Ekkeo Drake – Post 6 Furry

by Alphaville Herald on 28/07/07 at 1:26 am

[Today our Post 6 feature is Ekkeo Drake, a super cute Ice Joguani. Be careful here - these pictures might lead some human avatars to take a walk on the wild side - possibly resulting in a permanent transformation. As always, this fabulous pictorial was created by the supreme artist of unabashed avatar art - Marilyn Murphy, visionary, entrepreneur, and photographer behind Players, SL’s premier in-world erotica publication -- the Editrix]


I’m Ekkeo Drake, and I’m an Ice Joguani!

When I first entered SL, like everyone else, I was a human. However, the first true friend I met was Elliott. Elliott was a furry, and most of my time spent in SL was spent with him. After a while we drifted apart and went our separate ways, however, my interest in the furry world had been piqued. I met many of Elliott’s friends who were also Furries, and I began to save up money to buy my own Furry AV. Furries to me can hold more expression than the human avatars, most of them look much nicer and seem to be put together with more care and skill (In my opinion) and most furries take pride in their appearance so you get few people running around with the Linden Hair and skins. Personally, Furry Avatars look much cuter and well thought out than Human’s and the community is much more welcoming than any other SL clique I have been a part of.


Elliott also led me to meet my other furry friend Fa who inspired me to begin animating. With his help I put out my first 2 or 3 Animation Overriders and opened my own shop, Glacialis Creations (My first vendor location is still in his store in Mew!) My shop, although still small, has brought in a steady flow of L$s from the sales of cuddles armor and animation which allowed me to expand my AV collection and even begin to modify my own. I bought an Air Joguani and a Light Joguani, and eventually made my own element, the Ice Joguani. Ever since I have been editing my Avatar, and working on animations to improve the way Furries and Humans stand and move in Secondlife!


Anyways, that is the story of my Secondlife, I hope you enjoyed reading it!

12 Responses to “Ekkeo Drake – Post 6 Furry”

  1. WitnessX

    Jul 28th, 2007

    Oh, wow, another furfag.

  2. Brennan Planer

    Jul 28th, 2007

    Was that really Needed, WitnessX? We’re all adults here, or are we?

  3. puff

    Jul 28th, 2007

    i have notthing wrong with fluffys i think they are cool

  4. andw

    Jul 29th, 2007

    Bring back Prokofy Neva!!!

  5. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jul 30th, 2007

    “Personally, Furry Avatars look much cuter and well thought out than Human’s and the community is much more welcoming than any other SL clique I have been a part of.”


  6. moses

    Jul 30th, 2007

    uh oh…do you hear that crackeling sound….the splintering of timbres…the wood work is about to rend open as the nut jobs emerge….be right back, i want to get my pop corn. this will be good.

  7. Ishtarangel Micheline

    Aug 7th, 2007

    I liked your story and its good to see a furry make it in this ruff SL world full of idiots that cant understand that if you go furry your not one of those real world furry types, its just another way to represent your self and being.

    You go girl

    Signed by a part time human/furry (lioness)

  8. Nanaki

    Aug 24th, 2007


    Good to see someone’s still looking after themselves, huh Ekkeo?

  9. Kazu

    Oct 17th, 2007

    Love You! <3

  10. Kazu

    Jan 31st, 2013

    Come back to SL Ekkeo :<

  11. Kazu

    Mar 17th, 2016


  12. Kazu

    Apr 16th, 2016

    I miss you…

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