Metaverse SHOCKER!!! — Free SL Accounts Locked Out?

by Alphaville Herald on 13/06/08 at 12:06 am

Why are free accounts sometimes disabled to make room for paying customers?

by Avil Creeggan

Dear Linden Lab,

I am a free account. I have been a free account for the past two years. During that time, I’ve dealt with a lot of stuff that, frankly, shouldn’t be happening; flagrant asset loss and dehabilitation, incompetent customer service representatives, seemingly-random suspensions and bans for which there is no notification, having to provide my identification on multiple occasions… But it’s been pretty much okay.

You see this dialog box?


This changes everything. You know why?

Forget the fact that you didn’t tell me this was coming, at all. Forget the fact that, not only can I not login, neither can my friends. Realize that you consider me to “just” be a free account, now, and nothing else. You are completely wrong.

Step back, and ask yourself:

*How many of your over one million residents don’t pay for premium accounts?

*What happens to the economy when the currency these non-premium accounts hold is effectively frozen?

*How many corporations, content creators, and land barons are paying for simulators and asset hosting for the sole purpose of marketing to these residents?

*Where does your profit go when the grid is composed of premium accounts attempting to sell their content to uninterested premium accounts?

I’ll answer the scenario for you:

Public opinion of Second Life falls from “target of mockery” to “a worthless pit”. Corporations drop their (already worthless and ineffective) simulators due to the reduction of visibility, and reduction of effectiveness, caused by free accounts vacating the grid. New user registration drops to record lows. The emphasis on open source simulator development increases, and open source grids become viable. The Linden Lab grid is outmoded. Linden Labs, lacking additional offerings, fails.

My contribution to Second Life is greater than any hundred premium accounts. Not only do I directly create content (as many Herald readers can attest), I am the reason you can rent your simulators. I am the reason you have a public presence. I am the reason that Linden Labs is a publically traded company. If you’re reading this as a member of Linden Labs, I’m the reason you have a job.

I’m not the reason the grid is less stable than Britney Spears. Your incompetence is.
Fix it, or face the consequences. I am not picking up your tab.


The Free Account.

167 Responses to “Metaverse SHOCKER!!! — Free SL Accounts Locked Out?”

  1. anon

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Linden Labs: Innovating Suicide(tm)

  2. Lea

    Jun 13th, 2008

    It’s about darn time they started doing this.

  3. Lem Skall

    Jun 13th, 2008

    I agree this is wrong (btw, I also have a free account). But you’re hurting the exact cause you are fighting for by writing an article full of errors and exaggerations.

    “My contribution to Second Life is greater than any hundred premium accounts”. Really? ANY hundred premium accounts? You want to bet that I can find at least one hundred people with premium accounts that each alone contribute more than you do?

    Then, just the top of my head, it is Linden Lab, not Labs, and they are NOT a “publicly” traded company.

    I remember vividly having asked this question before. Doesn’t the Herald have an editor?

  4. Witness X

    Jun 13th, 2008

    They’ve been announcing this for months. Try reading the blog before shouting into the wind stupid newbie

  5. Artemis Fate

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Oh no you were temporarily unable to log in? It surely must be the end of the world! People paying for a service getting preferred treatment? Why, that’s without precedence in the entire world and history of business!

    Are you really that naive, or do you just have such a huge ego that you think you should get preferred treatment for no other reason besides that you play military?

    I’ve been an advocate of losing the free accounts since it started, all it’s ever been is a source of server lag, a way for kids to get in the main grid with no problem, and a revolving door for banned griefers to continue their acts with ease. If you’re going to enjoy Second Life, the least you could do is drop them a few bucks a month to make sure they have the funding necessary to hire enough staff to take care of the inflated population that free accounts are the cause of, so they wouldn’t be so “incompetent”. The correct term would more likely be “overworked”, there’s only so many lindens, and there’s a fuck ton of Free accounts with the egos to think that their presence deserves extra-special treatment from the Lindens.

    Face it, as a free account you’re a second class citizen to Linden Labs, as you would be to any other game or product that offers a service for free in couple with a pay service. Actively paying customers for any business in a capitalist society will always get the special preferred treatment.

    That’s what we pay for. Good news is: you can too.

  6. MachineCode

    Jun 13th, 2008


  7. Lord Kamina

    Jun 13th, 2008

    I really don’t know what to say. Oh wait, yes I do: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

    I want to thank Linden Labs, you guys have done everything we ever could’ve dreamed of and more. You’ve harassed users, stolen their money from them, banned them for no reason at all, and we’re over here just laughing as hard as we possibly can.

    We, the glorious and world reknown Patriotic Nigras, have single-handedly destroyed Second Life.

    I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

    Smells like….


  8. Cherowolf Redgrave

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Linden Lab is a publicly traded company? When did that happen? I need to call my stock broker. The subject of limiting logins at peak times to paying customers has been talked about in various Office Hours for the past year. And there’s an easy fix to the situation. Buy a membership. Then you can get the other “Logins Disabled” blue box that us paying residents get. As for Britney, there is no help with that one. That girl is whack! {:o)

  9. cubey

    Jun 13th, 2008

    So you’re not paying a cent into SL, yet you feel that you’re owed special service? I’m sorry, but if you don’t pay for a service, why do you feel entitled to receive special treatment?

  10. Peter Stindberg

    Jun 13th, 2008

    I’m a free account as well since Ocotober 2006. I considered going premium a few times, but really never saw the point in it. The advantage premium has seems very little to me. But then again my 2 in-world businesses generate huge monthly turnovers, and since al the money stays in SL, they boost the SL economy.

    I’m not saying I am a “better” free account that the other ones. I’m just saying that the fact you’re free does not tell anyting how much or how little you do for SL as a whole.

    It DOES however tell something whether you directly give money to LL. What they fail to see is that free accounts like I represent one, give probably more mones to the indirectly.

  11. Peter Stindberg

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Oh, and as an afterthought: after the VAT-penalty for non-US-users, a Premium account lost even more of it’s already little appeal.

  12. Rock Ramona

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Amen!! ive spent gazillions in the past and have been a paid account,but due to lousy service and instability of the grid have stopped spending anyhting here,all i do is log in to say hi to old friends and have a few laughs,i just recently settled an 8 year lawsuit and was going to buy 10 or 15 sims,but now i cant even log in for more than 5 minutes at a atime without crashing,ill keep my money and buy something in rl for my kids that will work..ill bet if i buy a new 4 wheeler for my son it will run more than 5 minutes without crashing,can you imagine honda or ford motor company staying in bizness selling products that crashed or dint run after 5 minutes…no,not gonna happen,ll has put itself in the position they are currently in and its not gonna get any better,its time people here started to demand their product work or stop paying ll,maybe then something will get done,maybe then the sl i truly love will get fixed,cuz right now it just keeps getting worse,its time to send a message folks,stop spending yer money in sl ,take yer wife to dinner,spend a weekend with the family,you can do it,go to the library and read some good books,or do like im doing and build an ultralight airplane,get something for the money you are working hard for,i know for some it an addiction,but im sure you can find ways for a few months to improve your life or your famalies lives…go do it,send a message to ll..or..continue to log in and get screwed

  13. Deimos Yumako

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Pretty sure that’s a fake, didn’t have that problem and Linden Labs would never put it that way, they’d say something along the lines of: “Only Premium Accounts may Access the Central Grid at this time, we are sorry, please try again later.”

  14. 2 cents

    Jun 13th, 2008

    I agree this is an outrage… But nothing suprising or new.

    “Forget the fact that you didn’t tell me this was coming, at all.”

    it is old news tho. We knew (well, I did) this was coming and there’s been blogs filled with both outrage from basic accounts to “what are you bitching about? you have no right to complain or play if you dont pay” from the paid accounts.

    So prepare yourself for sum flaming, it will come.

    I been a non paying resident since ’05 and indeed have contributed a lot to SL and the SL economy as well. Indeed more then most premium accounts… We’re being screwed by LL, nothing new there.

    What still suprises me, is the people that actually pay for this well, crappy game. Other then having the possibility of owning land, I see no reason to send LL one single cent of real money. I rent land from a friend, so even land isnt a reason for me.

  15. avenger coocolcan

    Jun 13th, 2008

    suck it up leach! be happy free accounts aren’t limited to 30 days like many mmo’s. be happy free accounts are available at all.

    As to open source…the lab created the server ThEn MADE it open source. They can close it any time they choose.

    If you are really this dissatisfied, close your account and find something else to whine about. SL costs real $ to run…those of us who pay the bills deserve to have a chance to use the service when loads are high…at the expense of those who pay nothing that directly keeps the servers running.

  16. Ann Otoole

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Good grief this policy has been there for a year at least.
    They were locking everyone out recently. Some premiums complained on the blog. They dusted the old policy off. Get over it or pay up.

  17. The Paying Account

    Jun 13th, 2008

    >> “incompetent customer service representatives”

    But by your own admission, you’re not a customer …

  18. EdXell Edgeworth

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Didn’t they mention this a while ago? Looks like linden lab is finally going to implement this. Its about time.

    Before I get flamed, I have a free account. While this is a pain in the ass, it seems fair to me.

  19. Sayden

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Could not have been said better. You are so right, so dam right, all I have to say is AMEN!! Free accounts support the premium accounts, premium accounts are depended on free accounts. Linden Labs, please, if any critic has been better suggested, worded, or outright structured, it is this one, take heed, and once and for all, take notice.

    I can read this post over and over it is so spitting right.

    Finally someone worded it correctly, too bad LL cant themselves.

  20. P

    Jun 13th, 2008

    OK so lets all log on and do nothing.

  21. Georgette Whitfield

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Oh my word! That is like a cruel April Fool’s joke or something! If they start doing that, they’ll wreck SL for sure. Saying that, I have a basic account and can log in no problem. Did you check what the grid status reports blog said when this happened? Maybe logins were closed.

  22. MilosZ MilosZ

    Jun 13th, 2008


    cry more.

  23. Penny Patton

    Jun 13th, 2008

    I think “free accounts” should be defined a bit better. Both in LL’s announcement, and in this article. Not all Basic accounts are free. Are they talking No Payment Info on File accounts?

    Sometime last year, when SL was (remarkably) in a worse state than it has been the past several months, LL announced a plant to limit logins during peak hours only to Premium accounts, land owners, and anyone who’d used the Lindex within something like a month or three.

    Did they ditch that plan and just lock out everyone except Premiums? That would certainly be worthy of some outrage.

  24. Corona Anatine

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Lord Kamina clearly has an overinflated ego

  25. TT

    Jun 13th, 2008

    If you aren’t happy with the service, surely you are entitled to a refund.

    Looks like the parasites are finally getting what they paid for.

  26. anon

    Jun 13th, 2008

    You didn’t kill SL, you PN dumbasses. This is what happens when you have technical issues and only want a reduced number of users at any given time/want to avoid more premium accounts bitching “DERP I LOST 50K SPACEMONIES IN THE DOWNTIME RAAAAAAAGE”

    Talk about unwarranted self-importance.

  27. Joshua Nightshade

    Jun 13th, 2008

    That is the fakest looking dialog I’ve ever seen.

    LL has never referred to users as “people,” they’re “residents,” and they aren’t called free accounts, they’re “basic.”

    I can’t find that dialog referenced -anywhere- else, and if LL was crass enough to say “to make room for those who have paid for Second Life” it would be all over, not on just this one site.

    Not even a good photoshop.

  28. Kytec

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Although I do not have a premium account (at one point i did and didn’t see the point in paying for something i didn’t use) I spend tremendous amounts of money on linden right through the game’s built in Lindex. For those of you who might say Oh that money counts as currency and just goes to whoever you buy things from go type in $5, then type in $10, the cost isn’t consistent and it’s clear their is an initial fee. This minuscule amount, for me, has probably added up to nearly $1000 USD due to the sheer volume of careless linden buying in small amounts. I have been playing for a few months over 2 years, divide $1000 USD by 29 months and you get roughly $34.50 a month. Last time I checked premium was only $9.99 (if you want to go figure the ridiculous amount of linden it would take to accumulate $1000 USD in transaction fees please do so on your own time, I don’t need to cry over this. Hah.)
    We all contribute in one way or another, Deferring logins for paying users is a fine idea as long as it dosen’t get ridiculous. If it gets to be more than an hour or two its going overboard, but limiting logins to paying customers for two hours should be more than enough for every paying client to log in and out several times.

    Welcome to the farmlands, empty your wallets and get in line, once your broke please proceed to kill yourself, your services are no longer needed.

  29. kesseret

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Is this for real? Because they keep talking about this idea (and it’s been OVER a year).

    As someone said earlier the inaccuracies in this article are NUMEROUS and I’d like to reiterate doesn’t someone look over this stuff before it is posted. I hope the Herald didn’t pay for this article.

    One would argue that premium accounts shouldn’t pick up the tab for non paying accounts during times of high load.

    Yes, I feel the free account pain if they couldn’t log in (currently I’ve YET to see this implemented and that popup box looks fake… lol ‘to make room’.) and it blows but such is life I suppose.

  30. Universal Infinity

    Jun 13th, 2008

    to those who WASTED their money on Premium Account and are now looking down their noses at those SMART ENOUGH to deny Linden Lab the ability to charge for an account type that is WORTHLESS …

    Concierge level Accounts need not reply to this, you’re just another level of snob.

    Sorry – at most you give the lab – what? – an extra seventy bucks a year or some such?

    Nope – you do not deserve special access to the Grid when YOUR customers cannot get in. I may have a basic account but guess what? I still pay into Second Life! They get to keep each and every dollar that is spent in getting Linden Dollars.

    That ALONE means that even a Basic Account is paying the bills. More so simply because we do not GET a Stipend each and every week.

    Bad move on the part of Linden Lab – They listened to you ingrate snobs who seem to think keeping a worthless Premium Account should somehow entitle you to more perks than those of us who not only pay MORE into the Labs bills per month – combined it gets worse – but also help to pay YOUR bills.

    Premium Account holding Shop Owners – either leave your name and shops here in this comment section or message me in world so I may mute you and remember never to go to your shops.

    In fact – do the above for ALL of your customers – tell them that you support this policy – that way your shops will FAIL due to lack of customers.

  31. Kiddoh

    Jun 13th, 2008

    I can log in just fine it seems. WTF is this article going on about? D;

  32. Unpatriotic Honkey

    Jun 13th, 2008

    I am the reason that Linden Labs is a publically traded company.

    that lie totaly blows the rest of your article out of the water.

    are you really that stupid you think LL is a publicly traded company?

    what a total fucking moron you proved yourself to be

  33. Rawst Berry

    Jun 13th, 2008

    I thought that LL makes its money not only from paying accounts, but from the free accounts when they pay to upload textures and animations, or from skimming the little bit off the top when you buy lindens. It’s “micropayments” or whatever.

    I have a free account and I guess I can understand limited access for free accounts if there is really a reason for it. However, I do agree with this statement:

    “I’m not the reason the grid is less stable than Britney Spears. Your incompetence is.
    Fix it, or face the consequences. I am not picking up your tab.”

    If LL decides that their game can not handle the number of people brought in by free accounts, they need to disable them, not be half-assed about it. That will never happen because they *know* that free accounts are keeping the world alive. Not many people want to pay for a sometimes-shitty experience in a laggy, buggy game.

  34. Veronique Saphir

    Jun 13th, 2008

    I have a premium account but it was only until I decided to stay in SL that I upgraded. If I had been a new user and experienced all the issues (not the least of which is this freeb user login restrictions) SL has had, especially in the last 2 weeks, I doubt I would ever have stayed here.

    With that being said, LL should remember that freeb’s become premiumies :) but only if they feel they can have an advantage. I’m all for paying for a service and would rather see the freeb as a 30 or 60 day trial period, after which, pay up or go but I do think the people who choose to leave are entitled to get back whatever L$ they have in their account. LL just taking it is stealing and opening themselves to a ton of RL lawsuits.

    I’m all for reducing the lag caused by lots of these users (of course I live in Costa Rica and we have little lag there anyway, :) ) BUT do it gently LL, the SL economy has seen better days. The sims are awash with land for sale. SL needs and economic boost, not more restrictions. about lowering interest rates? (we see how well that worked, haha)

    Have fun everyone n visit my blog. ;) (shameless plug)


  35. Witness X

    Jun 13th, 2008


    “I love the smell of napalm in the morning.

    Smells like….


    Watch and learn, everyone, as the PN stick their own boots up their asses again, claiming responsibility for something they had nothing to do with.


    Next they’ll be claiming they’re really George Bush, TRASHING UR GOVAMINT.

  36. Witness X

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Besides which, this image was forged. So if you really want a LAWL, look at all the PN who were taken in by it along with all the other idiots. I think two thirds of them have chimed in. Except N3X15, who can’t be bothered to show up anymore.

  37. SoulsurvivorTOSP

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Agreed with what EdXell Edgeworth had said..

  38. Artemis Fate

    Jun 13th, 2008

    “Forget the fact that you didn’t tell me this was coming, at all”

    I’ve known about it, and apparently so have others, so apparently it’s been around.

    “My contribution to Second Life is greater than any hundred premium accounts.”

    Yeah, I think you’d have trouble proving that.

    “Not only do I directly create content (as many Herald readers can attest)”

    Of course, to other users, content is neat, but to Linden Labs, more content is just more load on the asset server, so thanks for admitting that your existence is not only a load on the main servers, but the asset server as well. I think at the very least, Free Accounts should have restricted inventories so they don’t take up so much room that paying customers need.

    “I am the reason you have a public presence. I am the reason that Linden Labs is a publically traded company.”

    LL isn’t a publically traded company, so good job there.

    “If you’re reading this as a member of Linden Labs, I’m the reason you have a job.”

    Actually, if anyone is a reason that Linden Labs has a job now, it’s the paying customers that supported LL financially during it’s shaky infant years and on. If free accounts are giving any Lindens jobs, it’s probably the extra customer support jobs fueled by the whiny egotistical free accounts who think that their presence in the grid deems special customer support treatment (despite not actually being a customer). The same jobs and the same reason LL has had to fuel assets too instead of production jobs to make the servers run more stable and to improve the grid.

    Honestly Second Life needs to do MORE to limit free accounts to encourage people to go Premium, right now there’s very little incentive to get a premium account, pretty much the only advantage we have is that we can own land (but we have to buy it still, and it’s likely that renting land is cheaper, which free accounts can do), and we can send in support tickets, and we get a couple hundred L$ a week for free. That’s it.

    Really it’s about time LL showed at least the littlest bit of preference to their long time loyal paying customers.

  39. samlowry

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Fewww! All people here seems to be angry! I am a french non premium resident in Second Life, and i must say that avil lift a problem it seems no?: The status in Second Life. Newbie or landbarons is there a frontier between them? I think it goes against the spirit of what Second Life was created for. To build communities you have to accept all people at start or it will soon become a sect. I am not agree when people here saing that you don’t have to complain if you don’t play. Remember we all started with no premium accounts… Well besides the fact that avil was surely angry and some of his worlds could have been too strong, let’s not reproduce the same schemes of the real in the virtual worlds, or what for being here so…
    Form calming all people here who seems very very angry i let you see a youtube video talking about love. Peace my brothers, peace :) ))
    ps : sorry for my vocabulary i am french remember? :) )

  40. Cai Pirinha

    Jun 13th, 2008

    wow, a No-Payment-Info-on-File account complaining that LL is not rolling out the red carpet when he wishes to log on …

    “I’m the reason you have a job.”

    See, that’s unfortunately not true. The reason Lindens have a job is not you but those residents that exchange real money for ficticious play money and, most importantly, pay LL the monthly real money tier fee for their land/island.

    Actually you are hardly worth anything to LL or any RL company coming into SL. Since you are NPIOF, there is no RL data about you that LL could use to advertize the attractivness of its user base for RL companies; and RL companies themselves can’t even try to create targeted marketing for you.

    Your major contibution is probably creating lag for the rest of us.

    Be happy that LL is letting you log on for such a long time completely for free.

  41. Avil Creeggan

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Apologies for the long links, comment box apparently doesn’t like hyperlinks.

    First, that dialog is NOT fake. There was a good half-hour to an hour period, during a concurrency of roughly 57,000, in which this dialog was being raised to free accounts. There is no real proof aside from screenshots until Linden Labs acknowledges this is actively happening; when it happens again, perhaps, you’ll believe.

    The “I” in “I contribute more than any hundred premium accounts” refers to the collective, as does every “I” after the first paragraph. The first paragraph is anecdotal evidence — depending on your interpretation, it could be a personal or collective reference. One might expect this from the contents of the closing, namely, “The Free Account.” Regardless, I apologize.

    My assertion that LL is traded publicly was in error. I apologize. Regardless, the point regarding investment stays. Please replace that sentence with the following: “I am the reason you won an Emmy.” If you consider this article a pile of lies and slander for this error, I don’t particularly care to debate with you anyway. Go shove it.

    Next, some replies:

    To you who say that this has been aired publicly over the blog multiple times, I present the following:

    If it was announced publicly, it was not nearly visible enough in comparison to the number of users it affects.

    To those who would call the free account a “Second Class Citizen”, consider the fact that the majority of LL’s customers are not paying premium account owners. While Linden labs has not released key metrics to support this point in some time…
    …We can refer back to the…
    March 2007 key metrics… As you can see from here,
    In March 2007, there were 5,144,889 residents… and 75,714 premium accounts. That’s a 67 to 1 ratio. I shouldn’t need to elaborate on the scenarios comparing this data to your customers, with or without biasing this data to consider the fact that many premium account owners make few or none extraneous $L transactions in-world. As I’ve established above, and have just supported, this is NOT a pay-for-play service, this is a pay-to-get-paid service. The fee is for carriage.

    To those who say that Linden Labs is overworked, not incompetent, consider that…
    Linden Labs has over 200 employees world-wide… We don’t know the exact number of those for whom their position involves the asset and login servers, but those employees are, in fact, incompetent, or their management is. If they are so overworked that they have let these issues stagnate and multiply, regardless of increased load, for the past two years… their management needs to cut into those profits and hire anew.

    I think I’ve covered the major points.

  42. Witness X

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Headline should read, “PN Trolled Hard, Epic Win OVER 9000!!”

  43. Avil Creeggan

    Jun 13th, 2008

    The image was NOT forged, it was presented to a number of residents attempting to login during a concurrency of ~57k residents around midday CST yesterday. This and other assorted errors (esp. public trading) will be discussed in an addendum to the article which should be up in the next few hours, pending Pixeleen’s logging on.

  44. N3X15pal

    Jun 13th, 2008

    “Welcome to the farmlands, empty your wallets and get in line, once your broke please proceed to kill yourself, your services are no longer needed.”

    You can always count on the SLH to provide some level of entertainment. It can vary from the amazingly creative spins that can be put on just about anything to down right LULZ comedic value.

    This quote above qualifies as that.
    Reading this line made my weekend!
    Nicely dowe Kytec!
    Anybody bawwwwing about restricted anything in SL is a chump.

    “Linden Labs: Innovating Suicide(tm)”
    This was pretty fricking too!

  45. Paying customer

    Jun 13th, 2008

    This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever read, it’s right up there with complaining about a content creator’s freebie. Linden Lab (note there’s no S) doesn’t care how much you “contribute” to their virtual “economy”, and how would they ever measure that?? If you’re a paying customer, you get support. Just like in the Real World (TM). If you’re not, you’re not owed ANYTHING.

    So you think it’s not “fair”? I think your entitlement attitude is UNFAIR, to those of us that pay money for a service and therefore EXPECT better service than whiny emo teens logging into their parents’ basement who don’t own a credit card without Daddy’s name on it.

  46. Darkfoxx

    Jun 13th, 2008

    “We, the glorious and world renown Patriotic Nigras, have single-handedly destroyed Second Life.”


    oh my this is comedy GOLD.

    The only thing the PN could and still can accomplish, is spread lulzcubes in parcels that (stupidly enough) have building turned on. and when building isnt turned on they have to resort to attaching particle spammers to their own AV which of course only is effective until the moment they are banned from the parcel.

    I’d say, epic fail in whatever they try.

    Of course in their own little minds, just saying they are victorious means they are victorious. The rest of the planet however, realizes that things dont work that way in the real world.

    Try harder lawd Kamia, you fail. epicly.



    LAWL. Bawwwww moar.

    Go back 2 Habbo, PNf@g.

  47. Carmen

    Jun 13th, 2008

    I was under the impression that a paid account was only worth while if you wanted to own linden land which i dont, im happy to rent from others. The way i see it is that both free and paid accounts have a role to play. Although as a parent i feel that all accounts ought to be verified as adult.

    Other than that no comment as i have to make numerous attempts to log in anyway.

  48. Carmen

    Jun 13th, 2008

    I should add as uk based we dont seem to have as many problems as our US counterparts in logging on

  49. Darien Caldwell

    Jun 13th, 2008

    While LL didn’t make a huge fuss over it (they never do), they did announce awhile back that they could and would limit free accounts when necessary if there were grid issues. They have only just now started using that ability.

  50. Witness X

    Jun 13th, 2008

    Considering Pixeleen’s the favored pet of half the griefing population in SL anyway, why should we believe it? Tizzers Foxchase has openly said several times that he “owns” her, for example.

    Naw, it’s a Photoshop job.

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