Forbes WoW Player Talkin’ Smack On Second Life

by Alphaville Herald on 19/08/07 at 2:06 pm

Will SL be the first virtual world to fail?

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

WoW player Dave Ewalt says SL players are losers

The iMojo wire’s inter-world taunting alarm went off this morning – and with good reason. After sitting through a couple ads in the Forbes video clip here, and some blather about the Linden space buck economy, World of Warcraft player and Forbes reporter Dave Ewalt got my attention when he said it is “hard to find someone who isn’t a loser in Second Life”. Hmmmm – that certainly puts an interesting spin on things – and this is Forbes’ second swipe at SL – is there a pattern here?

Mr. Ewalt somehow restrained himself from saying SL is like totally teh suxxor, but did mention concerns about sex, an SL bank run, sex, the gambling ban, sex, bad corporate builds, sex, and nothing to drive the Second Life virtual economy except cyber sex — oh, and did I mention sex?

The video contains other important insights such as “corporations were sold a bill of goods”, and the revelation that looking at virtual washers and dishwashers is not very interesting in Second Life – or real life. I’d been planning to send a memo to the Herald staff on that very topic – this saves me the trouble.

corporations were not the only ones sold a bill of goods

Mr. Ewalt – apparently an avid World of Warcraft player – skips lightly over the fact that WoW lacks world and content building tools, but chirps happily about how WoW is a wholesome platforms for socializing and forming guilds. Perhaps Mr. Ewalt is just jealous that WoW doesn’t have /b/tards crashing his game every weekend while the game gods chill out at home? This also suggests that the Herald ought to do an expose of sex in WoW – we worry Mr. Ewalt hasn’t been in the right sorts of guilds.

which guilds are those? why don’t I get invited?

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  1. Magnum Serpentine

    Aug 19th, 2007

    All I see is a dead video link.

    Think there is something wrong with your video, I see no video

  2. Reality

    Aug 19th, 2007

    riiight … some guy running around with his +5 sword of Desolation in what amounts to a glorified, updated and more fantasy based Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Final Fantasy fusion game calling people actually making money using a program that is in essence a three dimensional internet browser losers.

    Here’s a problem of his you missed: He’s a combat junkie and there isn’t nearly enough combat in SL for his tastes. Not to mention that he obviously has not actually explored the SL Grid and is only spouting off about what he reads on third party websites.

    Like this one for example.

  3. Jahwanical (PN)

    Aug 19th, 2007

    He clearly doesnt have all his facts, while gambling makes up a large % of the SL economy, nobody is actually gambling, its just money laundering/transfering through the hands of people who dont actually play SL.

    The real SL economy is maybe 10k usd in dogcock sales and other crap which appeals to people who’ve rejected their normal life.

    There is no corperate value in secondlife, basement dwelling goreans,furries,mafia roleplayers,idiots cant afford a mercedes c-class or a nissan sentra..

    SL is nothing more than a lifestyle enhancement drug for losers…

    PN for life..

  4. Astonished Reader

    Aug 19th, 2007

    SL residents are losers?

    Has Mr. Ewald ever looked in the mirror?

  5. Coincidental Avatar

    Aug 19th, 2007

    “This also suggests that the Herald ought to do an expose of sex in WoW”

    Yes, to diversify the news source risk of Second Wife & Hearsay.

    But Pixeleen, remember to use condom while you are … interviewing!

  6. Artemis Fate

    Aug 19th, 2007

    World of Warcraft Socializing:

    HAI IM NU CAN I HAV SUM GOLD?????????????

    Second Life Socializing:


  7. dandellion Kimban

    Aug 19th, 2007

    Mr. Ewald somehow restrained himself from saying SL is like totally teh suxxor, but did mention concerns about sex, an SL bank run, sex, the gambling ban, sex, bad corporate builds, sex, and nothing to drive the Second Life virtual economy except cyber sex — oh, and did I mention sex?

    That guy is obsessed with sex.

  8. csven

    Aug 19th, 2007

    “and the revelation that looking at virtual washers and dishwashers is not very interesting in Second Life – or real life.”


  9. Dire Allen

    Aug 19th, 2007

    Something tells me that Blizzard might have paid this guy to say all those things.

    Oh and my favorite quote from the video “Oh I’m waiting for Mario Kart to get online”.. lol what now?

  10. greta garbo

    Aug 19th, 2007

    nothing wrong with sex so i dunno what that guys problem is but i can tell you i wouldnt let him sex me up in rl because he looks disgusting . . ok so who is a loser again? right . .

  11. MalcolmStevenson Junior

    Aug 19th, 2007

    If I were this guys employer, I’d do a quick search of his hard drive. Do they pay him to masturbate all day?

    SL is what you make of it. For me, it is glorious vistas of natural scenery, art galleries, fun carnivals/amusement parks, dancing, meeting new friends, and creative expression. I think it’s wonderful! I see and learn new things every day!

    For him – well let’s just say he masturbates too much and has no money. I’m glad he doesn’t like it because he probably hasn’t bought anything but freebie penis attachments anyway.

    Don’t let the logoff screen hit you on the ass on the way out, Puffy white-boy. We don’t like you either.

  12. Anonymous

    Aug 19th, 2007

    Let’s see since WoW has about 9 million subscribers I believe he has a right to talk. Second Life really is trash. The Lindens are a joke and do nothing at least when you call a GM in WoW they actually DO SOMETHING and HELP YOU since you technically pay their damn salary (on rare occasions you get an asshole GM but you can report that GM and I’ve seen GMs get the boot…when has that ever happened to a Linden?). This is kinda like comparing apples to oranges though, these are two difference platforms and they cater to different people. The place where WoW completely trashes SL is the customer service. Quick responses and great inworld assistance.

    You can socialize in WoW if you so wish, I’ve seen groups of people just standing around chatting away. It’s the same thing in SL except you just have more control over things but both can be just glorified Instant Messengers if you want them to be. The drawback in WoW is all the little kiddies, but in SL (where we are all supposedly adults…supposedly) we have adults that act WORSE than little kiddies. Linden Labs can learn from Blizzard’s customer service. LL should sell to someone who knows what their doing already.

    I think we are all secretly waiting for something that comes along that does everything SL does except better. Once that happens SL will finally finish it’s slow death and just die off.

    It’s about time though. After being such a media darling that SL finally get the criticism it deserves.

  13. like_ummm

    Aug 19th, 2007

    WoW sux – i might play it if it weren’t filled with cartoon Goblins and magic and crap like that. These adolescent fantasies are an expression of repressed sexuality anyways. WoW is for kids. SL is for adults – therefore it has adult stuff in it.

    SL is a place where you can be more open about sexuality. This is a good thing for some. For others like this character – well he obviously requires a good (insert latest SL perversion here).

  14. Second Lulz Vigilante

    Aug 19th, 2007

    WoW is a legitimate social platform? Such a thing has never existed in the entire history of the web, cf. Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory. lol!

    WoW poopsockers are just as much of an internet cancer as habitual cybersexers, furries, griefers, goreans, and weeaboo anime fappers are.

  15. Anonymouses

    Aug 19th, 2007

    SL is just crap…although I do not like WoW, SL is just an excuse for people who have no real life to go make believe. It’s like an imagination that you have to pay for.

    God, people, write, program your own games, do something! But please…SL is just retarded.

    -A True Patriot


  16. Sonja

    Aug 19th, 2007

    So you have WoW and SL and lots of other (‘)games(‘)
    What’s the fun of spreading negative news about the other (‘)games(‘)?
    Enjoy what you like most and leave it with that.

  17. Second Lulz Vigilante

    Aug 19th, 2007

    “SL is nothing more than a lifestyle enhancement drug for losers…

    PN for life..”


    So’s looking for “teh lulz” online, fapping to anime boobies, and putting on a fake ‘fro while worrying “Oh lawdy! SPYZ IN MAH CHICKENSHACK!!!111!!!” :P

  18. Tenshi Vielle

    Aug 19th, 2007

    1) I know we’re allowing other media outlet’s input here, but what about replies that contain ten words or less and are nothing much more than a shameful self plug? Are those still kosher?
    2) This guy cracks me up. What a tard. The two games operate on entirely different levels.

  19. oh.nooo

    Aug 19th, 2007

    Love wow, best online game around. nowaydays.
    But .. got a cold turkey from wow.

    In wow,it’s all about gaming and grinding, and the team clan/ pushing it. if you want to be good in Wow.. you spend 99% on grinding. the game itself is about 0.9.experience and a team of nice people pushing you to new levels you can see around new 3D enviroments popping up

    I’m an person locked into this shit, may 2007 i was a avid wow fan. may 2007 i looked into second life. dropped ,my wow account a week later and 3 months later. I’m making money instead of spending money in virtual worlds. Got tier 1 and 2.. was a nice experience. but move next now,

    but canceled wow. the moment i discovered SL.
    In wow you can game a lot, but progress is all… about grinding xxx. hours killing Xxxxx ammount of monsters. and spend days months almost getting your stuff together. And hope your guild will be happy as well. On your efforts.

  20. Blinders Off

    Aug 19th, 2007

    LOL this was truly a funny article. Enjoyed every bit. While trying to figure out if the author was on the level, tongue-in-cheek or satyrical, I finally made a flying guess that he’s just joyously throwing button-pushers out there to see who takes the bait. :D

    While this may be the pot calling the kettle black, I have often wondered: If LL were to outlaw sex on SL tomorrow and remove all the skin and “parts” shops… how many hours would they survive? LOL. Hey, the guy is right. I don’t know what % of SL commerce is motivated by sex, but it’s gotta be like in the 99.999th percentile. LOL

    Not that real life is any different. Hey, sex sells. That’s well known. But I sure can’t disagree that the majority of users on SL are losers, with a few exceptions here and there. I mean lord, the drama, the hidden knives, the griefing, not to mention Linden Lab’s seeming inability to fix simple bugs that have been around for months and months… all serves to make me think that SL is one big magnet for the unstable and socially backward (excluding some of the shut-ins for whom SL is their only viable social outlet). We have every reason to believe that Linden Lab programmers, regardless of age, have the mentality of teenagers who don’t have the maturity to knuckle down and stabilize a platform that’s four years old.

    So nothing new or surprising here that isn’t heard among irritated customers every day on the grid. But the article is a fun read. Would like to see a link to the actual video. ;)

  21. Blinders Off

    Aug 19th, 2007

    ((“Anonymous” said: Let’s see since WoW has about 9 million subscribers I believe he has a right to talk. Second Life really is trash. ))

    I have to agree with the basic sentiment of this. 9 million subscribers is a pretty hard fact figure, because well… they’re paying. Ya know what I’d like to see? Instead of that totally bogus Second Life “residency” figure that pops up prominently on the main screen and has absolutely no meaning at all (except to point out that LL has no ethics when it comes to PR fluff and self-back-patting)… I’d like to see them put up the number of UNIQUE users that have logged into SL during the past 90, 60, 30 and 7 days… AND number of actual PAYING subscribers. I think those numbers would be very revealing when compared with nine million PAYING subscribers. Probably would say something about what most people really think of SL and just how “successful” LL really is. Know why we don’t see such figures? Because they would just scream “95%+ of our visitors think SL sux”. LOL

    And not to be too negative, but I really have to wonder about the sanity of people who are willing to pay over US$5,000 a year for imaginary “land”. I mean… what could I buy for five grand…? LOL

  22. Anonymous

    Aug 19th, 2007

    Come on already. Someone out there outdo SL and make a better virtual world so LL needn’t take my money anymore for their crap ran grid. Anyone out there? Come on please.

    I still have hope for these people

    Yet…not a peep out of them for a long while…*sigh*

  23. oh.nooo

    Aug 19th, 2007

    wow is the greatest game around. But somehow, friends playing this game intensive, lost there wifes, family, and job somehow.. loosing track of time.
    Wow somehow seem to be the most addictive game around nowadays.. but somehow it fails being creative yourself.

    You cant create anything new yourself, it it’s just about a massive grind you gotta do yourself for hours to progress.
    Somehow people in China provide these things a lot for the major public, resulting in slavery stuff, ofcourse the hardcore will continue. thats about 5% of Wow.

    out grinding, days and days grinding before you get your tier-X item, then working with a clan, it can take weeks before you get a certain item, in an controlled enviroment.. if you are lucky.. And got a solid clan. that gives your stuff. Been a hardcore player, but seen too much distress around as well.. people loosing there homes, divorces. etc.

    Played wow for two years, and and happy to change it around respect to wow, making this incredible game.

    to other worlds, like SL, same Google earth, Entropia etc, keeping knowhow on. what going on.

  24. Artemis Fate

    Aug 19th, 2007

    “Let’s see since WoW has about 9 million subscribers I believe he has a right to talk. Second Life really is trash. ”

    Actually, WoW’s 9 million figure is about as false as Linden Lab’s 8.9 million figure. Both include deactivated accounts to make up that figure. WoW’s is still more meaningful, since all the accounts pay(paid) 15 dollars a month, and they’re mostly bound to be unique since they require a credit card, whereas LL doesn’t and most are free. But still, comparing WoW and Second Life is comparing Apples and Oranges. People come to Second Life for socialization, building, shopping, etc., People go to WoW to kill stuff with swords, PvP, and grind exp, etc. Both games, but besides that they don’t have much in common.

  25. tp

    Aug 19th, 2007

    He is right about one thing, running gaming for $L dollar amount prizes did cause a lot of people to cash out.

    But he doesn’t understand what SL was originally before all the vultures swooped in or sold out was. A place to hang out and meet people with like interests. They have added voice chat, the live music scene is booming, the web 2.0 experience is still growing strong but minus the leeches I like to refer to as “Second Sellouts” or those people who chose to attempt to make SL into their own private advertising agency and sell skills to big business. The underlying nature of the sim is still intact but the overlying nature of those trying to make a buck off everyone and everything they encounter is in demise. History is repeating itself in a way here, as did the interweb when the first interwebnauts ventured out from the sheltered existence of compuserve and aol and started building business and what have you. Draw your own conclusions.

  26. Obscure Doodad

    Aug 19th, 2007

    Anybody know the gender breakdown on WoW players?

    The latest I saw from LL suggested 40% real females as SL residents.

  27. Anonymoose

    Aug 19th, 2007

    “Anybody know the gender breakdown on WoW players?

    The latest I saw from LL suggested 40% real females as SL residents.”

    Oh, please. I wouldn’t say that much. I’d say maybe 5%. The rest of the female avatars are men posing as women.

    WoW’s gender breakdown is about 20% female and 80% male, from what I’ve seen just among friends who play the game.

  28. janeforyou Barbara

    Aug 20th, 2007

    Am sorry Mr.Dave Ewalt you dont know Secondlife at all.You seam to talk like a looser,
    You are negativ, you are prolly to lazy cuz all you WANT to se are sex?

    There are tousends of users building items thay sell evry day in SL.. there are 40-50 Islands sold a day that users build on. Secondlife Dave Ewalt are a FANTASYWORLD were you can create your own fantasy. If you got some positiv creative ideas or any fantasy at all you will love this place! But i dont think you fit in.

    “Lossers talk bout loosers” Ever herd of that? You need some positiv thinking and motivation? If i was Steve Forbs i fire you on the spot! You are not creative.

  29. Brail

    Aug 20th, 2007

    “Anybody know the gender breakdown on WoW players? The latest I saw from LL suggested 40% real females as SL residents.”

    Bzzt. Wrong answer. You’re looking at something other than the people who actually LOG IN. It’s been favoring still more toward men month after month. By June it’s at 25% female.

    THREE out of every FOUR avatars is really a man. Chew on that.

    Reuters reported for May before another drop,

  30. mootykips

    Aug 20th, 2007

    according to my calculations the amount of female players in SL comes to 0.000011%. Out of the current total of 8,976,682 avs, only one is really female: Prokofy Neva.

    The irony!

  31. Jonathan Sturges

    Aug 20th, 2007

    I have never had SLex nor gambled in SL, but have found countless other engaging and fascinating things to do there. Keep in mind that the demographic reading/watching Forbes, are in large, far outside their technical prime, and have probably been chomping at the bit for a young “tech-looking-guy” in a blazer and jeans to tell them “it’s okay not to understand, it’s just another video game!”.

    My belief is still that the power of Second Life and the grander subject of The Metaverse, is in its ability to bring people face to face across great distance without involving the elements of distance or fossil fuels. Advertising (the corporate dollars) isn’t the sole purpose of such platforms, as much as corporations like Forbes would like to believe. Is the internet as a whole, a tool used exclusively for advertising and selling? No way!

  32. Victorria Paine

    Aug 20th, 2007

    I have never played World of Warcraft, nor do I have any interest in it. It seems childish to me, running around killing things. I have no interest in that. I think SL attracts a different type of person than most video games — at least in my case, because I don’t find most video games engaging in the least, whereas SL offers creativity and social interaction that I find quite engaging. It seems like comparing SL and a game like World of Warcraft is really pointless because they will attract very different people who like very different things.

  33. Luca V

    Aug 20th, 2007

    The man who wears a blazer, t-shirt, and chinos on television is calling SLers losers.

    I may be a loser, but at least I have dress sense for when the world is watching.

  34. Obscure Doodad

    Aug 20th, 2007

    Wait a minute.

    You have a game where people go around killing things, and you have a game where people figure out how to make clothing — and people think the killing game has more females than the clothing game?

    Yes, yes, I know all about men being interior decorators and the female insects killing their mates — but this would be classified exceptions to the rule.

    How about this question . . . what is the gender breakdown of the SL fashion industry? Does WoW have a fashion industry?

  35. DF

    Aug 20th, 2007

    I don’t get it, really. SL sucks, he and others think, cause it’s populated by gambling and cybersexing losers who, as above in these comments, have ‘rejected their real lives’

    How do you figure that? Sure, there’s bound to be some people who only log off when they can’t stay awake any longer, and log on even before opening their eyes again, but what does that say about the rest of the useers? Like me, I play a little SL just as I play other games, and aside from that I have work, watch TV, and solialize with my friends in meatspace.

    And the people I socialize with in SL, while using it what it is for me: a neat 3d crafting tool to give my creativity another medium then just my 2d artwork, they also ya know, have lives.

    Are we, the little group of people I know, the only ones who have that? And is the rest of SL’s residents like that one guy that died playing WoW, as he didn’t eat or even go to the toilet to play more? If so, that must include the people above who said no-one on SL has a first life. I’d like to see some figures proving that. Do you guys have access to LL’s data on how long people stay logged in or something?

    Also, i’d like to see exactly how many hours this Dave Ewalt has spent in SL… More then he would have liked, is too vague. could even be one hour. And indeed, that’s all it takes to visit a cybersex place and a casino in SL after orientation island. If he finished that at all, like so many people didn’t.

    someone who says SL is only about sex and gambling, has lost his credibility instantly with me. He doens’t know what he’s talking about.

  36. janeforyou Barbara

    Aug 20th, 2007

    The SL Fashion creators are a mix of Single women, of Cuples male/fem and also a few single males.

    I got 176 shop rentors bout 80% are females 10% are Cuples male/fem and 10% are males
    I se a growing in Fashion and other gadgests creators in SL.Building are also a growing business. Wen i look in to my “crystal ball” I can se a turning from gambling and casino to more dance and event clubs, more bigg malls,, fewer small malls, but more shops.I also se a growing in ” roleplay” SIM.I also se a “adjusting” in the economy to more stability but a growing from September.

    In central Europe there are hollydays now in August,I se also a growing population from EU and Asia in SL.
    I may be wrong.. but time will show!

  37. Elsbeth Writer

    Aug 20th, 2007

    How ironic. I just wtched the video. before it came on, there was a Forbes page with a quote from Piccaso about how do we keep people creative when they grow up?

    Obviously – Second Life!

  38. Brail

    Aug 20th, 2007

    Obscure Doodad, I dunno if you can read or what but put down the pie and go read you up some Key Metrics data Gender with Hours percents, June 25.45% female.

    janeforyou Barbara, I dunno if you voice verified all your 176 whatevers but put down the pie and go read you up some Key Metrics data Gender with Hours percents, June 25.45% female. If all you did is check if the avatar has boobs, your numbers are meaningless. There’s only a 25.45% chance even you are actually female, and if you are, quit kidding yourself, go out and tell all your girlfriends to get in-world and break up the sausagefest. Cause you ain’t helping Obscure over there one bit with his (or 25.45% her) denial problem.

  39. Ann Otoole

    Aug 20th, 2007

    some grown up kid bashing one fantasy realm over his own. guess the major diff between sl and wow is that people in sl actually know what sex is.

  40. DaveOner

    Aug 20th, 2007

    Having met many-a Wow-tard I can safely say WoW is full of losers, too.

    At least SL is full of participatory and semi-creative losers whereas WoW is full of passive losers. Except Leroy Jenkins.

    Hey do you think so many people would play WoW if it wasn’t for their experimentation with D&D in Jr. High to make up for being scared of girls?

  41. janeforyou Barbara

    Aug 20th, 2007

    @Brail ….I realy dont care if thay are Females RL or Males RL.. we are NOT in RL we are in SL.I care on what this ppl are in SL.
    In RL moust fashon creators are Males.In my SIMs i got Voice chat enabled and the girls use it a lot.I dont go round askin all my 3670 group member for RL ID llolololo

    If you dident discoveret it yet,,you are in a fantasyworld were you can be a horse if you like! IMAOOOOO, i count SL avs genders in my places, NOT RL humans!
    I been in 3D Fantasy worlds looong before SL was a blink in Phills eye!
    There are Females and males, young and old, i got a lot of experience to se and here behaviors on gender and age.I got 8 yares in Fantsyworlds and i am a owner still in two of them outside SL. My rentors gender in SL are what i say.

  42. Obscure Doodad

    Aug 20th, 2007

    We’re not making progress here. One presumes that LL’s stats are based on the nature of the name on a credit card or paypal. Barbara is not likely an RL male. Steven is not likely an RL female.

    None of which is the point. The point is . . . what are the probabilities that a game devoted to killing things is a formula more likely to discourage female inclinations than a game that offers the opportunity to develop fashions? One would rationally think . . .not very. And that would call much into question in that WoW is a formula that discourages 50% of the population from participation. Versus SL, which does not.

  43. Brail

    Aug 21st, 2007

    Obscure Doodad, yep the only thing you have left is to attack the stats. I understand that. It’s hard sometimes. Facing certain things. ….

    Kinda funny, in the face of it, you just make up your own stats though, calling them probabilities based on your own heuristics. The whole point of stats is that we don’t have to listen to every Joe “Rationalthinker” telling everybody “This is the way it is cause of MY experience. MY intuition tells ME such and such. The stats of MY microcosm are X, so X must be universal. Bleh” No we’d rather have reality, not your reality. And we have it here. Time to face it.

    “Barbara is not likely an RL male.” 74.55% chance qualifies as likely.
    “Steven is not likely an RL female.” True, you could even say a 25.45% chance (if Steven logged in SL for June), as it were.

    The progress train has already left the station but the clue train is scheduled to come by. I suggest you hop aboard.

    janeforyou Barbara, good you made my point for me. Thanks for having the courage to acknowledge the difference between rl and sl. I’m not sure you put down the pie yet though cause you’re still typing tangents, but as long as it’s tasty pie, I forgive you.

  44. DF

    Aug 21st, 2007

    Why would anyone care what RL gender someone is, aside from when you’re planning on dating them RL?

    It’s just as unimportant as RL species. A fox on SL is not a fox IRL. Amazing, hmm? But, why care?

  45. mootykips

    Aug 21st, 2007

    uh because you’re e-fucking them? how can you imitate a IRL act with a ambiguous definition of who’s on the other end? if you’re going to bring RL conventions into an online world you can’t just pick and choose which ones you’re going to follow.

    if the person on the other end is male, you’re still fapping to a male. end of story.

  46. Jim Schack

    Aug 21st, 2007

    Yea people that virtually dress up like Conan the Barbarian, a fox or a business man are a bunch of losers. But when i put on my robe and wizard hat and cast Lvl. 3 Eroticism, I am a winner!


  47. Exosius Woolley

    Aug 21st, 2007

    Re: the commentpPosted by: Second Lulz Vigilante:
    “SL is just crap…although I do not like WoW, SL is just an excuse for people who have no real life to go make believe. It’s like an imagination that you have to pay for.”

    But… SL is free unless you want to own land, so you are not paying for it. And in fact I do have a real life. SL has extended it. When I tell people what I do for fun they look at me like I am a genius. They are stunned that the future is passing them by. They say, “I have to look into that!” They say, “That must be a lot of fun!” And unlike make believe, I can actually SEE SL. I can see things that other people imagined. And we can interact with them.

    “God, people, write, program your own games, do something! But please…SL is just retarded.”

    But… SL contains a programming language and building tools that allow you to make your own game. I have done programming and writing in SL. And there are a lot or people writing about SL, so many blogs and newspapers I can’t keep track of them all. I was offered a writing job by a company in SL. I make a sell avatars and have had a lot of fun doing it. I turned many sketches from my sketchbook into wearable clothing and usable furniture. I have increased my creative output and doubled the size of my art portfolio. I have taught Photoshop in my own virtual classroom to people from Australia, Japan and England as well as across the US. I learned some of the scripting language and it has helped me understand Flash Actionscript way better. I met more interesting fellow artists and educators than I ever have in RL. I now have art in an art gallery. I have store and vendors. I create learning objects, such as a giant walkthrough model of a human eye for use in Anatomy and Physiology courses. I visited Paris in the early 20th century as well as ancient Rome and a Mayan temple. I flew around a giant molecule of Buckminsterfullerene. I got support as a cancer survivor. Perhaps… it is not SL that is retarded. Conversely, it is what you make it.

  48. Obscure Doodad

    Aug 21st, 2007

    Kinda funny, in the face of it, you just make up your own stats though, calling them probabilities based on your own heuristics.

    What does this mean? The only stats I “made up” was to suggest that if a RL credit card has the RL given name Barbara on it, then that cardholder is likely to be RL female. And the reverse for Steven.

    One presumes, reasonably, that this is the basis for how LL determines the number of residents that are female vs male. And no, not correlating hourly usage. It is just an exercise of evaluating the name on credit cards. And yes, this excludes No Payment Info On Record residents. There is no way to evaluate free accounts.

    So staying very narrowly and properly focused on the key question . . . what are the odds that a game devoted to killing people will attract a higher RL female percentage than a game in which there is an essentially huge fashion industry?

    It would seem pretty reasonable to presume that RL females would on average, evaluated over the entirety of likely female inclinations, have more interest in the fashion game than the killing game.

  49. Second Lulz Vigilante

    Aug 21st, 2007

    @Exosius Woolley

    That wasn’t a quote by me. It was a quote by a PN grieftard who can’t see past furries and lolcubes.

    And just like you, I tinker around with various elements of SL like builds and scripts and other content. I don’t make a job of it much. It’s mainly just a hobbyist thing I do when it’s my wife’s turn to cook dinner.

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