Sovereign Regime Invades Seduction and Sin

by Alphaville Herald on 06/10/08 at 8:06 am

The Vanguard Armed Forces, Stavka Coalition and Chthonic Syndicate attack Adeptus Minor, but encounter an entirely different defender.

by Caine Constantine

The forces of the Sovereign Regime military alliance invaded last week the home of Adeptus Minor, Seduction and Sin, and after setting for themselves a time limit of a one-hour attack, the fight soon began.


The headquarters of the tiny-only military group Adeptus Minor, Seduction and Sin had recently become a desert – barren, wide open, and marked only by a small town at the very edge of the region.

Getting there required navigating narrow passes, crossing large sand dunes and bounding barbed wire. Today of course, gunfire was an added hazard, but the invaders had no problem brazenly charging into the region, jumping into the air to take shots at the defenders.


Initially, the base was quickly overwhelmed. The number of invaders ranged at times from 10 to 20, and soon enough the flag was taken – but opposed to Adeptus Minor’s pawprint banner, a crimson red flag was waving over the sim. Though the attacking forces were not all clear on whose flag this was, and in fact while many were wondering where the tinies of Adeptus Minor were, they still quickly took the flag and planted the Vanguard banner.


A Vanguard soldier prepares to lower the enemy flag.

There were in fact two Adeptus Minor tinies defending the base. One of them was wielding a chaingun larger than he was.


Another was bravely charging headfirst into battle against upwards of ten invading Sovereign Regime soldiers.


But the bulk of defending the base was being done by the forces of the Erusean Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, under Grey Nolder. After Vanguard initially took the base and began to pour into the lower levels of the desert complex, the Eruseans, trying to break out of their home points, were led by their leader as he dodged gunfire back to the surface.


Soon enough, Vanguard’s flag had been taken down and the communist banner was flying again.


The fighting was fierce. Vanguard soldiers completely outnumbered their opponents; once their allies in the Pan-Slavya Coalition and Chthonic Syndicate were added into the mix, they had an even greater advantage. The Eruseans and their allies in Adeptus Minor fought well, but Sovereign Regime soldiers were inside of the base for most of the fight.


A few soldiers of the Ordo Imperialis briefly joined the fight, probably in an effort to defend Adeptus Minor. But both attacking Sovereign Regime and defending Erusean soldiers opened fire upon them and they soon left the field.


Vorhut Fuhrer Christoph Naumova, though banned from the sim his forces were attacking, kept a close watch on the timetable of the attack through his surrogates and continually encouraging them through communications to keep pressing their advantage and to continue the fight until their hour mandate was up.

During the final 20 minutes of the assault, Vanguard soldier Plaz Etzel brought a fearsome combat tank onto the battlefield.


Though combat in Second Life does not lend itself well to ground vehicles, the tank had a very impressive showing, suppressing the enemy through its powerful shells, providing visual cover for invading infantry and of course continually using its imposing presence to draw fire away from the real threat – the numerous invading forces.


Erusean forces never quit fighting, however, and scored some kills of their own. Ultimately though if nothing else they were outgunned and outnumbered, though they did not bow out of the fight.

But one of the defenders – cemkino Zamani – eventually grew sick of fighting under the banner of the Eruseans. While he did not join up with the attackers, he turned his fire on the Eruseans and started shooting them the moment they tried to leave their homepoints.

This last minute switch made Fuhrer Naumova burst out into laughter.

Christoph Naumova: Cemkino turned on the tinies for VG.

Christoph Naumova: And he’s killing them in their spawn.

Christoph Naumova: LOL

Christoph Naumova: When people in their army are defecting to VG, that’s kind of a win on our part.

But cemkino said that he had fought alongside Adeptus Minor to defend the tinies against the biggies, and he had some choice words for communist leader Grey Nolder.

Caine Constantine: Any reason you switched sides during the battle, cemkino?

cemkino Zamani: i was with Adeptus Minor for help the tinies and burn the biggies.

Caine Constantine: So you did not want to defend Grey Nolder’s forces?

cemkino Zamani: grey is a faggot.

Caine Constantine: Can I get a picture of you, cemkino?

cemkino Zamani: do it

cemkino Zamani: i is a superstar

As the hour of combat closed, as quickly as they had come into the region, Fuhrer Naumova motioned all of the forces of the Sovereign Regime to leave Seduction and Sin. By now the few Adeptus Minor who had been on defense had left the area, and the Eruseans began to claim their own sort of victory, explaining that though the Sovereign Regime was fighting well, the ability of the defenders to hold off against a much larger force constituted victory.

As in most combat in Second Life, victory is in the eye of the beholder.

Sovereign Regime forces were quite proud of the success they had in breaching the Erusean defenses.


Christoph Naumova: Caine, you know they’re going to say they won, but they were pinned in their spawn and had VG in their base for a whole hour.

Christoph Naumova: Fact of the matter is, we were never pushed out – at all.

Christoph Naumova: During the entire fight, there were VG and SR in their base. They failed so bad.


In addition to Vanguard, their allies in the Chthonic Syndicate were also pleased with the progress of the attack.


Arvid Sittingbull: It wasn’t our first major attack, but it was good to see how far our army is at this time. We did good.

Sovereign Regime leader Christoph Naumova showed pride in his allies as well.

Christoph Naumova: They did fine – they kept up the entire time and did not stop attacking. That’s all I can ask.

The Eruseans were also convinced of their military achievements.


Grey Nolder: Certainly we were overwhelmed and outnumbered. But we held our ground remarkably well. I’m proud of everyone.

Nevertheless, soon enough what had been up to this point a mostly honest and fair fight fought by two groups who had seemingly been fighting without and real animosity, turned into the end of one military. Adeptus Minor, whose showing in terms of involvement in the fight had been light already, soon disbanded a short time after the battle.


Leader of the late Adeptus Minor, CaptCuddles Boa.

The causes of this collapse are divisive, but Grey Nolder, and CaptCuddles Boa, leader of Adeptus Minor, all have their own ideas of who to blame. Christoph Naumova on the other hand readily claims credit for destroying the group in the battle – something that neither of the leaders of the defending forces attributed to him.

In the next article on the controversy, the real aftermath of the battle and the causes that led to the disbanding of Adeptus Minor will be revealed.

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    Cemkino is superstar. *nods*

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    Korobase, just post your own name on your next post, then stop posting, because nobody cares about your opinions, your lies, or your excuses. infact, though I found reading your comments a source of humour, I find some of your acts to be rather alarming.

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    20 against 2 fluffies?

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    Eye, if you claim not to give two shits about SL then don’t fight about what has happened in SL with ethan.


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  7. Raideur Ng

    Oct 17th, 2008

    cemkino Zamani has been attempting to attack Dismal Plunge for some time. He is less than effective.

    Captcuddles should not have to deal with this level of baloney, he is a better builder and person than most of his enemies. Most groups cut and run when outnumbered 20 to 1, his didn’t.

  8. Zrazor Rozenstrauch

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    “cemkino Zamani has been attempting to attack Dismal Plunge for some time. He is less than effective.”

    Funny how whenever someone attacks Dismal and proves to actually be effective, you ban them.

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    Caine, are you up Christophs butt? VG and Sovereign Regime get more coverage than anyone else. Given he’s a gay furry with his own voice sex tape out now, I could see if it was tabloidy coverage, but you all act like SR is _the_ bit to follow. Please. Most of the action in SL combat still happens between AI and IS.

    And speaking of the Christoph recording….or wait, lets not.

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    I was that tiny fox with the chain gun larger then myself,I was one of the last remaining loyal soldiers to Cuddles

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