Nicholas Mafia Smacks PN Web Site

by Alphaville Herald on 09/01/09 at 12:39 am

Notorious PN griefer web site victim of DDoS attack – hopes to return in 2 weeks

by Pixeleen Mistral, National Affairs desk

The Nicholas Mafia claims to have taken the notorious Patriotic Nigras griefing group's website offline, and a visit to currently leads to a simple image:


Meanwhile, one of the wise guys associated with the Nicholas Mafia told the Herald, 

"I had to make you aware that the PN's have been hit hard. The fist of Nicholas has struck and they won't be getting up any time soon. It is merely a signal of intent That Nicholas is a far greater force than PN's… They can kick, they can scream, they can stomp their feet and slam their fists. But they will be brought up against a brick wall. They cannot move us. They can try, sure. But they will be stuck staring at their desktop 99% of the time – the other 1% will be the SL crash report."

Mafia vs. Griefer war moves to DDoS on web sites

As Linden Lab appears to struggle with user-created content induced service outages, reformed greifers claim Lab staff are having them ejected from Second Life, and online mafias attack griefing gang web sites, concerned citizens have to ask – where will this cycle of virtual violence end?

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  1. We

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Well if it is true, which with Nicholas “Mafia”, any claim like that has a large bit of reasonable doubt to it, then great! The retards will hopefully be too busy slap-fighting each other to do any damage to anyone else.

  2. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Hey, what happened to the Brightsol sim, where PN was training and equipping new members? It looked like this last night:

    Did the mafia destroy that too?

  3. RoFLKOPTr

    Jan 9th, 2009

    lol, I’m not sure who this Nicholas Mafia is… but if they’re who I think they are (SL RP faggots who think they’re thugs), I highly doubt the attack was carried out by them. This was a BIG botnet (the dc said it was over a million hosts) carrying out a nearly-impossible-to-filter fragmented packet attack. Sorry, but SLfags just aren’t l33t enough for something of that magnitude… gb2/loic/.

    Anyway, this did absolutely nothing to affect the day to day operations of the PN. It was just a temporary setback. We will have backups online soon, and our datacenter has already invested in high-end DDoS-prevention equipment (coming in a couple weeks) which should keep us safe from any further attacks, even of that magnitude.

    Anyway, good job on the DDoS guys. Too bad it didn’t do anything severe :(

  4. ConcernedCitizen

    Jan 9th, 2009

    L$10 says that within the next hour, gets 404′d.

  5. Professor C

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Oh Terrific. This is rather amusing. A griefer group getting attacked and taken down by a gang of prepubescent misfits with a simple bit of programming. You know I cannot begin to believe that the PN’s with as long as they have been around would let themselves be attacked let alone dropped by this gang of children.

    I do feel strongly that this is going to serve nothing but to have the PN’s which admittedly albeit reluctantly are the most powerful group of troublemakers on Second Life.

    Who is the next to get Doxed?

  6. Steel Comrade

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Nicholas Mafia? Never heard of them.

  7. Science

    Jan 9th, 2009

    So it was some “mafia” that did this? Nice try, but unless you can delete irc, you can’t stop the PN. Most have the scripts saved to their computers, and the forum was shit anyway. All that’s going to happen is shift in targets; From furfags to RPfags

  8. Eva Ryan

    Jan 9th, 2009

    “…concerned citizens have to ask – where will this cycle of virtual violence end?”

    Ask any corporation that’s been hit by a DDOS attack or data theft extortion, and you’ll probably get about the same reaction…and about the same results.

  9. nimrod yaffle

    Jan 9th, 2009

    lol I’m cool, I’m in a virtual world mafia.

  10. Captain Kirk

    Jan 9th, 2009

    So sad. The PN in span of weeks had one epic failure after another.

    First, like a poor marksman, they miss hitting JLU and strike a bunch of RP’ers then gloat about it through a release to the Herald. Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, JLU gets to laugh. Then, N3x15 has an alt banned from SL, but before he bites the dust – he reveals that he was working on anti-griefing tech (how strong is your group if your major pillars of leadership no longer support your mission). Next, according to GLE above, the PN lose their in-world distribution by these RP’ers or somebody else. Now, their wiki and server are down (attacked by a bunch of RP’ers). I call that poetic justice; griefed a bunch of RP’ers and have it slapped back in your face ten fold.

    Who is coming for the PN next? How much longer will Woodbury stay up? Where do the spies lurk at within your ranks? Ooo, stay tuned friends for our next episode.

  11. dick burns

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Nicholas Mafia? i think i’ve heard of that…

    isn’t it a light cream sauce served over a delicious berry flavored pastry?

  12. AusNigra

    Jan 9th, 2009

    I think it’s actually great that when somebody takes us down for a couple of days, everybody makes since a big fuss over it.
    But that’s just my opinion.

  13. jolly

    Jan 9th, 2009

    lol, the nicolas mafia website might as well be on

  14. Nicholas Mafia

    Jan 9th, 2009


    You quite obviously know absolutely nothing about Nicholas so rather than make assumptions and leave yourself looking like fool, do some research if it interests you ;) – believing there is any aspect of RP to what is merely an image for a bunch of griefers, is a rather naive view :)

    As for the amount of damage – this is a mere spanking, a slap in the face if you will, our message is out, we have your attention ;)

  15. We Laughed Hard

    Jan 9th, 2009

    … was only a matter of time but they finally did it!

    must have been that neglected feeling that took over

    Nicholas Mafia comes out of closet and admit to enjoying “Fisting”!

    We Laughed Hard

  16. ConcernedCitizen

    Jan 9th, 2009

    These people said they brought the website down, yet the owner of the website obviously doesn’t know HTML, as evidenced by him having to use to make his site. I’m not quite fond of the PN, but it seems to me that this “mafia” is just trying to take claim for a DDoS they couldn’t have possibly done.

    Check them out in-game, the “Nicholas Mafia” has a staggering 10 members.

  17. Witness X

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Wait, GreenLantern Excelsior, isn’t Brightsol part of BnT Estates? But that would mean IntLibber Brautigan knowingly leased an entire island to PN griefers to use as a base.

    You mean there’s finally a hard link tying IntLibber to the PN? Say it ain’t so!!

  18. RoFLKOPTr

    Jan 9th, 2009

    @Nicholas Mafia:

    “You quite obviously know absolutely nothing about Nicholas so rather than make assumptions and leave yourself looking like fool, do some research if it interests you”

    Well, your shitty excuse for a site sure as hell didn’t help me find anything about you. And, honestly, I don’t care enough about you or this attack (that I still doubt was carried out by you) to go sift through whatever ramblings there may be about you on some blog that gets 3 views a month… it’s just uninteresting to me. Stop acting like an ITG skiddie and go back to your RP.

  19. Emperor Norton Hears a Who?

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Oh yes young, socially inept males virtually mud wresting. Way better than the WWF. Stupid, pointless macho posturing with that added bonus that the reader can feel smugly superior to the participants.

  20. Nicholas Mafia

    Jan 9th, 2009


    Do you really think that you could see in search the Nicholas group in search, but we are laughing hard at your noobness, as I know the group you are referring to “The Nicholas Mafia” is a mock group created by enemies, a simple look at the creators profile would have shown you that. Better luck next time chump.

    @Everyone else

    Your bitching fuels my laughter :D

  21. GreenLantern Excelsior

    Jan 9th, 2009

    “Wait, GreenLantern Excelsior, isn’t Brightsol part of BnT Estates? But that would mean IntLibber Brautigan knowingly leased an entire island to PN griefers to use as a base.

    You mean there’s finally a hard link tying IntLibber to the PN? Say it ain’t so!!”

    I don’t know if Brightsol is/was a BnT property. It could be that whoever rented it didn’t tell Intlibber they were PN members, and Intlibber didn’t check to see what his renters were doing in the sim. Next time I see Intlibber online I will ask him about it.

  22. Cinda Valentino

    Jan 9th, 2009

    You people commenting are hilarious. “Who is Nicholas Mafia”? Maybe the name of the group of people you just sat here reading about. I dunno who’s more stupid. The PN, or most of the people who posted comments on something they supposedly think is “childish”.
    Oh and the site will be fine I assure you of that, lol. The IQ of the lot of you, you know who you are, doesn’t add up to ONE N.M. MEMBER. Not one…………………

  23. MoB

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Thee hee, so many are feeling butthurt. We’re not a RPFAG Mafia, We’re griefers. We just do it with style and doesn’t have noobs running around looking for some quick lulz with their website copied weapons LOL.

    The PN think they’re notorious LOL Slap in yo face. Nexis would be ashamed of you all.

    With that being said, we don’t harm any innocont people like the patriotic noobs.

  24. Witness X

    Jan 9th, 2009

    That may be a little tough, considering he’s currently banned. Brightsol was BnT property, and one of IntLibber’s alts was the estate manager. There’s no way he couldn’t have known what was going on there.

  25. Nicholas Mafia

    Jan 9th, 2009






    One and a half years we wasted before we realised where we belong. Together. Fear less, hope more, eat less, chew more, talk less, say more…love more…and all good things will be ours.

    * Whitney *
    Ti amo, more than melody.

    [20:47] Whitney Mulligan: ever
    [20:47] Whitney Mulligan: vere
    [20:47] Whitney Mulligan: vever
    [20:47] Whitney Mulligan: lol
    [20:47] Whitney Mulligan: omg
    [20:47] Whitney Mulligan: never
    [20:47] Cal Diavolo: spastic

    1) Nicholas Famiglia

    2) Amit
    You are an evil cunt, but a clever evil cunt. A brother in RL, the first person from SL that I have met in RL. Don of Nicholas to everyone in SL (and a Turkish stall owner) – he is loyal and will go to extreme lengths to protect his family. He will jew the crap out of anyone who wants to sell him anything…no really, you will end up paying him to take it…

    3) Atlas
    You are the only person I know who is more stubborn, arguementative and as much of an ass as me. You have a greater desire to win arguements and that’s the only reason you beat me – not because you are right…A brother in RL, he will jump to the defence of anyone close to him, even if he thinks they are wrong – but that doesn’t mean he won’t tell you that you are wrong and rip you a new one afterwards.

    4) LaLa
    HAGEN-das. I hate yew. Yew know this. You are seriously 100% crazy and should be locked up in a padded room, but still you are a sister in RL. You are naturally annoying, but can be serious and caring when you want to be (So you say). I have witnessed your emoclingyness and I know you hate that I have ;) but you wouldn’t be number 4 in my picks if that didn’t count for something <3

    5) Brit, Garra, Gracie & Aradia
    Bridgette – Been my daughter for a long time, she never has a mean word to say about anyone and is always laughing & smiling. DLDQ :P

    Garra – My only son, has been family for a long time, he is hard headed and an ass whooper most of the time, watch out for his smart mouth.

    Gracie – She is literally the devil’s spawn, she will talk shit to anyone and everything, is always laughing and smiling, I guard her with my life.

    Aradia – The entrepreneur, she has roughly…287979 jobs in SL, she owns successful businesses and is GM at MMS. She is the exact opposite of devil’s spawn, the yin to Gracie’s yang.

    6) Apollo
    I have known her since 2006 and she has always remained a close friend and my sister. She is never afraid to speak her mind and she is always thinking…so she never shuts up. Snatched from the clutches of noobness and dragged kicking and screaming, but you adjusted to these ways well :P

    7) Chloe
    One of the originals. ‘La Madrina’ has more style in her pinky than most have in their entire being. She oozes loyalty and that is why she is my sister. Always looks out for her family and knows how to deal with business…Don’t underestimate her, she knows why – Li pruteggi e li pigghia a ben vuliri

    8) Fran, Pi, Kiki & Crazy
    Fran – She belongs on the Vegas strip, she loves the seedy things in life, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t sweet & innocent at the same time.

    Pi – She will never step a foot wrong, she always has to be sweet & considerate…FFS will you just flip someone off…atleast!

    Kiki – I remember her newbie skin and pink hair back at the old Stardust…ah yes…those were the days. She will always stick by my side with Pi & Crazy – which is why I always stick by yours.

    Crazy – The photographer, his work is awesome and I think I have had atleast 4 different shoots lol. Damn Canadians…but he is one of the few I will forgive for being one, seeing as he is ‘as a cucumber’.

    God, Heaven, Palermo (170, 97, 22)

  26. Nicholas Mafia

    Jan 9th, 2009



  27. deadlycodec

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Look at Cinda Valentino baaaawwwwwing in the comments section. She’s been pissed ever since Relic made the swastika out of crashed sims in mid 2007 (over a year ago!). Back then she got so trolled that I began IM spamming her, crashing her sims repeatedly, and filling them with self replicating boxes. Most of her “Valentino family” disappeared for months after that, prob because they got so raged that they couldn’t even login to SL without throwing a hissyfit and smashing their keyboards.

    Poor Cinda. Just because it says they’re a “mafia”, doesn’t mean it has anything to do with you. No one here believes you’re intelligent enough to use proper grammar and punctuation, let alone mastermind a DDoS attack (which still doesn’t take much).

    I’ll bet that by weeks end, Nicholas Mafia members get dox’d by the PN and their site gets ddos’d, then Nicholas member’s real main sl accounts get found, spammed, sims crashed, until they bawwww like mad and disappear never to be seen again.

  28. Oxenburg

    Jan 9th, 2009

    “We’re griefers”

    “With that being said, we don’t harm any innocont people”

    “don’t harm any innocont people”?

    So, the PN griefing is “harming innocents”, in your terms. Which means that you don’t “harm innocents”, so then who exactly do you grief? Each other? Do you politely teleport onto their land, and then strike up a conversation with the owner?

    [20:00] MafiaGreifer Lexenstar: Good evening old bean, I do believe I’m in the mood for dropping a few noisy crates on your property. What have you about that?

    [20:01] LandOwner Adder: Well if it’s quite all right with you, I’d rather you didn’t.

    [20:01] MafiaGreifer Lexenstar: Spot on then, quite sorry to be a bother.

    Or does “harming innocents” mean that you guys are all about “protecting the weak and downtrodden”, like the JLU? I also hate to say it, but at least the JLU can actually do something, even if it is just mass abuse report filing.

    Either way, you must have just formed up recently or something, because I’ve never seen your name, site, or anything related before this.

  29. jolly

    Jan 9th, 2009

    “I don’t know if Brightsol is/was a BnT property. It could be that whoever rented it didn’t tell Intlibber they were PN members, and Intlibber didn’t check to see what his renters were doing in the sim. Next time I see Intlibber online I will ask him about it.”

    You mean “Fort Afroduck”, which was basically a Woodbury-esque sim, not affiliated with the PN. It’s sort of like me buying a sim and then declaring I’m a member of the JLU just to get traffic.

    “Thee hee, so many are feeling butthurt. We’re not a RPFAG Mafia, We’re griefers. We just do it with style and doesn’t have noobs running around looking for some quick lulz with their website copied weapons LOL.”

    The PN really don’t care, they’re all about having fun and getting people angry in the process. Judging from your response, they’ve succeeded without even needing to do anything.

    The “Nicholas Mafia” does seem to only have 10 members, and their site is pretty badly designed, as shown by the “wix” reference. It’s probably just another bunch of kids trying to get relevant by claiming they did something they couldn’t have.

  30. Nicholas Mafia

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Nicholas Mafia = nerds

  31. Captain Kirk

    Jan 9th, 2009

    @ Witness X:
    Add the loss of IntLibber as another PN failure. Instead of him bringing them up, they only pulled him down. Take a note everyone, choose your friends carefully.

    The PN sure made a big deal over lying about a JLU hit though. I suppose that was news until it was revealed as an epic fail. So, all PN spin is noteworthy yet any news that reflects badly on the PN’s failures is not news? Get your braces removed and take a nap. Your logic is flawed.

  32. o hai zito corleone

    Jan 9th, 2009

    answer the phone, zito corleone (we seeeee yew)

  33. Witness X

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Meh. If I was PN – wait, I’m PN, they just don’t know which one – I’d do everything I could do distance myself from epic fail if I was watching my group burn like the Hindenberg in front of everybody like what’s happening now.

    Brightsol was a blend of the two camps. Either way, IntLibber’s probably toast.

  34. Nicholas Mafia

    Jan 9th, 2009


    Oh how we would love them to try, but they will be in for a shock. I really wish they would :)

  35. Witness X

    Jan 9th, 2009

    All the Nicholas Mafia has to do to prove they did it, by the way, is to do it again. If they can, they will. If they can’t, then they’re taking credit for somebody else did. My money’s on N.M., though, if only because Rofl assumes everybody else to be dumber than he is.

  36. I Maximus

    Jan 9th, 2009

    I know of the Nichoas Family. As an outsider looking in, they are fair and fun and filled with intelligent bastards that best be left untouched. Good to see them with a cause.

  37. Pedro

    Jan 9th, 2009


    Nice wings homo.

  38. THE RedZergling

    Jan 9th, 2009


  39. ya huh

    Jan 9th, 2009

    So, as soon as the PN call out the JLU as their new mark, this NickleAss mafia jumps up and goes after the PN? Seems like some kind of connection there…

  40. Alyx Stoklitsky

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Firstly, Nicholas Mafia doesn’t have the knowledge or expertise to orchestrate a DDoS attack – let alone one big enough to buttfuck an entire data center. He’s clearly just trying to take credit for someone else’s work.

    Secondly, lol @ Green Lantern, WitnessX and others pondering and squawking about Brightsol and the PN. Brightsol’s estate manager has been banned for months, and the sim has laid unoccupied ever since, completely vacant. Is it any surprise that the PN (If the people seen were even PN atall, for that matter) would use it?

    When I was in the PN we were always squatting on vacant, unsold, abandoned, or derelict sims. Anshe chung had dozens upon dozens of them at the time, which ofcourse led to a long string of fort longcats erected on Chung land – which is what first caused intlibber to come up with his hair-brained theory that Nexis and the PN were working for Anshe.

  41. Stephie

    Jan 9th, 2009

    “Hey, what happened to the Brightsol sim, where PN was training and equipping new members? It looked like this last night:

    Did the mafia destroy that too?”

    Haha, oh wow. The JLU never cease to amaze me with their misinformed, idiotic banter.


    Jan 9th, 2009


    we got DDoS’d because some partyvan pissed off some skiddies from fiftybillionchan or whatever

    so they DDoS’d everyone who uses their IRC, including the PN and I think some ED site too



  43. MoB

    Jan 9th, 2009

    @ DeadlyCodec

    quite simple actually. Only those that asks for it.

    And we have been around longer than you would think.

    @ WitnessX

    Zito, when do you learn. Thee hee…

  44. We

    Jan 9th, 2009

    I’m mostly laughing about for how much Nicholas Mafia seems to like to shout that it’s “totally not a RP Mafia, mkay!” but all of it’s member’s profiles that came up and search have a long listing of “omg hai 2 u my sisssy u r so amzing n i luv u 4ever liek only a 13 yro can!!11″, with RP daughters, sisters, brothers, parents, creepy uncles, third cousins, estranged siblings and other such fake RP family crap. Also that everything in their profiles is saturated with that myspace 14 year old type, interchanging unicode characters and dollar signs into normal words to make them look “kewler” or something, like: “•ⓓyⓓy•Whitnⓐy•Daggⓤh•Aⓝno0o•”

    Yeah. This is an RP mafia full of immature myspace kids who are in denial trying to convince themselves they’re “l33t griefers” and super badass because they took out some even more immature and silly RP Mafias.

    What the fuck is with this “SL Red Cross” group?

    *The SL Red Cross is dedicated to restoring the lives of the SL Poor, Mentally Abused, Homeless & the thousands of Victims of SL Gang & Mafia Violence.”,
    **Donations to remove weapons from SL Streets can be made to Haily Dixon**
    ***SL Red Cross Proudly Sponsored by the Nicholas Famiglia***

    that’s some outright retarded stuff.

  45. Nicholas Mafia

    Jan 9th, 2009

    If you are all so sure it’s just RP, why so reluctant to come give it a shot? ;)

    Come force your way into our sims like you did with JLU (LOL) or maybe drop as an IM since you seem to know who we are already, we will gladly give you access.

    Until then, keep whining, it’s hilarious.

  46. deadlycodec

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Hey Cinda Valentino! How fat are you in real life?

    Also, “MoB”

    You read the wrong comment, dipshit. I wrote the one above it.


    Jan 9th, 2009

    I’m gonna be honest here.
    I really don’t care that our site is down.
    Won’t stop me from getting my laughs in game.

  48. FrizzleFry101

    Jan 9th, 2009 was hit by a ddos that was meant for part of the chatnets network, was used as a leaf for that network and thus was hit with the others.

    Therefore, I’d like to see if the secondlife family roleplayers can name the ip or domains of the 2 other servers hit by the same botnet.

  49. Nicholas Mafia

    Jan 9th, 2009

    Continue to believe that is the real group ;)

  50. We

    Jan 9th, 2009


    Mind you the group that pops up in search under the Nicholas Mafia, doesn’t seem to really be the Nicholas Mafia by the way they’re making fun of it, but since most of these retards have profiles that fully list that they’re a part of this stupid mafia, and they often dedicate their picks to prattling on about how “awesum n kewl” the rest of the Nicholas Mafia members are, it seems like their numbers are probably around 10 anyways.

    But yeah, I’d be impressed if these people can even dress themselves properly in the morning (and from what I’ve seen of the screen shots of their avatars, they can’t), much less manage to DDoS anything.

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