More Evil than Tinies, More Sinister than Furries, More Preverted than Elves: A New Race Arrives in SL

by Alphaville Herald on 10/12/07 at 8:19 am

Purrsnicketys Prove there is no Bottom to Cute


By Urizenus Sklar, at the post-tiny life form desk

Yesterday Second Life witnessed the birth of a new race of virtual critters – Purrsnicketys. Their basic design is due to Phoenixxx Dragonash, who in RL is Ashley Speranzella-Evans, a free-lance fantasy artist.

They are built and scripted by Eren Padar. Below the fold are some screenshots and the purrsnickety propaganda.




From the purrsnickety note card…

(To give a Purrsnickety as a gift, please read at the bottom of this notecard)

In a world that has forgotten magic and rushes time, they live above the clouds. Dragon-kitties once chosen to be Guardians of the Earth and magic, they failed to protect it from man. They have become jaded and skeptical, and definitely have attitude. But they have not given up! They have returned to the earth to try one last time to bring back what has lost. Are they the scourge of the skies… or destined to become heroes? Purrsnicketys… adorably wicked.

Purrsnicketys are some of the most complex, heavily-scripted (but very low-lag), fun, tiny avatars ever!

* Purrsnickety Avatar (copy/nomod/notrans… copyable so you can pull a new one out of the box in case of inventory loss!)
(To give a Purrsnickety as a gift, please read at the bottom of this notecard)
* A special Purrsnickety toy (an extra item specific to your Purrsnickety)
* Scripted wings open when flying
* Swishing tail
* 72-function HUD, including…
* 68 custom sounds (no freebie sounds here!)
* 14 all-original animations (even the “tiny” animations themselves are new and tweeked), including:
* Scripted tongue for cleaning
* Cat-like “run”
* Fun “jump”
* Improved “sit” and “groundsit”
* Dance synchronizer (dance in time with your Purrsnickety friends!)
* Cute. Real cute. (never underestimate the power of cute. Fells strong dragons and ogres and melts the hearts of warriors).


Baby Ree: Calico, curious, and pudgy. Don’t be fooled by the cuteness of this little baby she will sneeze fire on you if you aren’t careful. Likes buttercups and fireflies and her stuffed toy “Remmy”.

Bitters: Black, skinny and Melancholy. Always seems to have a rain cloud over his head. Loves,well he dosent’t love anything.. except for a rainy day and only because it spoils everyone else’s fun, maybe mud puddles. Older brother of Chitters.

Chitters: Pink, happy and talks a lot, though only the other purrsnicketys can tell what she is saying. Loves lollypops and unicorns and baking pies for the gang. Kid sister of Bitters and has a crush on Jeepers (but don’t tell him).

Creepers: Large, green and agitated. Loves dark damp places and mushrooms. Oldest and Leader of the Purrsnicketys, big brother to Jeepers. Arch nemesis: Mr. Wiggles the very elusive and clever mouse dragon whom Creepers can never catch.

Critters: Brown, sweet and earthy. He loves all kinds of creatures and can often be seen playing with the mice in the castle (in a friendly way) Likes walking in the clouds and strawberries.

Flitters: Yellow, scattered and artistic. He creates beautiful rainbows in the sky and paintings for the castle. Constantly looses everything because he is so focused on his art. He can be seen covered in paint muttering to himself in his room. Likes new paint brushes and dragon flies.

60 Responses to “More Evil than Tinies, More Sinister than Furries, More Preverted than Elves: A New Race Arrives in SL”

  1. anon

    Dec 10th, 2007

    Yay, they even include a baby. So a perfect replacement for those yiffing ageplay babyfur psychopaths.

  2. Sol Cult

    Dec 10th, 2007

    Wha… why…?

  3. Artiamus Seifert

    Dec 10th, 2007

    Eh, it’ll be another furby/pokemon craze if it catches on.

  4. Nacon

    Dec 10th, 2007

    “More Evil than Tinies, More Sinister than Furries, More Preverted than Elves”

    Yeah…. that’s you, Urizenus.

  5. Schwartz Gustafson

    Dec 10th, 2007

    I’m assuming this is the first article in your new all-advertisement format?

  6. Nina A

    Dec 10th, 2007

    Nice ad! Those things are kind of cute.

  7. Abby

    Dec 10th, 2007

    Okay I just had to go out and buy one of these and for 500L welllll worth it. It is too cute.

  8. Porky Nevah

    Dec 10th, 2007

    One word. Advertainewsment.

  9. Apollonia

    Dec 10th, 2007

    Yeah… those things bring the demon back out in me. How long do they take in a moderate oven?

  10. StevenM Tomorrow

    Dec 10th, 2007

    I liked them so much I went and got me one. Love it very much. :)

  11. Brigid Yoshikawa

    Dec 11th, 2007

    The Purrsnicketys are incredible creations. I count myself blessed to be a close friend of Ash Evans the artist who designed the Purrsnicketys. I do feel compelled to point out that Ash is more then “responsible for the basic design” The Purrsnicketys are an entire concept a whole cast of characters in a world of her creation. She is in the midst of writing and illustrating a book that shares their story – and their whole aesthetic and attitude is entirely Ash’s. She was very fortunate to find the talented builder she did to help her bring her vision to SL – but I feel the article perhaps could have used a bit more clarification as to the genuine RL origins of this avatar – and perhaps even an interview with the artist and builder might have been in order?

    Great writeup!


  12. Anonymous

    Dec 11th, 2007

    *has flashbacks to wanting to reach into her tv set and strangle snarf whenever Thundercats was on*

    The memories…. all those years of therapy undone…

  13. Anonymous

    Dec 11th, 2007



    get this shit off.

  14. Papajah

    Dec 11th, 2007

    Anything that egomaniac Wishbringer is involved in is something I will steer well clear of.

  15. Archie Lukas

    Dec 11th, 2007

    basically a rip-off of GREMLINS ??

    Well thats news (not)

  16. James Kazan

    Dec 11th, 2007

    I thought that Tenshi was the new SLH advertisement manager. Got fired again?

  17. sorry... what?

    Dec 11th, 2007

    Hmmm…. Don’t know if you actually know what cute means.

    These things, are not.

  18. eren padar

    Dec 11th, 2007

    I want to thank everyone for their kind comments regarding the new Purrsnickety line. Both Ash and I were surprised to see this article here on SL Herald.

    Like Brigid, I would like to stress that Purrsnicketys are the creative endeavor of Phoenixxx Dragonash and she had MUCH to do in the conceptualization of the Purr avatars. Not only did she create the design and the stories behind the Purrs, she also created the fur and eye textures for the avatars themselves. The Purrsnicketys are a RL creation with figurines, paintings and much more to come out. While I’m pleased to have executed the actual manifestation of such in SL, such would not exist were it not for her.

    In response to some negative thoughts above– I imagine Uri was just cramped on time and so posted something asap because he loved the avatars. Using our advertising info was the fastest way for him to get information to the board in a very busy time of the year. Some of the info in the article is inaccurate and yes, would have been nice to have an interview with Ash. As we all know it’s a busy time of the year and if Uri is like Ash and me, he’s up to his ears in projects. So grant him this little quick-way-out article. We appreciate that he’s helped bring Purrsnicketys to the public eye at a critical time period for us. As indicated in the posts above, many people are pleased that he did.

    To the person trying to turn this into a personal smear campaign… really, leave the drama on SL. Why not enjoy SL and this zine and leave the attitude at home instead of casting negativism on everything? Seems some people can’t just have fun. Your personal snit with a user on SL has nothing to do with Ash Evans and her creation. So let others enjoy things and… try enjoying things yourself, eh? ;)

    Rip-off of Gremlins? I appreciate and respect that’s your opinion, but… the look is different. The whole story-line is different. The activities and actions are different. By what stretch of the imagination do dragon-cats rip off Gremlins? Minor similarities in size and the existance of fur does not constitute “rip-off”. Get real. :D

    Purrsnicketys are a wonderful concept that most people think are cute to the gills. As the line expands (12 of them are scheduled for production), we’re going to see even more personalities and appearances come to the fore. I believe this is the most intricate and function-filled tiny avatar to be produced on the grid to date (72 button HUD, 68 custom sounds, 14 original animations). I’m very pleased that Uri was gracious enough to feature us in his zine. :)

  19. Purrlover Muches

    Dec 11th, 2007

    @sorry… what? “Hmmm…. Don’t know if you actually know what cute means. These things, are not.”

    Sorry…what? What do you think is cute? These are adorable! Puppies are cute. Kitties are cute. Ferrets are cute. And Purrs are cute. (Squeezes my Purr).

  20. Baldrick Dragonash

    Dec 11th, 2007

    Love’em Phoenixxx, Love’em Eren. Thank you for adding to the SL experience. Much thanks to the SLHerald for spreading the word.

  21. Damien1 Thorne

    Dec 11th, 2007


    350 degrees for about an hour. Tastes just like chicken.

  22. DaveOner

    Dec 11th, 2007

    I resisted looking at this article as long as I could. Now that I have I wish that I hadn’t. They’re just tinies that went through a wood chipper and were later tie died from what I can tell.

    And the name…did your grandma come up with it?!

    If this adds to your SL experience then your SL is more boring than most people’s RL!

  23. Purrlover Muches

    Dec 11th, 2007

    Sounds like DaveOner is boring. Has nothing better to do than slam other people’s creations. You done anything good for SL recently?

    Huggs my Purr. :D

  24. Papajah

    Dec 11th, 2007

    “Rip-off of Gremlins?”

    Pretty much how they look to me too, especially the eyes and ears. ESPECIALLY the ears.

  25. Anonymous

    Dec 12th, 2007

    I’d buy one, and turn it into a little target that delinks itself when it and sprays absurd amounts of blood when shot.

  26. Penny Sautereau

    Dec 12th, 2007

    No, they still make me think of Snarf from Thundercats. More annoying than Scrappy Doo

  27. Eren Padar

    Dec 12th, 2007

    “Papajah”, tell you what… have the courage to use your real SL name in your slur posts here, and I’ll consider them more than just trolling. You’re known on this board for regularly throwing a fly in the ointment. Really, don’t you have anything better to do with your time?

    Ears. LOL. Like gremlins have a corner market on ears. LOL.

  28. Ash

    Dec 12th, 2007

    Wow, I held off saying anything for a few days and just watched people pick apart my creations.I feel like I should say something now and not leave Eren to defend my artwork. I want to thank everyone who was nice enough to say something positive about the Purrsnicketys and those generous enough to purchase one. For you all I say thank you and I do hope you enjoy them. There will be 12 total and Eren and I are looking forward to the future releases. I wanted to have them created so people could be a part of my RL art in SL.I liked the concept of living art and am happy to share it with you. I hope they bring joy to those who see and have them.That was the reason for their creation in the first place.I appreciate all of your support, it is not easy to be a full time artist in the real world and the exposure these avatars have given me is wonderful.

    For the rest I would like to clearly state, the US patent and copyright office did not see any sort of similarity in their design or concept when they granted my patent, trademark and copyright.They where issued with no dispute from any company at all. The original art was created well before tinies even existed and these are their 3d rendering created for people to enjoy.

    I also would like to thank the SL herald for publishing this article and putting the Purrs into the public eye. I am very appreciative.

  29. Daman Tenk

    Dec 12th, 2007

    They look to be well designed. And I like gathering funny and weird avatars, especially if they have a story behind them. One of the avatars I have is a weird blob with bad teeth on two legs which has a story about being an evolved pacman or something.

    I’ll probably get a Purr, even if I doubt I’ll wear it often (my human avatar still beats any of my exotic looks). It looks like a fun novelty.

  30. Albini Maranello

    Dec 12th, 2007

    Very nice advertisement. I should say, very nice advertisement for Gremlins.
    This herald thing should be called the Sun, in the uk meaning. So much crap !

  31. Blinders Off

    Dec 12th, 2007

    I have come to a conclusion about people who post on the Herald. It seems there are an alarming number of obvious social misfits who have no more importance in life than to sit around all day and flame others. My guess is they’re not so hot at creating things themselves, have probably screwed up their RL, and insist on bringing the attitude to SL. They don’t build, they destroy.

    So for all you boneheads above who can’t do anything but throw mud at other people because they DO have a bit of talent and creativity, why don’t yall go crawl back under whatever rock you crawled out from and let everyone else enjoy themselves. If you honestly think these things look like Gremlins, hey, more power to you. But it’s pretty plain to me that the above posts are nothing more than trolls shooting their mouths off because they have nothing more profitable to do with their time. So to be cliche, get a life people and let other people live theirs. You’re not just sad, you’re moronic buffoons.

    As the popular SL soundclip goes, “You are an idiot.. ha haha ha haaaa ha.”

  32. Purr Power

    Dec 13th, 2007

    Hey Lagg-offs, yeah you, you big wastes of space! Take the negativity you dish out and choke yourself with it. Go back to your trashy internet chat rooms where you belong arguing with 12yr olds, or better yet, get a real life and quit scumming up the system for everyone else. Is it really necessary to make your Second Life as useless as your first?

    These creations are not harming anyone or copied from someone elses designs. If you were really that interested you would leave some constructive criticism or questions for artist and builder to answer rather than this garbage. Go complain about a vacuum cleaner on amazon if you need to get something off your chest.

    Sincerely, Mr. Foot (in your @!%)

  33. like_ummm

    Dec 13th, 2007

    @Blinders Off

    “So for all you boneheads above who can’t do anything but throw mud at other people because they DO have a bit of talent and creativity…”


    mud is being flung NOT because this person DOES have a bit of talent and creativity but because this person is so obviously completely lacking in talent and creativity.

    This is obvious to anyone WITH genuine creative talent and/or taste (i.e. not you). People with genuine creative talent develop their skills beyond this kind of infantile five-year old fantasy rip-off.

    As far as I’m concerned, this kind of assault on the reputation of creative talent should not go unchallenged.

  34. Blinders Off

    Dec 13th, 2007

    like_ummm, you’re exactly the kind of bonehead I’m talking about (knocks on yer head to see if anyone is home).

    Justb because something bears a mild semblance to a pre-existing thing does not automatically make it a “rip-off” nor lacking in creativity. By that concept, baseball is a “rip off” of crickett, Foosball is a “rip off” of hockey, and skeet shooting is a “rip off” of hunting.

    By your definition, every fantasy novel ever written is a “rip off” of Tolkein, and Tolkein himself ripped of every fairy tale ever written, etc etc ad nauseum.

    From what I see, these items bear only a very mild resemblance to Gremlins. You’re a knucklehead loudmouth who seems to spend all his time on these boards flaming other people. Which means of course, you’re just “ripping off” the attitude and mannerisms of every troll who has ever existed in any flamer forum. So what right have you to put down anyone else for lack of creativity? Know how much creativity I see on your part? ZIP.

    Get a life and let people have their fun. You’re a pissant raining on their picnic, acting like some spoiled brat at someone elses party, trying to draw attention to himself by insisting on being the center of attention. Grow up child. Purrs are no more a rip-off of Gremlins than Spiderman is a rip-off of Superman. Just because their “ears” look similar does not mean they aren’t original and creative.

    Again, get a life and stop putting other people down because they managed to accomplish something. I can understand you might be jealous and envious, but no need to throw a tantrum. Instead, why don’t you try doing something CONSTRUCTIVE yourself, eh?

    Sorry all, I have very little patience for obnoxious people.

  35. like_ummm

    Dec 14th, 2007

    “I can understand you might be jealous and envious.”

    Gees, B.O. you got me all worked out. All I ever wanted to do with my life was create something… something beautiful… something like…

    a Gremlin.

    (o sorry i meant Purrsnickety)


  36. Doran Zemlja

    Dec 14th, 2007


    It is fairly clear you put a lot of work and heart into this project. Kudos to you.

    I do, however, have to cry b******t over your “the US patent and copyright office did not see any sort of similarity in their design or concept when they granted my patent, trademark and copyright” comment.

    I seriously doubt that anything you did to come up with an SL av is new and novel enough to be covered by a patent.

    I also doubt you shelled out the money to hire a patent attorney to do a proper search of prior art for possible infringement.

    But more importantly, a full text search of both patents and applications at for the term “Purrsnicketys” yeilds zero results.

    That said, even if you had filed for a patent, that still does not guarantee that you’re not infringing; people contest patents all the time for infringement, and sometimes they win.

    At best you may have filed for trademark registration, but again, as I’m sure you’re aware, this does not guarantee that you’re not infringing on someone else’s trademark; it simply establishes use of the trademark in the event that you want to sue someone for infringing on your trademark. People with registered trademarks sue each other all the time (see Apple Corps v. Apple Computer, 1978 for a famous example).

    Although again, I doubt you filed to register a trademark. If you had, you might have discovered that “Purrsnickety” was a registered trademark of Bumble Bee Seafoods, registered back in 1981:

    As for claims of the USPTO granting you a “copyright”, they don’t do that, that’s not how that works. All a person needs to do to claim a copyright on an original work is to slap the (C) on it and call it a day. This action of claiming copyright, however, does not in and of itself guarantee that a work is original and that you’re not infringing on someone else’s copyright.

    I’m sorry to see so many people fling mud at you over such a silly thing, but please do not defend yourself from them by concocting lies and spreading misinformation about how the USPTO works.

  37. Ash

    Dec 14th, 2007

    To Dorian,

    Actually if the article was properly read I am firstly an artist. The images of the original paintings where sent to the US Copyright office in 2005 upon their conception because I had every intention on marketing these characters main stream. Toy companies do not even bother with you until you have official copyright and trademarks in hand.This is for their legal protection as well as mine. I do have an attorney, he did file all the proper works to cover my butt because I DO have licensed products, it had nothing to do with SL what so ever. As for the patent he filed that because he stated I needed some sort of special coverage when they start to be made as toys.I can’t tell you what that is specifically because I don’t know, that is what I PAY my lawyer to figure out. Yes you can slap a C on things all day and that was originally intended to protect you until you file the ACTUAL copyright in Washington DC. It then sits in an office where is it reviewed for up to 2 years by companies to see if there is any similarity in design to existing images to the point where there is conflict. Mine was issued in late 2006 with no contest.

    PS last I checked I wasn’t writing a School House Rock on how the Copyright office worked.I was simply attempting to convey that these characters, though some may see similarities to other things, are not legally considered a “rip off” and that good enough for me.

  38. Purr Fanatic

    Dec 14th, 2007

    Here is the freaking best part…it is days later and everyone is still talking about it.To me that is a mark of something pretty good! I am stunned half of you had the attention span to even follow through this long. You should print this article out, it may be considered the biggest thing you ever dedicated yourself to.That being said, last I checked this poor girl is a full time artist, she is published and licensed and fairly successful. HOW DARE she try and further expand her career! The only misinformation being spread here is the implication that at least half of you are human beings and deserve a say at all. YOU try starting your own business, YOU try competing and an already saturated market, YOU get a licensing deal and see how easy it is. I like Ash’s work. If you don’t stop thinking about it and move on with your lives.Why pollute a page with negativity and for what?? I doubt this has hurt her sales, I doubt this has done anything but take time out of her day to address a bunch of rabid,venomous children when I am sure she has better things to do. Go do something positive with yourselves and leave her, her designs and her builder alone. Clearly the only way any of you will make the SL herald will be to bitch and whine here or perhaps the police blotter. Kudos Ash! I am a long time fan first time ranter!! Everyone else can SOD off!!!

  39. Blinders Off

    Dec 14th, 2007

    @Doran: Doran, don’t know where you get your information, but you’re dead wrong. So you calling someone else a liar is stepping way over the line.

    Yes, all one has to do is slap a copyright on something to claim copyright. That’s even legal… for CIVIL cases. That means if someone steals your work, and you can prove prior creation, you can take them to civil court and sue. Then try to collect.

    On the otherhand, if you file an official copyright with the US Copyright Office, infringement becomes a CRIMINAL case, with fines up to $250,000 per incident and 5 years in prison.

    So before you go calling someone else a liar, maybe you ought to check your facts. You come off here as a sodding know-it-all.

  40. Blinders Off

    Dec 14th, 2007

    Oh, and just to expose more BS, when I clicked on the link Doran supplied above, I got the following message:

    “This search session has expired. Please start a search session again by clicking on the TRADEMARK icon, if you wish to continue.”

    No end to propaganda, lie-spewing, self-centered idiots, I guess.

    Hey, I wouldn’t be so hard on you if you hadn’t the gall to call someone ELSE a liar. Back atcha.

    @Purr Fanatic: “YOU try starting your own business, YOU try competing and an already saturated market, YOU get a licensing deal and see how easy it is. Why pollute a page with negativity and for what?? I doubt this has hurt her sales… Clearly the only way any of you will make the SL herald will be to bitch and whine here or perhaps the police blotter.”

    Right on, PF.

  41. Blinders Off

    Dec 14th, 2007

    /me skims through like_ummm’s brilliant reposte. YAAAWWWWWWNN. Wonder if there’s anything on TV?

  42. Blinders Off

    Dec 14th, 2007

    Hey, I want to issue a slight apology right off to Doran. I’ve had a whole morning of dealing with arrogant troll-posts and Doran was unfortunately on the receiving end of “had enough”. Doran was wrong in calling the Purr creator a liar, and that itself deserves an apology, but I was a little harsh in my comment, nevertheless.

    Still Doran, the point is valid. I think your post was unwarranted, unfactual, and without much value. Before you go calling others a liar, you better be VERY sure of your facts.

  43. Reading in disgust

    Dec 14th, 2007

    @Blinders Off – You shouldnt have to be the apologetic one here Blinders. Pollution is a problem no matter how big or small, real or virtual. None of us should have to put up with it. Thank you for your sincere thoughts no matter how harsh you later realize they are. You are definitely with conscience and a good soul, unlike some of the monsters on here.

    Get real people. Put your energy to good use…

  44. like_ummm

    Dec 14th, 2007

    B.O. – “/me skims through like_ummm’s brilliant reposte.”

    o thanks for your appreciation of my brilliance – maybe we can be friends afterall. You will have to kiss my ass more than just this once, mind.

  45. Blinders Off

    Dec 14th, 2007

    No like_ummm, I don’t think there is much chance that you and I will ever be friends.

    Beyond that, if I’m going to kiss someone’s behind, I’ll stick to someone who has the brains enough to wipe himself. You don’t qualify.

    pwned trollboy. Wasn’t all that hard, either. LOL :D

  46. Purrlover Muches

    Dec 14th, 2007

    No matter what the “no-lifes” say, Purrsnicketys are fun, they’re original, they have a great story and interesting personalities. I don’t think the flamers above show any creativity at all. For sure not in their posts. A third grader could write better rants.

    You just keep making Purrs Ash and Eren and we’ll keep buying them. The dark-clouders can go in their sad little corner and whine. :D

    (Cuddles my Purr…)

  47. like_ummm

    Dec 15th, 2007

    So, you’re doin’ a bit of trollin’ yourself now B.O. Well, that was a swift transformation. Congratulations – you have now become what you once hated.

  48. Eren Padar

    Dec 15th, 2007

    I want to take a moment to everyone here who has exhibited the decency and courage to stand up to the troll posts against Ash and her creations. I’d also like to add my 2 cents worth if I may.

    I am regularly offered projects by numerous people. From time to time I’ll do a freebie script or build for a friend, just for the fun of it. But not once have I accepted a long-term, partnership project from anyone.

    When Ash came to me with the Purrsnicketys, something just felt “right” about it. I agreed to partner with her in bringing her creations to SL. As I got into the project, I became quite enthusiastic. I hope that enthusiasm shows in the end results. I am an avid avatar collector and without any arrogance at all I believe I can state that these are top-quality, unique avatars.

    The interesting thing here though, is that I worked day and night for more than a solid month to bring these things to life, and NOT ONCE did the idea of any resemblance whatsoever to Gremlins occur to me. Now call me blind, but I don’t think Gremlins created large, pointy ears. Didn’t Sesame Street peg that long before Gremlins? And didn’t ancient paintings depict faeries and other mythical creatures with such centuries before Sesame Street? I think I can say without question that Gremlins also did not create the concept of small, furry creatures (I believe teddy bears were around quite some time before Gremlins).

    The point I’m making is that I’ve seen the movie Gremlins and its sequel many times in my lifetime, and all during the time I was working on these avs, the thought of “Gremlins” didn’t even once spark into my consciousness. So I really seriously question any claims in this thread of “Gremlins rip-off”.

    What I really see in the posts is one arrogant trouble-maker making a bogus claim to start with, and as is typical with this zine, every flamer-troll on the block glomming on to that idea and having a field day with it. To such people, I will echo the sentiment often repeated above: get a freaking life. If you can’t do something constructive with your existence, at least don’t trash the existence and efforts of others. Surely there are better things that you can do with your lives than post the nonsense I have read above.

    I am very pleased to be involved with the Purrsnickety project. For the record, sales are excellent and improving daily. I think the Purr fans will be very pleased to see some of the things we have planned for the upcoming additions to the line. I’m not permitted to say which Purrs are to be produced next, but I think Purr lovers will be delighted. :)

    (I can say this. A little Purrsnickety attitude is going to be incorporated into the next ones. hint hint). :D

  49. Doran Zemlja

    Dec 15th, 2007


    I noticed you changed your tune from “USPTO” to “US Copyright Office”. Two seperate entities. Quoting directly from the USPTO web site: “The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office does not register copyrights. Copyrights cover literary, artistic, and musical works.”

    But of course you’re not lying or misrepresenting anything. Nope. Nuh-uh.

    Also, please explain why searches for “Purrsnickety” and various permutations of “Ashley Speranzella-Evans” at both the USPTO and the US Copyright Office turn up only the “Bumble Bee Seafood” trademark from 1981 and various works of singer/songwriter Ashley Evans. Oh, and an adult website.

    Keep in mind all you have to do here to prove you registered is produce a “Copyright Number”, “Patent Number”, or “Registration Number”.

    You also failed to address my central point; namely, that registration does NOT prove non-infringement. These sorts of cases come up in court all the time.

  50. Blinders Off

    Dec 15th, 2007

    OK, all apologies to Doran are removed. Your posts show a total lack of social eptitude, grace or dignity. You’re not accomplishing anything here. You’re posturing and drawing attention to how supposedly intelligent you are. Yet you seem to lack the basic intelligence that tells most people how to act in public.

    Two things:

    Ash (as she stated) is not an attorney. As with most businesspeople, she leaves all that to her attorney. Ask Bill Gates what patent numbers cover all of Microsoft’s products and which government office they were registered through. They’ll laugh you out of the news conference as a moron. Ash is a creator, not a patent attorney. Like most businesswomen, she likely focuses her attention on creating and marketing. Stating that she has copyrights, patents and trademarks on her work was obviously a blanket statement, not intended to educate the masses as to which Federal Agency handles what aspects of legality. Frankly, whether she holds such or not doesn’t concern me nearly as much as your intentionally abusive, pompous, self-serving attitude. You’re doing no one any benefit here. You’re just shooting your mouth off.

    The second thing you’d realize is that openly calling someone a liar is a social faux-pax that only the most uncouth of morons would do, and unless you can PROVE such, is actually against the law. You just committed libel here bub and if Ash decided to do so, she could begin the legal process to charge you with such. If you think your posts here can’t possibly be traced back to your real life, you’re even more stupid than you appear to be. I’d say the only thing that’s saving your hide so far is that a) she probably considers you the insignificant person you are and b) The regular readers of the Herald are relatively few in number and most consider this rag to be a sociopath haven and flamezine to start with. Aside from apparently increasing Purrsnickety sales (quite likely in counter-response to clowns like you), the Herald really has very little effect on the SL community. If this were the New York Times, I’d vendture you’d have a cease-and-desist order on your desk by now.

    Not to mention that I think that if this were real life, about now Ash’s husband (unless of course, he has more manners than you do) would be knocking you flat on your stupid, socially graceless butt for being dumb enough to call his wife a liar. Oh, but you wouldn’t have the courage to do so to her face in RL, would you?

    You want to impress me trollboy? Instead of making fun of Ash’s name, post YOUR real name and contact information here. No? Not courageous enough to do that? Content to hide behind your keyboard and do your dirty work? Typical.

    One thing Ash has over you: she has responded to all posts with professionalism and graciousness… even yours. You are the kind of person that gives the Herald a bad rep. The only thing you’ve accomplished here is to come across as a self-centered, arrogant know-it-all. Your posts show that blatantly. You’re not trying to prove anything here. You’re posturing just to draw attention to yourself. Dude, if you need that much attention, go see a therapist. In fact, go do that anyway. Learn how to show some social dignity, child. I would expect such conduct from a 7 year old, but you’re supposed to be a mature adult, yes? Maybe you should start conducting yourself as one and show a little social grace.

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