of Christ and drink his blood, literally by the concept of Transubstantiation. Are Christians cannibals then?

    No. And neither are those of us interested in Dolcett.

  45. Justpassinthrough

    Jul 1st, 2009

    Hate to say it but this is the reverse of most discussion threads I have read before. Normally there is a very informed news article and the discussion area is filled with rants and personal cursing back and forth across an argument.
    This article as I read it was less about Dolcett activities and more about the apparent disparity in censorship. For each response here I could give an answer. Some full and complete and some, I would have to say I do not know.
    But on the topic the article stated the disparity comes in because people were gambling online and losing real money. A regular casino has to be zoned and given a place to exist for people to go to. This way more effort is expended reaching for a potentially damaging vice. No this real world effect does not stop people from going and gambling themselves out of house and home. But it slows the process a bit. To allow easy access to gambling in a place where children can reach and access real currency is akin to putting a beer tap in every home and a line out to the brewery. Too much temptation and no level of control.
    The BDSM community and the Dolcett fetish are brought out to point out that a moral stance is a poor platform for stopping a vice as thoroughly as was done to gambling. But the difference there is the Dolcett groups like many of the ‘mature to adult’ groups have arrival areas with multiple warnings and rules. Then the people that participate are not harmed in the real world by anything that goes on in the ‘game’. Casinos do not and will not do that. A casino is not setup for fun. It is setup for PROFIT. Dirty word there, but that is what it boils down to.

    Now I would like to ruin a good exposition on the merits of the original article by saying these things. I am a furry, BDSM,Gor, Dolcett fan. I like Mootykips idea. Unfortunately there are too many haters and griefers out there to allow that kind of fun. As to the story Meredith’s last interview? You read an online story version of it didn’t you. The Dolcett comics are where they came from and mostly ends up as erotica and porn. Thanks that is my soap box minute.

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  48. MasterM

    Sep 24th, 2009

    Most of these discussions are full of people spouting the line “If they do it in SL they’ll do it in RL”. I hope that the miniscule number of Dolcett players are as restrained as the tens of millions of gamers that spend their days slaughtering the innocents and wildlife in places like WoW and Warhammer. If not, the few girls that will get eaten will never be missed in the slaughter that will result from those gamers acting out their murderous rages in RL.

    Furthermore the only place I ever saw a book on “How to Serve Man” was in WoW which I took off of a troll. It starts “first hit the man in the head till he stops wiggling” or words to that effect. At the WoW conventions a common Horde item is stickers and T-Shirts advocating eating gnomes. The theme of much science fiction is invasions of aliens with a taste for human flesh. So the eating of humans has been around a long time in literature and on line gaming without a huge increase in the number of Hannibal Lectors.

    At least Dolcett players love their meat.

  49. the tired of bull shit vore

    Oct 11th, 2009

    fn disgustiung its bad enough the webs full of bull shit vore but to have this shit show up to if you get off on grinding some one up to eat in a meat grinder you need medical help

  50. new looker

    Apr 25th, 2010

    okay.. i am not crazy/psycotic/gay/furry/murderer/neko/death
    i am me…
    i agree that Some aspects on dolcette would and should make people sick…
    but on the other hand.. what sick twisted freak likes to get pain? what sick twisted freak likes to be forced into being a animal? hell what pervert wants to be dressed like a baby?

    Everything has its goods and its bads… dont beleve me? then why can the devil quote scripture and god lie to test the human race?

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