More Evil than Tinies, More Sinister than Furries, More Preverted than Elves: A New Race Arrives in SL

by Alphaville Herald on 10/12/07 at 8:19 am

Purrsnicketys Prove there is no Bottom to Cute


By Urizenus Sklar, at the post-tiny life form desk

Yesterday Second Life witnessed the birth of a new race of virtual critters – Purrsnicketys. Their basic design is due to Phoenixxx Dragonash, who in RL is Ashley Speranzella-Evans, a free-lance fantasy artist.

They are built and scripted by Eren Padar. Below the fold are some screenshots and the purrsnickety propaganda.




From the purrsnickety note card…

(To give a Purrsnickety as a gift, please read at the bottom of this notecard)

In a world that has forgotten magic and rushes time, they live above the clouds. Dragon-kitties once chosen to be Guardians of the Earth and magic, they failed to protect it from man. They have become jaded and skeptical, and definitely have attitude. But they have not given up! They have returned to the earth to try one last time to bring back what has lost. Are they the scourge of the skies… or destined to become heroes? Purrsnicketys… adorably wicked.

Purrsnicketys are some of the most complex, heavily-scripted (but very low-lag), fun, tiny avatars ever!

* Purrsnickety Avatar (copy/nomod/notrans… copyable so you can pull a new one out of the box in case of inventory loss!)
(To give a Purrsnickety as a gift, please read at the bottom of this notecard)
* A special Purrsnickety toy (an extra item specific to your Purrsnickety)
* Scripted wings open when flying
* Swishing tail
* 72-function HUD, including…
* 68 custom sounds (no freebie sounds here!)
* 14 all-original animations (even the “tiny” animations themselves are new and tweeked), including:
* Scripted tongue for cleaning
* Cat-like “run”
* Fun “jump”
* Improved “sit” and “groundsit”
* Dance synchronizer (dance in time with your Purrsnickety friends!)
* Cute. Real cute. (never underestimate the power of cute. Fells strong dragons and ogres and melts the hearts of warriors).


Baby Ree: Calico, curious, and pudgy. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of this little baby she will sneeze fire on you if you aren’t careful. Likes buttercups and fireflies and her stuffed toy “Remmy”.

Bitters: Black, skinny and Melancholy. Always seems to have a rain cloud over his head. Loves,well he dosent’t love anything.. except for a rainy day and only because it spoils everyone else’s fun, maybe mud puddles. Older brother of Chitters.

Chitters: Pink, happy and talks a lot, though only the other purrsnicketys can tell what she is saying. Loves lollypops and unicorns and baking pies for the gang. Kid sister of Bitters and has a crush on Jeepers (but don’t tell him).

Creepers: Large, green and agitated. Loves dark damp places and mushrooms. Oldest and Leader of the Purrsnicketys, big brother to Jeepers. Arch nemesis: Mr. Wiggles the very elusive and clever mouse dragon whom Creepers can never catch.

Critters: Brown, sweet and earthy. He loves all kinds of creatures and can often be seen playing with the mice in the castle (in a friendly way) Likes walking in the clouds and strawberries.

Flitters: Yellow, scattered and artistic. He creates beautiful rainbows in the sky and paintings for the castle. Constantly looses everything because he is so focused on his art. He can be seen covered in paint muttering to himself in his room. Likes new paint brushes and dragon flies.

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  1. Blinders Off

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Oh, one other thing. I googled the name “Doran Zemlja” and all I came up with were references to Second Life. Hey, you mean that’s a bogus name? That kinda makes you a liar, doesn’t it? I mean, failing to use your real name on the Herald? Isn’t that misrepresentation of fact?


    There… those are terms you’ll likely understand. Brings it down to your maturity level. :D

    (Sorry folks. I know that was crude, but just absolutely could not resist. LOL).

  2. Blinders Off

    Dec 15th, 2007

    BTW, as for the U.S. Copyright search engine, just to test it out I searched for a registered copyright that I own. Know what I got? Nothing. Maybe Doran, you should try to look up a copyright you own and see what results you get. Oh wait… you probably don’t have any registered copyrights. Oops. My bad.

  3. Doran Zemlja

    Dec 15th, 2007


    You’re pretty good at this troll thing. Kudos to you.

    While I would be very surprised if Bill Gates could recite from memory the patent numbers of each of the 7900+ patents assigned to Microsoft, I would be shocked if he couldn’t explain the difference between the USPTO and the US Copyright Office.

    Saying “but I’m an artist” is no excuse for spreading false information.

    As for calling me a liar for using my actual SL name on an SL oriented forum… huh? Could you kindly point out exactly where I ever claimed that was my RL name? And I’m certain that “Blinders” is your actual first name, Mr./Ms. Off? The amusing bit here is that neither an SL “people search” nor a search in the “moopf name2key database” returns any results for “Blinders Off”. You’re hiding behind much more anonymity than I am. The really amusing bit to me though, is that you could take that google search and uncover my actual real name and street address in about 5 minutes. That is, if you cared about anything more than being a troll.

  4. Doran Zemlja

    Dec 15th, 2007


    Your inability to use the US Copyright Office’s search engine proves nothing but your own stupidity.

    Perhaps if you were willing to post your RL name, I could assist you finding your work on the US Copyright Office’s site.

  5. like_ummm

    Dec 15th, 2007

    B.O. says: “Learn how to show some social dignity, child. I would expect such conduct from a 7 year old, but you’re supposed to be a mature adult, yes? Maybe you should start conducting yourself as one and show a little social grace.”

    B.O. continues on to say: “LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE.”

    This B.O. is like some sort of heavy duty irony/hypocracy factory rapidly rendering its product over and over again with ever increasing efficiency. Carry on…

  6. Blinders Off

    Dec 15th, 2007

    @like_umm: bite me trollboy. Come back when you have a coherent thought. LOL

    @doran: same thing for you. Do you really believe your posts here give the impression of intelligence? Seriously, you two aren’t just morons. You’re clueless morons.

    (BTW Doran, seems you’re not too spiffy at using search engines either. After all, you failed to find Ash Evans or Purrsnicketys, didn’t ya? Don’t suppose there’s a possibility the government-sponsored search engine is borked? No no… that couldn’t possibly be the case. Doran has spoken!)

    Oh sorry… how does it feel to be on the receiving end of intentional, senseless ridicule? Must really, really bug you two, because you respond every time, right on cue, like a fish taking the lure.

    That’s what “grow up” means guys. It means get a flippin’ clue. You guys think you’re in control, but you’re so easy to play it’s hilarious.

    (/me bets that even knowing all this, you two absolutely, without a doubt, will not be able to resist replying to this post. Oh wait, you may realize they’re being lured, so might decide to use an alt identity to reply instead so it’s not so extremely obvious you’re blatant morons. Or, you might reply, but rationalize why you’re oh-so-clever in doing so. Wow, you two are so profound! Who can possibly stand up to such undeniable mastery of sarcastic wit?).

    Flaming and trolling isn’t particularly witty nor difficult. Anyone can do so. Doesn’t prove you’re smart. Proves you’re pompous and don’t have anything better to do with your time.

  7. Blinders Off

    Dec 15th, 2007

    Now, if the good people here will let me back off a little and explain things for the children.

    like_ummm, your pointing to me saying “Liar liar pants on fire” is absolutely hilarious. That you totally failed to see the parody in my posting that line has GOT to have the more intelligent readers here laughing out loud.

    And Dorian’s reference to the very obvious fact that BLINDERS OFF isn’t my real life name is equally hilarious. You just didn’t get the point, did you Dorian? You made fun of Ash Evan’s name. I made fun of your. SURE I’m using a pseudonym here. I’m sure not going to invite moronic griefers like you into my RL.

    That you two totally fail to realize that you’ve been goaded and prodded and drawn along in this conversation I find hilarious in the extreme. I’m not defending Ash Evans here, nor am I defending her line of products (although I do think she and her product deserves defending). I simply dropped down to the level of you two morons to give you a taste of your own medicine.

    I don’t enjoy flaming people and I don’t enjoy insulting people. I just felt that maybe it would be good to put you two clowns on the receiving end of your own schtick. And you both fell for it hook line and sinker. You so pwned yourselves that any credence or rep that you MIGHT have had by posting a sincere, respectful opinion here is totally lost. LOL.

    The funny thing is that it is very likely that even after I’ve completely explained this to you two buffoons, you probably STILL won’t be able to resist responding to this. Rather than just taking your licks and crawling off in a corner where you belong, you’ll just just HAVE to try and prove how witty you really are.

    Come back when you grow up. LOL LOL LOL. This is better than the Simpsons. LOL.

    (To everyone else here, my sincere apologies for dragging this thread into the gutter to make a point. Sometimes, the trolls have to be trolled in return. It’s like shooting rabid rats… except the rats are smarter and harder to target. ;)

  8. like_ummm

    Dec 15th, 2007

    ah shit! trolled by a troll – i should never have fallen for that one. well played B.O. you prick.

  9. Blinders Off

    Dec 16th, 2007

    Thank you like_ummm. Quite a compliment, considering the source. You lasted all of 24 minutes and responded by calling me a prick. kachingggg!

    But actually, no guy, you weren’t trolled by a troll. You were trolled because you regularly troll others, and I thought it was high time someone showed you and the other trollboys here it takes no particular skill to do so.

    You know what takes REAL skill and intelligence? Posting a sensible, well-thought out, mature, non-flaming observation of things in a rational, adult, non-insulting manner. That’s what takes skill and brains. Any child with a keyboard can troll and flame and throw a virtual tantrum. And I would bet dimes do donuts that you (not to mention others of similar ilk), could not on your life post without being flaming or insulting.

    If you were offered $100,000 to do so, if you were hung over a pit of boiling oil, if someone held a GUN to your flipping head and told you that any flaming or insulting whatsoever in your posts would result in your instant death, were I a betting man I would bet my bank account you would be unable to comply. And that is really, really sad.

    The fact that I just beat you at your own game without even trying hard, shows how sad that really is. You’re so used to flaming and insulting other people, at being arrogant and pompous, you didn’t for one second believe anyone could best you at your own game. You didn’t even see it coming and you let it hit you in the face straight on. But you know what like_ummm? I don’t even take delight in that. You’re to be pitied if anything. Shameful existence for someone to have.

    I don’t think you could change even if you wanted to. The ‘tude is so etched into your brain that you have become the kind of person no one would want to be: no respect for anyone, no ethics, a sociopath. In all your pomposity, deep down you don’t even respect yourself. And likely, you don’t want to change because you think you’re satisfied with such purposeless existence. Why? Because you just plain don’t know any other way to be and you’re not willing to pay attention to how mature adults behave so you can learn the lesson. That’s pitiful. Cos you’re not even “good” at being a troll.

    BTW, that’s not a challenge to be even more trollish. It’s a challenge to be LESS. I don’t think you can, or that you even would want to be less trollish. It was just a thought.

    Gnite trollboy. pwnd.

  10. Ziggy Quirk

    Dec 28th, 2007

    My friend sent me this link, and the minute I saw them I had to have one! These days, it’s so rare to find creations with a heart and soul, and these avis most surely have that.

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