LL Playing Gotcha With Land Baron?

by Alphaville Herald on 14/01/09 at 7:59 am

IntLibber Brautigan's frozen accounts can’t sell L$ to pay bills

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

 BNT2A surprising note appeared on the Ancapistan Capital Exchange website tuesday evening – accord to the press release, IntLibber Brautigan’s virtual land business is having some difficulty covering land tier payments to Linden Lab due to the Lab’s L$ spacebux currency conversion limits.

Linden Lab has an officially sanctioned real money exchange – the Lindex – which players use to both purchase game currency and sell L$ for hard currency. While Linden Lab’s primary business is renting virtual land, a number of entrepreneurs act as middlemen between the Lab and ordinary game players, and accept payment for land rental fees (land tier) in L$. Although the Lab has promoted the in-world economy as a way to make real world money, it only accepts hard currency for land tier payments – and controls the amount of virtual currency that an individual can sell for hard currency.

Apparently, this has left IntLibber Brautigan in a bind, as he claims to have $8000 USD worth of virtual money trapped in accounts that are locked due to delinquent land tier payments.

Although it would be possible to use third party currency exchanges to convert the L$, the rates can be less attractive than the Lindex, and this would require access to Mr. Brautigan’s locked accounts – potentially creating a situation where Linden Lab limits access to assets required to pay the Lab’s tier fees. In the real world, this sort of situation might easily end up in court – could something similar happen with virtual assets?

According to the announcement, negotiations are underway between Mr. Brautigan and Woodbury University for an advance payment of six months worth of land tier in USD which would apparently resolve the problem – at least for now.


Meanwhile, on the ACE-exchange forums there was some skepticism voiced about the likelihood of a Lindex trading limit being the cause of the virtual business’s cash flow problems, with one critic pointing out that very high trading limits are possible. There is some uncertainty around exactly what Mr. Brautigan’s trading limits are at present, and due to his in-world ban, the Herald was unable to contact IntLibber directly for clarification at press time.

One might hope that the Lab finds a way to handle the situation gracefully, as the failure of a large in-world land business could have a negative impact on the residents who’s virtual homes would be destroyed in the event of removal of Mr. Brautigan ‘s estate. The loss in confidence in the virtual economy could be a concern as well, as eerie parallels to real world business bailouts loom. If the current negotiations fail, will Linden Lab nationalize the BnT estate?

72 Responses to “LL Playing Gotcha With Land Baron?”

  1. All Seeing Eye

    Jan 14th, 2009

    If he/she had a valid credit card on file then this would not be an issue would it? His credit card would be charged. If he has no credit card on file then the only way he can get the account unlocked is to add a valid credit card and pay the damn bill he owes. Then he could log in, sell L$ to cover the charges, cash it out, and pay the credit card bill as soon as it comes due. Probably avoiding any interest in the process if he uses a good credit card.

    By the way you can lobby for an enterprise currency limit level 4 in which the maximum daily sell limit is US$40,000 and maximum monthly sell limit is US$1,280,000. Therefore it is pretty obvious it is not a currency limit issue. Perhaps Intlibber is experiencing a failure to plan ahead issue.

    Anyway a valid credit card and a payment requires less than 5 minutes. Any legitimate land baron operation would never get to this point. If people live on an affected island then they would be smart to move to a legitimate operation.

  2. Eva Ryan

    Jan 14th, 2009

    Perhaps Mr. IntLibber Brautigan needs to make a trip to Washington D.C, and plead his case to Congress for a bailout. He’d get more sympathy.

  3. Emperor Norton Hears a Who?

    Jan 14th, 2009

    “Mr. Brautigan’s trading limits are at present, and due to his in-world ban”

    I guess that would make it hard for him to collect his tenant’s rent if they won’t let him log on. So what was he getting is “LUZ” from that was worth in his game business?

  4. Witness X

    Jan 14th, 2009

    Not so much a game of ‘gotcha’ as it is a case of just deserts. You can’t run around spending all your time trying to build your own personal griefer army and neglect your business for very long before the business collapses. I foretold this many many months ago, for those who’ve been paying attention.

    There’s more as well – Brautigan & Tuck Holdings group did have an active owner visible for a few days last week: Mogura Linden. This occurred immediately after Fort Afroduck at Brightsol was destroyed. Mogura’s name was visible as owner of B&T Holdings for four or five days. From this we can guess that the Lindens frankly aren’t expecting IntLibber back.

    The lessee of Brightsol was one of IntLibber’s griefer staff, who got a special rate from IntLibber in exchange for various services rendered to him. Ugleh had the sim for about five months. During that time, it was being used as a griefer training camp and weapons depot, and was a favorite hangout of PN and used as a base from which to launch attacks on other estates. When the sim was wiped, IntLibber Brautigan had been visible in search on or about January 7, disappeared again immediately after the raid at Brightsol as well as nearly all his other alts.

    On the ACE forums, major investors are pulling out of his Ancapistan exchange, and companies are delisting their stock with him effective immediately. Considering his business alts are all gone (except one which collects the rent that he can’t get to) I think we understand the reason why. Also note that he claims he’s got about eight thousand dollars in Lindens and wouldn’t have liquidity problems if he could get at them. Considering he came to SL with several tens of thousands of dollars, even after expenses he’s driven his company into the ground through mismanagement. A test pilot would call this “augering in”.

    His claim of expecting funding from Woodbury University is also a lie. His last hope is – get this – Tizzers Foxchase. If Tizzers Foxchase can’t be convinced to hand over enough money to buy a new car to the obviously incompetent Intlibber, BnT is done.

    Tizzers, think hard – he’s just going to need another ten grand next month. Do you have it? Because I can just about guarantee you that he won’t. Are you really that wealthy? He was supposed to be your sugar daddy. Now he wants you to be his. Here’s another pro-tip – very few people who have given IntLibber money ever got it back. Ever.

    IntLibber’s been complaining that everything I say is a lie, and that there was nothing about him that needed exposing.

    Let’s see him explain his way out of this.

  5. Captain Kirk

    Jan 14th, 2009

    Let me try to grasp the situation: Brautigan is depending on the delinquents in Woodbury to help him? Out of 50 sims worth of land and what is claimed to be a stable, legit business, BnT is placing all of the eggs in one basket. A basket with a rough history and is far from a university or anything credible/productive for the grid.

    If you own land with BnT or trade stocks on ACE, it is time to run for the hills. This speaks volumes for Brautigan; if he wasn’t known as being shady already, this seals the deal. Makes me wonder if “negotiations” really are a happy mix of “threats” and “you have no other choice.” Sounds like the only ones left on the sinking ship are the rats.

  6. Prokofy Neva

    Jan 14th, 2009

    This is completely retarded and completely misleadingly reported and Intlibber is evidently not telling the full story here.

    Everybody in the land business knows how it works, and Intlibber more than any other. If you want to use your inworld Lindens to pay tier, you have to get it on the LindEx and sell it before your tier date falls due. You have until something like midnight SLT of that day it is due to make your sale. Of course, it is prudent to get the sale done well before that, because LL sometimes suddenly bills early by an hour or two and you can get stuck.

    The smart business person tries to get their Lindens sold throughout the month at favourable rates, of course, in batches, because trying to sell them all at once at a favourable rate with only hours to spare never works.

    I suspect this issue has absolutely nothing to do with any “limits on conversion of currency” because of course you can convert $8000 US worth of Lindens. Even my little business, which is a fraction of the volume of Intlibber’s with all his islands, can do that. There is absolutely no problem in going to even higher limits especially if your currency is spread over alts and especially if on staggered dates (which makes sense to set up so you don’t get stuck like this).

    But if you are unwilling to sell your Lindens at the rates available for an instant or fairly quick sale (which was apparently Intblub’s basic problem), then you will get stuck. Normally, I find you can get them sold at 261 if you are willing to wait 24-48 hours — so yes, you have to plan ahead.

    Once your tier date passes, if your form of RL payment bounces, i.e. you didn’t have enough on a debit account, or your credit card was maxed out, you have 7 days in which to try to sell those Lindens on your account to cover the account in the red. That should be more than ample time to get sold any Lindens you have to cover the cost. You’d be absolutely stupid to risk *not* selling them and *not* paying them in that 7-day grace period, and somehow “waiting for a more favourable rate from the LindEx” because the relatively insignificant losses you face are nothing compared to having your account completely locked out, and your enormous numbers of Lindens barred from your use until you can arrange a RL payment of that magnitude. This is just completely insane.

    If for some reason you did get stubborn about the rate you wanted your Lindens sold at, you’d have to be able to make good on your tier bill with a credit card, then pay that once your Lindens sold later.

    I think it’s reasonable for the Lindens to expect that if you wish to pay your tier bill in sold Lindens, that you sell them by the time your tier date is due – duh. And it’s even more eminently reasonable of them to give you *another 7 days* to keep trying to sell them — before they lock you out from selling them. And that’s completely fair, because otherwise, everyone would deadbeat on the Lindens, and not pay on time, and just set their Lindens to sell whenever, at whatever favourable rate, and there’d be no consequences. The Lindens don’t have a “late fee” system.

    I wonder if this is some kind of caper on the part of Intlibber, but I can’t imagine what it is, unless it’s somehow part of the lawsuit he is ginning up.

    Intlibber just failed to sell his Lindens in time at the rate available to pay his tier, even after the grace period. The amount is not some staggering amount that they don’t let you sell — the amount falls within their limits.

  7. vegna fouroux

    Jan 14th, 2009

    couldn’t he just set up more alts for himself and employees to channel the money?

  8. Witness X

    Jan 14th, 2009

    Also, calling IntLibber a “Land Baron” is like calling those guys trying to resell freebie cars in the public sandbox “captains of industry”. And the law suit is most likely without any actual legal foundation. IntLibber makes the incredible logical leap that real world property laws extend without limit into a virtual pay-for-play environment where the only participant in the agreement who can actually own anything is the people who provide the platform. The rest is pixels, but IntLibber completely and blindly buys into an entire illusion of reality. If he’s going to sue Linden Lab for damages, he first has to prove they haven’t taken anything away from him that they don’t have a right to take. Pretty tough bar to reach.

  9. corona Anatine

    Jan 14th, 2009

    so one of the Pathetic Nobodies has been griefed by the lindens

    for the ‘luz’ (sic) of course


  10. Professor C

    Jan 14th, 2009

    Ask and you shall receive! I asked for an article on IntLibber and … Here it is.

    Now for IntLibber. First of all I will mouth off about this Article.

    HA!!! HA HA!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!! You DESERVE IT you thieving little fucker. You have a bank in SL disguised as a stock market which you control the ebb and flow of on a daily basis and thus are ready to take everything away from everyone on a whim and at a moments notice. You deserve to have every penny of these accounts raped from you and your ass removed from the grid.

    IntLibber is a silent partner with the PN griefer group and as I said in a previous article I have sat in on a few conversations with him and them encouraging them to make attacks on certain sims soil. IntLibber is like The Godfather of Second Life. This little boy has his fingers in the works of just about every major business in Second Life and if they do anything to cross him you get to sleep with da fishes. I’m waiting for the next group to upset him and see where he goes next. But then again he is looking to die off. Some have said that he does not have a credit card linked to SL. That is not true. He does but just not on the account all the payments go out through.

    FUN FACT: Did you know that the Openspace/Homestead price increase was supported by him? He was one of the deciding factors that made Linden Labs not bend to the massive protest that went about. So all that money you are all getting to spend now and later for those sims and all that money everyone lost? You can thank IntLibber from the bottom of your hearts. Don’t deny it friend. I was there with you at many of the meetings.

    Maybe some of his latest butt buddies will bail him out but with as greedy as he is that would take quite a stroke of luck … if you catch my meaning. If you want to see who is friends with him. Look for ACE terminals.

    But this isn’t about anyone but IntLibber. What I love about IntLibber is that he is too brain dead and egotistical that he has no idea who I am but trusts me like I were his own child.

    I suppose that I really need to thank IntLibber in a way as I got my own detective skills from him. But now I have surpassed even his abilities.

    So to IntLibber … GTFO, TTFN, and You Lose, Good DAY sir.

    I am Everywhere. And I am nowhere. Truth will always come out.

  11. Witness X

    Jan 14th, 2009

    He might have been there pushing in the wrong direction on the Openspace sims issue, but the Lindens still made the final choice. You’d have to be pretty stupid to do anything IntLibber said to do, and apparently the Lindens are pretty stupid. The grid is now 17% smaller than it was at its peak the day the new pricing initiative was announced, and this is going to continue. Eventually, the Lindens will have to take a hard look at this and fix it, or lose their business in about the next five months.

  12. Witness X

    Jan 14th, 2009

    Oh, and Professor C, is there ANYBODY in IntLibber’s organization that isn’t either a PN, an ex-PN or a spy? It’s getting crowded in here, just like last year with the PN when they went on raids that failed because we’d loaded them so full of spies there were no real PN in the raiding parties!

  13. Woodbury Lover

    Jan 14th, 2009

    Woodbury is counting on Tizz to help save our sim. Tizz won’t let us down!!! Inlib may have made some screw ups, but we’re get there and be twice as strong. JLU fags are fucked.

  14. Boo Hoo IntLibber, Dont waste my Time - I have a rhyme.

    Jan 14th, 2009

    Libby, Libby, Libby
    Tellin’ quite the fibby
    Out goes no money
    In comes your lies
    We all know its funny
    But ha, were not suprised
    Yeah you can cry
    Yeah we will laugh
    No matter how hard you try
    Your making a silly path
    Libby may be big and fat
    If you look on the sims
    Hes fat, but less than that

    –Seriously Mike. Give it up – THIS IS A FACT you owed LL OVER 2,000 USD for the past half year at least, It does not make any sense – He think hes in top tippy shape and crap, but hes not, I mean come on, you do not even pay full tier for some of your sims and you still have a issue – Where is the money going to… Lipo?

  15. The Guy who Wrote the rhyme

    Jan 14th, 2009

    I forgot about the picture with the info on the ACE Website, Yeah investors IntLibs brought you in his toilet of shit as well, better withdraw now or withdraw nothing.

    IntLibby is dryer than bounty, and hes going to suck you all up for moisture, leaving you dry. And dont invest in his IPO for the SOS ethier, he claims they are going to use to the funds to seek legal representation and yadda yadda, But the truth I believe is, and what many others do agree to is that money is seeking IntLs pocket and whoever he is sharing with

    Watch Out SecondLife, Intls inhaling air, hes blowing up – Going to Pop.
    And you will say “See, I told ya Libby- Stupidity is a waste of mind”

  16. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jan 14th, 2009

    Legal analysis of our case is showing that given the malice, deception, and defamation of its customers usage habits, LL stands to suffer significant losses in the event SOS wins, and that our chances of winning continue to mount the deeper LL digs themselves into a hole. In addition to the 2.5 million USD in losses as a class investing into these sims, we may also count lost tiers from sims abandoned by customers in advance of policy implementation, lost business revenues from our own business operations, and other losses arising from this action by LL. Current estimates are reaching $20 million as our likely target damages (RICO Act provides for trebel damages to be awarded to plaintiffs).

    Thus not only are the chances of paying back the subscribers investments in this legal case increasing, but earning a significant profit on their loan to SOS may also be in the offing in the event of a significant monetary payoff.

  17. Professor C

    Jan 14th, 2009

    @ Witness X

    Simple Answer? … No.

    Next Question?

  18. Captain Kirk

    Jan 14th, 2009

    Something else fails to make sense here: If the ACE and BnT accounts have piles and piles of cash that simply can’t be accessed; why is IntLibber only offering Woodbury/Tizzers free tier for six months? If he had the cash on hand, one would think he could pay Woodbury/Tizzers back upon having the accounts online. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that this deal smells like a dead fish. Test is if Tizzers smart enough to figure out that this is broken. *Sits back and watches for the fireworks*

  19. Prokofy Neva

    Jan 14th, 2009

    Did anybody ever figure out how the SOS peeps were able to get 501-c-3 status — or even apply for it (it takes awhile to get) — as a non-profit charity when the purpose of their group is to raise a war chest for Intlibber’s business litigation against the Lindens? How does that work?

  20. Prokofy Neva

    Jan 15th, 2009

    Perhaps there is hope for these funds to be delivered to their rightful heirs yet.

  21. Professor C

    Jan 15th, 2009

    @ IntLibber

    In the event SOS Wins? God Damn are you SURE you passed the bar exam? You realize you are blowing money on a futile effort of you are even filing suit at all. And you aren’t.

    Even if you did, Linden Labs though their practice was very deceptive has one thing going for them that you sir are NOT taking into account. And that is simple.

    Linden Labs made an effort (Not a good one) but AN EFFORT to appease and appeal to the people that purchased the Openspace product. Those that chose to abandon their sims were not FORCED to do that. They had a choice. Of they chose to abandon them before changes were made that is their fault and the only thing courts will care about is January 5th when the policy started to go into effect. So as of right now. Linden Labs is sitting nice and pretty taking everyone elses money.

    Like I said I was there when you fostered the idea of making two products. I was there when you fostered the idea to put restrictions further and further onto those products. I was there when you said you would go to the Lab for everyone and present the idea. And now here you are made the idea, presented it to them and are talking LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM?

    Let me know when and where this court ruling is taking place. I will get on that stand and testify against you under oath that the entire thing started as your brainchild and suggestion. Then we can take the class action suit and counter it back against you and sue you for giving the idea in the first place to make the changes.

    So what’s next? You planning on suing XCite cause their cocks are bigger than yours? Or maybe sue the Bimbo Cheer squad cause they won’t whore themselves out to you? I suppose you COULD sue the furfags for yiffing in hell and stealing your meme in the process. Yeah that’ll work

  22. BigFat McFailure

    Jan 15th, 2009

    Flibber – people who are suing don’t talk about it on fail blogs.

    Professor C – try some Paxil or something. You sound crazy.

    neckbeards – get a job.

    Prokofy – do you have a dick or a vag?

  23. Reality

    Jan 15th, 2009

    Well now there is a surprise – IntLib hooking up with SOS in an effort to fuck EVERYONE out of their money.

    See, at this point a lawsuit such as the one he is attempting to file can have only one outcome – the total shutdown of Second Life itself.

    Here’s a thought for you dumbass: Fuck off and leave well enough alone … Unless you’d like to become the target of your own lawsuit for losses caused by the response to your suit.

  24. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jan 15th, 2009

    If you invested in Microsoft in 1980, would you have regarded that as paying tax to the government? After all, Microsoft did not pay a dime of dividends until 2005, 25 years later, and its stock remained flat until the mid 80′s when its sales of DOS started to take off. Yet if you had invested $100 in Microsoft in 1980 and let it sit for the past 28 years, you would be a millionaire today. Some government tax.

    BNT has only been public for a year and a half. When we did our IPO, we were already larger than any other company publicly traded in SL, and today we are larger than any other public company in SL still. We have grown since our IPO from 12 sims prior to IPO to 52 sims today. We own the majority of the largest virtual stock exchange in SL, and unlike so many other operators of banks, we have successfully resolved the conversion of M2B/BNTF into an REIT which currently has higher net asset value than its IPO price, and far higher than its share price.

    In my case, my reputation has been smeared repeatedly by people the likes of Jasper Tizzy, LukeConnell Vandeverre, Prokofy Neva, and their various stooges and fanboys. Time has proven those individuals to be the real crooks and liars in SL, but nobody wants to remember the lies told about me and BNT originated in those people, their alts, and friends.

    I generally take IntLibber Brautigan out of search as a sort of game because it always helps us identify who the ranting idiots are that are trying to smear us, they are the ones who start ranting “Intblubbers been B&HAMMAHD” and other sort of inanity. So thanks for coming out in the open….

  25. Witness X

    Jan 15th, 2009

    Oh, now here’s a news flash: IntLibber does something insanely stupid and self-destructive, and blames the entire system for problems he made himself!!

    Oh, wait.

  26. Witness X

    Jan 15th, 2009

    Amazing. Just jaw-dropping amazing. IntLibber’s still trying to lie his way out of it.

    Nobody buys the “take myself out of search” line, anymore, IntLibber. You can take yourself out of people search, but you can’t take yourself out of estate and parcel ban lookup dialogs. Your accounts aren’t just hidden, they’re suspended until you pay your bills.

    Tick tock, Intlibber. Time’s up.

  27. Witness X

    Jan 15th, 2009

    For anybody still hanging on IntLibber’s every word, I refer you to the Ancapistan web site at the top of the article and read what even IntLibber’s friends are saying about his business practices and viability at this point.

    Lying about his sim count too – and about his hopes of a bailout from “Woodbury”. And still, absolutely no explanation of where the money actually went, why Brautigan & Tuck Holdings is in the SL version of receivership, why he’s hidden ALL his alts that he needs to do business with (that one I really don’t get – if you can turn them on and off at will, prove it – TURN THEM ON. Why would you intentionally make your business accounts unfindable? Assuming you could, which we all know you can’t, not really. And then why lie about that, it’s pathetic and transparent.)

  28. Witness X

    Jan 15th, 2009

    “In the event SOS Wins? God Damn are you SURE you passed the bar exam? ”

    Wait, wait – I missed this.

    IntLibber is doing his own lawyering – that’s how he’s filing this frivolous suits and why his lawyer hasn’t tried to talk some sense into him. HE’S DOING IT HIMSELF. HE HASN’T ACTUALLY GOT A LAWYER.

    It all makes sense now, it explains his behavior over the past two years, all of it!

    Holy crap! BWA-HAHAHHAAAAA!!!

  29. Ari Blackthorne

    Jan 15th, 2009

    mmm… I am only curious why anyone would donate money to fund a class-action suit in order to get a return on said class-action suit if it is successful, when a class-action suit will reward/award the entire class (read: everyone in the class; i.e. all users of Second Life meeting the criteria) – whether they participated in the suit or not.

    Thus, all I have to do is sit back and not donate or invest anything anywhere and I’ll get the same exact return as those who do, and I lose nothing – if the suit prevails, which seems to be an incredible long-shot to me – though I’m first to admit I am no attourney.

  30. Captain Kirk

    Jan 15th, 2009

    If BnT and ACE are so stable and wonderful, why isn’t IntLibber Brautigan answering questions from CEOs and investors in his own forum at ACE?

  31. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jan 15th, 2009

    “Although the Lab has promoted the in-world economy as a way to make real world money, it only accepts hard currency for land tier payments – and controls the amount of virtual currency that an individual can sell for hard currency.”

    If this doesn’t clue you in to how LL views its virtual currency, nothing will.

  32. Rhyming Guy

    Jan 15th, 2009

    Haha Heee, Haha Hooo – Mr. Lorrey has to go

    “BNT has only been public for a year and a half” That line fuller of shit than IntLibbys head.

    Hes been in buisness over 2 years at least 3. And he only has 52 sims he claims, which most of them are pratically not filled up by residents or whoever. Maybe ACE has been public for a year and a half but BNT been raking up shit since 2006 or earlier. Still they rank low, 52 sims is a laugh for that time. 12 to 52, Lets Applaud IntL.

    This SOS Thing. Its failing – And everyone can see that – Theres no reason to donate or invest in the IPO. IntL SOS is Save Our Sims, for himself trying to save his sim, but as said in previous comments, it reversing and backfiring up the ass on IntL.

    InTl You need to create another front called SLA – Save IntLibbers Ass and see who gives a shit. Now what you have now – Is not a buisness, but a comical. Hell, we can write comics, script a movie, draw cartoons about this. Because its Funnier than than the shit faced look of Mike.

    IntLibber, Put down the cookie, Step away from the keyboard and withdraw out of SL, Before you continue to suffer complete humiliation.

    - So as we already know, You have NO LIFE

  33. Witness X

    Jan 15th, 2009

    While usually just whiny and irritating, this time Alyx is right.

    IntLibber moaning because he can’t get at his play money is EXACTLY the problem. He can’t tell the virtual from the real, completely unable to distinguish between the two.

    Oh, and the Save Our Sims law suit? Completely bogus. No filing, and no way it’ll ever get past first inspection by the court even to be allowed as a class action suit, because it’s all play money. This is just IntLibber lying again, trying to draw attention away from the real world monies he’s taken from people without any intention of giving them anything for it. Like the real world Woodbury University, for example, who’s been taken for $4000 USD so far.

    Bend over, Tizzers, because you’re next! LOL

  34. Professor C

    Jan 15th, 2009

    @ IntLibber Brautigan

    So wait you are now comparing yourself to Microsoft? That’s a nice little joke.

    You are saying BNT has only been around you a year and a half. Not true. You have been around for a year longer than that.

    You have grown from 12 to 52 sims and are still a MINOR player in this game You do not actually OWN any of your assets as they are instead owned by your investors… which we are about to get to.

    Larger than any other company in SL still. Wait What? Did you even think before you said that? Even for a half a second? The only reason you have as much influence as you do is because you actually make people think you have power. So they give it to you. If those people just told you to stuff it you would be like any other sim owner.

    You own the majority of the biggest virtual stock exchange in SL. You mean the ONLY virtual stock exchange that you control and you bend to your needs. You can post up whatever numbers you like on any given day as there are no checks and balances. You’re a glorified bank just like Ginko was years back and you will steal everyone’s money.

    As for the others that you talk about smearing your reputation, you do a damn good job of it yourself. You don’t need help at all. You badmouth so many people as it is behind their backs it’s hilarious.

    Though through all of this there was a very valid point that had been made that makes one seriously have to question your validity. So why IS it that you are just giving W.U. free rent and not just letting it be a short term loan to pay them back with the thousands of USD in Lindens you claim to have. Unfortunately no one can prove you have that money to say you are lying but then again. No one can prove you are telling the truth either. So thus we look at your actions. And your actions really do not show you as being truthful. If I were a betting man I would say you are lying and have nothing.

    And this is you looking for a bailout. If I were W.U. I would find a new sim and get the hell away from you. If I had money ‘invested’ in Ace I would pull out NOW.

  35. will the PN rise again?

    Jan 15th, 2009

    Intlibber, would you PLEASE start sueing somebody SOON? Please? Just to shut up these baaawing little mouths around here. Show em who has the real power and who to fear. For real I mean. Soon… Make it stop…

  36. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jan 15th, 2009

    @ X

    I turned them back on, so mind you business.

  37. Metallicoe

    Jan 15th, 2009

    I’ve known Ugleh since I started SL, and yes – he is a griefer, he even tried to make his own griefer business selling guns that fire rasist boxes and phone booths…

    To Int, I applaud you. You’ve had a good run, but give it up mate, yeah? It’s fail, it’s all fail. The military community nods at you, and as you put it to me: ‘Nobody respects you.’

    Good day sir.

    Question:: Will this mean all of Ints corporate ‘BnT’ accounts will go down? Sorru if it’s been answered before, but I cant read all those comments!

  38. Corsi Mousehold

    Jan 15th, 2009

    Oh Well hello would you look at that. Intlibbers returned to the world of the living. Seems the rumors that have been flying around more than grief tools are full of shit.

    @ Witless X

    Stop following the bandwagon and get your own opinion. Trolling for the sake of trolling makes you look like more of a tool than you already are

    @ Professor C

    I can see you are a member of the bandwagon too. Couldn’t come up with any name that seemed original so your solution is to come up with a name close to Witness X? Please. Spare me and go back to lurking where you belong.

    Intlibber is working hard. DAMN hard to try his best to make things right where Linden Labs fucked us. I personally lost FOUR Openspaces to this change and thus one grand in assets. I am not happy and I am thankful Int can do something about it.

    Int you have my total support in this. Don’t give up.

  39. mootykips

    Jan 15th, 2009

    still trying to figure out why anyone would trust their money with a libertarian

  40. IntLibber Brautigan

    Jan 15th, 2009

    Well, I haven’t made any comments here yet, despite the earnest attempts by others (one of which quoted something from 6 months ago).

    Here’s the facts:
    a) those of you who actually pay attention to the real world will remember there was a huge ice storm in the northeast last month, half of my state was out of power for many days. During that time my tier came due and I was unable to make any payments, so my accounts were suspended. When power came back and I got back online, LL seemed more desperate to get hands on real USD and refused to let me pay my bills with L$ traded on Lindex, wouldnt let me access them at all. As an estate owner, my revenues are in L$, yet LL charges us in USD, without the ability to trade, we are dead in the water. Imagine if the US govt required you to pay your income taxes in pounds sterling and froze all your bank accounts until you paid up. Nonsensical, but thats how the new billing terms work.
    b) I want to thank Sophia Yates for the verbal support in her blog, the dedicated staff of BNT and ACE who kept things running in my absence: Duchess, Heather, Cliff, Ham, Kaddan, all of our customers who kept the faith. The ranting idiots will always talk trash, their fail is why they live such toxic lives.
    c) I want to thank Frank Taney, one of our attorneys, who was able to talk sense to LL today. You are the man.
    d) To Professor Clift and Tizzers Foxchase of Woodbury University, who are dedicated to making BNT and Woodbury all that they can be.
    e) BNT and ACE are fully liquid, our bills are now paid now that LL has released our accounts. Minor correction to the article: Woodbury always pays their bills to us 6 months at a time. We billed them in mid December and their invoice was due Jan 1. That bill is being taken care of.

    It is really really sad that so many people feel the only way to feel up in their miserable lives is to tear others down and talk trash when they dont know what they are talking about.

  41. General Drama

    Jan 15th, 2009

    wth? Would you rather trust your money to democrats or republicans? They’d give it all away to AIG and Detroit. If this country was run by libertarian principles of banking, America and the world would never have been in the mess it is in now.

    Between Bush and Obama, the two of them are upping the public debt by 1.6 trillion in under four months. Thats a new record.

    Ya, sure, don’t trust libertarians mooty, smart move Doogie.

  42. Rhyming Guy

    Jan 15th, 2009

    And Im trying to figure out who the hell would trust a 40+ of Age Fat Bald guy who living with mom and dad, theyre not living with them, hes living with mom and dad

    Libby, Come eat yar dinner! Tonight well start with appetizers were having leftover bogus lies, and for the maincourse we’ll have some of your favorite “Class-Action Lawsuits” and for dessert we will indulge ourselves in triple lulz.

  43. Azno Simons

    Jan 16th, 2009

    In reading the article and note fron BNT, I have to say that if I was a tenant on any of the land owned by BNT, I would be a little concerned. The note does not seem to add up. With the volume of business conducted in the past along with the length of time that BNT (IntLibber Brautigan) has been within Second Life, the L$ to USD$ conversion volume would be enough to at convert the $8,000 USD balance of Linden’s, and if this was not possible a simple call to premium support would take care of this problem.

    With Linden Labs suspending account for failure to pay tier payment means that either the credit card on file has been denied or no funding source was provided.

    Either way, this is a major land baron within Second Life… Perhaps he will be going the same was as Sarah Nerd and others who have found that being a Land Baron in Second Life, while profitable in the past is not the choice business to be in with an online environment that is having players cashing out at an amazing rate, not to mention the reduction is active islands and the large inventory of mainland parcels available for sale…

    Could never figure out why people would rent land, when they could own the same size parcel for a lot less?

  44. Tim Watkins

    Jan 16th, 2009

    RE:IntLibber Brautigan

    Here’s the facts:
    “a) those of you who actually pay attention to the real world will remember there was a huge ice storm in the northeast last month, half of my state was out of power for many days. During that time my tier came due and I was unable to make any payments, so my accounts were suspended. When power came back and I got back online, LL seemed more desperate to get hands on real USD and refused to let me pay my bills with L$ traded on Lindex, wouldnt let me access them at all. As an estate owner, my revenues are in L$, yet LL charges us in USD, without the ability to trade, we are dead in the water. Imagine if the US govt required you to pay your income taxes in pounds sterling and froze all your bank accounts until you paid up. Nonsensical, but thats how the new billing terms work.”

    What a joke, some excuse about an ice storm… Yes, I guess that also meant that your money was also frozen and was unable to move from your bank account because of this ice storm, wow that ice must have been so bad that it froze your computer…. Don’t lie, we can all see right through it! You plain and simple could not make the tier payment and had to scramble with damage control once they suspended your account. Linden Labs has not changed there rules with regards to Linden to USD conversion, don’t blame them…

    I am amazed that some renters will pay you six months tier up front… If I was them, I would be asking to pay monthly (if not weekly) to ensure that there prepayment does not disappear in smoke when you finally close up shop, (as it is my estimate that you will become a dismal statistic of Second Life, just like, Ginko, World Stock Exchange, Sarah Nerd Enterprises)….

  45. Prokofy Neva

    Jan 16th, 2009

    I call bullshit on all this once again.

    Yes, there were power outages in New Hampshire during this cold snap, as you can read here:

    But…for 7 entire days? No. For like..two. Here’s the story:

    Intlibber just happened to be among those 25 poor customers who might have spent perhaps 3 days without power, then?

    Everyone knows when their tier bill is due, and that you have 7 days to sell your tier. 7 days.

    Let’s say that in some tiny Podunkville where Intblubber lives in the “Greater Boston Area” ROFL, the power was out for an entire week. We have no validation of this, of course, but let’s just pretend for a moment.

    But but but…this is a big company — the biggest in SL — and it has a listed board of directors. Are we to believe that this account with a whopping $8000 US on it, designated to pay tier on this vast holdings of 52 sims, had no other authorized person who could log on to this business account and sell the Lindens to pay the tier?! Huh?

    Let’s say it *didn’t* have such a procedure. But Intblub, trapped behind 10 feet of snow in an unheated basement with no electricity, might at least use his cell phone to call one of these board members and give them the information at least that one time to log on to sell the money, precisely so that the Lindens wouldn’t automatically close the accounts and threaten all the tenants with even sim seizure (I do have to wonder if the Lindens in fact do take extraordinary measures when they see 52 sims of tenants living on land that isn’t getting its tier paid, when those people have all paid tier in fact, to that deadbeat who then isn’t paying the Lindens.)

    No, we’re not getting all the information on this story, that’s for sure.

  46. Stray Underwood

    Jan 16th, 2009

    “Comments are moderated, and will not appear on this weblog until the author has approved them.”

    Why would the moderator(s) allow such pointless childish comments about age, looks, weight, or other baseless shit destroy any chance of this being taken seriously.

    This kills the the credibility of not only this story but the Herald as well.

  47. NiceGuy

    Jan 16th, 2009

    A good well constructed and mostly accurate article results in comments filled with so much hate not to mention inaccuracies and conjecture. It’s pretty obvious that the writers of those hate-filled comments need someone to vent their frustrations upon and Intlibber is it. To those writers I say, go get a life. Another observation is that after reading the first few repetitive comments it gets so damn boring that I have to go do something else like writing this comment.

    So, stop taking it all so seriously, turn off your computer, go get yourself a life and then when you’ve got that life come back back to SL and this time enjoy yourself.

  48. mootykips

    Jan 16th, 2009

    General Drama: oh right i forgot the free market will solve all our problems with the purestrain gold standard and privatizing roads and making sure no brown people get into office, ron paul 08

  49. Clarrice

    Jan 16th, 2009

    We were without power for a week in Indiana…but that doesn’t mean the whole city was without…Our Library was never without power and has internet access, as well as coffee houses, Ginko’s, Work…the list goes on…

    The phones were never out and I was able to pay my bills using it. Couldn’t Linden Lab take payment by phone in a situation like this? I think they would have with the simple explanation of the Ice Storm..

  50. Huh?

    Jan 16th, 2009

    “But but but…this is a big company — the biggest in SL — and it has a listed board of directors. Are we to believe that this account with a whopping $8000 US on it, designated to pay tier on this vast holdings of 52 sims, had no other authorized person who could log on to this business account and sell the Lindens to pay the tier?! Huh?”

    Wouldn’t it make sense that if ALL the BNT accounts are locked that these wouldn’t be able to be accessed as well? I mean really Profky.

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