LL Playing Gotcha With Land Baron?

by Alphaville Herald on 14/01/09 at 7:59 am

IntLibber Brautigan's frozen accounts can’t sell L$ to pay bills

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

 BNT2A surprising note appeared on the Ancapistan Capital Exchange website tuesday evening – accord to the press release, IntLibber Brautigan’s virtual land business is having some difficulty covering land tier payments to Linden Lab due to the Lab’s L$ spacebux currency conversion limits.

Linden Lab has an officially sanctioned real money exchange – the Lindex – which players use to both purchase game currency and sell L$ for hard currency. While Linden Lab’s primary business is renting virtual land, a number of entrepreneurs act as middlemen between the Lab and ordinary game players, and accept payment for land rental fees (land tier) in L$. Although the Lab has promoted the in-world economy as a way to make real world money, it only accepts hard currency for land tier payments – and controls the amount of virtual currency that an individual can sell for hard currency.

Apparently, this has left IntLibber Brautigan in a bind, as he claims to have $8000 USD worth of virtual money trapped in accounts that are locked due to delinquent land tier payments.

Although it would be possible to use third party currency exchanges to convert the L$, the rates can be less attractive than the Lindex, and this would require access to Mr. Brautigan’s locked accounts – potentially creating a situation where Linden Lab limits access to assets required to pay the Lab’s tier fees. In the real world, this sort of situation might easily end up in court – could something similar happen with virtual assets?

According to the announcement, negotiations are underway between Mr. Brautigan and Woodbury University for an advance payment of six months worth of land tier in USD which would apparently resolve the problem – at least for now.


Meanwhile, on the ACE-exchange forums there was some skepticism voiced about the likelihood of a Lindex trading limit being the cause of the virtual business’s cash flow problems, with one critic pointing out that very high trading limits are possible. There is some uncertainty around exactly what Mr. Brautigan’s trading limits are at present, and due to his in-world ban, the Herald was unable to contact IntLibber directly for clarification at press time.

One might hope that the Lab finds a way to handle the situation gracefully, as the failure of a large in-world land business could have a negative impact on the residents who’s virtual homes would be destroyed in the event of removal of Mr. Brautigan ‘s estate. The loss in confidence in the virtual economy could be a concern as well, as eerie parallels to real world business bailouts loom. If the current negotiations fail, will Linden Lab nationalize the BnT estate?

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  1. Who Goes

    Jan 16th, 2009

    @ Stray Underwood

    Listen, We are talking about the issue of intLibber, not what comments get moderated, so if you didnt come here to discuss any aspect of this get off the comments and do not worry about them, simple as that.

    Now, The Icestorm, thats a laugh and a half – As someone said up there you could have phoned anyone, But then you are caught in a lie saying you werent able to get any power for 7 days . Thats another laugh. When you know you are on pratically everyday, and theres proof, from tenants on your sims, your groupies or the military you like to hang out with – The Mercz.

    So if you are going to lie, try to play a fool instead of being a fool.

  2. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 16th, 2009

    Intlibber has problems. whether it is because of a gang of people out to smear him, tiers and/or his dealings with his investors. whatever the case may be. i wanted out of ACE because of this instability, i dont consider myself a friend or enemy here. i am in agreement with Stray, people here are acting horrendous and seem to have no self respect at all. as far as Intlibber is concerned once the issues with the platform are resolved the constant hiding/appearing magic show and other activities cease, then i believe the exchange will be safer to trade on and i will be back. until then i will slowly work out of ACE and perhaps even another exchange i have been dealing with for its “problems”

    the SL financial community has little oversight, if there were an entity to ensure that the dealings on those exchanges can be legitimized then i believe more confidence could be built up.

    also “who goes” Stray was talking about the issue of Intlibber regarding the name calling. so in effect your comment has no real worth which directly ties into the lost credibility he was discussing prior.

  3. Get A F**KING First Life

    Jan 16th, 2009

    Are you guys still going on about this pixel shit? Can you really be taken seriously?
    Haven’t you been keeping up with what the **** is going on, on the outside? I’m not making this **** up folks – read these headlines attached below or ****ing pick up a newspaper, flip on the CNBC or call your neighbors. This **** is for real; and you’re wasting your time on THIS Second Life Bull ****?


    General Electric Co.’s finance arm may cut 7,500 to 11,000 jobs, or at least 10 percent of its workforce.

    ATLANTA, Jan 16 (Reuters) – Bankrupt retailer Circuit City Stores (CCTYQ.PK) said on Friday it will liquidate its assets after it failed to reach a deal with creditors and lenders regarding a potential sale of the company.

    “Regrettably for the more than 30,000 employees of Circuit City and our loyal customers, we were unable to reach an agreement with our creditors and lenders to structure a going-concern transaction …

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Advanced Micro Devices Inc. plans to cut 1,100 jobs, 9 percent of its global staff, and slash the remaining employees’ pay as the chip maker hopes its third round of layoffs in a year can help…

    INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — WellPoint Inc. said Friday it will cut about 1,500 jobs, becoming the latest health insurer to take what analysts see as a tough-but-necessary step to cope with the recession.

    PARK RIDGE, N.J. (AP) — Rental car company Hertz Global Holdings Inc. said Friday it will eliminate more than 4,000 jobs worldwide as it further cuts costs amid slowing demand.

  4. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 16th, 2009

    let me clue you in on a little something that you may or may not know. I personally dont really care about the outside world. i am sure there are others who feel the same. for reasons the people here do not have any control of what the governemts do or the markets for that matter. place the blame on humanity, the creator, etc etc i dont care. with wars, hunger and all other things it’s bungled to a staggering degree. and the masses are complacent for a very good reason, people usually dont make a difference in these matters. i am glad the markets are failing its a testament to how goverments have abused their powers. so you can attack people in stating so “comically” (sic) get a first life let me tell you with what i see with my eyes on the news, the world is not getting good grades! to me Second Life is the ultimate rebellion against the world.

  5. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 16th, 2009

    the “get a first life” campaign. i would also like to add something to what i have said earlier. what i would like to ask is: what business really is it of someone elses to get so heated about people spending their time in a sim? why take up the cause? is there some deep implication that these virtual worlds are somehow linked to the current world issues? to even make that suggestion is preposterous, ridiculous and like our (US) former president somewhat self delusional. there are things and people in high places that we have little or no control over. i tend to smash the creator on things however there is a wise saying (in a God inspired manuscript) i read somewhere, it says and i am paraphrasing: “worry not about tommorow for tommorow will worry about itself, sufficient is the day and the evil thereof.” i kinda like that saying, i can go carry a banner of hatred or disgust for things but id rather not care about them. sure its cold but we all have enough troubles throughout our day to worry about the “world”

  6. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 16th, 2009

    and im not done there! more thoughts on the get a first life campaigners. if you feel so strongly about how others spend their time in what i can only imagine as you percieving it a waste. then perhaps you should rattle your own saber to the ills of the world yourself! i am throwing the challenge down, GO FORTH AND MAKE A CHANGE! since you CARE so much, you have to be brewing inside you some cause yes? perhaps feeding the hungry (heh makes me sound like a beauty contestant) or finding a cure for something, or make any difference whatsoever! the challenge is put forth and now you have a mission, dont thump the heads of the ones who dont care or are not involved to the degree you want them to be. go and make the needed changes to the planet!

  7. General Drama

    Jan 16th, 2009

    As usual, Proks a fat lying shithead.

    Actually, according to the news, there were many entire communities without power in New Hampshire, almost a half a million residences. Basically the entire southern half of the state was without power for between 4 days to three weeks, some remained without power up to new years day.

    “EXETER, N.H. – Frustration over lingering power outages is turning to outrage in some New Hampshire communities, and police say they are concerned for the safety of line crews.

    Unitil officials say that in some cases, residents have parked cars in front of utility trucks to keep them from leaving neighborhoods.

    Unitil spokesman Bob Schoenberger says in one case, a driver ran a line crew off the road to stop them. Another resident jumped on the back of a bucket truck and refused to get off.”

    “Public Service Company had whittled down its list of roughly 40 towns to about two dozen by mid-afternoon Thursday. They were:

    Bradford, Claremont, Croydon, Dalton, Derry, Dublin, Enfield, Fitzwilliam, Grantham, Greenfield, Hampstead, Hebron, Jaffrey, Nelson, New Ipswich, New London, Newbury, Nottingham, Pittsburg, Plainfield, Rindge, Springfield, Sutton and Westmoreland.

    Many were in the area of southwestern New Hampshire that was among the worst-hit by the Dec. 11-12 ice storm that knocked out power to an estimated 430,000 customers statewide.”

    Acordding to the ACE site, IntLibber lives in Grantham.


    “(CNN) — At least 800,000 customers in New England are still without electricity on Sunday after an ice storm ravaged the region, officials say.
    Entire towns, such as Westford, in northeastern Massachusetts, have no power.”

    The pictures from around new england are pretty graphic, entire neighborhood streets filled with trees and power lines down on the ground, coated in ice.
    MSN says there are investigations now being conducted into the slow responses of the utilities in bringing power back online in many communities. Several towns are voting on firing their electric utility.

  8. General Drama

    Jan 16th, 2009

    Phi, the ‘get a life’ crowd are not people without sin. They are invariably idiots who, rather than being creative in SL, waste their time and money in unproductive gaming in WoW, EVE, and other games that do not allow user created content, do not allow user owned assets outside of ones personal inventory. They in particular hate the money system of SL because aside from running gold mining scripts in WoW and EVE, they themselves have no skills at earning money, they typically are burger flipping fools, luddite granola crunchers, or other sorts of busy bodies.

    They address the facts of their own pathetic existence by crusading to make virtual life miserable for others, but are such pathetic cowards that they sure as hell will never post their RL identities.

    Thats where Int is a far better person, he’s always been public since day one with his RL ID (of course that is another reason these folks hate him, such people always hate their betters).

  9. Get A Fu*king First Life

    Jan 16th, 2009

    Get A Fu*king First Life

  10. FWord Utorid

    Jan 16th, 2009

    People. Yeesh.

    I know Intlibber Brautigan. I don’t always agree with him or like him 100% of the time. But he’s always done alright by me. I’m sure someone will dog me for saying that, but it’s just a fact from my point of view. Remember, I don’t always agree with him. He’s still a person, though, and I think people in SL forget that people in SL are people, for better or for worse.

    I don’t know the count of sims BNT has, but if it’s 20 or 50, well, sims are obviously worth money to some people, they can be sold to accomodate a debt if needed. If LL’s policy is about reposessing these things without flexibility, when there’s opportunity to settle it amicably, well, there needs to be an examination. I don’t think a lawsuit will resolve things, but then, I’ve been pissed off or put in a screwy situation before or twelve and pondered it as a solution too.

    As for the brutality in these posts hoping BnT will go under and so on, I am sure people have their reasons, but I don’t admire the vitriol much. 52 less sims in SL means less places to visit and fewer things to do. Whether they are great things or have admirable purpose or otherwise, well, I think less sucks.

    Hope it all gets sorted out.

  11. mootykips

    Jan 17th, 2009

    hey “phi zessinthal”, great at least you can admit you’re happy living inside your sheltered middle-upper-class e-bubble and don’t care about anything else. see, regular SL users try to rationalize their utter failure in a myriad of different ways – you just admitted it (though you did seem to have a bit of an inferiority complex about it).

    it’s good to know you too understand that you are human garbage, not economically or physically unable to but simply *unwilling* to even consider the plight of your common man much less attempt to improve their life as you have gay furry sex with some other piece of human garbage over the internet. i hope you realize your computer was brought to you directly or indirectly by the exploitation of literally thousands in order to allow you to post a poorly formatted wall of text essentially boiling down to “fuck you, I got mine”.

    go outside.

  12. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 17th, 2009

    “mooty” middle class bubble? lol ok well you sure know me well. too bad you have to take things to such a personal level here. theres nothing wrong with isolationism and if you are so concerned then do as i said above. you think you are going to entangle me on your level, which is way to far down for me to even go. so go ahead as you are, ill do my thing.

  13. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 17th, 2009

    oh and another thing mooty, gay furry sex is not quite my thing. so you again are way off base. funny now i can see all your other comments throughout time.. thanks for illuminating me, now can I see what Intlibber goes through, perhaps he is right about his plight and his enemies. its nice to see people come out and show their colors to everyone.

  14. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 17th, 2009

    “mooty” you engage yourself in these battles but you invoke little sympathizers. you equate to the taliban taking on a more structured society as a rouge. and like the taliban who are roaches it is hard to stamp them out. your tactics are well below par, using slander a low level form of warfare, when there is so much more in the arsenal. also your targets are wrong too, you are going after citizens mere civilians not taking on the really big targets. i suggest going for the biggest fish in the society sort of like toppling a leader of a nation not going along with the plan. if you cannot make that transition from rouge to actual battle hardened soldier than you always will have hands against you from all directions and be so aptly named a cyber terrorist.

  15. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 17th, 2009

    i hope you realize your computer was brought to you directly or indirectly by the exploitation of literally thousands in order to allow you to post a poorly formatted wall of text essentially boiling down to “fuck you, I got mine”. -quoted from Mooty

    is it the same computer you are using that was brought to you by the explotation of thousands? or are you using a new protype comp you invented yourself through your magnificent ingenuity?

  16. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 17th, 2009

    but simply *unwilling* to even consider the plight of your common man much less attempt to improve their life -quoted from mooty

    and why am i charged with doing such a thing? do you not believe in freedom? freedom to choose? i suppose you are in favor or totalitarianism or communism perhaps? i mean if we are in the business of assuming (gay furry sex and other such nonsense)

  17. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 17th, 2009

    to properly progandize a population you must convince them in non-combative way the error of their ways. if you care about the greater good of humanity it strikes me inconcievably odd how one can attack a slice of population it is trying to break through. it causes a revese effect to the aim by strengthening the resolve of the other side causing them to be more militant. case in point the people of Israel and the Palistinians in the battle for Gaza. in this respect no matter how much might is flexed the battle wages on with no ground being won and nothing to come out of it but destruction. for a person to resort to barbaric tactics it shows a level of intelligence that is not up to par with the rest of the population and also shows how uncivil people can truly be. the use of slander as a weapon is even more fruitless. nothing is gained on a greater scale only the temporary fullfillment of the person who slanders. its a crude way of trying to make any progress. if one is to say there was no progress sought in the first place then the cause is pointless and so is the existence thereof. in summation if you have a cause then use better tactics to achieve your aims, if not you will be in a cycle of slander that will show only one thing: the purpose is merely to slander folks; hence no aim is sought other than fighting. all comments are meaningless and pointless that comes from said person.

  18. mootykips

    Jan 17th, 2009

    must have hit pretty close to home for you to post six comments
    protip: slander isn’t slander if it’s true

  19. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 17th, 2009

    actually the only thing you got right was i have a inferiority complex even though that is only half true, the other half of the time i have a superiority complex :)

    also its not inferior to admit you have no control of things, that is just common sense there. so really you hit but you didnt hit right. seems to be you are in error a lot and need someone like to me correct you.

    so yes it is slander to call people garbage and make assumptive comments about their sexual habits which have no bearing on any issue present.

    also the only reason why i went on and on like that is that i am a complete monologuing bore to those who ears are closed. but such as the way for people like me. one thing you will get from me which i dont see much anywhere else at present is HONESTY… try it sometime its very liberating!!

  20. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 17th, 2009

    more of me (cos my inferiority demands it!) there is another old saying “never cast your pearls among the swine nor give to dogs what is holy” i intend to rationalize and engange in diplomacy with you. why? it could be i believe every person does have a hope regardless of my “not caring” often a switch is turned and i do begin to care, try not to make it a habit. there are some i try to reach because i believe inside of them is a humanity still present and that some level of an agreement can be made or at least a small amount of progress. or i just love typing and i am totally wasting my time here, you be the judge on that! i type out these long winded comments because i want to purge my mind of things that are on it. i have a track record for long comments long before your accusation that you hit some sort of “truth” with me. go to other forums abroad and see for yourself. do not be so compartmentalized here thinking this is the only place i make my comments :)

  21. Phi Zessinthal

    Jan 17th, 2009

    oh also a correction: its “propagandize” up there.. im sure there are more of those pesky typos.

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