Angel Fluffy’s Security Services Connected to PN Griefers?

by Pixeleen Mistral on 12/08/07 at 7:31 pm

Sources claim Angel Fluffy is Mudkips Ackronym – notorious PN leader
Griefing group created to fuel demand for Proactive Security?

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk


Running what may have been an anti-griefing protection racket in the virtual world could have backfired on Angel Fluffy – if the rumors flying around the metaverse are true. A number of sources claim that Angel Fluffy has an alternate identity as Mootykips Acronym – leader of the notorious Patriotic Nigras griefing group. Was Angel Fluffy using the PNs to create demand for the security service that Fluffy runs?

This would be ironic, since Fluffy has cultivated a helpful Linden pet image in Second Life by volunteering to “clean up” the feature voting tool proposals – earning a mention in the official Linden Lab newsletter. At the same time Fluffy has helped create a better world by stepping in to serve the in-world demand for capture/rape roleplay, with a business in silvermoon.

Neither of these pursuits have proven overly taxing, and Fluffy has also found time to run a security service and advocate linked ban lists to allow landowners to automatically ban undesirable residents. Of course, running a large scale security service could provide certain opportunities to settle some personal scores while policing the virtual world, and not all residents are sure that Fluffy’s Proactive Security and the site are entirely positive developments.

Longtime resident Yiffy Yaffle believes she has been on the wrong side of Fluffy for some time, and said, “sometimes it’s the guy with the power, that you have to look out for”. Yaffle believes that Fluffy “was working for the PN the whole time”. When I asked if Angel is Mootykips (leader of the PN griefers), Ms. Yaffle told me she was suddenly ejected from Proactive Security and the Justice League Unlimited with no reason given – and once she began investigating, “my investigators came up with chat logs pointing to the fact”. According to Ms. Yaffle, once Fluffy caught wind of the investigations, he “began telling the Proactive Security members to not trust or believe me”.

Yiffy Yaffle just wants to be left alone

In time, Ms. Yaffle went public on his blog, and saying this week’s drama happened because “I guess he goofed up in front of spies and got caught. Then they put the puzzle together and found out the truth”.

the PN believe

Apparently word has spread through the PN group, and today Urizenus Sklar obtained a note suggesting that the Patriotic Nigras believe the Angel Fluffy is Mudkips Ackronym. The timing of certain changes in leadership suggest that something is going on – shortly after Yiffy Yaffle’s blog post on July 30, our sources claim that Mootykips announced his resignation – at the same time Angel Fluffy announced that he was resigning as head of Proactive Security. The PN note continues in this vein:

Around a year ago, a furfag named Angel Fluffy created a security company in Second Life called Proactive Security. In order for the company to be truly profitable, he needed a real threat. Something wtih quadruple the niggabits of W-Hat and Plastic Duck. Of course, lovely SLfag security systems don’t do shit. How, then, would he maek his space monies? The idea came to him. He would found a griefing group and make people pay to be passed over by the forces of Anonymous. Proactive Security is closely related to the JLU – the JLU may have been created by Proactive Security.

Angel Fluffy owns the GYC. Mootykips deleted the 24/7 GYC raid thread. When IntBlubber started paying Proactive Security, Mooty told us to stop raiding him and concentrate on FurNation. I couldn’t believe it either. However, TheSaikyou5, Captcha, Izdatsumchikkunz, Watermill, and Yaranaika all agree with me. Saikyou and Captcha are the ones who got me going, and I found the evidance that convinced me myself. At first I thought they were all batshit insane.

Some say it doesn’t matter since Mootykips is gone now, but what we can do is hit this fag with all we’ve got. He’s heavily invested in SL, so it would really sting. He used Anonymous as his personal army.

In B4 B&, by N3X15, lulz.
You know what to do, Anonymous.

Angel Fluffy has a secret

To get the other side of the story, I interviewed Angel Fluffy this afternoon:

Pixeleen Mistral: there are a number of people who say you are Mootykips – the leader of the PN – and I would like to get your reaction to that – why would people think you are Mootykips?
Angel Fluffy: Before I can proceed with answering your questions, I need assurance that what I say will not be quoted or otherwise used in articles.

Pixeleen Mistral: I wonder why you cannot talk on the record? that will look odd in the story I am writing
Angel Fluffy: If I explain what is actually going on here to you, and you explain it to people via the Herald or otherwise, it will be bad for Second Life. On the other hand if I don’t explain it to you, you will probably run a story anyway, but it will be based on information which will make the Herald look bad in the end.

Pixeleen Mistral: you are right – I’m running a story no matter what. I’m being professional and giving you a chance to tell your side
Angel Fluffy: I cannot explain this situation in public media, for there would be negative consequences for Second Life if I did. I know that there will probably be negative consequences for me personally (and for the Herald in the long term) if you run a story based on the information you have now. Nevertheless, the consequences for the Herald are up to you via your choices, and I consider these personal losses to me as preferable over harm to Second Life.

Pixeleen Mistral: maybe tell me what sort of negative consequences we should be concerned about for SL. Do you have ANYTHING to say on the record?
Angel Fluffy: As you cannot offer me the required confidentiality assurance, I must regretfully decline to offer any further comment on this subject. Apologies for the inconvenience caused, and no hard feelings. I recognize that you are only doing your job.

gags for sale at Angel Fluffy’s capture/rape roleplay sim

Angel Fluffy’s Herald investigation

While Angel Fluffy evidently has some secrets, Fluffy can be zealous in collecting information about potential targets. Earlier this summer, Herald staffers learned that Fluffy had sent out an all points bulletin via Proactive Security looking for dirt on Herald staff. Here is the notecard:

Proactive Security Group Notice:
Howdy! I’m seeking two things. First is volunteers to send RELEVANT security-related notices to PS, to help keep members up to date. The second is information about the SL Herald. In particular, I would like to know about experiences people have had with the various staff working for the Herald, and in particular, all information people have about the residents on their management/editor team. If you have relevant info about the Herald or its staff please IM it to me. Thank you.

In particular, information about Pixeleen Mistral, Urizenus Sklar, Walker Spaight, Prokofy Neva, Marilyn Murphy, Heartun Breaker and Matthias Zander is sought. Information about other Herald staff is welcome, but information about the above remains particularly appreciated. Please send it to me as notecards, or IM me for my email address if you have lots of stuff to send. If you’re not sure if its relevant or not, it probably is, so go ahead and send anything you have legally obtained. Thank you! :)

One might speculate this investigation was motivated by excessive zeal in “protecting” Second Life, or perhaps a desire to intimidate the press while role playing a furry J. Edgar Hoover. In either case, it raises questions about Proactive Security’s management, and about the sort of restraints needed to counter the excesses of the SL “security” industry.

this drama to be continued…

While it remains to be proven that Fluffy was part of the PN or has been running a protection racket, at least some of the PNs think so, and they would seem to be in a position to know. The perils of attempting to hoodwink goons and griefers into acting as a personal army for business purposes may become clear if the Anonymous begin extracting their virtual pound of flesh.

Meanwhile, Yiffy Yaffle provided the Herald with the script for a YouTube video she plans to make – the idea being that a video may be the best way for Ms. Yaffle has to tell the world this is serious.

Where does the truth lie? Stay tuned. It is unlikely the drama will end anytime soon.

Script for Yiffy Yaffle’s soon-to-be released video:

I am yiffy yaffle in second life. I’m making this video to spread my story about the recent discovery of SL resident Angel fluffy being a alternate account of Mootykips from the patriotic nigras. As most have found out recently, angel has tricked a lot of people. but what you don’t know is what he did to me and that i played a part in this discovery. when i first met angel he was just opening his sim and connected it to the fur valley community and i helped him settle in. later on he helped test the banlink system. I helped him with that too.

He made the proactive security group which he invited many sim owners and estate managers to, and i was one of them. About 2 months ago i was ejected from this group along as being ejected from justice league. It turns out that he told kalel the owner to eject me from it and give no reason, and to mute me. I set out to find out why he did all of this to me, because i was not aware i did anything wrong. My investigators turned up some interesting news during this time.

Angel began slandering my name to the proactive security group telling them not to trust me and to all ignore me. What he didn’t know is most of those people know me quite well and will ally with me any day over him. Why? because i care about the community. I’ve done lots of stuff for SL as a whole, such as freebie scripts and products. I’ve thought people how to build. I’ve built for them. I have almost 3000 posts on the forums expressing my interests and feelings about in game issues.

I found out a month ago that he was mootykips and i kept it a secret because he ceased to slander my name for a short while. I talked to kalel the owner of justice league on a news blog and he told me that angel would leave me alone if i stopped bringing it up. He was wrong because not more then a week later anger slandered my name once more. Only this time he brought my mate into it. My mate is Sha Laxness. She is hated by the PN as well as proactive security because the PN framed her for a crashing of furnation or something.

Since Angel is actually the leader of PN as mootykips, of course he freaked out finding out i’m mated to one of his greatest threats. But now i am his greatest threat. But don’t worry i wont do anything to get myself in trouble. I only retaliate. The more he attempts to hurt me, the deeper the hole he digs for himself. I may be nice to most people, but attempt to hurt me and i fight back hard. Last week I posted info on my blog at about him being mooty. Which has caught attention already.

So yes i played a small part in this discovery, but it was really my best investigative friends who earned the credit. And my allys who supported me through these troubling times. I cannot give names to protect identities. However i can leave you with these few words. Angel, if you can’t win the battle, don’t start the war.

69 Responses to “Angel Fluffy’s Security Services Connected to PN Griefers?”

  1. mootykips

    Aug 12th, 2007

    oh damn you caught me, that three-man raid on the GYC in january was all my evil plan to create a giant space bux organization (never mind it was only intended as a one day raid). and the fact I couldn’t make anything more than boxes is probably a cover-up. never mind the fact the grid-destroying weapons only were created this few past months and not even by me, and PN hardly did any damage to anything through about March.

    it’s a Prokspiracy!

    (btw, N3X15 is Nexxus Ambassador, who runs Furnation! I have trusted furfag sources to back up this information! I mean, the names being similar must point to something, right?!! RIGHT?)

    p.s.: kudos to Angel Fluffy for his excellent double-speak.

  2. Prokofy Neva

    Aug 12th, 2007

    Oh, dear God. I can’t believe Pixeleen bit on this one. We all got the “Mudlips=Angel” notes and the big revelation the other day. It’s just the latest propaganda scam operation, to try to distract from the real culprits.

    Yiffle Yaffle is an old w-hat/v-5 whatever grieftard himself, I’ve documented that multiple times.

    Don’t get me wrong; Angel Fluffy is Evil Incarnate in Second Life. He represents the Security State we need to all fear and fight. He’s the doom of the Metaverse. He’s also been invited to SL Views, which certifies the evilness.

    However, this is all just too pat. Angel spends a lot of time trying to fight these guys, and of course falsely invokes exaggerated fears of them to peddle his security and foist all kinds of Jira thingies on the Lindens, but it’s unlikely that he’s one of the PNs, he is more cunning and ambitious than they are.

    Of course, there’s always a more diabolical caper-within-a-caper, in which Angel Fluffy sets up the rumour to have everyone think Muddykips is him, then triumphantly exposes the propaganda campaign to illustrate how really evil the PN are and how they lie, and then crack down even harder on everybody and ban the shit out of the world.

    And then he discredits the Herald for publishing rumours, or even starts a libel suit.

  3. mootykips

    Aug 12th, 2007

    mootykips says:
    mootykips says:
    mootykips says:
    Anonymous says:
    mootykips says:
    Anonymous says:
    well…conspiracies are her specialty
    Anonymous says:
    she’s bound to get one right…


    Aug 12th, 2007

    what folks fail to realize is that kips is an idealist… true to that type of person he can’t be bought and wouldn’t sell out pn for a few bucks. geezuz people its sociology 101

  5. PN

    Aug 12th, 2007


    Mods: check my email address if you believe I’m lying

  6. Kalel Venkman

    Aug 12th, 2007

    Just a small correction here – while it’s true that Angel Fluffy was involved in a security organization, that organization was not a “company”, in the sense that nobody was paying for services. Rather, it was – and is – a coalition of estate managers and others who pool their knowledge in an effort to keep their own sims safe from attack by various griefer groups (such as the PN).

    There are many groups in Second Life about whose internal details the public knows little – the tendency is to invent information out of whole cloth to fill the gaps in available information. The Lindens, for example, are often assumed to be some sort of machine into which one can feed nonsense and derive all manner of unpleasant or illogical response. This is a false assumption – the Lindens are not like a pipe wrench, for anyone to pick up and use or misuse. They are people, with a very large database at their disposal which they can use to prove beyond doubt the nature of a situation. It is upon this that they act, when they do take action. Grand imaginings of individuals within Second Life having absolute sway over the intelligent individuals at Linden Lab are just so much bosch.

    Another tendency is to believe that influence can be bought and sold in Second Life like a commodity, for sale to the highest bidder. Influence does not come from lies or invention. In the end, these fail. Virtual dollars cannot buy true loyalty any more than real ones – in the end, all that matters is loyalty, friendship and trust. These principles, above any others, are what make groups in Second Life – and in real life, for that matter – strong. It was for these reasons that the members of Proactive Security worked with Angel Fluffy, and the reason Angel worked with them.

    The probability of Angel being Mudkips is quite low, in light of this, especially when one considers that the real Mudkips – thrown out of the PN by his own people, by the way (see my comments above) – is routinely banned every few weeks, whereas Angel Fluffy has had the same account since the early part of 2006.


    Aug 12th, 2007

    I am in PN, and i personally can tell you this is fucking bullshit. The person that wrote what the pn belive is a complete fucking retard. Yiffy is just trying to get his erival banned because his epenos is -9001.

  8. JohnJ

    Aug 12th, 2007

    1) Angel’s services in Proactive Security are offered for free. I know, I am a furry who has been hit by griefers and invited in as a member. I have never heard of Angel being paid ANYTHING for his work. Angel even shares the source code for his scripts openly. Your allegation that he is running a protection racket is obviously false, given that he doesn’t gain anything from protecting people. He doesn’t gain money (he isn’t paid), he doesn’t gain code (his scripts are open source)… yet he still puts in the hours.

    2) If Angel Fluffy really has met the Lindens in Real Life at their offices, then they must know who he is. Given that Mudkips Acronym has caused such grief in Second Life, they must have done their homework and figured out who he is too. They must have at least geolocated him to get the AREA he lives in by now! If there was anything to this allegation that Angel=Mooty, then Angel’s account would have been suspended a long time ago. Even if they lived in the same area (which LL would know by looking at their IPs etc) then Angel would have been investigated by Linden Lab by now! Surely, the Lindens would have looked into this possibility if there was any real evidence that the two were the same person. The fact that nothing has ever happened to Angel makes me think this article is based on rumors and character assassination, not fact. Linden Lab have more information about this than anyone else. They have the server logs, they have all the stuff the PN have probably sent them. They probably have complaints by Yiffy and everyone else. Yet they have seen fit, knowing all the information, to invite Angel Fluffy to the extremely prestigious SL Views as a reward for his contributions to Second Life! What does that tell you, when the people who know about what he does… choose not to ban him, but to shower him with praise and invite him to meet the Lindens in person? The Lindens know most about what Angel does. They seem to love him. I don’t have all the facts but I would bet their conclusions are based on much better evidence than the rumor-mongering going on here.

    3) Angel has had numerous articles featuring him on the Herald. Most of them are by Prokofy Neva. Prokofy is known for writing fiction as if it were fact. Being hated by Prokofy is a pretty good indicator that you are a successful person in SL. If I were Angel I’d probably be pissed off at Prokofy and the Herald for the amount of untrue stuff they write. So he conducted an investigation into the Herald when the Herald printed lies about him. Is that unreasonable? Wouldn’t you want to know what was going on if someone was printing lies about you? Would you want to know who was doing it? I saw the PS group notices about the Herald investigation, and, as far as I know, no action was taken as a result of that investigation. He asked for info, he got sent info, nothing was mentioned again.

    4) The Herald seems fine with “investigating” Angel, even posting this article which is obviously based on false information as any PS member can tell you. Yet you complain when he investigates you? Has Angel even done ANYTHING to hurt the Herald? No? Of course not. He doesn’t even comment here! You make him out to be some bad guy. I’ve never heard of him doing anything to you, yet you continue to attack him and allege things which anyone who has actually worked with him knows are not true. Have you no shame? Or are you just afraid of someone shining the light of truth on the way things are done here at the Herald? Is that it? Are you scared of Angel exposing the fact the Herald often prints totally inaccurate information as if it were fact?

    5) Yiffy Yaffle has complained about Angel “attacking” her for so long I and half the other furries in Second Life are sick to the back teeth of it. Honestly, we would have forgotten this whole drama-filled episode had Yiffy not gone on about it for so long. Honestly, who cares? I mean, aside from Yiffy, who seems to endlessly prolong this drama. I am a furry, but sometimes, the furry fandom makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall – so many people in it seem to be drama sources. Angel seems to be keeping quiet in what he claims are the best interests of Second Life. Yiffy can’t seem to shut up about things which damage people’s reputation and make it look like the world is a great big conspiracy out to harm her. Guess who I respect more? Also, is it not possible that Yiffy might be making this stuff up, simply to get some sort of cheap revenge on Angel, because Angel isn’t responding to her attempts to stir up DRAMA?

    6) How can you blame Angel for not saying anything in IM, given the untrue stuff the Herald has printed about him/her previously? Did you expect him to just trust you enough to tell the truth, after all the untrue crap written about him/her on the Herald in the past? Why the heck should he give you that information, when you have treated him so unfairly?

    I’d love to know what Angel is actually doing. I’m not sure that he’s entirely in the right, but the only people who know that are LL, and they seem to think so.

    I will ask Angel about this when I get back into SL. Maybe if I am nice to him, and agree not to do anything which would hurt Second Life, he’ll open up to me.
    Or maybe not. Even if not, I’ll ask him to explain what is going on one day, whenever he gets convinced it won’t damage SL anymore. Maybe one day we will get closer to the truth on this one.

  9. urizenus

    Aug 12th, 2007

    Interesting, when I read a draft of this story I found the mooty=fluffy part implausible. I also suspected something along the lines of Prok’s conspiracy theory above.

    But, like we always say, you post what you have and the truth comes out in the comments. And now I’m thinking that the lady (that would be Mooty) doth protest too much.

    Then too there is the “Mooty is a fed” angle that we might hear more about in coming days.

    Of course in the hall of mirrors that is SL, we may never know for sure. Indeed, even Mooty and Fluffy may not know they are the same person.

  10. mootykips

    Aug 12th, 2007

    “Then too there is the “Mooty is a fed” angle that we might hear more about in coming days.”

    Wow, I can’t wait for THAT.

    <3 SLH, you guys are the best. I’m going to stop going to EBAUMSWORLD and Something Awful and such for comedy.

  11. Yiffy Yaffle

    Aug 12th, 2007

    2 things i have to say about the article.
    1. I haven’t made the video yet becuase i’ve basically given my entire notes to the reporter of the herald.
    2. I am a female in second life. I would like the article edited to change the Mr’s to Ms’s if possible.

  12. Yiffy Yaffle

    Aug 12th, 2007

    Anyone who still thinks positively about angel fluffy is a Sheeple. Your only fooling yourself. He has used EVERYONE.

  13. Yiffy Yaffle

    Aug 12th, 2007

    Prokify i dont think you even know who i am. your probably confusing me for nimrod yaffle. I have never been involved in or do i plan on EVER being involved in w-hat or griefers of any kind. do some research before you go blaming people on things like this. There are old timers here in SL that have known me from the beginning ,such as the creators of luskwood and the forest.

  14. Anonymous

    Aug 12th, 2007

    I am not personally in contact with Angel Fluffy, so i can’t pass judgment in any way on that, but I can point out a couple of things that Kalel has said that are plain incorrect. First of all, the PN have a client that gets around hardware bannings, and, provided appropriate proxy servers were sued, it would be possible to spoof around the Lindens, keeping them from seeing a connection between the two. Doubtful, but possible. I personally don’t believe they are the same, but that is because, during my tenure with the JLU, I was ordered by Kalel to spread the very same rumor, so I think Kalel himself may very well be the source of it. I am willing to consider otherwise, but I personally wouldn’t trust Kalel’s opinions on the matter.

  15. pixeleen mistral

    Aug 12th, 2007

    Yiffy – I fixed the Mr. references in the story to be Ms’s.

    - pix

  16. Yiffy Yaffle

    Aug 12th, 2007

    [17:28] Angel Fluffy: I don’t need to. Surely you should have known that information suggesting I am mootykips would be very damaging if it got out. Both mooty and I have resigned lately.

  17. urizenus

    Aug 12th, 2007

    Yes Mooty, a fed. I’m not saying a buy it, but here is the case.

    1) We’ve all read the Cointelpro papers (, and we know how the feds infiltrated many counter-culture organizations in the 60s

    2) We know that this policy continues to the present day, and not just by the feds. NYC police infiltrated all kinds of organizations leading up to the Republican convention, including satire groups like Billionaires for Bush, and shut them down during the convention.

    3) We know that Philip Linden contacted the FBI about griefer attacks a in December of 2005.

    4) Some time after that, mysteriously, the PN was formed.

    5) We know that the PN is currently the most visible group involved in denial of service attacks in SL and possibly elsewhere, and that it is a kind of magnet for /I/ types that are into internet invasions.

    6) We deduce that the feds have probably infiltrated the PN by now, and possibly even created it as a honey pot to attract griefers.

    7) If the feds started the PN as a honey pot, then suspicion naturally moves to you, as an early leader.
    8) If it isn’t you it is one or two others, and you should walk away now.

    OK, now the link with Angel Fluffy

    1) About the time you form the PN, Angel Fluffy creates and organization that gathers information about denial of service attacks AND

    2) Also dips into the SL fetish scene gathering valuable information about them

    3) Note that this is ALL info the feds would love to collect.

    4) But Angel needs a serious enemy to drive people into his info-collection network. Enter you and the PN. The thesis: the PN exists to collect info on counter-culture “hackers” and at the same time scare into existence and SL info-collection organization to gather still more info.

    5) So its not like you *are* Angel Fluffy so much as you are working *with* Angel Fluffy. Or so it might seem.

    That’s the case, I’m not saying a believe it, I’m just saying it is out there. In my heart of hearts I believe that you at least are not a fed, but for that reason I believe you are in serious danger. I don’t know how old you are, but clearly you are too young to remember what happened to the counter-culture groups in the 60s and the exploratory hackers of the 80s. Read up on Operation Sundevil, or on what happened to Phiber Optik. They weren’t in it for the lulz, they were in it for knowledge. Something tells me that the lulz defense won’t cut it when the feds kick in the doors to your parents homes during breakfast and cuff you in front of your family. And that isn’t paranoia. That is history.


    Aug 12th, 2007


    OH SWEET FEATHERY FLOATING JESUS!!!!! where do they breed you people!!!

    mooty is right… this is entertainment far beyond anything at ebaums.

  19. Kalel Venkman

    Aug 12th, 2007

    Partially true, Yiffy – they do have a client that gets around bans, but that can’t help them if the account is deleted completely, which is what happens to chronic offenders. Whether you agree with my opinions or not, there’s no getting around that particular detail. The PN have been being monitored for a very long time by Linden Lab, almost as long as they’ve existed, and they do have access to databases that detail all manner of things – we’re not just talking about people’s names either, it’s sim chat logs, IM logs, inventory and money transfers, everything. So I’m placing a certain amount of faith in the Linden’s ability to sniff out the leader of a griefer group based on this incredible and comprehensive access to information they enjoy.

  20. Anonymous

    Aug 12th, 2007

    Oh Tenderly Love, I think It’s Tinfoil hat party time!

  21. Artemis Fate

    Aug 12th, 2007

    “So I’m placing a certain amount of faith in the Linden’s ability to sniff out the leader of a griefer group based on this incredible and comprehensive access to information they enjoy.”

    This, of course, is the same people who suspended my account without a word or notification for two days (and probably more if I hadn’t called into the office to ask why it’s not working), because some guy paid 400 “fraudulently obtained” Lindens into one of my vendors.

    So yeah, I don’t have that same kind of faith that they are in control of their world.

  22. Cocoanut Koala

    Aug 13th, 2007

    The part I find interesting is how Angel Fluffy is “protecting” LL from information getting out.

    My, he is awfully important to LL, isn’t he?

    And just how horrible is this information, anyway – how damaging?

    What have the Lindens been up to that they’d rather we didn’t know?

    John J writes:

    “Yet they have seen fit, knowing all the information, to invite Angel Fluffy to the extremely prestigious SL Views as a reward for his contributions to Second Life! What does that tell you, when the people who know about what he does… choose not to ban him, but to shower him with praise and invite him to meet the Lindens in person?”

    What does that tell me?

    Knowing how Angel Fluffy works, that tells me there is something very rotten indeed in the state of Linden Land.


  23. mootykips

    Aug 13th, 2007

    urizenus you fail to understand that infiltrating PN would be a waste of their time, as there is absolutely nothing to prosecute.

  24. Reg Baxter

    Aug 13th, 2007

    “Angel Fluffy: I cannot explain this situation in public media, for there would be negative consequences for Second Life if I did”

    What? What!?! What knid of gibberish is this? “consequences for Second Life”. Give me a break, the ONLY people that can create consequences for SL is Linden Labs. That Fluffy thinks he has anything that could do anything to even make more than the tiniest ripple in a game with 40,000 (roughly) returning players daily is bull dodo.

    I have to agree with Dick Burns comments “where do they breed you people!!!” (the rest was funny and true too) and also the “I think It’s Tinfoil hat party time!” comment posted.

    I guess its all just part of the game but to say you have something that affects SL is preposterous, even in a RP sense. If he said it affects all of furrydom or something like that i could understand. But even something affecting all furries would still be a tiny ripple in a big pond, heck a teenie drop in a huge ocean is even more appropriate.

  25. urizenus

    Aug 13th, 2007

    “urizenus you fail to understand that infiltrating PN would be a waste of their time, as there is absolutely nothing to prosecute.”

    No Mooty, *you* fail to understand. Do you think there was something to prosecute in Billionaires for Bush or Grannies Against the War? When they came down on Phiber Optik it wasn’t because he was busting laws left and right. It was because he was the boogeyman of the hour. If you don’t think you are the new boogeyman, just watch that fox video again. First they decide they want to smack you down, and then they figure out what laws you may or may not have broken. And nothing says you actually had to *do* what they charge you with.

    Think for a minute. If you wanted to set an example to scare people off of denial of service attacks in vitual worlds, who would *you* bust???

  26. Prokofy Neva

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Yiffle Yaffle: I *do* apologize as indeed I am mistaken — I’ve mixed your name up with another PN with a very similar name now gone from the People List.

    However…I do note that you are in Ng Security with Jim Schack, who is Intlibber’s um (how does he describe himself now? greasy landlord?) let’s say “chef du cabinet” (I’d say “chief goon” no matter what) who is responsible for presiding and abetting griefing posses that crashed my sims. Don’t want to be guilty by association? Don’t associate with the guilty! Ng Security is trouble.

    Urizenus, that was good, and I’ve thought of that myself, but unlike the people in this thread who are commentators or perpetrators, I’ve experienced this griefing up close and personal for two years now. I have a lot of impressions and knowledge of how they are, their speech patterns, everything.

    I’ve also had RL experience with FBI or KGB agents infiltrating peace and justice movements and being uncovered years later. And the feel of them is different than the feel of these griefing PNs. of course, it’s masked in a virtual world.

    But here’s my theory of it. Philip didn’t really follow up on the FBI case. There is one, but he found it harder and harder to care about it. Why? Because his younger Lindens are playing around with these very reverse engineers and their griefing buddies that he’s supposed to be opening a case about. What judge is going to say, oh, you are complaining about your grid crashing and you did…what? You open-sourced your client and you look the other way while everybody reverse engineers your thing? Oh-kay….Case closed.

    These days, the entire grid doesn’t crash as much as did back in 2005. OUR SIMS crash — and the Lindens don’t care that much, it’s a statistical problem, not a personal problem. So we have damages; they don’t.

    The FBI may have gotten interested for their own sake, regardless of these hippie Lindens, and they may watch it, but those people doing the griefing aren’t faking it or acting; they are really ideological, zealous, determined. To be sure, one of the things that FBI agents do is fake extremism to force groups to incriminate themselves. But this is so steady, banal, repetitive, and evil, that it’s not plausible to be a sting operation, that wouldn’t keep doing this when one time would do.

    I think these movements make use of lots of franchies of kids but that they are very determined and in fact run by grown-ups. And some people like Intlibber imagine they are hiring them or pawning them or turning them to good, but it’s not clear who is fooling whom here. The Woodbury story was a good example of kids enlisting griefings that they thought were cool, but then it actually led to them losing their sim. My analogy of Tizzers has been like that Yankee girl that goes to South America because there are all these cool fabrics and pottery and it’s all so revolutionary and fight the power, and she falls in love with a guerilla leader, but then whoops winds up in jail for real when the guerillas blow up a police station.

    I was amazed at how much Fox came up with, even getting the whole “lulz” stuff. That tells you that while we think we’re clever, we’re small fry. The big guys who really have all the surveillance tools beyond even Linden Lab could fix this in ways that not only will Mootylips and his little friends not like, but we may not like, and that’s what of course the adult Leninists behind the play Leninists are counting on, that they will force peaceful and violent strands of dissent together and further radicalize the population.

  27. The Grid Live

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Second Life News for August 13,2007

    NMC Creativity Symposium Kicks Off on a High Note The NMC symposium on creativity kicked off yesterday at 2 PM Second Life time, with nearly 100 avatars present and about 150 avatars signed up. Considering that the virtual conference is one week long a…

  28. Prokofy Neva

    Aug 13th, 2007

    >Grand imaginings of individuals within Second Life having absolute sway over the intelligent individuals at Linden Lab are just so much bosch.

    Uh, well, yes and no. For example, I might have thought that, until I saw Lisa Boucher get away with telling us all that she got Michael Linden to clear her on her kiddie porn.

  29. mootykips

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Even if I agreed with that, it’s irrelevant anyway as I’m done with PN. The whole ZOMG EVERYONE IS A SPY, TRUST NOBODY, KEEP YOUR LASER HANDY, SERVE THE COMPUTER attitude has obviously taken over. PN isn’t as active as it used to be, as I’m sure some have noted. The WU attitude has also crept in. Overall, internet = srs bsns to PN, and that’s why it’s failed.

    So it goes.

  30. Prokofy Neva

    Aug 13th, 2007

    1. I’ve written one article about Fluffy for the Herald, and 2-3 for my blog, not “numerous”. I wrote that he was feted along with the other select ones in “SL Views”.

    2. There aren’t any “lies” about Angel Fluffy. He indeed hijacked the voting tools. It was one of those things that made you just gasp out loud, how audacious and awful it was. I blogged about it and tried to warn people. Where are those voting tools today? Gone, and no one noticed. Now we have the JIRA, which is 10 times more oppressive, and guess who immediately showed up and filled the JIRA with yessed-up proposals? Angel Fluffy. Everything he has done is related to establishing a security state to keep out real and imagined enemies. The Lindens love code and tools that can make people go away — make anyone with land be able to mute, ban, eject, render neutral anyone they don’t like. That way, the Lindens don’t have to deal with it. Stalin said it best: “no person, no problem”.

    3. Angel Fluffy is emblematic of that kind of Snowcrashian arrogant technical elite that imagines they are the smart ones that have to run everything for us fools. They become dull and sunk in on themselves after awhile with that attitude and actually make the whole society more vulnerable because it is more brittle. The Security State is often the easiest thing to overthrow, in the end.

  31. Prokofy Neva

    Aug 13th, 2007

    >Angel Fluffy: I cannot explain this situation in public media, for there would be negative consequences for Second Life if I did. I know that there will probably be negative consequences for me personally (and for the Herald in the long term) if you run a story based on the information you have now. Nevertheless, the consequences for the Herald are up to you via your choices, and I consider these personal losses to me as preferable over harm to Second Life.

    BTW, I should mention that I loath people who act all world-weary as if they have the highest of intelligence and the weighest of burdens for saving mankind. “I would tell you…but then I’d have to kill you.”

    The very WORST part of all this is that the Lindens fueled it as I wrote here:

  32. Witness X

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Wow. Urizenus hit the nail right on the head, well he missed it a once or twice before acutally hitting but he did hit it.

    Cheers to you Uri.

  33. Vash Crimson

    Aug 13th, 2007

    With each day I read the Herald the more crap storys pop up throwing slander and drama. Can you guys (Pixeleen) get some better sources before you write anymore? thanks

  34. anonymous

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Fact is mootykips/mudkips/mooty is merely a pawn, a figurehead, a convenient stooge. Mooty can relate to the other retards because hes a big anime nerd himself, can speak japanese (and no, Prok, he is not an asian male), and is only 16 years old. Yup, 16, he was age banned by LL from the grid. LL knows exactly who he is, they are just too lazy to prosecute a minor who will be back with a vengance at age 18, if that, given how ‘special’ Mudkips is, the justice system would likely let him off with a wrist-slap and he’d be back at it.

    This is also why Angel is still around. LL also knows who Angel is.

    The real leader, however, is N3X15, aka Nexis, aka Nex, aka Rob Nelson, formerly of Oak Harbor, WA, currently his IP addy is geolocated in Arlington WA. Rob is an adult who brainwashes minors into doing his dirty work for him.

    Rob, it seems, has recently gotten a job with Washington State Public Broadcasting. I’m sure his employers would love to know of the internet hate crimes he organizes, the federally illegal network hacking software he produces and distributes, as well as the illegal pron found on the servers of, and the minors he brainwashes into doing his dirty work for him.

    eDrama is Robs speciality, as much as he professes to hate drama, he is the biggest source of edrama in SL.

  35. Anonymous

    Aug 13th, 2007

    the hillarity is that there is a linden at the heart of all of this.

    not the feds. not some secret conspiracy. linden labs themselves.

    after all… PN = P(hillip linde)N

  36. Anonymous

    Aug 13th, 2007

    “Angel Fluffu owns the GYC”

    A perfect example of how ill-informed these kids really are.

    By my knowledge, my RL mate founded the GYC on Furcadia, somewhere in the previous millenium, then in about 2005, we came to SL with it. A small purple dragon and a couple of foxes own the GYC, not Angel.
    Get UR facts str8, kids. You fail.

    And really, if my mate would be Angel Fluffy’s alt, I think I’d know XD

  37. Tizzers Foxchase

    Aug 13th, 2007

    “My analogy of Tizzers has been like that Yankee girl that goes to South America because there are all these cool fabrics and pottery and it’s all so revolutionary and fight the power, and she falls in love with a guerilla leader, but then whoops winds up in jail for real when the guerillas blow up a police station.”

    *claps* That was truly beautiful Prok. Very touching.

    Oh and… I did it for the lulz. :3

  38. Astonished Reader

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Much kudos to Prok for thoughtful, intelligent responses devoid of the usual name calling!

    Which does prove that Prok can be a class act!

  39. Prokofy Neva

    Aug 13th, 2007

    >after all… PN = P(hillip linde)N

    It’s folly to parse the anagrams of Philip’s name only for our little world. You need to zoom out and look at his role in the Grand World Conspiracy, which is to seize energy resources but also con part of the world’s population into thinking they don’t need energy resources because they can stay at home online all day on their computers and not drive cars.

    The more significant way to read his name’s anagrams is:


    Once you realize what at’s stake here with Philip’s role in world affairs and the Gulf Wars, indeed you will fire up those inworld lasers and look for spies everywhere.

  40. Verbena Pennyfeather

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Damn..who caught on that Yiffy Yaffle was part of V5? That was like our huge LOL secret right there. Nothing is sacred in SL anymore, it seems. The Yiffster used to tell us when primetime was to go after The Forest, and Furnation.

  41. Reality

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Oh look, More comments showing Prokofy calling the kettle black.

    Dearie? Get a new hobby.

  42. Yiffy Yaffle

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Prok, to set the record straight i don’t even know what NG security is. I was invited to it by intliber as a sympathy act becuase i was ejected from proactive security. I mneed some sort of protection for my sims and i KNOW angel don’t want me back…

  43. Yiffy Yaffle

    Aug 13th, 2007

    No Prok Prok, i understand how easy it is to mix my name in with nimrod since we both have the same last name. I don’t know much about nimrod but i know hes got into trouble before. hes a nice guy in person from my experience though. But thats about all i know of him. Since we share the same last name people have came to the assumption countless times that we are the same person even though we lead totally different lives and don’t even hang out in the same areas. From what i observed there are only about 5 active residents with the yaffle name (the others are dead accounts) so it is quite rare now.

  44. Prokofy Neva

    Aug 13th, 2007

    No, you were NOT repeat NOT mixed up with nimrod. I know full well who nimrod is, and sure, he’s a nice enough guy, yet another script kiddie who touts Linden gossip so much you wonder if he’s a Linden. But nimrod, whatever you may think of him, and whatever his dubious reputation as someone who once tried to sell me a story that later it turned out he was even getting bribed to tell, is not an inworld griefer that I’ve ever seen.

    No, not at all. It’s another very similar name, that is in my ban lists, and is no longer in the People List at all.

    Everybody has a story about Ng. Yours is no more plausible than anybody else’s. Security agencies breed insecurity — and crime.

  45. Yiffy Yaffle

    Aug 13th, 2007

    What the hell is V5? o.o

  46. Yiffy Yaffle

    Aug 13th, 2007

    *looks at verbena* wow i haven’t seen you since anshe chung went postal on you. O.o

  47. Verbena Pennyfeather

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Pish Posh Yiffy, quit foolin. You’ve been hanging out with us SA Goons since day one. Most furries think it’s “cool” to chill with the SA Goons. We tolerate em.

  48. DaveOner

    Aug 13th, 2007

    Why is prok here and when is she leaving? There’s already enough crazy to go around here. Tell her that her services aren’t needed!

    I just can’t see how you guys can get worked up over silly shit like this. Sure it’s entertaining in a Mad Magazine Spy vs. Spy kind of way and I’d probably participate in the paranoia if I knew all the players could separate RL from SL, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

    Now if Angle Fluffy and Mudkibbles did (or could potentially do) something that messed with my family or my property then I’d jump into the fray and believe the hype that you guys do. But unfortunately they’re all just jokers playing…well…Spy vs. Spy.

  49. Yiffy Yaffle

    Aug 13th, 2007

    verb i know your just pulling my chain. ;p I’ve only checked out the w-hat sim one time since i been in SL. During that time 2 guys that reminded me of inspector gadget kept trying to orbit me. They don’t seam like the friendly sorts so i try to stay away from them. However i remember you quite well from the old club fur days and the forest. You like to kid around like that. BTW if you remember Niel/Crimson, hes still around and still talks bad about you. :P

  50. Witness X

    Aug 13th, 2007

    “Even if I agreed with that, it’s irrelevant anyway as I’m done with PN.”

    Every PN or Anon, ex or otherwise uses this excuse. Translation: “I quit/resigned/got kicked so everything I did/perpetrated and/or lead doesn’t count against me anymore.”

    That logic is fail and will come back to bite you in the ass in the end. Walking away from something doesn’t erase your history and what you did, unless you MASSIVELY atone and make up for it it will follow you around always.

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