New, Improved Copybot Demonstrated

by Alphaville Herald on 02/03/08 at 9:52 am

Remote-controlled bot copies prims, linksets, textures, clones avatar profiles and outfits & saves copies to the user’s hard drive

by Proper Prim

[UPDATE: Apparently a similar (or perhaps identical) copybot is being sold on slexchange here. Should slexchange remove this user-created content? Might the Lindens decide to have a word with bot creator Marki Young? As we watch this story unfold, I'd like to thank Herald reader Miki for pointing us to the slexchange page. Perhaps Herald reader Robin Linden will will have something to say about this at some point? - the Editrix]

click to enlarge slexchange sreenshot

In partnership with d3adlyc0d3c, last week I began conducting an investigation into reports of rampant content theft across Second Life. Some of these claims included allegations that Copybot was being used- allegations that many of us did not believe initially.

Unfortunately for content creators in Second Life, Copybot DOES still exist and is more advanced than ever. Several sources have told the Herald that Copybot had never left SL in the first place as many had hoped – instead, copybot engineers concentrated on a series of improvements to the original model.

‘Not only did Copybot continue to function and evolve in SL over the course of the past year, but trying to break it is a futile excercise as it is entirely impossible for Linden Labs to ever prevent individuals from being able to use this or similar functionality’ our source told us Thursday afternoon.

After the initial interviews, d3adlyc0d3c was able to acquire a copybot from certain SL ‘underground’ contacts – he then used the bot to create a youtube video demonstrating some of the capabilities of this software. In the video, we copy one of Apotheus Silverman’s large complex builds. After the video was done, we threw the copy away, Apotheus – honest.

Not only does the new copybot copy prims, complicated linksets, and textures like it always did, but it now has the ability to clone profiles, copy nearby avatar’s outfits and save all of this information to the user’s hard drive just like software such as Second Inventory – and perhaps even more effectively.

The new copybot is controlled entirely via IM, and you can make it Instant Message people, make it shout, it can reverse engineer particle scripts without any permissions, can be commanded to follow an avatar around and is programmed to automatically accept teleport requests from it’s master.

In the interests of responsible journalism, d3adlyc0d3c, Pixeleen and I debated at length whether or not it was a good idea to publish this article after the widespread panic Copybot publicity caused when the first version was circulating. We believe that the situation is very different now than it was when Copybot debuted – this new version is not easy at all to get and the people using it are as secretive as ever. It is doubtful that we in SL will ever see an open market of people distributing Copybot – in fact, limited the number of Copybots may be in the bot creators’ interest as long as some crooks residents see a way to profit by distributing cheap reproductions of other’s works.

In the meantime, rumors will continue to circulate that ‘Testclient’ is copybot -these rumors are only partially true at best.

Testclient is very easy to acquire, but it is missing some functionality that copybot has. Import/Export commands are ‘Under Construction’ (meaning you cannot copy anything, not even prims you own) and have been for the last few releases. In addition there is code in place that checks permissions before calling the unfinished function that may at some point do the prim copying. While admittedly, the last hurdle would be easy for a person with even the most basic programming knowledge to circumvent only a small percentage have even that knowledge and of those that do only a small percentage of the unscrupulous ones would have the know-how to fix the export or import commands.

Some suspect that the Libsecondlife crowd removed these commands intentionally in order to prevent widespread abuse – a step in the right direction as far as many are concerned.

copybot’s commands


Client accept teleport lures from master and group members.

* goto – Teleport to a location (e.g. “goto Hooper/100/100/30″)
* say – Say something. (usage: say (optional channel) whatever)
* appearance – Set your current appearance to your last saved appearance
* gohome – Teleports home
* shout – Shout something.
* tree – Rez a tree.
* login – Logs in another avatar
* exportparticles – Reverse engineers a prim with a particle system to an LSL script. Usage: exportscript [prim-uuid]
* mangleprim – Modifies the TextureEntry of a prim to allow extended fields to be inserted. Usage: mangleprim [prim-uuid] [face-index] [texture-uuid]
* export – Exports an object to an xml file. Usage: export uuid outputfile.xml
* importoutfit – Imports an appearance from an xml file. Usage: importoutfit inputfile.xml
* setMasterKey – Sets the key of the master user. The master user can IM to run commands.
* setmaster – Sets the user name of the master user. The master user can IM to run commands. Usage: setmaster name
* quit – Log all avatars out and shut down
* wear – Wear an outfit folder from inventory. Usage: wear [outfit name]
* stats – Provide connection figures and statistics
* sethome – Sets home to the current location.
* goto_landmark – Teleports to a Landmark. Usage: goto_landmark [UUID]
* uptime – Shows the login name, login time and length of time logged on.
* whisper – Whisper something.
* findtexture – Checks if a specified texture is currently visible on a specified face. Usage: findtexture [face-index] [texture-uuid]
* moveto – Moves the avatar to the specified global position using simulator autopilot.
* packetlog – Logs a given number of packets to an xml file. Usage: packetlog 10 tenpackets.xml
* md5 – Creates an MD5 hash from a given password. Usage: md5 [password]
* dumpoutfit – Dumps all of the textures from an avatars outfit to the hard drive. Usage: dumpoutfit [avatar-uuid]
* logout – Log this avatar out
* balance – Shows the amount of L$.
* priminfo – Dumps information about a specified prim. Usage: priminfo [prim-uuid]
* deleteFolder – Deletes a folder from inventory.
* backuptext – Backup inventory to a folder on your hard drive. Usage: backuptext [to ] | [abort] | [status]
* who – Lists seen avatars.
* help – Lists available commands.
* regioninfo – Prints out info about all the current region
* follow – Follow another avatar. (usage: follow [FirstName LastName]) If no target is set then will follow master.
* i – Prints out inventory.
* touch – Attempt to touch a prim with specified UUID
* import – Import prims from an exported xml file. Usage: import inputfile.xml
* location – Show the location.
* parcelinfo – Prints out info about all the parcels in this simulator
* showeffects – Prints out information for every viewer effect that is received. Usage: showeffects [on/off]
* debug – Turn debug messages on or off. Usage: debug [on/off]
* findsim – Searches for a simulator and returns information about it. Usage: findsim [Simulator Name]
* giveAll – Gives you all it’s money.
* cloneprofile – Clones another avatars profile as closely as possible. WARNING: This command will destroy your existing profile! Usage: cloneprofile [targetuuid]
* siton – Attempt to sit on a particular prim, with specified UUID
* jump – Teleports to the specified height. (e.g. “jump 1000″)
* primcount – Shows the number of objects currently being tracked.
* exportoutfit – Exports an avatars outfit to an xml file. Usage: exportoutfit avataruuid outputfile.xml
* im – Instant message someone. Usage: im [firstname] [lastname] [message]
* echoMaster – Repeat everything that master says.
* load – Loads commands from a dll. (Usage: load AssemblyNameWithoutExtension)
* dilation – Shows time dilation for current sim.
* stand – Stand
* sit – Attempt to sit on the closest prim

73 Responses to “New, Improved Copybot Demonstrated”

  1. Withheld

    Oct 19th, 2008


    You should know that what you’re doing is violating Sec. 4.2 of the Second Life TOS.

    “4.2 You agree to use Second Life as provided, without unauthorized software or other means of access or use. You will not make unauthorized works from or conduct unauthorized distribution of the Linden Software.

    Linden Lab has designed the Service to be experienced only as offered by Linden Lab at the Websites or partner websites. Linden Lab is not responsible for any aspect of the Service that is accessed or experienced using software or other means that are not provided by Linden Lab. You agree not to create or provide any server emulators or other software or other means that provide access to or use of the Servers without the express written authorization of Linden Lab. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may use and create software that provides access to the Servers for substantially similar function (or subset thereof) as the Viewer; provided that such software is not used for and does not enable any violation of these Terms of Service. Linden Lab is not obligated to allow access to the Servers by any software that is not provided by Linden Lab, and you agree to cease using, creating, distributing or providing any such software at the request of Linden Lab. You are prohibited from taking any action that imposes an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on Linden Lab’s infrastructure.

    You may not charge any third party for using the Linden Software to access and/or use the Service, and you may not modify, adapt, reverse engineer (except as otherwise permitted by applicable law), decompile or attempt to discover the source code of the Linden Software, or create any derivative works of the Linden Software or the Service, or otherwise use the Linden Software except as expressly provided in this Agreement. You may not copy or distribute any of the written materials associated with the Service. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may copy the Viewer that Linden Lab provides to you, for backup purposes and may give copies of the Viewer to others free of charge. Further, you may use and modify the source code for the Viewer as permitted by any open source license agreement under which Linden Lab distributes such Viewer source code.”

    Bangs gavel.

  2. u

    Nov 11th, 2008

    I just downloaded SLBot – v0.8 from Wikipedia link for free. If SL had created an export function for backup in the beginning, there would be no need to create Copybot. SL has import, but no export. People could import illegal stuff too. In fact, I saw some Quake texture freebies in SL. In most cases, bots just correct game inefficiencies. Fix the game, and the bots mostly dissappear. Example: WoW is way too long. WoW Glider bot just speeds it up by automating tasks. Speed up the game, Blizzard, and no one will need the bot.

  3. popalola

    Mar 21st, 2009

    hey i am looking for a copybot programm …. is it legal?? please give me an answr

  4. mardy slade

    Mar 21st, 2009

    Ok now there is a system out there to stop this!! it intercepts bot commands and also tells you when the unique key is hacked. Contact me inworld now Save thousands!!!

  5. Codeine.

    Sep 21st, 2009

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  6. Keepasking

    Oct 24th, 2009

    I use copybot, not much, but i use it.

    I want i new skin? Yea, batter on down to a busy area with your Bot and use “Dumpoutfit UUID”
    and there i have a full new outfit, skins, clothing and all.

    I want a new home? Why not jolly on down to the best home builders SIM in SL and copy one of their homes.
    No scripts in it, but nothing you cannot get cheap.

    I want new furniture for my home of course so i run on down to the best (And most expensive of course) and get myself some furniture.

    If people keep using this (like myself) SL goes down the tubes.

    Who Cares

  7. Keepasking

    Oct 25th, 2009

    “”"Ok now there is a system out there to stop this!! it intercepts bot commands and also tells you when the unique key is hacked. Contact me inworld now Save thousands!!!”"”

    I doubt this very much, the Bot program does not grab any extra information that any standard viewer would, the difference is how the information is processed on the local machine.

  8. jonas darkrose

    Mar 16th, 2010

    i think copy bot is a great is so full of b.s it is more expensive to live in sl than rl basicly.
    it is nothing but a money scam it’s self.people buy sims for unbelivable prices and everything in sl has stupid prices.
    their are so many good v.r worlds out there that are free you pay for nothing.opensim is the best thing to come along in a long host your own region on your own pc and are able to do what you want to do.
    i use opensim on osgrid where you can go and copy and take what you like.
    which is the way all worlds should be even rl.
    sl was created by the same aholes that run rl and it is all about money.i think it is stupid you have to buy some crap like second inventory to save your own inventory to your hard drive.what if you want to work on or mod it outworld.
    i use neillife and fucklife viewer which i can export my own inventory to mod the only bad side is no
    so i give a 100000 thumbs up to hackers and copy bot.

  9. Slum Lord

    Mar 17th, 2010

    @jonas darkrose

    An interesting point of view, but do you realise saying this “which is the way all worlds should be even rl.” & “it is more expensive to live in sl than rl basicly.” translates into one word slum?

    Do you understand what a slum is and would you be happy living in that situation in rl?

    In the real world when people don’t invest money or time to improve the area it becomes a slum, such was the early days of Second Life mainland.

    If you keep copying people will stop creating and improving on old designs, and then what are you left with?

    Broken dreams on your broken opensim basicly a slum compared to other virtual worlds were you cant copy stuff.

    With no economy in world everything breaks down, that means no development on alternate viewers because no one will be willing to invest time.

    You can develop as many neillife and fucklife viewers as you want, but if theres nothing to conect too other than your ageing undeveloped opensim on your own pc, why bother?.

    Another way to explain it would be you can take your neighbours fences as often as you like, but after a while he wont bother replacing them.

    And when the fences you took break and need replacing you wont have the skills to repair it or be able to find a replacement thats easy to take.

  10. jonas darkrose

    Apr 6th, 2010

    well now thats a good idea.
    so where do you live i will come and take your fence.
    if it breaks then i will get your neighbors fence.
    then when it breaks i will get someone’s fence down the street from you.
    what kind of car do u have i may take it too.

  11. Archie

    Apr 6th, 2010


    ARSEHOLE Proximity ALERT !!!!

  12. Valencia

    Aug 13th, 2010

    I understand the whole economy thing and such, BUT I don’t think it’s entirely true that no one would design anything. I mean the whole reason some people play is to build stuff, and if you could just take things, you wouldn’t need to sell stuff for money, because you wouldn’t need that money to buy what you want. I know I would still design things if I didn’t get L$ for it, just because I enjoying building and creating things.

    Basically, I just think that it doesn’t matter either way. Copybot will probably always be around, but as long as not everyone has it, then SL will be just fine.

  13. Kae

    Aug 13th, 2010

    Holy fucking thread necromancy

  14. David McNaughten

    Aug 13th, 2010

    Fake byline anyway. Proper Prim WAS deadlyCodec.

    The Alphaville Herald hires PN to write for it. I think that pretty much says everything that needs to be said.

  15. Jayd3n

    Aug 14th, 2010

    Well CopyBot clients maybe a banable offense from Linden Lab, but the reason that they have lost a lot of money L$ Prices going down, is becuase Linden Lab has lost a lot of customers including myself, who spend 400K+ L$ a month in Second Life at times.

    We quit shopping, or using SL for any major things because of Skills hak, & The Emerald Team allowed to illegally datamine, Lie, JCool the EX.Copybotter has been claimed with other emerald members to be using Emerald to cover the use of their personalized illegal clients, which look legal to Linden Lab when they login.

    I for one will not use emerald, and I use my own Customized viewers illegal or not its my own personal choice until Linden Lab blocks them out some how, and improves their own client I will continue to use what ever viewer I want which is legal as long as I don’t steal I dont break the Law, but data mining, and detection of alts is not legal, without giving us all a privacy policy to review.

    Yesterday I was shocked becuase IMVU has more people logged into a 3d chatroom than Second Life, and also the MMO forums have so much bad stuff about Second Life, who is going to even play SL now, with all the employee Let go, and Copybotting + Privacy Violations allowed to go on in Second Life.

    The proper way to deal with a copybotted stuff is this.

    1. Identify the Stolen content.
    2. File a DMCA report with Linden Lab for removal.
    3. If the person Counter DMCA, take it to court.

    These are the only legal steps that people can take without violation of privacy, unless they are using manual bans from each sim they have of known copybotters, without IP spying, or Using any type of exploit, or media url to load without consent, and send information back.

    Also Copybots will always be here no matter what, there are multiple ways to bypass CDS, RedZone, and all security Linden Lab has except one, which they are not going to put in for many many years and maybe not even then. The problem with SL is that Keys can be accessed just by knowing the Key/asset ID within SL, if a user copybots an object, and uses your keys, textures, spoofs name, ect. There is really no evidence, and with the FBI trying to track this type of stuff, its almost impossible for them to find any proof, and would not hold up in court. So until Linden Lab puts proper protection on all Animations,Sounds, Textures, Stealing will always happen, even without a copybot client, you can use GL Intercept to steal skins, ect., Remove copyright, Re upload, and claim as yours after changing the skin a little bit, and if the creator DMCA you, Counter DMCA make them take you to court if they want to win, ect.

    As I have mentioned I dont support illegal Theft, But I dont support Privacy/Spyware Violations, and I do like viewers other than emerald with the ability to backup stuff, and do many other things emerald restricts you to, which is 100X faster than emerald and Standard SL.

  16. GFrost

    Sep 29th, 2010

    I must be weird because I don’t think “copybotting” is all that bad. For the REAL money that we spend in Second Life we deserve the peace of mind that a viewer with back up capabilities can provide. Thats why I like sl pop viewer so much. You can find here if you’re interested, Love that you will never lose anything again!

  17. LuL

    Dec 30th, 2010

    So, youre saying that every time I right click “save Image As” on a web page, its as wrong as if I did that in SL? You people take online shit way too serious. Dont tell me any of you self rightious mother fuckers never took someone elses shit online, never torrented, never saved someone elses work/web page/art/music, because copy botters know you are full of shit.

  18. Stupid Linden

    Mar 17th, 2011

    my main account got banned because i voiced my opinion in the forums.
    now i am just going to copybot the 2000.00+ inventory i bought the 1st time around and have no qualms about it.
    Linden Labs can go fuck themselves.

  19. lol

    Mar 17th, 2011

    Dumbass it’s Linden Lab,not Linden Labs

  20. leslie

    Nov 26th, 2011

    how do i download copybot? i cant find it anywhere.

  21. had enough

    Nov 26th, 2011

    Try Pirate Bay. Mine I use to hunt and copy the Witch-Hunter’s shops. Gather your list from various SL forums.Makes SL into a treasure quest game. Be nice afterwards and share your treasure with the poor like Robin Hood. Try it sometime…. the thrill of the hunt is addicting.

  22. hobo kelly

    Nov 26th, 2011

    On the Copybot issue, just a FYI, there is a device which is similar to Copybot that is forsale inworld which will copy any full-perm object that you have in your inventory and spit out an exact copy only totally in your name as the Creator. Its called the “Prefabricator”. I call it the “Refabricator”. You can find it on the 3rd floor of the Castle Armory in the Phoenix Determined sim. The creator of it has a home sim where it is sold also but I cannot remember that. It comes in handy if you are building stuff and are using parts, like sculpties, off of other full-perm objects and you want all the parts of your creation to show up as your own name as the creator. Just run somebody elses full-perm object through the Refabricator, out pops another one in your name, then bust it apart into its componet prims and start reaping win :)

  23. ICOPY

    Aug 31st, 2013

    I copy I have several differant account’s should I have to pay rediculus prices on an outfit and then buy a new 1 for each avatar secondlife is ment to be a game people hack games all the time play it for your self and make only what you want as a developer aswell people coppying my stuff doesnt bother me moast of what I make I give away anyway soooo use it as a game instead of making money of people just having a bit of fun honestly does it matter if 1 in 50 people coppy your file instead of buying it some thing’s I cant find in market anymore
    alot are also good to see if people are cheating in certain games on there with av hud’s ….. and honestly the easiest way to find a coppybot in SL is find sum1 that has 1 get them to just zip and send through skype or sumthing safer to also stop’s people making money of there bot’s copying a copybot o.o they dont seem to last in the sharewhere files long the developer’s hunt them down and have them removed
    so if you can find sum1 in SL to send it it’s easier I go all over the place on the net so I’ve collected them from all sort’s of sites I’ve noticed differant 1′s are better for differant thing’s my fave’s are darkstorm and incognito pitty SL did put a stop to fuck life well for me as far as I can tell it crashes on opening I’m on the hunt now for 1 that does mesh and surpasses the 4.4.0 update

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