LL Disappears More Accounts Overnight

by Alphaville Herald on 20/08/08 at 7:52 am

The killings will continue until until morale improves

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

death squads “disappear” more Tizzers accounts

Over the last 24 hours, at least three more avatars with the first name “Tizzers” have disappeared from the search people list – apparently terminated by secretive Linden Lab avatar death squads. This comes in the wake of a bloody monday evening in which at least 6 Tizzers alt accounts were murdered – including my own alt, Tizzers Aristocrat.

By tuesday morning, two new accounts – Tizzers Constantine and Tizzers Teardrop – had appeared in the people list, joined yesterday evening by Tizzers Waffle. But as we go to press this morning, these accounts are gone and the Tizzers body count continues to rise.

The pattern that emerges is one of evening/early morning avatar killing sprees, suggesting that Lab governance team members working the second or third shift are responsible.

two Tizzers on tuesday morning – now missing and presumed dead

Sources speculate that vigilante “anti-griefer” groups may play a role in the killings by targeting anyone named Tizzers for mass abuse reports. If the abuse reports are worded to suggest the target is underage, Lab staff could claim they “were just following orders” to protect the grid. It is also possible that there is a secret list of banned names, and it is the responsibility of the third shift to cleanse the grid of avatars with forbidden names.

In the wake of bad publicity for pedo-play in the mainstream media, Linden Lab has become extremely sensitive to reports of underage avatars, and appears to have adopted a shoot first, ask questions later policy. This policy combined with resident groups eager to enlist LL staff as their hammer might not lead to a techno-utopia, but does provide hours of entertainment for any group with a light regard for the truth and a score to settle with other residents.

Certainly a governance system that relies heavily on resident abuse reports, combined with a staff of game gods unaccountable to the residents creates a situation ripe for mob violence – and the continued Tizzers killings may be a symptom of this problem.

Perhaps this dystopian governance model explains the falling number of premium land-owning accounts – is this the sort of world anyone would want to invest in?

22 Responses to “LL Disappears More Accounts Overnight”

  1. Corona Anatine

    Aug 20th, 2008

    why should having the name ‘tizzers ‘ make anyone underage?

    perhaps this should be tested by trying other names

    ‘pedophile —–

    or ‘underage ———-

    or taking it further

    ‘adolfhitler —–

    and see how long before the lindens react/ ban

    I vaguely remember the Tos as having something about unacceptable names

    has anyone tried going to the linden isle and asking them personly concerning this misuse of their power

  2. dicks

    Aug 20th, 2008

    lol @ corina. Technically, what you are doing is trolling the Lindens, so you’ll be IPbanned.

    If you want to learn more about this shit, talk to the PN.

  3. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 20th, 2008

    How can you seriously still be surprised? It’s quite clear that they’re going to do this every time you make a Tizzers account, and if you keep it, they will throw you out, no matter how much money you throw their way. Keep trolling them like this, and you will not like their response.

  4. Trolling by Existing

    Aug 20th, 2008

    Nikola, your logic is so vacuous I barely know where to start. By your logic, the Israelis are trolling the muslim world by their very existence and this justifies their extermination. The Jews likewise were trolling the Germans by their existence, so the Holocaust was justified. Martin Luther King was trolling the KKK and the government and deserved to be assasinated. Benazir Bhutto was trolling Musharraf and the Taliban, likewise. America was trolling the muslim world with its pepsi, hollywood movies, bluejeans, and womens lib, and deserved 9/11…. Intellectuals were trolling Pol Pot and deserved the Killing Fields….

    Your apologia for fascism and repression is sad.

  5. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 20th, 2008

    No, you misunderstand me. I don’t agree with them banning the name Tizzers in general, as it is quite clear that few of these people are actually her, but the fact is, it is their privately-owned program and servers, and they have the right to do what they will, even if what they will is repressive and unnecessary. Continuing to create accounts like this is like your aforementioned Israeli walking into the middle of mosque and trying to paint a Star of David on the wall. Or MLK pitching a tent in a KKK member’s backyard. There’s freedom of expression, and there’s just being an asshole.

  6. Mony

    Aug 20th, 2008

    Just an un-offered comment. I am sure that by using the word “America” Trolling by Existence surely refers to the country America, as in U.S.A not the continent America.
    Since I am sure countries in North South and Middle and whatever you divide “America” in (the continent)” have done nothing to piss-off other countries by being the world Sheriffe!!!

    Your point is great do, they should display a note “this name cannot be used” when tring to creat that account no?

  7. huh?

    Aug 21st, 2008

    So now the name Tizzers is synonymous with the Swastika, and it’s offending the poor LL “Jews”? Or that the name Tizzers is a burning cross, and the offended “black” members at LL are offended?

    So the name Tizzers is equal to hate speech now?

    Do I accurately see where you’re leading this discussion?

  8. Marc Woebegone

    Aug 21st, 2008

    First it was the Woebegones, now the Tizzers, next it will be the Neavas (yea!), and then the Lindens…..

  9. Corona Anatine

    Aug 21st, 2008

    So now the name Tizzers is synonymous with the Swastika,

    this would appear to be the case

    given that LL bans both symbols

    wonder if they only ban the nazi swastika or all the other versions too

    such as the christian , vedic and/or jewish swastikas

  10. Archie Lukas

    Aug 21st, 2008

    So the moral is: Don’t keep using the name ‘Tizzers’

    Ok Got that, ta!

  11. FrizzleFry101

    Aug 21st, 2008

    I just assume the original ban came from an e-vendetta between Angel Fuffy and Tizzers due to insults at SLCC. If I remember right the person was banned for a disclosure that happened before the original account was born, making it obviously illegitimate like when others are banned for “disclosure” at location “.” because they offended a hidden Linden alt.

    If Tizzers was banned for the trick or treating thing, which happened outside the game and is outside the TOS, according to Meta Linden’s little failed attempt at banning someone over his e-vendetta, then basically this is the same story as that w-hat thing. Furry gets offended and asks Linden friends to do favors.

    TL;DR: SL fails, I sit and laugh, then jump in to grief.

  12. Rape-Ape

    Aug 21st, 2008

    has anyone tried going to the linden isle and asking them personly concerning this misuse of their power

    Posted by: Corona Anatine | August 20, 2008 at 08:06 AM

    Reminds me once of someone asking Frontier Linden why he bans people so often, the person was permanently banned for asking.

    Another guy was permanently banned because he was -rumored- to be the cousin of a PN, despite being in the game for a few years legitimatly, that was done by Frontier too.

  13. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 21st, 2008

    Tizzers was banned for disclosure when planning the details of the trick-or-treating thing. While Kalel Venkman’s definition of it as griefing is erroneous, the fact is true that Tizzers and her friends planned it in world. After Kalel and his group sent off abuse reports, a quick look at the logs revealed this to be the case, and she was banned for disclosure.

  14. Nik, get a grip.

    Aug 21st, 2008

    Nikola, you are doing it wrong.

    Fact is Tizzers did NOT plan the halloween trip inworld. Nor did she talk about it afterwards. A JLU groupie tried to entrap Tizzers in a sandbox asking her questions about it. Tizzers said, “No Comment.” to which the JLU toadie said, “oh you mean yes”. Harry Linden decided that was disclosure.

  15. FrizzleFry101

    Aug 21st, 2008

    @Nik, get a grip.

    You see that’s something I didn’t know.

    Also @Nikola Shirakawa, plexus and harry linden were trying to blame WU for whatever they could back in those days, and I doubt any WUfag would be stupid enough to say anything bannable ingame during that.

    On a side note, Corsi Mousehold still thinks woodbury is the secret PN base, over a year after we spread that rumor.

  16. Anonymous

    Aug 21st, 2008

    actually Nikola, it was done over means outside of SL.

    The real story is, Kalel Got seriously fucking pissed because of that, and since he couldnt get the police to arrest anyone for knocking on his door on halloween (they’d laugh) He took it to his friends at Linden Lab, since at the time he was using Plexus Linden as a tool, he got his revenge by getting Tizzers banned constantly for 2 months until they just banned Tizzers on the 1st of January, for disclosure in the region of “.”

    I’m assuming “.” means real life. Yes apparently LL can punish you for shit outside of the SL. Reminds me of a school teacher I had once who would assign detention to kids based on rumors and events that happened outside of school. She thought she had power outside of school too, and if she saw you doing something she personally thought should be “illegal” she’d even try to put you in “time out” outside of school. Failing that, she’d make sure to punish you in school for non existant reasons. (saying you’re chewing gum, etc)

    I saw no disclosure during those two months when after a 2 week ban, tizzers would be banned again for disclosure, even if she had never signed on when the ban actually expired. This was usually within an hour of the ban expiring. Meaning there was some obvious system abuse right there. Someone was keeping track of the bans other than LL and tizzers, and was spamming AR’s when the old ones expired.

    Shut the fuck up.

  17. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 21st, 2008

    She spoke to me personally about it. I got it straight from the horse’s mouth.

  18. Nikola Shirakawa

    Aug 22nd, 2008

    Actually, I was referring to a different incident. She was hit with the same type of disclosure, I was, which was incidental. Remember, anything and that means ANYTHING mentioned about RL can technically be disclosure. By the letter of it, some Wikipedia articles could get you nailed by disclosure. When she was hit with the last disclosure incident, it was something simple, like she linked to his website, or the whois.

  19. Old News

    Aug 23rd, 2008

    Yes, you can actually get banned by LL for any reason at any time. If LL doesn’t like something you do “in real life” they can deny you access to their services. Carrying out a vendetta in real life that obviously originated in SL could certainly be a red flag to them. They don’t normally concern themselves with disclosure posted outside of SL and secondlife.com, but that is their choice not yours.

  20. V for Vendetta

    Aug 24th, 2008

    Actually, the only persons carrying out a RL vendetta is Prokofy and Kalel.

    I’ve never heard of going to someones home on halloween in a costume and saying “Tizzers says Hi” constitutes a vendetta, harassment, etc. The RL cops laughed at Kalel, he took it to LL and bawwed and bawwed. Angel got his butt-buddy Frontier to round up the furfags in LL to band together on this. Of course, Kalel making RL death threats against Tizzers while in world went without ANY punishment at all.

  21. Jumpman Lane

    Aug 28th, 2008

    LL has been doin this for a while. when i was suspended and alternately banned from various sl sites (e.g sl itself the wiki the forums etc) and asked to age verify due to GIMONGOUS alt abuse etc… see i was makin several new alts a day and for some reason just said screw it i’ll mame em all Jumpman. I made a bunch and a few sleepers, and when the lindens caught on (i bragged that alla Jumpman’s were me! even thought they werent), they murdered off a ton of them a few show up in world in search , some dont, some on my friendslist some arent. Zara Linden told me to stop makin alts and Ll sent me a note sayin they chose not to reavitivate one of meh Jumpman’s and i just gave up cause after my last suspension, they returned all of my alts NOT named Jumpman, and killed off all them Jumpman’s including LANE(my main) and when i called they said another dept had taken over my accounts (Turdly?) and the goveernance team said Jump lane should be ok and able to be on line and i had to im Zara inworld to using one of m alts not named Jumpman to get Lane back. so all the rest are dead and Jumpy Lane lives but i feel ur pain tizzers :P

    Flag this messageMessage From Second LifeMonday, July 14, 2008 4:46 PM
    From: “Zara Linden” Add sender to Contacts To: “Bane Martinek” [13:45] Zara Linden: jumpman, u t here?
    [13:45] Zara Linden: your acct has been re-activated
    [13:45] Zara Linden: you can login now

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