Mob Boss Zito Corleone Missing, Presumed Banned

by Alphaville Herald on 18/09/08 at 8:01 am

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Zito Corleone – none found

The gang war between the Nicholas mafia and wise guy associates of Zito Corleone may have taken a deadly turn. Mafia Don Zito Corleone has suddenly gone missing from the Second Life people search – apparently the result of some sort of account ban or LL disciplinary action.

IMs to Corleone confederates Shaemus McLaglen and Leah Coleone have gone unanswered, and there is speculation in the underworld that the Nicholas mafia may have raised the stakes after taking offense at Zito’s boast of Linden connections in a recent story.

Did the Nicholas gang maneuver the Lindens into banning Zito – or was Zito’s removal self-inflicted? When will this shocking wave of gang violence end?

37 Responses to “Mob Boss Zito Corleone Missing, Presumed Banned”

  1. so like...

    Sep 18th, 2008

    So like, I heard on the Fox News this morning that it was ANON, the people associated with hacking the Scientology Church that pulled off the Sarah Palin Email hack and now the FBI and the Secret Service are in the process of unraveling that group and taking them down… Maybe thats why people are disappearing? PS, you can turn off your profile with a single click so that you don’t show up in Search. It may not be a big deal…

  2. Nicholas Mafia

    Sep 18th, 2008

    Where’s your ‘connections’ now?


  3. rofl !

    Sep 18th, 2008

    Carma is a bitch huh?

  4. Hmmm

    Sep 18th, 2008

    Karma is a B!tch huh?

  5. Nicholas Mafia

    Sep 18th, 2008

    @ solike…

    You do realise thats only in teh ALL search…not in the people search, you noob.

  6. Wuahaha

    Sep 18th, 2008

    You get what you deserve.. I bet even LL are fed up with that idiot… lulz…

  7. Plink

    Sep 18th, 2008

    isnt it always a case of “self inflicted”? if you study the logic you’ll see that it is. looks more like AR’s flying in two directions between these flunkies and a lets outdo the other guy mentallity.

    in the end the guy “holding the parrot” loses.


  8. Nich Gurl

    Sep 18th, 2008

    Awwwww.. were u still using that acount.

  9. BJ Tabor

    Sep 18th, 2008

    Yes, doubtlessly his avatar tied to a cement texture prim at the bottom of a Liden open space water sim. When will the SL virtual gang land madness end? Will someone think of the children avatars! LOL.

  10. O:O

    Sep 18th, 2008

    PS, you can turn off your profile with a single click so that you don’t show up in Search. It may not be a big deal…

    You can find everyone with All search also if they choose to hide profile from people search

  11. i lol'd

    Sep 18th, 2008

    I LOL’d hard. Protip: Clyde Lemon, BadKarma Magic, and Filter72 Cobb are Zito Corleone alts…let the lulz continue. We need moar.

  12. Anonymous

    Sep 18th, 2008

    Fuhgettabout it…
    Zito sleeps with teh fishes.

  13. someone glad to see Zito gone

    Sep 18th, 2008

    Who is the “assclown” now?

  14. Darien Caldwell

    Sep 18th, 2008

    Actually Hiding your profile only works for the Web Search (Search ALL). You can not hide your profile from the “People” search, which is what the photo above displays. If you are missing from that, you’ve been banned or had your account deleted.

  15. Nich Goodgirl

    Sep 18th, 2008

    Let’s fuggedaboud that assclown altogether. He was a psycho nobody liked.

  16. Pi

    Sep 18th, 2008

    I knew it was a matter of time before all hell rained down on him.

  17. Teaching the noobs...

    Sep 18th, 2008

    @ O:O

    Seriously why are some people so fucking stupid? – The People search you cannot hide from ;) You can hide the SL-Website Profile from the All search, but that is all. 08 Born date much?

  18. Nicholas Mafia

    Sep 18th, 2008

    Let us all keep an eye out for mustang Letlow

    Could he be next? ;)

  19. oh sh*t

    Sep 18th, 2008

    Ok what’s even funnier is if you go look at the last comment in the recent story cited in this article…LOL @ the warning. LURK MOAR ZITO – someone had good advice for your dumbass ;)

  20. since the

    Sep 18th, 2008

    since the herald is full of bs stories and the people that write comments to em…i heard that all of mustangs “knowing” was passed to zito and that mustang washed his hands of that a right assumption or does this truly belong here?

  21. Anonymous

    Sep 19th, 2008

    Can i write for the herald? Reuters SL didn’t want to report SL news in their SL pages…
    There are way better stories about people with confused agendas… SLDM perhaps…

  22. visualize

    Sep 19th, 2008

    remember the movie ‘The Silence of the Lambs’? many of u prolly wont as you were too busy watching the smurfs do their blue business or running around the house in your power rangers costumes but for those of u that do, cut away to the climatic scene where Catherine Martin is held hostage in the dry well located in the basement of the antagonist’s secret lair. in this newly remade version Catherine is holding a parrot and screaming for help, Clarice Starling (now played by Johnny Knoxville) isn’t anywhere near the crime scene, in this modified plot shes now off trying to corral as many furries as she thinks she can save from further aids infestation (but I diverge…) just when ur on the edge of ur seat hoping for the hero to arrive and save the day for Catherine, in walks Bill Kurtis, spokesman for AT&Tubes and as he walks by the top of that dreary and forboding well of captivity, he smirks and says “We’ve come to this lair of impending doom and youll never believe wut we found,,the INTERTWEBS,,seems it cant hide here either,,,”

    lets break down some of the symbolism shall we? catherines cries mysteriously translate into italian, roughly like ‘Li pruteggi e li pigghia a ben vuliri’ but the syntax is a bit off and really means, how long am I protected and is it safe to stay out of the aids infested pool via the corporate infrastructure with my 3 precious avatars? can I assume that the silence of lambs (channels) means quiet comfort during my 4 day work week and I can now pixelate to my hearts content? The parrot symbolizes,,,well,,if uv been reading carefully u know what the parrot symbolizes,,, the dry well symbolizes an artificially lit cubical but more specifically the space between the enter button, the finger and ominous SexandLifeâ„¢ login screen.

    and the parrot is played by Zack something or other

    Stay tuned for more exciting coverage in nexts week episode of Remade Movies in Review where we anaylze if the creators of ‘Return to the Wizard of LULz’ made the right decision and were successful in hiring Frontier Linden as the scarecrow and how they pulled off that scene where the curtain gets drawn back and the Wizard (raine dowding) is revealed to be a WEE man with a BIG complex standing in a puddle of his own piss.

    yeah u guessed it,,, hes wearing tennis shoes

  23. Nicholas Mafia

    Sep 19th, 2008

    @visualize aka the butthurt Zito Corleone

    Bawwwww much?

  24. Vito

    Sep 21st, 2008

    We all know that Pix is sleeping with the Nicohlas family and there 100 alts. We all know that Raine got Zito banned. This shows the biggest sign of weakness of Raine and anyone associated with the Nicholas family. I can dish it out but when someone calls my bluff I cry and file a AR. You are classic work of art Raine that I see when I take a dump. Pix you need to get the otherside of stories. This shows your in bed with them.

  25. Luc

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    Oh come on Vito you really expect Pix to be interested in well rounded reporting? LOL The Nicholas piece on 160 bans in two years was the precursor to where Pix was going with it when she gets desperate and other stories published here on a weekly basis show just how poorly Pix manages this webspace. The Zito ban just proves what is allowed with last ditch efforts when the “going gets tough” for the real idiots. Something tells me this saga is far from over

  26. Tbone

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    im not at liberty to say anything…
    ahh ahah ah ah ahahahahaha haahahah ah ahahahahha haha ha

  27. Doug

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    ok ok ok
    i think i got the rest of it but can someone plz explain WHO is holding the parrot?
    we all know pix is dirt, nicholas familie is a bunch of jokers and zito had it comin but,

    Whose holding the damn bird?

  28. Nicholas Mafia

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    @ Vito/Tbone aka butthurt Zito


  29. Frankie

    Sep 23rd, 2008

    Its amazeing that they put Nicholas Family as my name in my post. LOL I am not part of those jackwads. Zito was doing everyone a favor and yet yall slam him.He was taking out the garbage of SL. Pix for her to always cover the Nicholas family shows that she is 2 Tacos short of a Mexican fiesta. All they want is publicty. Thats what keeps them messing with everyone. I wish one of them would get my persoinal info. If there man enough to knock on my door they would have a old fashion ass whooping coming. The Nicholas Family is just frustrated that they cannot get and never will take Zito down without there cry baby antics. Raine I take my hat off to you and the family for your cry baby antics. It shows what kind of men and women you really are. I personally thank your all pimple face geeks that was band fags and got beat up at school daily.

  30. Luc

    Sep 23rd, 2008

    one important fact that needs clarification folks, raine dowding wasn’t taken down by zito alone. we can’t help but laugh our keister off each and every time this nicholas mafia responder trys to point out zito entries in the blog. here’s a tip dumbshit, technically speaking you’re ‘O For’. ya see folks, at the end of the day, the nicholas mafia is pretty much fizzle $h!t and has been longer than most realize. the corleone mafia has no muscle and should get no credit for taking down dowding. it was raine himself that screwed up at the exact moment a group of folks got smart and took advantage of him. zito was just a pawn used to be annoying as hell to them and funny as all get up to everyone else. heres a tip to the remnant dingleberries known as nicholas mafia – go back and check your records because some of those accounts you called zito ALTS are still milling about your play pen..just make sure you got ALL the names right.

  31. Ah Wut?

    Oct 4th, 2008

    Ah wut up wid dis story?

  32. BadKarma

    Oct 4th, 2008

    BadKarma is a B!tch

    You fools…

  33. BadKarma

    Oct 5th, 2008

    We all laugh our keisters off when we see the word “presumed” used by a someone who has little editorial prowess let alone any idea how to feature matters of real substance out of bits and bytes no one cares about. The detriments of serious SC inbreeding we thinks

  34. hmmmm

    Oct 7th, 2008

    hmmmm – he’s not gone and I just read an interview on the SL Insider Daily where this guy says it wazunt even a ban much less a ban appeal on the back end.
    so Pix wheres the follow up story?
    inquiring minds want to know

  35. LMFAO

    Oct 12th, 2008

    good question “hmmmm” pix is a nicholas as well and she is just trying to make these dumbass ragheads look good when really they are all BUTTHURT ;-)

  36. LMFAO

    Oct 15th, 2008

    [19:12] IM: Mona Guter: I just wanted to say mustangs an idiot. and pixeleen pwned him. stupid wanna be thug roflmao

    she owned him? o.O how did a wannabe paper publisher pwn someone? LMFAO butthurt dumbasses

  37. nicholas mafia

    Oct 24th, 2008

    “ok ok ok, i think i got the rest of it but can someone plz explain WHO is holding the parrot? we all know pix is dirt, nicholas familie is a bunch of jokers and zito had it comin but, Whose holding the damn bird?
    Posted by: Doug | September 22, 2008 at 01:00 PM”

    Apollonia Corleone!

    lurk moar bout this bitch
    truths already out there

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