Baby Unicorn Power!!!

by tenshi on 04/09/07 at 9:21 pm

Unicorn love is a beautiful thing

by Tenshi Vielle, Fabulous Fashionista

Unicorn babies need love

What’s the latest trend among the elite Fashionista groups of SL this week?

I’ll give you a hint.

It’s not bubble hemmed sleeves.

It’s not scarves, nor Shai’s plaid jackets.

No, no – this time we’re talking unicorns. Tiny, adorable baby unicorns that you can hold and cuddle… but they come with a price.

You can only get them by having sex with an adult unicorn (although the unicorn isn’t age verified) located at the bel Highland sim in a shop called Sensual Stoneworks. This week pictures of baby unicorns (and some pictures of the sexual act!) have been popping up on Snapzilla.

[WARNING: both super-cute unicorn babies - and not-safe-for-work unicorn sex after the jump -- the Editrix]

Nylon Pinkney and Toast Bard are gentle mothers to their unicorn babies

I took a short trip to Tableau, origin of this fad, to interview a few of the Unicorn baby caretakers. They were hard to find – because each of them denied having heard of such a thing.

An avatar gets nailed by the Nightmare

“I think….that unicorn love is a beautiful thing” says bystander Moisie Swindlehurst, one resident I found in tableau who was willing to talk about the fad. “…and that if you find a spicy sexy unicorn stud muffin and want to let him fill you with his magical glittering seed, that is just fantastic. And i support it. 100%”

After much digging and several dead leads, I came upon Marcelle DeCuir, famed originator of this cult by way of Snapzilla. “I was hanging out with Polyester (Partridge) one day and she had the baby, so I asked her where she got it. She pointed me towards Sensual Stoneworks, and I was shamelessly raped by a unicorn. I don’t mind”.

Marcelle DeCuir conceives her first unicorn prim baby

But how many tries did it take you, Marcelle? I heard the unicorn doesn’t knock you up every time.

"It does it on the first try if you make sure the poseball is set to ‘mounted’," says Marcelle. "That whole place is creepy."

The sexual statues are marvelously crafted at Sensual Stoneworks. One of the griffin-bugs actually reaches out to grab you if you sit on him, and he holds you in place as he rams you from behind. It’s frightening, morally wrong, and yet you just can’t look away for appreciation at how many hours it must have taken to get the programming just right.

be careful near the stone demon

The stone demon reached out and grabbed me without warning. I cannot say what happened next. It’s just… it’s too painful.

Minx Mousehold, creator of Sensual Stoneworks, says that people are now holding contests to see who can get the most prim unicorn babies in a row the "right" way. It’s truly become an underground movement; one of the most demented kind. She also says that out of the statues in the shop, only the unicorn (the white horse), the nightmare (the black horse) and the spider (currently down for repairs) will give you miniatures. The Xen statue, found in the main room, will give you a cute (and hideous) little larvae to keep.

Xen grabbed me by surprise – don’t make the same mistake by glancing into the gaping well!

I’d definetely put "Sensual Stoneworks" on your must-see list. However, for this fashionista reporter… she’ll be sitting at home in the corner of her attic, rocking back and forth with her painful memories.

125 Responses to “Baby Unicorn Power!!!”

  1. Tenshi Vielle

    Sep 10th, 2007

    Hey, isn’t the missionary position called “the American position” in Europe? So who’s to lay on the Americans for the death of some guy who was doing a horse?

  2. Van Harpen

    Sep 11th, 2007

    Jesus fucking christ. What is wrong with you people. Getting knocked up by a Unicorn ? What the hell can top that ? Getting nailed by the holy spirit ?

    “want to let him fill you with his magical glittering seed,”
    -Seriously. You need to get laid. Bad.

  3. Second Lulz Vigilante

    Sep 11th, 2007

    @Yorba the Geek

    “RIGHT Because pointing out your hypocrisy, moronic logic, and retarded analogies = ZOMG AGEPLAYER! You prolly believe all the conspiracy theories about 9/11 too, right? Fucking paranoid, useless, piece of shit. Ruled by fear like most Americans. You try to bust me in the mouth. Hope your employer (or more likely your parents) has good…blahblahblah…meaningless uberlib don’t judge people talking points…ad nauseam”

    Okay, maybe you’re not a sexual ageplayer yourself. But you’re still supporting them and trying to shield them. That’s fucking low and despicable, even for the internet.

    FACT: sexual ageplayers have pedophiliac urges AT ANY TIME. It doesn’t magically end when they log off. A pedophile is a pedophile regardless of whether or not they’ve actually molested a child. A child molestor is nothing more than a pedophile who couldn’t control the pedophile urge anymore.

    FACT: Most people hate and/or fear pedophiles…at least if they’re sane. Why is this? Because pedophilia is a sexual attraction TO CHILDREN.

    And you’re a fine one to talk about “thought crimes”, Yorba ya hypocrite. Apparently, hating pedophiles qualifies as a “thought crime” in your book. lol!

  4. Hellloooooo People

    Sep 11th, 2007

    Hi… just wanted to drop “Occam’s razor” in to the mix and see where it leads. A lot of arguments are talking about crossing “that” line… but where do you draw it?

    Example… Not okay for ageplay. But what age? Would it be diffrent for diffrent parts of the world where age of consent is diffrent? Would it change geographicly or held within ones own moraility? How do you judge the age of a pixle person? Sorry if there is a system in SL, I do not play… I just find this agrument interesting.

    Same thing with “bestality” and sex with “unicorns” or whatever… at what point is it not an animal? In my own opinion if it wasn’t born it’s not an animal but then that is me, but still…

    …we all make fun of that guy with the “rubber” girlfriend! ha!

    Look, when I was 16 when I first got to jump the pond and ended up in Europe (no this is not a Euro or Ameri bash, sorry) and I found to my delight that I could now go out to a bar and drink! Yay… needless to say that after a couple of days of this I found that drinking really wasn’t what I wanted to spend the rest of my vacation doing (or, more aptly… getting over drinking) and moved on to the really good parts of my vacation, the people.

    I’d say the same of this… Hay, I can make things do all sorts of lewd things… Yay! Oh… hum… Okay, over it… what’s next?

  5. Metagg

    Sep 12th, 2007

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  6. Matter of opinion

    Sep 12th, 2007

    I’m somewhat agreeing with ‘Hellloooooo People’ in this. Moral is not a standard concept, everyone is seeing the same thing from a different point of view. Some facts can’t be argued with though.

    So in the middle ages people got wed at 15, even 12 years old, why not now? For one, it’s not physically safe to have children at such a young age, even with our modern medicine. This has nothing to do with unicorn impregnation however but I can see why people brought it up. It gives people an idea that someone is performing an act of “unhealthy” relationship. The example (exaggeration or urban.. rural legend maybe?) with the man and the horse shows, some relations aren’t sane in the sense that you can get speared to death. Pixel unicorns are just funny.

    Now I for one don’t care if people stuff themselves with horses or avocados, whatever gets their kicks, just keep it off my backyard. If someone wants to use a game, or graphical interface to interact with a horse someone draw.. oh joy giddyup cowboy/girl, ride that pony! I don’t for a minute think they would go “molest” horses who wouldn’t care rats ass where they stick their yard of meat.

    Fact is, computer games have become and will come more violent than before. Because they are for adults. Because they are for adults. Adults like their horror, thriller, blood and guts. It’s human nature, why else would we do it? We can’t change it, not overnight. The double standard of sex and violence.. why is the other accepted and the other’s a mortal sin, if both are just for entertainment. There is no clear answer, people just are built that way, like we’re built to eat meat and vegetables.

    I would even go so far as to support this unicorn fetish. Not my cup of tea but at least I can live with the fact that someone is jerking off on their screen ogling at a horse with two poles than an image of a minor. Peace.

  7. Hellloooooo People

    Sep 12th, 2007

    Hey… wanted to say something only because I’m a self proclaimed idiot and had a total brain fart with the “Occam’s Razor” bit. Although, thinking about it now… Occam’s Razor does apply…

    …so, before anyone else does! I have grown a beard… and it’s at a point where I need to shave it… and Occam’s Razor hit my head while I was thinking of the “fallacy of the beard” or the “continuum fallacy” which would be more to my point… Razor, Beard, Shave… see where I mixed things up? Anyway…

  8. One Last Thought

    Sep 12th, 2007

    So this game is played with consenting adults… and kids whose parents have consented… i just checked the web site for SL and they DO have a SL teen world setup and I bet this [the unicorn thing] wouldn’t be allowed there. (at least, I hope not… If i found this on my teens world I’d cancel my teens account)! So consenting adults… who pay for the right to play and be involved in this virtual world… are role playing with each other. That’s kinda like phone sex, isn’t it? Consenting adults that are play acting roles with each other and paying for the right?

    Yes… children are playing. But let’s face it… if you bring your child to a bar they are not going to all stop drinking, being lewd, and carrying on while you are there. Yes, some decnet folk will tighten things up if they know a childs in the room but in this case it is so very hard to know if one is or not.

    So really, in my own humble opinion, it is up to the parents to make sure their kids are in a safe environment. Sign up for the teen SL world or make sure you are there to guide your teen/child and talk about their online experiences.

    But on the other hand… if some jerk signs up for the teen SL and is stalking kids, then YES, he needs to be dealt with appropriately (and, again my opinion, teeth or other parts of the body should be quickly removed). That should not be tolerated.

    So to sum it up… Consenting adults perv’n on pixles? Eh, not so worried about. Idiots stalking childern? Big worry!

  9. Yaknow... he's right

    Sep 13th, 2007

    I’m SOOOO agreeing with ‘Matter of opinion’. Nothing needs to be said more. Except for this…


  10. happy pants

    Sep 13th, 2007

    interesting, not the unicorn part but all the people on this thread, interesting. 8==========D

  11. A. Nony Mouse

    Sep 14th, 2007

    FYI, Bestiality is *not* illegal nationwide in the US.
    With as much accuracy as I can accomplish while dodging horrific and disturbing sites, as of march 2006 there was 14 states with no bestiality laws. Including Washington, where a man getting his intestines ruptured prompted state lawmakers to begin legislation on one.
    Yes, it’s disturbing, but as long as the animal isn’t harmed (thereby making it ‘animal cruelty’) it’s technically legal in some states.

    …Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some getting horribly ill to be doing.

  12. WeAreTalkingAboutPixels!

    Sep 18th, 2007

    We are talking about pixels here… Murder is pretty much illegal everywhere in the whole world and yet we still have movies, pictures, books, magazines, poems, audio, etc… that depict grizzly death sceans in the form of entertainment. Murder… Illegal… everywhere… The whole point is that these are consenting adults that are paying to look at pixels and interact with each other! This is not even to the point of being snuff (which, at least where I come from, would then be illigal)!

    Look… I think the primary word here is “consent” …oh, and “adult.” Yes! “Consenting Adults” That works nicely. By reading the EULA and paying your money and the act of loging in to the virtural world you are an adult that is consenting to interact in that world. Hate to say it but if you don’t like what you see, logoff! Stop paying! Find another world!

    As soon as non-consent comes in to the picture then I’ll have a problem.

    Doh… okay, I think he was actually posting to something waaaay above so my rant is a little of direction. Sorry! Still going to post anyway… since I typed it out and all…

  13. Kasumi Ghia

    Sep 18th, 2007

    For future reference, this area has moved. It’s now in it’s own sim.

    -Kasumi Ghia-

  14. Le Blue Dude

    Sep 19th, 2007

    Huh. Well I can’t say that unicorn sex floats MY boat at all. But I do find this…. highly amusing. Especially coupled with legends regarding unicorns in the real world. Ever wonder why they’re attracted to virgins?

    Once I get done laughing my ass off I’d like to state that second life is a game. It’s NOT a forum, it’s NOT a single player game, but it IS very much similar, in many ways, to an MMO. So, if you can kill the Alliance, or the Orcs in WoW, why can’t you do whatever floats your boat here?

    Now, I’ll get back to laughing. Laughing quite merrily. This is…. *snicker* I’m sorry but *Bwa* I’ll never look at a unicorn the same again. *Heh*

  15. Maverick

    Sep 20th, 2007

    Sex with animal

    you strange people LOL

  16. dlblue

    Nov 23rd, 2007

    Why are you upset about something that YOU PERSONALLY DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH? if you DON’T like it, DON’T go to the sim. that’s ALL there is to it. Do NOT blame someone because they find it amusing or even a turn on, it’s NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS what they like. mind your own. period. No one can see what you do in your home in RL, and I bet, I just have a sneaking hunch, there are things you do, that others would find distasteful. First off, it’s PIXELS, secondly, children cannot defend themselves, and children do NOT NORMALLY have sex, period. Animals do, they even screw others not of their species. if an animal doesn’t want it, they have teeth, hooves and can run. What can a child do? nothing, because the adult has the power over them.
    Now, as for sick? NO. I know both Minx and Merry, they have the most imagination of anyone I have seen on SL. if it wasn’t for imagination where would the world be? A cold dead sterile place. Not somewhere I want to be. if you don’t like it, don’t look, BUT if you see it IRL, you have a choice to make, if it’s a child done that way, and you don’t report it/bash the hell out of the person doing it, then you are guilty of perpetuating it. If it’s with an animal, take into consideration, does your state have a law against it, How did you come upon it in the first place, is it one of YOUR animals, and is the animal being hurt or is it enjoying it? THEN make a decision about what to do.
    SL is open, and as an open area people should NOT be confined as to what they enjoy, I myself think bukkake is disgusting, BUT do I say it should be banned? Hell no, because it’s someone’s fantasy. And as any psychiatrist can tell you, there are healthy and unhealthy fantasies. and really, what goes on in one persons head, is nothing for you to slam. Just like what goes on behind closed doors. As long as there is no ABUSE or children involved, you have no rights bitching about it.

  17. gambit32

    Jan 8th, 2008

    oh god so so horrifying

  18. Arebella

    Feb 13th, 2008

    SL is a game,in my oppinion,were you can do watever the fuck you want!

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  20. Anne

    Apr 3rd, 2010

    God sake thsie is weird i play SL but iv never heard of thise before yet i rp things like Final fantasy or Dragon ball but getting pregnant by a unicorn omfg i have a pet unicorn in sl but i got her at some horse ranch and was a present but sl is getting weirder so nothing suprises me yet the unicorn babies r cute

  21. billy jean

    Dec 28th, 2011

    well you people talking about how bad this shit is 1 question HOW DID YOU FIND THIS WEB PAGE IN THE FIRST PLACE HUH YOU HAD TO BE SEARCHING THIS SHIT UP TO.

  22. hobo kelly

    Dec 29th, 2011

    My God, just look at Marcelle in that second picture cram that huge ramming plunging Unicorn cock right in there like a real pro. That beasty spermpositer is gonna split her open all the way up past the rib cage. This is what Second Life looks like?

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  24. Ferd Frederix

    Sep 3rd, 2012

    But was it legitimate rape?

  25. Me

    May 1st, 2015

    Erm.. I was just searching for Unicorn sims.. honestly…

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