Angel Fluffy’s Security Services Connected to PN Griefers?

by Pixeleen Mistral on 12/08/07 at 7:31 pm

Sources claim Angel Fluffy is Mudkips Ackronym – notorious PN leader
Griefing group created to fuel demand for Proactive Security?

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk


Running what may have been an anti-griefing protection racket in the virtual world could have backfired on Angel Fluffy – if the rumors flying around the metaverse are true. A number of sources claim that Angel Fluffy has an alternate identity as Mootykips Acronym – leader of the notorious Patriotic Nigras griefing group. Was Angel Fluffy using the PNs to create demand for the security service that Fluffy runs?

This would be ironic, since Fluffy has cultivated a helpful Linden pet image in Second Life by volunteering to “clean up” the feature voting tool proposals – earning a mention in the official Linden Lab newsletter. At the same time Fluffy has helped create a better world by stepping in to serve the in-world demand for capture/rape roleplay, with a business in silvermoon.

Neither of these pursuits have proven overly taxing, and Fluffy has also found time to run a security service and advocate linked ban lists to allow landowners to automatically ban undesirable residents. Of course, running a large scale security service could provide certain opportunities to settle some personal scores while policing the virtual world, and not all residents are sure that Fluffy’s Proactive Security and the site are entirely positive developments.

Longtime resident Yiffy Yaffle believes she has been on the wrong side of Fluffy for some time, and said, “sometimes it’s the guy with the power, that you have to look out for”. Yaffle believes that Fluffy “was working for the PN the whole time”. When I asked if Angel is Mootykips (leader of the PN griefers), Ms. Yaffle told me she was suddenly ejected from Proactive Security and the Justice League Unlimited with no reason given – and once she began investigating, “my investigators came up with chat logs pointing to the fact”. According to Ms. Yaffle, once Fluffy caught wind of the investigations, he “began telling the Proactive Security members to not trust or believe me”.

Yiffy Yaffle just wants to be left alone

In time, Ms. Yaffle went public on his blog, and saying this week’s drama happened because “I guess he goofed up in front of spies and got caught. Then they put the puzzle together and found out the truth”.

the PN believe

Apparently word has spread through the PN group, and today Urizenus Sklar obtained a note suggesting that the Patriotic Nigras believe the Angel Fluffy is Mudkips Ackronym. The timing of certain changes in leadership suggest that something is going on – shortly after Yiffy Yaffle’s blog post on July 30, our sources claim that Mootykips announced his resignation – at the same time Angel Fluffy announced that he was resigning as head of Proactive Security. The PN note continues in this vein:

Around a year ago, a furfag named Angel Fluffy created a security company in Second Life called Proactive Security. In order for the company to be truly profitable, he needed a real threat. Something wtih quadruple the niggabits of W-Hat and Plastic Duck. Of course, lovely SLfag security systems don’t do shit. How, then, would he maek his space monies? The idea came to him. He would found a griefing group and make people pay to be passed over by the forces of Anonymous. Proactive Security is closely related to the JLU – the JLU may have been created by Proactive Security.

Angel Fluffy owns the GYC. Mootykips deleted the 24/7 GYC raid thread. When IntBlubber started paying Proactive Security, Mooty told us to stop raiding him and concentrate on FurNation. I couldn’t believe it either. However, TheSaikyou5, Captcha, Izdatsumchikkunz, Watermill, and Yaranaika all agree with me. Saikyou and Captcha are the ones who got me going, and I found the evidance that convinced me myself. At first I thought they were all batshit insane.

Some say it doesn’t matter since Mootykips is gone now, but what we can do is hit this fag with all we’ve got. He’s heavily invested in SL, so it would really sting. He used Anonymous as his personal army.

In B4 B&, by N3X15, lulz.
You know what to do, Anonymous.

Angel Fluffy has a secret

To get the other side of the story, I interviewed Angel Fluffy this afternoon:

Pixeleen Mistral: there are a number of people who say you are Mootykips – the leader of the PN – and I would like to get your reaction to that – why would people think you are Mootykips?
Angel Fluffy: Before I can proceed with answering your questions, I need assurance that what I say will not be quoted or otherwise used in articles.

Pixeleen Mistral: I wonder why you cannot talk on the record? that will look odd in the story I am writing
Angel Fluffy: If I explain what is actually going on here to you, and you explain it to people via the Herald or otherwise, it will be bad for Second Life. On the other hand if I don’t explain it to you, you will probably run a story anyway, but it will be based on information which will make the Herald look bad in the end.

Pixeleen Mistral: you are right – I’m running a story no matter what. I’m being professional and giving you a chance to tell your side
Angel Fluffy: I cannot explain this situation in public media, for there would be negative consequences for Second Life if I did. I know that there will probably be negative consequences for me personally (and for the Herald in the long term) if you run a story based on the information you have now. Nevertheless, the consequences for the Herald are up to you via your choices, and I consider these personal losses to me as preferable over harm to Second Life.

Pixeleen Mistral: maybe tell me what sort of negative consequences we should be concerned about for SL. Do you have ANYTHING to say on the record?
Angel Fluffy: As you cannot offer me the required confidentiality assurance, I must regretfully decline to offer any further comment on this subject. Apologies for the inconvenience caused, and no hard feelings. I recognize that you are only doing your job.

gags for sale at Angel Fluffy’s capture/rape roleplay sim

Angel Fluffy’s Herald investigation

While Angel Fluffy evidently has some secrets, Fluffy can be zealous in collecting information about potential targets. Earlier this summer, Herald staffers learned that Fluffy had sent out an all points bulletin via Proactive Security looking for dirt on Herald staff. Here is the notecard:

Proactive Security Group Notice:
Howdy! I’m seeking two things. First is volunteers to send RELEVANT security-related notices to PS, to help keep members up to date. The second is information about the SL Herald. In particular, I would like to know about experiences people have had with the various staff working for the Herald, and in particular, all information people have about the residents on their management/editor team. If you have relevant info about the Herald or its staff please IM it to me. Thank you.

In particular, information about Pixeleen Mistral, Urizenus Sklar, Walker Spaight, Prokofy Neva, Marilyn Murphy, Heartun Breaker and Matthias Zander is sought. Information about other Herald staff is welcome, but information about the above remains particularly appreciated. Please send it to me as notecards, or IM me for my email address if you have lots of stuff to send. If you’re not sure if its relevant or not, it probably is, so go ahead and send anything you have legally obtained. Thank you! :)

One might speculate this investigation was motivated by excessive zeal in “protecting” Second Life, or perhaps a desire to intimidate the press while role playing a furry J. Edgar Hoover. In either case, it raises questions about Proactive Security’s management, and about the sort of restraints needed to counter the excesses of the SL “security” industry.

this drama to be continued…

While it remains to be proven that Fluffy was part of the PN or has been running a protection racket, at least some of the PNs think so, and they would seem to be in a position to know. The perils of attempting to hoodwink goons and griefers into acting as a personal army for business purposes may become clear if the Anonymous begin extracting their virtual pound of flesh.

Meanwhile, Yiffy Yaffle provided the Herald with the script for a YouTube video she plans to make – the idea being that a video may be the best way for Ms. Yaffle has to tell the world this is serious.

Where does the truth lie? Stay tuned. It is unlikely the drama will end anytime soon.

Script for Yiffy Yaffle’s soon-to-be released video:

I am yiffy yaffle in second life. I’m making this video to spread my story about the recent discovery of SL resident Angel fluffy being a alternate account of Mootykips from the patriotic nigras. As most have found out recently, angel has tricked a lot of people. but what you don’t know is what he did to me and that i played a part in this discovery. when i first met angel he was just opening his sim and connected it to the fur valley community and i helped him settle in. later on he helped test the banlink system. I helped him with that too.

He made the proactive security group which he invited many sim owners and estate managers to, and i was one of them. About 2 months ago i was ejected from this group along as being ejected from justice league. It turns out that he told kalel the owner to eject me from it and give no reason, and to mute me. I set out to find out why he did all of this to me, because i was not aware i did anything wrong. My investigators turned up some interesting news during this time.

Angel began slandering my name to the proactive security group telling them not to trust me and to all ignore me. What he didn’t know is most of those people know me quite well and will ally with me any day over him. Why? because i care about the community. I’ve done lots of stuff for SL as a whole, such as freebie scripts and products. I’ve thought people how to build. I’ve built for them. I have almost 3000 posts on the forums expressing my interests and feelings about in game issues.

I found out a month ago that he was mootykips and i kept it a secret because he ceased to slander my name for a short while. I talked to kalel the owner of justice league on a news blog and he told me that angel would leave me alone if i stopped bringing it up. He was wrong because not more then a week later anger slandered my name once more. Only this time he brought my mate into it. My mate is Sha Laxness. She is hated by the PN as well as proactive security because the PN framed her for a crashing of furnation or something.

Since Angel is actually the leader of PN as mootykips, of course he freaked out finding out i’m mated to one of his greatest threats. But now i am his greatest threat. But don’t worry i wont do anything to get myself in trouble. I only retaliate. The more he attempts to hurt me, the deeper the hole he digs for himself. I may be nice to most people, but attempt to hurt me and i fight back hard. Last week I posted info on my blog at about him being mooty. Which has caught attention already.

So yes i played a small part in this discovery, but it was really my best investigative friends who earned the credit. And my allys who supported me through these troubling times. I cannot give names to protect identities. However i can leave you with these few words. Angel, if you can’t win the battle, don’t start the war.

69 Responses to “Angel Fluffy’s Security Services Connected to PN Griefers?”

  1. mootykips

    Aug 13th, 2007

    DaveOner, you’re right. I spent all of yesterday rigging elaborate traps for Black Spy. Watch that soda machine!

  2. Sword of Destiny

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Verbena Pennyfeather’s player is a low-ranking loser in the US military who acts out his psy-ops fantasies in Second Life. I’m sure Verbena’s players’ C.O. would be thrilled to know the contempt with which he holds his fellow citizens and the citizenry of other nations. To paraphrase Tom Leherer: ‘It makes one proud to be a soldier’

    Pick on the weak, the defenseless and the unsuspecting, eh Verbena? Why with a remedial course in diplomatic linguistics you could start writing the US foreign policy.

  3. Verbena Pennyfeather

    Aug 13th, 2007

    You forgot how I like to murder babies too Sword.

  4. N3X15

    Aug 13th, 2007

    i live on a choochoo train so the lindens furries and crazy catladies can’t find me

    chugga chugga choo choo all aboard the griefertrain

  5. Anonymous

    Aug 13th, 2007

    >>>i live on a choochoo train so the lindens furries and crazy catladies can’t find me

    chugga chugga choo choo all aboard the griefertrain

    OMG U 2?

  6. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Nice lying there, Verbena.

    Voter 5 doesn’t even exist: It’s one man all alone – Hazim Gazov. He’s trolling Prok into thinking he has an army of griefers to go after her, and he’s doing a damn fine job of it too.


    … Now, onto the supposedly dire consequences for SL if we were to know the truth about Angel Fluffy:

    Here is what is certain – he cooperates with the Lindens to help them ban griefers faster. This isn’t really special though, as anyone with the motivation to keep IM’ing Michael Linden all day can do the same.

  7. mootykips

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Yes, and Hazim is really my cat.


  8. Lance Johnson

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Angel Fluffy is Mootykips!

  9. Prokofy Neva

    Aug 14th, 2007

    A plausible scenario is that the Fluffy told the Lindens he would deliberately bait himself to be griefed, to help them track griefers.

    The ultimate Capture Roleplay!

    They went along with this deal, even though it opened up real questions about them colluding in special ways with some residents to create sting operations. But they’re possibly that desperate to solve the griefer problem.

    LL also loves all that cleaning up of pesky voter ideas and dreaming up of LSL commands to better ban people that Fluffy does.

    So they went along with it. Then it developed that in the course of this intel op, they gathered intelligence about the intentions of the PNs and their various hangers on and helpers and abetters to attack other residents, like Luskwood, Ravenglass, etc.

    And even though they knew of these intentions, they didn’t then warn those targeted, or try to prevent the attacks, because they had to play out the sting, and not compromise the intel op.

    So they tried to assuage their guilt by at least removing these attackers really fast from the People list once they attacked, sometimes so fast that their grief objects were still warm, spewing particles with AIDS or notecards or chat saying BIG **** **** ostensibly from “Phillip Linden” in sandboxes — unable to be abuse reported even because their makers were already out of the People list.

    Obviously, if it became known that a) LL colluded with residents in sting ops and b) that they had knowledge of attacks and let them happen so as not to compromise their stings, it could be very embarrassing.

  10. Anonymous

    Aug 14th, 2007

    Glad I read this article, and discussion thread. Just proves to me one more time this SL thing is serious fucking business.

  11. verbena pennyfeather

    Aug 14th, 2007

    Hey Alyx,if you were up on your SL history you’d know Voted 5 was my group. We owned Satyr sim. Got banned for some politico BS. Prok will be sure to explain it with plenty of Commie overtones.

    Voter 5 is some stupid \b\ thing to piss off Prok.

  12. NobodyImportant

    Aug 14th, 2007

    Everyone, you’re missing the obvious conclusion.


    Prokofy Neva created the PN group so she/he/it could write countless conspiracy articles and not seem entirely crazy. Unfortunately, it backfired, and so Prok had to resort to “griefing” her/him/itself, so she/he/it could appear to be the victim.

    It’s all a conspiracy by Prokofy Neva!

  13. Prokofybot

    Aug 14th, 2007

    Obviously, if it became known that a) LL colluded with residents in sting ops and b) that they had knowledge of attacks and let them happen so as not to compromise their stings, it could be very embarrassing.

    One must point out that everything that Procockney has written in the preceding comment is, as far as we can tell, the product of her catfood-and-booze-addled mind.

  14. DaveOner

    Aug 14th, 2007

    Prok is funnier than Gallager! Although Green and Black horizontal stripes wouldn’t be too flattering for her…


    Aug 14th, 2007

    mooty kips is 16? he has been been kicked out of pn?

    oh the dis-information

    there is no telling what the truth is.

    only a a few people knows.

  16. Yiffy Yaffle

    Aug 14th, 2007

    Just for the record if most have read the article it shows that I’ve known angel fluffy was mootykips for well over a month. I was waiting for the right time ti air my story about it where it could be believable. This recent incident was the time. I found out because my friends investigated as to why angel booted me from proactive security. I was hoping to find out the reason but i found out more then i had hoped.

  17. d3adlyc0d3c

    Aug 14th, 2007

    HAHA this is great. No one in the PN or any other ‘griefer’ group is taking this seriously. Why? Cuz only Slfags take shit like this seriously. I have no idea wtf happened with the whole mootykips thing. Only one thing is certain…we MUST keep crashing sims, harrassing random people and just generally pissing people off creating enough lulzmilk for me to bathe in while prostitutes clip my toenails

    P.S. I am the one that developed the grid crashing weapon. Im going to publish the source for it on the PN forum tonight too. So suck on that bitches.

  18. Artemis Fate

    Aug 14th, 2007

    “HAHA this is great. No one in the PN or any other ‘griefer’ group is taking this seriously. Why? Cuz only Slfags take shit like this seriously. I have no idea wtf happened with the whole mootykips thing. Only one thing is certain…we MUST keep crashing sims, harrassing random people and just generally pissing people off creating enough lulzmilk for me to bathe in while prostitutes clip my toenails”

    That’s right. The PN take “not taking things seriously” VERY seriously.

  19. Maria Leveaux

    Aug 25th, 2007

    I saw a Film once that was called “Truth, or B*llsh*t” Exposing the truth behind the Rumor that Jack the Ripper was actually The Loch Ness Monster.So, what have you given us here that is any Different?

    Ok, I see one disgruntled Ex-Employee, and a few vague innuendos, But No Real proof, No smoking gun, Nothing but words, third and fourth hand reports of he said/she said.

    I’m not Forming an opinion Either way, But this Article and Yiffy’s claims Fall into the catagory of a whole lot of Nothing Unless you present us with One Independantly verifiable FACT.

    Tune it up a bit, and resubmit when you have something.


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