SL Military Yiff ‘N Tell

by Alphaville Herald on 21/10/08 at 10:54 pm

“At least you weren’t recording this or anything”

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk & Vegna Fouroux, military correspondent

Christoph Naumova – leader of the Vanguard Militia – has been frantically denying he was involved in a fur phone sex seduction posted to YouTube last week. At stake is Mr. Naumova’s reputation and leadership authority, now threatened by the emo yiffing documented on YouTube — a gay fur scene that might undermine his authority as supreme leader of the Vanguard military.

You want to spend all night with fennecy? Rawr… narf… nahm nahm… are you pawing?

Under the leadership of Mr. Naumova, the Vanguard military has developed a win-at-all-costs reputation which apparently led the Merczateers military to mount a counterattack via the newest weapon of mass reputation destruction – YouTube.

The YouTube video was apparently posted by Uildiar Kuhn – a prominent member the Merczateers. Herald reporter Vegna Fouroux contacted Mr. Kuhn for comment:

Vegna Fouroux: Many members have claimed it was a fake, in all honesty now, was it?
Uildiar Kuhn: no

Unfortunately, Uildiar Kuhn has been reluctant to discuss the video at length in-world, citing concerns about abuse report wielding Vanguard members, and ban-happy Linden GTeam game gods. Members of the Vanguard military who have not left in disgust are more willing to talk, as The Herald found on a visit to their base:

Tyenshinsi Takaaki: We all know its completely fake

Vegna Fouroux: How did the group come to the conclusion that this video was a fake?
Tyenshinsi Takaaki: We know christophs voice better then normal
BigBoss Zabelin: That isn’t his voice
Tyenshinsi Takaaki: ive known christoph since i join sl

Vegna Fouroux: so you remain convinced it was an attempt at defamation?
Tyenshinsi Takaaki: yes and i wouldnt say attempt
Tyenshinsi Takaaki: all it did was to attempt to make vg members to lose respect for him
Tyenshinsi Takaaki: ive been imed numerous times about the video and each time they think that its fake too. even enemy militaries think its fake. it just goes to prove that people out there are just emo’s that have nothing better to do with their lives then make fake videos.

What would motivate either a real fur phone seduction or – as the Vanguard faithful claim – a fake seduction clearly aimed at diminishing Mr. Naumova’s moral authority and leadership abilities?

When asked about motivations, land baron and Merczateer intLibber Bratigan told the Herald, “Christoph’s approach to combat has always been to utterly destroy groups. not just friendly fun combat games, he believes in total war and he’s tried to do that in the past, he got a guy into Armory Island employee group so he could steal copies of Operations’ vendors. He got a Mercz officer to defect and hypnotized him into open sourcing all the weapons he built for Mercz. He’s repeatedly tried to undermine the economic basis of mercz, and led false ageban AR campaigns against other military leaders and he’s also encouraged all the copybotting of military weapons the past 6 months.”

Was the YouTube seduction real – or virtual? In the hall of mirrors that is teh interwebs we may never know the truth.

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  1. Just Wow

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    Wow, what in the f**k is wrong with furries? Can’t they have any semblance of normality??

  2. Humpedback Camel

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    hahaha, ahahahaha, HHAHAHAHAHAHAHSDHSVFJS

    what the fuck?

  3. mootykips

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    “I’m a stressed snow-kitty” is possibly the best summary of Second Life’s userbase ever uttered.

  4. 2cents

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    Okay, let’s just assume for the moment it was real…

    So who the fuck would really care what others do in privacy?

    If you’re a member of this ‘phoneyiffer’s’ group, why should you care what he does if he’s not buisy playing the SL combat game?

    It’s not like he’s eating babies or selling drugs to minors.
    If you really care that much, y’all should get a life.

    Oh, and BTW…

    “He got a Mercz officer to defect and hypnotized him”

    LOL. How’d he do that? Spun a cilinder with a spiraly texture in front of the Merc’s avatar? :D Does he have a finger snapping gesture to bring him out of it again?

  5. Deimos Yumako

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    Welp… I can’t say I’m too surprised.

  6. ickypoo

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    OMG that is so Icky. Its like a PN nightmare come to life. It is somehow very poetic that on the DAY almost that the PN disband and close their website down that this Recording comes out proving everything that the PN said was true. It kinda stops you in your tracks and makes you think WHOA.

    These snot-osed little brats have something to do with some Military group in SL ?? hahahahAHAHAHAHA Furfags…

  7. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    Ah, I was wondering when this piece of gold would be posted.

  8. Ben

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    “Wow, what in the f**k is wrong with furries? Can’t they have any semblance of normality?? ”

    Yeah, cause we all know everyone else doesn’t have weird fetishes they play with…

    Yay SL drama

  9. capn carnage

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    oh for fuck sake, anything that involves Uildiar Kuhn is a fraud, hes the asswipe that helped corsi mousehold using his now deleted & banned alt fayte baxter

  10. General Drama

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    Epic finish: “*SIGH* At least you weren’t recording this….. You weren’t were you?”

    ITS A TRAP!!!!

  11. dicks

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    Uh, ickypoo, the PN didn’t disband, N3X15 left and they’re transferring to a new webhost.

  12. hahaha

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    This are the “soldiers”? The tough guys with guns?

    This is faggotry on a level that would make the Village People barf.

  13. Dances with Furries

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    FWIW, this..mighta been illegal. Recording without consent of both parties is illegal in some states. All it takes is a trip to the PD to start the paperwork.

  14. LOL

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    Real or Fake… This video just shows HOW FUCKED UP FURRIES ARE!


    Oct 23rd, 2008

    Regardless of whether its real or not:

    Thank you for giving us enough fodder for thousands of new SL memes. I cannot hear “Im a stressed snow kitty” or “you want to spend all night with fennecy?” without both cringing and dying of laughter now.


    Oct 23rd, 2008

    As someone with completely undeniable legal experience, I can say without a doubt that because of the state of residence of the party in this case who would press for legal action, and because the fact that the law says that only one party need consent to the recording in that state for it to be legal, that this action was completely legal and nobody need worry about anything but the comic value and ridiculousness of this event.

    Your pal,

  17. Lulz

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    I dunno, it says “moving to another server which I’m not gonna pay for and nobody else will, and oh, btw, fuck you gaiz, I can’t figure out ShoopedLife or any of that stuff anymore anyway” sounds pretty much like shut down to me. :( I just got in too, and Nexis is bugging out. Which means, since he basically was the only thing holding the PN together, the PN are dead.

    They may get the web site up again, if they can pay for it, but nobody will, because then that’s traceable money. Nobody who’s worried about it enough to bitwipe their drives is going to send traceable money to keep it alive, that would be the hieght of stupidity. So it’s dead.

  18. Stephie

    Oct 23rd, 2008


  19. CrackinUp

    Oct 23rd, 2008


  20. Takkun Gray

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    Four Thousand Views

  21. mootykips

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    the pn could quite easily use a host like nearlyfreespeech or *horror* go back to freewebs like we did when we started. to think anyone’s concerned about them enough to bitwipe their drives is stupid, it’s not web hosting holding them back but membership

  22. lulz

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    That ignores the history of the PN, mooty, you were there, you should remmber – we got shoved off server after server because of what we were posting, and then had to go private to keep the spais out, and that only sorta worked, the new IRC still has spais. Not that any of that matters anymore anyway I guess because nobody wants to work at making it a real threat anymore.

  23. Dances with Furries

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    I bow to your superior legal knowledge, AN ATTORNEY AT LAWL. Let the lulz continue!

  24. mootykips

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    well yeah but you’re referring to IRC, right?

    we only got shoved off the proboards site after like 5 months, big free webhosts tend to be pretty slow about stuff. again, though, nearlyfreespeech should be amazingly cheap and perfect for you guys. if you were a little more active as far as membership goes, i’d host you guys when I switch over to them in a few months.

  25. ROFL

    Oct 23rd, 2008

    I have not laughed so hard at a youtube video in so long. That video is made of pure win!

    I hope to god that 4chan and all the chans take these clips and use them for massive lulz!

  26. We

    Oct 24th, 2008

    Jesus Christ, you military twats need to get a life. When you’re going THAT far to torture each other because you’re butthurt that you got shot via this joke of a combat system in this half-made game.

  27. Anonymous

    Oct 24th, 2008

    @ ROFL

    gtfo. not your personal army, you fucking furfaggot sockpuppet.

  28. Hurrdurrr

    Oct 24th, 2008

    Looks like the only people interested in this article are the PN and/or other lulzbringers but not the concerned militaries themselves.

  29. Snowmew08

    Oct 24th, 2008

    for the record I produced this video, not uildiar kuhn
    the contents were recorded live before a gathering of irony symphony members
    I promise you the conversation is 100% legitimate, if you dont believe me watch the proof video
    when christoph first got wind of the recording he commented “that was a long time ago” and did not deny that it was him
    he has since, in an official vanguard notice, denied this

    its amazing the hatred the community shares for this individual,
    we can only blame Linden Labs for failing to bring an end to his endless chain of offenses against us
    many of those who still adamantly support der fuhrer and his lovely face are his personal minions
    they know fully well the extent of naumovas furrocity: its just counter propaganda

    all this attention is making me a stressed snow kitty T_T

  30. General Drama

    Oct 24th, 2008

    Sad to say, but there were a dozen members of the Merczateers and Ordo listening on Ventrilo to the phone conversation between Christoph and Uildiar, live. So theres plenty of earwitnesses to the deed. There is another video on youtube by the same person showing the beginning of the conversation showing that (despite Christoph now claiming it happened, but 6 months ago, not recently) it not only was him but it was recent and he mentioned recent events in Vanguard (i.e. the stuff edited out after “I’m a stressed snow kitty” talking about the defection of Cyanide Leviathan and other top officers…)

  31. MachineCode

    Oct 24th, 2008

    Despite the setback, everyone in the PN seems to have confidence in the group. N3X15′s frustrations were mostly due to inactivity, and him quitting sends the message “LOL GAIZ I RLY WAS SRS.” This could be the wake-up call we need.

    And when I finish my new weapon, then you’ll have something to worry about.

  32. Random Fur.

    Oct 24th, 2008

    Wow…….. Being that a fur myself…. Just… Wow…. What the fuck man…. That is just disturbingly weird yet strangely uncontrollably humorous.. Just wow… Way to easy to make fun of.

  33. LOL

    Oct 24th, 2008

    so Much for “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the MIlitary. This is could pass for a Recording of Micheal Jackson talking to his Monkey.

  34. Zrazor Rozenstrauch

    Oct 24th, 2008

    “Jesus Christ, you military twats need to get a life. When you’re going THAT far to torture each other because you’re butthurt that you got shot via this joke of a combat system in this half-made game.”


  35. Listen up

    Oct 24th, 2008

    “Jesus Christ, you military twats need to get a life. When you’re going THAT far to torture each other because you’re butthurt that you got shot via this joke of a combat system in this half-made game.”

    – Thats the dumbest thing I’ve ever herd. This isn’t a game buddy, it wasnt made thinking about what a game would be like as your comparing it to. This is simply a 3d virtual world as you know. With its own programming language of course as you know as well which gives us our limitless options of ways to experience the world. Calling and/or comparing SL to a game that is ‘real’ is completely ridiculous. Anywho, also… This particularly might not have been done by anyone except who did it. For that we understand that no matter how many people there are in SL , a few are going to be crazy enough to pull off a stunt like this and go through that convo just to take him down. Not all of us tho could do that – that is, most of us ‘Military Twats’ as you refer to us.

    And we don’t get mad about people shooting us :D …We realize its all for fun mate and this is a LARGELY greater problem than “He shot us” or “Someone shot us”. This is a historicaly notorious man that this happened to, and perhaps it was a little intense…But hel, it happened.

    Also, on another note…the combat system we use is actually lack there-of. We simply turn damage on AS IM SURE YOU KNOW. And because of that we dont worry ourselves with Combat Systems and such…we respawn as you also know , JUST Like a “Full-made Game” that you might like …as this is “Half-made” to you :P … Anyway, the weaponry , gear, building, RP, Comradeship, pushing the limit for LSL and building, Learning from each other, Of course laughs are all huge reasons that people are in these militaries. The peoples who you say “Need to get a life” …are actually more than likely quite talented builders / scripters / thinkers / or people looking to further enhance there lives thru the RP’ here or etc. So with that being said, I believe its you my good sir who needs to think before you speak. …And if you did think, then perhaps think deeper…perhaps more intelligently about all points of views.

    Anywho….Glad to help you mate get your facts straight :D

    –Proud Member of the Merczateers

  36. Negro

    Oct 25th, 2008

    A game is a structured or semi-structured , usually undertaken for enjoyment and sometimes also used as an educational tool. Games are generally distinct from work, which is usually carried out for , and from art, which is more concerned with the expression of ideas. (Wikipedia)

    SL qualifies as a game, no matter how many faggots try to hype it.

  37. Vinzenz Fiertze

    Oct 25th, 2008

    I have to say, Tyenshinsi’s grammar skills are remarkable, as seen in the quotes within the article.


    To be honest, I don’t think you should look to him as a representative of the Vanguard Armed Forces. Instead, look at him as a representative of drama and true attention-grabbers.

    @Vanguard: Oi! Guys! If this wasn’t Christoph, ignore it. All these people who whine, “i swer i no crisz voic. i nown him sinc i joind sl nd taht is not his voic,” are just adding unnecessary attention to themselves and Vanguard. DROP it.

  38. Zrazor Rozenstrauch

    Oct 25th, 2008

    “Four Thousand Views”
    -Takkun Gray

    And the SL Herald article has less than 40 comments.

    I might be wrong, but I think this is indicates that perhaps the source of all those views is not, in actuality, a large number of people, but a relatively small circle of people (perhaps people in the Merczateers and Ordo) who have been watching the video over and over and over again for reasons unknown.


  39. narf narf

    Oct 25th, 2008

    I just watched it again HAHAHAHaaa narf narf mar mar arf arf num num

  40. Takkun Gray

    Oct 25th, 2008

    In response to Vinz:

    No actually, the most views came to the video around the time of the release, and when Christoph send a notice denying it was him in the Vanguard groups. (Irony.) The Herald is yet to push it even one thousand views, I think the lack of comments posted here are a strong indication of the undesirabilty of the arguments above.


  41. Anonymous

    Oct 25th, 2008

    I vomited a little in my mouth.

    Also, SL isnt a game, and even LL’s legalspeak acknowledges this. “entertainment platform” in their TOS.

    people who scream it isnt a game are faggots with no real life to speak of and can no longer tell what is and isnt reality.

  42. Zrazor Rozenstrauch

    Oct 26th, 2008

    In response to Takkun:

    You can tell who’s made a comment on the Herald based on the name BELOW the post, not above. Maybe think a little bit before you start assuming that Vinzenz Fiertze, a member of the Merczateers, would be defending Christoph.

    You know, the fact that you lack the comprehensive ability to grasp such simple concepts while simultaneously being a member of the Merczateers Kommissariat makes me wonder just what kind of people are running the Merczateers. Maybe the kind of people who would be watching that Snowmew nonsense over and over again, and then believing that the view count means anything?


  43. mootykips

    Oct 26th, 2008

    4/20 narf narf everyday

  44. Takkun Gray

    Oct 26th, 2008

    -pops- Vinz could be yiffing Christoph and I wouldn’t care.

    Whatever you want to call it, we will piss people off.
    And that, at the end of the day, is all that really matters.

    As my good friend Roley says, you are indeed a cassette,
    and unfortunately just don’t get it.

    Peace out bitches.

  45. Bennie

    Oct 27th, 2008

    oh deary dear. Still we have confused people.

    SL is more a game then it is anything else.


    It’s not work, tho it can be. But to most, it’s for fun and not for work.

    It’s not an artprogram like Photoshop or Maya, tho it can be. But for most, again, it’s for fun. I think most builders dont really use it for art per se. I am a builder myself, but havent done anything artsy at all, and many others like me. So yeah, not art for most.

    Most above all, it’s entertainment.

    Using it to chat and hang out with friends? entertainment.
    Using it to roleplay being a Star Trek officer, a Gorean slavemaster, some military dood with all sorts of big guns…? entertainment.
    Using it to annoy the hell out of people till even their avatars are foaming at the ‘muzzle’? Hell, yeah, entertainment!

    Why wouldnt it be a game?

    Cause there’s no ‘mission’?
    No bosses to defeat or points to be gathered?
    No goal, no purpose?

    How about Linerider? I cant see points to gather, bosses to defeat or endgoal or finishline to make. Isnt that a game?

    Maybe SL isnt a game per se for everyone, but opinions and tastes will forever differ. But I dare to say that for the largest part of people who ever tried SL, it is.

  46. FrazzleFrei010

    Oct 27th, 2008

    FWIW, this..mighta been illegal. Recording without consent of both parties is illegal in some states. All it takes is a trip to the PD to start the paperwork.

    Posted by: Dances with Furries | October 23, 2008 at 01:09 PM


    Not if it’s fake like you furries say, stick to one story. Also way to pick the gayest name possible, typical for furries.

    This video is also typical of what I’ve seen of furries, obviously the average one wouldn’t do this in a situation where theres a chance of being put down for it, but as soon as you stop denying the fact that maybe half of the furries buy dildos shaped realistically after real animal penises, this video isn’t a real shocker by comparison. There’s much worse to see about these furries, go google csnakes, rubberfur, diaperfur, sissyfur, mpreg, cock rump vore, or rottenfur.

    I also find it funny how babyfurs get away with ageplay since they’re apparently (and ironically) bosses among furries, just look at furnation, it’s practically run by them, furries get bossed around by other furries who play sl in their adult diapers.

    adblock > blog ads

  47. Witness X

    Oct 28th, 2008

    It sounds like FrizzleFry is just like the last – what was it (counting on fingers) one, two, three – four. Four past leaders of the PN in succession who all turned out to be closet furfags, and came out of the closet as both furries and fags.

    You know, Frizz, the more you whine about other people’s business, the more you look like you’re trying to get people not to look at YOU.

    My prediction is that FrizzleFry will turn out to be the next in a distinguished lineage of furfags. This really REALLY fits the pattern.

    Oh, and Pro-tip: Nexis bitwiped his server drives for a REASON.

  48. A furry named D.

    Oct 28th, 2008

    We aint denying half of us furries are buying animal penis shaped dildo’s.

    We’re usually only denying that ALL furries buy animal penis shaped dildo’s.

    And here’s the little problem with all these ‘ZOMG furries!’ ‘accusations’; all of them sweep all furries on one huge pile of animal fucking perverts…

    You all should know how many furries are on the same side as you guys. Look at Crush Yiff Destroy for instance and groups like the Burned Furs, who’d love to see all traces of yiff dissapear from the internet completely. Or just do a little headcount of people in the PN, who actually *are* furries. Yes, you all still got spys. Tho most of them arent spying but just having fun like the rest of the griefers. (to each their own)

    But such is usually (99.9% of cases) ignored by the so-called ‘haters’, who assume and make seem that all furries are the same and act, talk, and do the same things.

    Kind of like how there’s this idea that all /b/tards are PN, or something. Just as silly.

    PS; babyfurs get away with ageplay because (and here’s the real shocker!) ageplay is NOT against TOS.

    WHAT?!? Ageplay is allopwed by the Lindens?!?!?!

    Yes it is.

    Shocking isnt it? :D

  49. sage

    Oct 28th, 2008

    > Oh, and Pro-tip: Nexis bitwiped his server drives for a REASON.
    > Posted by: Witness X | October 28, 2008 at 10:17 AM

    Yeah, I have some old rbot trojans on there from back when I was an administrator at 7chan and had access to and had an interest in such things. Plus, if I want to sell my shit on eBay, I wouldn’t want them to find the furry sites I used to host, nor the private information of every PN member. So yes, I am wiping those HDDs for a reason.

  50. FrazzleFrei010

    Oct 29th, 2008

    Sounds like I struck a chord with Witness X, he clearly sounds offended.

    Also I’m not this “frizzlefry”, maybe you have a problem reading names.

    @A furry named D.

    “And here’s the little problem with all these ‘ZOMG furries!’ ‘accusations’; all of them sweep all furries on one huge pile of animal fucking perverts…”

    That’s because you all stand under the umbrella term of “furry fandom”, so you can look like a larger unified community, the downside is obvious like you said, but that’s what happens when you try so hard to tie yourselves together, kind of impossible to fix that since you all now have a race-mentality and delusions of a lifestyle.

    Also go run around sl saying you’re 8 years old and see how well LL takes ageplay, the truth is babyfurs make sure to not literally claim they’re pretending to be babies (as corsi mousehold once bragged about), essentially playing it off as just happening be small and wearing a diaper.

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