SL Sexbed Industry’s Dirty Laundry — Part 2

by Alphaville Herald on 21/09/08 at 12:33 pm

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

Corsi Mousehold’s content inside SexGen bed sold at Stroker Serpentine’s store

In part 1 of this report, we heard from Stroker Serpentine – virtual sex entrepreneur and owner of the SexGen trademark – and learned he is now taking an active role in protecting the good name of SexGen.

To hear the other side of the story I contacted Corsi Mousehold – a community leader in FurNation and also a virtual sex entrepreneur. In interviews friday and saturday, I learned how sexbed scripter Briggi Bard had a falling out with Mr. Serpentine, how Corsi became involved in the creation of a 150 animation sexbed, and how Corsi plans to fight if a negotiated settlement cannot be reached. It seems clear that some sort of shakeup is likely in the Second Life virtual sex industry as money concerns and partnerships gone sour roil the waters.

Pixeleen Mistral: how can you tell that Stroker is using your animations and Briggi’s scripts?
Corsi Mousehold: Easy. Look inside the beds. Rightclick on the animations and choose ‘Properties’
Corsi Mousehold: You’ll see and notice that he has been selling the Diamond Plus for quite some time. And not paying me

Briggi Bard content in the SexGen bed

Pixeleen Mistral: I’m over at Stroker’s store, and it looks like most of the scripts in these beds are made by Briggi
Corsi Mousehold: See what I mean?
Corsi Mousehold: Stroker animated the Magnum. Briggi animated the Gold.
Corsi Mousehold: Together they make the Platinum.

Pixeleen Mistral: I bet you guys didn’t have a written agreement on use of and resale of the scripts and animations
Corsi Mousehold: I animated the Diamond and the three make the Platinum+Diamond.
Corsi Mousehold: It was all over Chat years ago.
Corsi Mousehold: Now he’s re released mine as an add on called the Diamond Plus

Three official SexGen HQs to choose from

Corsi Mousehold: Here’s the truth. In detail. Back when I came on SL in 2005 I came on with FurNation. I started by just being an admin in charge of the adult play areas. I found SexGen and bought my first bed animated and scripted by Briggi Bard
Corsi Mousehold: Sold by Stroker Serpentine.
Corsi Mousehold: He didn’t even animate back then. Didn’t own land just rented a parcel and was partnered with others in the Eros Sim. Since then I watched SexGen Grow as a partnership between Briggi and Stroker. I was there for almost all of it.
Corsi Mousehold: I stood behind Briggi as she came to my aid when my bed broke down and she helped me reposition everything. I started working volunteer as a shopgirl for her.
Corsi Mousehold: Stroker started animating. Up until that point he basically ran an escort service.
Corsi Mousehold: He started animating a lot. He made the 44 Magnum and Briggi still had her 16 animations. Briggi made 34 more to make 50 … Stroker made 6 more to make his 50 The 50 Magnum and the gold were born and together made the Platinum.

trouble begins

Corsi Mousehold: Here’s where things started to go downhill. Stroker was giving away the scripts Briggi created to others. One of which was Tink Buttercup. Briggi found out about that one the hard way.
Corsi Mousehold: They had a bit of a fight but it cleared up. I started working more with Briggi and even Stroker when I was asked …. And he did ask me over several times. I recall him thanking me greatly for helping show people around his new store in Eros and offering to pay me. I refused payment telling him I was just a company supporter.
Corsi Mousehold: I started to get very well known in the SexGen Users group. People would IM me all the time. So were others in Briggi’s store. Stroker had an issue with one of them and threatened Briggi over it. He wanted the staff member to stay in line.
Corsi Mousehold: Things quieted down and it happened again. This time Stroker said he was quitting and would Adhere to the Copyright. This was in February of 2007

Corsi Mousehold: I had learned to animate by this point and offered to Briggi to work on another 50 animations. She agreed and I started work.
Corsi Mousehold: Now until this point Stroker and I got along PERFECTLY
Corsi Mousehold: He came back and apologized to Briggi … And Briggi told him what I was doing. Briggi then started scripting a 5.0 version of the scripts used in the beds. One that would accomodate 150 animations so we would all be able to use them. Three bases of 50 combined to make 150
Corsi Mousehold: Everyone agreed. At that time I told Briggi I wanted to respect the partnership and did not ask to be a partner. Instead I worked for SexGen through Briggi and Stroker agreed to this arrangement.
Corsi Mousehold: Production was almost complete. And I got an IM from Stroker tearing me a new one cause he ‘Found out’ that the Diamond was a stand alone. even though he was told before.
Corsi Mousehold: In the end Stroker agreed cause Briggi did promise that to me when he was still technically ‘quit’ and she did not want to go back on her word.
Corsi Mousehold: From there I was not talking to Stroker and nothing the other way around.

Corsi’s Creations storing using the SexGen name – but for how long?

where’s the money?

Corsi Mousehold: The Diamond came out had a great release …
Corsi Mousehold: I had my own store in Gar and we worked together. I would bring customers to his store though he never did put the Platinum Diamond in his store.
Corsi Mousehold: Not until November of 07 when we were to have the first major SexGen sale. We dropped prices 25% across the board. The Platinum Diamond was in his store …. But….
Corsi Mousehold: I wasn’t getting any money from it. And Briggi was not either.
Corsi Mousehold: All of December passed and nothing. I knew they were selling as I was doing assisting installations for customers.
Corsi Mousehold: I got no money at all. January came and I tried talking to him. Online and offline … I was either ignored or brushed off.
Corsi Mousehold: I talked to Andrea Faulkner She said she would ask. I left it that it must be a busy time and to please check. The next day I get a HEATED and Angry IM from him on How dare I talk to his family. He shouted at Briggi said a few very hurtful things that she won’t even share with me and Stroker stopped selling the Platinum., Just the Magnum
Corsi Mousehold: Two weeks later Stroker tells Briggi he is selling the Platinum and keeping all the money. Advises Briggi to do the same. She reluctantly does but does not file a DMCA against him.

Briggi Bard’s profile picks include Corsi’s Creations and BB’s Outlet – Genuine SexGen HQ

Pixeleen Mistral: didn’t you guys put any of these agreements on paper?
Corsi Mousehold: Bottom line. All I want is for Briggi and I to take the stuff we own and go our way if Stroker takes his animations and the name and goes his way
Corsi Mousehold: No it was all verbal.

Pixeleen Mistral: this is turning into serious money
Corsi Mousehold: Yes it is.
Corsi Mousehold: ANd I have lost alot.
 Corsi Mousehold: Strokers been making hand over fist
Corsi Mousehold: Advice to everyone …. NEVER give out your builds to ANYONE

Pixeleen Mistral: you need enforceable legal agreements on paper
Corsi Mousehold: I have one with Briggi.

Pixeleen Mistral: how much money have you made on all this?
Corsi Mousehold: Me? Enough to get by.
Corsi Mousehold: Stroker brags hundreds of thousands.
Corsi Mousehold: He did on TV once.
Corsi Mousehold: After that lawsuit he became a REAL household name.

Corsi’s Creations in Briggi Bard’s profile picks: Genuine Sexgen HQ

Pixeleen Mistral: you know that people are going to say you are just jealous
Corsi Mousehold: I know.
Corsi Mousehold: I’m not though.
Corsi Mousehold: I was very happy with the way things were. I don’t need much.
Corsi Mousehold: That’s why I hadn’t said anything about all this before
Corsi Mousehold: I stayed quiet cause frankly I was staying above water.
Corsi Mousehold: But if this is Strokers choice I will totally agree to everything he wants. IF he stops selling my animations and Briggi’s Animations and stops using her scripts.

Pixeleen Mistral: you did force a change – buying an ad in the Herald is going to get some attention…
Corsi Mousehold: Briggi and I agreed to that.
Corsi Mousehold: And yes I knew that was going to be noticed.
Corsi Mousehold: But I didn’t think he would cry and say that we can’t use the name we have used for over two years.
Corsi Mousehold: Briggi for longer.

Pixeleen Mistral: are you prepared to fight this in RL court? because Stroker has a history of that – and a wolverine of a RL lawyer
Corsi Mousehold: Stroker won one case by default.

Pixeleen Mistral: yes
Corsi Mousehold: And yes if I have to I will.
Corsi Mousehold: I will protect that which I made.
Corsi Mousehold: And so will Briggi.

Pixeleen Mistral: wouldn’t it be better to get venture capitol funding and make a new sex-based world? that is probably a better way to get rich – SL is not all that good
Corsi Mousehold: LOL Sure you go help me find the funding.

Pixeleen Mistral: so why fight this battle?
Corsi Mousehold: Why fight? Cause someone needs to set a precident.
Corsi Mousehold: And I am not backing down from him

17 Responses to “SL Sexbed Industry’s Dirty Laundry — Part 2”

  1. Corsi Mousehold

    Sep 21st, 2008

    Oh and ahhh …. Location in store where I have a contract with Strokers Buisness manager …. Andrea Faulkner …. She even states in it to copy it and keep it for the record.

    I think that’ll clear this up.

  2. Anon Fur

    Sep 21st, 2008

    My favorite part about this whole issue is that Corsi Mousehold has finally decided to take a stand against content thieft. infact Corsi last year at somepoint had an AV thief on staff at furnation for a long time, and even bought a fursuit from the guy. Magnus Noonan ripped off Malluch Cleaver’s AVs back in 07, and when corsi was notifed, corsi replied with “wasnt my problem.” after being asked why he was on staff. FurNation has a long history of only careing about copyright for their own projects, while allowing others to steal without punishment.
    I just found it amusing that as soon as Corsi found out ‘she’ was being ripped off she made this huge stink about how wrong it is to steal from other people lol.

  3. General Drama

    Sep 21st, 2008

    Corsi, for all your bawwwwing and bullshitting… while its entertaining to see you cry about Stroker selling your animations (which you were hired to produce) in his product, you utterly fail to mention that you are selling Strokers animations, which you have full perms, and haven’t been paying him either…

    I see the reseller agreement (which all resellers agree to) says, “Further, we reserve the right to refuse business for any reason. Possible reasons include but are not limited to – underpricing, selling other items as SexGen which in reality aren’t, beds used aren’t of decent quality, etc.”

    Yes there are resellers using Strokers’ vendors on the grid. None of them are permitted to claim to be “Sexgen HQ” like you have in your classified and on your parcel description. Nor is anybody permitted to underprice, or to sell non-SexGen products which as if they are SexGen.

    “Undercutting the prices of the Headquarters is detrimental to the business and will be considered a violation of your contract.”

    Amazing Corsi, you manage to break that contract multiple ways: underprice, misrepresenting, selling poor quality product.

    Is it any wonder Stroker is pissed?

  4. Stroker Serpentine

    Sep 21st, 2008

    For those who are intelligent enough to not even waste your time following this, kudos!. Two sides as they say.

    However, I would like the public to know that the above slurl posted by Corsi Mousehold is a screenshot on a prim sitting in his shop of a chatlog. The parties disclosed on the chatlog have been informed.

    For those who enjoy this sort of thing..some friendly advice: Always be suspicious of any conversation that begins with “Here’s the truth…”.

    Actions speak louder than words.

  5. The FYI

    Sep 21st, 2008

    To General Drama:

    It’s not Stroker’s product. It’s Briggi’s He should actually not have any claim to it other then the trade mark to the NAME and nothing more.

  6. all seeing eye

    Sep 21st, 2008

    corsi being a drama whore again, corsi is known for ripping off other ppl’s builds he even has some known copybotters and content thiefs in her admin staff, after she sacked the good law abiding admins she brought in ppl no-one even knew.
    it was all cloak and dagger stuff, even corsis friends in sl started to walk away from him.
    corsi bitching about how he was ripped off and how briggi was ripped off, it was all bullshit

    word of the wise dont beleve a female mouse whos a male

  7. Lord Kamina

    Sep 21st, 2008


  8. LOL

    Sep 21st, 2008

    WOW, this is a Great work of Fiction! Quite Obvious here that Corsi has Lost TOuch with Reality, not to mention he contradicts himself here a few times in this ranting dribble.

    Corsi Mousehold: “…. I watched SexGen Grow as a partnership between Briggi and Stroker”…..

    ok So you are not a partner, just Stroker and briggi, Thanx for clearing that up!

    Corsi Mousehold: …I started working more with Briggi and even Stroker when I was asked …. And he did ask me over several times offering to pay me. I refused payment telling him I was just a company supporter….”

    “Corsi Mousehold: I was very happy with the way things were. I don’t need much.”

    So you did not want any $L you just wanted to support the company.. ok Intresting

    “Corsi Mousehold: I wasn’t getting any money from it.”
    “Corsi Mousehold: I got no money at all….”

    Is that not what you said you wanted? Just to support the company.

    From what I can see, when Corsi was “OFFER TO BE PAID” for services rendered He Refused. At that Point you could have gotten some $ for the work you did on a handfull of animatons. As most contractors, you get paid at then end of your work. Just beacuse someone makes an Animated movie for Disney that does not mean they are a PART OWNER of Disny. Just Hired Help.

  9. Anon Fur

    Sep 21st, 2008

    He said..She said…Furries = Drama. What else is fuckin new…*goes back to CoD4*

  10. Corsi Mousehold

    Sep 21st, 2008


    WAY to take snippets of conversation out of context there. Keep in mind everyone… All that was BEFORE I started making animations … And things changed then. I did expect to get paid for making animations.

  11. Stephie

    Sep 22nd, 2008

    I love how through the entire thing Corsi does no wrong and is just a perfect little angel. After the shit I’ve seen I find that really hard to believe.

  12. dj

    Sep 23rd, 2008

    Pixeleen Mistral: wouldn’t it be better to get venture capitol funding and make a new sex-based world? that is probably a better way to get rich – SL is not all that good
    Corsi Mousehold: LOL Sure you go help me find the funding.

    there is such a place the red light centre its called.

  13. Wiseguy Capra

    Sep 29th, 2008

    I’m so sick of all the scammers, thiefs, wanna be business people and content thefts in SL. It don’t matter who is right or wrong. You didn’t protect your creations very well it seems Corsi and thre will be always somebody out there to take advantage of it.

    Time you guys write more about the WSE, Luke CONnell still ripping people for their money, and now even takin cash of facebook users….

  14. Professor C

    Dec 27th, 2008

    Like OMG, I never knew Corsi Mousehold could stoop so low as to steal a Trademark then hide behind a transvestite like Briggi. Now this is pathetic!

  15. No You!

    Apr 25th, 2009

    I know Corsi personally and i feel anyone who calls her a thief should be permabanned.

  16. Neevah

    Mar 15th, 2010

    I met all three. Briggi was helpful and never pressured anyone for a sale. Corsi helped me in various custom modifications to an item I bought from her. Stroker was busy stroking his ego on TV, playing joe the plumber, and getting laid ingame to every do anything for anyone in all the time I have known him. And I have known him since the Eros days. He dumped Andrea Faulkner in the store to tend it while he got his freak on and counted his money. I have known her since 2005, always rude and always offensive. Go back to plumbing SS. Hey Andrea, remember the time you fired 75% of your staff for now answering your egocentric self in group chat? I do.

  17. Misseh

    Jan 20th, 2013

    I see Corsi is up to his usual bs. Stealing, trash mouthing, lying, deceit, etc. He has done this crap to far more than just Stroker over the years. Karma can be a real bitch.

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