10 Zen Monkeys: “Patriotic Nigras” e-Terrorist Group Responsible for Attack on Edwards Headquarters

by Urizenus Sklar on 05/03/07 at 9:58 pm

Not Virtual Republicans, but pimply, attention starved, adolescent losers. Imagine that!

10 Zen Monkeys is reporting that there is strong evidence linking the recent griefer attacks on the Edwards Headquarters to the Second Life griefer organization known as the “Patriotic Nigras’. This would not be surprising if true. The attack certainly had the earmarks of their work. From the article:

“Guess what: we’re not Republicans. In fact, I’m one of the most hard-core liberals I know.”

A post on the John Edwards blog claimed credit for an attack on his campaign HQ in Second Life — saying that “We simply did it for the lulz… The fact you were so bent out of shape to make a blog post on the OFFICIAL JOHN EDWARDS BLOG about how some people placed a bunch of shittingdicknipples on your lawn is mighty telling.”

The post was deleted from Edwards blog. (Its last line was “Enjoy your AIDS!”) But the poster used the name Mudkips Acronym, which also turns up in a January entry on Encyclopedia Dramatica, identifying him as a member of a longstanding Second Life “invasion group.” Its name is given as “Patriotic Nigras: e-terrorists at large,” and Saturday the entry was updated to claim credit for the Edwards attack.

This would make the Edwards attack just the latest installment in a longer history of random assaults. The page describes the group’s first attacks as griefing pranks on Second Life’s “Gay Yiffy” virtual nightclub — blocking the exit doors on a disco’s private rooms, and filling its dance floor with an annoyingly large box. They returned to build a wall with a swastika of American flags, and eventually created a “Doomsday” weapon that creates endlessly replicating cubes.

The group also claims weapons like “the Dong Popgun” (which fires a barrage of penises), and the “Cosby Block” (a profilerating posters of the Jell-o pudding pops spokesman). One Second Life blogger accuses the group of distributing the infamous Goatse picture, a tactic confirmed by a Second Life newspaper.

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  1. Anonymous

    Apr 28th, 2007

    Can it be soviet russia’s times nao?

    Also, bring back /z/.

  2. WowJustWow

    May 6th, 2007

    Yes, you lot ARE sociopaths. Good christ, just listen to that shit you guys are spewing. The internet has done liquified your brains! Places like 4Chan, etc. are simply places for the mental-midgets to hole up together and find sick brotherhood.

    It’s NOT FOR YOU to dictate what anyone can or cannot enjoy or take seriously, you hateful little wanktards!

    Hope you guys have an endless supply of drivers licenses and passports; soon, you’re going to be shut right out of many of your most beloved griefing areas. XD

  3. mootykips

    May 6th, 2007

    go back to bed, random furfag/gorean/intlib crony

    p.s.: if the age verification goes through, WE WIN. the “mature” areas will all die a quick death, and we can keep bombing the shit out of the PG areas. GG.

  4. Im concerned about this.

    Aug 19th, 2007

    These people may be of the black race, but i feel that all humans should band together and join them as one against these “furries”

  5. Antubis

    Feb 17th, 2008

    I have been caged, i have been orbited, and i have been surrounded by hundreds of fake genitals and pictures of mario in game, but I got over it. I know these people can be really damn annoying, but don’t demonize them and call griefers cyber terrorists.

    Lighten up and get a sense of humor.

  6. Jhim

    Apr 7th, 2008

    what they are doing is funny how can i join them

  7. Witness X

    Apr 7th, 2008

    Easy – go to any municipal jail, or call the FBI.

    Turn yourself in.

  8. Witness X

    Apr 7th, 2008

    Or you could check out thier website, it’s rather well maintained and open to the public to view. The jail thing wouldn’t really work, as there aren’t any actual laws being broken.

  9. TheBarrelMan2

    Apr 21st, 2008


    On another note, go kill yourself you Second Life faggots. Obviously, spending so much time in a virtual environment has fucked with your brains so badly that your common sense has completely disappeared, along with your humor and your states of physical fitness. You faggots have lost all value as human beings. If you do kill yourself, get someone to take pictures and post images all over the net, because we will laugh, and laugh, and laugh, just like we laugh at your butthurt rants, your silly arguments, your meaningless bans. We are unstoppable. Until all of you stuck-up faggots cease to exist, we shall not cease to exist.

    You are the cancer. We are the cure. We are the hope. Expect us.

  10. anon

    Apr 21st, 2008

    oh shut up

  11. anonymush

    Dec 14th, 2011

    if anything does this article not encourage people to become PN’s to troll faggots like you?

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